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Warning this story depicts boys and men in sexual acts

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Readers this chapter is about charlie. jim's oldest son and since jim's oldest is straight there won't be any boy sex,but there will be straight sex in this story and a bit of brutal violence so beware

[Read at your own discretion]


Chapter 7

Monster in Charlie

I woke up. I had been dreaming about my dad. Not sure why. He was kissing me and started touching me rubbing my cock as it stiffened and i slowly came then i woke.i came in my bed. I started cleaning myself up. My dad is a good man but he needs to get his shit together just the other day i found him and my younger brother making out. I wasn't surprised when i found them. he tried to do stuff with me when i was there age. But it still unsettled me. Now i have to get ready to see him in the hospital before school, thats gonna be fun.

I was brushing my teeth when my step mother came in the bathroom.

“Hi charlie i wanted to talk to you before you see your father”

she looked stressed so i just nodded and closed the door behind her as she left. I have never liked her. I went down stairs and she was sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee. I sat in the chair opposite of her. She looked at me with a sad expression and said the best four words i've ever heard from her bitch mouth.

“I'm leaving your father”

I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep her from seeing my glee.

“I don't know if you know about your father just promise me you will look after you brothers?”

I didn't know what she was talking about all i knew was i didn't have to see her ass again. I politely nodded my head.

“I think you should know who you're protecting your brothers from. Im not one to break up a family so thats why im not reporting this.”

She took out a tan folder and handed me a stack of photos from it when i saw what they were my smile disappeared. The first one i saw was him and a young boy. The boy had brown hair and green eyes but what made me mad was he was wearing underwear but nothing else and my dad's hand was placed over the boy's crotch i flipped through the others and they all involved him and a strange boy doing different poses together. I handed them back to her. She tucked them away and gave me a sympathetic look.

“I'm sorry to leave you with him but you know i don't want him to be reported or anything i couldn't do that to him i just can't be with him”

I nodded

“I understand”

 She stood and held out her arms i gave her an empty hug and watched her leave out the door. I sat back down, i was really hoping my dad didn't do anything illegal with those boys. He looked younger in the folders which meant it must have been in his college days when i was like 3 years old, i still can't believe that he would do stuff like that back then. I guess i shouldn't be surprised but it ticked me off.he has some sort of monster in him, I can't judge him because i have a monster in me as well.

I looked at the clock, it would be time to go soon so i went into my brother's room to call them down they were dressed and ready to go 2 minutes before we headed off. I got them in my car and we headed off to the hospital which was a little bit of a drive. As we drove on the road i looked at my brothers trying to read them.

“Hey sky has dad done anything to i don't know….make you un easy”

He had his head down and simply shook his head no. it concerned me because he usually is so happy always.

I lifted his chin and asked

“Did dad make you do something you didn't want to do”

He shook his head no. i decided to leave him alone for now joey had his head down too i was about to holler at him when i realized he was asleep in his seat so i left him alone too. The drive up to saint mary's hospital was a long one. My brothers and i most likely will miss school after this i'm not sure why i even bothered to bring my backpack. When we arrived at the hospital we were unable to find a parking spot i drove around the parking garage for 20 minutes before i was able to swoop in and steal a spot from a large suv, it was no match for my speedy little vw. i got it for my birthday from my dad. I stepped out and started to unbuckle joey from his booster seat when the driver of the suv climbed down from his behemoth of a vehicle and confronted me.

“Hey ass hole you saw me getting ready to park here. you stole my spot”

“There's a saying i like to use many simple minded folk like you have never heard it, the early bird catches the worm”

I saw his face turn red with anger, he must have understood my insult but couldn't comprehend it, he tried to punch me but i saw him coming a mile away. i side stepped him and jabbed two fingers into his throat. He fell to the ground gasping for air. Joey and sky clapped and cheered as if i had won the nobel violence prize.

“Ok let's go see dad and not a word about what just happend understand? It's a violation of my parole.” they nodded. i stared at them menacingly to make sure they understood, when i was satisfied We went into the elevator. Joey looked up at me and asked.

“Can i press the button”

“Yeah sure buddy”

When we arrived at our father's room the boys hesitated before opening the door. they looked up at me.

“Go on don't stare at me there's nothing to see here”

Sky slowly entered the room and led us inside. Dad was asleep. A nurse was checking his vital signs she turned around and my cock stood to attention she look beautiful. long brown hair dark green eyes she was shorter than me and a lot smaller. I imagined riding her like the little slut i know she is.

“Your father won't be awake for some time but you can wait if you like”

Her lips drew me in like a mermaids siren song drawing in young sailors to their doom. I imagine those lips stretching over my large cock in order to collect my eager semin down her slutty throut.  I knew i had to have her but i'm afraid that i'll have to break some laws to do so and i can't stand to be in a cell for aggravated assault again.

“Yeah we will wait here until he wakes”

She looked at me with a hint of attraction i think? Maybe it was my mind playing tricks but i could swear she wanted it more than i did. She left the room without another word the boys settled in, waiting for dad to wake up.

“I'm going to the bathroom you boys stay here”


They both said in unison followed by

“Jinx you owe me a soda”

I smiled and left the room when i walked into the hall i saw her walking 8 feet away from me i kept my distance as to not alert her of the danger she was in. she stepped into the elevator i stepped in as well. She reached and pressed floor - 3 which was the bottom of the parking garage,

“Hey you're that kid visiting his father,what are you doing here?”

“I forgot something in the car looks like we're headed the same way”

I smiled turning on my killer charm. She returned my smile with one of her own. My cock was straining to break free of my tight skinny jeans. All i needed was a quick fix of satisfaction and then i'd be on my way why was i so nervous i've pursued freshmen girls in the same way many times and never got caught maybe it was because i wasn't using a rufi pill this time this one was all me. The elevator interrupted my thoughts with a loud bing! And opened to a dimly lit parking structure it was underground so there was no natural light to speak of.

“Will you walk me to my car these parking structures give me the heebee jeebees but it's the only place that has a good parking spot”

I chuckled and gave her my arm like an old timey gentleman my other hand was in my coat pocket fondling my pocket knife. When we arrived at her car she tried to say goodbye i wasted no time i pulled out my knife i saw the look on her face as she tried to scream. She looked so beautiful once i had her tied up with cable from her trunck i striped her naked and gaged her with her oun pantys she was beutifal and i knew she wanted it no, she needed me inside her i dragged her by her hair and threw her against the wall in a dark corner of the garage her head made a satisfying thud when she hit the floor.

I knelt down and started kissing her nipples she cried and sobbed which was her way of saying she loved my touch i had to make this quick or else my brothers may try to come look for me and i don't need that.

I forced her legs open and pulled my cock out in no time i was pushing into her tight hot pussy i fucked her hard she hit her head on the wall each time i thrust into her she cried out her plesser through her pantys. I fucked her until i felt i was going to blow then i pulled her gag out and came into her waiting mouth she tried to bite me but i plunged the knife into the side of her neck so she would sleep a little. It made a satisfying sound as her body went limp. i fucked her pretty little mouth until i came again.

When. i came back to the room i made sure to stop and wash my hands of my crime. I put her in the trunk of her own car and took her clothes and bindings and stashed them in my car, so i could later dispose of them. Its funny after i have fulfilled an urge i feel no remorse as to what happened normally i dispose of my evidence more thoroughly but this was a bit unexpected i guess you can blame the monster in me . i hesitated before entering my dads room. I took a deep breath and entered. joey and sky jump apart real quick and they all looked stunned. Especially joey because he fell on the floor when the two boys separated. I looked at my dad then at the boys then back at my dad when i noticed the large tent under his blanket it clicked. He had given into his monster just as i did. just in a less damaging way i could never keep myself restrained as he did. He would go years in between boys the last time he gave into his desires was when i was young. I rolled my eyes and closed the door behind me as i walked over and gave my dad a peck on the cheek.

“Come on charlie i'm in the hospital the least you could do is give your old man a little more to work with”

I looked at him intently for a few seconds then leaned in and gave him a deep kiss as i kissed him i pretended he was the slutty nurse. when he tried to slip his tongue in i guarded my teeth

I pulled back when i realized he was getting more out of the kiss than i was.

He had a grin on his face.

“That's the most your getting from me perv”

I sat in a chair by the window to think. i got out my headphones and listened to system of a down my favourite song is byob, i turned it on loud and closed my eyes the music although chaotic brought a calm to me, in the loudness of the song my experience with that nurse played like a silent movie but with heavy rock in the background. The feeling of her skin the satisfying crack her head made on the wall as i thrust into her it was all coming back to me but one detail i overlooked, in the haste to get back to the room i realized i recall a faint whimper coming from the trunk of her car at the time i dismissed it as an echo from another part of the parking structure, could it have been her? Could i have forgotten to finish the job? If she is still alive i might be in big trouble.

I opened my eyes and pulled my ear phones off i heard a slight whimpering sound and for a minute i thought the nurse had come back to haunt me. It was sky he was sobbing i only heard a bit of the conversation between him and my dad cause i tuned in halfway through.

Dad said in a stern voice

“Sky tell me what happened”

My little brother hesitated before continuing

“The man he said i should tell you that he touched me and that if you tell anyone about him being in a parking lot that he would do a lot more.”

My little brother said the words in a long sentence like they were trying to escape from him. my dad embraced him in a hug and mumbled some words i didn't comprehend. i was now a bull let out of its cage, i was so angry that anyone would hurt my little brothers. Sure i let my dad use my little brothers but i always keep a watchful eye on him to keep the monster in him on a leash so to speak but my father was unaware of my monster my monster was all powerful and will seek penance for what that man did. Then it dawned on me, the man in the hospital the man that sat down in front of us. eyeing me and my little brothers. He had to be responsible my father had no real enemies but he seemed… like he had a monster in him as well.

I looked at my father with pure anger my father registered the look on my face immediately

“Its that ass hole who droped you off!! I knew there was something off about him. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch”

“Charlie calm down don't do anything rash i'll take care of this once i'm outta here”

“Dad with all do respect your never getting outta here not anytime soon that is. They have you on lock down it could take weeks to leave here they have to do a psych eval and a group therapy so you don't try to kill yourself again”

He looked at me in confusion.

“Why the fuck does everyone think i'm suicidal?”

I rolled my eyes and left the room. Even if he was able to slip out of the hospital we lived 3 hours away by car. He wouldn't get home in time. but i will i'm going to cut that mother fuckers balls off if its the last thing i do….that nurse! I'll have to see if she's alive or not. When i got in the elevator i held the doors for the boys. Sky was still sniffling and resting his head on joey's shoulder. I rubed sky's back.

“Its ok bud that man wont hurt you again i'll take care of him for ya.”

He looked at me for a moment and i held his gaze somehow he knew what i was going to do, the bell rang for floor -3. Sky looked at me and gave me a questioning look.

“We're not parked down here we're on floor -2”

He tried to press the 2 but i grabbed his hand.

“Hold the door for me i'll be right back just have to meet up with someone”

I left the elevator and went to were i left her in her trunck i opened it with her keys. She was gone!!

God dammit now i had two things to worry about a potential kill and a runaway kill.

I looked down and saw a faint blood trail i followed it to an empty car space. Someone took her? To were? We were already in the hospital.

I jumped when a hand touched me but it was only joey.

“I wanna go home”


On the drive home it was like every fiber of my bing was up in flames, i was so angry i would be able to chuck a car at the man that fucked with my family cause no one messes with us unless they want a piece of me.

Once i pulled into the drive and was able to settle into my room i started to come up with a game plan. I knew that that creep was friends with tony and i knew where tony lived because i've been to social events at his house all i needed to do was get him to tell me were his good old buddy lived then i'd be set!! I went downstairs to look for my bat then i realized the couch was gone!! What the fuck? Did that whore of a wife really do something so petty as taking my dad favourite sitting couch. I rolled my eyes in disbelief and checked the closet for my bat sure enough there it was. I licked my finger and wiped a speck of blood off the handle don't know how i managed to miss that bit

Key evidence i'm normally so carefull.

I hollard up at my brothers that i was going to go for an arranged and i'd be back soon.


When i pulled into tonys drive way he was mowing the lawn he had a nice privacy fence all the way around his property so there were no prying eyes. A double bounce was his wife's car was gone so that meant he's all mine.

He stopped the mower when he saw me approaching with the bat.

“Hey charlae”

He always over pronounces my name with his stupid fake ass boustan accent. I swung before he was able to say more my bat made contact with the side of his head and he was down. I dragged him into the house for a bit more privacy.closed the curtains and wrapped him up in extension cord. He came to about an hour later.

I tapped the side of his face with a kitchen clever i found.

“Hello sleepy head i hope you don't mind but i did a detailed search on your computer.”

His eyes widened in fear.

“Yes i did find those pics in that secret file. If that's what you were just thinking”

He started to mumble and try to explain himself.

“No shhhhhhhhhh i dont care about that i just want to know where this gentleman might be right now”

I held a pic of him and the man from the hospital.

“What do you want with him charlie”

He said this without a trace of boston accent.

I smirked

“That frend of yours fucked with my little brother and now i'm going to fuck with him”

“I can't just sell out my friend to a a a uh”


I yelled. He stuttered for a bit. Then he fell quiet.

“Dont worry i just need to know where he lives”

“You know you could have asked instead of going nuts on me”

“ i couldn't leave anything to chance so are you going to help me or do i have to finish you off and be on my way”

I heard him audibly gulp.

“He lives on bulifant road house 3457”

“Good boy. Oh and by the way i added a better firewall on your computer a monkey could have hacked you old firewall.” I untied him and left

He seemed grateful to not be reported i have no doubt that he’ll keep our little encounter strictly between us.


I pulled up to the bastards house and was surprised to see a young kid playing in his side of the yard the kid looked up from his sand box when i pulled up the long drive.

He lived in a duplex which was behind several tall buildings witch to my apparent luck was also secluded there were no windows facing the house from the other buildings, so i had no worry. The kid stood and ran into the house when he saw i had a knife in my hand as i approached the home. He tried to slam the door shut but i managed to lodge my foot inside and push my way in.

“Where's your daddy? me and him need to have a little talk”

“He he he's at work”

“Huh odd because i happen to know he got off an hour ago so ima ask again where's your daddy at?”

He shrugged.

“I'm gonna just wait here then”

I sat on her sofa and set my clever down i remembered my bat so i went and got it as i came back to the house i saw a boy riding down the driveway on a small motorbike.

He stood and got off it when he saw me standing on the porch.

“Can i help you?”

“Just looking for your dad. He and i got some unfinished business to attend to”

I rolled the bat in my hand trying to looked as menacing as possible

He was definitely a worthy opponent as i was he worked out probably more than i did so i was glad to have a bat as protection.

“Look i don't want any trouble i don't know what he did to you and quite frankly i don't care just run off before you get hurt my dad don't mess around”

That arrogant statement pissed me off i stepped down from the porch and took a swing at him the bat made contact with his side and he was down i rose the bat over my head and started to pummel him over and over again i didn't realize how much i was hurting him and i didn't care i was blind to my own actions the fire inside was lit and no amount of water could dab it out. I heard a scream but it didn't register until the little kid got in my way i didn't

stop like most would,

so the next blow came down on the small boys back i hit him 4 more time then i sat on the hood of my car tired of the ordeal they had worn the beast out since that ass whole wasent here his kids would have to do, anything that would send a message, the boy moaned i'm not sure what provoke me after all the monster was back inside but i stood and proceeded to kick the boy in the stomach. I bent down and spoke softly into his ear.

“Don't blame me for this .blame your daddy he did this not me. Tell him not to mess with me or my family ever again”

I stood. suddenly someone struck me in the back of the head the next hour was shown to me in flashes and pictures all i remember was trying to get home. There were cops and cars looking for me it's not like i've never run before. I Can remember a few occasions that i did something that warranted the police being called. And each time i instantly got caught but this time instinct kicked in and before i knew it i was at my door stumbling in and somehow i fell asleep in bed.


I woke up. the pain in my head was unbearable it was like a million bees were stinging me from the inside out i'm not too sure what happened i remember arriving at that bastards house but everything after that was fuzzy gone from my memory.

I looked over and my dad was watching me.

“ how are you feeling? What happened?”

“I'm feeling that i was just molested”

And i think i was my dick was oddly moist and i remember a dream involving that nurse giving horrible  head.

He blushed and looked at me with concern

“Charlie what happened”

“I got in a fight”

“With who?”

“I don't know but i think he won”

I reach up and felt my head.

There was a loud banging on the door

My dad ran down to investigate i figured it was the landlord asking for rent we live in a nice neighborhood but my dad didn't like admitting that we are renting.

I heard a bang bang bang!! On the door of my room followed by

“This is the police open up”

My heart immediately took a vacation with my stomach

End of chapter 7


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