My Buddy Drew
Jim Carter

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Snipet from Part 1

Dylan still came over a lot, but Drew was always over it seemed, and I loved having him there. I really missed him when he wasn’t around. Drew was actually a lot of help working on the cars; he seemed to love it as much as I did. He was growing fast and was getting close to being as tall as I am. I could tell he was maturing at a fairly early age too. He already has quite a few leg hairs. Once he turned eleven, he made every effort possible to show me his cock. He wasn’t blatant about it but would wear loose legged shorts with no underwear and sit with his leg bent to give me a good view. I actually caught him posing his dick and balls a couple of times. Drew was definitely big for his age in the genital department. His cock and balls looked huge on his hairless pubic mound. I thought it best to just ignore him. I also noticed that he would hug me every chance he got. I enjoyed the hugs and the view too much to actually put a stop to it.

Dylan and Stacy didn’t make many of our tournaments out of town and so Drew became quite an exhibitionist in our hotel room. I knew I shouldn’t, but I didn’t bother trying to hide my nakedness either. I told myself that it was to defuse any sexual connotations, but on more than one occasion I had to make a hasty trip to the bathroom to hide my erections. Drew, on the other hand, didn’t try to hide his. I knew I was in love with Drew, but I could never let him know. I had a hunch he was infatuated with me too, but I knew I had to be the adult and keep sex out of our relationship. I couldn’t help my fantasies though.

Part 2

In the middle of our twelve year old season, Stacy came to me in tears. “Jim, I need to talk to someone and I can’t talk to Dylan about this.”

“Sit down Stace, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I think Drew is gay.”

“He is only twelve, what makes you think he is gay?”

“I didn’t mean to, but I saw him and Corey together.”

“They are both big for their age and maybe their hormones kicked in already. Boys’ learning to masturbate together is pretty common. It doesn’t mean they are gay.”

“They were using their mouths.” She let out another bout of crying.

“It still doesn’t mean they are gay just because they are experimenting.”

“What age did you know you were gay? You are gay aren’t you? Don’t ever let Dylan know you’re gay.”

“I don’t advertise it, but yes I am gay. Come to think of it I probably should have told the parents before I agreed to coach the boys. It just never crossed my mind. And to answer your other question, I guess I was about Drew’s age when I realized it. My dad was my best friend and I talked to him about it. He was taken off guard and didn’t know what to say, but he said he needed to read up and then he would talk to me. My dad made being gay a lot less painful than a couple of my friends had it. All I can say is you need to understand that if Drew is gay, and I am not saying he is, he can’t help that any more than he can help being blue eyed and left handed.”

“Dylan hates gays and will go nuts.”

About that time a naked Drew comes running into the kitchen screaming. “Help me! He is going to kill me!”

Dylan came in right after him with his fist doubled. “God damn fucking faggot! I will beat the faggot out of your little fairy ass and your little faggot friend too!”

I saw Drew had a bruise already starting to show on his cheek and an angry red marks on his body. “Stop right there Dylan. You won’t lay another hand on this boy.”

“Get out of my way or I will whip your ass too!”

He made another grab for Drew who was behind me by now. I blocked him and said. “I told you not to touch that boy again.”

“He’s mine; I will beat the faggot out of him if I want to.”

“No you won’t.”

Dylan took a swing at me and I blocked it. Then I hit him in the gut. “You motherfucker, you can’t protect this little faggot all the time!”

“Get your shit and get out. You will not hit our son again.”

“You can’t throw me out bitch. I will beat your ass too.”

I had to hit him again to keep him from hitting Stacy. “Stacy, call the police and an ambulance, I think I broke his arm.” Dylan got up and stumbled toward their house.

Drew hugged me. “Thanks Jim, I really did think he was going to kill me.”

I felt Drew’s cock get hard during our hug. “Let me go get something for you to wear.” Drew followed me into my bedroom.

“It gets like this anytime I am around you.”

“Here cover that thing up before you hurt someone with it.” I said throwing him some sweat pants. Drew was able to pull the drawstring enough to keep them up.

I went back out where Stacy was, not wanting her wondering what I was doing with her naked son. I have to admit he sure didn’t look twelve, and hard as I tried, I felt myself responding to that sight.

Stacy was still crying when the police came and went with her back to their house. I told Drew to stay with me while the police worked it out.

“Did he hit Corey too?” I asked lifting his arm so I could see where he had been hit better.

“How did you know it was Corey?”

“Well, for one thing you guys are together a lot and for another you mom saw you before your dad did, but she came over here to ask what she should do.”

“Oh shit, what did you tell her?”

“Not much actually before you and your dad came running over.”

“No, Corey grabbed his clothes and ran out.”

“Corey’s dad being a cop might be an extra mess your dad got into if he had hit Corey.”

“I hate my old man. I know how he hates queers and since I have known I was gay for a couple of years, I knew he hated me. The sad thing is, it didn’t bother me too much that I knew he hated me. I had you and I knew you loved me no matter what.” Drew started crying and hugged me tight.

“Yes, you little turkey, I do love you.”

“Does that mean I get this now?” Drew said holding my hard dick.

“No son, that can’t be.” I said removing his hand. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

“I thought you said you loved me. You might say you don’t want me, but your dick says you do.”

“I love you even more that I have ever admitted to myself, but I am an adult and you are not. I am also your coach and that complicates it more. Believe me Drew, when you turn sixteen, if you are still interested it will be a different story.”

“Fuck sixteen, I am going to win you over.”

“Drew, promise me that you will not try that.”

“I will never promise to not try to get you to make love to me.”

“I know I can’t keep resisting you if you keep after me, so I will have to quit coaching the team, its all I can do to keep my hands off you now. With you trying to seduce me, I won’t have a chance. I probably should quit coaching a traveling team anyway to remove any fears the parents might have.”

“No Jim, please don’t quit. I will try to keep my hands off you. I couldn’t stand it if you quit.”

“Okay, but we will have to see what the parents say about having a gay coach. I just didn’t think to mention it. Most everyone around here knows about me being gay because one of my collage teammates made a big stink about it.”

“I know I read all about it in the library. You have been in my dreams for a long time.”

Stacy came in and said. “Well, Dylan gave the cops a hard time and they took him to jail. He threatened to beat the shit out of us in front of the cops, so they said to get a restraining order against him. I have Boyd working on that now. He will have to have the police here when he gets his things.”

“I wish I knew what to say to make everything better, but I don’t.”

“Nothing can make it easier when you finally realize that your husband’s hatred is stronger than his love for his son. Stupidity is just stupidity and you can only pity it and go on. We have been shaky for awhile now and I am not sure how long our relationship would have lasted even without this incident. Dylan hates blacks almost as much as gays and I am so sick of his ranting.”

“He hasn’t wanted to be around me much at all lately. Did he know I was gay before today?”

“I don’t know, Drew, he wanted to know why you were spending so much time with Corey, so maybe he did suspect something.”

“Well, I guess I should tell you I am gay mom.”

“I pretty much figured that out.” Stacy finally managed a little smile.

“I wish I wasn’t but I am.”

“Jim said it was not something that could be learned or changed and that I needed to read up on the subject. I will work on that, but I will always love you son, no matter what.”

“I love you too mom. I love you too Jim.” Drew pulled me and his mom into a hug. “I really love Jim, mom, but he won’t have sex with me until after I am sixteen. That sucks, but he made me promise not to pressure him.”

“What about Corey, you boys seemed to be taking care of each other just fine when I came home early today.”

“That is all it is mom, just better than jacking off.”

About then the police came back over to the Jamison’s and Dylan was with them. Stacy went over to see what was going on. She wanted Drew and I to stay away to keep from provoking Dylan I am sure.

An hour or so later Dylan left in his truck and Stacy drove her car over. She came in the back door and said. “Well, that was interesting. Dylan plans on a fight for the house in court. The police suggested you get a restraining order on him too. He has already been served with the one from Drew and me.”

“Okay, I will get my attorney right on that.”

“Can I ask a big favor, Jim?”

“Sure, anything I can do I will be glad to.”

“I am traveling to Denver next week and I thought I would go up early and spend some time with my sister. I had already made plans to leave tonight, but Dylan went ballistic and I was just wondering if Drew could stay with you until I get back? I know its short notice but I don’t know who else to ask.”

“Sure, I will watch the turkey while you’re gone. I sorta like having him around anyway.” We laughed.

“Cool! No offense mom, but I love staying with Jim.”

“Didn’t you say you made a promise to him?”

“Yes and won’t pressure him about sex, I keep my promises.”

“I locked the doors and changed the security code to 1658. I know you don’t have your key but Jim does. The locksmith should be here within the hour to change the locks anyway. Jim do you mind giving him this check and making sure Drew locks the door when he goes over for clothes or anything.”

“Yep I will take care of it. You enjoy your sister and try to not let any of this worry you. The turkey and I will be fine.” I said rubbing Drew’s blond mop.

The locksmith pulled up as Stacy was getting in her car to leave. “I am going to miss my flight if I don’t go, sorry to run out on you and thanks again. I love you both.”

“Take care; we will see you in about a week.”

“Love you mom.”

The locksmith was finished in less than an hour and left the new keys. I gave Drew one and kept one and put the rest on the kitchen counter. Drew grabbed them and said. “We better keep them at your house until mom gets back.”

“Okay bud; want to get some clothes while we are here?”

“Not really, I like wearing your stuff, but I guess I better.” He pulled off the sweats he was wearing and stood before me naked. He tossed me the sweats and said. “Next time give me some you have worn. I would be hard as a rock knowing my cock was where yours was.”

“Go get dressed you sexy turkey.”

He gave me a knowing smirk and a wiggle of his butt as he turned to leave. The little shit spread his butt cheeks and said. “No pressure but anytime you are ready.” Then he ran into his room. I thought he was in his room and grabbing clothes. I brought the sweats up to my nose and inhaled his scent. “Caught ya.” He laughed. “You pervert, it is more fun to smell the boy.” He grabbed me in a hug. “More fun for the boy too.”

“I told you I was weak when it came to you, turkey.”

That night watching TV, Drew wanted to cuddle the whole time. I can’t say I didn’t want it too, but it was making me hard and I didn’t want to encourage him. He is very smart and knew exactly why I was fidgeting. “Mine gets hard around you too. But I promised I wouldn’t try to get you to have sex, but if you change your mind, I would like that very much.”

“It’s about time to hit the sack anyway. You know where everything is.”

“I guess sleeping with you is out?”


“Okay, I am just a kid we have to push a little or we never learn.” Damn he is a smart kid.

He grabbed me in a hug and I rubbed his back. I knew this has been a rough day for him. He kissed me on the cheek. “I love you Jimbob.”


“It’s my new pet name for you.”

“Okay. I love you too turkey.” I kissed his cheek and swatted his butt.

“Oh child abuse. Child abuse.” He said running down the hall to his bedroom. He has stayed with me before when Stacy and Dylan both had to travel at the same time, so he had claimed one of the bedrooms as his own.

I didn’t sleep well at all that night. Drew was on my mind and I couldn’t get him out of it. I love him like a son, but there is part of me that is very turned on by him too. I couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind that I was a pervert for thinking sexual thoughts about a boy. Of course the more I thought, the more I couldn’t sleep.

Drew came in while I was making breakfast. He was naked as a jay bird with his big dick pointing at his belly button. “You don’t sit at the table naked at home do you?”

“No, but I don’t want to show myself to anyone at home.”

“Go put on some shorts before that thing hurts someone.”

“Okay, if you insist. I thought maybe we could be nudist this week.” The little devil had an evil smirk on his face.

“No I could never keep my resolve to keep my hands off you with that staring me in the face all the time.”

“I am glad you like it, but I will get dressed.”

We had a good breakfast and I asked. “Want to go fishing for a bit? We have baseball practice tonight and so we shouldn’t stay out too long, but I think I can catch more fish than you.”

“Want to bet clothes?”


“Okay, okay. Can’t blame a guy for trying though.”

We had been fishing for almost an hour when I said. “Drew, I need to talk for a minute. Let’s take a little break.” I grabbed a couple of waters out of the cooler and tossed one to Drew.

“What is it you want to talk about? I could tell something was on your mind.”

“I didn’t realize until yesterday that I had not been up front with the baseball team. I just didn’t think to mention that I was gay. I think most of the parents know, but I want to give them an easy out if it makes a difference. So, I am going to resign and ask Tyler to take over head coaches duties tonight. I wanted you to know before hand so that you wouldn’t be upset.”

“Don’t quit, Tyler is cool and all, but you are the one we want to play for.”

“Drew, I am so embarrassed that I didn’t think to make that clear to the parents.”

“It doesn’t make any difference, you being gay is none of their business anyway.”

“Yes, it is, not that I would ever do anything to hurt those boys, my not telling them before hand might have the appearance of being deceitful.”

“No it doesn’t. Please don’t quit.”

I reached over and hugged Drew. “Don’t worry turkey, I will still holler at you and make you work hard. I will always be at your games too. I couldn’t give that up even if I wasn’t coaching.”

“Okay, but us players will make sure the parents keep you. After all we have you trained we don’t want to have to train a new coach.” He said as he took off running away. I chased after him for a few minutes and when I finally caught him it was at the lakes edge and I tackled him into the lake. We were both laughing so hard and splashing each other we both out of breath by the time we climbed out of the water.

“Let’s go and take a shower and a nap before practice turkey.”

“Can we shower together?”


“I won’t try to wash your puny little dick or your fat ass.” He was running so I couldn’t swat his butt. “We have seen each other lots of times. I promise not to touch the good stuff.”

“Drew, don’t start.”

“Just try it, if it gets out of hand, I promise I won’t ask again.”

“We’ll see when we get in the house. You carry the cooler for awhile and maybe you won’t be so frisky.” He took one end of the handles but didn’t offer to carry the whole thing. He just gave me that evil smirk again.

When we got in the house we had a message to give Stacy a call on her cell. I told Drew to call her while I put more water and power drinks in the cooler for tonight’s practice.

The End of part 2. Part 3 should follow shortly.
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