Michael and Bobby: Lost and Found

by DMR

Chapter 5


Corey had a surly expression on his face as he entered the dorm commons. He thought Michael had gotten over whatever bug was up his butt and was going to give him a royal pounding. Instead he was surrounded by a group of about 15 men and women watching Michael pace back and forth with his arms crossed. Seeing his group complete, Michael nodded with satisfaction. "Hi everyone," Michael greeted confidently. "I have discovered that the Westboro Baptist Church is going to be here protesting this Friday at noon."

The group responded with a collective groan and comments of disgust. Corey smiled to himself. At least he was in safe company. Of course he would be safe. With the few disastrous dates he and Michael had had, he knew Michael was always out to protect people. But Corey hadn't wanted to be protected. He just wanted to get some cock along with a nice dinner. Surely Michael understood that.

"So I called you all here wondering if you could help me. I have read up on other groups that have tried similar things. Basically we are to block these bastards from being seen by the public as much as possible. We do this with gigantic angel wings. 8 foot by 10 foot wings were used in the past, but I want to top that-"

"What else would you do, sweetie?" a feminine male voice called out from the group. Loads of laughter was his response. Corey joined in with the levity. Hey, he couldn't argue with that. If there is one thing that Michael could do it was topping! Corey's boyhole contracted at the thought.

Michael smirked in response. "Fair point, perve," he said grinning. "Anyway, here are some drawings I made on my PC –"

"Where else would he make them?" A woman commented amidst additional laughter. Corey had to agree with that point as well. Michael could just understand technology. He seemed to be able to pick it up like a second skin instantly.

"Thank you, Lisa of the peanut gallery!" He winked at her. "So those of you who are ... ehh... 'female illusionists' will need to scour your feather collections. I found these braces that I designed that I think shouldn't be too uncomfortable and should make a good form for the wings. We can meet tomorrow to work on these if that's cool with everyone."

Various members of the assembled group vocally acknowledged their acquiescence. Michael seemed to have a natural authority, and his request certainly wasn't unreasonable. Corey found himself agreeing as well. "Great!" Michael was smiling at everything, thrilled that his plan was coming to fruition. "Ok, I'll go out and start on the braces and we'll try to build these tomorrow. I'll send you address info by e-mail." Michael then walked to each person and thanked them for helping him out. It was obvious they were adjourned from this unofficial meeting. Corey felt slightly annoyed. Michael had this control over the room that Corey wasn't thrilled about. He liked a little bit of choice in matters. Michael arrogantly assumed these people would just bend to his call. 'Maybe that's why we could never work.' Who would honestly give himself over to Michael? Sure, he was ok to look at and had that huge cock and all, but he had that ugly hairy chest. He wasn't exactly a muscle god either. Who indeed would be able to stand someone that arrogant, that controlling?

"Ok kid, let's try this again."

Bobby was exhausted. He had been questioned by several detectives. They were trying to get him to confess to something, but Bobby couldn't for the life of him figure out to what.

"I don't know what you want me to say!" he shouted, on the verge of tears. Again. These men were so nasty to him. He just couldn't understand what they wanted.

Furious, one detective came out of the shadows in the corner of the interrogation room and slapped Bobby. "Fucking faggot, we want the truth of how you tried to molest that boy."

Bobby looked at the man in shock, rubbing his cheek. "What boy? I was just at work when Dan..." Bobby gasped, putting his hand over his shocked face and began to sob. "He grabbed my tie and pulled my head down onto the counter. He was so cruel. Just like Ka..."

"Are you talking about Daniel Costa," the officer angrily asked.

"Ye—yes, sir," Bobby mumbled, looking at his hands.

"Lying faggot!" the man screamed, "My boy would never touch an AIDS infected homo like you!" Bobby looked up at the detective, his lower lop trembling in abject fear.

"But he did... he grabbed me and pulled me across the –"

"Be aware, you faggot," the man snarled, "that filing a false police report can result in jail time and a felony."

"It's the truth. I swear."

"Are you calling your victim a liar?"

"Victim? What are you talking about?"

"Let's give the faggot some time to think about this. Throw him back in the cell and give him a night to consider his options."

"Sure thing, boss," another officer said, handcuffing Bobby and dragging him from the interrogation room. Walking down the hallway, Bobby heard the lackey chuckling to himself. "You sure chose the wrong man to fuck with, kid. Blaming his older son of assault and trying to molest the younger one. You just keep making bad decisions, don't you?" Still confused, Bobby docilely allowed the lackey to push him into a cell.

The echo of the jail bars locking into place seemed to go on for hours. Bobby fell into a heap and ran away while staying rooted to his spot on the floor.

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