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From The End Of Part One:

    This was a new experience for me, indeed, but I didn't mind it at all.  I'd thought it would be gross, but it wasn't so bad.  I kept shoving my tongue in and out of his asshole, and he started to stroke his dick and play with his own balls.

    After a while, I had had my fill of eating ass.  I went back to his dick and started to suck it just like I had been doing before he stopped me.  His moans got louder and longer, and I could feel his balls moving up to his body.  I knew that when they did that on me, I was about ready to cum.

    This time, however, when he went to push my head up again, I swept his hands away.  He'd swallowed my cum, so I thought I'd return the favor.  It wasn't long before he started to cum.  And oh boy, did he cum!

    He shot and shot, and I thought I would drown.  There was so  much of it.  I tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much of it, and some of it slid down my chin and down his dick to pool around his balls and in his pubic hair.

    When he stopped cumming, I went into the downstairs bathroom to get a wet wash cloth, so he could clean himself.  He thanked me and told me that it was the best blow job he'd ever had.  After he was cleaned up, we got dressed, and Chet left.  He handed me the hundred, and his phone number before going out the door.

    "You call whenever you want to make a little cash," he said, smiling at me.

    "I definitely will," I replied.

      I never did get any soda that night!

Midnight Encounter:

Part Two


  It had been a week since I'd met Chet, and I'd thought about what had happened between us all the time.  I know that guys my age would probably freak out of another guy asked to suck his dick.  Hell, most guys would have told him to fuck off or done worse.   I wasn't having any problems with it, however.  I wasn't exactly ready to swear off girls, but I wasn't getting all freaked out over it, either.  In fact, I couldn't wait to do it again.

    Then, I thought I had the perfect opportunity only to have the wind sucked out of my sails.   My parents were taking a night off from fighting with each other (they'd started in as soon as we'd arrived in Phoenix).  My father announced that they were going to go out to dinner.  He said they were going to catch a movie after dinner and then go dancing.  He said they wouldn't be home until at least five in the morning.  I was thrilled!

    My excitement had nothing do with my parents doing something nice together, I'm sorry to say.   No.  I could only think about calling Chet as soon as they walked out the door.  My balls were beginning to tingle, and my dick was rock hard just thinking about what it would be like to repeat last week's "experiment".

    "Don't have anyone in the house. Mrs. Keller will tell us if you do," said my father, and my bubble burst.  I could feel my dick wilting from the shock of this news, too.

    Mrs. Keller.  I'd known she was a nosey bitch the first time I'd laid eyes on her.   I'd come home from the store two days ago to find her standing in my living room.   She was talking to my parents.  Well, talking wasn't the right word for what she was doing.  No.  She was lecturing them on how to take care of me.

    She told them that leaving their fifteen year old son home alone was not the right thing to do.  Children my age often got into trouble when there was no adult around to watch after them, she'd told them.  She'd looked at me like I was some hellion when she said that.  She also told them that their arguing could sometimes be heard all the way across the street.  She said she often sat on her porch, and she'd heard them four times in the last three days, screaming at each other.  I thought that she'd probably sat on that porch just so she could hear what they were screaming at each other.

    "This is not good for the boy, either," she'd said, pinching her face and looking more like an old hag.  "Children should not be brought up like that."

    My mother stood there looking guilty.  I couldn't believe it.  My father looked like he was about to start screaming at the old woman, but he didn't.  I wish he had.   They were both so nice to her, and they promised her that they would keep their voices down.  She hadn't liked that, but at least she left our house.

    SHIT! Now what was I going to do? Was my dad having the old woman watch our house? Didn't he trust me anymore? He'd never had someone watch me like that before.  I hadn't had a babysitter since I was ten years old.

    "Are you listening?" he asked when I didn't say anything for so long.

    "Yeah, Dad," I said.  "I don't know anyone here anyway. Why are you having her watch the house?"

    "I'm not," he said, lowering his voice.  "Your mother asked her to do it."

    "Why?" I asked, knowing full well.  I was part of the reason that they fought so much.  My mom thought that my dad was too lenient with me.  She was probably right.  I didn't know any other father that let his kid get away with even a few of the things that my dad let me do.

    "Your mother thinks that I let you get away with too much," said Dad.  "She knows about me letting you drink beer with me last night."

    I wasn't shocked.  I'd known that my mom would find out about that.  We'd been pretty loud last night when we were drinking and watching late night movies.  We'd had a really good time together, and now it sounded like we were going to never have a time like that again.

    "Because of that, she wants Mrs. Keller to watch the front door?" I asked.

    "It isn't just that," said my dad.  "Mrs. Keller told us about you having a guy over last week."

    That one shocked me.  Just how much did Mrs. Keller tell my parents? I wanted to march right over there and tell the old bitch to mind her own business.  I couldn't believe it! At the same time, I worried that maybe she had come over to watch through the window and seen me having sex with Chet.  I wouldn't have put it past her!

    "What all did she say?" I asked him nervously.

    "She just said that there was a strange car parked in our driveway for a few hours," he said.  "She saw the guy leave, but she didn't get a good look at him. Do you want to tell me who it was?"

    "I don't know what she was talking about," I said, relieved that she hadn't known anything else about what happened.  "There wasn't anyone here that night, Dad."

    "She said she saw a car in the driveway," said my dad.

    "Well, maybe he parked in our driveway and wen to another house," I said.  "I was home the whole night, Dad. No one was here."

    "I'm not mad that you had a friend over, but you said that you don't know anyone," he said.  "Don't lie to me. You know that we are buds."

    "Alright," I sighed.  "I went to the store that night to get some soda. I met a boy there, and we talked for a while. I invited him back to play cards. I swear, we didn't drink or anything like that."

    "I know," he said.  "Your mother checked the liquor cabinet as soon as Mrs. Keller left."

    "God," I breathed.

    "I know, Son," said my dad.  "But don't worry, I will have a talk with your mother about this."

    "Don't fight with her about it, Dad," I said.

    "Don't worry about us, Randy," he said.  "Things aren't going well between me and your mom."

    "I know," I said, thinking of all the fighting they'd been doing lately.

    "Ben, are you coming?" asked my mother as she came down the stairs.  She sounded pissed off already.  Had she been listening to us?

    "Yes," he said, turning away from me.

    "Nobody in the house, Randy," called my mother as they walked out the door.

    After they were gone, I went to my room.  It was still full of boxes that I hadn't bothered to unpack yet.  I kicked one as I walked in the door.  What am I going to do now? I wondered.

    I was stuck alone in the house, and I couldn't call Chet to have him come over.  Mrs. Keller was going to get a piece of my mind one of these days.  I swore to myself that if the old woman stuck her nose in where it didn't belong one more time, I was going to tell her were to stick it!

    I plopped down on my bed and tried to come up with a way to get around this.  There had to be one.  There usually was.  I just had to think of it.  Usually, I was a master at getting around a tuff situation.  I always found a way out of everything.   I just had to think.

    "They didn't say that I couldn't go out," I said out loud.   A big smile spread across my face as I thought about it.  I would call Chet and ask him if he knew of anywhere we could go.  It was perfect.  I wouldn't be having anyone in the house, and I would still be able to get together with Chet.   Mrs. Keller could piss off!

    I searched through my wallet for the piece of paper that Chet had written his number on.   As soon as I found it, I felt my balls start to tingle.  I couldn't wait to have his mouth on my dick again! I was even eager to get mine on his.  I was almost shaking from the thought of it.

    I dialed his number and waited.  After the sixth wring, I hung up the phone.  He'd also given me his pager number, so I paged him.  I left both a voice message and my number.  Now all that was left to do was wait for him to get the pages and call me back.

    When the phone started to wring, I grabbed it faster than lightning.  My dick was hard and throbbing.  I was all set!

    "Hello?" I said.

    "This is Chet, did someone page me from this number?" he asked.

    "Chet, this is Randy," I said.  "We met . . ."

    "Randy," he said.  "I remember, bud."

    "I was hoping that we could get together today," I said quickly.

    "Well, I'm a little short on cash today," he said slowly.

    "I don't want money," I said.  "I really liked what we . . ."

    "Not on this phone, Randy," he said, cutting me off.   "What time would you like me to come over?"

    "Well, there's a problem with that," I said.  "I can't have anyone in the house here. I was hoping that we could go somewhere."

    "Where did you have in mind?" he asked.

    "Well, I don't know the city, so I was hoping that you knew of a place," I said, praying that he would.

    "Well, I'm at work right now," he said.  "I should be out of here in about an hour or so. I'll call you when I get ready to leave. We can go to my place if you want."

    "That would be cool," I said, smiling.

    We said our good-byes, and I was in seventh fucking Heaven! I couldn't wait for him to get off work.  I would make sure that he got off in every way possible as soon after that as I could manage.  Now all I had to do was figure out what I wanted to do whit the hour that I had to wait.

    My computer came to mind first.  I hadn't checked my email since we'd gotten to Phoenix, and a lot of my friends had asked that I email them when I got here.  The problem with that was that my computer was sitting in my closet.  I hadn't really unpacked much in the time that we had been there.

    My dad had gotten me my own phone line before we moved into the house, and I had an internet connection, but I didn't want to start putting together my computer desk and then setting up my computer.  There was no way that I would be done before Chet called.

    My dad's computer was already set up in my parents' room.  I didn't think Dad would mind if I used it.  I walked upstairs and into their room to find a mess.  It looked like they hadn't unpacked much of their stuff, either.  I laughed as I waded through the boxes to the computer on the other side of the room.

    Sitting down, I turned on the tower, and the monitor flashed on.   I waited for the computer to boot as I looked around at all the stuff on the desk.   Dad had magazines and books about computers everywhere.  There was one book that I wanted to look through, and I thought I'd ask Dad if I could borrow it after I got my computer set up.

    Once the computer booted, I dialed up the internet and opened my dad's email program.  I knew that I could check my mail and then delete my settings when I was done.  I was about to start entering my information when one of the messages in Dad's In Box caught my attention.

    "HORNY AND READY FOR YOU" was the subject, and the email address had the name Tom in it.  I sat there staring at it for a few minutes.   Tom? Horny and ready? What was this? Was my dad playing around with another guy online? I couldn't resist.  I opened the email and waited for the attachments to download.  Then I got the shock of my life.

    When the attachments downloaded, I saw that my dad had sent this guy pictures of himself nude with his webcam.  I stared at my father's naked body in a mixture of shock and awe.   I'd never in my life seen my father naked.  My eyes drank in every detail of his chiseled body.

    I stared at his thick, dark chest hair and followed the trail that it made down his stomach that lead to the bush of hair above his had dick.  Protruding from the bush that surrounded it, his dick stood straight out from his tanned, muscle packed body.  It had to be at least as big, if not bigger, than my own nine inches.  It looked thicker than mine, though.

    What had me so enthralled with it was the fact that my father was not circumcised.  I'd never seen an uncut dick in my life.  As I said, I'd never seen my dad without close.   I started at the head of his dick, which was just sticking out of the tight foreskin.  There was precum dripping from the tip of his dick.  His cam had gotten a very clear picture.

    Finally dragging my gaze away from my father's body, I started to read the comments that were in the email.  Luckily, neither of them had bothered to delete the original messages in the email.  I could feel my dick hardening as I read every word:


        FROM TOM:

    He dude, read your profile at hotcocks, and saw your pic that was posted there.  I want to feast on that fucker! Get back to me and we'll set up something.



        FROM MY DAD:

    Tom, my phone number is included with times to call. I'm a married man with a teenaged son, so please be discreet when you call.  If my wife or son answer, just ask for me.   My name is Ben.  If they ask who you are, just say that you are calling about something from the office.

    Now, let me tell you what I'm into:  I love to fuck, but I'm not against getting fucked by the right dick.  Orally, I can guarantee your satisfaction.  I like rough, man to man sex.  If you are interested in having a go, give me a call.  I am enclosing a new pic that I took last night.



        TOM'S REPLY

    Ben, no problem with getting together.  Loved our conversation last night.  You had me cumming just listening as you jacked that big dick of yours.  I'm enclosing a pic of me so you can see for yourself what you are getting.  Meet you tomorrow as planned.



    I couldn't believe it! My dad was going to meet this guy and fuck him.  He'd even said that he didn't mind getting fucked.  My dad! This was too much.  I couldn't believe that my dad was into guys! I had to find a way to let him know that I was, too.  There had to be a way that I could get my dad to have sex with me.

    The phone jerked me out of that thought.  I snatched it up, and Chet's voice nearly made me cum!

    "Just wanted to let you know that I am on my way," he said.   "Getting ready to walk out the door now."

    "Cool," I said.  "I'll be waiting."

    I clicked the email message and marked it as unread, so my dad wouldn't know that I had been snooping.  Then I shut down his computer and walked back out to the living room.   My head was spinning from what I'd seen.  I hoped Randy was ready for me today.  I was so ready.

    I was standing on the porch when he drove up.  I wasted no time getting to his car.   He was smiling as I slid into the seat next to him.  I smiled back, and thought about telling him what I'd found out about my dad.

    "I'm glad you called," he said as he backed out of the driveway.  "I am in a really horny mood today."

    "Yeah," I said.  "I'm pretty horny myself. I've been thinking about last week like crazy."

    "Really," he laughed.  "I figured you'd never call me. I thought you'd be all freaked by what we did."

    "No fuckin way!" I laughed.  "I loved every minute of it, Randy."

    "I'm glad," he said.  "Because I have had your dick on my mind for a whole week."

    He reached over and gave my hard dick a squeeze through my jeans, and I thought I'd cum right then and there! I was so worked up over seeing my dad on the computer.  I hoped that Randy was ready for a long hall today.  I wanted to get off as many times as I possibly could!

    The rest of the drive was spent pretty silently.  He kept his hand on my crotch, and he would look over at me and lick his lips every now and then.  I was in a high state of arousal.  I couldn't wait to get to his house.  I planned to feed him my dick over and over again!

    He turned into the driveway of a two story brick house and parked in front of a two car garage.  I wondered why he had such a big house and lived alone.  Maybe he had a wife and kid, too.  That thought almost made me panic, but then I thought about it.   Why would he bring me here, if we weren't going to be alone.

    "Awful big house for one person," I said, thinking I'd find out if my first thought was true.

    "I live with a room mate," he said.  "But don't worry, Tom isn't going to be home until tomorrow morning. I called his cell to check."

    "Your room mate's name is Tom?" I asked, wondering if this guy was the same one my dad was planning to fuck.

    "Yeah," he said.  "He's a personal trainer, and he had a job this evening, and he said he would stay out until I called him."

    "Cool," I said.

    "He's really psyched about a guy he's supposed to meet tomorrow," said Randy.  "I'm going to spend the afternoon away from the house, so he can have some privacy with his new guy."

    "Has he told you anything about the new guy?" I asked, trying to find out, for sure, if he was talking about my dad.

    "Just that he's got a killer dick, and a great body," he said.  "He has a picture of him in his email. I'm gonna check it out later."

    "You mind if I look at it, too?" I asked, hoping that it was my dad.

    "I don't mind," he said, smiling.  "I don't think Tom would mind either. I bet he'd love to suck your dick, too."

    My mind reeled at the thought of that.  Instantly, I started to picture having sex with Randy, Tom and my dad.  It was definitely a very hot thought, but I was here to have real sex.  My imagination could wait until I needed something to jack off to.

    The inside of the house wasn't much different from mine.  There was a couch and a coffee table with a big picture window behind them.  Two recliners sat side by side, separated by an end table, caddy corner from the couch.  A large entertainment center stood against the wall directly across from the recliners.

    I thought we'd sit on the couch, but he motioned for me to follow him up the stairs.  I could only assume we were headed for his bedroom as we passed through a hall with two closed doors directly across from each other, and another door at the end.

    He opened one door, and I followed him into his bedroom.  There was a large bed and a night stand against the wall opposite the door, and a small television sat on a stand against the wall beside the door.  There was a chest of drawers against the wall on the other side of the door.

    He walked over to the bed and started to unbutton his shirt.  I watched as he pulled it off his shoulders, and it slid to the floor.  I had never seen him completely naked.   It looked like I was about to get that chance as he started to unbutton the fly of his black silk pants.

    I stood there watching him as more and more of his body became visible.  His body was solidly built.  His pecs were tight, and his brown nipples were both pierced.   Gold rings hung from them and glistened in the sunlight coming through the window.

    He was completely smooth, unlike my dad, and I could see his tight six packed abs perfectly.   His navel looked tiny in the center of all that muscle.  It was an innie, and the only hair that I could see on him, other than that on his head, started just under it.   It was darker than the light brown hair on his head, and it traveled into his boxers to what I was dying to get my hands on.

    He smiled as he hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers.  I smiled back as he started to push them over his hips.  I licked my lips as his pubic bush came into view.  I felt my dick start to pulse as his dick popped into view and sprung up to slap his gut.  It was hard and ready.

    He cocked his head to the side and looked at me with expectation in his eyes.  It was clear that he thought it was completely unnecessary for him to be the only naked guy in the room.  I smiled at him as I felt my face heat up, and I knew I was blushing.

    I slowly started to pull my black t-shirt up over my own nicely toned stomach.  He stared hungrily as I started to reveal more and more of my own smooth upper body.  I quickly pulled the shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor.  I played with the top button of my 501's and smiled at him.  I loved this!

    Painfully slowly, I started to unbutton the fly of my jeans.  He had a look of pure anguish on his face.  I had him where I wanted him, alright, but my balls were screaming at me to hurry this up.  As soon as the last button was undone, I pulled the sides of my jeans until they slid down over my hips.  As they hit the floor around my ankles, I toed off my shoes and tugged my jeans off with my feet.

    He looked really anxious as I tugged my boxer-briefs down over my ass cheeks.  My hard dick slapped my gut as soon as it was free of the tight material.  I stood there and let him get his fill of my solid naked body, but as I felt the precum start running down the shaft of my dick, I knew that I couldn't wait much longer.  I had to have him.

    Slowly, he reached out his hand and touched my chest.  He ran his fingers around my nipples, and I moaned as his fingers brushed over the nub of my left nipple.  More precum spilled down the length of my dick as his other hand joined in the assault.

    Soon, he had both of my nipples between his index finger and his thumb.  He rolled them gently and tugged just a little, sending pleasure waves through my body.  They centered in my balls, and I moaned again.  He definitely knew how to drive me crazy.

    Letting go of my nipples, he took my hands and pulled me to him.   I had a brief moment of panic as his face came closer to mine.  I knew he was going to kiss me.  At first, I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about that, but once his lips touched mine, I was fine with it.

    I opened my lips to accept his tongue, and he moaned as his tongue ran across the tip of mine.  He pulled me closer and began to gently grind his hips into mine, causing our dicks to rub against each other.  The contact was wonderful, and I reached out my arms and rapped them around his waist and started to grind my own hips.

    He pulled back, and we tumbled, together, onto his bed.  The contact of our lips and tongues wasn't broken by our fall, but he slowly withdrew and pulled back to look into my eyes.  We smiled at each other, and I felt his hands roaming over my back from my shoulders to just above my ass.

    He started to kiss my neck, and his tongue left a wet trail from just under my chin all the way around and up to my ear.  I felt him nibbling at the lobe, and then I was grinding my hips into him again.  He was busy tonguing my ear as I felt our dicks rubbing together.

    Precum flowed from both of us, lubricating our dicks.  I was in a state of sexual craziness.   I couldn't wait for him to gobble my dick all the way to the root.  What he was doing to my ear was making me produce more precum than I'd ever produced in my life.   He really knew how to get me going.

    We rolled over together until he was on top of me.  His body began to slide down my own as his tongue left my ear, leaving another wet trail down my neck and down my chest.   Soon, my nipple was in his mouth, and he was licking all the way around it.

    I moaned, and he moved to the other nipple to give it some much needed attention.  I had no idea that my nipples were so connected to my dick, but the more he attacked them, the more my balls forced streams of precum out of my dick and into the pool that was forming on my stomach.

    He licked each one of my abs, and then his tongue was in my navel.  I thought I would be laughing hysterically from this, but instead of being tickled, I was being thrown into erotic bliss.  I'd never had anyone do this before.  I was one of the strangest and most erotic things I'd ever experienced.

    I shivered when I felt him start to lap up the pool of precum just below my navel.  His lips and tongue were just seconds from the head of my dick.  I could feel the light stubble on his chin drag across the back of my dick, and it was driving me crazy.  I didn't know how much longer I could stand it.

    Finally, he moved lower.  He licked the tip of my dick so lightly.   At first, I didn't even know he was doing it, but he slowly added pressure with his tongue until I could feel it in my piss slit.  He was licking the precum out of my slit as fast as it flowed up from my balls.

    When his lips locked around the head of my dick, I moaned again.  In one swift plunge, I felt his nose in my pubes, and my dick was being massaged by his throat muscles.   This was it.  This was what I had been waiting for.  I loved the hot wet feeling of his throat around my dick.

    He stayed like that until I thought he would suffocate.  When he started back up my shaft, I felt his tongue sliding back and forth.  He was moving so slowly.  He added suction, and I thought he would literally suck the cum out of my balls.  I knew it wouldn't be too long before I filled his mouth with my cum.  He was in overdrive.

    Just like before, he seemed to sense that I was getting close.  He moved off my dick and started to lick my balls.  I loved this almost as much as his oral work on my dick.   He ran his tongue between them, forcing them apart in their tight sack.  I felt his lips teasing one ball, and then a finger was sliding up and down my perineum.

    In no time, his tongue follow his finger down the sensitive slope of my perineum.  He reached my hole, and instead of teasing it with his tongue, he dove right in.  I spread my legs wider, brought my hips up off the bed to give him more access, and let out a moan that was dangerously close to a growl.

    He pushed his tongue in and out of my ass over and over again.  I had the agonizing urge to jack my dick, but I knew that he'd get back to sucking it soon, so I left it alone.   At the moment, he was sending electric shock waves through my body, starting in my asshole and fanning out across my body.

    Soon, I felt a spit soaked finger at the entrance to my asshole along with his tongue.  I thought about telling him not to go further, but I kept quiet.  I wondered what it would feel like.  I was about to get an answer to that question, because I knew he was going to push that finger into me.

    I tried not to tense my body as I felt his finger slide into me, and I guess it worked.   It slid right in, and he was moving it around like he was searching for something.   It felt strange.  It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, but it was a feeling unlike any I'd ever had before.

    Then I felt his mouth on my dick again.  It had started to go soft while I was busy thinking about what it was going to feel like to have his finger in my ass.  Very soon, he had it rock hard and ready to go again.  He gave me the same treatment as before he'd moved to my balls.

    I felt a second finger enter my ass, and then he hit something inside of me that made me see stars.  I didn't know what he was rubbing, but whatever it was, he was rubbing it the right way.  It was like little electric charges shot from inside my ass all the way through my balls and up through the head of my dick.  I was moaning and moving my hips back and forth, riding the pleasure waves toward a fantastic orgasm.

    He took his mouth of my dick and started to run his tongue up and down the back of my shaft as he stuck a third finger into my ass.  When he made contact with that one spot again, the slight burning sensation of the added stretching of my ass was replaced with that wonderful electric pleasure wave again.

    He was fucking in and out of my as with his three fingers, and his mouth was packed with my balls.  I hadn't even realized that he was no longer licking my dick until I felt his mouth close around my nuts.  I was have far too much fun to worry about much.   He was really rocking my world for me now.

    "God, I want to fuck you so bad," he breathed after letting my balls fall from his mouth.

    My body stopped moving instantly as he said that.  I was getting off on his fingers, but I wasn't so sure about his dick.  It wasn't as big as mine, but it wasn't little, either.  I didn't think it would fit up my ass, and I was in no mood to turn this euphoric feeling into one of searing pain.

    I thought about it for a few minutes.  He had three fingers inside me already, and I believed that he would stop if I told him to.  If his fingers were giving me this much pleasure, his dick couldn't be too bad.  I just wasn't sure about getting it in there.  The head was too damned big from what I could see.

    "Please," he whispered.  "I promise, I'll be gentle."

    I watched as he opened the drawer of the night stand beside the bed and pulled out a tube of something.  I couldn't see what it was, but he was still moving his fingers around in my ass.  I closed my eyes while I thought about it.  I was scared to death.

    "It'll hurt too much," I said.

    "I've already loosened you up some with my fingers," he said, sliding them in and out of my hole.  "If I use enough lube and go slow, you can take it."

    "You'll stop if I can't take it?" I asked, needing this reassurance.

    "Whenever you say so," he said.

    "We can try," I said.

    "We need to get you ready, first," he said, removing his fingers from my ass.

    He stood up and tugged at my arm to get me to stand up, too.  He took one of the pillows from the head of the bed and folded it in half.  He placed it in the center of the bed and told me to lay down on my back with my ass on the pillow.  He said that it would elevate my ass enough for him to have access to it.

    After I got into position, he opened the tube of what I could now see was KY and squeezed a large amount of it onto his index finger.  He started to rub the slippery lube around the outside of my hole, and slowly, he inserted his lubed finger into my hole.

    He moved his finger in and out of my hole for a few seconds before pulling it out and lubing two fingers.  When he slid them into my ass, he found that special spot again and rubbed over it a few times.  This caused my dick to get hard again.  I was enjoying his fingers moving in my ass, and I thought it might not be so bad to get fucked.

    After he'd lubed three fingers and moved them in and out of my hole for a while, he announced that I was ready.  He climbed between my spread legs and lifted my knees until my legs were up.  My feet were on his shoulders, and he moved closer to me.

    "The worst part will be getting the head in, so I'll go as slow as I can," he said.

    I watched as he squirted a large amount of the KY onto the head of his dick.  He used one hand to spread the lube onto his dick while the other one was busily moving three fingers in and out of my ass.  When the head of his dick touched my asshole, he told me to push out like I was taking a shit.

    As I pushed out, he applied pressure, and my asshole started to give.  Slowly, I felt the head of his dick slide into my ass, and I was surprised at how little it hurt.  It stung a bit, but I'd had worse pain when over zealous nurses wielded a syringe filled with medicine.

    He looked into my eyes, and I nodded my head to let him know that I was ok.  Then he applied more pressure, and I felt his dick slowly enter my body.  He stopped twice to check and see how I was taking this, but both times, I nodded my head for him to continue.   I wasn't having much difficulty.

    Soon, I felt his balls touch my ass, and I knew that he'd buried his dick in my ass.  I stopped pushing out, and the relief was instantaneous.  My ass felt full, but I wasn't in any great amount of pain.  He brought his lips down to meet mine while he waited for me to get used to the full feeling.

    He straightened his body and lubed his stomach where my dick would rest while he fucked me.   I only had to think about why he'd done it for a second.  When he lowered his body back down onto mine, I felt the instant slippery wetness on my dick.

    He started to fuck in and out of me slowly.  First, he'd pull back until only the head of his dick was in my ass, and then he'd slowly fuck back in until his balls were on my ass again.  I couldn't believe how good it felt.  I was beginning to feel warm all over, and each time he moved his dick back or forward, the friction against my asshole was awesome.

    As he started to pick up the pace of the fuck, his stomach slid back and forth over my dick.   At the same time, his dick found that special spot inside my ass.  I was filled with that electric pleasure wave again.  My asshole was being stimulated by the friction of his dick moving in and out, his dick was rubbing back and forth over that spot inside me, and my dick was sliding around in my precum and the lube on his stomach.   I was in Heaven!

    I tried to keep looking into his eyes as he was doing with me, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.  I let them fall shut as I moaned over and over.  I couldn't believe how good it felt to have his dick sliding in and out of my virgin ass.  I knew that this wouldn't be the last time I'd have a dick in my ass.  He was priming me.  There was no way I'd want to go without this feeling for long.

    As his thrust got shorter and faster, his dick swelled in my ass.  I could tell by the way that my ass felt fuller.  I knew he was going to cum, and just thinking about it sent me over the brink into my own orgasm.  As my dick shot stream after stream of my hot cum between us, I felt my ass clamp down around the dick that was lodged inside it.   Chet groaned, and then I could actually feel his cum spreading into my ass.

    He covered my mouth with his own, and our tongues started to duel as I felt his dick soften and slide out of my ass.  It left me feeling empty, and I wasn't sure that I liked that feeling at all.  But I knew that he would be hard and ready for me again soon.

    As for my dad and Tom, it turned out that Chet's room mate was the guy my dad was planning to sleep with.  I read more emails from both of them, but that's another story!