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Movie Boy
Will S
July, 2003
Part 2 of 2.


How long we were like that, I don't know. What I do know is that I was first aware of a gentle sigh, then: "Dan?" I opened my eyes. "You were sleeping," he said with a grin.

"So were you. Just a couple of sleepy heads," I said with a smile, and I tousled his silky, blond hair.

He smiled. "I got tired after the...that...orgasm thing happened."

"Yes, you did. If you have a really good one, it makes you sort of tired - 'cause your body's working so hard."

His smile exposed the one blemish of his body, that chipped front tooth. "So, why do they call you Chip?" I touched my finger to his teeth, and ran it across them.

"That was my dad's name," he said, growing serious. "He...died...before I was born."

"I'm sorry," I said, "that's a shame, because I know he'd be really proud to have you for a son."

"My mom says I remind her of him." He looked off.

I let some time pass, then ran my hand up his side, then back down to his butt. Holding my hand there, I rubbed my thumb slowly back and forth across his satiny cheek. Nothing ever felt so good, unless maybe it had been his cock in my mouth. "So, you sexy boy," I began, "how was it?"

He blushed and looked back at me with his sparkling blue eyes. I felt his penis start to fill and roll into hardness again. That would have been answer enough, but he wanted to talk about it.

"It was awesome...I mean...better than awesome...I can't describe it...it was just so...awesome! I mean, it was like ALL over me...everywhere! And...my...thing - it felt like it was gonna explode or something!"

I smiled. "I know," I said softly. "You were incredible. So...your first sex...your first orgasm...pretty awesome, huh?"

"Yeah," he said dreamily. "Can you do it to me again?"

"Can I..." I chuckled. "YOU were the one doing it. Fucking my mouth like a crazy man. Shoving your dick in and out like that." He predictably blushed again, and grinned.

"Where'd you learn to do that?"

Chip shrugged. "I dunno, it was like my penis just wanted to do it all by itself!" He suddenly seemed a bit shy. "I'd like to do it again, Dan. Can we?"

"I think I've created a sex maniac!" I said, tickling him. He giggled wildly. "Is that the way you're going to be...wanting sex 24/7?"

Between the laughter, he sputtered, "Well...does it always feels like that!"

"Sometimes better!"

He grinned again, eyes sparkling at the thought. Then he grew more serious. "How come you were touching my...butt hole?"

"Because some guys really like it. I think it set you right over the edge."

Again he reddened - bright red, knowing that's exactly what happened. "Do guys really put their things inside it?" There was a look in his eyes - hard to define: was it fear? Curiosity? Lust? Or simply a boy's sense of grossness?

"Some guys really like it."

"Do you?"

I grinned. "It can feel pretty awesome." His expression didn't change. "But," I added, "there's a lot of other sexy things to do to. Playing 'back there' is just one. Chipster, learning about sex is sort of like learning to fly a plane." Now his expression did change - to a silly, disbelieving look. "I'm serious," I said, gently stroking his hairless armpit. He grinned. "On your first flying lesson, you'd never climb into the plane and do a solo flight! There're lots of steps before that." I looked over at him. He got the point.

I snuggled with him again. He sighed. I was feeling a bit frustrated at still being fully clothed, though I had taken my shoes and socks off earlier. "You know what I really like to do?"


"Can I take my shirt off?"

"'Course." He lifted away from me.

"You want to help?" He grinned, thinking perhaps a boy undressing a man was somehow a bit silly, but as he reached out to my buttons, he grew more serious. It was a simple task, but his look of utter concentration made me smile. He looked like a kid in a chemistry lab, trying to make a compound just right. His small hands actually trembled as he worked. His fingertips scraped against my skin and drove me wild. Such a little thing...but it began to awaken me. Now he tugged my shirt out of my pants, and slipped it off my shoulders. I helped him, as he leaned in against me to try to reach. Once it was off, he lifted away again, looking. He smiled, never saying a word, but snuggled back against me. Now I felt his hot little poker jabbing into my navel. When it first touched, he shivered.

I whispered into his ear, "What's that hard thing sticking into my belly button?"

He giggled, and then boldly moved himself up and down, rubbing his boy tool on my belly. Feeling his boyhood against me caused me to throb to life once again, and I was as hard as ever. I wondered if he was aware of what was happening. I shifted so my manhood, trapped in my pants and pulsing to life, was against his leg.

"Mmmm," he breathed. "I like feeling your skin next to mine."

"So, Chipster," I said, "you're a mind reader, too, huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"That's exactly what I was going to say. Touching like this is getting us both excited." I lifted away just enough so I could see his face and watch his reaction, and then I reached down between us and pinched the tip of his cock. It twitched. He looked momentarily startled, then grinned.

"I didn't do anything; it did it all by itself," he murmured.

"Well, I could fill the tub with ice and stick you in it, if you don't like it."

"No!" he protested before he realized I was kidding. Then he got a little pink in the cheeks and grinned.

"It just means you're getting 'aroused' again."


"Yeah," I said, "in sex, it's sort of a technical term. It kind of means your emotions, and thoughts, and body are all getting ready to have sex. One obvious sign is when you get a boner." I decided to use what I'd realized long ago was the term of choice for younger boys. I ran my fingernail around the rim of his tiny, perfect glans. He shivered. "And you sure have a boner!" I tweaked it again, and he smiled, obviously pleased with himself. I flexed my growing cock, pushing it against his leg.

He grew still, obviously feeling the hardness against his leg, but unsure how to react. "Umm," he began, reddening, "I'm not the only one getting...aroused."

I grinned. "Oh, really?" I said, tousling his silky smooth blond hair, "And just how do you know that?" I wanted him to acknowledge my sexual need.

"'cause." he said. I looked questioningly. "I...I..." He grinned, recognizing his own shyness, and the fact that he was trapped. "I can feel your...thing...getting big."

I chuckled. "Oh yeah, you caught me. But it's all your fault, you know."


"You! You're the one getting me all hot and 'aroused.'" I ran my hand down his luscious arm, and pulled him to me again. I kissed him on top of the head, and he seemed to freeze.

"Why'd you do that?" he asked with a soft, trembling voice.

"I don't know. It just seemed like the thing to do right then."

"Nobody's ever kissed me before...except for my mom...and my aunt, and grammy." Again we pulled away, so we could see each other's reactions.

"Is it okay?" I think he understood I'd asked, "Is it" as opposed to, "Was it."

"Yeah," he whispered. He looked into my eyes, then down to my mouth, then back to my eyes. He wet his lips.

"Yeah," I whispered. "It IS okay."

Now his gaze was locked onto my mouth. Slowly, haltingly, he leaned in. He closed his eyes. And I felt just a moist, fleeting, trembling softness settle against my lips. Then I heard him sigh. What a brave little boy. He opened his eyes, and saw my smile. That seemed to relax him some. I rolled him over on his back, and looked down at him. Suddenly he seemed so vulnerable underneath me.

I reached out and traced my fingertip around his neat little areola, eventually centering on his erect little nipple. "Why are you doing that?"

"Do you like the way it makes you feel?"

"Well...yeah...but...I mean...I don't have tits."

I laughed right out loud. "No, you sure don't, not girl's tits. You're all 100 per cent pure sexy boy!" I grew more serious, and let my voice show my tenderness. "And I wouldn't want you any other way. But playing with your nips can be kind'a exciting, too." My hand found its way to his chest, and I toyed with his little, erect nipples - first one, then the other. He shivered. Then I leaned in and kissed him on each eyelid, then the nose and finally his lips. It was another light touching, and I could feel him trembling. We broke, and then I kissed him harder - a real kiss. I nibbled on his lower lip, as I'd seen him do himself. I felt a shudder pass through his chest. He responded with only a little of the tentativeness I'd felt earlier. We kissed again, harder. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, I don't know, but he opened his mouth slightly. Was it an invitation, or... I didn't wait. I slipped my tongue into his hot, wet opening. Our tongues danced. I felt his perfect teeth - and that little nick on his front tooth - his soft smooth inside cheeks, his gently textured tongue. I let him push his tongue against mine, pushing it back into my mouth, and then he was in me, exploring.

Then we broke.

"Wow," he breathed. We were both smiling like the Cheshire Cat. "I'm aroused now!" he added, with his characteristic blush. Each time he acknowledged a discovery of his own sexuality, he'd color delightfully. It became a sign of his sexual self-awareness.

My hands had been savoring the smooth globes of his butt. How can a child have such exquisitely smooth skin? Now I reached again for his little cock.

"Wow, are you ever," I said, "but that's what happens with kissing or touching. You get aroused." I ran my hand down his body, back over his bottom, down onto his thighs along the tops, then plunging down to the inside of his thighs. He instinctively opened his legs, and I gently moved along his soft inner thigh and then touched his ball sac. I felt his tiny eggs pull themselves a little closer to his body. I smiled and held still.

Now for the first time, really, he seemed to understand he could do the same to me. He began his tentative explorations. His delicate touch fired me. I don't know if he realized what he was doing or not, but his soft fingers made my cock throb in my pants. It ached for release. I grabbed him close to me and rolled over so he was on top.

"Mmmmmmmmm," I moaned, overcome as his fingers traced along my sides, across my chest down my popping six-pack. It was almost driving me over the edge. Now his fingers toyed with my nipples as I had done with his. He studied their responses with a scientist's intensity. He seemed completely intrigued by their swelling and lifting. He smiled, pleased with this visible sign of his effect on me. Now, his fingers drifted down, playing with the dark trail of hair that really started below my navel. The trail widened as it disappeared under my pants. He was like a kid at the zoo for the first time. One discovery seemed to trigger an awareness that there was more. Now another thought was driving him, and he lifted my arm. Again he toyed with the thick hair nesting in my armpit. "Careful, there, sport, or you'll have me laughing so hard I'll pee my pants." I worked to keep my smile under control.

He looked up, his eyes sparkling. He understood the effect he was having over me, and I think at some level, he felt as though he - not I - was in control.

I reached down and adjusted myself. He lifted himself up, so he was kneeling - sitting - straddling my legs, staring down at me. His hungry gaze made me blush, something I hadn't done in years. His hands drifted across the top of my pants, and then haltingly felt the massive bulge in my crotch. He licked his lips and pressed against me more firmly.

He looked up at me with an unsure expression. "Do you want to...um...take your pants off?" His voice was barely a whisper.

I looked up in his eyes. "Will that be okay with you?"

Chip swallowed and glanced down at the swelling in my pants. He nodded. With shaking hands, he reached down and unbuckled my belt. He gulped in some air, and glanced up at me.

He still needed approval. I smiled and nodded. For a boy it's one thing to have a man undress him, it's quite something else for him to be undressing a man. There's a different kind of risk involved, for in that act, the boy steps over the boundary that exists between children and adults. For that short time anyway, he enters the world of grownups, and with it comes all the attendant uncertainties: am I doing it right, is it the right thing to do, what if he want me to do it?

"You're doing great, Chip," I breathed. "You're the best."

He smiled, and then fumbled with the button on my pants, and when he'd gotten that open, he unzipped me. My bulging tool opened my pants, and the tight silk of my thong pressed outward. His eyes widened. I lifted and started to pull them down, but my boy wasn't having any of that. He grabbed on, and helped get them underneath him, then off completely. Now he gave his full attention to what was left. "It's...big," he muttered, and then he leaned almost sideways checking out the thong. "What IS that thing?"

I chuckled. "It's called a penis!"

"Noooo," he began then grinned, finally catching my joke. "The cloth thing." He rolled his eyes.

"Ohhh," I said like I didn't understand either. "It's called a thong," I said. I moved him so he was kneeling beside me. "See." I lifted my legs, spreading them so he could see how it covered me. Then I rolled over. I felt him tentatively touch my ass. It was hairy, unlike his, and bigger, and not nearly so silky smooth, and then, unbelievably he pulled my cheeks apart so that he could see how the thong held everything together. My cock throbbed feeling those sweet, soft hands on my butt. Oh man, he was incredible without having even a clue how he was sending me over the edge. His fingers twitched in my cleft. "You keep that up and I'm gonna' cum," I said with a smile.

"Cum?" He got his usual worried look whenever he didn't know what something meant.

I slowly rolled over, and felt him withdrawing his fingers. "Remember we talked about that," I said.

"Oh yeah," he said.

"When a boy who's gone through puberty or a man has an orgasm, the stuff shoots out."

"The sperms," he said, anxious for me to know that he knew something about sex.

"Exactly," I said.

"Yeah. Cum!" he muttered, rolling his eyes, suddenly a little boy again. He sounded like a student being tutored. Hell, I thought, maybe he is.

"And when you shoot, it's called 'cuming.'"

He nodded, but something else was on his mind. "Dan, um...should I take the thong off, too?"

"It would be nice, if you'd like to."

I felt his little fingers scrape under the thin waistband. My eyes were glued to his. I wanted to savor his every reaction to my manhood. Already his eyes were on it, locked like radar. He licked his lips, and then bit the lower one. He could already see the proportions of what was barely hidden. He could see I was a lot hairier down there than I was on my chest or belly. My legs told him that, with their coarse dark twists of hair. A lot of my bush was already visible to him.

He continued pulling the thong lower, revealing more of my thick, black pubic hair. He was chewing lightly on his lip, showing a degree of nervousness that hadn't been obvious before. The little trooper would not be put off, however, and he kept tugging down more. When the root of my big cock first appeared, his eyes widened. He shook a bit, and then deliberately resumed his task. I thought I even detected renewed intensity and determination. There was a hunger in his eyes; he wanted this...he wanted me.

My cock throbbed once, and it almost seemed to startle him, but he seemed hungrier than ever. Now he pulled the thong completely down until my eight inches were completely free. My boy froze. The thong slipped from his grip and it slapped down on my balls. His mouth opened a bit, and he looked at my manhood in awe. His amazed look made me swell with satisfaction and pride. It throbbed again, and he watched, mesmerized. I didn't want to break his concentration, really, but I also wanted to free myself of the thong, and I now reached down and moved the thing down my legs and kicked it off.

Now I settled back, propping myself up by my elbows. Neither of us had said anything for a minute or more. I longed to know what was running through his mind as he stared at me. His little poker was throbbing, too. I wondered what held his interest more, my size or the fact that I wasn't circumcised. I wondered if he'd ever seen an uncircumcised cock before.

"So..." I said.

"It's...so...big," he said softly. I smiled. He glanced up at me and swallowed - an act that had become a sure sign he was about to share something he was uncertain of. "Why do you look like that?"

"Like what," I said dumbly.

"You...you can't see the end...like mine."

"It's a kind of protection, I suppose. Every boy has it at first."


"They do."

"Well, I don't have it."

"Not now."

He thought about this. "But I did once?"

"Yep," I said, "It's called a foreskin. Lots of times parents have their son's foreskin cut off even before the baby leaves the hospital for the first time."

He actually gasped, and his hand reflexively grabbed around his cockhead. "Why!"

I shrugged. "Sometimes they say because it's easier to keep clean. Sometimes it's even for religious reasons. Jews and Moslems have a ritual. It's a sign of membership in the faith." He screwed up his face, showing that made no sense. I couldn't help him much there. "And sometimes, it's done to be sure there aren't problems later on. Like sometimes it's so tight, it won't slip down. If that happens, then later on you need an operation."

"But they cut mine off?"

"Yeah, you can see the scar." I traced my finger around the light brown ring on his penis. He shivered, but was concentrating on the scar.

"Does it feel different?"

"Yeah, I guess...How do you know, though? It is what it is." I tweaked his little prick. It flexed and his hips bucked once. "It's how you use your equipment that counts."

He grinned. "It slides...your foreskin?"

"Yeah. It's great for jackin' off." I took his hand in mine and guided him to me. He gently, tentatively gasped my thick tool. He flashed a look up at my eyes; it was a look of uncertainty - as if he wanted my approval. I smiled and nodded. "Go ahead, gently pull it down." His hand almost didn't quite fit around my cock, but his touch was electric. Slowly, he retracted it, and before his eyes, my massive head was revealed. It was red and glistening, oozing precum. His little hand seemed to spasm periodically, only adding to the stimulation.

I could see he was again working up to say something.

"I've...um...never...seen..." I waited patiently. "...a man naked before."

"Are you okay with that?"

"M-hm. It's just...so...big," he whispered.

"You'll be big like this someday."

"Me?" he breathed, eyes widening.

"Of course," I said. "You start growing when you hit puberty, and it will continue for several years. You'll get bigger...but everyone is different. You never know how big, until you get there."

"Dan," he said after a long pause. "If we...fucked...would you put your...um...penis...inside me?" I could almost feel the fear building in Chip and I wanted none of that at this moment.

"Chip, I'll answer your question this way." I twisted around and reached for the drawer in my bedside table. I got my KY."

"What's that?"

"It just makes things slippery." I squeezed a drop on his fingers.

He rubbed his two fingers together, looked up, and grinned. "Cool."

I squeezed some out onto my index finger. "Here, switch around so your butt's in my lap." With growing uncertainty, he moved around so he head was below my feet and his ass was rubbing against my cock. A look of fear spread across his face. "Don't worry, Chip," I said softly, "I'm not going to do that; I'm not going to put my cock inside you. Not now. I'm just going to let you feel my finger. That's why I got it good and slippery." I smiled down at him. He crouched almost frog-like and his legs straddled my hips. His little cocklet was still hard and sticking out straight.

""Roll over." He did, so he was now lying on his back on my thighs. "Pull your knees back." I folded his handsome, lithe legs back up against his torso and pushed them out. I lifted his bottom and pulled him a little higher so his butt cheeks held my cock out of the way. "There," I said and patted his exquisitely soft buttocks as gently as I could. My heart pounded. It was all there in my view: his darling, little, circumcised penis standing proud with its flared head, his tiny ball sac, a pure, pinkish perineum, which led me to his bud. This was the first time I'd seen it, and it drew me, even as my manhood had drawn him. It was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen and I wanted to bend down and kiss it and taste it and explore it with my tongue. But I knew he might not be ready for that - not yet, anyway. First, somehow a finger seemed a bit safer.

It was pink and firm, a "rim" in the truest sense of the word. It's tiny, undulating muscles rounded inward, the secret entrance to his chute, and it closed tightly in on itself.

"Just relax," I breathed, wishing I could follow my own advice. My heart pounded as if I'd run a marathon.

"What are you going to do?"

I touched my slippery finger to his beautiful little pucker. "First, I'm just going to touch you there - just like this...and I'm just going to leave it there until you're ready."

"Ready?" I was pleased to see his look of apprehension had given way - once again - to a look of curiosity.

"Chip, you seemed a little 'nervous' when you asked if I was going to put my cock inside you, right?" He nodded. "How come?" I asked innocently.

"B'cause...it's so big. Would it fit? Wouldn't it hurt?"

I smiled. "Your asshole...anus is the correct term for it...is usually shut tight. It's used to doing that. And it's used to only letting something out...not in. So, if I tried to push something right inside you all of a sudden, it would hurt. But after a while, your anus will kind of relax and stretch. It sort of learns a different way to behave, and I can put something in and it won't hurt as much - maybe just a little 'til you get used to it. Then it feels awesome. And the more you do it, the easier it is. Understand?"

He nodded, and I wondered if he had any real idea what it would be like for him - when the time came to take his virginity.

"Relax," I repeated. "Down there." I gently massaged his bud. I glanced down to his face and saw his look of utter concentration. I smiled. I think if I'd said turn yourself inside out, he would have tried. He lived to please. I felt his little pucker contracting. It's so hard to learn to control autonomic muscles, but with his motivation, in time he'd do just that. "Try to push out, like you have to poop." It was a terrible image, but one boys immediately understood.

He reddened, then I felt him push, and he opened up. I slipped the tip of my finger past his tight ring. He sucked in a sharp breath. "Does it hurt?" I asked.

"A little...no...not really...just...more tight."

"Yeah," I said, "tight. I'll just stay still...'til you get used to having something inside you." I reached out with my other hand, and grasped his rigid boyhood. I held it with my thumb and two fingers. I'd borrowed a little KY from my other hand. "Do you know what masturbation is?"

"Sort of. You mean like jerkin' off? It's sort of when you rub your dick, right?"

"It's EXACTLY like rubbing your penis...but for what purpose?"

He shrugged.

"Did they talk about it in health class?"

"A little. It didn't make a lot of sense."

"What did they say?"

"Basically, it's better not to do it, because it's really just a bad habit that can lead to other bad stuff. And if you've got enough other things to keep your mind occupied, you'll be better off."

I chuckled and shook my head. "Idle hands are the devil's delight."

He shrugged.

"Did they tell you it was one kind of sex you can do alone?"

"It is!"

I smiled. "Watch. Boys call it other things, too: jackin' off, beating your meat, smokin' the bone." He grinned, and I began to masturbate him in earnest. With a moderate speed, I began a series of short strokes along his member. Immediately he stiffened all over, his cocklet flexed once, and his breathing ratcheted up a notch. "See? You can do this all by yourself. Anytime you want."

I felt his anus spasm, tightening for an instant - which made him wince briefly, then loosen. I entered more, up to my first knuckle. Again his asshole clamped down. It made me smile. I wondered how long it would be before he learned to open himself, and take not just one finger, but two, or even three. I stopped working his penis for a moment, and he took the opportunity to speak in a suddenly husky voice. "It's...it's...really...tight," he said in spastic little breaths. His face was tight, betraying a certain level of discomfort.

"It'll get better," I said reassuringly. "You'll learn to relax more...and to open up more...just wait a little while." I resumed my handwork, and Chip seemed to focus off his tight little bottom and onto his front. I waited patiently, feeling his clamped ring on my finger. I knew there'd be more pain - greater pain - later, and so for this first bit of introduction to anal stimulation I wanted the discomfort to be minimal...with more emphasis on the pleasurable sensations. And that meant waiting.

Finally, I felt him relax, and eased in a little further, to the second knuckle. I felt a surge of tension spread out from his ass, and he sucked in another sharp breath. Past his ring, he was so smooth and soft. And hot - a wet hot. I pressed gently to the left and right, I hit the bone of his small pelvis. Up and down he was looser. As I moved gently inside him, I could see him sensing my movement. Even that little stimulation seemed to tap into his reservoir of sexual energy. His eyes didn't widen exactly; instead there was simply a more intense look - as if even my gentlest touch inside him was awakening something he hadn't known before.

Again, he eased his tight anal ring, and I pressed my finger all the way inside. "Argh." A little grunt escaped from his mouth, as if he were pushing something heavy and needed just a little extra effort to get it moving. I watched amazed as this beautiful eleven-year-old was from moment-to-moment discovering his body in a new and startling way. What he'd sensed so far was like an appetizer, and it was awakening a deeper hunger - a hunger to experience everything that had been hidden to him until I had come into his life. I smiled at the privilege he had given me. He was letting me enter his life - enter him - and change him from an innocent to a boy filled with a unique and special kind of wisdom that comes from knowing his body in a way only I could unlock.

"I'm all the way in. Can you feel me?"

"Yeah," the boy answered, though it appeared to be a struggle for him.

"Does it feel good?"

"Yeah," he breathed. "It makes my penis harder."

It was true. "I know," I said. "Just wait."

I leaned down and kissed his nipples, toying them into hardness. I kissed down his torso, his hard tummy, down to his folded legs, his sweet exposed inner thighs. He was so exposed; like a virgin sacrifice, he lay there, vulnerable, wanting yet uncertain of the unknown place he was being transported to. I leaned in and nibbled on his tiny balls. I drew my finger back slowly, reveling in the suction of his tight little bottom. He hissed in a desperate breath and shook. His smooth, firm jaw locked. It was clear even my finger was uncomfortable for him - which made my eyes fill. How could I ever have him in the way that ultimately would give him the greatest pleasure if he stayed so tight?

"I'll take it out, Chip," I said.

"No," he moaned. "Keep...doing...it." He looked into my eyes and tried to jamb himself down on my finger.

"Then I'll keep it still for a bit. You'll loosen up, I promise." I bent down and lifted his ass. I kissed his butt cheeks, first one side then the other. I felt him quiver, and then his ring seemed to ease. I eased my finger back in all the way, and he shuddered. His butt muscles spasmed tight, and he strained hard. A look of utter concentration filled his face, but his hungry eyes demanded more. I pressed my finger back in. It was easier this time, and I pulled back and shoved in again. He moaned, but it was more from pleasure than pain. Now I began a steady rhythm of finger fucking Chip's beautiful ass. God, how I loved that boy.

He tried to watch, but he twisted his head back against my knees, groaning as surges of raw energy coursed through his body. His body arched. I increased the intensity of my jacking. I could tell he was getting close. He had loosened, and between the lube and his natural juices, my finger was now sliding easily in and out. Each plunge caused him to tighten. Like a tennis player with each stroke, he grunted hopefully in satisfaction, and each grunt, he ratcheted that much closer to his orgasm.

Having once experienced an orgasm, he now understood what was happening to his body, and he prepared himself, getting himself in the optimum position. He was just about beyond any control, and in his eyes I could see a kind of desperate desire for release. I smiled, and shoved hard into him. Now for the first time, I pressed against his chute to find his prostate. I reminded myself it - like the rest of him - would be quite small. It actually took me a couple of tries, but finally...

"Eiieeeee!" Suddenly his asshole clamped down on my finger, locking it in place. As if in some sort of fit, his body stiffened. I felt his penis throb until I thought it would rupture it was so hard. I pressed against his prostate again, and it hit: wave after wave of exploding energy. A half-dozen core-shaking spasms hit the little boy, and his eyes rolled up into his head. And again his cock tried to expel what his balls weren't yet producing. He whimpered and sucked in air, and bore down, like a woman in labor. Finally, a series of smaller shudders signaled the passing of his orgasm.

Again, he drifted off to sleep, and I dozed, too.


I came to with a shudder. I looked down. Chip was staring at my hard cock. He had his hand on it, and he seemed to be trying to decide what to do. He looked up now. "Can I?" he asked.

"Of course," I said, not at all sure what he had in mind.

Slowly, he grasped my cock, and gently pulled my foreskin back. Now his face was so close to it, he was cross-eyed as he stared at it. He looked up at me, once again the shy boy needing permission. I nodded my approval.

With a nervous hand, he began to work my cock up and down, just as I had done to him. After a half-dozen strokes, he slowed his pumping, leaned in, and with his sweet, soft lips, kissed my head. A massive jolt of electricity coursed through my veins at his delicate touch. I sucked in a sharp breath through clenched teeth. "Good boy, Chip, ohhh...you're such a good boy," I hissed. Now his tongue flicked out, and darted around my glans, tasting, feeling. Tentatively, the tip of his tongue found my slit. It oozed precum, and when he tasted it, he stopped for a moment, and then licked more assertively. His handwork increased in tempo. Then he kissed my head again, this time, covering my slit with his tight little mouth. I felt a gentle sucking as he tried to coax more crystalline fluid from me. It was much the way a baby would suckle, and the thoughts of giving this sweet boy my milk made me smile.

Now he opened up some, and, maintaining a tight seal with his lips, slid over more and more of my head. Finally, he had all of the glans in his mouth, and his lips seemed to snap closed tight under the rim of my head. It was like I was on fire. I moaned and my head snapped back and forth as he sucked me and jacked. My heart pounded and my cock throbbed in his grasp. Now he tried to take more of me into his hot little cavern, but I was either too big or there was too much movement, and he gagged. He wretched once, and pulled quickly off.

"It's okay, Chip," I said. "It takes some getting used to, that's all. Just take my head; it feels great! You're an awesome cocksucker!" With watering eyes, he looked up at me and smiled. "Just wait a sec, and that gagging feeling will pass. Then try it again. You're doing great!"

He smiled again, genuinely pleased with the knowledge that he was bringing a man to orgasm. "And Chipster," I added, "when I cum, I shoot, and the way you're doing me, I'm going to shoot a lot. Some guys like to keep that hot juice in their mouth and swallow it, but you don't have to. That's something you can try later if you want."

"Tell me when you're gonna do it?" he asked. That old uncertainty had - understandably - returned.

"Of course, Chip." I could see that that was something he'd never heard of, never even thought about: tasting cum or swallowing it. "That wasn't cum that's oozing out of you?"

I smiled. "No, that's something else. People call it precum. It's sort of helps get you slippery.

"So cum is different?"

"Yeah. There's a lot more of it. You'll see before too long, believe me." I smiled again, and he grinned back like he was part of some great secret that only he and I knew about.

"What's it taste like?"

"Well, it's hot and gooey, and salty - maybe a little bitter."

The boy looked back down at my meat. Tentatively, he dipped back down, stretched his mouth wide, and engulfed my head again. His hot, wet mouth sent shockwaves through me. He began jacking me off again, faster this time. It was as if he couldn't wait to see me cum. His tongue worked all around me, every swirl bringing me closer. Waves of tension started flowing out from his efforts on me. My blood pumped wildly through my veins. Every muscle in my body tightened. Like every boy, Chip wanted it to happen fast. Perhaps I could teach him to slow down, but I knew the drive is so powerful in boys, that slowing down for them is almost impossible. Working on them slowly and deliberately was one of the things that drove them wild and made their orgasms so massive and overwhelming, but it was as if they didn't have the willpower or stamina to prolong the feelings themselves.

"I'm close," I breathed, taking his head in my hands.

Chip sucked down hard on me, and I felt my cock swell one last time. I felt the earthquake hit. "I'm cu...aghhhghh...mming," I groaned. My hips bucked, and I drove my cock deeper into his mouth. I tried to pull him off, but he stayed on me. The first blast shot into his mouth. And suddenly he WAS pulling off me. A second surge caught him in the lips and his cheek. Now his eyes were as big as saucers. Cum oozed out of the corner of his mouth; it dripped down his cheek. His stare was riveted on my head as shot after shot blasted out of my slit. It was unbelievable. Still his hand worked my massive manhood up and down. It was the grip of a novice, but it was driving me wild. The shots lessened in their intensity, but still he worked me. Finally, when I could take it no more, I reached out and held his hands still. Cum puddled on my chest and belly. I watched my boy as he tried to swallow what was still him his mouth. His eyes watered, and he scowled as he tasted it.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I tried."

"No...you have nothing to be sorry for. You made me cum so hard. It was unbelievable. You were so awesome! And you did take some in your mouth, didn't you? It was fantastic! And like I said...it takes some getting used to."

"It's...it's...not so bad...I wanted to try..."

"You're quite a guy, you know that? I'm so proud of you," I told him. He smiled. "I mean it," I said. I reached down and pulled him up over me. He lay down against me, my cum spreading out between us.

"It's slippery," he said. I felt his little tool poking my belly.

"Mmm." I leaned in to him and licked his face clean of my semen. Then I kissed him, and after the first tentative explorations, my tongue snaked into his mouth. I tasted what remained of me inside him. I started to clean him up there as well.

"No," he said, "I want to taste you...I want to keep it there."

"Did you swallow any of it?"

He nodded. "It kind'a just slid down in a glob. I thought it'd choke me, at first."

I kissed him again. I hugged him tight feeling our skin on skin. It was heaven. We both lay there as I came down off my orgasmic high.

"Dan?" Chip asked after a few minutes.

"Yeah," I said, kissing him on his nose.

He smiled. "Will you do it?" he whispered. I could see fear and desire in his eyes. I trembled, fearing what he was asking.

"Do what, sweetheart?"

He gazed into my eyes. "Fuck me."

"Oh, Chip," I said. "We need to work up to that, I think."

"I WANT you to do it."

"But you have to get ready. We need to stretch you some more."

"Please, Dan."

I was speechless. Here, before me, was the most beautiful boy virgin begging me to do the very thing I wanted more than anything to do. But he was so not ready. He'd need to be prepared. I'd planned a whole other weekend for that. Yet here he was begging. I looked at the clock. We had almost two hours left. My heart was pounding.


I moved him around and laid him down on his back. His golden skin glistened.

"We need to talk first," I said.


"Because I want you to know about some things...if we're really going to do this...and after you know, then you can decide."

Somehow this seemed more serious than he was thinking it would be. "Okay," he said quietly.

"It does hurt...especially with young boys like you."

"Why?" Chip seemed almost indignant that I would single him out that way.

"Because your anus is small, and it has to get stretched a whole lot. And as a result, it gets bruised." I could see he was confused. I reached into my drawer and pulled out a mirror. "Here," I said, holding the mirror down so he could see himself. "Have you ever seen your asshole before?"

"No...well...once I tried in the bathroom, but I didn't get a real good look."

"Well, now you can." I touched his little pucker. It pulled in on itself. "Chip meet your anus. Anus: this is Chip." The boy grinned, and his eyes sparkled. "It's a ring of muscle, and its purpose is to help keep things inside." He frowned. "But after a man's penis has been in your bottom, it's like someone's bumped it really hard, so it gets really bruised."

"Oh," he breathed, staring at his hole.

"After a boy makes love with a man, especially for the first time, he's usually really sore."

"For how long?"

"Sometimes a day...usually several days. Sometimes, it's so bad a boy has to go to the doctor. Especially if he doesn't take care of himself."

"I...I...don't want to go to the doctor," he said, looking worried.

"No, that wouldn't be good. I mean, you'd have to tell your mother for one thing. And the doctor's going to look at your butt and know someone's fucked you...and then there'll be a lot of questions...and we'll both be in big trouble."

"Yeah." Chip looked more worried than ever.

"And something else can happen. You can get constipated. You know what that is?"

"Yeah, I think. It's like you can't poop."

"Exactly. 'Cause your insides are all sore...but there are some things you can do to help all that. I'll give you some ointment, and several times a day, you can rub it into your hole and over it. But don't use so much that it'll stain your undies...unless you do your own laundry."

"Okay," Chip said, wide-eyed.

"And then, I'll give you some laxative pills - to help you go to the bathroom everyday."


"Do you ever go to the mall during the week?"

"Sometimes on Tuesdays."

"Great. Can you go this Tuesday?"

"I guess."

"Good. Let's meet, and if you're having problems, I can take you to a doctor friend of mine, and he can check you out...but that's just in case things are really bad. I really think if you kind'a take care of yourself, you'll be okay."

"Me, too," he said with a smile.

"One last thing: sometimes it takes a little while for your asshole to close up after you've done it...so the cum can kind'a drain out of you - and other stuff, too." He frowned; he was finding out more than he really wanted to know. "But it doesn't last too long, and I've got something that might help there, as well."


"Well," I said, reaching again into my drawer. I pulled out a rubber object and showed it to him. The boy's eyes grew big with wonder. "It's called a butt plug," I said, "And I bet you can figure out where it goes!."

His mouth dropped open in awe. "Can I try it?"

"Sure." I slathered it with some KY and touched its tip to his anus. It puckered in on itself. I held the plug at the right spot, and held the mirror so he could see. "Push out gently, Chip," I said. He did, and I pushed it in. He gasped as it settled into place. There was a little bit of a knob on the end, and once it got past his ring, it held it in place. The outer end of it was long and soft and sort of fit into his crack. Covered by his underpants and shorts and it'd never be noticed. "How's that feel?"

He thought about it. "Okay," he said. "How often can I wear it?"

I grinned, figuring it must feel better than okay. "Well, as often as you want, I guess. But I wouldn't wear it all the time. Anyway, after the first day, your hole should be nice and tight." I looked into his eyes and could see his uncertainty. "So...now that you know all the bad stuff..."

"Dan," he said softly, taking my hand. "I don't know why I want this so much. I know it's going to hurt, but from the first time I knew guys could do this, I wanted to try it. And...and then I found you...and...you just have to...do it to me." He squeezed my hand. "I want you to. Please?" he asked, full of anticipation.

"We'll see," I said gently. "Switch around. Up on your hands and knees." Like a shot he was in position. I reached out and rubbed my hand over his butt. Oh God, those cheeks were so silky smooth. I gently spread them. "I'm going to take out your butt plug," I said, and gently tugged on it. "Push out." He did, and the plug popped out, exposing his beautiful pucker - the thing that he wanted me to have.

He reached back and took hold of my cock and said softly, "I want you to do it to me. Nobody else. Just you."

"Roll over," I commanded. He did, I looked down into his eyes, and there was nothing but love there. I think he realized the truth in those moments, and so did I. We were lovers. I smiled at the contradiction of that notion - a grown man, and an eleven-year-old boy, lovers in the truest, fullest sense of the word. He loved me, and I loved him, and now I told him so.

"I love you Chip," I whispered. "And if you really want this, I will make love to you. But only if you can open yourself up. I know I'm going to hurt you...that can't be helped, but if it's too much...I couldn't live with myself. I won't do that. I love you too much." I leaned down, and felt his legs settle against my sides. I found his mouth with mine, and we kissed like the lovers we were. Underneath me I felt his poker jabbing my belly.

I broke away from our kissing, and then kissed down his chest, tonguing his nipples, nibbling on his cock, his balls, his perineum.

I glanced up at him and his eyes were wide with anticipation. I planted a big, juicy kiss on his asshole. He sucked in a sharp breath, and I felt his pucker tighten. I sucked down hard, forming a tight seal around his hole, and then let my tongue explore. It was small and firm, and tight.

"Ooooo..." he breathed when he felt my tongue press in.

I broke away. "Open up, Chip, if you can."

"I'm trying," he breathed. "It's hard when I get excited."

"I know, honey," I said. "Just take your time."

I felt him spasm, and I pressed in. My tongue was probably an inch inside him. Oh God, was he tight! It felt as though he was going to squeeze my tongue right off. I pulled out and ran my tongue around his bud, and it spasmed again.

"You're doing fine," I offered, and pressed my tongue back into him. This time I extended my tongue as far as I could, and my lips pressed against his pucker. We kissed - my lips to his beautiful bud, and I felt a tremor pass through him. I breathed in his scent, sweet and musky, and tasted his soft, hot insides. My tongue pressed up and down, left and right, and I heard him sigh. My hands had been massaging his buns, and savoring the smooth silky skin of his hips and tummy, but now I found his boy tool, and he was rigid and throbbing.

As he held my tongue, I felt him loosen, and I pulled out. I grabbed the KY and lubed him up. He took my finger more easily now, but I was still careful, and he still sucked in a sharp breath as my first knuckle, then my second slipped past his pucker. I worked my finger around gently stretching him. Each time I pressed out, he'd whimper. I was on fire just thinking about taking his virginity, but I was worried that he'd never be able to accommodate my massive pole, massive in comparison to his chute, anyway. If he was having this much difficulty with just my finger...

When I felt him loosen again, I pulled back and spread more lube on a second finger. I slipped the first finger back in to the first knuckle, then all the way in. He stiffened.

"Chip, how are you doing?"

"Okay." His little boy voice trembled, and I knew he wasn't okay at all.

"I'm just going to let my finger sit inside you for a little while. Let your bottom get used to it, okay?"

"M-hm," he said. It sounded as if he were concentrating really, really hard on something.

I leaned in and kissed his beautiful little butt - both cheeks, and with my other hand, I returned to caressing those silky smooth globes. After a minute or so, I burrowed around with my second finger, and, finding a little space, pressed in. He swallowed a cry and held very still, but my two fingertips were being squeezed, held in place by his ass ring. Again I waited. With my other hand, I massaged his tummy, trying to get him to relax and to open up.

"I'm sorry, Chip," I whispered and moved my fingers inward. His asshole tightened, trying to shut me out, but it was too late. I'd gotten the second finger in to the first knuckle, and waited. I decided perhaps he'd loosen more if I brought him to orgasm, so I again began to suck down on his cock. He whimpered. I worked him hard, and I could tell I was setting him on fire.

Slowly I pressed into him, and got both fingers past the second knuckle, but at a price. He groaned out loud, and his hands clamped down on my head.

Now, with his climax getting nearer, his whole body was responding, and I felt him loosen even more. As gently as possible I pushed all the way in, and he gulped in a huge breath.

"It hurts," he whimpered.

I lifted away from him. "I know, Chip," I answered. I held my fingers still. "But these are only my fingers. My penis is even bigger. I'll stop if you want me to."

"No," he gasped. "NO, keep...rrrrr...keep...doing it." I pressed gently all around, and each time, I heard a little hiss of breath sucked in through his teeth. But he seemed to be loosening up.

"Just hold still for a minute." I pulled my fingers out and moved to my bureau. I searched through a drawer and found what I was looking for: a medium sized dildo. Chip wasn't missing a trick, here. His eyes widened as I moved back to him.

"What's that?"

I smiled. "It's called a dildo. And I bet you can figure out what it's for."

"Are you going to stick that in me?"

"M-hm. I think it will be better than fingers. Want to try?"

Slowly he nodded, like he wasn't really sure. I slicked it up with some KY. I leaned in to him and kissed him on each butt cheek. "You're so beautiful," I mumbled. His asshole was still a little bit open. Even with just my fingers, his pucker had turned from its usual pink to a redder color. I gently placed the tip of the tool at his opening.

"You can help by pushing out. Remember? Like trying to poop. Ready?"

He nodded, and his little bud winked shut, then open. His little cocklet throbbed as he was learning to control his muscles down there, and then I felt his asshole open, and I eased the tip inside him. God, was my boy tight.

"Ahhhhrrrrgg...." he cried, locking his jaw closed. My brave, brave boy.

"Keep pushing," I urged, and he did, and I pushed in deeper. Now, with an inch of the dildo inside him and meeting a lot of resistance, I held it still. He panted like woman in a lamaze class. "Okay," I whispered. "Let's just rest, now. Try moving your legs around a little. See if there's a position where it doesn't hurt so much. Lean them on my shoulders if it feels better." He was so small down there, so tight; his small pelvis really limited the room for his chute to expand. I hoped flexing his legs might open him up even a little more.

I rested my hand on his tummy. It was taut and rigid. I rubbed in small circles, hoping to get him to relax. "Just try to relax, Chipster. It'll be better if you can."

He nodded, but the look he had on his face showed me it wouldn't be easy. I knew he was hurting. "Chip," I began, "I think we've done enough for today. I think it's too much."

"No," he whimpered. "More." He reached down between his legs and pressed the dildo in deeper. He sucked in a fierce breath, and gritted his teeth, and it seemed as every muscle in his body strained against the pain. I looked down at him, and was amazed. The boy had taken another two inches of the dildo. Color drained from his face. I took hold of the tool. I could feel it being held tightly by his ass muscles. I pulled back just a bit, and then pressed more. It began to slide in, ever so slowly, a 1/4 inch, then 1/2, then more. Chip's face was set, rigid. He was holding his breath.

"There," I whispered, leaning into his ear. I moved and kissed his cheek, then his mouth. I looked down at him. "How is it?"

"Okay," he said, his voice catching.

"You brave, brave boy," I said in genuine awe. "What's it feel like?"

"It still hurts a little," he said, "but I can feel something deeper inside me. I feel...full...that part makes my dick feel nice."

I kissed him again. "You've got about six inches of it inside you."

His eyes got bigger. "Wow," he murmured through gritted teeth.

"I'm gonna move it in and out some," I said softly. I began to pull back, and he winced. "Okay?"

He nodded, but wasn't convincing.

"I'll try to go easy." I was having real doubts about doing what he seemed desperate for. The problem was, once I started, I wasn't sure I'd be able to stop. Just being around him, seeing him like this was making me wild with desire to take him. What is it about a vulnerable boy needing to feel you inside him? If only he'd said he wasn't interested...but he was demanding it from me...and how could I deny him?

I pressed the dildo back into him. He shuddered, but it felt as though there was less resistance. I pulled back, and he was more at ease - not so much tension in his small body. I shoved it back in, then out, then in again. He swallowed, and I could almost detect a wave of pleasure passing through him. And it definitely seemed looser.

"Dan," he said. "I think I'm ready."

"Okay," I whispered. He trembled under my gaze. I put both my hands on this beautiful golden legs. His little cock throbbed, his tummy heaved with small little breaths, and his ass ring was swollen red with an inch-in-diameter dildo lodged deeply inside him. It made my own tool jump, and I felt an ooze of precum drool out my slit. "I'm going to leave the dildo in until we're ready...but I want you to get me slick, first."

I leaned in so he could reach, and I handed him the tube of KY. He squeezed some out on his hand, and then tentatively took my manhood in his hand. He pulled back the foreskin, and then lathered me with the lube. Oh God, his touch was electric. I thought I would shoot right then and there. "Easy," I warned.

He wore an absolutely serious expression. This was nothing to take lightly, and he knew it. He was taking the biggest step in his young life. It would change him, and it was going to cause him a terrible agony before the pleasure. For all these reasons, his expression was unsmiling and utterly focused.

"There," he said when he was satisfied.

I looked down at him from his head to his overflowing asshole, then back along his legs.

"How would you like to do it?" I asked. "Like this, or you can roll over and lay flat on your tummy, or you can get up on your hands and knees...doggie style...or you can lay on your side and tuck up your legs to your chest, and I'll get behind you."

He thought about the options, but only for a moment. "Like this," he said, "then I can see you."

I smiled, trying to look reassuring. I leaned down, and we kissed...long and hard...as if to say I know what's about to happen, and we're together in this...we'll always be together.

"I'm going to leave the tool inside you for a while," I said. Then I resumed working him...both in his ass and on his cock. For as long as I could, I was going to use my mouth, and then once I began taking him in his bottom, I'd switch to my hand. I wanted him as sexually driven as I could get him without having him climax. I figured that would help loosen him, and also help keep his mind off the pain.

I went down on him, taking his three inches into my mouth. At the same time, I grasped the dildo and slowly eased it in farther. He gasped, but it was not a sound of discomfort. His hips bounded upward as he tried to fuck me in my mouth. He was one hot little boy. My hands were in constant motion, exploring the exquisite textures of his body. His nipples, his ears, his arms, his sides, along his torso, his legs, his balls, his ass: his beautiful soft, luscious, round ass. In just minutes, I was going to be inside that boy. How could I be so lucky?

Now he was showing all the signs of wild abandon. His body was tensing, then relaxing, and as he tensed, he thrust his cocklet as deep in my mouth as he could get it. He panted and the veins across his body popped. I could practically see the blood pumping through them.

"It's time," I whispered, and he nodded, and that look of seriousness flooded across him again.

I eased the dildo out. My plan was to get inside him as soon as I could to take full advantage of the loosening the dildo has permitted.

"If it get's too bad, tell me, Chip," I said. "Promise."

"I promise," he answered.

The tool popped out with that tell-tale little sound. His pucker closed up, but not as tight as before. I took hold of my cock with my hand and rubbed the tip along the widened valley between his two glorious hillocks. I let it come to rest on his bud. The opening that remained there seemed little bigger than my slit.

"Okay, Chip, help me, here."

I saw that look of concentration on his face. His pucker pulsed under my tip. I waited, and when I felt it pulse again, I pressed in.

"Ahhh," he breathed sucking in a desperate breath. His body went rigid. I held still. My glans hadn't even fully penetrated him yet. His little asshole was squeezing me tight, trying to push me out.

He was breathing hard. His eyes were filling with moisture, but he wore a look of utter resolve. "Whenever you're ready," I whispered. He nodded, and took a breath. I felt his ass ring pulse against my head, then he pushed out again, and I pushed in gaining perhaps a quarter of an inch. I leaned back and looked down. Even now with little more than half of my glans inside him, his pucker was already stretched wider than with the dildo. It was looking swollen and, strangely, a pale, yellowish-white, as if all the blood had been forced from that small area.

Chip was panting like a dog in heat. I resumed my stroking of his prick. With my other hand I fondled his marble-sized testicles, which had pulled almost completely inside him.

"Is it all the way in yet?" he asked between sharp breaths. The poor little boy wasn't thinking clearly.

"Not yet, Chip," I answered. "A little more..." I listened to my voice. It trembled as I tried to control myself.

I didn't have the heart to tell him. The truth was, his asshole's action on my cock was driving me wild. It took every ounce of willpower to keep from savagely ramming into him.

"Should...I...push...more?" he asked. I nodded. He was so brave, so determined. I could go another quarter of an inch or try to get all my head past his ring. I wasn't sure what to do. I felt two small hands stretch down to my butt and press down on my cheeks. The touches only added to my need. I felt his ring ease its grip on me. And as if on autopilot, I rammed into him.

For a split second, he simply stiffened and shook. Then a cry tore from his throat. I bent down and covered his mouth with mine. I shoved my tongue into him, and he clamped down on it. His hands wrapped around my neck and tightened until I worried I couldn't breathe. His whole body was rigid, and he snorted in great desperate breaths.

I lifted my mouth away from his. "I'm so sorry," I whispered.

Now, as I watched him wide-eyed with pain, tears spilling onto his cheeks, I witnessed the most unbelievable thing: he shook his head.

"You want me to pull out?" I asked.

He shook his head again. He sucked in a breath, and then choked out a few words. "No...not...sorry...keep going."

I leaned down to his face again, covering him with kisses. "Oh, my love," I moaned, now with tears filling my eyes. "So brave, so brave."

His arms pulled at me again, and my cock flexed. He winced, but then managed a tortured smile.

"I'm just going to wait."

Now he pulled my head down and put his mouth to my ear. His words were hot and labored. "It hurts," he whimpered.

"I know, Chip, I know. Just wait."

"Don't take it out, Dan. Put it all in me."

I could hardly believe what he was telling me. "Just wait," I repeated stupidly. "You got all my head now, that's the hardest," I told him, and I hoped it was true.

"You're so big," he breathed.

I smiled. "And you're so tight. You feel unbelievable!"

He snuffed once. "I am?"

"Yes, Chip, I've never felt anything like your hole. It's incredible." And it was. I knew I couldn't last long with the awesome treatment his tight, little asshole was giving my cock.

I held myself as still as I could. Normally, I might have worried about losing some of my hardness, but not with this little god - not what I was feeling on my manhood. After a couple of minutes, I felt him loosen, but I was so afraid of hurting him even more.

"I'm...I'm ready," he whispered.

I smiled down at my boy. "Chip, you're going to have to do it. I can't hurt you anymore."


"Two ways. You can pull me into you...or...I can lift you up. Then I'll lie down on my back; and you can press yourself down onto me."

I could see the wheels turning, and then he reached out and placed one hand on each hip. He took a breath, gritted his teeth, and pulled on my hips. I slid in about an inch. He shuddered, grimaced, and stopped me. He closed his eyes and panted. Then he took another breath, clenched his body and pulled me in until I was about halfway in.

"I have to wait," he rasped. I nodded and leaned down and covered him with kisses, tasting the sweat that flowed from his forehead. His whole body glistened. "Why does it hurt so much?" he asked innocently.

"Because, honey, you're stretched so, so much." I lifted away and looked down at his stuffed asshole. It was stretched so tight it was hard to see any of the ring. I worried that he might be torn. I wouldn't see any evidence of that until it was too late.

"Why am I soft?" Now he noticed he'd lost his erection. "It's just because of the pain, Chip," I said. "It'll come back...once it's gone."

"Will it? Will it go away, Dan?"

"Oh, my love, if it doesn't go away completely, the pleasure will overpower it. You'll see. I promise."

Our talking seemed to deflect the pain, and I felt his hands grip my hips tighter. He nodded.

"Only a few more inches," I said, and I smiled.

He took a deep breath, and then pulled me in another two inches. His eyes spilled a few more tears, and then he stiffened up and, when he could bear it, pulled on me again. His whole body glistened with sweat.

"Ahhhh," I groaned. I felt my pubic hair crushed against his perineum. My balls smacked against his bottom. "You have all of me," I said.

His eyes got big. "I can feel it inside me."

I nodded. "I can feel you, pressing everywhere on my penis. Oh babe, you're so fucking tight," I whimpered. I suddenly felt so humbled by the devotion this little boy was paying me. How could I deserve this?

Even my slightest movement made him wince. I hoped that the more I stimulated him, the looser he'd become. I began again to awaken him, feeling his tiny nipples, running my hands up and down his luscious arms, feeling his folded, beautiful legs, fondling his tiny eggs. I looked down. His little organ was responding.

"I'm getting stiff!" he wheezed.

"I can see!"

I now grasped his little tool and began to jack him. A moan lifted from his throat; it hinted at pleasure, not pain.

I felt his asshole spasm and loosen now - not a lot, but enough, I hoped.

"I'm going to try now, Chip, to really fuck you? Okay?"

"Yeah," he said, though the way he was feeling, I'm not sure he was really concentrating.

I pulled back, and he shuddered, but all the stimulation on his front seemed to be doing the trick. My cock head was still inside him. I didn't want that to come out if I could help it. I rested one hand on his tummy. Now I eased myself back in. I could actually feel his organs moving under my hand on his belly, and I could even feel my steel-hard tool when it pulsed.

Again he shuddered, and this time it seemed to be centered in his ass. It drove me wild. Now I took another stroke - back, then in. I could see from his face that he was still feeling it, but the sensation he was sending out to my cock was unbelievable. Out. This time I resolved to try to find his immature little prostate.

I shoved in.

"Eiiieee." he screamed, and panted madly. His little cocklet stiffened impossibly in my fingers. An incredible look of desperate expectation formed on his face. I pulled out, then in, again assaulting his little hidden kernel.

A boy's chute is an incredible thing. Its ability to expand and accommodate is a marvelous thing - pain aside. I was confident that now my boy was feeling at least as much pleasure as pain. I was driving him wild, and he seemed to hunger for more. His contractions around my manhood drove me wild, and it took every bit of willpower to proceed slowly. Now as I felt my orgasm fast approaching, I knew any shred of willpower that were left would soon disappear. I pulled out, then rammed in again.

He whimpered.

Now I began fucking him in earnest - a building rhythm of thrusts.

"Tell me how it feels," I huffed.

"Uhhh...." he grunted. "I...I...I...." He sucked in a breath. "Awesome...I feel...full...when you're inside me...Eeee...There's that place again." His head thrashed from side to side. His body tried to move with mine, tried to meet me halfway.

I slowed.

"Does it hurt?"

"Yeah," he groaned. I slowed some more. "Don't!" he shouted, sounding more like a demanding little slut, than the sweet boy I knew him to be. "Don't stop!"

I resumed my action.

Each time I went home, he grunted. "Yeah! Harder!" he groaned.

I increased my speed. I was getting closer. My tool pulsed inside his greased-up hole. His cock seemed to throb in harmony.

I jacked him harder.

My cock swelled. I'd only last for a few more strokes. Oh ye gods, give me release.

I was totally out of control. I looked down and it vaguely registered that Chip's eyes were rolling up unfocused. Still he was conscious because he moaned in ecstasy with each thrust: "Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn."

I felt his little cock swell and then he screamed a little boy scream. And I felt his penis throb in its dry orgasm.

Mine wasn't dry. "Oh God, yes!" I screamed, and rammed into him once more. Then I shot, and shot, and shot, issuing a great flood of cum, giving him an incredible creamy enema. He squealed with each spurt. His eyes grew wide, and he seemed like he couldn't get enough air. Finally he grabbed onto my hand and stopped my masturbation of his tool. I felt weak, like I would collapse. I carefully laid down bracing myself with my arms. I lay on top of him waiting for my manhood to soften. His legs slowly rotated and wrapped themselves around my hips. I felt a soft kiss on my neck, then nothing.


I lay there with him under me until my arms had lost all feeling. I lifted away, my boy still not moving, still with the glow of his orgasm. I eased my cock out of his ass. It stretched as I pulled back. It was as if his body didn't want me to leave. Finally, I felt the head slide toward daylight. Exhausted as I was, it still sent a shiver through me.

He stirred, and whimpered as I popped out of his tight little asshole (though not so tight as it once was). I dropped to my knees and gazed upon his hole. It was an angry red-purple and though it was a fraction of the size it was when I was inside him, it had failed to close completely. As I watched, a creamy ooze began to drain from him. The lips forming his ring were swollen and tender. The boy's pain was far from over; however, I was glad to see that the ooze that flowed from him was whitish with no hint of pink or red. Though I had ripped the boy's cherry from his ass, it had been bloodless. Now, with regular attention to that secret part of him, I knew he'd manage to feel the fullness of my manhood without the threat of tearing.

While he rested, I gathered a syringe, some warm water, a low pan, and a towel.

"Chip," I whispered. I rubbed his tummy. "Chip," said louder.

He stirred.


The sleepy little boy opened his eyes.

"Dan," he mumbled, and then coming into consciousness, winced, and put his fingers down to feel his hole.

"Something's coming out of me!" he said with some alarm.

"Shh," I whispered, "it's okay. Mostly it's my cum, but your body also makes some juice inside you. It's a kind of mucus. It helps make things slide in and out," I said smiling.

"It...it hurts," he said, and winced again when he touched himself. He felt himself again. "It's open a little." Again a look of worry passed over him.

"It's okay, Chip," I said. "Yeah, you're open some, but give it a little time. I really stretched you. You were so brave, my beautiful little hero!"

He actually blushed.

"Here," I said, and I tucked the towel under him, held the pan under his butt, and used the syringe to douche his insides. He held the water inside him for a moment, then his muscles came back to life, and he contracted. The water gushed out of him. He whimpered. I patted him dry, and then cuddled with him. "I know, Chip, I know."

"It still hurts," he sniveled.

"I know it does, Chip. It's going to for a while."

"How long?" he said in a little boy voice.

"Remember we talked about this? Probably two or three days. It was kind of hard to stretch you. It will hurt." I reached for a tube of topical analgesic. I squeezed some on his finger.

"What's that?"

"It's medicine to make you feel better. You have to put it inside you, and around your rim."

I watched as he slowly put his finger to his hole, and then tentatively shoved it inside. It slipped in easily.

"Kind of move it all around, so the medicine gets everywhere, then pull out and rub it on your anus." He did. "That's the way, good boy."

"That will help some of the pain go away," I repeated.

"How soon?"

"In a little bit. You can put some more on when you get home, and when you go to bed. Just don't put too much on, because your mom will see it on your underpants. And I don't think she'd understand."

He seemed to freeze at the thought of his mother finding out that he'd just been seriously fucked by a man.

"It's okay, Chip. If you're careful, no one will know. It'll be hard, because you can't say anything to anyone, but if you take the laxatives and use the cream, it won't be too bad. And I'll see you on Tuesday."

I picked him up and carried him to the bathroom. He wrapped his arms around my neck, and his legs around my sides.

I filled the tub with warm water. "What are you doing?"

"Well, you're a little, sweaty stinkball. And I think you need a bath."

I stepped in the water and sat down. I switched him around, and he sat in my lap. I grabbed a cloth and began to wet his hair.

Lovingly I washed every inch of him. He seemed to grow more and more at ease as we sat there. When I had washed his front, I urged him around, and he leaned on the edge of the tub, with his butt pointing back toward me.

I carefully washed those beautiful muscular boy cheeks, and he winced, still struggling with the pain. With utmost care, I parted his cheeks. His bruised and swollen pucker had closed more now, and in another half hour, it would likely be tight. I decided against giving him the plug. I thought it would be just too painful. As I gazed on that abused place deep in his cleft, tears welled up in my eyes. I leaned down and gently kissed those two oh-so-smooth outswellings of flesh. He sighed. The boy had made such a sacrifice. He had given me his boyhood, which I tore from him. "What a love you are, Chip," I whispered.

"I love you, Dan," he said simply. And I knew, without doubt, that he did.

"All done," I said softly, and he stood up. I stepped out of the tub and dried off quickly, then picked him out and stood him on the toilet seat. One of my towels would easily cover him, and now I caressed him, blotting off the water from his sacred body.

"I think we need to get dressed, Chipster," I said. "We've got to be getting you back to the mall."

He looked like he'd been shot. "No, it's not time," he protested.

"Chip," I said, "it's after 5:00."

"But..." He didn't argue because he knew it was true. Instead, he just held out his arms and I stepped to him, so he could hug me with all his might. I carried him to the bedroom - to our bedroom - and laid him back in the place where I had ravaged him only an hour earlier.

"Should we put some more cream on your hole?"

For the first time since we'd fucked, he smiled his coy little smile.

"I'd rather have the cream that comes from him," he said, reaching up and tugging on my cock. I grinned.

"You'll have to wait for that," I said. "This is all I can give you now."

He nodded. I spread some on my finger, and then gently lifted his legs. He spread them, exposing once again his fiery reddish-purple asshole. When I touched him, he winced. "I'm sorry," I whispered. I pressed inside him and he gasped, but as I worked my fingertip around inside him, he seemed to relax and stretch.

"It doesn't hurt as much," he said.

"I'm glad, Chip."

I eased my finger out of his hole, wiped my hand off, and reached for his cute little Spiderman underpants.

I slipped them over his feet, then eased them up his legs and gazed upon his crotch as the fabric cover his treasure.

In no time, he was fully dressed. Then I got dressed. We left the bedroom, but there was still a few minutes left, so I sat in a chair in the living room, and he snuggled up.

"You've got your pills, and your ointment?"

"Uh huh."

"Good. And when are you going to take your pills?"

"Tonight. When I go to bed."

"Good. And when do you use the ointment?"

"Whenever it starts to hurt...but not too much...so my mom won't find out about us."

I smiled. "You're such a beautiful boy. I love you so much."

He beamed.

"You never told me what it was like?"

His smile faded.

"I thought you were going to tear me apart." His eyes started to glisten, and I was afraid I'd made a big mistake asking.

"It hurt awful, Dan."

I leaned over and kissed him on his wet, red lips. "I'm so sorry, Chip. We should have waited."

"No!" he almost shouted. "It did hurt, but then like you said, it began to happen."

"What began to happen?"

"I began to get the feeling. You know. It was like it didn't matter it hurt. I could feel you going in and out, in and out, and if was like unbelievable. And then you started hitting that place inside me, and I thought I was going to turn inside out. My prick felt like it was going to explode!" He was grinning now like a crazy person. He looked into my eyes, looked beyond my eyes, into my soul. "I thought I was going to die...and I wanted to. I wanted you to keep doing what you were...fucking me...because it was so so awesome. And then I did it...orgasmed...unbelievable!

He snuggled in closer to me, and lay still. "It still hurts, Dan, but I want to do it again."

"Oh, my sweet boy," I moaned. "And so do I, but not today. I think it would kill you. We'll see how you are on Tuesday, and then plan our strategy then. Okay?"

"Okay," he said with a note of sadness. I really think he did want to do it again, right here and now.


Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were impossible days for me. I worried about my boy, and feelings of guilt nearly overwhelmed me. Was he okay? Was he managing his pain? Why did I give in to his prurient little desires? Was he alright? Why didn't I give him my phone number? Did his mother find out? Were we safe? Had he had a bowel movement for God's sake? My mind was racing, and it was impossible to focus on anything worthwhile.

Finally, at 6:45, I drove to the mall.

I parked my truck. Before I had a chance to open the door, my boy was there, climbing in.

"Chip," I said immediately relieved. But when I really looked at him, my relief faded.

"What's wrong, Chip? Oh, Chip, I'm so sorry. We should have waited..."

"No, Dan. It's something else." I looked at him and tears flooded down his cheeks. He scrambled into my lap, and I hugged him tight.

"I need to be back in an hour, but can we go to your house? Please?"

"Of course we can," I said. There was a desperate tone to his pleading, and I couldn't deny him.

"What's the matter, Chip?" I asked as we sat down on the sofa in the family room.

"I can't tell you..." And again tears spilled down his face. "Just hold me, Dan."

I did. "Does it hurt still?" I asked meekly.

"M-hm," he whimpered, "but that's not it."

"Chip, I need to know...about...how you're feeling about Saturday."

"I want you to do it again, Dan. That's all I want."

"Have you had a bowel movement?"

"A what?"

"Poop. Have you pooped?"

He grinned now and wiped away the tears.

"Yeah. I guess the pills helped. But it still hurt like hell."

I smiled. My boy suddenly sounded so grown up.

"Do you have enough ointment?"

"Yeah. It's a lot better. By next Saturday, I'll be all ready..."

Then all of a sudden he was crying again.

"Chip, honey," I said, and nuzzled him, lifting his head and kissing his sweet lips. He jammed his tongue inside my mouth like a boy starved for contact.

He crawled into my lap and curled up like a little baby. I almost expected to see him jam his thumb into his mouth. I rubbed my cheek over his silky, smooth blond hair.

"Oh, Chip," I moaned.

His hand poked between the buttons on my shirt and he played with my nipples.

"Honey," I said. "We don't really have time..."

"I know," he said dejectedly. "I just want you to hold me."

"Can't you tell me what's wrong? Did I do something..."

"NO! It's not you. I'll tell you Saturday." Then he was blubbering again. I wasn't prepared for this.

"Dan, please...can you suck me off?"

I was frankly shocked. Where did my little boy hear that kind of talk?

"Please," he begged. He stood up now and straddled my legs, bringing his pants-covered crotch to my eye level.

"Please," he said more insistently.

How could I deny him? I reached up and slowly loosened his shorts and eased them down. Today he had on pure white briefs. They set his body off perfectly, and I immediately throbbed to hardness. His tight little briefs tented between his legs, and I grabbed the waistband and drew them downward.

"Before I suck you, I need to look at your backside," I said. He turned around - which was tricky with his shorts and undies down around his ankles - and bent over.

I gently parted those two incredible globes, and beheld his bud. The human body is a miraculous thing. In just these few days, the swelling had eased considerably, though it was still puffy. It was also a purplish-gray, although hints of normal color were showing. Gone was the angry fiery red color that burned him so. I eased in and gave his pucker a sweet little kiss. Then I backed off and, with great reluctance, let his two mounds close over it again, hiding it from view.

Now I turned him around, his little iron rod jutted out from his puffy little pubic region and pointed straight at me. I reached out with my tongue and ran it over his tummy.

He sucked in a breath.

I tongued his balls, and then sucked one in, then the other. With them both in my mouth I toyed with them and pressed my tongue down on them, rolling them around. His breathing faltered, and I released them, and then licked up the underside of his little tool. He shuddered, and then I ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of his glans. Again he shivered and whimpered a little. Now I sucked him in one great motion. He sucked in a sharp, deep breath, followed by a girlish, "Ooooo". I felt his hands on my head. I worked my tongue all over him, and sucked down hard. I felt his little cocklet throb and turn to steel. Now, impelled by nature, he began to fuck my mouth. I'd never have believed a boy his age would respond like that, but it seemed to be a completely autonomic response. I worked him all over and fondled his testicles with my hand. At the times I swirled my tongue over his head he actually squealed. He was panting now, and I felt his prick throb in a tell-tale way. I placed my hand on his butt and helped him hump my mouth, and then he was having his orgasm. Jerk after jerk of incredible dry orgasm. Grunting with each contraction and squeezing my head with those tiny boy hands. He was wonderful.

When he became too sensitive, he pulled out and collapsed down on me.

"Ohhh," he groaned.


It was Saturday, and I actually trembled with excitement at the prospects of seeing my boy again. I'd been so relieved on Tuesday - at least in some ways. In other ways, I was more concerned than ever. Obviously something was bothering him, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get him to say what it was. But at least, he'd come through his initiation to anal sex as well as could be expected. Now, as I pulled in to the mall parking lot for what had become our "regular" Saturday afternoon, I wondered what the day would hold. Chip was willful; he knew what he wanted, and he would have it. If making love to him was what he wanted, I'd be pleased to oblige him.

I parked my truck and looked around, smiling in anticipation. I waited, and though only a few seconds had passed, somehow I grew restless. My smile faded, and I started to grow concerned.

A minute passed. I checked my clock, then my wristwatch. It was after our agreed time. I waited another long minute. No Chip.

I climbed out of the truck and headed for the movie theater.

I scanned the lobby, desperate, but trying not to show my desperation. The last thing I wanted was to have some mall cop ask me if everything was okay. "No," I'd wail, "I can't find my eleven-year-old lover!"

I looked around. There were kids everywhere, but most of them were in clusters of four or five. There was one cute little boy sitting on a bench. He looked over at me, and ordinarily, I might have smiled and stepped over to him, but I had other things on my mind right now. Where was my boy, where was Chip? Oh God, what's wrong?

I decided to walk back out and see if our paths might have crossed. But no. No Chip.

"Mister." I heard a little boy voice at my back. I turned. It was the young boy who'd been sitting on the bench in the theater.

"I'm kind'a busy right now, son," I said probably more brusquely than I meant. He looked a little hurt, but persisted.

"Are you Dan?"

I stopped dead and waited.

"Um...Chip...my friend, Chip, asked me to give this to you." He held out a folded piece of paper. I started to open it. The boy interrupted. "Chip said you should read it in your truck." I looked at him. He smiled this killer smile.

"Okay," I said softly. "Thanks."

I started off, glancing down. The boy was at my side. He looked up. "Can I come? He said I should tell you I should come."

"Where is Chip?" I asked.

He looked momentarily troubled. "It's in the letter."

I opened the door and he scrambled into my cab. I climbed in and shut the door.

I opened the letter. It was written in a typical little boy scrawl.

"Dear Dan, I miss you so much. Already." I shook. My vision began to blur. "My mom told me Sunday that we had to move. She got a better job in another city. But then Wednesday, she said we had to go Friday. I cried and cried, but I don't know how to call you or tell you, so my friend Stevie is bringing you this letter. I will write to him when I have my new address. Then he can tell you about it. Thank you, Dan, for loving me. I put my finger inside me, and I picture your penis, and I get hard. I miss you so much.

Love, Chip.

P.S. I told Stevie that you're nice, and can show him lots of sexy stuff."

I could see stains from dried tears on the note, and now my tears spilled down on it as well.

My boy. I felt a terrible aching inside. How could this have happened? He'd said something was up with his mom. Oh God, I wanted to be with him - to let him know how much I needed him.

I felt a small hand on my hand, and I looked down. "Stevie?" I snuffed.

"Uh huh," he said shyly. "Chip said he'd come back and visit me next vacation. He said to tell you that."

I smiled. "I miss him so much, Stevie. I don't know what I'm going to do."

Stevie smiled, and he was missing a couple of teeth. "Maybe I can help you feel better if you...you know...show me how," he said. "Chip said you would." He swallowed and became very still. "I'd like that," he whispered.

"That's very sweet," I said.

"Chip told me a little how to do it." He looked up at me and wore that familiar look of lustful uncertainty. He snatched a glance downward, then back up into my eyes. He breathed in and held it, then bit his lower lip, and reached out and put his tiny hand on my crotch.

I smiled, despite my pain. He rubbed his hand up and down and his eyes widened when he felt my manhood start to swell. A big grin spread across his face. "Chip said he went to your house."

"That's right, he did."

The boy was thoughtful for a moment. "Is it a nice house?"

"I think it is," I said. I was feeling such a desperate ache in my heart. My boy...gone.

"He said you've got lots of neat stuff."

I smiled. I'd been so into my loss that I'd stopped listening. This boy was trying every way he could to get me to take him home.

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"It would kind'a be neat to see it."

I smiled. "You think so? Would you like to see it?" I asked.

"Yes, I would," he said with childish honesty and without a moment's hesitation. "An' maybe I could help you feel better," he added almost slyly.

Again, it made me smile. "You think so?"

"I could try." He looked, waiting for me to say something, then offered a clarification: "But you can't put your weenie in my bottom today."

I looked at him and was dumbfounded. Then I smiled. "You and Chip must be pretty good friends."

"We are! The best! We tell each other everything!"

"Chip is lucky to have you for a friend." I started the truck up. "You ready to go see my house?" I looked down at him. He blushed, understanding that he was about to get his wish.

"Chip said he loved you." Little Stevie blurted that out, as if whatever was about to happen, that needed to be on the record. "He said he loved you a lot." He blushed now, obviously recalling his friend's conversation.

Tears welled up in my eyes again. "And I love him, too. So much, Stevie."

"Dan," he said, "Until Chip comes to visit, maybe you can love me - even if it's just a little bit."

"Stevie," I said, "Chip is a very special boy, and we did very special things." I could see a wave of disappointment flood over the boy. I guess I always pretty much a soft touch when it came to ten or eleven-year-old boys. Now it seemed Stevie might be going to cry, too, so I added quickly, "But everybody's special in some ways, aren't they?"

He nodded, slowly, almost too afraid to hope.

"I can see you're special, too," I spelled it out. He suddenly seemed very relieved.

"Does that mean you..." He blushed just the way Chip might. "...you like me?"

"Yes, Stevie, of course I like you." I winked at him. "After all, any friend of Chip's is a friend of mine!"

He grinned, and then I saw him trembling, though from what, I couldn't be certain. Was it fear of the unknown or was it something else - perhaps all the unfamiliar energy surging through his small body? "Do you...um...want to do stuff with me? Like you did with Chip?"

I reached out and stroked his smooth, soft skin; I saw the hunger in his needy, little boy eyes.

"If you want me to, Stevie. It will be different to the way Chip and I were, but it will be very special, too. And when Chip comes back for a visit, maybe we can all have fun together!"

A big smile stretched across his face. I reached over and fondled his hidden little "weenie", and he jumped. Then I rubbed my hand lightly across his thigh. He smiled up at me with dark, liquid eyes. "Yeah...I want you to," he said, the whispered words catching in his throat. He offered a coy smile.

I patted his thigh one more time and smiled at him. I put the truck in gear and drove toward home.