Mr. Peterson and Mr. Outstate Part #1


This story consists of spanking, piss, rimming, oral and anal sex between a teenager and adult males. Steve a white slutty cum bucket friend of mine gave me the incentive to share those fantasies that are hidden deep within me.

Let me tell you something about me, my name is Robert Fox. I am a black man who grew up in a small southern town in the religious belt of the south; Alabama. I knew from childhood that I fascinated by grown men, looking at their crotches, wanting to feel the mound that exists especially when they are sitting. Southern men both black and white set with their legs spread wide so whenever I saw one setting on their porches I would cross the street the speak to them so that I could get a good look at their fat cocks being kept hostage and it was a treat when one of them would rub themselves while talking to me. Most of the men and women in the town thought that I was such a nice young man always speaking and telling them delightful stories. I would tell any story that would make the man laugh so that I can see that wonderful movement between their legs when they did, the harder they laugh, the more it would move. I would go home a pull on my little dick until I would have a dry orgasm.

I have always loved to watch black men crotches but I was always curious what a white man's cock looks like. At this point of my life I had only seen my father's, his was huge but I never wanted to touch it for fear that he would beat me to a pulp, to hear him talk he hated fags, all they were good for was a good beating, so needless to say, I had to keep my deepest desires a secret. I was fourteen when I remember this white insurance agent who use to call on his clients in my community. The guy was beautiful, so masculine and must have worn boxers because you could see his cock swinging when he walked. I would drool whenever I saw him; I would make sure that I would follow him on my bike keeping my distance. I would speak to him and he would speak back with a smile and sometimes I would tell him a story to make him laugh.

One day he was leaving my community, he stopped at the bottom of the hill where there was a woody area to the right, and he got out of his car and walked towards the woods. I followed him to see where he was going, and got a great surprise when he pulled his cock out to take a piss, he was about 5" soft uncut and fat, it was so hot to see him pull the foreskin back to expose a huge red knob wet and shinning. I peaked through the bushes and watched him take a piss; he must have been holding it for a long time because I didn't think he would ever stop. When he finally did, and slipped that hot piece of man meat back into his pants and walked away, I was saddened. I walked over to where he had unloaded his piss and saw that he had pissed in an old discarded plastic cup, I picked it up and it was so hot to the touch and I held it to my cheeks to feel it warmth. The smell was a strong acrid fragrance. I stuck my finger in to feel the warmth and then brought it to my mouth and sampled my first taste of piss, just thinking about who it belong to made me tingle, I poured some in the palm of my hand and stuck my tongue in it and licked my hand clean, it was not bad, I dipped my finger in it again and slid the wet finger on my virgin ass hole imagining that it was him pissing on my ass lips. I began to lap at it more and more until I drank the entire content of the cup. Now I was hooked on piss and began to watch my insurance salesman whenever he left the community to see if he would take that trip through the woods again. He did several times always in the same place so I made sure that a cup was there and he always left a large deposit in a cup as if he knew that I was drinking his very essence.

When I was sixteen the kid next door name Kino was two years younger than me was uncut and love to put his cock head to my cock so that he could dock with me. That was the extent of our playing together sexually. Although I would watch the guys after gym class in the showers, and some were hung like hell, I was not interested in guys my own age I wanted someone of authority who could make me do what they wanted, so I fantasized day and night not only about my white insurance man who I later found out that his name was Mr. Peterson but also about Mr. Outstate my Wood Shop teacher in high school. Mr. Outstate was a hot older man, he had a receding hair line, tall and slim and had a walk that turned women and men heads. He also wore boxers and his hot cock use to dance in his pants as he moved. I loved going to wood shop so that I could stare at his hot cock. He was married and one of his sons was in my history class and I wondered what he would think if he knew that I lusted after his hot fucking father.

Mr. Outstate was a very strict in his class; we worked with electric saws and other tools that could really hurt you so he was all over you like white on rice if you came close to danger at all. I would do certain things to make him angry and he would come over and chew me out. I would also act as though I could not maneuver the saw correctly when cutting an object in a circular pattern; he would stand behind me and put his hands over mine and guided me. I remembered on day he had to get really close and I felt his hot cock brush my ass and I got so nervous that I could hardly stand; from then on I did many stupid things to get his attention or to feel his chest against my back. I knew that he was a stickler about cleaning up the wood chips after we were done for the day, I would always miss some so that he would come over and yell at me, it didn't matter that he did this in front of the other guys as long as I had his attention. One day I left a mess and he just asked me to stay after class. This was the last class of the day so I knew that I would not need to get an excuse for another class. He had me go to his office and take a seat. About five minutes later he came into his office and told me that he was tired of my not cleaning up properly and that I need a little more incentive, he told me to drop my pants, I was shocked and excited at the same time thinking, what is he going to do to me. He then took off his belt and had me lay across his lap and began to tan my hide like my father never did, every time he gave me a lick he would talk to me, I would wiggle uncontrollable in his lap and at one point of sliding off him, my hand touched him between his leg, it was a quick touch but I remember to this day that his cock felt so warm and it felt as though he was half hard. He pushed me back into the center of his lap and began to give me more licks, a total of ten. My ass was really sore and tears were pouring from my eyes and when he lifted me from his lap I could clearly see that his cock had gotten bigger, he pushed his legs together so that I couldn't see it but I did. After that I did many things to get across his lap again but each time, he would give me more licks.

When I was seventeen, it was expected of me by my peers and parents to have a girlfriend, even though I knew that this is not what I wanted, I started dating. I even fucked several of them, but it was not their cunts that turned me on it were their tight ass holes. When we made out, I would always put my finger on their puckers and try to push it in but they would always stop me telling me that it was nasty and would bring my hand to their cunts. After a date I would go to my room and play with my cock and ass thinking about Mr. Peterson and Mr. Outstate. I had got to a point where I could put two fingers in my hole and jack off at the same time thinking of my hot men. One Saturday, I was on my bike and spotted Mr. Peterson car at the bottom of the hill, I thought that was strange because he never came to our community weekends. I took a different route and ended up in my favorite spot where I saw Mr. Peterson with his cock out and squeezing the tip of his cock head as if holding his piss in, I watched rubbing my own hard cock to see what he would do next, without looking up, he said, I don't have a cup to piss in, I thought maybe you would like to have it from the fountain itself, then he looked right into my eyes; I thought I was going to shit my pants. Well don't just stand there, you have been drinking my piss for two years, come here. Without thinking about it I moved through the bushes and end up next to him. Get on your knees son so I can put the head of my cock in your mouth. I looked up at that huge piece of meat, he pulled the foreskin back and there was that hot wet purple head with a man smell of stench that burned my nose but exited me at the same time. I opened my mouth and he put his cock inside and began to let his stream of piss flow. I drank as fast as I could, some spilled out of the side of my mouth but I kept drinking it. Yea, drink that piss you little hungry fag. I knew you wanted this fucking white cock from the first time that I saw you, now drink it dam it and don't let another drop fall from your mouth. I looked up into his hazel eyes and he had this smirk on his face. Drink it dam it, you whore cock sucking bitch boy. Get those big beautiful black lips around that nasty cock, drink it. I was getting turned on to the max, this hot married stud was talking dirty to me as he shoved his cock to the back of my mouth feeding me his hot wonderful piss. After he had finished he began to remove his cock and it was getting hard.

I wasted no time in grabbing the foreskin with my teeth and pulling on it. So you like sucking that fucking white nasty cock don't you, you little hot bitch. I looked up and just nod my head because my mouth was being filled again by the 9" hot fucking cock. If you like this, you are going to love what I am about to give you, come here, and he led me into a thicker part of the wooded area concealed from the sight. Lay down on your back faggot. I laid down looking up at him as he removed his clothes, he was so fucking hairy and it was turning me on like hell. Looking at him holding his fat cock with his left hand, showing off his wedding band, so fucking taboo; I knew that I would do anything this fucking hot stud tell me to do. After he removed his pants, he stood with his legs on both sides of my head and as I looked up I could see his cock, balls and hairy ass. He squatted, his hairy ass coming closer and closer to my face; I couldn't imagine what he wanted me to do until my nose was resting in his hairy crack. Get that fucking tongue out and eat my hole fucker. I though I was going to throw up but knew if I didn't do what he said, I may not ever get another chance to be with this hot grown man. I stuck my tongue out and licked his hairy hole, the taste was very strong but not as unpleasant and I imagined it to be. That's it lick my fucking hole to cum bucket. I ran my tongue up and down his crack and then aimed it at his hole. His hole was so soft I felt that I could get my tongue inside if I pushed just a little. Yea fucker eat my ass, suck on that man pussy you cock sucking slut. I grabbed his hips and pulled him down even further so that I could continue to get that great tasting ass in my mouth. He pushed out and the lips of his hole almost opened, I grabbed it with my teeth and started to chew on it. My fucking white hunk was going crazy. Oh yea fucker, eat it, bite that fucker, yea that's it. He was leaking so much pre-cum it was dripping on my face. He move a little and his big balls fell onto my lips, I opened my mouth and sucked those musty balls into my mouth as if I had been doing this forever. Yeaaaaaa, suck my fuckinggggggggg balls you faggot. Eat those mother fucking eggs. Come on suck on them. His ass hole kept pushing out so I slid my middle finger in and he swallowed it to the knuckle. The man went crazy, ohhhhhhh yea finger that hole, come on give it to me. Shove that mother up my chute. He pushes his ass hole back over my face and I began to tongue his hole again, I finally got my tongue inside that hot man cunt and I couldn't get enough, it was so tart giving a smell and taste only a man can give, I wanted more but was lacking oxygen because he was now fully setting on my face. I pushed him forward rolled him over on his back and I straddle his chest with my covered ass facing him, I pull his legs under my arms so that his ass was up in the air, I dove back into his ass eating him for all I was worth, I had to get my tongue back inside of him, take from him what no one else have ever taken before, his moans were getting louder. He reached up and grabbed my ass and started biting me through my clothes. I unbutton my pants and he started pulling them down, now my ass was directly over his face, his fingers probing my hole and all of a sudden I felt his ring finger enter my ass, dammm this fucker has his wedding band inside of me, I started going crazy on that hot ass of his. I took both index fingers and open up his hole and stuck my tongue in as far as it would go, he is now leaking pre-cum all over his hairy chest. I wanted more of that hot cock of his, I let go of his legs and as they were going down I grabbed his cock and balls, I wanted that baby maker back in my mouth in the worst way. I pulled his foreskin back and lick that dripping slit; oh man the pre-cum that came from that hole was so sweet. I felt something wet touching my boy cunt, oh my stars he's eating my ass, oh yes sirrrrrrrrrrrr please eat me, oh my eat me. I knew that I want that cock up my ass, I wanted it so badly, I have only been able to get two fingers in there and his 9" fat cock was a lot bigger.

I want that ass of yours he said, have you ever been fucked before? No sir, I want you to fuck me sir, but I am scared. He told me take off all my clothes, I stood and took them off piece by piece, he was staring at me, holding and stroking that monster of his, you have been wanting this for a long time son and now you are going to get it, lay down on your stomach, I did as he instructed, he got down behind me and I felt him rubbing something cold and very oily in my boy pussy, the fucker had come prepared. He slid one finger and then a 2nd one in my virgin hole. He started fucking me faster and faster with his fingers, it hurt like hell at first and then it began to feel better and better. This is going to be the tightest pussy that I have ever had. I felt his weight on me, he began to slide his cock up and down my crack, massaging it oh man I was scared and thrilled at the same time. I was going to finally get this hot daddy cock In my ass and then he pushed hard and I felt the head pop into my ring, dam it hurt, it was the most painful thing that I have ever felt, I begged him to take it out, he leaned down next to my ear and told me to relax and push out like he did when I put my tongue up his hot hole. I began to do as he said and he slid a couple more inches in me, oh my stars, it felt like he had a base ball bat up my ass. He wrapped his arm under me and grab my nipples and started to squeeze and pinch them, the pain was so great and then I felt his tongue in my ear, licking, nibbling on my lobes and then with one great pushed, he had impaled his entire 9" up my ass, tears were shooting out of my eyes, the pain was so great I though that I was going to pass out, relax just relax and push out, oh my god your pussy is so tight, it is the greatest feeling that I have ever felt, oh baby I am going to enjoy this hot beautiful black ass of yours. He lay fully on top of me; I could feel his hairy torso against my smooth back, his hot breath on my neck. After he thought that I had enough time to adjust to him, he started moving in a circular motion telling me that I was a great fuck. He then started moving in and out of my ass, first slowly, he almost pulls completely out and then all the way back in, he did this for several minutes and my ass was getting use to the size of this huge daddy cock. He then started going faster and faster fucking me like a wild animal, my ass was on fire. Oh sir, you are to big, please take it out, please I begged, but he ignored my plea and started fucking even harder if that was possible, then he started biting my neck, calling me all kind of whores, sluts and cum dump. The man went wild; fuck you cock whore, your pussy is so much better than the wife; I could stay in it all night. Then he reached under me and started pulling on my nibbles again, twisting them, and pounding my cock into the ground with every thrust. I'm going to cum, dam baby take this cum, I am getting this virgin ass of yours pregnant and then he took one last thrust into my battered ass and shot his load into me. He came so much that it began to spill out running down my legs. I finally lost my cherry to this big dick white marry man and a daddy of five kids. When he pulled out with a pop and his cum started coming out more and more, he reached down and got it into his hand and fed it to me. It my cum bitch, I licked his hand clean, took each of his fingers into my mouth and suck them clean, he repeated this a couple more times, and then he did something that I would never had guessed he would do, he started licking my sore ass hole, sliding his tongue in, he reached underneath me and grabbed my teen cock and began to stroke it as he sucked the rest of his cum from my hole. When he was finished, I put his cock back into my mouth and cleaned all of the pre-cum and ass juice from it, he kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, my first kiss from a man but not my last one. We laid there for about ten minutes holding each other and kissing, he had to go, said that his wife worked today and he wanted to get home and clean the man scent from him before she got home. I could barely sit on my bike as I rode home. That night I felt my swollen ass and smiled with all of the pain, I would do it again.

I went to school on Monday still walking kind of funny, my hole was still sore but I didn't care, I was in heaven. My week went by slow, all I could think about if and when I would get a chance to be with my insurance man again. Friday came, and it was last period and time for Wood Shop, Mr. Outstate looked exceptionally good to me today, I have had a grown man and knew that I wanted more, I wanted Mr. Outstate this gorgeous black teacher and I had to figure a way to get his hot daddy cock up my bruised boy pussy. I left my 4th period class heading for his; I had an irresistible urge to remove my underwear so I went to the men room and removed them. If Mr. Outstate was going to turn me across his lap today, I wanted him to feel my cock when it got hard. I was three minutes late getting to his class, he looked at me angry like and told me that being late was no excuse and for me to stay after class to help him with the cleanup as punishment. I was more than willing to stay as late as he wanted me to. During class, again he had to show me how to use the electric saw. I was making a shoe shine kit and I could not get the circular patterns to come out the way that it should, again, my hot teacher stepped up behind me and helped me with my work. I didn't clean up my wood chips immediately after the sawing and another student slid and fell on them. This made Mr. Outstate very angry, he said that he would have to punish me for that. When the class was finally over, he told me to go into his office and wait for him. He finally came in and instructed me to remove my pants and lay on his lap.

I told him that I didn't wear underwear this morning and it would be embarrassing and asked if he could spank me with my pants on; he said no, remove your pants, I did as he instructed. He removed his belt and began to spank me, counting them as he went. My boy pussy was still a little puffy from the hard fucking that I received the Saturday before, I know that if he looked hard enough he would know that something was wrong. I was waiting for the belt to come down again, but instead he laid the belt on his desk and began to spank me with his big hands. He would hit me and then rub his hand over the ass cheek, I began to notice that every time he would hit me, he would kind of pull my cheeks apart as he rubbed, yep the fucker has notice my puffy hole. He gave me three licks when we heard a knock on the shop room door. I didn't know at the time but it was against school rules to make a student remove his clothes to punish him and I guess this made him nervous; he had one of those old fashioned desk that was huge; he told me to get under the desk and not to say a word.

I heard him talking to someone in the other room; he was talking to Mr. Larkin the school's principal. The next thing I knew they were entering the room, I got real quiet. Mr. Outstate took a seat at his desk and Mr. Larkin to the seat facing him. With me being under the desk, Mr Outstate had to spread his legs so they would be on either side of me, leaving me facing his crotch. Mr. Larkin was married but was having an affair with one of the teachers which apparently Mr. Outstate had caught them in the act and every since then, Mr Larkin would visit Mr. Outstate and give him details of the last time he fucked the slut. As Mr. Larkin was giving Mr. Outstate the latest, I noticed that he would reach down and pinch the head of his cock through his clothes and it made me so hot. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I lost my nerves until I looked up and while he was touching it (there was that damn wedding ring again) and it got hard and ran down his legs, and look to be a good 10 to 10 " of hot fat daddy cock. That fucker got so hard; he could hardly maintain the straight line down his leg. I reached up and slightly touched the head of it rubbing it over his covered slacks. He put his had over mine and removed it, so I did it again and again he removed my hand, I guess Mr. Larkin notice it and asked him if there was anything wrong, Mr. Outstate said nothing at all, so Mr. Larkin started telling his story again of how he had this slut bent over his desk fucking her from behind. Mr. Outstate was getting so turned on by the story that he opened his legs so wide, I could see his hot nuts lying between his legs resting on the chair and his hard cock pushing the material of his pants to the point of almost tearing them; then Mr. Larkin asked him if his wife was still not putting out, not in six months now he answered. My ears perked up and oh how I wanted his cock and balls in my mouth. I wanted to devour his body like I had Mr. Peterson. I leaned forward and took his covered cock in my mouth and bit down lightly on it, he put his hand on his cock trying to push me away, and I pushed his hand away and continue to lightly bite the length of that long hot rod. I used my other hand to massage his big balls; he slumped in his seat bringing his hot crotch closer and closer to me. I slowly pulled his zipper down and the aroma of hot man sweat invaded my nostrils, my dick was so fucking hard that I though I was going to come my pants. I reached in his pants and found his hot cock, pulled it out and was staring at the most beautiful cock in the world, it was un-cut with a huge head peeking out of the foreskin. I wrapped my lips around his cock head pushing the skin back and slid my tongue into his leaking piss slit taking all of his delicious pre-cum and man was I in heaven. I was actually taking his cock without his permission; does this mean that I am a rapist? Am I molesting my teacher? This gave a feel of power, I wanted to see those fucking big balls of his so I reached up and undid the button on his pants so that I had room to pull those bull nuts out of his pants and when I did, I was hypnotized by their fragrance, so manly, so richly manly. I took one in my mouth and bathed it with my tongue as I stroked his cock with my other hand; I released it and took the other one into my mouth licking and sucking it. I looked up and saw Mr. Outstate had put his head on his desk and moan. Getting to you huh Outstate, Mr. Larkin said. "Sure is" what a fucking hot story. That's nothing; let me tell you about yada yada yada. Mr Outstate was not listening to anything that he was saying. I had taken his cock back into my mouth but this time I took as much as I could, the head was in my throat and I used my tonsil, tongue and throat muscle to massage that hot piece of meat.

I reached in his pants under his balls and ran my finger over the lips of his man cunt as I deep throated his monster; he moaned more (all this time Mr. Larkin thought it was his story that was getting these moans) I removed my finger, stuck in my mouth, tasting him as I licked and got it real wet and then deep throated him again as in found that hot pucker of his with my wet finger and enter his hot virgin hole. I felt him tighten up as though he wanted to keep me out, but I continue to push until I found that hot joy button hidden so deep inside and began to massage it. I heard a gasp from him and decided that it was time to milk him of all of that daddy juice, so I concentrated on working that monster cock over with my throat as I tortured his magic button. Mr. Outstate gave an animal grunt and came down my throat, he came so much that it not only fill my throat but was filling my mouth as fast as I could swallow it but swallow it I did, every last drop but I wanted more so I continue to massage his joy button deep inside and he gave me even more of that hot sweet juice of his. I released his cock from my throat, kissed and licked its sensitive head, then regrettably put in back into his pants, zipped him up and fastened the button back. By this time Mr. Larkin had finished his story, stood and said good night. I have a couple of items to finish up and I will be right behind you Outstate said. Once Mr. Larkin had left, Mr Outstate stood up and I came from under his desk licking my lips. He just stared at me, not saying a word as if in shock. I had a smirk on my face knowing that I had given him pleasures that he probably have never had before. Not saying a word, I turned a went out of the side door that lead to the parking lot knowing that this will not be the last time , I could not wait to get that big 10-1/2" monster in my tight boy pussy.

To Be Continued ----------------------------------------