Mom’s Tyrant Boyfriend

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Embee


Do I remember my first time? How the fuck could I not! I was eleven years-old years-old at the time, Josh was nine, when one summer day we decided to take all our clothes off in my garage giggling the whole time. Sex was not our objective, hell, the thought would never have occurred to either of us naive kids, we only got our kicks out of being naked together springing our boners up and down or shaking them from side to side, the extent of our daringness until we got caught by my mother’s live-in boyfriend, Alex. Not saying a word, Alex only turned and walked out of the garage.


So you’re probably thinking that my experience with Josh was hardly a first time sexual thing, I never insinuated it was my first time, that night when Alex came into my bedroom was! He was drunk as usual wearing only his underwear, normal attire for Alex watching sports and drinking beer.


I was tucked in trying to finish the last few pages of a Hardy Boys mystery novel. Closing my bedroom door behind him he said as more of a statement than a question,  “So ya like little boys, Bobby? “


Alex had never stepped foot in my bedroom before then, --I suspected it wasn’t to tuck me in and kiss my forehead good night. I took umbrage that he didn’t have a belt in his hand, that whipping was usually reserved for being bent over his knee, him sitting in the recliner chair so he didn’t have to get up. It didn’t take much to set the short-tempered man into a frenzy and beat on me or my mom, or both.


The previous winter I went to school with a black-eye and a fat-lip … Alex had really freaked out the night before. Questioned by my teacher and the principle, I lied and said it was caused hitting a tree when sleding. They mustn’t have believed me because Social Services came to our door that afternoon, Alex was on his best behaviour and my mother kept her mouth shut, again, I lied as to the cause of my injuries. However, Alex learned a lesson that day,-- and that was to avoid hitting me in the face from then on.


I was scared to death at his presence in my room thinking I was going to get some kind of physical punishment for being naked with Josh. “We were just … ya know … goofing around.” I replied not having a clue about what he meant by me liking little boys. The slight smile on Alex’s face threw me off, I wasn’t used to that look.


“You made him suck yer cock, didn’t you?” his eyes kind of brightened as did his smile. “That’s why you hang around all those younger boys, right?”



I did have a few younger boys as friends, they kind of looked up to me and I liked the feeling of control. I knew what a “cock” was, Alex often referred to sport’s figures as, “cock-suckers,” when he was angry at botched plays and especially teams he didn’t like.  I made the erroneous connection, --sport’s athletes sucked cocks! --But why?


“No, sir. I’ve never done that!” I tried to convince him. “They’re friends is all, I swear!”


It was clear that he didn’t believe me, I saw his fist clench and expression change fearing a beating. I watched his other hand inside his underwear that I’d seen so many times before, I had a feeling he wasn’t simply scratching himself. However, his demeanor soon switched back to being cordial, relieved that his hand unfurled and his thin smile returned. Nonetheless, the fact he was being kind of nice to me was unsettling in itself.


Alex sat down on my bed, his hand remained inside his underwear causing the material to flutter and his breathing seemed oddly intense. Alex removed the open book resting on my groin and tossed it to the floor, overwhelmed in fear was I when he lowered the covers down exposing my body.


Not a word was said, Alex only stared at my groin a few moments before his hand wandered over top on my underwear feeling my genitals. I wanted to escape but was much too afraid of the repercussions, Alex was calm and that was all that mattered even when his hand slid under the waistband.


It was my first time seeing a man’s privates, --it was huge gripped in his hand, the tip of it flared  above his thumb and index finger appearing wet and shiny. Alex looked at me and smiled. “See? I’m not mad that you and your friends mess around like this.” he whispered.


I didn’t bother to refute his comment, Alex was convinced of the contrary. I laid there quietly staring at him stroking his manhood, his hand gentle and warm on me felt good causing my cock to react to the strangely enjoyable feeling. Alex smiled again obviously pleased by my reaction as he held my boner tight stroking it like he was his own after my underwear were pulled off joining the book on the floor. Completely naked, I succumbed to the man’s will, even when he placed my hand on his penis I nervously cooperated fully finding it squishy and very warm appearing much larger, even impressive in my smaller hand. Alex was content and that was all that mattered.


I thought of my mother watching television probably wondering why I wasn’t crying out in pain from another beating behind the closed door of my bedroom. As long as there was peace in our home she wouldn’t even question Alex conspicuous presence in my room alone with me. She had endured much grief and pain from the man who came into our lives like a lamb and turned into a monster soon thereafter always making excuses for his tyranny while she nursed my wounds … and/or her own. “He’s a good provider,” she would say. “Alex has a lot of stress in his job, just stay out of his way when he’s drinking.”


Alex’s use of the term cock-sucker only  became clearer to me when he took my cock in his mouth, as weird as it was, it felt damn nice as well as his hand fondling my testicles. I concluded such a thing was normal behaviour and when he told me to sit on the edge of my bed standing between my legs rubbing his slimy cock applied over my lips, not without a great deal of apprehension did I give in when he became impatient and grasped my hair telling me to suck it.


I had only heard about sperm from older boys at school knowing it was what made babies. First hand, I saw the milky-white goop when Alex jerked off and came over my face and neck and tasted it when he shoved his cock back in my mouth to be sucked until it went limp.


“Yer a great little cock-sucker, kid.” he said ruffling my hair before pulling up his underwear and leaving my room.


I laid in bed jerking off having learned it was better than simply touching myself as I sometimes pleasured did when I had a boner, the taste of Alex lingered in my mouth as I finally fell asleep. The next morning appearing for breakfast my mom placed her hand over her mouth with an aghast look and told me to go wash my face. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and saw blotches of Alex’s dried cum on my face! I believe my mother knew then what he lover was doing in my bedroom the night before.


Alex cornered me before he went off to work. “Get yer little buddies into it for me, --or else!” he said sternly with a wink before walking out the door.


I was taken aback knowing full well what he meant and his implied threat. That day not only stripping naked in the garage with Josh, I included ten year-old Steven exercising my status of being older starting their education by sucking both boys as they stood side by side. Steven’s dick was remarkably long and chubby, almost as big at a hot-dog weiner that easily out did my own size, even his balls hung lower. I followed that up by having them suck me and then each other having laid out a stored sleeping bag for us. I was turned on by watching them do each other and jerked myself off with much added zest experiencing my first orgasm, although I didn’t know it at the time other than it was a strange feeling from head to toe that lasted only seconds.


That night Alex visited me closing the door and pulling off his underwear. He was already erect and forcibly lifted me from a prone position on the bed to sit on the edge once again. I blurted what I did with Josh and Steven earning me a broad smile and another ruffling of my hair.


“Good boy!” he remarked obviously pleased.

I just knew my efforts exceeded the previous night, --no hair pulling or threats. I took his full load of cum and swallowed it except for some that escaped from the sides of my mouth and drooled down by chin.


Pleased with myself for calming the beast, my victory was thwarted when I  heard him and my mother fighting. Although I couldn’t hear most of the argument, it was clear that she was upset.about him being in my room “molesting” me, I heard her accuse. The next morning mom had a fat lip and a dark bruise on her temple.


Alex apparently ignored my mother and visited me a third night carrying a jar of vaseline and not bothering to close the door behind him. It hurt like hell, I cried and screamed begging him to stop offering a blowjob to no avail, Alex was intent abusing my behind, me, learning another lesson to vulgarly impose on Josh and Steven..


A week went by, I sucked Alex off with vigor hoping he wouldn’t put it in my bum, Some nights he was satisfied with that and even sucking me. Harmony overtook our household by letting him abuse me bent over the bed, my night table and once with his strong arms holding me up against the wall in order to fuck me. He later instructed me to fuck Josh and Steven.


Josh and Steven each complied but complained I was hurting them. I appeased the situation by letting them fuck me … much easier than Alex took me although I was getting used to him and it was almost becoming enjoyable only after he was inside me and the pain subsided. “You’re my slut boy,” he called me having to look up ‘slut’ in the dictionary unsure I liked the pet-name he even used in front of my mother who he also debased by saying I was better in bed than she. A week hd gone by without violence other than fucking me harshly when he was in a foul mood. Mother never said a word even when Alex spent nights in my bed and not hers.


One morning over breakfast he suggested I invite Josh and Steven for a sleepover that night. I was no fool knowing his intentions, my mom was going out of town to visit her parents, curtailed by Alex was my going with her every other month as usual.


Reluctantly, I invited my friends for a sleepover. Alex was on his best behaviour being friendly while plying us kids with beer watching porn movies.I never knew he had, bisexual in nature involving teenage actors. Alex motioned me to kneel between his legs all planned in advance how I would ‘break the ice’ and initiate sex humiliated in front of Josh and Steven whom  I had already convinced earlier to strip to their underwear, Alex’s orders.

I first told Josh to join me. At first he only held Alex’s cock in his hand clearly uncertain until I pushed his head down followed by removing his underwear. Steven didn’t have to be told, my stare at him was all it took for him to strip,, Alex leaned and took Steven’s big cock in his mouth while I sat back enjoying the view of my friends first sexul experience and thes elfish fact that Alex was leaving me alone only having to go to his bedroom as an observer while he fucked Josh who’s mouth I covered to silence his loud complaints and wiped his tears with the bedsheet, meanwhile Steven sat on Josh’s back hopefully enjoying Alex’s mouth on his rather mature cock.


Alex continued to sexually use me long after that night, Alex and Josh kept their distance from my house although we continued to fool around. Months later, Alex was sucking me off when suddenly he carried me to his and mom’s bedroom. I’d rather not divulge the details of what he forced mother and son to do. Alex was killed in a car accident the very next day. I spat on his coffin while others placed flowers afterward being reprimanded by the officiating priest, Young Father McNulty, our priest whom mother and I attended every Sunday, instructed me to attend confession and repent.


I went to our church the next day and confessed my sins. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned by spitting on the prick’s grave!” I stubbornly said.


“Why did you dislike the man so much to do such a sacrilegious act?” he asked hidden only by a small opening between us in separate ‘closets’ that I had been in many times confessing expected sins I never did only to appease whatever priest was listening.


“Tell me what he did to you to deserve this desecration upon him after death!” he said harshly.


“He forced me into sex with him and made me fuck my mother, Father!” I said with scorn and deliberate intent to shock the Holy Man.


“Did you enjoy the inscentous sex with your mother?” he asked not in a concerned way, it was more in an overly interested way.


I hesitate thinking it a strange question and replied honestly hoping to shock him, “Yes Father.” However, I wasn’t about to tell him the consensual incest continued even though Alex was no longer living.


Yes, I had loving sex with my mother thereafter and shortly afterward included Steven to please her and me with his man-size cock! I ruled the household once the bastard had died, my mother only needing a man that she found in me and Steven uncaring that we were doing each other. My mother was warped, I admit it today, but used her especially as I got older sleeping in her bed every night.

 “Did you enjoy it with your stepfather?” he strangely asked.


“Yup, --I loved sucking his cock!” I replied ever so cocky and aloof hoping to shock the Man of the Cloth, a religion I had no use for forced upon me attending a Catholic school and church.


My penance was being taken to Father Mcnulty’s room in the Rectory where I got on my knees shrouded under his vestments and repented my sinful ways, --a story for another time. I liked sucking cock and as fate would have it, I accidently discovered a park men frequented for anonymous sex finding myself a regular visitor and rather popular among the men. Josh, Steven, and I got it on well into our teens, however, I liked men most of all!




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