It was the summer before my senior year in high school and being all of 17 all I could think of was the senior class trip to Europe that our class had planned as juniors. Now my family was not poor but not well enough off to support a trip like that. I did not relish the though of working in fast food which seemed to be the only way to earn money in my town.  I decided instead that it would be better if I did odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn some cash for the trip.

I began buy mowing lawns and tending gardens. Mrs. Peterson down the street paid me to clean out her garage. She like many people in my neighborhood was in her 60’s or 70’s widowed and retired. Most of my work came from these older folks doing. They seemed to need younger people to do odd jobs around the house that they could not do themselves. I liked some more than others and each had their own idea of what was a fair price, but all in all I saved up quite a bit and enjoyed it more than flipping burgers.

My favorite house to visit was always Mr. Coat’s home. He was a very nice old man in his late 60’s who usually had me move a few boxes and a little light house work such as washing dishes or vacuuming the floor. He was divorced, recently retired and though not hurt or disabled seemed to like my company. What he really enjoyed was having someone to tell his stories too. Our usual routine boiled down to him giving me a short list of chores. While I was cleaning he would wait patiently for me in the living room where I would join him for lemonade or soda and listen to him tell me about growing up in Iowa or his days in the military during the Vietnam War.

            Listening to him talk was what I look forward to as well. Again he was a kind man and had a deep mellow voice that exuded warmth and friendliness. His large frame and barrel chest produced the most joyful booming laughs I had ever heard. His hairy arms, thick salt and pepper beard and hairy knuckles gave him the appearance of a giant cuddly teddy bear. With the exception of a bald head I suspected that he was pretty much covered with hair. His pension for wearing red flannel and jeans contributed to the comfy and warm feeling that I always had when I was in his home.

            Even after the summer was over and I had earned enough money I kept going to his house once a week to help with the chores. This continued through the school year, past graduation and was only interrupted for my two week trip to Europe.

            After several months those comfy feelings began to turn my curious teenage mind to other thoughts. I suddenly found myself wondering exactly how much hair he had all over his body and what was hiding behind that big bulge in his pants as he sat there recounting the good ol’days. This was not new to me; I had always found myself curious about other men, especially older ones. In school I found it hard to concentrate in Math class because I spent so much time focused on Mr. Ashes bubble butt and protruding gut that seemed to hang gleefully over his belt. I was constantly in danger of being hit in the head by flying balls in gym as I focused on Coach Benson’s thick hairy legs and tight coach pants, constantly undressing him with my eyes.

            I don't think many people expected me to feel this way and so they did not seem to notice when I stared, that was until Mr. Coats caught me staring at his crotch. He smiled a bit and asked if I was ok. I of course turned red as a beet and made up some lame excuse about a trance or something. He continued with his story, something about his first job cleaning horse stalls. When he was done we both stood and prepared to say our usual goodbyes but this time instead of just shaking my hand he held on tight and pulled me a little closer and staring into my eyes told me how much he loved having me visit and help around the house. I felt a little surge in my stomach at being so close to him and feeling the warm embrace of his hand, though he did not hug me or kiss me or anything else that I could have dreamed of, something seemed a little different.

            Other things began to change. The next few visits I noticed that his pants were a little tighter, as if he found some old jeans that just did not fit as well as they used to, and his shirts seemed to be unbuttoned a little lower, exposing more of his massive hairy chest. My chore list was shorter as well and we spent more time talking. The conversations changed as well. He began telling me more stories about his past love life. Stuff like girls he dated and even the first time he got laid. I never dreamed that he would ever do anything sexual with a teenage boy. After all he talked about was girls?

            That question was answered the summer after my senior year when I came over during a particularly hot day in July. He was dressed in tight knee length shorts and a t-shirt that was a little to short and showed some of his belly hanging out near his waistband. Mr. Coats explained that he needed my help weeding his garden and that I should get a drink because we would be back there a while. This was defiantly unusual for him, because he never had me doing anything outside of the house and never anything that would keep us for a long time and from talking.

            He led me to the backyard and instructed me about which weeds to pull and how to do it. I began working around the outside edge of the garden and he found a spot a few feet in front of me closer to the center. Kneeling with his backside to me Mr. Coats began pulling weeds vigorously. I must admit I did not get much work done. I could not take my eyes away from his backside. The shorts, that were one size to small, left nothing to the imagination and exposed all manner of delights to my youthful eyes. I followed the deep crack of his large ass down to the soft pouch of cloth that cradled his large low hanging balls and wondered at his thick meaty legs covered with soft gray brown hair. When he turned to the side to throw weeds I could catch small glimpses of his weighty stomach. It was well shaped and covered with thick tufts of hair that were glistening with the sweet of his labor. Despite the heat and the work my dick got hard and strained against my jeans.

            After about a half an hour of this he stood up dusted off his knees and asked if it was alright if he took his shirt off.

“Sure, no problem” I said.

“It won’t bother you if you have to see a fat hairy man sweating his butt off?” he replied.

Of course I said “no,” and excitedly watched as he striped the now soaked shirt off his heavy body and exposed his gorgeous chest to me in all its glory for the first time. As I suspected it was covered with a thick matt of gray brown hair that only allowed his large pink nipples and the edges of his belly to go uncovered. In my excitement I forgot to hide my crotch.

Mr. Coats quickly noticed that my zipper was about to burst and with a sly smile asked, “Are you alright, you aren’t thinking about those little girls at school are you?”


Embraced I answered “no,” and lowered my head and eyes to the ground.

“Well what has got you all in a tizzy then? I can’t be me?” he replied.

Flustered and upset I told him the truth. I explained that it was in fact him and that I was just curious and did not mean to do anything wrong.

I was sure that I was busted and never going to be allowed back but he just smiled and with that friendly calm voice said it was ok. He then explained to me that he was always curious about the other boys when he was a teenage too, but like me was afraid to tell anyone. I asked how that could be true if he was married so many times.

“Well I wanted to make my parents and family happy and so I found a nice girl or two and married them, but my marriages never worked out because in truth I wanted to be with men and never really worked at being married to a woman.”

Then Mr. Coats asked the million dollar question. “Have you ever seen a man like me naked before?”

“No,” I said “but I have seen the other boys naked at school in the showers.”

“Did you like that?” He replied.


Feeling a little more comfortable and less embarrassed because of his admission I confided in him that I was not all that attracted to the boys who looked like me, I wanted to see the hairy older guys.

 “Well then come with me” he said as he took my hand in his and lead me back into the house.

Inside the house he kicked off his sandals and led me back into the living room where he had told me so many stories in the past. Standing in front of the fire place he slipped of his shorts and exposed himself to me for the first time.

I drank in the sight of this magnificent fat man; focused first of course on his cock. It was better than I imagined, like me he was cut and though I expected him to be very long his semi hard cock was only about 51/2 to 6 inches long but very thick. He had a nicely formed mushroom head at the top of his thick veiny shaft. I then noticed those big low hanging balls that were covered like the rest of his body in a soft furry coat of gray brown hair. I followed his thick legs down to his feet and then back up to his cock and began again to admire his large gut and barrel chest until I meet his gaze.


Mr. Coats then instructed me to remove my cloths. I obliged and turned around to placed them on a neat pile by the coffee table and turned back around to find him standing right next to me. He embraced me with a big bear hug and a surprisingly tender kiss. His beard was closely cropped and though handsome did not tickle my face as we continued to kiss.

While we embraced I placed my arms around his torso and ran my hands through his soft back hair slowly making my way towards his butt. He released his embrace and pulling back slightly. Then Mr. Coats began to run his strong thick hands all over my body, first touching my shoulders and then my chest and stomach. Making his way back to my chest he made circles around my nipples with his forefinger and then pinched them slightly testing my reaction.

We were both about 5’10 and standing so closely together I could not see his cock, so I reach down to feel it and see if he was as rock hard as I had become. I touched it hesitantly.

“Don't be afraid to explore, this is natural for both of us” he assured me.

 I wrapped my hand around the the shaft and was surprised to find it felt very smooth and fresh like the skin of baby. I worked my hand back and forth over the shaft, pausing to feel around his mushroom head and again to cup his heavy balls. I enjoyed the weight of his balls in my hand and the soft texture similar to his cock. I continued by rubbing the small pad of fat above his cock and feeling my way through the pubic hair.

He continued to navigate his hands around my body as well, moving around to my back feeling my tight young muscular body. He soon found my ass and gently ran his finger between my ass cheeks finding my hole and rubbing it firmly. We then kissed again this time he used a little tongue. After releasing the embrace he told me to sit down on the couch. I complied.

Mr. Coats then lowered himself to the floor and on his knees put his head close to my cock. He grabbed my cock and with a surprisingly strong grip began working it back and forth, bracing himself with his other hand on my thigh. Slowly he leaned down and stopping the stroking action began running his tongue softly around my head. Tasting my precum he looked up and gave me a coy smile then dove in and swallowed all seven inches of my dick. The rush was electric. He held my cock in his mouth like this for a few seconds letting me enjoy the warm, slick feeling of his mouth and throat. Then after glancing up at me he began to move back and forth. I had never had a blow job before and the feeling was incredible, much better than jerking off quietly under my blankets at night. He moved faster and faster as I came closer and closer to climaxing then suddenly he stopped grabbed my cock and squeezed hard. It was a little painful but still amazing.

“I don't want you going just yet” he said. “Turn around.”

I complied.

With my knees on the cushion and my torso and arms draped over the back of the couch he began again to explore my ass. This time with his warm wet tongue; he worked his way up and down my crack. He pushed his tongue in my hole and started licking me hard. This too was amazing, I felt almost as if his tongue was inside me I moaned loudly. He seemed to enjoy pleasing me and as if to acknowledge this he reached around my leg with his hairy arm and grabbed my cock with and began jerking me off. Again in the throws of ecstasy I came close to climax and again he squeezed my teenage cock not allowing me to come.

“Not yet, my turn” he said.

“Turn back around and sit.”

 I complied and found this massive hairy god standing in front of me giving me a straight close view of his dick. Wonderful and thick it was dripping precum that slid gently down the slight curve of the shaft. I mimicked what he had done to me and began to work my tongue around the head. He moaned as I did this which spurred me on more.  The musky smell of his crotch and the salty sweet taste of his precum was intoxicating. I soon opened my mouth as wide as I could and attempted to swallow his manhood. Though not longer than 6inches the thickness made it difficult to swallow and I gagged a little.

 “Slow down we have time, just take a little bit of it,” after saying this he cupped both sides of my head and taking control moved my head back and forth only allowing me to take half his length.

He began to move his hip’s back in forth timing the motion with the motion of my head and gently fucked my face like this for a few minutes. He began to breath heavily and being a little afraid that he would come in my mouth I began to struggle.

 “Don't worry, I won’t go without warning you, I am going to get on my knees now and I want you to play with my ass just like I did with yours.”

I followed his instructions and found myself with the same view I had earlier while weeding the garden except this time the entire canyon of his crack was exposed to me. I first rubbed my hand around his ass cheeks enjoying the soft hair that covered them then used my finger to probe his crack. Working my way towards his balls I stopped when I felt the warmth of his manhole. Sticking out my tongue and using my hands to spread the cheeks further I licked his asshole. Though not as pleasant as sucking his cock I wanted to please Mr. Coats and so I did my best. I licked up and down back and forth, in little circles and even licked the back of his balls.  I tried to reach around and grab his cock but his stomach and thick legs prevented this. I was able after a while to work my way between his legs and play with his dick that way.

“Oh James,” he moaned “I want to feel you inside me my boy; I want to take your boy cock up my ass and let you fill me with creamy cum.”

He continued with the dirty talk as I rubbed his cock and licked his hole. Suddenly he stopped and stood. Wait here just a moment. Quickly he walked to the back room and came in with a small jar of Vaseline. Taking off the lid and lifting a small dollop of grease with his finger he reached around and rubbed it onto his hole. He ordered me to stand up and then rubbed some more Vaseline on my cock.

 “Now I am going to get back down I want you to get on your knees behind me and slowly push your cock into my ass hole. Don't try and push to hard or fast.”

I waited patiently while he got down and then proceeded to bring my waist level to his upturned butt and use my finger to find his hole.

Finding his hole I adjusted myself to the correct height and placed the tip of my penis against his ass hole. It felt warm and his ample butt cheeks held me in place as I began to push.

Mr. Coats moaned a little and said, “A little harder.”

 So I pushed harder and felt myself being to slide into him.

He began to grunt and breath heavily as he said, “more, more, there it is”

I was about half way inside when he said, “Wait just a minute my boy and let me catch my breath.”

While I waited I feasted my eyes on the backside of his body as it was stretched out before me. I rubbed my hand over his bulging love handles and across his back towards his hairy shoulders and them moved my hand back down towards his ass exploring as I went.

“Now push it all the way and move your hips back and forth.”

I had seen straight porn and my friend’s house before and so had some idea of how this should go even though he was a man and no some silicone bimbo. I quickly established a comfortable rhythm and pumped my cock in and out of his butt. It was very warm and very tight and it did not take long for me to come close to a climax.

 “Oh yah! Faster boy, fuck that ass, fuck me hard boy!”

The dirty talk turned me on more and I began working my self faster and faster. Coming close to loosing balance I grabbed his shoulders with my hands and thrust my cock into him going as deep as possible.

 “Oh give it to me, give me that cum boy!”

I could feel a knot of cum moving though my penis until with a shudder and a cry I shot ropes of creamy cum into his ass. Stopping with the full length of my cock buried in Mr. Coats I shot again and again, never had I cum this much in my life. After I finished I pulled myself out of him and collapsed on the carpet next to where he kneeled.

“We are not quite done yet son.” He said as he began to rise.

Soon he was straddling my head with his low hangers resting on my chin.

“Suck my balls,” he ordered.

 As he took his cock in hand and began jerking off I slid my tongue around his sack in circles but this was not what he meant.

“Don't be afraid put them in your mouth and suck on them.”

 So I did as I was told and swallowed his left nut into my mouth and began sucking. I tried to get the other one in but his nuts were just too big and so I focused my energy on the one I could take.

Half chocking and having difficulty breathing I could hear Mr. Coats moaning and softly saying “yeah boy that it’s, suck that nut,” while he continued to stroke his fat cock.

Then he began breath heavily and his whole body quivered. Though I could not see it I could feel the hot load hit me on the chest and stomach as he shot it all over me while letting out a loud low rumbling grunt that seemed to shake the whole room.

When done he dismounted and looking into my eyes said “Damn, it has been a while I really needed that.”

I simply smiled at his comment and looked down at the pools of cum covering my chest. It was already begging to get cold as I used my fingers to feel the consistency and rub it into my skin as if it wanted to keep it as a treasure forever.

 “Lets get you cleaned up and sent home before your parents wonder were you went off to,” He said and so it was but not before one last long embrace wrapped in the arms of my great big furry daddy bear.

Needless to say my weekly visits were much more exciting than before.