Michael and Bobby: Lost and Found


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Chapter 1


What the fuck is this?!” Ah, that would be Karina. Who could imagine that all of it began with those coarse words? Bobby was in his bedroom, hiding as usual. And Karina was, well, Karina. Karina was a beautiful girl on the outside, wasn’t she? She was tall, with silky black hair that stopped just below her shoulders. Her body had the perfect model look, with enough athleticism to be hot, but not enough to be one of … well you know, those women. She certainly had ensured that no one had any questions about that, thank you very much. She had always known the right words to say and the right things to do, after all. A lifetime had been spent building that pedestal.

And then there was Bobby. He was never Robert, never Rob, but Bobby. His mop of curly dark-brown hair was nearly covering his frightened brown eyes and too-long-for-a-boy eyelashes. Bobby was skinny and short. Not only that, but pale, with a smattering of freckles on his face, especially around the nose. No one would have suspected that he was the elder of the two, but alas, he was. He was freshly 18, if you will believe such a tale. Here Bobby was: the older brother, yet he was the one frightened, knees bent upward covering his chest, arms wrapped around for protection. It was too late, though. She had seen it.

When you are caught masturbating, it’s generally not the most pleasant time in your life. And the pictures on his computer screen! Not of girls, but of that boy, the one from vacation. This was not very good at all. Bobby’s plump bottom lip quivered as he began to shake all over. His pale frame trembled in fear as his mop of hair bounced when his head fell to his knees. ‘And here come the waterworks,’ Karina thought, smirking. “So my little big brother is not only the most useless piece of shit on earth,” she mused aloud, “but he’s also a fucking faggot. How funny is that?”

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Bobby sobbed, his body trembling. Karina would have none of this, of course. How had she known to pull out her iPhone and record before she barged into his room? The answer to that mystery shall remain unknown, but somehow she knew. Perhaps Bobby’s soft whimpering and whispers of “Please, put it inside me… I need you,” were dead giveaways. Locked doors were of no consequence to Karina, after all. Oh, a simple nail can resolve such trivial issues for one determined to cause hurt, after all. Whatever the indicator, Karina had recorded her little big brother masturbating furiously and fingering his... oh, how could anyone do that! And to top it off, that picture of that guy.

Karina couldn’t see the attraction herself. He was moderately hairy; she preferred the preppy look. Boys who have never had to lift a finger, so they would have had plenty of time to work on a respectable build and then run to Nordstrom’s and buy clothes she selected on their daddy’s credit card. That was her type of guy. She wanted those as self-absorbed as herself, never caring about the results of his actions. No real emotional connections needed; it was easier that way. Really, if little big brother had to be one of those… you know… he could have at least chosen one that was hot. This guy wasn’t fat or skinny, just average. What was his name? Mark or ... Michael. That was i.

But back to the situation at hand. The little big faggot brother wearing only his oversized shirt, legs desperately trying to cover himself, hadn’t moved. He was still sobbing like the pathetic little piece of shit he was. Lucky that Karina was there to remind him of his weakness and uselessness every day. Lucky she had been there to encourage all the other students to remind him of these foibles as well. Of course, with Bobby out of high school now, she’d have to find some other way to help. It’s not like he had any future, anyway. He had made no plans for college, so it was obvious he would be there, around the house, taking up money that should have been all going to her to spend as she so chose.

So faggot, what should we do about this? I have this lovely video here,” she said silkily with a wicked smile, stroking her iPhone like a pet snake. “Maybe I should send it to your friends. Are they all fags too?”

Bobby’s head popped up and his eyes widened like saucers. “No! Please, no! They don’t- I never- no, it’s just… me. Only me.” Bobby knew he was alone, that he was the only one like this. Who else could be so sick, so disgusting? He couldn’t even fathom how Michael was able to put up with him on that unforgettable vacation. Michael’s hands were always there to pick him up when he fell down. A single tear formed in Bobby’s eyes thinking of how Michael would hate him if he knew. Bobby squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out that thought. “I can’t help it, Kar… I wish I could be better.”

Oh shut up with your damn pity party,” Karina retorted angrily. He was not going to do this. He was not going to make her relent. She was right, dammit. She was always right. “And don’t call me Kar anymore, little fag. I am Kar only to my friends and equals. You ain’t either.” She paused for a moment, to hand brush her perfect hair back, still recording. “I think you are right. Showing this to your friends would be pointless as you have none. No, I think I need to put this on Youtube.”

NO! Please! You can’t do that!”

Karina responded with a hard slap to Bobby’s flushed face. “How dare you tell me what I can and can’t do! You are a useless faggot and I don’t give two shits what you think! I’m going to upload it now!” With that, Karina pivoted and exited his room, slamming her door. What little color was left in Bobby’s face drained away. He fell onto the floor in a sobbing heap of tortured pain. His pair of briefs still lay beneath his computer chair, hastily dropped before this whole mess began.

Michael lay back on his bed in his dorm room, arms crossed behind his head, as he sighed in relief. Finally, he was to begin his last semester of college. Soon his final undergraduate courses would be underway, and he could finally walk the aisle and get that very expensive piece of paper symbolizing his life forever changing. In the midst of all that, he still couldn’t get that kid he met a few months ago out of his head.

Was he really a kid, though? Was it really that long ago that Michael himself was that young? Honestly, was he ever that young? Chronologically, yes. But Bobby had an innocence to him, an endless youth, that turned Michael on like nothing else. Michael loved feeling so protective of him, so powerful. Turning on his side, Michael frowned. But Bobby was so young; he had to be lying about his age. There was no way he was 17. Maybe 14 or 15. ‘Fuck! I feel like a child molester.’

How many times had Michael not only wanted to pick little Bobby up when he lost his footing ‘riding the waves,’ but also throw his beautifully hairless body over his shoulder and toss him on his bed last summer like some cave dwelling ancestor? How many times had Michael silently salivated over that luscious ass that was so perfectly displayed in that adorable green square cut suit of his?

Why had Michael even bothered the poor kid? Surely Bobby would easily make friends on that beach. Michael knew why. He was lonely, and he wanted to feel like someone to be looked up to, someone who could protect Bobby from harm, even from Michael himself.

Bobby’s innocence, while intoxicating, must be preserved. So Michael kept himself at arm’s length. He enjoyed every moment with Bobby, but always behaved himself, and never made a move. Bobby kept the same distance, so he was either straight or… that word again, innocent. Michael was willing to give up his desires for Bobby to preserve that.

Dan was chortling. He and Karina were staring into a laptop, working diligently. Karina rarely ever visited Dan unless she wanted something. Of course, she always paid for his services very well. And one blow job later, they were off. Dan was certainly not the best built of Karina’s men, but he knew video editing. It came naturally to him, along with a nasty mean streak. Five minutes on her knees was a small price to pay for torturing her little big bro- little big fag brother. She would need to remember that vital adjective.

Karina had quietly walked into Bobby’s room and e-mailed his pictures of Michael to herself while Bobby slept after exhausted sobbing. Oh, this would be a video to remember for all time. And the world would see it, of that you can be assured.

She had instructed Dan of each cut for this very special video. Insert a picture here, text there, music underlying here. Dan certainly would have made a higher quality video edit by himself, but in his post-blowjob bliss, he didn’t care. It’s funny how standards change when ejaculation becomes involved. Hours later, Dan and Karina had completed their opus video: “fag brother caught jacking.” Karina never paused to think that this was the first time that she had actually put any effort into anything in her life.

Bobby awoke on the ground in his room, impressions of carpet fibers on his still wet cheeks. He pushed himself up and looked at his pictures of Michael on his PC. Michael would know what to do. He always took care of Bobby during those precious few days. Of course Michael would probably hate him if he knew Bobby’s secret, but still… Michael’s face, even if it was just a photograph and that one video, always made Bobby feel better. “Oh no,” gasped Bobby. Not only had Karina sent Michael’s pictures to herself, but she had replaced them with images that Michael certainly was not. There were now pictures of morbidly obese women having sex.

Well sis, if I wasn’t gay before, I am now,” Bobby mused, rolling his eyes and banging his head on his computer desk. Bobby paused a moment later and lifted his head. “Wait a minute,” he spoke to himself, running to his cell phone. He turned it on, opening the picture viewer application, and yes, there they were. Michael’s smiling face was there, radiant with a joy that gave Bobby the strength he needed. “Thanks, Michael,” he said, kissing his finger and touching his camera’s LCD screen. Looking around nervously, Bobby decided to face the music and talk to his sister. Maybe she would stop her plan, and life would be ok, after all.

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