My Buddy Drew
Jim Carter

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Snipet from Part 3

“You would make me a very happy old man if that happens, but like I said I want to love you no matter what. I will do my best to put my fears to bed if you can sense them, they must be dealt with cause all I want if for us to be happy.”

“Me too, now put on some sunglasses before we check in or someone will notice your red eyes.” Drew said as we pulled into the hotel. As luck would have it Daniel’s parent’s room was next to ours when the hotel gave me the room assignments.

“It looks like Daniel and Corey will have the room next to me. I will make sure they behave. I am sure that will bum them out.” I told Lisa.

“Connie called on the way up, looks like her sister has taken a turn for the worse, so they will not be up at all. If you want to give the room back the boys can stay with me.”

“No, that is fine. Besides, each boy gets a free room from our sponsorship money. Since Drew very seldom uses his room these days, I usually offer it to Greg (Greg is Corey’s father and Lisa’s ex) and Steph and since their little one has come along they don’t come much anymore either. The coaches aren’t using all their rooms either, so we are fine with funds. In fact, if all goes as planned the team will be buying a nice dinner tomorrow night for everyone.”

“That will make the boys happy, they were so excited, and then when they thought they might not get to be in a room by themselves they were so dejected.”

Part 4

I called the team around. I had already called those that checked in early and ask them to come down. “Okay I will make this short we don’t have a lot of time before we need to be at the ballpark. I want everyone there by seven. We play at eight and I need us checked in before seven-thirty and you know your mean ole coaches we want you stretched and warmed up in plenty of time. Don’t eat anything heavy just a sandwich and maybe something after the game. Its hot and I don’t want you throwing up on me.” The boys laughed. Oh and parents, we are planning on a nice dinner at Fargo’s tomorrow night at seven. If you have family in town and want to invite them they are more than welcome, but let me know so that I can adjust the reservations.” The boys cheered. They didn’t know the restaurant but they knew we usually did team dinners at a really nice place.

“Oh we are wearing blue tonight tomorrow red for the first game and white for the afternoon game. I hope dinner tomorrow night is a celebration for getting into the championship round. I will be leaving at six-thirty for those that want to follow me.”

Back when I had a SUV most of the team wanted to ride with me, but now I have a truck so the boys usually descend on some other sucker. I love how they stick together as a team. Drew even goes with them some time. Come to think about it he only goes with the herd when he is riding with Stacy or Dylan. Most times he rides with me even if they are at the tournament.

When we went to our rooms and Corey and Daniel saw they were next to us. I heard Corey say “Shit coach will bust our nuts if we get loud.”

“I heard that.”

“Sorry coach, but remember I’m just a kid.” Corey ducked into the room laughing his head off.

Inside our room I noticed that our room was an adjoining room to Daniel and Corey. I am going to get that little shit back.

I opened our adjoining door and knocked on theirs. Corey came to the door in just his briefs holding his shirt in from of himself. “Since you are just a kid, I guess we need to keep these doors open so I can watch out for you.”

“Oh coach I didn’t mean it. You wouldn’t want the door open either would you?” Corey asked looking around to see a fully dressed Drew.

“Why not we don’t plan on making any noise and disturbing the neighbors?”

“Coach, please.” Corey forgot what he was hiding and dropped the hand holding the shirt. He was tenting his briefs very nicely.

“I see you are making a point.” I looked down at his tented briefs. “I was pulling your leg now go let Daniel pull that thing for you. I do expect you to follow the rules though.”

“No problem coach, we will.” It was Daniel that spoke up. I looked around Corey to see a naked Daniel waiting on him.

“Don’t be late you don’t have a lot of time boys.” I said and closed and locked the door. I heard their door lock as well.

“Come here and let’s get naked quick. I need to cum or that cup will kill me tonight.” As soon as we were naked we kissed passionately. After a few minutes our kisses got more lustful. “Let’s sixty-nine and then we will be ready.” Corey moved around so we could suck each other. I went to his sweet little rosebud first and started rimming and kissing his tight hole. I noticed he was doing the same. He came up for air. “I thought that was disgusting when I read about it, but I love doing it with you. When your hole twitches I know you like it and it makes me feel great.”

“I will be honest with you. I have never done that to anyone else. I think you have to really love someone to do that for them.”

“Makes sense to me.” I wet my finger and moved to Drew’s balls while rubbing my finger on his tight hairless hole. “Oh Jim put it in. Please put your finger in my butt.” I did as requested. I notice he did the same to me. Damn his hot little hole was tight.

After we had sucked each other for a few minutes, I let his cock flop against his belly and kissed the head. I stroked his hot button. He jumped and moaned around my cock. “Did you feel that?”

“Yes, I know what it is too. It my prostrate gland, you know I read a lot. I have found it with Jim before.”

“Jim?” I knew this was the first time I had put anything in his butt.

“Oh, you don’t know about Jim. I will show him to you sometime. Anyway I carved a dick out of a big candle and I named it Jim. Am I obsessed or what?” He chuckled and went back to sucking me. Sucking and using our fingers we were ready to cum unloaded at about the same time. “Man that was fantastic. I can’t wait until you fuck me tonight.”

“Hold your horses. I am not going to fuck you tonight.” I knew he was going to argue so I thought I would cut him off at the pass. “I know you have read about it and may have even done it before, but I don’t want my best runner slowed down by a sore butt. We have the rest of our lives to do that but not this weekend. Okay?”

“Okay, I can live with your tongue and finger in there. And just so you know, I would not let Corey put his finger in me. It hurt his feelings but I told him that my butt hole was a Jim only hole. I wouldn’t let him kiss me either.”

“Wow, you wouldn’t let him kiss you?”

“Nope, I told him that was an act of love and all my love is reserved for you.”

“Sucking cock is not an act of love?”

“It is when we do it, but with Corey it was just a wet jack off.”

“Damn I love you my little turkey. Now let’s get dressed.”

“You love my gobbler too, I can tell.” He scampered away from my playful swat at his butt.

When we got to the ballpark and started our warm-ups, the coach of one of our usual rivals came over to chat. “Hey Jim, I see all your boys are back. You don’t ever seem to lose any of your players, well, your stars anyway.”

“You manage to keep a stock of those big country fed boys around too.” The Yellow Jackets are a rural team that always has a lot of big strong boys. They have one kid with facial hair. We know he is only twelve because we have played them for years, but every tournament this team has people wanting to see birth certificates.

“We have a new pitcher we are saving for when we play you in the championship round.”

“You are assuming that we both will make it out of pool play.” I was trying to sound humble, knowing that we should win our next two games, but I didn’t know the team we were playing tonight.

“We will be playing each other for the championship even if it is the first game of the championship. You are our only competition and we will save all we have for you. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.” He said offering his hand to shake.

We shook and as he was leaving I said. “Maybe we should just play each other and let the rest play for third. Save us a lot of sweat and running.” I was letting him know that I wasn’t counting my chickens before they hatched.

As it turned out, the team we drew first was in over their heads. This tournament has a five run limit per inning and we had our five with no outs. We started one of our weaker pitchers and still had them out one-two-three. We pulled all our starters and gave the subs a chance and after the second inning let anyone play any position they wanted. The game was called on the mercy rule after the third inning with us ahead fifteen to nothing.

Several of the team stopped to get burgers and enjoy our easy victory. I noticed that Corey and Daniel were not among the ones that wanted to eat. Funny they are usually two of the first to want to eat. I couldn’t help but agree when Drew said. “I guess D and C wanted tube steak instead of burgers.”

We had just gotten back to our room and were naked when we heard Corey banging on the connecting door. “Coach help, Danny is bleeding.” I grabbed my briefs and so did Drew.

I threw open our door and said. “What’s wrong?”

“Danny’s butt is bleeding.” Daniel was holding a towel to his butt. He couldn’t have been in too much pain because he had a roaring hard on, so did Corey. Daniel was not as big as Drew or Corey for that matter but he had a nice cock on him and a pair of great looking hangers. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Can I see the problem?” Daniel nodded his head and I gently removed the towel. There was a little blood but not much at all. Drew had brought the first aid bag in with him. I told you the boy was on top of things. The bleeding seemed to have stopped. “Corey did you just give my third baseman a sore ass?” I was trying to defuse their fears and lighten the mood.

Corey started crying and came and hugged Daniel. “I am so sorry Danny, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore. I was just scared when I saw the blood.”

I took a little antibiotic cream and put it on Daniels hole and put some on Corey’s finger. “Rub that on the inside and it should soothe it and help it heal.” Corey started working his fingers in and out like he was finger fucking him. “Be gentle Corey. That rough treatment is not going to help.”

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

“Okay I want all three of you to listen to me. Anal sex can be very enjoyable for both parties if you are careful and make sure you’re considerate of each other. It is a lot better when you loosen your partner and work some lube into them. Then take it slow and let them get used to your dick. Put a little in at a time. Then when you are both ready you can actually start the action. I hope this little scare causes you boys to be more gentle and careful.”

“How were we supposed to know?”

“You are not expected to know. I hope you feel comfortable enough around me to ask me if you have questions. I will always try to answer as best I can.”

“I have a question.” Daniel said. Before I could say anything he asked. “Are hardons catching?” He laughed and pointed to Drew and I with our briefs tented.

“Yep, especially for gay boys.” I countered. “Corey give me ten dollars.” Corey looked confused. “I will buy you boys some lube tomorrow and if your mother finds it I want you to be able to honestly say that you gave some guy ten bucks to buy it for you. They probably wouldn’t question you if you went in to buy it, but I will take care of it this time.”

“I bought some before and they didn’t say anything.” Drew piped up.

I raised my eyebrows and Corey said. “Bullshit.”

“I did. How do you think I use that candle in my butt?”

“Oh, I didn’t think of that.” Corey added.

“I was a little embarrassed the first time but I bought some last week and it didn’t bother me at all.”

“Damn Drew you have brass balls man.” Daniel offered.

“Get some sleep now boys. We’ll see you in the morning.” Drew and I left.

We had just gotten naked and were kissing passionately when Corey came through the connecting door that we have forgotten to lock. “Thanks coach, here is the money.” He stopped in his tracts and shut the door. He came over to the bed. “I knew it. Gratz guys and your secret is safe with me. I’m really glad you got your wish bro. Better lock the door this time.” He was out the door and I heard his door lock. Drew got up and locked our door.

“I guess we told Corey after all.”

“Yep, I guess we have to trust that he doesn’t slip up. I know he wouldn’t intentionally say anything.”

Drew got back in bed and we were kissing passionately. “I said I wanted to make sure you didn’t get a sore butt this weekend, but I don’t have to do any running. I want you to make love to me.”

“I’ll try, but all my fantasies have been with you in my butt. I have never fantasized about doing the fucking.”

I kissed him. “To be honest I have not bottomed but twice, but I want my sweet love inside me tonight. I will start loosening you up to make sure I won’t hurt you and we will make your fantasy come true next week.” I reached in my bag and got the lube and gave it to Drew. “Start by putting a little lube on the outside of my hole and rub in around the outside. Oh babe that is fantastic. Now put a little more on your finger and start inching in a little. Get a little more and try two fingers.”

“Now three?” He asked.

“Yep three. Oh Drew, that feels good. Now get your dick nice and slick.”

“You do me. I want your hand on my dick. I just love when you touch me.” I got him nice and slick. It was hard to stop playing with his dick but I want him in me. I had put a towel on the night stand so it would be handy and I cleaned off my hands, Drew did the same. I grabbed myself behind the knees and pulled them to my chest. Drew didn’t have to be told what to do next. He rubbed his cock head on my hot hole and then eased the head in. Like an expert, he waited until I was used to it and then went in a little more. As soon as he was all in he gave me a powerful kiss. “Oh man your ass is so hot. I won’t be able to hold out long.”

“Oh babe, you are doing fantastic. You are hitting my love button on almost every stroke. I am going to cum too.” I felt his cock spasm and knew he was cumming in my ass. As soon as his orgasm was over he pulled out of my ass and swallowed my cock. Just the thrill of his warm wet mouth sent me over the edge. When he was satisfied that he had all I had to offer he came up and kissed me hard. “You are one fantastic lover. Much better than all my fantasies and dreams.”

“That was fantastic. Your ass is hotter on my dick than on my finger.” He saw the mess and then noticed that I had put a towel under my butt. “You had this planned all a long, didn’t you?” He asked cleaning my butt with the other hand towel.

“I was hoping my little turkey would want to stick his pecker in my butt, so I wanted to make sure we didn’t cause the cleaning crew to gossip.”

“So now that we have this bed good and rumbled are we going to sleep in the other one so they will think we slept in both beds?”

“Sounds like a winner to me, lets get a quick shower.”

“Cool, but I am too tired for our usual shower suck.”

“I can hardly believe my ears the boy has been satisfied at last.”

“You always satisfy me. This time I am tired and satisfied, but I can get it up if you really want me to.” He joked. We kissed and washed quickly. Then brushed out teeth and off to bed. He got snuggled into his favorite with his genitals and left leg draped over me. He had his arm across my chest and his head on my shoulder. This gave us so much body contact that I loved it too. He rose up enough to kiss me good night. “Good night my husband.” He used the term his mother used to signify our bond.

“Good night my loving husband.” He moaned his thanks and was soon breathing soft and evenly. I must have been right behind him because I don’t remember a thing until the phone rang the next morning. It was our wake up call. I hate early morning games. One reason is that our boys have trouble getting their heads into playing baseball that early. Since our game was at eight I wanted everyone eating breakfast by six thirty. I know that is early but if you don’t force them awake they will sleep through an eight o’clock game. We would still have to run them quit a bit to get them functioning like they need to be to beat the Cardinals. We usually beat them but they are tough and they will beat us if we don’t play well. No matter how much they piss and moan they don’t really mind the morning laps because the coaches run with them and they don’t want us to show them up.

After we had run them a couple of miles and let them rest a bit. They were awake and warming up like the team they were. We beat the Cardinals twelve to three, but the game was a little closer than the score made it look. We told the boys to grab a bite to eat and shower to help refresh them between games. We like to go back to the hotel to rest between games when possible.

Our second game was against the Bandits. We have played them several times and I don’t remember us ever having lost to them, but they always play us a good tough game. They are a great defensive team with good pitching. If they have a weakness it is their bats. They seem to go to the plate wanting to walk. They are fast, so we try to keep them off the bags. We were ahead three to nothing in the bottom of the forth inning. We had Corey at bat with the bases loaded and two outs. Drew was on deck. Corey had a count of two and one and I could tell he was taking some flack from the Bandit’s catcher and he was visibly agitated. I called time and called him over to the on deck circle so I could talk to him and Drew together. “What’s going on Corey, you have let that catcher get under your skin?”

“They keep calling us the fag team and crap like that.” Drew said before Corey had a chance to speak up.

“Is that all Corey, he really got to you?”

“No, he asked me if you blew me if I got a hit. The bastard doesn’t say anything when the umpire or anyone else is around but all kinds of crap like that when no one is around.” Corey was still pissed and I knew he was not going to calm down.

“Don’t worry about it bud, he is trying to get under your skin so that you won’t be focused about trying to get on base.” With two outs and the bases loaded they were playing back to get the easy out and it looked like Corey could easily lay down a bunt down the first base line. Their catcher will hesitate before going for the ball just enough that we should score easily. “Corey I am going to have them running so lay a bunt down the first base line. It should be an easy score.”

“You got it coach.” Corey was one of our best base runners and can also bunt with the best of them.

“Drew, don’t even let Hunter (the Bandit’s catcher) get started on you.”

“I won’t coach.” Corey laid down a great bunt and we scored easily. They knew we would do that all day if they didn’t move their infield in and they did. I could see Drew was pleased that had a lot of room to hit over them.

I don’t know what exchanged between Drew and Hunter but Hunter was mad and it showed. Drew pounded the first pitch over the center field fence and made the slowest trip around the bases I have ever seen him make. I did here what he told Hunter when he crossed the plate. “Fags rule. Wantabies drool.”

The mercy rule of eight behind after four innings got them and the game was over. “What did you tell Hunter that made his so mad when you got to the plate?”

“He asked me if we had a circle jerk after every game and I told him we had a size restriction and his puny little dickey wouldn’t be allowed to participate.” He had to laugh. “Then I said. This fag boy is going to win the game right here and your bigot ass can just watch me clear the bases.” He put his hand up for a high five. I gave it to him.

“What would you have done if you had popped up?”

“Nothing but a solid hit ever crossed my mind. I remembered you saying to clear my mind of everything else and just imagine perfect contact. I did and it worked.”

“Good job, I would be proud of you no matter what, but I am very proud that you focused on the job at hand and took action to make something happen.”

“I know you are always proud of me and I am proud of this team too.” I am constantly amazed at the mature thought process from Drew. He kept his perspective to the team and was not caught up in the personal side of what was going on at the moment. My boy is truly too wise for his age.

We were all excited there is no doubt that we transfer out of our pool to the championship round tomorrow just where we are seated. We wouldn’t know who we played until after the last game tonight about eleven PM. I gathered everyone around for the usual post game pep-talk. “Boys I don’t have a lot to say. You executed like the well oiled team that you are and we will transfer to the championship round.”

“Who do you think we will be playing coach?” Timmy asked.

“I don’t know; we are the only team that has transferred so far. We will do it like always and play the team they throw at us. All we have to do is win two more games and the championship is ours. Just be here ready to play by eleven in the morning. We have dinner reservations at Fargo’s for seven PM. Oh, before I forget, get your uniforms to whoever has laundry duty tonight as soon as you get to the hotel. Don’t forget to use your number pen to hold your socks.”

“I have laundry duty tonight and I have asked the hotel for the use of their laundry and they agreed so I might have them ready before dinner.” Tim spoke up.

“I want to thank you boys and pat you on the back. You have been very responsible and prompt when we have to launder uniforms. I don’t know what prompted the change but you have really impressed me.” I knew exactly what had prompted the change, we used to have to chase the little turkeys down to get their uniforms clean, but our last game last year I had to take Corey to the hospital for stitches and coach Chad told them to get their uniforms to him and he would launder them because it was Lisa’s turn. When he had to spend an hour chasing down uniforms, he was ready to see things changed. Our first practice after that tournament he made them run for an hour and told them if anyone else had to spend time tracking down players uniforms, the player would sit on the bench in a dirty uniform the next day and run the whole practice when we got back to town. The boys were cured of thinking they didn’t need to get the dirty uniforms to the parent that had laundry duty. It made the job for the parents a lot less hassle.

Lisa had met some guy and asked me to take Corey and Daniel back to the hotel but assured me they would be there for dinner. It was a tight fit in my truck. “She must be going to get some quickie. She didn’t even have time to find us a ride. She knows you are cramped for space. Sometimes she is such a slut.” Corey whined.

“Corey don’t be so hard on your mom. She works hard to provide for you. Since your dad has remarried, it has been hard on her. Just because there wasn’t anyone around she wanted to ask to take you boys back to the hotel doesn’t mean she wasn’t thinking and making a responsible decision. You know the other boys are jealous of you two getting a room without a parent. She probably considered that before asking me to take you.”

“Oh, I didn’t think about that. Maybe she did.”

When we got back to the hotel the Drew, Daniel and Corey flipped to see who had to take the uniforms down to Tim. Corey lost. Corey came through the connecting doors naked as the day he was born. “Give me your shirts and shorts too coach, I will take them down with the rest of this ton of clothes my friends are loading me down with.” We have numbered mesh laundry bags that makes sorting easy and I tossed him my bag and Drew tossed him his.

“I hope you don’t go down the elevator like that or you might have more than laundry to deal with.”

He laughed and said. “I will just get Danny to walk in front of me and I will stick it up his ass.”

“Just don’t call me to bail your naked butt out of jail.”

“Don’t worry coach, I will throw a jock strap on or something.” I just shook my head and herded him back to his room.

Three minutes later he was back at the door knocking. I opened the door in some running shorts and the shower was running with Drew in the shower. He looked at me and the shower. I didn’t offer any explanation. “Oh yeah, I just wanted to tell you this is a new record we were the last to get our clothes to Tim.”

“Chad made a believer out of you guys.”

“Yeah, and I was at the hospital and couldn’t get my uniform to him and I still had to run.”

“Give it a rest and you boys start getting ready for dinner.”

“Why aren’t you taking a shower coach?”

“Drew is taking his shower now.”

“Duh, that is what I mean.” He had that devilish grin on his face.

“Boy that nose problem is going to get you in trouble one of these days.”

“Sorry coach. I will go get Danny in gear.”

“Don’t try to put Daniel in the spot light.” I was herding him out as I was speaking to him and he finally got the message.

As soon as the door was closed and locked, Drew opened the bathroom door and stuck his head out. “If you don’t hurry and get in here I am going to get in the shower by myself and you know I will be pouting all evening.” He said trying to pout, but his giggles spoiled his attempted pout. He came out and jerked down my shorts and kissed my hardening cock. “Come on I want to be clean and then I want us to sixty-nine at least once before dinner.” Who couldn’t love a horny teenager, well almost teenager?

We did have a great time washing and caressing each other in the shower. I love this boy so much and finally becoming lovers is more joy than I thought possible. I am a very happy man.

Our team dinner was very enjoyable. The food and service was fantastic. The best part of the dinner was when the boys presented the coaches with director’s chairs. Each had the coaches’ name on it with a phrase the boys thought fit that reminded them of the coach. Jeff’s was brought out first and it said. “Don’t wimp out on me”. Sam’s said. “Tap the ice, squash the bug.” His mantra when he taught hitting. Todd’s chair said. “Run it again”. Chad’s chair said “One more time LADIES!” When it came time for my chair Drew brought it out and it was blue the others had been red. When he opened it, I couldn’t help myself. My eyes started leaking. Mine said “Our coach and our friend.” All of us coaches were surprised and touched that not only had the team thought enough of us to give us the chairs but to take the time to put some thought into what have on them. I am sure the embroidery work cost quite a bit.

When my emotions were back in control, I said. “On behalf of your coaches; thank you boys. You make us so proud of you on and off the field. We could not hope to find a better bunch to be associated with. We have a great team, not only that we play well together on the field, but we play well together off the field. Our parents are so supportive and we appreciate you guys very much. I am sure the other coaches were surprised too, but you guys really blew me away tonight. Thanks guys, you are the best.” I started to sit then stood back up. “Oh and before I forget boys hug your parents and thank them for supporting you and being there for you. They are a big part of our success.” The boys didn’t wait they did go hug their parents. Of course, Drew hugged me. Each boy hugged us coaches and said thank you. We are truly blessed to have a great bunch of boys.

Tim had told the boys before dinner that the uniforms would be pulled out of the dryers when we got back to the hotel and for them to bring their hangers and to come and get their uniforms as he pulled them out so they could be hung up with no wrinkles. The boys acted like they hated this but we knew they always turned it into fun so they didn’t complain too much. We used to have a couple of boys that were spoiled rotten, their mom’s picked up after them and always took their uniforms down and picked them up. We had to ask them to give the boys the responsibility so the boys could get a taste of responsibility themselves. Drew came back with his uniforms and my shorts and shirts neatly hung and ready for tomorrow.

“Why aren’t you naked already?” He asked as he put the chain on the door.

“You know as well as I do, we are likely to have visitors. Are you boys going swimming tonight?”

“They are I’m not.”

“Why not? You usually do.”

“But now I have someone to play with that is much more fun than swimming.” He squeezed my cock through my shorts.

“We usually swim and it would appear odd if we don’t. I bet even Daniel and Corey are going swimming.”

“Oh yeah, I guess we should go swimming. I really do love it.”

“With you constantly in my pool I would never guessed that.” I kidded and ruffled his hair. We changed into our trunks and went down to the pool. I don’t always swim with the boys, but I am prepared if the mood hits me. Most of the parents don’t dare go in the pool with that herd. We had the Braves staying at the same hotel, so we had two teams of rowdy boys and that was a sure sign for the parents to sit and talk and not venture into the water this night. A few of us did get in the water with the kids and had a blast. When they closed the pool for the night most of us were tired and ready to go back to our rooms.

Drew and I took our shower to get the chlorine off and climbed into bed to watch a little TV. After about thirty minutes neither of us was interested in the TV. We turned it off and put out the bedside light. Drew and I had a long tender kiss. We both got hard and then soft again during the kiss. “Good night Jim, I love you so much. Being in your arms is where I have dreamed of being for as long as I can remember.”

“Yes my love, this is exactly where I want to be. Good night, sleep tight.” I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of holding this beautiful creature.

The End of part 4. Part 5 should follow shortly.
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