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Chapter 4

I'm not a monster

Jim's story

I awoke with a giant hangover it felt like a rino mistook me for competitor. I was in a strange place. The hospital room confused me i couldn't figure out how i got here did someone drive me. I hope i didn't drive myself!!! Maybe i got a cab?. It was late at night everything was quiet. All i remember is falling back to dreamland the warm touch of that boy. Him the one in my dream.was real


15 hours earlier


 I woke up drowsy my watch was beeping to remind me of work. My son was still suckleing my cock as he sucked on me i started to grow in his mouth, he started to wake when my cock affected his breathing. He squinted up then at me like he forgot i was with him last night.

“Good morning daddy”

He sat up and put his hand around my cock. He squeezed it softly. His face was crusty with my dy cum.

“Daddy do you want to make you happy before work?”

He looked at me with a hesitant stare. I got up and stood in front of him,i put my cock up to his lips. He licked my head and gently massaged it with his lips.

“Take it all for daddy ok”

He looked at me with another look that i couldn't quite pin point. When he didn't do it right away i got a little short with him.

“Hey ya gonna make me happy or what”

He had a hurt look on his face, i wish i had not snapped on him. He started to take me so i quickly thrusted into his mouth he gagged a little but didn't stop me as i grabbed his head and forcibly throat fucked him i was a little rougher than last night and didn't realize he was sobbing until i shot my first load into his face the second i aimed at his chest i finished the rest on his face. He sat down on the bed and started to cry my cum and his tears mixed and fell off his face and dripped down his chest.

“ i'm sorry did daddy hurt you”

He looked at me with his cum and tear streaked face. He didn't say anything so i gave him a hug..

“If you don't want to make daddy happy then you don't have to”

“I-i-im afraid y-y-y-you won't love me i-i-if i stop”

That broke my heart i can't believe i started this with my little kids they don't know the difference between love and sex. Oh my god what have i done

“Honey daddy will always love you no matter what if you wanna stop doing things with daddy then just say so no go take a shower and don't let anyone see you with cum on your face”

He got up and ran from the room i felt so stupid for thinking i could get away with sexualy abuseing my son. But its this monster in me i don't know if i'll be able to stop it

When i went to my own room the door was still locked so i went to my emergence clothes stash before i went to work i peaked into joey's shower he looked at me and turned the water off

“Daddy just wanted to tell you that you can never tell anyone about this or daddy could get into a lot of trouble with the police”

He looked at me like he was about to cry.

“Is what we did bad?”

“No baby it's just that some people wont understand how much i love you so can you keep this secret?”

He nodded i leaned in and gave him a long kiss he opened his mouth a little and let my tongue in we frenched i started to touch his cocklet he pulled away and said

“No daddy” then i heard charlie clear his throat again. Damn i swear he was a ninja in a past life i turned around and he was standing there looking annoyed/ irritated with me.

“You still driving me to school”

Before i could give him my answer he was gone he might as well throw down a smoke bomb cause i glanced back at joey and winked then charlie vanished. When i got to the care he was leaning on the hood and smoking.

“ i wish you would stop smoking”

He glared at me and said in a slightly louder tone than i would have liked

“ i wish you would stop molestinging my little brothers”

After i heard him say that i glanced around the lawn looking to see if anyone heard luckily it was early so no one was around.

“Get your fucking ass in the car now”

He went to the car door and hopped in. when we were driving he kept looking at me.


“ you know this can't end well. I'm not going to say anything as long as you don't hurt them. But someone will find out. Then your ass is going to lose everything and be in jail for longer than i was”

His comment rattled me a little what happens if i did get caught would i run? The mexico border isn't far from here.  Could i skip town? I don't know what i would do i don't wanna hurt my kids but the monster in me wants them bad. I feel like i have an itch i can't scratch.

I pulled into the school parking lot he got out and ran to the building. I tried to go to work but i only got as far as sitting in the car at the parking lot. I'm so mad at myself why would i be so stupid as to give in to my ungodly desires. I'm a horrible person and i don't think i deserve forgiveness from anyone especially the lord almighty. I yelled out

“WHY WHY god would you curse me with the devils handy work” i started to beat on the horn my car made a loud series of honks in the parking lot. I leaned my head on the steering wheel i heard a tap tap tap on my window it was my boss oh great i rolled down the window and wiped the tears from my face.

“What's the matter jim you ok?”

“Im f-f-f-fine charlet”

“Having a bad morning why don't you take the day off you work to hard”

She walked away before i could tell her no.

I drove around for a bit and found myself in a bar i've never drank except once in college where i woke up in a dumpster can that was the worst. When i got inside there was no one there the bartender looked at me funny when i sat at the bar and ordered a pint of whatever was on tap.

“Dude some pretty fucked up shit must have happened to you if you're drinking at 8 30 in the morning.”

He still poured me a pint. I drank until noon when the bartender cut me off.

“Dude yer going to kill yourself go get something to eat and come back later “

I stumbled into the back alley and across a small parking lot. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw a man and a young boy walk to a door and enter. The boy had almost nothing on just a harness that covered his boy hood . he had a collar on and dog tags. And a leash that the man was pulling him with. Lucky for the secret door it was hidden well so no one could see you with a boy even if they were looking i approached the door and saw it had a key pad. I didn't have a key code so i left. I walked around town for hours looking in shops and getting run off by store owners

“Get the hell away from my shop you worthless drunk”

And you know what i am worthless what kind of man is attracted to innocent boys and gives into his desires. When did i stray from the word of the lord. when did i become this thing. this monster!!!

 i came across a beggar boy i didn't even know they existed, i always figured that beggar boys were only in movies and dumb unrealistic erotic stories i read online but there one was. i felt the monster in me scratch its way to the surface i had to get out of there. he looked at me with these cute puppy dog eyes he had blue eyes and blond hair i don't know how but he was the kid from my dream. i was still a little loopy but i figured i was ok to drive i walked back to my car and by then i was level headed. I tried to drive back home but somehow the monster reached out of my chest and steered me back to the boy i made 5 circles around the block before i stopped right there by the kid.

It was around 6pm by then.

“Hey kid ya wanna make 200 bucks”

He looked at me with awe

“Yes sir”

“Get in”

By this point the monster was in control i couldn't take it anymore i've been battling this way to long i figured  i already did my kids why not some random kid no one would know

As we drove i reached over and grabbed the kid's leg and rubbed his thigh he looked at me with such surprise and fear i almost came right there and then.

“What did you think i was paying you 200 for?”

He shrugged. I stopped at the alcohol store and got some vodka. I drove a motel and got a room. The boy sat on the bed while i took a piss. I handed him the vodka he looked at me with a questioning look.

“Dink it or else no pay”

He looked at me then at the vodka he opened it and took a sip

“Drink more”

He sipped a little. I got annoyed and tilted the bottle back he sputtered and choked a little i made him drink more i didn't want him to remember this, i didn't want to remember i took the bottle and chugged the rest.

“Take off your pants”

He did as i said with no question he looked scared but i was too drunk to see it in his eyes. I made him lay down on his back as i reached into his boxers and felt his cock, he may have been scared but he was harder than i was. I slowly jacked him off he laid his head back and moaned. I rubbed his smooth ball sac and bent down to lick under his balls. When i did that he let out a gasp.

“Please keep licking me there”

I licked under his sack and over his taint he moaned as i lifted him up and and kisses his little brown hole. He let out a whimper as i snaked my tongue into his tight ass.i got up and reached for the second bottle of vodka i drank a little more and made the boy drink a lot of it. He was wasted and so was i. I put my cock at his entrance and gently pushed into him he cringed in pain when i buried my cock in him i pulled out and thrusted into him he fell asleep right there and then. I continued to fuck his unconscious body. I stopped and realized what i've done. I let the devil himself poison my mind. I let him take over i gave in i don't deserve to live. i got up and stumbled to the bathroom. And looked at the monster in me come out it looked me in the face and scared me. I had to get out of there i put the 200 on the boy's naked chest and left i took the booze too i stumbled around the city and found myself in the secret ally i finished off the vodka as i weaved between cars i could barely walk when i ran into someone's car and fell and bumped my head all i remember is someone picking me up.

After awoke the next morning there was an unfamiliar face sitting by my hospital bed. Some guy was in my room!!

“Who are you”

“I'm paul. tony's buddy”

Tony that's my wife's friend's husband. What were they doing in that back alleyway near that secret door? No . no way is tony like me? Impossible he was outraged when a kid was molested in the local park.he said child touchers should be hanged . then why was he in that alley.maybe he was at a bar like me. Ya thats got to be it

“Hey jim i lost ya there for a moment you day dreaming?”

“No who are you again”

“I'm paul tony's friend you want some water”

He reached over and poured me a glass of water. I took it from him and drank

“Hey jim did you see anything in that parking lot we found you in”

He seemed menacing the man kind of scared me he had this look a look i recognized it's like he was the monster in me come to life. He gave me a smirk.

“If you did see anything you best not tell anyone. Or something might happen to those beautiful sons ya got” he stood and took my glass and smashed it on the wall. the nurse came in with a panicked look on her face. Paul gave me a wink and said.

“Jim's getting a little angry i think he's trying to use the shards to hurt himself you should put him on suicide watch”

Before i could protest i had a needle in my arm and an orderly holding me down. The last thing i saw was paul with a smug look on his face then i was out.

End of chapter 4


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