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Chapter 5



I sat and watched jim sleep. He looked so peaceful in his drunken stupor. He moaned a little. Im afraid he might have seen me and tony walk out of that child bar, if he did there's no way he could have known right? He was probably just wandering around drunk as a skunk. That had to be it. Just in case ill make sure he doesn't say a thing. Ill need to find a way to get him on the suicide watch list he'll be in here for at least a week, that'll give me time too.

He moaned and opened his eyes he looked at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“Who are you?”

He asked me in a cracked voice.

“I'm paul, tony's buddy”

He looked at me in confusion the room got quiet and awkward fast. He had this far away look like he was thinking. I snapped my fingers but nothing happend. Oh no i think i broke his brain!!!

He suddenly lost the faraway look.

“Hey jim i lost ya there for a moment you day dreaming?”

He shook his head

“No. who are you again?”

“I'm paul. Tony's friend you want some water”

As i reached for the glass pitcher i had an idea.i poured him a glass of water he took it and drank like he just came home from a trip to the desert.

I looked at him with a serious face.

“Hey jim did you see anything in that parking lot we found you in.”

He got this wide eye expression. He was scared i could smell it, he smelled just like when my boy apple sees me enter his room. I love that smell.i crave that smell.

I smirked a little to let him know i was on to him and to me he wasn't a threat.

“If you did see anything you best not tell anyone. Or something might happen to those beautiful sons ya got”

I grabbed his glass from him and smashed it against the wall. The nurse immediately ran in the room.

“Jim's getting a little angry i think he's trying to use the shards to hurt himself you should put him on suicide watch”

I winked at him as i left the room, he he have fun with group circles for the next week. The nurse tried to question me but i told her to fuck off as i left.

I drove around for a bit before i went home, i took a day off telling my boss there was a family emergency. When i got home no one was there my kids wouldn't be home till 2 pm so i was stuck here alone until they get home. I opened my laptop and searched for jim singade. I got two hits i'll go check them out after my boy apple gets home from school daddy needs a snack.

The front door opened a little after 2. In walked apple he had on the cutest shorts that ride up his thigh and a tank top. I got up to meet him at the door but his brother came in after. He looked at me in a defencive way.

“Go play your xbox apple”

Apple slipped past me i smacked his ass as he brushed by. He had the best little buble but. Jr balled his fists.

“Don't touch him”

I was astonished that the boy was so stubborn he got that from his mother damn bitch was always trouble now i had to deal with a stubborn teen witch was apparently working out cause he was almost as big as me i can't control him for much longer. I looked at him with anger.

“Or what your going to get your ass kicked again”

Oh yay now i'm just poking the bear i hate this kid.

He got in my face and said

“You can mess with me all you want butt don't ever touch him again he doesn't deserve this”

I smirked in his face. I grabbed his arm and led him to my room he didnt struggle when i shoved him on my bed. I reached for his belt and unbuckled it.

“Bend over the bed and pull down your pants you have been a naughty naughty boy”

He did as he was told. I took his belt and whipped him over his ass with the buckle end just like my daddy did when i taked back.

He let out a yell and then it was like all the air was gone cause he didn't make a noise until the second whip. i grabbed a sock and put it in his mouth i hit him 3 more times. He was sobbing like a little boy. It reminded me of when he was a boy and i would beat him to keep him in line. I miss that little boy. I sat beside him and pulled him into my chest he sobbed into me. I gently kissed him on his head and whisperd

“You can watch i promise i won't hurt apple i just want to suck him off”

“No you can suck me” he looked at me with a serious look as tears ran down his face.

“I don't want you i want him” i got up in anger and took the belt i whipped him 3 more times he had welts everywhere now. He was sobbing and sputtering he had his arms covering his head as i continued to whip him.

“Daddy please ill do anything you want just please stop”

“You want me to stop! Let me have apple and then ill stop!!”

“Daddy ill let you suck him but thats it ill be there to watch”

He promised and continued to sob. I dropped the belt.

“It's a date then. Daddys got to run some errands but i'll be back. Watch your brother till i till then”

He continued to sob quietly as i printed out the two locations i researched.

“Hey jr man up my daddy would have whipped you harder and longer than i did he's probably turning in his grave cause i didn't even make you bleed.”

I got to the car when i saw the patrol car cruze up my driveway. Dammit just what i fucking need cops!! The officers got out of there car. The first one who was driving had a mustache and looked like he has been on the job forever his partner looked like a rookie great just what i needed a cop who can read my bullshit. He approached me while the rookie started to look around my house.

“After noon officer can i help you”

“Yeah we got a call about a domestic dispute one of your neighbours reported screaming coming from your house”

“I'm sorry officer i'm not aware of any screaming.”

“Is anyone home sir” his rookie partner asked with a little nervousness.

“Yeah just my two sons”

“Can we speak with them” just then my son came out of the house he had a hoodie on covering the belt marks on his arms. “Hey dad what's happening?”

He said in an oddly cheerful tone.

The older cop cleared his throat and said

“Son is everything alright here at home”

My son didn't skip a beat, he immediately shot back

“Yeah why wouldn't it be my daddy's the best”

He leaned over and gave me a sideways hug.

The cop looked suspiciously at me then at my son

“Well son you tell me if there's ever an issue i'll personally take care of it”

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a card and handed it to my son.

“You folks have a nice day then” the officers got back in there car and slowly backed out of the drive way.

I looked over at my son and let out my breath.

“Thanks you saved my ass. How did you get so good at lying”

He lost his fake cheerful voice

“It takes a lot of work to explain away every bump and bruise you come to school with” he went back into the house. I glared over at the neighbor's house and saw him watching from the window. I put my papers in my car and marched over to his door. He opened it before i even knocked.

“Did you call the fucking cops on me”

“Yeah i did i know you were hitting that boy. You need to cut your shit before you hurt anyone else”

“How i discipline my child is my business and none of yours”

He looked at me in anger.

“You call beating them discipline i had a dad just like you and he got what was coming for him as will you”

I walked away in anger. He yelled at me as i drove off.

“choo choo that's the train coming better move out of the way before you get hit”

I flipped him off as i drove down the driveway, i've always hated that guy. I wish i had the money to buy some land then i could discipline my children how ever i like, with no “concerned neighbors” trying to get in my way.

As i'm driving to the first possible location. I start to enter a bad neighborhood. There were gang bangers on every corner and street.

“There's no way jim lives here”

I turned around to go to the next location, i was getting uneasy around so many damn nigers it disscusts me how many of them are allowed to run around free like wild animals.

I found the next location pretty easy it was in a nice respectable white neighborhood.

I stopped to stake out the house i wanted to get the family's schedule down before i check this guy out. I figured that the children are at school but the wife was still home. Her husband is in the hospital and she's at home? I sat for a few hours before anything happened, around noon. She walk out of her house and locked it then she got in her car and drove off. I got out of my car and snuck up to the house. The house was surprisingly nice. I don't know what jim does for a living but i want in. i walked quietly to the back yard. Jim had a swimming pool and a hot tub and a little building that i think was a sweat lodge. This guy had to be loaded or at least well off. I snuck to the back door it was unlocked. I guess someone forgot to lock it. I opened it slowly, inside there was a dining room table with a chandelier hanging over the table. The kitchen was massive with 8 burners and 2 sinks and a full pantry of food i snuck up the stairs. The first bedroom to the left of the top of the stairs was a young boys room i could tell by the superman sheets i looked in his dirty laundry and found a cute pair of superman undies.i put them in my pocket for later. I checked under the bed there was a towel hidden there when i touched it it was stiff i pulled it out, thats cum!!! a lot of it!!! There's no way the little boy made that much. Looks like jim and i have some common interests.

 I walked out of the room and to the next across the hall. The room was a study there was a shelf filled with books i took a book off the shelf its cover read “how god saved me” great he's religious there were like  a hundred bibles all black but one seemed out of place it was upside down everything in the study seemed in its place but that one book wasn't right. I plucked it from the shelf and opened it. It wasn't even a book! It had a sd card taped inside all the pages were blank.


I looked out the study's window the mom wasn't home which meant one of the kids were. I pocketed the sd card and snuck down the stairs the kid was in the kitchen when i peeked in. i couldn't help myself i had to see who it was. It was the middle child maybe he had a half day?  he was blond and had on shorts he had taken off his shirt so i could see his cute strong shoulders and and his long blond hair that came down to his cute plump ass he must have had an itch cause he put his hands down his pants but he didn't pull them out ,he started to gently rub himself i had a hard on and was gently rubbing myself as well. He looked around the kitchen i ducked when he turned his head when i peeked back in he was sitting on the counter with his pants and underwear on the floor he had his legs up and behind his head he was so flexible he was able to give himself head he sucked himself eagerly and with much force i knew i should leave, but his hairless balls were so hot i had to touch them i got on my hands and knees and snuck into the kitchen i hid behind the solid marble island counter. I reached up and grabbed the kitchen knife the kid was making his sandwich with. Then i jumped up from behind the counter the boy had his eyes closed and was slowly fingering himself with his two index fingers.

“Having fun?”

He jumped and almost fell from the counter top.

“ who are you?”

“I'm a man a friend of a friend and i'm just here to make sure your daddy don't talk about what he may have seen at the parking lot”

He got down and grabbed his shorts. I pointed the knife at him.

‘’ leave em off!” he jumped at my booming voice. I approached the boy and placed my hand on his hard little prick he whimpered.

“Hey i ain't gonna hurt you don't worry i just want you to give a message to your old man when he gets outta the hospital ok?”

The boy silently nodded his head as a single tear ran down his face. I caressed his ass and put my finger in his hole he whimpered a little but didn't resist me.

“Now you tell your daddy that paul touched you in your no nos and that ill do a whole lot worse if he tells that he saw me in that parking lot, ok?”

He nodded his head again i leaned in and kissed him on the lips,i slipped my tongue in and tasted the inside of his mouth. It tasted great his pretty blue eyes were filled with tears when i snuck out of the house i tip toed from the yard so i didn't leave any footprint evidence just in case the cops got called. I started my car and drove home it was late when i got there. Jr was cutting on the couch with apple i sat down on my lazy boy and watched tv with them.

“Apple come sit with daddy” apple got up and sat on my lap. I reached between his legs and started to hub his crotch he spread his legs wider so i could reach around him better his little boy hood was stiff. I raped my hand around it through the fabric of his shorts. Jr watched me but didn't say anything. I flipped apple on his stomach so he was face to face with me i leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Jr stood and came over to the side of the chair he reached over and unzipped my pants.

“Daddy i'll take care of this for you” i nodded as he snaked his hand into my pants and pulled out my hard on, he bent over and wrapped his lips around my head he slowly sucked up and down my shaft taking more and more of my massive cock. I stopped kissing apple so he could slip off his cloths he was but naked as i carressed his skin he was smooth and perfect i took his belt from his pants and wrapped it around his neck he used to love doing this when he was younger so did jr. i put my mouth over his warm little cock i slipped my tongue on his head and slowly licked and sucked him. Jr was starting to suck faster he rubbed my swollen balls. I opened my mouth wider and put apples hole cock and balls in my mouth apple pulled on the belt to tighten it around his neck he started to ride my face as jr started to jack the rest of my cock that didn't fit in his mouth.

Apple put his head back and yelled.

“Daddy im cuming”

“Me too son”

I burst first i made sure not to come in jr's mouth i wanted to cum all over apple the first load landed on his back he flipped around real quick so he could feel the next loads on his chest he started to cum too his just dribbled a hot mess down and over his hot little ball sack. I rubbed some of his cum onto my fingers and held it up to his mouth he quietly sucked on my fingers and went to sleep. I gently lifted him up and put him to bed.

After apple was in bed and jr was off doing god knows what i got out my laptop and inserted the sd card into my laptop's sd port the file downloaded and a treasure trove was found. There were files and files dating back years and years. All child porn i opened a file and there was this pic of a man with his huge cock up a 9 year olds ass the kid looked like he was drugged i'd want to be high off my ass too if i had 12 inches of meat in me. I looked at the others and it was mostly the same man and different boys getting sucked and fucked. I couldn't believe that jim an obvious church goer was such a perv . now i had my leverage, to keep him in check. I turned off my computer when jr entered my room.

“Hey buddy what's up”

“Can i sleep in here tonight”

I gave him a puzzled look, he hasn't wanted to sleep with his dad since he was a young boy eager to please his daddy's every whim.

“Share if you want i'll be in bed in a minute” when i got to bed he was sound asleep i cuddled into him and fell to the darkness as well. But tomorrow after work i had to make shere jim knows i've got him by the balls cause there's one photo i found on that showed a younger version of him giving it to a 9 year old girl.

End of chapter 5


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