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Chapter 2


The boy sat on my bed as i slept, he didn't know i was awake. I was startled by his touch, he snaked his cute little hand over my sheet. i was rock hard. He grabbed my cock and started to rub me through the sheet i couldn't believe it!!! Wait why was there a boy in my house? where's my wife!!

I awoke in a sweat it was a dream. It was the same damn dream for weeks i reached for my wife. she was asleep soundly. I love my wife. I must be broken i have a family and im having theses evil dreams. I got up and went into my study it wasn't even 2 am. I got out my bible and started to pray to god to wash me of these unclean dreams and feelings. Every time i closed my eyes i got images of him. He was always lying naked legs spread dick hard calling to me.

“Jim jim come take me jim”

. I wanted him so bad,i didn't even know who he was but i wanted him more than anything i've ever wanted. no!! I can't have these desires i have 2 young boys and an older one and a wife.i have a family i can't destroy it all by giving in! I got up and carefully put my bible in my desk. I snuck over to my oldest sons bedroom he just turned 17  years old.

I peaked in without turning on a light, i could see him, he was in his bed sleeping i almost went in when i saw movement under his sheets he was ever so slowly jerking himself. I had half a mind to go in and help him. He was really enjoying it his chest was exposed i was able to see his tight abs with the moonlight creeping in, he was so sexy. My cock was hard and dripping with precum in my breifs.i had to get away i was afraid to cum right there and then.

I walked to my younger sons room he was the middle child he was only 11 but he was beautiful every girl in his school was smitten with him, i used to call him daddy's little player but he gets mad when i say that now. I peeked into his room he was asleep, i creeped in and stood near his bed. I carefully pulled his sheet down i did this every so often so i could see him, i know it was wrong but i always figured i could just go to confession at next mass

When i removed his covers he didn't stir i wanted to get his boxers off too but my hands were far too shaky to do that. i Pulled out my cock and started to stroke it over him, i bent over and kissed him on the lips. He was my sleeping beauty. as i was ready to come his eyes flew open my heart froze and then it dropped to my stomach, even with my heart playing pool with my stomach i still shot a load of cum all over his face and chest. he looked at me then down at my cock, he had this look of terror and fear and so did i. I bolted from the room i didn't even bother to pull up my boxers.

The rest of the night i tossed and turned wishing i hadn't gone into his room. Now i was in trouble what if he told his teachers.i can only imagine how that would go. Then i would be carted off to prison and spent the rest of my days behind bars. I have to go to confession before that happens or else i'll die a sinner. Oh god what have i done.

The next morning was tense i was sitting at the table sipping my coffee. When my second oldest skyler came in he sat down in a chair right beside me. My wife wasn't up yet so it was a little awkward not having someone to buffer the mood.

I looked at him and pointed to a splotch of cum on his face and he wiped it off nonchalantly and asked

“Are you a child molester”

I just about choked on my coffee when he asked me that. He knew what child molesters did to some children because we had a talk with him about stranger danger when a neighbor hood boy went missing last year. He looked at me as i caught my breath.

“Please don't tell”

I whispered it, i knew how wrong it was to ask him to keep a secret but he just looked at me with those delicious blue eyes and said

“Dad i don't blame you i'm irresistible”

 he said the last part with a big shit eating grin on his face. He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips i wasn't expecting him to slip his tongue in but he did. i kissed him back and slipped my tongue in his mouth my cock was at full mast and was tenting my dress pants. I reached over and touched my sons crotch he was hard. we were interupted by my oldest son charlie he cleared his throat loudly me and skyler jump apart so fast i almost fell from my chair. Charlie gave me a disgusted expression but didn't say anything else he just went to the kitchen and made toast. While he was making toast things got awkward real fast. Charlie kept looking at me and then at skyler then back at me. Skyler had his head down in shame. When charlie's toast popped up he buttered it and headed to his room.

As he walked away he said

“Dad don't worry i won't tell anyone i saw anything i just want you to know if you touch me i'll kill you”

And he would he had some prior offences and was in juvie for 3 years after the boys bio mom died the younger boys like there new and shiny mom but he hates both of us still. I was the one who made the 911 call when i found him cleaning blood from his shirt so i've been the brunt of his anger for a long time.

I sat and drank my coffee while skyler made himself a bowl of cereal. His little brother joey came down the stairs in his superman underwear and climbed on my lap. I gave him a kiss on the lips and rubbed his bare back. He cuddled into my chest. So i picked him up and sat with him on the couch skyler sat beside me and put his hand on my lap, i grabbed his hand and made him massage my hard steel rod. His eyes widened and he looked at me.

“Dad” he whispered “ is it supposed to be that hard?”

He asked with a look of awe on his face i nodded my head thank god joey was asleep in my arms. Skyler started to reach for my zipper but i stopped him.

“No not right now ill let you later now go get dressed mass is in 1 hour and i dont want to be late again”

He frowned but ran off to his bedroom i move joey off my lap and sat him on the couch he didn't stir so i placed my hand between his legs and felt his sac it was so small but cute. I gently rubbed him  he moaned a little so i stopped he didn't move. As i continued i became aware of my son stand there skyler was dressed except he had his pants and boxers down and he was stroking his 3 inch nail. When he saw that i had seen him he waddled over with is pants at his feet and stood in front of me

“Daddy can you rub me too” he whispered as to not wake his little brother

I grabbed his cock with my right hand and grabbed joey's with my left and started to gently rub them both. joey's little 2 inch cocklet was hard in seconds he moaned in his sleep as i stroked him through his underwear. Skyler had his eyes closed and his head tilted back i got up the courage to put him in my mouth. I Engulfed his cock in my mouth and started sucking and lickeing him he let out a loud moan joey was still asleep but i had guessed he was faking it when he pretended to sleep talk and call my name

“Daddy i'm going to pee”

I started to suck harder i grabbed his butt cheek and held him so he couldn't get away he screamed out but i covered his mouth before anyone heard i felt his cock pulsed in my mouth but he had no cum yet. So i figured this was his first dry orgasme. I pulled off him and ran my toung from his taint to his head he giggled and said

“Hey that tickles”

Joey sat up “ what about me daddy”

I loved the look on his face like he had been left out of an important game of red rover.

“Go get dressed and ill do you in your room” i was getting scared that my wife would be up soon so i wanted to do him in his own room. He ran off up the stairs to his room. I looked at skyler he had a guilty look on his face as he zipped his pants up.

“Dad are we going to hell?” he had a look on his face like he was about to cry. What have i done? I scared my son for life.

“No honey you did nothing wrong we are going to mass soon ill ask father eric for forgiveness and god will forgive us both. Ok?” he nodded his head

“Can i play grand theft auto before mass”

“ ya ok that's fine”

Great lets add mass murder to the list

He ran over to the ps4 and turned it on i watched his back as he slouched over on the floor and watched the start up screen on our big 52 inch tv

I got up and quietly ran up the stairs.i peeked into joey's room i just about jumped out of my skin when charlie cleared his throat

“Excuse me i need past” i opened joey's door and slipped in i heard charlie cuss out

‘Fucking pedo” he started to mumble more but i didnt hear what he said as he descended the stairs. I Turned around and saw joey he was lying down on his bed with his dress shoes on but he had nothing else on, my cock jumped to attention when i saw he had his belt on around his bare waist i almost came there and then he had his tie on too!!

He smiled and said “am i dressed alright?” he looked at me in  a innocent way like there was nothing wrong with this pic. I reached over and locked his door. I came over to his bed and bent over to lick the tip of his 10 year old cocklet. He shivered as i reached under him and put a finger to his hole his butt clenched and he looked a little scared as i lubed my finger with spit and slipped my finger in him to the first knuckle. He moaned.

“Daddy please that hurts!!”

“Its ok baby i wouldn't do anything to hurt you the pain will subside” i put his cocklet in my mouth and rubbed his sac to distract him as i slipped my finger deeper into him. He moaned a little too loud so i put my fingers in his mouth with my other hand. He gagged a little as i deep throated him with my two middle fingers. He coughed and sputtered but he didn't try to stop me i sucked on him as i fingered his mouth and ass he was moaning and sucking like a little professional. i had suspected that he and sky did stuff but i had no proof.

He started to squirm. So i started to suck and finger fuck him harder i turned my finger around looking for his little walnut prostate bump when i found it he arched his back off the bed and let out a muffled squeal around my fingers i felt his cock start to pulse then he shot i small load in my mouth i couldn't believe he had hit puberty before his older brother i pulled off him and sat up my finger made a satisfying plop sound as i pulled it out of him. I pulled my fingers from his mouth and placed the finger that i used on his ass in his mouth so he could taste his ass juice after i spit in his mouth so he could taste some cum too,he looked at me and said

“Thank you daddy. Oh! And don't worry i won't tell anyone.” he gave me cute little half smile

I held the rest of his boy juice in my mouth and savored it. “Get dressed for real now we are going to be late.”

I stepped out of his room. I almost had a heart attack my wife was outside his room

She gave me a look and kissed me

“I'm going back to bed i just wanted to see you before you left”

My wife isn't catholic she was raised christian so she goes to a different church than me and the boys

As we drove in the car i kept getting looks from charlie but he and i had an agreement that i would do as i please and he would do the same, so he never bothered me about anything i did he just silently judges. Just like his mother god rest her sole.

Service was nice the preacher made some good point on how the devil will trick you into thinking your sins are fine as long as you don't think about it. I realized that's just what he was doing to me he was clouding my mind and convincing me to let my children do stuff with me i had to cleanse myself of his evil i have to try harder to resist. After mass i went to the confessional booth.

“Bless me father for i have sinned it has been two weeks since my last confession”

“Tell me of your sins my son”

I looked at father eric who i've known for years

“I had sexual relations with my 2 sons joey and skyler i feel horrible for what i have done and i wish it to never happen again i am sorry for these and all of my sins”

The father looked at me with astonishment. I definitely caught him off guard. He blinked a few times then got his composer back

He crossed himself and placed his hand on my head

“Say this prayer with me my son”

“Please god keep the devil from my door step and wash me of these sins amen”

He looked at me differently and said

“You are  absolved of your sins”

On the drive home i had no more nasty thoughts

My son charlie looked at me and said in a disgusted tone “you really think that god has forgiven you?”

I flipped him off and continued to drive. We stopped for mexican cause kids eat free. When we got home my wife was out which meant she was at her own church then probably at some pot luck afterwards i. Whent to my room and laid down for a while when i woke up my sons were in my room skyler had joey on all fours with a collar on it was quit cut. Skyler looked at me and asked

“Do you wanna play with my dog” my cock jump at the prospect of making my sons do stuff for my pleasure but i just was forgiven i have to make it at least until next mass.

“Sorry daddy's tired ill maybe play later ok?” my sons looked like they were just struck down but not destroyed

I went back to sleep until my wife came home she was making dinner when i came in

“Hey honey did you sleep well?” she came over and ran her fingers down my chest

“Yeah baby and i had this sexy dream about you”

Which was of course a lie i had had the same damn dream again like always. We had a lovely dinner it was hard to talk to my wife cause the boys were being rowdy but we were going to have plenty time to “talk” once the boys were in bed

It was around 10 when i got alone time with my wife. She put on this school girl outfit i liked i wasn't hard i couldn't figure out why when she saw my limp cock she put it in her mouth and started to suck i couldn't get hard she looked at me with an offended look

“Whats wrong with it?” i got embarrassed and sat up

“Nothing its just work i have to go work on a report that's due tomorrow” i lied as i got up and made my way out the hall way

“Don't bother coming back” she said as i heard the door lock. I walked into joey's room to watch him sleep my cock hardened as i ran my hand over his butt he was sleeping on his tummy.i Pulled the blanket down and he was naked. I gently rubbed his taint and hole with one finger he opened his eyes and looked at me i put my other finger to his lips to shush him

I put my two index fingers in his mouth and climbed on him he looked back at me in panic

“Its ok ill go slow baby”

I can't believe the nite of mass and i am already a born again sinner, but was this really sin this was love in my eyes right?

I positioned myself and pulled his ass up i took my fingers out of his mouth. I put my cock at his hole and spit down on my cock

“Ill go slow ok baby” he started to whimper. I pushed slowly into him he started to scream out but i quickly shoved my fingers down his throat he sputtered a little as i shoved them further down his throat he gaged hard i got hornyer as i herd that beutifal noise. I pushed half of my cock into him. He started to sob around my hand i pulled out and removed my fingers from his mouth

“Are you ok baby?”

He sniffled and said in a wavy voice “ i'm fi-fine i- i wan-n-na please you d-d-d-daddy “ when i heard that my heart broke in two

“How about you polish daddy's cock” he sat up and put is mouth on my cock without even hesitating he was eager to please me he got a quarter of my 7 inch cock in his mouth before he started to gag. I thrust up into him and until i felt the back of his throat on my cock. He gagged and coughed but he didn't try to pull away. Pull out of him and shoved it back he coughed and sputtered when i pulled him back he gasped for air snot was running down his nose and he had tears streaking down his face but he still gave me a shit eating grin like he was having the time of his life. I shoved my cock back down his throat i started face fucking him hard he made a gagging noise everytime i hit the back of his throat as i began getting ready to cum i pulled out and jerked in his face. He closed his eyes and mouth as the first load sprayed his face i came even harder as i watched as each load slid down his face and fell on his chest and tummy and i watched it splatter his hair and some of it shot up his nose.

After i was spent i layed down on his bed joey lay  beside me.i was going to tell him to clean up but he looked so happy to be covered in his daddy's pleasure i let him fall asleep with his head between my legs he slowly suckled my limp cock as he fell into a deep sleep i went to sleep after sampling my own cum it tasted good coming from his hair!!!

End of chapter 2

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