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This story started in May. I know that because my scout troop always took it’s Spring camp out in May of each year. This particular year was warm. The weekend of the camping trip was terrific. We arrived at camp on a Friday afternoon, set up camp, and got busy gathering firewood for a campfire after dark. Others were busy getting dinner ready. Since it was warm, uniforms gave way to tee shirts and shorts. We had about twenty boys on this camp out.

After dinner was noisily completed, and the dishes were cleaned, we broke out the sticks and marshmellows and settled down for the campfire as day passed into night.

I was an Assistant Scoutmaster in the troop in my early thirties. I was also pretty popular with the boys because I had challenged them to prove their knowledge and ability in the program. I believed boys wanted to be competitive. And the troop had proven me right. The boys knew I wasn’t easy, but thought I was fair.

After the campfire was put out, the boys gradually retreated to their tents to chat and swap dirty jokes. The older and more popular boys would have three or four boys huddled inside. Younger boys stayed near older boys after hearing the latest ghost story. There was always a scary bloody story to close the campfire. Older boys loved having the newer boys clinging to them. Woods can seem terrifying to a young boy. More than one boy has allowed new and naughty things just to make an older friend when he hears strange noises near the tent.

On this camp out, I had made friends with several new boys. Two of them had asked me to stay with them in their tent till they were asleep. I couldn’t have been more pleased to help out.

 I had also slept with the older boys and knew what games they liked to play. We played them too. I liked boys who liked secret games. I belonged to a camping club within the scouts that had a well organized Indian Dance Team. The dance team was pretty much run by young adults who taught a lot more than dancing. Members of the club were admitted into the club following an initiation. They held camping trips of their own. They also had to overcome fears of nudity to get on the dance team. Most members were teens. Most would soon discover the fun of camping with other boys and men, but that’s another story.

I was still pretty new to the troop at that time. I would discover I still had a lot to learn. The two young boys in the tent had set me up. Shortly after I joined them in the tent, they stripped down to their briefs. Both had no trouble slipping out of their clothes so they could sit or lay back on their sleeping bags. Both played “naked games” by pulling thier briefs down to show off their little goodies to me and to each other (although I was sure they had seen each other nude often). Both thought it was really neat they could cause their little two inch bare dicklets to stick up flatly against their tummy. At first, they would just show their toys; then they got bolder when I laughed and encouraged them. They thought I should join them. They wanted to see mine.

When I hesitated to play nude games, Bobby, a cute little black haired boy with a curious attitude, convinced me to lay between them so they could fall asleep. No sooner had I made myself comfortable laying in the middle than he had scooted close to me and laid his head on my shoulder while giving me a close up innocent smile that would have melted the North Pole. It definitely melted any resistance on my part. His partner, Mike, another beautiful eleven year old, with light brown hair and a cute smile, rolled up to my other shoulder to keep me interested and distracted. I hardly even realized that Bobby had slid down far enough to feel and rub the instant hard shaft still hidden by the white cotten briefs. Bobby knew full well what I wanted. He was curious to see and feel mine as well.

 He wasn’t shy. Once I had let him feel my dick, he lifted the waist band to take a look. I couldn’t tell what Bobby was doing without moving Mike to lift up and look down. I guess I didn’t really want to stop him, and I didn’t want to move Mike off my chest. I was content to let Bobby have a look. When he asked me to lift my hips, I knew why. He wanted my undies out of the way. The two of them already had me anyway. If any one came into the tent, they would have found me laying between two young boys - one was laying on my shoulder completely nude; the other had slid down and was playing with my hard shaft. My briefs had been removed. My clothes were neatly folded in a corner of the tent. Ready or not, I was now sexually involved with two angels. I had not raised one objection. Nor did I intend to. But I did turn out the light.

Once I had done that, I pulled Mike up far enough to take his little stiffy into my mouth. I bathed his dicklet and his tiny little balls. His moans and high pitched voice told me he was loving this. His partner Bobby was busy slowly stroking my dick, not the least bit aware that I was very close to blowing a huge load all over the two of us. I doubt Bobby knew to taste or suck on that big thingy. He was just having fun playing with it.

Mike suddenly tried to pull away from me. He whispered something about having to pee really bad. I held him tight and continued to lick and suck. He whined loudly and began to jerk and hump me. It lasted just a short while. Mike slowly calmed down. Then he slid down to lay on my chest resting. He looked at me asking what had just happened. He couldn’t wait to do that again.

Bobby had also been surprised. My dick had crossed the shoot off line and had shot it’s load all over my tummy and his hands. He had played with his thingy before, but not to orgasm. I explained to both of them about cum and orgasms. Then I sucked Bobby off. Even though he knew he was having an orgasm, he had a great one. He also couldn’t wait to do that again. The three of us spent the night in their tent, mostly just hugging and groping each other. They were sold on playing new games and loved sleeping together.

The tent next to us had heard Mike and Bobby making strange noises during the night. They knew what the noises were. David and Tommy had made some noises of their own. They had been in the troop just a little longer than Mike and Bobby. They had no idea I had spent the night with their new friends. They would find that out later.

I woke about daylight and went to slip back into my tent so I wouldn’t get caught in some one elses’s tent. As I neared my own tent, I paused in front of a big tree to relieve my bladder. I had just started to pee when I noticed a familiar teen step up next to me. Harlan, a fourteen year old sandy headed blond gave me a smile as he pulled his semi-hard four inch cut pecker out to join me. He asked if I had slept well. Harlan knew I had not been in my tent. He was on the dance team. We had fooled around before on teen camp outs. He knew I liked boys. So did he. Harlan was not only the Senior Patrol Leader in the troop, he was the popular stud, confident and very social. We got along great. He also knew not to press me about who I had just spent the night with. Instead, he headed back to his tent knowing he had let me know he saw which tent I had left.

Harlan’s move came at lunch. He asked if I could help him with a nature hike after the free swim after lunch. I had the feeling if Harlan was doing a nature hike, there was going to be something special. I was also aware Harlan knew I would like what ever was supposed to happen.

Harlan’s first surprise was subtle. We would be leaving the camp site right after swim. No need to change. Swim suits would be more comfortable. Tee shirts optional. It was warm. No one was shocked. We headed off into the woods to look for wildlife and plants familiar to this part of the country. There were three boys. One was Harlan’s friend, Gary. Gary was also fourteen and husky. He was the second surprise. Mike, the boy I had stayed with last night, was Gary’s little brother. The other two were David and Tommy, the boys who slept in the tent next to me last night. Coincidence? I had a very uneasy feeling about this hike. For some reason, I also had a slight erection. Not enough to notice (unless it was yours).

Harlan led us to a clearing about a mile from our camp. He had pointed out some trees and plants along the way. David and Tommy were working on their requirements for advancement. I was feeling less skeptical. Harlan was a good teacher, often asking me if I had noticed anything he had missed. (His hint that I was often staring at the speedos and butts of each of them went right over my head.)

The third surprise came quickly. It was anything but subtle. He walked to a downed tree that had uprooted during a storm and sat down on the trunk, spreading his legs as if to cool off and relax. Twelve year old David watched then suddenly knelt on the grass between Harlan’s legs. The legs rose for a moment. Harlan scooted his speedos off, laying them aside. David instantly leaned forward engulfing most of Harlan’s pecker as a hand grasped the balls. Harlan smiled at me as if this was part of his nature hike training. Although it was definitely a surprise, I should have guessed Harlan would do something like this. He was not shy.

I didn’t have much time to protest

Gary hesitated, but took off his speedos. He showed a well developed husky athletic body. After looking at me for my reaction, he sat down near Harlan on the tree. Tommy didn’t hesitate. He knew what he was supposed to do. If Gary was ready, he was supposed to kneel in front of him and please him. He did just that. He handled Gary’s dick gently pulling it toward him as he went down on it. Gary’s dick was not as long, but it was larger. Tommy had handled it before. He was a little bigger than David. Tommy and Gary seemed like a good match. All four were. Both David and Tommy knew what to do, and were more concerned with their duty than with my presence although David kept glancing back at me. I think he would have been smiling if his mouth was not full.

ME? I just stripped out of my speedos showing off my seven inch cut shaft and trying to look lost. I had the feeling something had not worked out right. I was the fifth guy in a four way love affair. I wanted to cut in, but this was Harlan’s show. I would wait.

The show had just begun. David and Tommy bobbed up and down on their assigned dicks. They didn’t stop until each of the two older boys arched up off the tree to blow their loads. When Harlan and Gary let go of the heads, David and Tommy sat back on their haunches accepting the praise being heaped on them.

By this time, I had found a place to sit on the tree’s trunk where I could slowly stroke and watch trying not to look disgruntled, but knowing no one was buying it. The way I was sitting back slowly stroking a hard stiff and trying to look disinterested told every one of them I had to be waiting my turn. The truth was that this was Harlan’s show. He wanted to be in charge.


Smiling at me as he let David stand, he motioned for me to take his place on the tree trunk. David watched as I took my place. He was definitely interested in the size and length of my dick. Not just curious, but interested. He seemed to know he was going to get a chance to suck it. Harlan moved him in place, still standing, but bent over between my legs. Harlan backed off telling David it was all his. That’s all it took. David lowered his mouth, licked and felt my dick and my balls, then slowly started lowering his face to engulf at least half my shaft to fill his mouth.


I was so fascinated with David, I paid little attention to Harlan or Gary and Tommy. Harlan had taken a tube out of his pack, and had greased up his dick which was once again straight. He handed the tube to Gary, who had just shot off his load in Tommy’s mouth. As Harlan moved into place behind David’s butt, Gary was moving to let Tommy bend over the tree offering his butt to Gary. Then the two of them paused to watch me, David, and Harlan. David flinched as Harlan held his buns apart and slowly slid his five inch slender dick deep inside him.


I could feel David pause and grunt a little as Harlan tried to gently enter him. I could tell it was not the first time. It also didn’t bother David. He was still doing a good job on my shaft, and when Harlan’s rhythm pushed him lower on the shaft, causing it to slip into his throat, David didn’t gag. He was doing such a terrific job, I knew I wasn’t going to last long. Despite myself, I was soon arching up to push my dick deep. I was trying not to because I knew it was growing bigger and my balls were drawing up tight. It wasn’t my choice anymore, but it was too soon. I wanted the feeling to last much longer. But alas! It was just not to be. It was a terrific climax. And felt like a huge load. David took all of it. Most went down his throat. Some he held back. I must have rammed his face four or five times. I’m pretty sure he shot off too. His small frame went into convulsions and shortly thereafter, Harlan was grunting strange sounds and ramming David’s rear. We had all erupted spilling our load. David had taken a load in both ends. Reluctantly, we backed off him.


Next to us, Gary was still at work with Tommy. Like most teens, he wasn’t yet gentle at making love. He held tightly to Tommy’s thighs and had him rocking back and forth rapidly as he used his butt. Still, it was evident that Tommy was in no pain, and had done this before with Gary. Both seemed a lot more concerned with their thing than with us.


But I was still not done. Nor was David. Backing off from me, David stood, smiled at me and positioned himself comfortably over the downed tree exposing his gorgeous bubble butt. At first, I moved away not aware of his intentions. Was he making the next move? Was he still not satisfied?


Harlan came to my aid. He told me David liked big ones. He wanted me to take him. David looked back at me, smiled, and nodded his approval. That’s all it took to bring my dick back up. Harlan handed me the lub. David didn’t need any. He was still open and greased from Harlan’s attack. I lubed up my shaft and moved into place behind him. David was a natural. He remained relaxed and even pushed back as I placed my weapon at his hole. He wanted it. He braced himself knowing it was going to stretch him wide open. Gary and Tommy paused to watch this. That didn’t bother David. He waited patiently as I pushed forward shoving the mushroom shaped head inside him. Once it was in, he pushed back to let me know he was ready and anxious to take me in. I paused briefly, then slowly slid inside him. Once all the way in, I held him close and worked him. David moaned and urged me to screw him. And screw him I did. I pulled back to the head, then plunged back in. I must have found the right spot because he would wiggle his butt back and forth to let me know he was doing his part. We were both in ecstacy. I think each of us loved what the other was doing to make this one special. When I came, it was fast and furious. There was no backing off or prolonging it. David wanted his reward. I did all I could to give him a really good one.


It was over way to soon. Neither of us wanted to quit, but I had just shot off twice in a short time. I was sweaty and exhausted. So was he. The two of us had put on a good show for Harlan, Gary and Tommy. I didn’t care. I gave David a long hug and a sloppy kiss he thoroughly enjoyed. Both of us promised the other we would do it again. Then we dressed and headed back to camp, chatting and teasing each other as if we were a family with no secrets from each other. Not one of us looked to be unhappy about what had just taken place. I admit I was completely amazed that a grownup had been included. And I was amazed that four boys had just ravaged each other openly.


Although we went our own way, it didn’t take long before I suspected other select boys had been advised of my recent activities. The bigger surprise was that none seemed to mind. Older boys took the time to share sex jokes with me when we were alone. At the camp pool, some of my boys openly joined me to undress and shower. They weren’t nearly as shy knowing I had taken part in a sex thing at camp. I’m sure my size was discussed. Harlan knew who to tell and who to keep out of the loop. There were at least another six boys who confided in Harlan’s judgement.


The two boys I had spent the night with the night before, Mike and Bobby wanted me to stay with them again. I don’t think any one had told them about my day time fun, but they knew I had other boys to watch over.


I joined them during evening activities while the campers were searching for twenty different items around the camp. When it started turning dark, we would sneak off into the woods to find a place where we could explore each other. I would pull one or the other off the trail and grope or grab. By the time the game was over, I had sucked both of them and had allowed them to suck on me as well. We didn’t go for orgasms as we wanted to share that in bed, but it was fun playing games among the trees and camp structures knowing there were others playing similar games around us. The camp game allowed the campers to scamper around camp looking for items on a list while playing secret games with your buddy. For many, it was a win-win game.


That night in the tent, we were pretty tuckered out, but not to tired to strip to our undies and plop down on the bedding to once again discover the fun places on our body we loved to play with, or have some one else do the honors. The undies soon disappeared. We were alone now in the dark. With a beautiful boy on each side of me, I could take turns holding, hugging, and loving - first one then the other. The boys were loving this game too. Each took his turn being held, hugged, and groped. After a while, I slid down far enough to lick and suck on some hard dicklets and balls causing them to take turns giggling and moaning in pleasure. Both were able to orgasm repeatedly without cumming. I think this amazed and amused them. They also took their turns, but I would stop them before they reached my climax zone. Finally, I let Bobby finish it off for me. They wanted to see me shoot off. All of us had become drowsy, and wanted to get some sleep. I knew there would be time for more later.



The next chance I had to play games with Mike and Bobby came just two weeks later when I was asked to teach first aid at another troop’s camp out. Being an EMT, I got such requests. I took Bobby and Mike along as scout first aid assistants. Their job was to play accident victums while I showed other scouts how to treat wounds.


Things went bad shortly after we arrived at camp. It had started to rain. It was both chilly and wet. As soon as the scouts got their tents up, they retreated inside them trying to warm up and stay dry. After a cold supper, the scouts, including me, Bobby, and Mike, pouted huddled together in our tent. Darkness came. The rain kept coming. The three of us sadly accepted the truth. We were going to turn in, and hope the morning would be different.


We stripped down, covered up and found some toys under cover to play with. We warmed up quickly and giggled, hugged, and played. Shortly after Mike had slid down and was busy playing with my favorite toy, the tent opened. A boy about the same age as Bobby and Mike stuck his head inside asking if he could come in. His tent mate was sleeping. He couldn’t sleep. He had heard us giggling and telling stories. He just wanted to join us till he got sleepy. It was still early at night. By the time I had invited him in, he was already beside me. He had noticed that Mike was under the cover. Bobby was silent, not knowing what to say. I had overlooked what Mike was doing. Mike had froze under the camp blanket, his mouth still wrapped around my dick.


Tyler, the new boy from another troop, wasn’t sure what Mike was doing, but had a good idea. Still, he was chilly, so he eased under the blanket to warm up. Feeling mike’s body, he whispered to Mike: “It’s all right if you’re playing with his thingy. I have played with my big brother’s.” Saying that, Tyler slid out of his wet briefs, laying them outside the blanket to dry. A surprised Mike did nothing at first. He just laid there. He had let go of my dick, but was still under the cover. Tyler had moved a little closer to both of us, probably to get warmer. Mike took it as a hint to play. He had started warming up Tyler’s balls and his dicklet by holding and rubbing them. Tyler smiled at me, then giggled. He was surprised, but had played that game before. He was loving it. He also moved a hand under the cover to find out if I was nude. His hand located my dick and my balls. Bobby had moved away from us not sure if he should take part in this change.


Mike went down on Tyler to get him involved in our play time. It was a good move. Tyler scooted under the cover and I felt his tongue licking my dick head. His lips covered the head and Tyler was demonstrating his ability to bob up and down on my shaft. He took maybe half. Mike had backed off him to let him do his thing. Mike turned to Bobby. They started playing with each other. I turned Tyler around so I could do him sixty nine style. He knew how to do that. We went at it. Tyler orgasmed, but was dry. Then he came up with another surprise. He turned around placing his hole at my disposal. He was cuddled up pushing back to let me know he wanted it. After lubbing his hole with lots of spit, I popped it in. Tyler grunted, but he was used to the pressure. Once I was in, he relaxed, pushed back, and allowed the shaft to enter. I took my time, let him get used to it, and then began to hump him. Soon I was on top of him. Tyler mumbled that he was warm now. He was also mine. I felt the load coming, and let him know. I plowed into him, held it in, and blew my first load. Several moves later, I had delivered. I rolled off Tyler, but held it in. Tyler was tired, but happy. He had orgasmed again, and he loved having that big monster filling him. All of us dozed off.


The next morning, it was still raining. The camp site was flooded. The scouts had put up a tarp to cook under. I managed to get a cup of coffee when Tyler got up, dressed, and asked the scout leader if he could get a cup of coffee for me. The leader gave Tyler a strange look. Tyler had just came from my tent. He wasn’t sure he had seen Tyler go in. And Tyler had not thought to explain how he had wound up in my tent. The leader decided not to question his suspicions, and instead asked if we were all right.


We joined the troop for breakfast at their request. I arranged to schedule the first aid training under the tarp later that morning. Bobby and Mike got a kick out of laying on a pad dressed as victums of various injuries.


Most of the day was spent in tents chatting and watching boys spread out on sleeping bags. The camp out had turned out to be a wash out.


That evening in our tent, bobby and Mike let me know they had seen me screw Tyler. They could not believe he had allowed that, but were equally confused that he seemed to like it. I explained that it felt good once you got used to it. I had not tried it with them because it could hurt if you were not ready.


That night, Mike decided he wanted to try it. I didn’t try to talk him out of it, but instead greased up my finger and worked him up until he felt all right with my two fingers inside him. Finally, I spread him on his stomach, slowly lowered my self in place with my dick head at his hole. It still took several attempts before I popped it inside him. It hurt even though he knew what to expect. We lay still for several minutes before I slowly pushed in further until I was in. Once he felt the pleasures provided by his prostate, he began to enjoy it. We spent most of the night together mostly because Mike didn’t want me to pull out. When I did finish him, I teased he was mine. He seemed to like that to my surprise. He wanted to know if he was as good as Tyler. Then he admitted he had felt jealous that Tyler had cut in on him. I calmed him by reminding him that I didn’t even know Tyler.


Mike and I met often after that. School had just let out, and Mike was able to meet with me claiming he was going to play with his friends. Instead, we went to my house where I had an office. There I taught Mike how to play fun games that we both loved. I taught Mike how to deep throat, give a great blow job, make it last as long as he wanted, and how to get humped in every position you can name. He and I accepted that I knew too many boys. He countered that by making it clear he was my favorite. He even got jealous of Bobby, his best friend. Bobby was good at tracking Mike down, and would join us just to be part of the fun. Mike resented sharing me. Bobby couldn’t believe him.


The next time we went camping was the troop’s week at summer camp. Our troop shared a camp site with another troop. Their troop didn’t have a leader who could stay with them all week, so I agreed to help out. There were about eight boys in their group. One was a gorgeous thirteen year old blond named Dale When Dale caught Mike, Bobby, and I playing sex games in the woods near the camp site one day, he joined in. He had fooled around some with a couple boys in his troop, but nothing like we did. He liked the games we played. By the end of the week, Dale was a regular player in our secret games. That meant he became a problem. Mike was not pleased that Dale wanted to continue the fun after summer camp, but that’s another story to be written later.


Mike and Bobby turned that summer camp visit into a really fun time for everybody in our group. They would sometimes get me in trouble by going too far in front of the other boys. They would play a tag game that had a rule that if you got tagged, you had to remain nude in the camp site until the tag game was over. This often meant that tagged boys got teased or even played with in the dark. Being nude became more common around camp. It was not unusual to see boys comparing size. Older boys would hold jerk off contests in the woods. Mike and Bobby goofed off in the shower. I had my problems trying to keep both of them out of trouble.


After summer camp, we continued seeing each other. I took Mike and Bobby on a fishing trip in the mountains. There, the two of them took turns playing sex games day and night. The games included the three of us. They started whenever we decided to play. Sometimes the play looked more like a contest. Mike became increasingly jealous of Bobby, who was more aggressive. Whenever Bobby would wind up playing with me without Mike, Mike would claim I liked Bobby more, and then get moody. I was loving making love with two beautiful boys, so I was probably guilty of his accusations, but would wind up defending myself.


Finally, I decided I wanted to keep on seeing Mike. If that meant I would have to stop seeing Bobby, I would stop. Bobby did not understand. Although we stopped seeing each other, Bobby blamed me. To my surprise, Bobby and Mike continued seeing each other secretly, but Mike also kept calling me. We met for years. Mike kept testing me to find out if I was seeing others without his knowledge. (I was.) Mike discovered I was still seeing Dale long after summer camp. I called it off to please Mike (who once again claimed he would forgive me). He had two gay boys call me to see if I would meet with them. (I did not.) Instead, I chewed Mike out. He shook it off, telling me he was just checking to see if I really liked him.


When Mike was seventeen, we talked about him dating girls. I had been seeing him for six years. That was the longest affair I had ever had. Even then, Mike asked why I did not find a woman. He did not want to end our affair, but wanted me to give up boys. He married two years later, but we remained friends. We had sex once or twice, but it was not the same. Both of us needed to go our own way. Today, Mike is still a friend. We meet for dinner and chat about our secret love affair. He claims he still does not regret it. He made a friend he still likes. He now has two children. I do not visit the family. The wife and children are off limits. Oddly enough, Mike’s best friend is still Bobby. He is also married with two children. They like to meet at the bar for a few drinks. Both are working men with families. I respect that.