I kept the Ray's note on me all week. Even though the note held just his name and number, I analyzed it for every last detail. I could faintly smell cigar on the note.

I wanted to call Ray very badly, but this was before cell phones so privacy was difficult. There were two phones at home, in the living room and in my parents bedroom, so it was difficult for me to call without my parents knowing.

It was Sunday before my parents left me alone at home. I dialed the number. After six or seven rings, I heard a deep and gruff voice say "Hello." I was speechless. A few moments later he said louder "Hello! Who's there?"

"Hi. is Ray there?" I quietly asked.

"Speaking." he said, more pleasantly. "Who is this?"

My heard was beating loudly. I answered. "We met at the mall on Wednesday. You gave me your number."

The tone in his voice changed. He was suddenly cheerful. "Hey boy! Yeah I remember you. How are you doing?"

"I'm good." I said, for lack of anything else to say. "You?"

"I'm good here too. I'm so glad you called."

"You are?"

"Oh fuck yeah. That was so hot."


"Yeah boy... what's your name?"

"Uh... Barry."

"Barry. Good to meet you Barry."

"Thanks. You too."

"So you..." Ray said sounding a little excited, "you're getting quite the reputation."

"Reputation? What For?" I asked. I didn't see how anyone could know me. I thought I was completely anonymous sucking cock through a glory hole at the mall's bathroom. I wasn't aware that men had their eye on me and were waiting for me to walk into the bathroom, that they knew who was sucking cock at the glory hole.

"So nice, so innocent" Ray said. "You know... the mall.... you go to the mall every week?" he asked.

I was embarrassed to answer. I awkwardly said "Well... not all the time."

Ray laughed. "OK.... Barry... did you like what we did?"

"Oh yes!"

"Thank you. I loved it. Your gonna be good. I'd like to do it again. You up for that?"

My heart was racing. "Yeah! I'd love to."

"Can you get away from your parents?" Ray asked.

"Well.. I answered, we could meet on Wednesday."

"No, not Wednesday. I'd like you to keep going to the mall." He paused for a moment and then asked "Can you sneak out after your parents are in bed?"

"Yeah, I can do that"

"Tonight... midnight?"


We arranged to meet at a corner down the street from my home. All evening my heart raced while I impatiently waiting for the time to pass. When the time came, I snuck out of my home and ran down the street. I arrived at the park ten minutes early. I sat quietly in the shadows so no one would notice me. Shortly after midnight I saw Ray drive by, his window was open. He was looking for me. I stepped out of the shadows and waved. Ray pulled over. I got into the passenger seat.

"Good to see you!" He rubbed my hair and set his hand on my leg, grabbing my hand. My heart leaped. I had never been touched by a man before. It was the most exciting and intense feeling I had ever experienced in my life.


Ray looked and me and smiled. "Nervous?"

"A little." I said.

"You'll be OK."

I smiled and said. "OK thanks."

Ray grabbed my hand and and pulled it over to his crotch. I could feel that he was bulging. "See what ya do to me boy!"

We drove a while to a house on a dark street, then into the garage. Ray unlocked the door and we walked into a dark hall and down a stairs. Ray opened another door and we walked into an large room. Ray the close the door.

The room was full of things I hadn't seen before. There was a leather sling suspended from the ceiling. Metal rings, locks, ropes, leather straps and belts hung from the wall. As I looked around. Ray rubbed his hands down my sides. He said "Welcome to my play room" and gently kissed my neck. I felt electricity.
I nervously looked around the room. "What's all this for?" I asked.
"It's all for fun" Ray answered. "Don't worry about it. We won't use anything till you're ready."
Ray turned me around, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I remember feeling so excited with every touch. Then he slipped me his tongue. It felt incredible. He held my head and kissed me longer. Then he ran his hands over my back and ass. "I want to see you naked" he said. He let me go, stepped back and sat on a chair. He had a huge grin on his face and he quickly licked his lips. I hesitated and wasn't sure what to do. Ray said "Strip!"

I took off my shirt. I took off my shoes. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Ray said, "Slow down. Dance a little." He turned on the radio and changed the channel until there was music. He looked back at me. I was embarrassed. I'm not a great dancer, but I could see how much he wanted this. He gently wiggled to the music as I slowly let down my underpants. Ray kept encouraging me "There ya go! I love that. Keep going." The whole time I danced for Ray he's eyes stayed fixed on me. After the song he held out his arms and said "Come here!" When I got close, he wrapped his arms around me and we kissed some more.

After a while Ray pulled back. He looked at me with big smile on his face. He brought my hands to his crotch and said "Go for it!" then he leaned back on the sofa with his hands behind his head. I unzipped his pants and tried to get his dick out. I saw him wince when I accidentally squeezed his balls too hard. Ray said "Take my pants off. Start with my boots."

I unlaced his boots and pulled them off. I unbuckled his pants. I pulled his pants and underwear down and finally saw his cock. The whole time Ray looked at me intently, lovingly. He said, "You want that boy, don't you" I slowly nodded my head. "It's yours."

I licked his cock. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft then around the head. I licked at the cock slit. "So beautiful." he said. I took his cock into my mouth and gently went down on him.

Ray put his hand on the back my head and pushed me down so his cock rested at the back of my throat. "Relax he said. Breath around my cock. You can take it." I let my throat go limp and tried to breath as he asked. "I've been watching you for months." Ray said. "Every Wednesday you go to the glory hole and I watch the men line up to be sucked by you... That is so fucking sexy!" Ray pushed a little deeper on my head. I had to struggle a bit to breath. "You don't know how often you've sucked my cock." He took his hand off my head. I pulled up and caught my breath. "I do" he said. He ran his fingers though my hair. "And every time I go, you get better and better." I was feeling nervous that Ray had been watching me for a while, but I liked how excited he was by me.

Ray continued. "I want to train you. I want to top you. I want to push your limits. I want to fuck you so bad. You ever been fucked before boy?"

"No" I said, shaking my head.

Ray kissed me on my forehead and then said "I'm going to fuck you tonight boy." He kissed me on my cheeks. "One day you'll love fucking as much as you love sucking dick."

Ray took my hand and lay me down on the sling. He raised my legs up and speak my cheeks. He ran his beard over my ass and hole. It tingled so intensely. I could feel his tongue probing my hole. Ray moaned as he shoved his tongue deep in me. When he pulled back he looked up at me and said. "You are so fucking tight! Relax. Breath deep"

After minutes of tonging, I could feel Ray's fingers poking at my hole. He reached into his jacket pocket and got out some lube, He squirted it on my hole and gently shoved his finger in. It felt a little uncomfortable at first, but was OK after a while.

"Relax Barry, breath deep, this will be a bit uncomfortable." With he slid two fingers at once in my hole. I gasped at the pressure I felt. Keeping his fingers in me, he stood next to me and kissed me on the lips. "You OK?" he asked.

"Yeah" I said though I felt uncomfortable.

"Just a little longer" he said "and you'll be ready." I could feeling him wiggling his fingers around, slowly stretching my hole. He kissed me on the lips. All my discomfort melted away when his tongue entered my mouth. We passionately french kissed. He'd stretch my hole a little more wide and I'd gasp. His tongue would go deeper in my mouth.

He pulled his fingers out of my hole and lifted up my legs, resting them on his shoulders. I felt him pour more lube on my hole. I felt him slowly probe and push my hole with the tip of his dick. When the tip went in, it was very intense and hard to take. He'd wait a few moments and then pull it out.

Ray squirted more lube on his cock. he then leaned over and grabbed my wrists. "This is it Barry, I'm gonna pop your cherry now." With that he thrust his cock deep into my hole. It hurt a lot. I let out a cry of pain. Ray held me tight and said "Oh baby, It's OK. You're so tight." He grabbed my hips and held his cock in me. The pain started to subside and I started to relax. It still didn't feel good, but I could take it. Ray started thrusting his pelvis. Slowly pushing me back then pulling me on to his cock. Ray breathed deep and let out a small moan with each thrust. "Oh baby! This is so good!"
Ray started to speed up. With every thrust I could feel his balls hit me. He held me tight, forcing my feet up beside my head. I think my eyes were bulging and I was moaning with the intense feeling I got from every thrust. Ray started kissing me. I started to say "It hurts!" but ray forced his tongue into my mouth.
I don't know how long this went on. Ray got more and more passionate, fucking me fast and hard. Then he let shouted out "I'm cumming. I'm cumming!"
After a while, he stopped. He held me tight and relaxed putting his full weight on me.  I could feel his cock slowly get soft. Then it popped out of ass. It actually hurt a bit as it excited. I gasped. Ray smiled and laughed a little. He asked "You OK?"
I nodded and said "That hurt."
"I'm sure. You're tight!" He smiled and paused a moment then said "It'll get better. One day your ass will itch and twitch when it doesn't have cock in it."
Ray let my legs down and held me a while longer. As I started to nod of to sleep, he picked me up and drove me back home.