This is a true story
by Henri <>

I remember the year I turned thirteen. I had just discovered masturbation and it had become my favourite pastime. My father was a stern and unloving man, and I became more introvert as time went by. My only friend it seemed was old man Benson next door. Mr Benson lived alone, his wife had passed away two years before. He did not have any children and consequently had few people call on him. Saturdays, after completing my chores, I would wander into his yard to help him. We would weed and water the flowerbeds, then mow and rake the grass. It was fun to work with Mr Benson. He was always kind and gentle to me. I loved him. When summer holidays arrived I had even more time to spend at his place. I remember the first Saturday of that summer as vividly as if it happened yesterday. Mr Benson sat on his steps as I wandered into his yard. I said, "Hi, Mr Benson, what do we do today?" He looked at me with a tired look and said, "today we will not do any chores", then his face brightened and he added, "Would you like to watch the ball game with me on TV?" Of course," I'd be delighted" I replied.

We went into his house and sat down on the couch to watch the game. I don't remember who was playing or what the score was. I only remember what transpired that afternoon.

Mr. Benson put his arm around my shoulder and kinda hugged me and said, "You are a good kid, son, I really like you". With that he drew me close to him. I put my head on his chest and draped my skinny arm over his round stomach and replied, "I really like you too, Mr Benson".

He began massaging my back and then his hand moved down to my buns and he rubbed them a while. I was in heaven, the one person I cared about was showing affection to me. Imagine, the puny kid with the skinny arms and the stunted growth had somebody who actually cared.

I suddenly realized that I had an erection. At first I was embarrassed and tried to hide it but then I looked down and saw the bulge in Mr Benson's crotch was getting bigger. Suddenly I realized I wanted Mr Benson to do whatever he had in mind. He moved his hand over to my thigh and let it rest there for a while. I turned a bit so his hand slid down towards my aroused member. He gently brushed his hand over my penis, then rubbed my stomach. Slowly his hand moved down towards my crotch. I held my breath in anticipation of his next move. Again, he gently brushed his hand over my penis. I turned my face towards his and saw an expression of tenderness and love in his eyes. I smiled at him and let my hand drop between his legs. I don't think he expected this, because I saw a brief look of surprise cross his face. Then he smiled at me and said, "Lets go to the bedroom, we'll be more comfortable."

He bent down and kissed my forehead, took my hand and lead me to the bedroom.

Because I was rather bashful, I just stood in the centre of the room while Mr Benson took off his shoes. He placed his shoes beside the bed, then knelt before me and undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. He lifted me onto the bed, took off his trousers and lay down beside me. He kissed me on the lips and caressed me. I put my hand over the bulge in his drawers and gently moved my hand back and forth. All this time Mr Benson softly repeated his love for me. Then he removed my briefs and looked at my rigid penis. He softly fingered the head and moved his hand up and down the shaft. He bent down and took it into his mouth, sliding his tongue over the head and taking it all the way into his mouth. I couldn't stand the pleasure he was giving me. He slid his hand under buttocks and started to finger my anus. The pleasure was more than I could bear and I exploded in his mouth. He kept on working his tongue over my penis for a few more minutes then lay back and smiled at me. I looked at him with all the emotion I had just experienced and said, "Mr Benson, I love you." He took my hand and placed it on his rigid member and together we brought him to a climax.

After we were finished we lay there for a while not saying much, just revelling in the warm feelings of lying next to each other.

After we had put on our clothes, he asked me if I wanted a drink, so we proceeded to the kitchen where he poured two cokes and we sat at the kitchen table. He asked me if I had ever done this before. I told him no. He then asked if I would be willing to do this again sometime. I said yes, almost too eagerly, and added I had really liked it.

I spent all my Saturdays helping Mr Benson after that and usually they ended up the same way. One day in August my parents told me they had to go out of town for a week. My fathers cousin had passed away and I would have to stay with a sitter. I guess my father had told Mr Benson as they would usually talk if they happened to be outside at the same time. Mr Benson told my parents not to worry about a sitter, as he had a spare bedroom and seeing I had helped him all summer , I could stay at his house while they were gone. This was to good to be true. We made love every night that week. Mr Benson was a great teacher, I learned a lot about making love in those few days. Needless to say, the spare bedroom was not used that week.

School started in September, and I did not see as much of Mr Benson, though I did manage to go over to his house most Saturdays. Then one day I came home from school just as an ambulance pulled away from our street. I ran into the house and called my mother. She had tears in her eyes as she told me Mr. Benson had suffered a heart attack. I never got to see him again. The following day I learned he had passed away. I went to my room and cried. He was the one person I had truly loved and felt that love returned in a very real way.

That summer I had learned to love, sorrow and grieve. At first I was angry that I had allowed myself to love this man. For if I had not let this happen then I would not have to suffer the pain of losing him. But as time goes by I realize more and more that Mr Benson had given me a great deal more than just physical pleasure. He had taught me that true love meant caring for someone and giving of yourself to please him. Even though it is still painful to think back on that summer, I know I shall always cherish those few months when Mr Benson and I had something very special between us.