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Meeting Rebel.


By John T. S. Teller.


Part 9.


Do you love me? How do you answer Rebel? If he was to move away tomorrow and you never saw him again, would you be devastated? No you wouldn't. You'd be disappointed, but not devastated. Do you tell him a lie? No, you don't want to do that. An affair based on lies isn't worth having unless you've gone to all this trouble just to get in his pants, and even though you've wanted to do just that since you first set eyes on him, it's never been your single aim. Having a boy of his age around is what you wanted, especially if you could both hit it off in an over-friendly way. Leave out the sex today and you would still have enjoyed every moment of being with Rebel. He's been affectionate; cuddly, and fun. So you stare into his eyes, and say, "I'm very fond of you. If you stick around long enough and ask me that question again, I think I might say `yes'. But I don't love you yet. And you? Do you love me?"


      Rebel grins. "I like being with you, but I think what you said is the same for me. You're good fun, David, and that's what's important to me. I don't want somebody who thinks they own me."


      You smile at him. "Good boy. I could tell you were clever when I first saw you. You're good fun, too, and a sexy little sod. That's a good combination, and if I add in your good looks and brilliant little body with the cute bum, you're perfect for me."


      Rebel kisses you on the chin. "You forgot my cock again."


      You laugh. "No I didn't. I love your little cock. Which reminds me... did you cum when I came?"


      He nods, and he's grinning that cute grin when he says, "Of course I did! I was rubbing my knob on your cock with my belly. It helped when your stuff started squirting between us, and that's when I couldn't stop it. That was really sexy. I could actually feel your cock pumping and squirting it out. It was fantastic."


      "You like my stuff over you then, do you?"


      Rebel's eyes are mischievous when he replies, "It's what happens when you're in my bed at home, but I never imagined you could make as much as you did. It must be fantastic to do that."


      You decide to tease him again. "Is that the only place you like it?"


      He licks his tongue out. "That would be telling. Maybe you'll find out one day."


     You grin. "Maybe I will, but for now I think we'd better shower before we need a plastic surgeon to separate us. We're almost stuck together."


      Rebel raises himself and separates his body from yours, and as he does so, you see the result of your massive overdose of semen and how it's plastered your bodies so that you're both in a gooey mess. Rebel laughs. "Yuck! I think you're right."




The shower is super fun, and especially so when the shyness leaves you and Rebel. Once the semen is cleaned away, you have fun washing his body with soap and not shampoo so as not to draw attention to Rebel when he goes home. The last thing you want is for his mother to smell her boy doused in fragrance when he's supposed to go home smelling like a boy who's been playing and should be hot and sweaty. But the soap does a good job of lubricating his beautiful, slim body enough for you to sensually fondle every part of it, and the result is that, once again, Rebel is sporting an erection well before you're done. Then it's Rebel's turn to wash you, and he never stops giggling as he fiddles with every part of you that's available. While he's washing your legs, you tap your own swollen penis on top of his head. He stops washing you, looks up, grins, grabs your cock with both hands, and puts it inside his mouth. You're both looking into each other's eyes when his face becomes serious, and you know that one of the places he was referring to when you were talking about where he would like your semen, is in there. But his act has another affect on you: as you watch him fondling and licking and sucking your big cock and knob, it's a satisfying, symbolic confirmation that he wants your body as much as you want his, and you're now 100% sure that Rebel is gay. But the time is drawing on, and that's for another day, so after you've let him suck it for a while, you withdraw and pull him to his feet. Again he gives you that mock-angry look, and says, "Spoilsport!"


      You lock your arms around him and hold him close, and then you kiss him properly. He responds, and for a while you both enjoy the protracted kiss. Then you smile at him, and say, "That's for next time. If you want to? OK?"


      He smiles and nods. Then you both get out of the shower and dry yourselves.




You're by the back door when you say to Rebel, "When will I see you again?


He shrugs his shoulders. "I'll text you."


There's a hint of regret in Rebel's voice, and you ask, "Are you not happy?"


He shrugs his shoulders. "I don't want to go home yet."


You smile at him, pull him away from the doorway, and pull him over to the old pine dresser that's secluded and out of sight. Then you lift his chin and kiss him softly on the lips. He responds by putting his arms around your neck, pulling himself onto his toes to return the kiss with passion. Now you understand why he doesn't want to go, so you break the kiss and go to your knees and nuzzle the erection tenting inside his shorts. Rebel is a normal, horny little boy who wants more sexual satisfaction, and that's why, despite the time getting on, you yank his shorts and underpants down his legs and take his swollen cock into your warm mouth. He grabs the back of your head and begins to hump at you, and you can hear him above saying, "Oh yes! Oh Yes!" That's when you place one hand behind him, grab one buttock tightly, cup his balls with the other hand, and help him fuck your mouth. It doesn't take long before you hear the now familiar sounds of his approaching orgasm, so you redouble your efforts until he slams his cock right into your mouth and rotates his lower belly against your face until the feelings have gone. Then you kiss his beautiful small cock, and pull his shorts and underpants up.


When you stand, he's grinning at you, and you ask, "Do you feel happier now?" He nods, pulls a silly face, and walks out of the doorway. You take his bike, wheel it down the garden path and out through the gate. He gets on it and stares at you. You stare back at him. You smile. "Be careful on the roads."


He looks right into your eyes, grins, nods, and then rides away. You watch him until he's out of sight, and then close the gate and go back indoors.




You sit in the front garden; looking at the sunset; listening to the last birdcall; smelling the fragrance of the many blooms around you. It's been a beautiful day... the best day of your life up to now. Ever since you were old enough to know what you were, you've always wanted a boyfriend, and now you've got one. Yes, you've had to manipulate the circumstances, but Rebel has arrived of his own accord. He wants and needs you as much as you do him. He's growing up and needs to discover his sexuality with someone he can trust; someone who will do things to him that he desires, and will allow him to do the things he desires with his companion. Not one single thing you and he have done today was not mutual. Rebel is gay and he likes older partners to satisfy his needs and desires. You've done that for him today; perhaps even more than he dreamed possible on your first meeting. Well, that's how it is with you, so it's probably the same for him. And there's more to come. You're sure of that. All you'll need to do is curb Rebel's youthfulness so that he doesn't allow the situation to get out of hand, and your secret remains a secret. He'll need to be clever. So will you.  


      Your phone signals that you have a text in, so you open it. What are you doing?


      You smile when you reply. Sitting in the front garden thinking about you.


      What are you thinking?


      Everything. That you're the best thing that's ever come into my life. Where are you now?


      In bed and I'm thinking the same as you. I wish you were with me now.


      So do I. You think for a moment before continuing the text, and then you type, I hope I didn't do anything that you didn't want.


      No. You didn't do everything that I did want. LOL


      You can imagine Rebel grinning as he wrote that, and you're smiling when you reply. And what would that be?


      What you wouldn't let me do in the shower. Can I do it next time?


      Only if I can do what it says on your shirt. And maybe more? LOL.


      LOL. I wouldn't be able to walk after. You'll have to wait until I'm older for that.


      That's fine. Everything at your pace. You know that, and if you don't want to do that, that's fine, too.


      I think I do, but I'm scared it will hurt.


      Don't be scared. You do what you want to do, and no more. OK?


      OK. Got homework mon and tues, but I can come wednesday after tea if thats ok with you.


      I'll be here. Just be careful.


I will. Can you do something for me?


If I can. Yes.


I've got nothing on and I've been doing it while we were texting. If I phone you, will you describe what it will be like for us if I let you put it up me.


You kinky little sod! LOL.


LOL. I know I am. Wait till I really get going! LOL. Will you?


OK. Just so long as your mother can't hear us.


The phone rings, and you hear Rebel's voice whisper, "Are you there?"


"Yes. Are you sure your mother can't hear us?"


"She's watching TV. She won't go to bed for about another half hour, and I'll whisper so she can't hear me."


"Good boy. Are you ready? I might have to swear a bit. Will that bother you?"


You hear Rebel giggle. "No. You can swear as much as you want. It will make it better. Tell me everything, and don't miss anything out."


"What about if I pretend to do what I want while we're at it?"


"What do you mean?"


"Well, I have fantasies about you, you know."


"What sort of fantasies?"


"Sort of starting from when I first saw you."


"Sort of seducing me you mean?"




"OK. Go for it, but don't mess about too long or I won't be able to stop myself from cumming."


"Right, let's go. I'm sitting in front of the house when I see you riding past on your bike, in your school uniform, and notice how beautiful you are. I smile at you, and then you ride away. I'm really disappointed. Then I see you riding back and you stop in front of the house and ask me for a drink of water. I tell you to come in and I'll give you one."


Rebel giggles. "What sort of one?"


That makes you chuckle. "You'll find out in a minute. Shut up and just listen! When you're in the house and taking a drink of water, I feel at your bum. You pretend to be shocked, but because you don't push my hand away, I ignore you. Then I notice you're just sipping at the water because you want it to last. Don't you?"


Rebel whispers, "Yes. That's why I came back."


"I know that. I'm feeling your bum properly now and you're still not stopping me, so I slide my hand round to your cock and feel at it. It's rock hard, just as I expected it to be. When you've finished the drink, I point to the door for you to go. You look me straight in the eyes and ask for another drink of water. I pour you one and walk away from you with it. You ask me where I'm going. I tell you that you can drink it in the bedroom if you're thirsty. So I walk up to the bedroom. A couple of minutes later, you come into the bedroom and look at me. I give you the water and you begin to sip it. I go behind you and kiss your neck. You don't stop me, so I take the water from you and slip off your school blazer. I'm behind you now, kissing your neck and feeling at your cock. I take off your school tie, undo the buttons of your shirt, and feel at that beautiful little body of yours. I take off your shirt and undo your school trousers. They drop to the floor. Then I push your underpants down to your ankles. You're feeling so sexy that you scramble to get them and your school shoes off. Now, except for your grey socks, you're completely naked, so I pull my cock out and rub it up and down the crack of your bum. You lift your head up so I can kiss you, and while we're kissing, I'm wanking you off slowly. Then I take you to the bed and lie you on your back. OK you sexy little sod. Lift your legs back so your bum is open for me. Have you done that?"


"Oh fuck! Yes!"


"Good. Your bum is beautiful and soft and gorgeous and I love it to bits. I'm kissing it and putting my tongue right inside you, giving you the feelings you had today. Can you remember what it was like?"


Rebel's whisper is almost indiscernible. "Yes, it was fantastic. I can feel it now. It's making my cock throb while I'm wanking off."


"Good boy.  Your bum is really squelchy now, and you're shaking with excitement. But this isn't all I want to do to you... I want to shove my big cock up your bum until it's right inside you. So I'm going up to suck your cock and balls, and now I'm sucking your beautiful little knob. You're squealing with the pleasure of it, but now you're worried because I've stopped sucking you off, and I'm towering over you. Ask me what I'm going to do."


"What are you going to do? Please don't hurt me!"


"I won't, my sweet little schoolboy. You're too precious to me for me to hurt you. Relax and let me lubricate your hole with this gel. That's it. Now relax some more while I push a finger up you so you can get used to it. Push out while I push it in. That's it. Good boy. Is it hurting?"


Rebel's reply is like a sigh. "Noooooo, it's nice. Make it go in circles inside me."


"OK. Like that?"


"Yes. Now put two fingers in me."


"OK. I'm pushing them in now. Your little boy hole is opening up and taking them easily. I'm right inside and tickling you. Now I'm pulling them out and putting more gel on my fingers. That's it, and now you're getting three full fingers. Push out! That's it! Wow! Your little hole is stretching beautifully, and I can hear them squelching inside you. Can you hear it?"


"Ahah. Ahah. Yesssss! It's fantastic, and I'm watching your knob oozing stuff because you want to fuck me. Oh, my God! I love your hairy balls and your big cock! Can I suck it... please!"


"Just a quick suck then. But don't make me cum. I want it up your beautiful bum so I can fill you up with my hot stuff. Open your mouth really wide. That's it. You've got my knob in your mouth now, and my precum is oozing out of me because your beautiful little body is so sexy and I want it so much. Now you're sucking it. What's it like."


"Nnnnnnn... it's lovely. Ohhhhhh... I love your big cock and balls. Oh, My God! Ohhhh! I'm almost cumming! Fuck me now, David. Fuck me! Pleasssssse!"


"Hold on my beautiful, sexy little God. Hold on! I'm pushing your legs right onto your chest and staring at your gorgeous little hole. Wow! You've got the sexiest little boy hole in the world, and I want to fuck it hard. I can't wait! I've got my knob by your little boy hole and I'm pushing. I'm pushing. Your tight little ring is stretching. My knob is slipping through it. I'm watching it going in and your ring is trapping me inside. There, it's inside you, and that doesn't hurt, does it?"


A breathless Rebel answers, "No. It's lovely. Push it up some more."


      "Good boy. I'm pushing, and now it's halfway in, rubbing on your prostate. You're squirming with the pleasure of it now, and you've got hold of my hips and are pulling me right inside you. I can feel it going in and in and in. There, it's right in up to my hairy balls and it's not hurting you, is it?"


      "No. It's fantastic! Now fuck me, David!"


      "I will, my beautiful boy. I'm fucking you now... long, slow strokes, in and out, in and out. You're getting the feelings now. They're building up and up. I'm fucking you, and you're loving it. Tell me when you're cumming, and I'll fill that gorgeous little bum of yours full of my hot stuff. Tell me!"


Rebel's breathing is coming in short, deep gasps. "Ahaaa. Ahaaa. Ahaaa. Ahaaa. Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me David! Fuck me! Fill me up! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


"I am, Luke! I'm fucking you like mad. I'm cumming! My red hot spunk is squirting out of me, and I'm making so much that you can't take it all and it's filling you up and running out of your beautiful little hole and down onto the bed sheets. Oh yesssss, Luke! You're being fucked by David!"


Rebel gurgles as if he's being strangled, and then he lets out a stifled, "Guuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"




It takes a while for Rebel to recover, and then he whispers, "Are you still there?"


"Yes. Was it nice?"


He giggles. "Your swearing was fantastic, you schoolboy molester."


"So was yours, my beautiful little gay schoolboy. So, we've had our first fuck, and it didn't hurt one bit, did it?"


"No. That was real sexy. You can do it every night if you want to."


You chuckle. "I'll get a new phone card for you so we can do it anytime when we're alone. Best you go to sleep now and I'll see you on Wednesday. I might even be able to do it for real."


Rebel laughs quietly. "You've got no chance!"


You laugh. "We'll see! You won't be able to resist your curiosity now. See you Wednesday." Then you quickly add, "Hey... don't forget to delete the texts and this call before you go to sleep."


Rebel's chuckle is delightfully sexy when he replies, "I'll do it now. See you Wednesday, you sexy sod."


"See you Wednesday, my gorgeous little man. Sleep tight."


You don't break the call immediately, and you're glad you didn't when Rebel adds, "David?"




"You know what we were talking about earlier? About us loving each other?"




"Well, I've changed my mind."


You feel the warm glow inside when he says that, because Rebel is echoing your own inner thoughts. You're falling big time for this cute kid who has come into your life, and you want your friendship to be more than just sex and cuddles. With those thoughts in mind, you wait expectantly for what he has to say when you ask, "Are you feeling like I am?"


"I think so if you're feeling that you want me more than just for the stuff we do."


You smile to yourself. "Yes, I do. I've enjoyed today, and the next time I see you, I want us to do stuff together. But if I'm completely honest, I just want to see you again."


Rebel sounds as if he might be on the verge of crying when he says, "Me too. I'm sorry I was frightened of you."


"That's OK. I'm glad you were. You're still very young and you have to be careful in this world. I hope I've proved that you're safe with me."


"You have. I always dreamt about meeting somebody like you. You're really special."


"Thank you. And just so you know, I won't try to do what we've just done on the phone until you're completely ready to do it. I wouldn't hurt you for anything."


"I know you wouldn't. That's why I'm feeling as I am about you. I'll see you Wednesday. Love you."


"Love you, too, Rebel. Pleasant dreams my precious boy. Good night."


"Goodnight David. I'm going to dream about you." Rebel giggles. "I'll be wearing my school uniform. In fact, I might even come in it on Wednesday."


Before you can answer, the line goes dead, and you know Rebel has broken the call, so you place your own phone on the table, and think.




The sun has fallen below the horizon a while ago, and the beautiful colours of an English summer evening are filling the sky. What will the future hold for you and your new boyfriend? You can't predict that, but you do know that it will be interesting! But let the future look after itself. Today has been all about Meeting Rebel, and nothing could have been more wonderful, especially the last few words you exchanged. Tonight you're Herodes Atticus, and you've just met your beautiful Polydeukes. Almost two millennia separate your  loves, but once again the age-old theme of man/boy relationships is happening again, just as it will until the end of time.


The end.


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