My Buddy Drew
Jim Carter

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Copyright 2006 Jim Carter

Snipet from Part 2

“Okay, but us players will make sure the parents keep you. After all we have you trained we don’t want to have to train a new coach.” He said as he took off running away. I chased after him for a few minutes and when I finally caught him it was at the lakes edge and I tackled him into the lake. We were both laughing so hard and splashing each other we both out of breath by the time we climbed out of the water.

“Let’s go and take a shower and a nap before practice turkey.”

“Can we shower together?”


“I won’t try to wash your puny little dick or your fat ass.” He was running so I couldn’t swat his butt. “We have seen each other lots of times. I promise not to touch the good stuff.”

“Drew, don’t start.”

“Just try it, if it gets out of hand, I promise I won’t ask again.”

“We’ll see when we get in the house. You carry the cooler for awhile and maybe you won’t be so frisky.” He took one end of the handles but didn’t offer to carry the whole thing. He just gave me that evil smirk again.

When we got in the house we had a message to give Stacy a call on her cell. I told Drew to call her while I put more water and power drinks in the cooler for tonight’s practice.

Part 3

“Hey mom, how is Aunt Tracy?”

“Yep, Jim is being mean to me. He pushed me into the lake while we were fishing. You need to tell him to not be so mean to your little boy.”

“You are just automatically taking his side. I can’t believe how mistreated I am.”

“Yes, I have been a little angel. He couldn’t ask for a better house guest.”

“Okay, I am glad you are having a good time. I am too most of the time. Oh, mom, you need to talk to Jim. He is going to resign as head coach tonight just because he didn’t tell the parents he was gay. Tell him not to resign.”

“Okay, here he is.” Drew handed me the phone.

“Hi Stace.”

“I am with Drew, you shouldn’t resign, but I called about something else.”

“Okay, what else is on your mind?”

“I know you are taking care a Drew at the tournament this weekend, but do you think you could take him to next week’s tournament too, I just noticed my flight won’t get me home in time to make it.”

“Sure that is not a problem. If the little turkey gives me any problems, I’ll build a cage and lock him up.”

“I heard that.” Drew shouted.

“Thanks Jim, I don’t know what I would do without a friend like you.”

“You know you and your son are very important to me and to be honest, I really love having the turkey around.” If the truth be told I really miss him when he isn’t around.

“He was so happy when I was talking to him. I figured he broke his promise and beat you down and had his way with you.”

“No he won’t break his promise.”

“He is my son, I know him. He won’t break it but he will bend it for all he is worth.”

“Yep, that is my little turkey.”

“You guys quit talking behind my back.”

“Well, just so you know. I know you love my son and he loves you. I want you to know you have my blessing if you do give in to his and your own desires. I know it will happen, it’s just a matter of when and I want you to know how I feel about it.”

“Thanks Stace. I love this turkey and we are both keeping our promise.” I couldn’t help but it, tears rolled down my face.

“What’s wrong Jim? Why are you crying? What did mom say?”

“Nothing is wrong; I just had an emotional moment.”

“Let me talk to her again.” Drew reached for the phone and I gave it to him.

“What did you say to make Jim cry?”

“Oh, okay. I am glad you love him because one of these days I am going to have my evil ways with him.”

“Love you too mom. I will call you Sunday and tell you how the tournament went.”

Drew hung up the phone. “Now let’s go shower and take our nap.” Drew was already naked and started undressing me. I was soon naked too and let him lead me into the shower in my bedroom. Drew adjusted the temperature and pulled me into the shower. He grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair. We were both soon hard as rocks. It felt awesome having him wash my hair. “Grab some shampoo and wash your other hair or can I do it?”

I took some lather from my head and washed my pubic hair. “I better do it. I don’t want you to break a promise.”

“One day soon we will be doing this without a promise getting in the way of two people taking a loving shower together.” He made like it was accidental but our cocks made contact as he gave me the shampoo. “Now wash my hair. I have so little down below you can do that too.”

“Nice try turkey, but you shampoo your own fuzz.”

“Not many of my friends even have any yet.”

“Yep your hormones kicked earlier than mine did when I was your age.”

“I could cum when I was ten. Corey just started this year.”

“Don’t make fun of kids that have not started to grow down there and can’t make sperm yet. Boys around your age mature at different rates all will eventually get there though.”

“I know my dick started growing before anyone else in gym class and they teased me about it but I knew they were just jealous.”

“That is one of your best qualities, you can take teasing and I have never seen you tease someone in a way that they could get their feelings hurt.”

“Oh, I thought you were going to say my dick was one of my best qualities and I was going to say yours is too.” Again he managed to let our dicks bump together accidentally.

I swatted his butt and said. “Finish washing turkey and let’s get a quick nap.”

We dried off and I put on a pair of briefs and lay down to take my nap. Since I hadn’t slept very well last night I knew I would fall asleep quickly. I was almost asleep when Drew climbed in bed with me and wrapped his arms around me. To his credit he had put on a pair of briefs too. “I was thinking about you all last night and I didn’t sleep very well. Let me nap with you. PLEASE.” How could I refuse him?

“Okay, I am too sleepy to argue even if I wanted to.” He snuggled even closer face down half on me half off.

“Does that mean we can take these briefs off?”

“Go to sleep turkey.”

“One day you will get this gobbler. I love you Jim.” He was almost asleep as he said it.

“I love you too big boy.”

I was startled and a little disoriented when the alarm went off. Drew reached over and turned it off. Then he kissed me on the lips. “One of my dreams just came true. I got to wake up in your arms.”

“Hey I think I have been in that dream. Now go get dressed for practice while I fix us a bite to eat.”

He got up and started out of the bedroom when he came back. “Does that mean you have dreamed of waking up in my arms too?”

“What do you think turkey?”

“I am pretty sure you have, so why don’t you give in and let me really sleep with you?”

“Because the law says you have to be sixteen to be able to consent to that with an adult.”

“Fuck the law. I don’t want to sleep with a cop or a lawyer. I want to sleep with a hunky baseball player.”

“We have an agreement so please don’t push. Believe me it is just as hard on me as it is you, but I know it is the right thing to do.”

He ran back and gave me another kiss and started to try to work his tongue in my mouth. I returned the tongue just a few seconds before swatting his butt. “Go before we get so heated up we can’t stop.”

We dressed quickly and ate a couple of sandwiches. We loaded everything into the truck and headed to the practice field. It was only about a quarter of a mile away but we had quite a bit of equipment. I built the practice field on our property when we had such a hard time finding a practice field when we were a ten year old team. I also converted my old car warehouse into an indoor practice area when the city agreed to house the cars as part of their downtown convention and tourist center. We have nice practice facilities year round rain or shine.

Once practice was in full swing and we were starting batting practice. Corey came up to me and said. “Coach, I know you know I was with Drew when his old man went nuts, but will you do me a favor and not tell my dad.”

“I see no reason to tell your dad, but just remember I won’t lie to him if he asks, but I see no reason for him to ask.”

“Coach, I don’t really know if I am gay or not, but I like getting off. I think you are hot and I know why Drew wants you so badly. He has never called my name when we were sucking, but he has called your name more than once. He knows you love him, but won’t have sex with him. He really has it bad for you. You are all he ever talks about. I just thought you should know.”

“Thanks Corey, now get out there and get some batting practice, you’re up.”

We had a good practice but we kept is fairly short because we travel tomorrow and have a game at eight o’clock tomorrow night. Since this was a city we had not played in before, I passed out all the hotel information and directions to the hotel and the field.

While I had the parents together I started my speech. “Parents, let me have your attention for a minute.”

“If this is about you telling us you are gay and forgot to mention it before you started coaching the Indians, we all know from your collage days and it doesn’t make any difference.”

“How did you know what I was going to talk about?”

“Stacy called us all and told us about you thinking you should resign. We are vetoing that here and now. We want your influence on our boys and who you sleep with has no bearing on that at all.” They all started clapping.

I couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks folks, that means a lot to me. Until the recent incident, which apparently everyone knows about, it hadn’t crossed my mind that my sexual orientation could make a difference. Then it hit me that it was important that you know about me.”

“Just forget about it coach. There is not a parent or kid here that doesn’t trust you and love the way you have taught and coached these boys. They listen to you because you listen to them. You have a knack of giving them just the right amount of positive and negative feedback when you have tell them they screwed up. These boys know when they screw up, and I have seen them so down on themselves, but it is only momentary because you have them pick each other up as a team. I have been around sports all my life and I have never seen another team this close and this tight. You are the reason for that. So coach we just want to say DON’T CHANGE A THING. We love you as much as the boys do.”

“Okay, I can only say thanks. Drew and I will be leaving at about noon tomorrow if any want to caravan. You all have my cell number is you get lost or want to make sure we wait on you. Have a safe trip and see you tomorrow.”

When we got back to the house I was going to call Stacy, but Drew beat me to it. “Thanks mom, Mr. Johnson cut him off before he even got started on his speech. I am so glad they love Jim almost as much as I do. I bet some would even like to sleep with him too.” I don’t know what Stacy said but Drew was laughing hard. Then he got very quiet almost like he was holding his breath. His eyes got big and a monster smile crossed his face. “Oh god mom, would you please? Oh mom, you don’t know how happy that would make me.” Again silence. “Thanks mom, I love you.” He handed me the phone.

“Thanks Stacy, you must be a very convincing woman. I was really surprised when they stopped me for giving my little speech that I had been working so hard on.”

“We will see how convincing I am. Jim, this is hard for a mother to do, but I am asking you to take my son to bed and love him. Love him like I know you both need. Drew is such a good kid, but I sometimes listen at his door to satisfy my self that he is not doing drugs or something. I know it sounds stupid and I wouldn’t be able to hear him doing drugs, but it was all I knew to do. He has a very vivid imagination and I have heard him more than once fantasizing about you and he having sex. I wouldn’t be saying this if I didn’t know how much you love him, so I am asking you to make my son’s dreams come true.”

“I don’t know what to say Stacy other than you may have saved my sanity. I love that turkey so much and I have a long time, but recently my fantasies have taken on a sexual nature too. I promise I will never do anything to hurt him.”

“I know you won’t. Call him to the phone so you both can hear me.” I motioned Drew over. “We are both listening.”

“I am not a preacher, but for what it’s worth I pronounce you husband and husband. Take care of each other and I love you both.”

“We love you.” We both said together.

“Well what are you waiting for go get nekkid.” She laughed and hung up.

As I put the phone down Drew grabbed me around the neck and planted a lip lock on me that made my toes curl. Our kiss was so passionate, but only lasted a minute at most. “Come on Jim, let’s go to bed and do this right.”

Drew started to take his shirt off, but I stopped him. “Let me unwrap my most precious gift.” I pulled his shirt up and exposed his belly button. I kissed and suckled his belly button for just a few seconds and kissed up his chest to his nipples and then suckled each one until they where hard little nubbins. I pulled his shirt up and nuzzled his arm pits. Because he didn’t have any pit hair yet they were not rank like a man’s would be after a baseball practice. They did have the smell of sweaty boy, but it was not strong at all. I was surprise that he was turned on by me kissing and nuzzling his pits. I figured he would be giggling from being ticklish because he is very ticklish. That reassured me that he was mature beyond his years.

After I got his shirt off, I got down on my knees and took off his shoes. Then as I took each sock off, I kissed his big feet. The kid wears size twelve shoes already. As I started taking his toes in my mouth he said. “That feels good, but I have something better for you to suck on. Please hurry, I am about to die I need to cum so bad.”

“Be patient bud, I promise you it will be worth the wait.”

“I am the happiest kid in the world. I have dreamed about doing this with you for so long.”

I pulled his shorts off but left his underwear on. I noticed that he had already removed his cup. He knew what I was thinking. “I took it out as soon as practice was over. I knew I would get hard and that damn thing would kill me.” I just smiled and kissed the pouch. I felt his dick twitch. I pulled his strap off then his briefs. His cock immediately flopped up and pointed at his belly button. It was so hard I was afraid it would break when I pulled it away from his belly. I kissed the slit just for an instant. He wasn’t leaking any pre cum a sign that he still had some maturing to do. His beautiful cock was at least five and a half inches maybe more. I licked that little strip of blonde fuzz over his cock and loved the silky feel on my tongue. I didn’t dare take his cock in my mouth yet but I did kiss down the shaft and took each of his balls into my mouth. For a kid his age he had a set to be proud of.

I couldn’t help my self. I turned him around and buried my face in his little butt crack. I kissed both cheeks and licked his hot hole until he was dancing needing to cum. I turned him back around and took his hot beautiful cock into my loving mouth. I was moaning with pleasure of having this boy I loved in my mouth. He was moaning too. “Oh god, Jim this is a million times better than I ever imagined. I can’t hold it any longer I am going to cum.” Cum he did too. I didn’t expect a kid his age to produce that much cum. It shot out with a mighty force.

When he finished I kept licking and kissing his dick. I didn’t want to let it go. Finally he pushed me away enough to signal for me to get off my knees.

“Tomorrow night I get to unwrap you like you did me tonight, but right now I just have to suck you. I have dreamed of doing this for as long as I can remember.” He quickly had my shirt shoes and pants off. He soon had me naked and one hand around my cock and the other playing with my balls. “This feels so much better I imagined.” Then he took my cock in his mouth. He couldn’t get it all in but he was doing a fantastic job. I was still excited from pleasuring him that I knew I wouldn’t last too long, but when Drew started swirling his tongue around my head and licking the pre cum out of my slit it pushed me over the edge.

“Drew I am going to cum bud.” I thought I better warn him just in case he didn’t want to take it in his mouth. He just massaged my butt cheeks even harder and doubled his efforts on my cock. When I started to shoot he moaned and I moaned. I shot forever it seemed. I was in heaven.

“Your cum tastes so much better than mine.” He said kissing my cock a few times before getting up. We had a long and loving kiss.

“Let’s get ready for bed turkey.”

He laughed and said. “I think we can both be called gobblers tonight. I will be right back.” He ran off to his bathroom.

As I was brushing my teeth he came in with his toiletries. “Your husband is moving in.” He said with a grin.

“Maybe we need to keep two sets for you just in case one of your friends come over.”

“Oh yeah. I was just excited and didn’t think about that.” He kissed me and started brushing his teeth. When we finished we stood side by side to pee before bed. “You hold mine and I‘ll hold yours.” Of course we were hard by the time we finished. “I guess we will have to sixty-nine before we go to sleep.” He led me to the bed by the dick.

As soon as we hit the bed Drew had us in a sixty-nine position. “I am sure going to have fun learning to get all this in my mouth. In my dreams I swallowed it right to the pubes, but I found out earlier today it will take some practice. I think I like this practice better than baseball.” Drew said while kissing and licking my dick.

“I have a feeling we will both be doing a lot of practicing. I love having your big beautiful dick in my face.” I was kissing and licking all around his genitals. We were both soon trying to claim another load of cum from our partner. Drew was the first to cum and his cum tasted even better than before if that was possible. I soon followed suit. “Your cum is the best I have ever tasted. I love being with the man I love.”

“Yours taste best to me. Thanks for calling me a man. I know it means you are treating me as an equal and not some boy toy. I love you so much. Promise me we will do this everyday for the rest of our lives.”

“I promise that if at all possible we will do this everyday for the rest of our lives.”

“Why did you qualify it?”

“I don’t want to ever break a promise to you and if somehow we are apart for some reason, it wouldn’t be breaking my promise.”

“I don’t want us to ever be apart.”

“Me either, but if you had to go on a school trip or something it could happen.”

“Oh okay, I see, but want to always be with you.”

“Me too. I love you turkey.”

“I love you more.” Drew kissed me so gently at first but soon it started to get very passionate again.

I pulled away and then kissed him with a few pecks on the lips. “We better get some sleep now.”

I was on my back. Drew settled into position with his head on my shoulder. His arm around me with his knee between my legs and his thigh was in my crotch. His genitals were lying on my thigh. He was breathing softly and evenly. I knew he was asleep. I couldn’t resist caressing his smooth butt. I figured I would wake up with this arm that was under him asleep, but what the hell it was worth it to hold this wonderful creature in my arms. His soothing breathing soon put me to sleep as well.

I awoke the next morning to Drew kissing me passionately. He was fully on top of me and our hard cocks together. “Can we cum like this? This is another one of my dreams.”

“You have me so excited that it won’t take me long. You really know how to wake me up.” I was so close to cuming that Drew must have been rocking our cocks together for awhile. “Oh god Jim. I can’t hold it any more.” I felt those hard healthy shots of boy cream hitting pumping out of his cock and it sent me over the edge.

Drew was still rocking his body on mine making a mess of our cum between us. He quit kissing long enough to say. “Now it’s time to lick up the good stuff. I bet our cum taste great together.” He started licking cum from my body. “Fantastic.” He said when he was finished. He climbed up and stuck his belly and crotch in my face so I could get my share of the offering.

“Hmmm that is good stuff.” I said cleaning him up. I really love licking his little line of pubic hair. One of these days it would be a full bush, but right now it was just a few silky hairs that he was so proud of.

“Breakfast is ready in the kitchen, and then we can shower and get ready.” I went looking for my briefs. He grabbed my hand. “No clothes.” I just chuckled and followed.

He had two bowls of cereal and toast on a plate. They were on the same side of the table. “Sit.” When I sat down he climbed on my lap. “I might get too big to do this everyday, but sometimes it will be fun to eat like this. This way we can eat and play with our toys.” He said has he moved my hand to his cock and he gently played with mine.

After we finished, he turned around and straddled me with our genitals together. “This is nice.” I said just enjoying our closeness.

“I am so lucky to have you. I wish everyone could be as happy as I am right now.”

“I am the lucky one. I could hold you like this all day long but we better get ready you know some show up early.”

“You start the shower I will put the dishes in the dishwasher. Should I turn it on or not?”

“No just leave them we will run the dishwasher next time we have dishes.”

Before I had the water adjusted Drew was with me and starting to get frisky. Once we started to shower he handed me the shampoo, “Do my hair please.” As I started to lather up his head, he went to his knees and took my cock into his hot mouth. He stopped long enough to say. “Now this is the way to get a shampoo.” I wanted to hold out longer, but his wild tongue and talented mouth made that impossible.

“Man that was awesome.” I said as I finished unloading in my hot young lovers mouth. “Now it is my turn for a shampoo.” I said, handing him the shampoo.

“You just can’t wait to get my cock in your mouth you dirty old man.” He giggled as he started soaping my head. Of course, he was right. I do love having his cock in my mouth, but I love that he loves me even more. He is so young, I am pretty sure that he will not feel the same way when he is older, but I can’t fight it any longer. I am so in love with him that I am willing to risk the biggest heart break of my life for his love now.

After he pumped the last of his seed into my hungry mouth, I got up and gave my boy a hot kiss. Then I moved us under the spray to wash the soap out of our hair. “You are right; this dirty old man loves everything about you.” He grabbed and kissed me again.

“This dirty little boy loves everything about you too. I have to be the happiest kid in the world.” We finished washing and got out of the shower. We heard the doorbell ring.

“Corey.” We both said together.

I grabbed my bathrobe. “I’ll answer the door; you go to your room and get in the shower.”

“Good thinking.”

Corey and his mom always came early when we traveled. I answered the door. “You caught me in the shower.” I laughed as I let them in. “Drew should be finished with his shortly if you want to go hurry him up Corey.”

“I’ll go get him.”

We heard Corey shout. “Quit spanking the monkey, you have company.”

“Corey Simmons!” His mom shouted. “That boy is so full of mischief.”

“Gratz bro!” I heard Drew holler from the bedroom. Soon the boys came in carrying Drew’s backpack and baseball uniforms.

“Go hang the uniforms on the hook in the truck and stow the bags if you don’t mind. Mine is by the garage door.”

“Will do coach.”

After I was dressed I went back to the living room where Corey’s mom was waiting. “I am sorry to keep you waiting. We are running a little late this morning.”

“It’s no problem. I am always early. I have to be early or I am always late. Daniel’s parents won’t be up until tomorrow so he is riding and staying with us tonight.”

The doorbell rang again. “Hi Daniel, come on in son.”

“Hi coach. Hi Ms. Simmons. Where are Corey and Drew?”

“I coned them into putting the finishing touches on loading the truck. Come help me with this cooler big boy.” Daniel followed me into the kitchen. We took the cooler out to the truck and put it in the back. Corey came over and hugged Daniel and kissed him right there. Daniel looked shocked.

“Its okay coach is cool.” Corey said.

“You need to be careful though, what if your mom is watching.”

“Oh, I didn’t think about that.”

“You will have to be extra careful or your secret will get out.”

“You told?” Daniel was about to cry.

“No, he didn’t tell me anything, but the way you looked at each other and the kiss made it pretty easy to figure out. Don’t worry Daniel, I won’t say anything.”

“Sorry I blamed you Corey. I am just so scared.”

“Come on guys let me back the truck out so we can get started.” I backed the truck out and found a few others had arrived.

I caught Lisa Simmons before the boys got to her SUV. “Lisa, Daniel’s room is already paid for if you want to let Daniel and Corey sleep in that room tonight. I didn’t want to say anything in front of the boys in case you didn’t want to leave them alone.”

“That is a great idea and I would love not having two almost teenagers driving me nuts in the same room. We will just have to make sure they don’t stay up all night laughing and talking.”

I was pretty sure that laughing and talking would be the last things on their minds but kept that to myself. “I will lay the law down to them about when I expect them to be asleep.”

Lisa told the boys and they came over and hugged me. “Thanks coach, you are the best.” Corey said.

“Yeah man, thanks coach.” Daniel added.

“Well, there is one rule you have to be quiet and asleep by midnight, and I do mean asleep. No exceptions. Do you agree to this rule?”

“Yes coach.” They said together.

We were a little later getting started than we had planned, but not by much. As soon as we were on the freeway Drew said. “I was worried that Corey would figure out that we were lovers, because I was going to tell him I didn’t want to do anything with him anymore. When he told me he couldn’t do anything anymore because he and Daniel were boyfriends and wanted to only do it with each other, I almost cheered.”

“I know, I heard you congratulate him.”

“Oh shit, I wonder if his mother heard.”

“She heard, but I don’t know what she made of it. She might think her little boy is so young that he wouldn’t even be thinking about sex yet.”

“No she knows he thinks about it all the time. He is always saying stuff like spank the monkey, so I am sure she knows he jacks off a lot. Since she agreed to let Corey and Daniel sleep in a room by themselves, I am pretty sure she knows they will be jacking off together at the least.”

“You amaze me with your quick mind. You reason things out for yourself better than a lot of adults do. How did you get so smart?”

He laughed. “Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be around you. Even before I knew my dick was a fun toy and I wanted to be with you that way, I wanted you to like me and let me hang with you. So, I tried to think like an adult. That didn’t work too well cause I didn’t know how an adult thought, I just knew that they did think instead of just doing; like kids do.”

“Wow, I still don’t see how you figured that out so young.”

“I didn’t really. I heard you tell my dad, the bastard, not to chew me out for breaking your torque wrench. Do you remember what you told him?”

“No, I can’t say as I do.”

“You said. Don’t scold him, he feels bad enough already. He is just a boy and he hasn’t learned about consequences yet. He knows that if he does something wrong he will be punished. He is one of the best kids I know and he doesn’t cause trouble. He didn’t mean to break it, it was an accident. He has not learned to weigh risk and rewards or think about what could go wrong when he tries things. Kids just act on impulse they have not learned how to think something through.”

“I remember that now. That still doesn’t explain how well you think things through at such an early age.”

“I went to the library and looked up some books about thinking and reasoning. I am pretty smart, but I didn’t understand most of what I read but I understood some. What I ended up with, boiled down to; think about what can go wrong and what can go right when you are deciding to do something. Then decide if the benefits out weigh the bad shit that can happen. Not all of that came at once, but it was a start. I am still working on it, but I am getting better. I have actually stopped myself from doing some pretty stupid shit that seemed really cool at the time.”

“I am so proud of you. You so wise beyond your years, but you still know how to have fun and enjoy life.”

He laughed and reached over and grabbed my dick. “I really enjoy this when it comes alive.”

“Don’t cause us to have a wreck.”

He removed his hand. “Well, I still have a lot to learn, but I did get away with a good feel before anything bad happened. I will make you pull over next time I want a feel.” He giggled. My love for this boy grows deeper all the time.

My cell phone rang and Drew saw it was Corey’s mom calling. He knew it would be Corey and not his mom. “Locker room. Which swinging dick do you want?” Drew laughed.

“Sure it’s your mom. You just want to see Daniel’s dick already.” Drew laughed again. “Okay I will tell him. But if you too go in a stall, I am telling the whole team.” Drew laughed again and hung up. “Corey wants to play with Daniel’s dick. He said his mom needs to go potty, but you and I both know what he wants.”

I am sure the rest stop sign had prompted Lisa to have Corey call because we were at the rest stop in a few seconds. I put on my blinker and found a parking spot. I parked leaving a few spaces closer to the restrooms in case Lisa was in a hurry she would be closer. Sure enough she got as close as she could. Drew was out in a flash to make sure Corey and Daniel didn’t have any private time. He can be such a devil at times. When I made my way in bathroom the boys had left a spot for me in the middle. Taylor, Patrick and Drew were on one side Corey, Daniel and Johnny on the other side. I notice that Drew was standing farther back from the urinal than usual and was proudly showing his dick. All the boys were but Johnny. I just lined up with them and pulled out my dick and started pissing. Johnny. Patrick, Johnny and Taylor finished and left. “Damn coach, I see why Drew has the hots for you now.” Corey chided He was trying to get back at Drew.

“Corey, watch your tongue. Maybe you are not responsible enough to be allowed to stay in a room with Daniel alone.”

“Sorry coach. Daniel knows how badly Drew wants you and he knows about Drew’s promise. I just wanted to tease Drew for what he said on the phone.”

“I know you didn’t mean any harm, but if someone else heard they might not understand and it could cause problems. Teasing about private matters can lead to problems when you least expect it.”

“Sorry coach, sorry Drew. It won’t happen again.” We decided to have a little picnic there at the rest stop and found a shady table to take our break. In true baseball fashion the boys started throwing around a football while we were setting up the picnic.

“Jim go play with the boys, we will set everything up.” One of the moms said. Before we started to eat another family and two of the other coaches pulled into the rest stop. Chad said “We figured you guys would stop here and the boys would be eating.” He ruffled Johnny’s hair. “We did actually bring some sandwiches this time. Todd made them so they probably taste like crap.”

“Then don’t eat any jerk, besides Tammy made them so blame her if you get sick.” Todd teased back. They were the best of friends so I knew it was a show. They are both married but their wives very seldom join them on our baseball trips. The way they have been so tight lately I suspect they might fool around with each other. If their wives don’t come on a trip they let me know so I can cancel one of the rooms.

We were back on our way after everyone made another trip to the bathroom so that we wouldn’t need to stop again.

When we got back in the truck to get started again. I saw Drew look around. Then he leaned over and pulled my shorts down kissed my cock. “Just had to let him know I cared.”

Not to be out done, I pulled his shorts down. He was rock hard. I kissed his piss slit and said. “I think he likes me.”

“No he loves you; almost as much as I do.” I covered him up and buckled up. He buckled up and said. “It was cool how you made Corey think we still had our promise without having to lie to him, but I think he knows.”

“Why is that?”

“That was the first thing he said when he saw me this morning.”

“What do you mean?”

“He said you raped him didn’t you. I can see by how happy you are. You got your dream. I won’t tell, besides, Daniel and I are boyfriends now. You lucky devil.” Corey looked over at me and continued. “Then is when I congratulated him and told a white lie. I said you know I made a promise, so I still have to dream.”

“I don’t know what to tell you Drew. Sometimes we have to skirt the truth or tell half truths to do what is right. I believe it is wrong to lie, but to protect those we love and to keep from causing more problems we have to stretch the truth. I can’t tell a bold face lie, my face turns red or something I don’t know what it is but I have never in my life gotten away with a bold face lie. Just be careful bud. Corey wouldn’t betray you intentionally, but you guys are young and things pop out of your mouths before you know it.”

“I know. If he didn’t know me so well, I would never tell him, but I almost think it would be better to tell him than letting him wonder. I am so confused. I know him though, if he suspects we are having sex he won’t stop until he finds out for sure.”

“You may only be twelve, but I put my life in your hands when we became partners. I trust you to decide to tell him or not.”

“Thanks. It means a lot to me that you trust me so much. It does make me feel like your partner, and not just someone to have sex with. I need to think about it some more before I make up my mind what to do.”

“Okay turkey; let me know when you decide.” I ruffled his hair.

“I will.” He ruffled my hair.

We were silent for awhile. I saw Drew was in deep thought and figured it was about how to handle Corey. When he looked over at me and asked. “Jim, can I ask you something?”

“Sure bud, anything.”

“Will you still love me when I grow up and get old?” He had the most worried look on his face.

“Oh Drew, I will always love you until you are old and gray. You have been reading too many stories on the internet. I couldn’t stop loving you even if I wanted to.”

“I know you love me for more than sex, so I don’t mean you won’t love me if I get hairy. I mean will you get tired of me someday?”

“Drew, I have the advantage of having been around a bit. I am pretty sure what I want and I don’t think my tastes are going to change much as far as the quality of people I want to be around. I have always told my self that when I find the person I want to commit myself to it will be for life. I have committed myself to you and I am in it for life.”

Drew looked at me puzzled. “I know you Jim, there is something you are not telling me. I know you are not lying, but something you are not telling me.” Damn this kid can read me like a book.

“What I am not telling you Drew is I am scared.”

“I promise no one will ever know about us. I will work extra hard to make sure I don’t give us away. I have already made up my mind that we have to lie to Corey if he keeps asking. I promise to be so careful you might even think I am mad at you when we are not alone and safe.”

“I know you will bud, and I am scared about that some, but that is not what I am really scared of.”

“What is it? Tell me.”

“I am scared because you are so young and haven’t had a chance to really live much. There is a real good chance that as you get older, what you want in a relationship will change. You will meet a lot of great boys and men especially when you get older and are driving on your own and going to school and collage. You attract great people to you because you are such a great person yourself. I am scared you will find someone and break my heart, but my love for you is so strong I couldn’t let myself not live and love you to the fullest while you want me. I know you would never hurt me intentionally, but by the same token I would never want you to be trapped with me if you wanted or needed someone else in your life.” Tears were rolling down my face so fast I was having trouble seeing.

Drew grabbed my arm and held my hand. “Thanks for telling me that. I thought it might be something like that. I am scared too, and I promise I will never intentionally hurt you. I don’t know what the future will throw us, but when I was wondering if one day you might get tired of me I asked myself what if one day I get tired of you. All that I figured out for sure is that since the day we moved next door to you, I have felt like I belonged with you. That was a long time ago and I didn’t even know my dinky was good for anything but peeing. I didn’t even know what a true friend was. All I knew was mommy and daddy. But the day we moved next door it became Jim, then mommy and daddy. I don’t know what it was but it was strong. Mom and dad would have to make me stay at my house, I wanted to be with you every minute I was awake. Then when my dinky became more than a pee tube, you were in every dream or jack off fantasy. I read some people use the term soul mates, but I have not found anything scientific about that. I just know that I expect to grow old and decrepit with you.”

“You would make me a very happy old man if that happens, but like I said I want to love you no matter what. I will do my best to put my fears to bed if you can sense them, they must be dealt with cause all I want if for us to be happy.”

“Me too, now put on some sunglasses before we check in or someone will notice your red eyes.” Drew said as we pulled into the hotel. As luck would have it Daniel’s parent’s room was next to ours when the hotel gave me the room assignments.

“It looks like Daniel and Corey will have the room next to me. I will make sure they behave. I am sure that will bum them out.” I told Lisa.

“Connie called on the way up, looks like her sister has taken a turn for the worse, so they will not be up at all. If you want to give the room back the boys can stay with me.”

“No, that is fine. Besides, each boy gets a free room from our sponsorship money. Since Drew very seldom uses his room these days, I usually offer it to Greg (Greg is Corey’s father and Lisa’s ex) and Steph and since their little one has come along they don’t come much anymore either. The coaches aren’t using all their rooms either, so we are fine with funds. In fact, if all goes as planned the team will be buying a nice dinner tomorrow night for everyone.”

“That will make the boys happy, they were so excited, and then when they thought they might not get to be in a room by themselves they were so dejected.”

The End of part 3. Part 4 should follow shortly.
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