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Monster in me chapter 6


I woke up groggy whatever the nurse gave me was strong. It was late in the afternoon. My head was swimming but i fucking remember everything. That ass came in my room and threatened me? Ass hole even got me on suicide watch. The nurse came in and checked my vitals she didn't say a word as she injected me with a sedative then as i was drifting off to sleep she muttered.

“Glass ain't cheap these days”

I fell asleep thinking “it wasn't me you bitch” when i awoke again i felt someone's head resting beside me i must have slept all night i have a foggy recollection of the nurse doseing me in the night but not much else is clear. I squinted at the person asleep at my bed side. It was my son skyler he looked so peaceful lying there his little brother was sitting up in a chair asleep as well, they must have gotten up early to see me but unfortunately i was out cold when they got here. I ran my hand over skyler's blond hair he raised his head and squinted at me i squinted back. He slowly leaned in and kissed me, it felt so good to feel him on my lips i want to take him again but i don't want to hurt him. He pulled away before i was ready but joey leaned in and took his place he kissed me harder and let me slip my tongue into his mouth he spit his gum in my mouth before pulling away. I chewed on the peace of gum a bit then leaned in and kissed sky i spit the gum in his mouth as i pulled away, he didn't waist any time as he leaned in and started kissing his brother. i got so horny seeing two little blond boys making out in front of me i started to stroke myself the boys started to hump each other which got me really going. Both the boys and i jumped when charlie came in the room,the boys jumped apart with such force joey fell off my bed.  charlie looked at me then at the boys then back at me then down at the tent in my sheets. He rolled his eyes and closed the door. He walked over to me leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Come on charlie i'm in the hospital the least you could do is give your old man a little more to work with”

He looked at me with the cutest look a 17 year old can give which isn't much. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips he did it slow which made me crazy i've never been able to get close to him i did once when he was young but i scared myself to bad to try anything else again he didn't let me give him tongue he gritted his teeth  as i tried to invade his mouth but i couldn't enter. he pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

“That's the most you getting from me perv”

He smiled and sat down in a chair he tuned me and the boys out for the entire time we visited. I was listening to joey's story about little red riding hood he wrote in school when skyler started to sob.

“What's wrong sky?”

He looked at me as tears ran down his face.

“ i'm not allowed to say until your out of the hospital”

“ it's ok sky you can tell me anything”

“No he said…”

“Who said? Said what!”

I looked at charlie he had taken off his music headphones and was staring intently at skyler.

“Sky tell me what happened”

He hesitated before continuing


“The man he said i should tell you that he touched me and that if you tell anyone about him being in a parking lot that he would do a lot more”

He put his head in his hands and started sobbing i pulled him into me

“Oh hunny did he hurt you?”


I looked over at charlie who was standing now with a killer expression.

“Its that ass hole who droped you off!! I knew there was something off about him. Im gonna kill that son of a bitch”

He started pacing frantically as skyler cried into my arms joey was looking everywhere like he lost something.he didn't know what to do.

“Charlie calm down don't do anything rash ill take care of this once i'm outta here”

“Dad with all do respect your never getting outta here not anytime soon that is. They have you on lock down it could take weeks to leave here they have to do a psych eval and a group therapy so you don't try to kill yourself again”

“Why the fuck does everyone think i'm suicidal?”

He rolled his eyes and left the room the boys kissed me goodbye skyler was still sobbed so joey sweetly kissed him on the lips and let him rest his head on his shoulder. After they were gone that wonderful nurse was back at it, she dosed me and i was out cold. Every time i was out i dreamt of that boy in the hotel room i just left him there i made him drink!! In the dream i make him choke on my cock till he pukes up all the vodka then i make him drink more. As i'm gagging him with my cock the floor disappears then he disappears then i disappear i find myself on my hands and knees kneeling before a great ball of light.

“You have sinned and disgraced me what say you in your defence”

Every time i want to say something but my mouth is always soad shut i scratch at my mouth but it doesn't budge i look into the ball of light as it says.

“To hell with you monster!”

The cloud under me disappears and i fall to my doom and just as the lake of lava reaches out to swallow me up in its red glow of molten bone and souls screaming my name. I wake up.

After i awoke i sat up my head was groggy again that sedative gives me nightmares. It was early morning i looked over and my wife was looking back she was standing beside my bed with a stressed look on her face. And a vanilla folder in her hand.

“Hey baby what's wrong?”

“I'm sorry i know you're in the hospital but i just couldn't wait”

“Wait for what?”

She handed me the folder. I looked at it i dumped out the contents when the photos dropped out my heart dropped to my stomach. There lying in my lap was my secret stash of photos i took one summer of a friend's little brother it was in my college days. I only ever kept the photos to remind me of what i used to be. The pics shows me holding a young boy they weren't sexual back then i wasn't as into boys as i am now i just liked cuddling. But it was hard to explain away why i was cuddling the kid while nude.

Also in the folder where divorce papers. I looked at my wife.

“What are these?”

“Just sign them i had a talk with charlie and he said he would keep you away from the other boys. I can't do this anymore i knew something was up but i couldn't put my finger on it you have been so distant and we haven't had sex since our honeymoon. Now that i know what is the matter i don't think i can look at you much longer”

She put her hands to her face and started sobbing. I don't know what made me do it but i was somehow relieved as i signed the papers i didn't have to worry she would find out i didn't have to worry that i wasn't satisfying her i was free finally i always thought that after my first wife that i might do something to my boys if i didn't keep myself occupied so i went out and grabbed myself a new wife. But she never helped my urg it was too strong and it always was in the back of my mind my love for boys is almost as big as my love for god and it has been a struggle all my life.

I handed her the papers. She just took them and left the room without another word. I sat up in my bed and thought. How crazy my life has become since i gave into the monster maybe i should let it have complete control? I mean its been such a hard battle and im tired of having to fight. The nurse entered with my dose and as i was drifting off to sleep i chuckled.

“He he he im divorced well how about that!”

I awoke to a man in my room he had a clipboard in hand and a toothy grin.

“Hello jim!!! Im doctor summers. Im the therapist assigned to your case. Ill be helping you get through this and back to society. Nod if ya understand me”

I hadn't quite registered what he said my head was groggy it felt like fish were swimming in my head nibbling on my brain. I moaned and shook my head yes.

Oh!!! Shit i divorced my wife!! Or rather she divorced me i must have been high on the sedatives they gave me cause fuck!! What was i thinking my wife was the only buffer in the house to keep the peace!!

“Jim you ok?”

“Huh?....oh yeah ill be fine”

“From what i understand your wife just left you?”

“Damn word travels fast. What are you going to ask me how does that make you feel? Well doc i feel fantastic these sedatives are great”

I sat up in the bed and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

“And by the way im only on suicide watch cause that ass whole paul stopped by and framed me for it so he could find the time to fuck with my son so if you dont mind im going to go kick his ass before my oldest does it for me!!”

The doctor looked astonished at my reaction. He stood as i stood and attempted to stop me on my way out.

“Sir i advise that you stay this could be a big hit in your mental health”

I pushed the shrink aside gathered my clothes and left.

For whatever reason they let me leave so much for lock down security sucks here.

On the way home i realized there was no way i could find paul so i figured i better check on my sons it was late at night so i was worried about them. when i got home the hospital was quite a ride away especially by city bus. When i got home the lights were out. I got inside and noticed my couch was gone!!! I guess my now ex wife figured it was hers to take. I went up stairs and peeked into joey's room. I wanted to go in there and feel his sack again i loved his cute spiderman underwear i wanted to go in there and pull them off so bad but i shouldn't i cant. I went and checked on my skyler he was sound asleep. He had his thumb in his mouth and he had his covers off his body i could see his lightly toned chest and his cute little boy hood bulge in his underwear he had on boxers but they were a size to small so it didn't leave much to imagination . i quietly shut the door and went to charlie's room he was gone!!. It was pretty late so he should be home by now but he wasn't. I became worried if he was gone this late that wasent too good not at afraid he went and did something, i headed downstairs and used the phone to call him. Listening to the ring was deafening it's like time slowed down and all i was waiting for was for him to pick up but he didn't. I called him several more times and all my calls went to voicemail. I sat on the floor where my couch should be and waited, at around 3 am joey came down stairs in his cute superman undies when he saw me he rushed over and gave me a hug. I gave him a hug back and kissed him. He scrunched his nose.

“Daddy you need a bath”

 he pinched his nose shut. I chuckled. And got up to take a shower now that he mentioned it i did need a bath i was wearing my clothes that i got drunk in and i smelled of my own piss and puke. I took off my clothes and got in the warm shower it felt so good to get clean. Joey peaked his head in and looked at me with a cute little grin.

“daddy ? can i join?”

“Yeah i guess”

He was already nude he just hopped right in he curled right up to me, my cock poked him in the tummy he just giggled and started to play with it.

“Do you know where charlie whent?”

I asked him

He looked at me with a confused look.

“No. did he go somewhere?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Joey just kept playing with my cock he was rubbing it very gently as he sang timber into it like it was a microphone. Just by his touch i was ready to cum i made him rub me harder.

 He kissed my head and rubbed me harder he continued to sing timper and rum he used his other hand to rum his little cocklet he stopped singing as he got into it

“Daddys cumming!!!” he pointed my cock at his face the first splash landed on his forehead he redirected the rest so it ran into his mouth. I came so hard and so much his mouth was full. He swallowed it all he smiled and rubbed his tummy.

“Im full now”

I bent over and kissed him he opened his mouth wider so i could put my tongue in his mouth i was already horny his little mouth felt so good on my lips i was in nirvana. He pulled away And turned around he put his hands on the wall and bent over.

“I’m ready for it to be in me”

“Are you shere? i don’t want to hurt you”

He nodded and spread his legs. I crouched down slightly and put my cock on his whole when i penetrated him he felt looser than before. I slid in easy i picked him up and pushed his body up against the shower wall he felt so good as i slowly penetrated his hole he whimpered a bit when i got it all in there i slowly fucked his hole it felt so good i was already gonna cum again i started to fuck him harder and harder he yelled out that he was cumming i through my head back and screamed my pleasure as he accepted my seed i filled his hole to the brim. I was suprised i still had so much left i let him down he smiled and said

“Thanks seya”

He said it like he was just done with me. Like he had his fill. the little player. I nodded and watched him walk out of the bathroom without a towel. His little ass was a nice site to see. I watched my cum drip down his thigh as he walked away. I spent a little more time in the bathroom drying off and then jacking off again my balls were empty the little guy drained me!! I toweled off the rest of the way and got dressed after i was dressed i was a little paranoid that maybe my wife found my video files so i went to my study and opened the bibles i kept them in all my sd cards were accounted for except for…..oh no!! My one video card that actually contained child porn was gone!! I started pacing the room

“No no NO NO NO NOOOO!!”

I yelled at the top of my lungs if anyone find out what's on that sd card i'm a goner i'll lose everything. I started to look everywhere i looked in all the books i ripped every piece of paper in anger i threw my chair across the room. Skyler peaked his head in my torn up office

“Is everything ok daddy?”

I was too angry to think i turned around and chucked a book at him he ducked before it hit him.

“This is all your fucking fault!!”

He looked at me with a hurt expression it was then that i knew that i had made a mistake. He ran from the room before i could apologise i knew it wasn't his fault i am the way i am. I got myself in this shit whole so i have to get myself out. i went downstairs and poured myself a drink to calm my nerves it was then that i heard a thud on my front door. I walked over drink in hand and looked out the side window, charlie was lying on the porch. I ran out and kneeled beside him he was covered in blood.

“What the fuck happened”

“Trust me dad the other guy is worse off than me”

He smirked then passed out. It must have been sheer adrenalin cause i picked him up all 200 pounds of him. He isn't a fat or anything hes 200 pound of pure muscle he's one of those kids that got way too obsessed by their muscles at a young age. I carried him up the stairs and into his bedroom i gently laid him down. And ran to get the first aid kit. There was no way i was going to call the hospital i'm pretty sure they're still looking for me, i'm not about to let my son get in trouble for whatever the hell he did now. I rapped his head wound in gauze and checked the rest of his body but it seemed he was covered in the other guys blood. He was out cold so i striped him of all is clothes, there was a little twitch from my cock when i saw his package he was bigger than me. I reached out and touched him in his sleep i knew this was a serious situation but something in my head said

“Suck it he'll never know”

I leaned in and ran my cheek softly against his sack. I stuck out my tongue and licked his taint i gently spread his legs so i could have better access i was interrupted by skyler. He came in with a confused look on his face i quickly got up and covered his older brother with a blanket. He rubbed his eyes as he said

“What happened?”

“Charlie had an accident but daddy's taking care of him for now”

“Well ok”

“Go back to bed baby”

He nodded and went to his room i decided to sleep next to charlie. I put my arm around him and drifted off to sleep.

When i woke up charlie was still out i checked his pulse it seemed steady i changed his gauze and gently rubbed his chest he was warm which was a good sign it meant he didn't lose too much blood. I kissed him on his forehead and headed down stairs. I had to get his siblings off to school and call in sick. I have plenty of vacation days and i have a feeling i'm about to lose them. I called into work and told them i was out of the hospital but still didn't feel well. After i called in i drove the boys to their schools skyler gave me a kiss before heading off so did joey, i wanted more but we were in a parking lot were all the world could watch. When i got home i headed immediately up stairs. Charlie was sitting up looking confused as hell

I rushed to his bedside and checked his temperature

“ how are you feeling? What happened?”

He looked at me then under his blanket

“Im feeling that i was just molested”

Ok i guess he's fine he has always called me on my shit im just surprised he can do it with a head injury.

I smirked.

“Charlie what happened”

“I got in a fight”

“With who?”

End of chapter 6


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