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My Best Friend's Dad
by: Kewl Dad

Staying over at my friend Jason's house was always a lot of fun and not just because Jas was my best friend. See Jas had the coolest dad ever and he always hung out with us boys and took us places and it was like he was my dad too. Sometimes our other friends would join us and we'd play home run derby while Jas's dad pitched to us and afterwards he'd take us out for ice cream and sometimes even one of them would sleep over with us. See Jas's dad always slept with us boys on mats in the family room. I guess some people might think that was weird but we didn't, we really liked it cause he wasn't like most adults. He didn't tell us to quiet down or that we had to go to sleep and stuff and he would tell us the best stories at bedtime. Like he could just make things up right on the spot and most of them were pretty scary or funny or sometimes even Yeah, Jas's dad was the coolest.

See Jas's dad really loved us boys and we loved him too. I didn't have a dad and neither did some of our other friends and Jas was glad to share his. It was like we were all brothers and when we were together it was like one big happy family. I don't really know what happened to Jas's mom cause he didn't talk about her much and when he did he seemed sad, but his dad loved him extra since he didn't have a mom and there was still plenty of love left over for us other boys.

One Saturday night we all went to a WWF fight in the Civic Assembly Center. We had kick ass seats and we took pics and got to see Undertaker and The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and afterwards we took pics as they got in the Limo. It was the most awesome night ever. Afterwards we went back to Jas's house. There were four of us boys including Jas, me (I'm Kris), Andy, and Joel. We were all 11 that year and went to the same school and played on the same little league team that Jas's dad helped coach so we were all like best friends and not shy at all around each other.

Jas's dad set up some mattresses on the floor in the game room and let us boys wrestle and he video taped it and did some special effects to make it look like we were really slamming each other and breaking boards and chairs on each other's heads and it was We stripped down to our underwear so it would look like we were in tights and stuff and we had a lot of fun.

Afterwards Jas's dad fixed us snacks and we piled down in the family room and watched a DVD from his huge collection. It was a scary one and we were all huddled up together after a little while except me and I was huddled up to He is a nice size man and not fat at all, kind of muscular and I'd like to look just like him when I grow up. He has a nice smile and he never gets angry or cross with us boys no matter how much of a pain we are. I snuggled up to his side and he put his arm around me and he asked me if I was cold and I said yes so he pulled a cover over us and let his hand rest on my leg. 

His hand felt good, all warm and strong and I felt safe and loved and I guess I started to doze off a little. When I woke up everyone was gone and I looked up at dad and asked where they went and he said they went up to take a shower. I said okay and I would go take one when they were done and he said that was fine but if I didn't want to take one that was fine too, cause I smelled just fine to him. I thought that was nice that he liked how I smelled even though I had got a little sweaty when we were wrestling but I really didn't want to take a shower right then anyway.

I moved my leg a little and dad's hand fell into my lap and for a second he was touching my pener through my underwear. I giggled and he pulled his hand away and laughed and said sorry, but I didn't mind his hand being there. I know it's weird but I think I am sort of in love with Jas's dad and I like it when he touches me. Of course he has never touched me there before, but sometimes he pats my butt or rubs my back and I swear I get a chubby. I know that's crazy but I'm just starting to understand a little of this stuff and I even got my first hair around my pener and when I jerk off I make cum now. Isn't that cool? It's not a lot and kind of watery looking but even Jas doesn't make cum yet. I think Joel does and I know Andy does and Andy's pener is way bigger than mine, but I like what I have and I'm sort of happy with it.

Jas came back first and moved in on the other side and hogged the cover so I got up and decided to go take a shower after all. Dad watched me go and I sort of wiggled my butt and he laughed but I think he likes looking at my butt, and I like him looking so it's all cool. I met Andy in the bathroom and he was still naked combing his hair in the mirror and when I came in he grabbed his pener and shook it at me and said, ha caught you looking.

I said not much to look at and stripped off my undies and turned on the shower. He grabbed a towel and popped my butt and it smarted a little but I laughed and closed the shower door and started soaping up. From outside the door I heard Andy say, don't beat off too much, save some for later. Then he giggled and I heard the door close.

How did he know what I was going to do? I was nervous about doing it then cause I thought he might come back and open the door and make fun of me so I just took my shower and put on clean undies and went back downstairs. The others were piled down on the sleeping mats but dad was nowhere around. I asked Jas where he was and he said he had gone to his bathroom to take a shower and he'd be back in a little while. 

I tried to think of some reason to go to his bathroom and at least talk to him while he took his shower but I didn't want to seem too interested in his being naked so I just sat on the couch and waited. When he came back he was wearing gym shorts and a tee shirt and his hair was still wet. He smiled and fell down on the couch beside me and tousled my hair and leaned in and sniffed me. You smell like soap now, I liked how you smelled better before. He sort of whispered that so no one else could hear and it made me wonder if he was being for real or just kidding. I said well okay, I won't take a shower any more and he giggled and said well, sometimes you need one but not always.

We ate some more junk and drank some sodas and started another movie but no one wanted to finish watching it so we talked Jas's dad into turning off the lights and laying with us and telling us a really scary story that he made up. He said okay, but we needed some mood lighting so he lit some candles and put them around the room and it gave the room a creepy look and we all loved it. He laid down in the middle with Jas on one side and Joel behind him and me on the other with big dick Andy behind I hoped he didn't poke me with that

The story started off fine and got scarier as he told it and before long we were moving closer to him. I had hold of his left arm and Jas had his other one and Andy was so close behind me I could feel his naked chest touching my back. See he never slept with a shirt on cause he said he got too hot even in the winter. I didn't mind really, I liked Andy a lot and we even messed around a couple of times when I stayed over at his house. That was before we got our hair and could come but it was fun and he knows a lot about sex and stuff.

Anyway the story was really getting good about then and we were almost on top of dad cause we were so freaked and when he yelled "gothcha" at one part we all jumped him and had a wrestling match. He had asses in his face and feet in his crotch and crotches rubbed all over him and I think he really likes that stuff. I know that's supposed to be weird and a big no no, but we were horny boys and we loved our pretend dad and it was all just too much fun to pass up.

I know I got a boner and I think the others did too, but I couldn't really see in the dark, but I'm sure dad knew cause they all got rubbed on him somewhere that Eventually he made us settle down and he finished the story and we moved back to our spots and tried to go to sleep. We were pretty tired and even though we had been pretty excited by the story and wrestling Jas and Joel fell asleep right away. I was still wide awake but I could tell Andy was dropping fast so I just laid there and waited for him to fall asleep. Then I would have dad all to myself.

I moved a little closer to dad and snuggled up to his arm to make sure he was still awake and he patted me like he always does and even in the dark I could see him watching me with that look in his eyes that told me he loved me. I loved him too and my heart hurt so much that it scared me. Was it possible I was in love with an adult, and a man at that? I didn't know, I was only 11 going on 12 and didn't know a lot about that kind of stuff so I decided not to worry about it and just let things happen.

Andy was snoring before too long and I knew it was just me and dad then. I moved closer and he put his arm around me and pulled me to his side and kissed the top of my head and I sighed with satisfaction. I loved how he smelled and how his strong arm felt around me. My heart was beating really fast then and for some crazy reason my pener was getting hard. Wow, I figured I was one messed up kid but at that moment I didn't care. 

I even had this crazy desire to have dad put his hand on my crotch like he had by accident when we were sitting on the couch and I was shaking. Dad must've thought I was cold cause he pulled me tighter and snuggled me closer into his warm body and it felt soooo good. I could have stayed like that all night but at some point all the excitement of the day caught up with me and I fell asleep.

I was dreaming, it had to be a dream. But in the dream someone was touching me on the leg very gently. Their hand was rubbing inside my leg and running upwards toward my crotch. It felt so good that my pener actually got hard all at once. It just sort of jumped up and pushed my undies up and I felt the head rub across the soft cotton and even that felt good. I moaned a little in my sleep I guess and opened my legs to help the dream person out a little I guess and the hand moved a little higher then moved to the other leg and did the same thing.

It felt so good but I wanted the hand to go a little higher and touch my pener and maybe my balls. I had never thought about having someone touch my balls before but suddenly I was sure that I wanted that to happen and if it didn't happen in the dream I would figure out some way to make it happen in real life.

I went deeper into sleep I guess and lost the dream for a little while but then it came back only this time the hand was touching my tummy and rubbing it softly and slowly beneath my tee shirt. My nipples were hard and that usually only happened when I got cold, only I wasn't cold this time, I was excited. The hand was soft and warm and strong and it was like the hand or the person really loved me the way they were touching me. It was a gentle touch but it was making my pener jump around like it wanted to get touched too. I almost reached down and touched it but after all it was just a dream and I didn't know if I could even move.

The hand moved a little lower and found my belly button. I got sort of a weird belly button, but dad says he likes it a lot cause it is an outie. I know most of my friends have innies and that means they have a hole there and a little wrinkled knot down inside, only my little knot is where you can see it. Suddenly the hand was rubbing my little knot and it felt really strange, almost like rubbing my pener did and my pener jumped again.

I wasn't ready for what happened next but when it did I realized I had wanted it all along. The hand moved below my belly button and suddenly it was rubbing that spot just above my pener where the waist band of my undies was and it felt so good I almost laughed out loud in my sleep. The hand rubbed there for a long time just feeling everything there and even flipping the elastic of my undies a few times before moving a little lower and when it did it hit the base of my hard pener and sent little electric shocks all through my body. Man I wanted the hand to just grab it and make it feel good like it did when I rubbed it but after all it was just a dream and it could be over any minute.

I guess I wasn't really thinking about all the things that could happen because when the hand moved back up and slipped inside my undies I think I sort of gasped and sucked in my tummy to let that hand get in there. As soon as it was inside my undies it did exactly what I had wanted all along and went down to my balls and rubbed and squeezed them gently and I was in Heaven.  Nothing had ever felt so good and I never, ever wanted this dream to end.

But as much as I loved the hand rubbing my balls when it moved up and grabbed onto my pener I forgot all about how good that felt. I was shaking then, sleeping but having such wonderful feelings that it was almost too much to handle and then the hand was joined by another hand and that hand pulled my undies down and my pener and the other hand was now free and in the open. I didn't know if the covers were still over me or not because I couldn't feel any air on my pener or any covers touching me, but I didn't care. It was just a dream anyway.

I felt the hand move along my pener then but not like I usually did it. It was better somehow, like maybe how I should have been doing it all along, and it felt so much better than anything I had ever felt before. So nothing could have ever prepared me for what happened next. I guess I must've known all along that the hand was attached to a body and that it had a head, but when I felt warm breath on my pener and suddenly a wet hot mouth swallowed it all down I almost died with pleasure.

I was 11 and pretty smart for a kid my age. I watched TV and movies (mostly at Jas's house) and I ran with boys who talked about sex all the time so I knew what a blow job was, but nothing I had ever heard or read or seen on film could ever have prepared me for that wonderful warm wet feeling that that mouth in my dream was giving me. I didn't know if it was a girl or a guy in my dream and didn't care. My pener didn't care and after all, it was just a dream so I laid back and enjoyed it.

The mouth, the head, whatever, kept moving up and down on my pener taking all 3" of it inside and then coming back up to the end and doing it all over again. It (he-she) moved slowly at first then began to speed up and that hand moved down to my balls again and began to squeeze them gently making me shake even harder. I opened my legs up wider to let the hand have more room and then the mouth came up off my pener and did the most amazing thing that I would never have dreamed of, it started licking my balls. 

Yeah, I said my balls! I didn't seem strange or gross, just something I had never thought of till that moment and now it seemed like the best thing in the whole world and I never wanted it to stop. Well, maybe long enough to suck on my pener some more, and then I thought wouldn't it be great if there were two mouths and one licked my balls and one sucked my pener. Hmmmm....did I just create some new sex thing in my dream?

The hands decided to get rid of my undies then and I think I even raised my bottom to help them pull them off over my butt. Now my legs were wide open, my pener was waving around in the breeze and that mouth was licking my nuts like they were candy and I know I must've been moaning in my sleep. I hoped I didn't wake anyone up and cause them to shake me and ruin my dream.

Now if I thought licking my balls was nice and crazy or whatever but when the mouth took both of them inside and just held them I knew I had died and was in Heaven...well sex Heaven How did they do that? I guess they aren't that big, but still....both of them in his mouth at was awesome.

I didn't want the mouth to let go of my balls but when it did it moved lower and started licking the inside of my butt cheeks and I guess I knew what it was after cause I raised my bottom and then....yeah, you guessed it the tongue was licking my a-hole.

Good thing I took a shower after all, oh wait, it's only a dream and not really happening so it doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty does it? But damn it felt good and totally better than anything I had ever felt before in my life. It was a real shame it was all a dream and I probably wouldn't even remember half of it when I woke up, but damn if it didn't seem real at that moment. 

The tongue got crazy then and started swirling around and trying to push inside my a-hole and I got a little freaked but damn it felt good and it was only a dream so I pushed my bottom against that face down there and let that hot snaky tongue go right up my poop chute. It felt so totally awesome and I felt like I was on fire down I wanted that tongue to go all the way inside and then poop it back out with my butt Crazy huh?

Well the mouth got tired of my a-hole after a while and went back to my pener and that was cool too. Then the hand took it's middle finger and pushed it against my spit slick a-hole and began rubbing around all over it and then....yeah, you guessed it, it went inside me like the tongue had and I pushed down against it and then thrust up against the face and I was getting close to coming...that's what we boys called it even before we started shooting, but I knew it was also called an orgasm but I didn't care what it was called, it was awesome and it was gonna happen soon. There was that finger going up my butt and that mouth swallowing my pener over and over and that tongue rubbing against the head and the slit and happened.

I came so hard I shook like I had been electrocuted. Even in my sleep I know I must've made some really loud noises and flopped around like a fish but as far as I know I didn't wake anyone up. Not then. I fell back down onto the soft padded mattress that covered the floor, and opened my eyes.

I guess I knew all along that it wasn't a dream, that it was really happening, and that it was dad that was doing all that stuff, but I was too scared to admit it until then. Not scared because I didn't want it to happen, but scared because I was afraid if I let him know that I knew he would stop what he was doing and I wanted that so bad that it hurt. It was the most wonderful thing in the whole world and I wanted it to happen again, every time I spent the night if possible, and if it meant I had to pretend I was asleep then that was what I would do. 

Dad was snuggled back down in his covers and my undies were back in place even though I don't remember either of us putting them back on me. I was wet down there and tingly. My butt hole tingled too but it was all good. I sighed and closed my eyes and rolled over and hugged dad and kissed his cheek. He pretended to be asleep but I knew he was awake. I kissed his ear and whispered, "Thanks"...then "I love you" and rolled over and went to sleep for real.

The End

Something a little different, a story from the boy's perspective. Is the man a monster or a true boy lover? you decide. Did the boy like what happened in reality or was he just justifying what the man he loved as a father did to or for him? There are many ways to look at things, but in the end it's still all about the boy...don't you agree? Maybe you'd like to hear the story from Dad's point of view...let me know.

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