My Buddy Drew
Jim Carter

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Copyright 2006 Jim Carter

Snipet from Part 4

“Oh yeah, I guess we should go swimming. I really do love it.”

“With you constantly in my pool I would never guessed that.” I kidded and ruffled his hair. We changed into our trunks and went down to the pool. I don’t always swim with the boys, but I am prepared if the mood hits me. Most of the parents don’t dare go in the pool with that herd. We had the Braves staying at the same hotel, so we had two teams of rowdy boys and that was a sure sign for the parents to sit and talk and not venture into the water this night. A few of us did get in the water with the kids and had a blast. When they closed the pool for the night most of us were tired and ready to go back to our rooms.

Drew and I took our shower to get the chlorine off and climbed into bed to watch a little TV. After about thirty minutes neither of us was interested in the TV. We turned it off and put out the bedside light. Drew and I had a long tender kiss. We both got hard and then soft again during the kiss. “Good night Jim, I love you so much. Being in your arms is where I have dreamed of being for as long as I can remember.”

“Yes my love, this is exactly where I want to be. Good night, sleep tight.” I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of holding this beautiful creature.


Part 5

I was almost asleep when I heard him whisper. “Hold my butt while we sleep.” I moved my arm down to his smooth cheeks and cupped them in my hand. “That feels wonderful and I hope I wake up with you still holding me there.”

“I will try my sweet prince. They do feel lovely, and I treasure them.” I thought I felt his breathing become steady before I fell asleep but I was soon sound asleep.

I woke up the next morning with Drew’s knees on either side of my head and his hot mouth on my hard cock. I licked all around his genitals and finally took his cock into my hot mouth. I pulled his hips up and released his cock. “I have to go pee babe and I want this to last awhile. Will you save my place for me?”

“Nope, I have to pee too and we will make a new place when we get back.” He popped off me and held out his hand to for me to take his hand and we went in to piss hand in hand. We had our pee and started kissing. Our kisses started to get more and more passionate. “We better go back to bed before we cum right here and I want to drink it right from the spout not lick it up later.” He led me back to the bed.

“Yes my love I want every drop of your sweet ball honey. It is so nice it has to be the nectar of the gods.”

We spent a long time bringing each other to the edge and then just holding our cocks in our mouths to settle down to repeat the process. We were in total sync wanting this pleasure to last. I was not sure I could last much longer, but I was determined to do my best to last as long as my young lover wanted to draw this out. He finally lifted and said. “I can’t hold it; I need to cum this time. Let’s do it.” I didn’t say a word just started working on his beautiful cock. When I felt him tense ready to shoot, my cum just started to pump with him. He kept flooding my mouth with his boy juice.

As soon as we recovered from that powerful orgasm, Drew was kissing me with wild abandon. “That was the best. I don’t think I have ever cum that much before.”

“It was fantastic and I loved every drop of your boy honey.”

“You didn’t do too badly yourself old man. I love the way you taste and your cum tastes way better than mine.”

I was squeezing his beautiful butt cheeks as we were kissing. “Promise you will start getting me ready to take you inside me when we get home tonight.”

“I promise.”

“I have been getting me ready and I should have brought my candle to show you.”

“It is okay. We don’t need to be in any hurry. I don’t plan on going anywhere and so we will have plenty of time for that.”

“I know but I have been looking forward to it for so long and I made Corey so mad when I would not have butt sex with him, I just want to give myself to you very badly.”

“You have given me the most important part of you my love. This.” I said tapping him on the chest. “You have given me this big wonderful heart of yours. Your love is the best gift I could ever imagine.”

He didn’t say anything just threw his arms and legs around me and gave me a soulful kiss. “It seems a waste to take a shower to go sweat, but I know you want to be fresh so let’s go.” We actually had a great shower without any sex just a little playing around and getting clean.

The boys all seemed well rested and ready to play ball. Our first game was with a team we didn’t know. Chad said he had watched a little of one of their games and they were a good solid team. They threw a left handed pitcher at us that had some great movement on the ball. He was good and kept our scoring down. We won the game six to two, but it was tied at two until the forth inning.

True to his prediction the Jackets coach threw a new pitcher at us. He was good. He threw hard and had some good movement too. His change up was very good. I had saved Drew for the championship game and he came through big time. The Jackets have some boys that dwarf our boys. They are a great hitting team and have more homeruns than any team I know of in our age bracket. Drew only walked one and gave up two singles the whole game. We won three to nothing.

“Good game coach your new pitcher is a keeper. Sure he doesn’t want to be an Indian?”

“You too coach. He is a great pitcher, but that Jamison just has our number. Are we ever going to see any of your other pitchers?”

“Sure coach, I might throw my ace at you next time.”

“Horse shit. I am the country boy and you are the one flinging the horse shit.” He said laughing.

After the pictures and medal presentations we all loaded up and headed home. Drew was tired and slept most of the way home. This was not unusual. I usually saved Drew for the championship game so he usually sleeps on the trip home.

As I pulled off the freeway and stopped at the first light Drew opened his big blue eyes and gave a big stretch. “Man, the trip home is so short and quick. It is so much faster than the trip to a tournament.” He usually tried to get me to say something about him sleeping all the way home. He reached over and grabbed my cock through my shorts. “I was dreaming about this all the way home.”

“Oh, is that so? I thought you were dreaming of camping.”

“I did have a dream about us going camping. How did you know?”

“You were pitching a tent a few times. It just figured you were camping.”

He looked down to see he was pitching a tent right now. “It must be a two man tent. We have our poles up.” He reached over and squeezed me again.

“Don’t start anything we can’t finish right now. We have got to put all the gear away and get cleaned up.”

When we pulled into the garage he started unloading everything without being told. “I usually really dread unloading, because it means I have to go home as soon as it is finished. Today though, it only means putting stuff up so we can get naked and take a shower. I love my mom, but it not the same way. I love her, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“I know what you mean bud. I usually dread this too and for the same reason. It was always hard on me from going from a weekend full of life with my best friend to being alone in a big quiet house. I was always so lonely after a tournament I had to wear myself out in the pool to be able to sleep. I never admitted that to myself. I told myself that it was just coming down from the excitement of the tournament, but it was really me missing my best friend.”

“I know, I used to try to come back over, but mom wouldn’t let me. She said you need some time to yourself without the neighbor kid driving you nuts. I would argue that you liked having me around and she would agree, but still wouldn’t let me come back over. I always watched you swimming from my bedroom window. I was always playing with my dick wanting to be playing with your dick.”

After everything was put away and the first washer load of clothes put in the washer we went to take our shower. We were both sweaty and dirty from the two ballgames. Drew more so that me because he slid a few times during the game. We were locked in a passionate kiss with our cocks rubbing together when we shuddered and came between our bodies. We seem to cum at the same time when we are locked in a soulful kiss.

We had one of our favorite meals. I grilled burgers with baked potatoes and a nice salad. I think we could both live on that combination.

On Monday we received a package (it was addressed to both of us) from Stacy. When we opened it we found Drew’s candle along with a note. The note said:

I grabbed Drew’s old backpack and intended to bring it to him before I left for Denver, but I forgot it and took it with me to the airport. I checked to make sure there was nothing in it that he would need for baseball and found this. I was so surprised, I took it with me to Denver.

After it sunk in what it really meant to him, I knew I had to try and help my son if I could. Jim, I knew you were in love with Drew, but that you would not let that love turn sexual without my blessing and a push. It was not an easy decision, but I knew in my heart that if I didn’t help you two become lovers, we would all spend a very miserable four years or how ever many before the temptation became too great. I know by making you two a couple that I may see very little of my son from now on, but I know he loves me and that is more than most mothers can say. I think now we can be friends and not just mother and son. I am not sure he is ready to be an adult, but Drew is so much more mature than I was at his age, with our help, I think I have to give him the opportunity to succeed or fail.

Anyway, I am sending this back before I fall in love with it. Just kidding boys, I didn’t try it, but I did think about it. I love you both.

I held up the candle/dildo. Drew had put a lot of effort in making this thing. It actually looked a lot like my penis. Just by looking I knew he spent hours carving it out. One the base he had carved the name JIM II. “Wow, Drew you spent a long time carving this.”

“Yep but it was fun. It is better than my first one.”

“You had another one?”

He giggled. “The first one was not as detailed and I left it in my butt all night too many times. He got soft and bent when it came out. It won’t stay in when I go to sleep.”

“No, I guess nature makes sure of that.”

“So do you believe me now that I am ready to take you inside me? I want you in there so badly.”

“I know you do and believe me I want you too.”

“Can we do it now?”

“Well let’s clean ourselves out and then take a shower and see what happens.”

“By clean ourselves out, do you mean an enema?”

“Yes it makes it less painful and a lot cleaner.”

“Cool. I had to have one a couple of times when I couldn’t poop and I didn’t like it, but with you doing it instead of mom, maybe it will be better.” He was already naked and started undressing me. When we were naked he pulled me into the bathroom. “Where is the bag? I have not seen it before.”

“It is in the cabinet under the lavatory.” He pulled it out and handed it to me. I loaded it up and hung it in the shower. I took some lube from the cabinet and coated the nozzle. He was already bent over and spreading his cheeks with his hands. I put some lube on my finger ready to work it into his sweet little hole, but I couldn’t resist a little kiss to his rose bud first.

“Wouldn’t that smell better after our shower?” He teased.

“Yes, but it was so cute I couldn’t resist.” I said as I worked my lubed finger in his hole. I replace my finger with the nozzle. “You are going to feel full pretty quickly, but you need to hold it in awhile. It will hurt like you need to poop really bad, but hold it as long as you can.” I released the clamp and let the soapy liquid flow into his bowels. When the bag was empty I pulled the nozzle out. “Move over to the pot, but don’t sit yet. You won’t be able to hold it if you sit down.”

I was about ready to tell him to sit down and let it go when he said. “I can’t hold it any longer Jim. Can I shit, PLEASE?” I nodded and he sat down and let his bowels go. Damn that stinks. How can you stand to stay in here? I would be running to get some fresh air if I didn’t have to sit here.”

“It doesn’t stink that bad and I love you. I can’t abandon you just because of a smell. Are you finished?” He nodded. “We need to rinse you out now.”

I loaded the bag up with plain water and again he bent over and spread his cheeks. I inserted the nozzle and open the clip to fill him with warm water. He knew the drill this time and when he was finished grabbed me by the neck and kissed me. “Now I am going to clean you out. Since you are bigger, you probably need four loads.” He was giggling and trying to get away from my swat at his cute little butt. When I sat on the pot he sat on my lap and kissed me. “Phew that stinks, but wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here right now. I guess love does conquer all.” He kept kissing me until we were both hard. “Now it’s time for the rinse cycle.” He laughed as he started filling the bag. “This thing needs to hold more. Maybe I should get the garden hose.” He was laughing so hard he couldn’t screw the cap on the bag. When I was rinsed out, he led me into the shower. “I have been waiting for this so long, but I want to be clean and fresh for my man.”

“I want to be clean and fresh for my man too.” I started washing his hair.

“I’m glad you didn’t say boy, but I love being your boy.”

I held his hard cock. “I know a lot of men that would love to know how to use this as well as you do. Age says you are a boy, but man or boy you are my lover and my friend. I don’t care what you call it just as long as we are together.”

“I think that is one of the reasons I have loved you for so long. You have treated me like a friend not some kid in the way. You even ask me what I think about things. I have always thought of you as my best friend. I am glad you think of me as your best friend too.” We dried each other and walked hand in hand to our bed.

“I love you Drew and I am all yours. It will feel better for you and me both if you used your fingers first to loosen me up.” Drew got the lube but didn’t immediately put some on his fingers. He lifted my legs to his shoulders then pushed them to my chest. I grabbed myself behind the knees and held them to my chest giving him complete access to my most private hole. He kissed and licked all around my butt then he started working his tongue into my hot hole. All I could do was moan at the immense pleasure he was giving me with his tongue. “Do it now babe. I need you in me.” He lubed his fingers and slowly started working them into me. When he had three in and he was confident that I was ready, he lubed his cock and started working the head around and into my hole. He too was moaning with me. When his head popped in he waited until I was relaxed again and he started moving in again. When he was in to the hilt he bent over and kissed me hard and started to slowly pump my hot ass. It was all I could do to hold on. I wanted to cum so badly. He was banging my hot button on almost every stroke. I managed to hold on until I felt him tense and his cock pulse filling my guts with his young seed before I let fly with my orgasm. “Oh Drew that was the best I have ever had. No man has made me enjoy being entered like you have.”

“It was fantastic. I knew it would be good with you, but it is so much better than I dreamed.” We turned so that we could cuddle and kissed to regain our energy. Our kissed had changed to loving soulful kisses. Then he got his second wind and started kissing passionately that had us both hard and ready to go. “Take me Jim, make me yours. I want you inside me.”

I turned him over so that I could love his backside completely with my mouth and hands. I loved the feel of his smooth beautiful butt and his little rosebud was just begging to be suckled. I licked his hot crack from his tailbone to his scrotum. I could feel how excited it was making him. I worked my tongue into his hot little hole. “Now Jim, take me now. I can’t take any more.” I turned him over so that we could kiss while I was lubing his hole.

When I started working my fingers into him he was moaning and begging me to put my cock in him. I eased the head in and kissed him passionately. As I eased the rest of my cock into him his moans became more desperate sounding. “Fuck me my big-dicked lover. This feels wonderful. Fuck me harder.” I was doing my best to hit his hot button on every stroke. He soon clamped down and shot his load between us. I was getting so close. He was working his ass muscles for all he was worth. I couldn’t hold any longer and I felt my orgasm starting in my toes and traveling up my body. As I started to shoot my load, I felt him shot another load between us. As I collapsed on top of him I started to pull out of him. “No leave it in. I want to feel you in me for as long as I can.”

“Oh baby, that was out of this world. I have felt so in tune with someone in my life. It was just unbelievable how wonderful I feel.”

“Me too, I knew this would be beyond fantastic, but I couldn’t come close to imagining how fantastic it really was. I love you so much Jim.” My soft cock finally eased out of his beautiful body. We were in one of our soulful kisses when the phone rang.

“Hello.” He was still trying to kiss me while I was talking on the phone. “How are you Stacy? Yes we won the tournament and your son pitched a great game yesterday in the finals against the Yellow Jackets. Here, Drew talk to your mom.”

“Hi mom. Yes, we got it and we finally fucked after we got it.” I gave him a look and he said. “I mean we made love, it was definitely love.” I tried to get up from the bed but he held onto me. “No we waited until we got home for that. We managed to pleasure each other plenty with our mouths this weekend.” I was turning all shades of red listening to Drew tell his mom about our love making. “Well, you can have the candle. I have the real thing now and it is so much better than I ever imagined. Jim is turning red all over. Yep, red is cute on him.” He had me by the neck so I couldn’t get away. “We both love you too. See you next week. Okay, I am glad you are having fun too. Love you mom. Bye.” He hung up the phone.

“You little turkey, I don’t know if I will be able to look your mother in the eye ever again.”

“You will. She was happy for us both. She said she wishes she could see you all red and embarrassed. I started to tell her your bare ass was embarrassed too, but I let it slide.”

“You little turkey!” I started tickling him.

“Please stop. I am going to pee all over us if you don’t stop.” I let him go before he did pee. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We kissed and got up to have another shower.

When Friday rolled around and it was time for us to head to our next tournament, we were once again in a caravan off to Mississippi. We loved going to South Haven for tournaments. They held tournaments almost every weekend for every age group and they were quality tournaments for quality teams. I noticed that Drew has been very quiet and I could tell something is on his mind. “What is on your mind turkey? I can see those clogs turning from here.”

“Nothing really, I am just thinking about us.”

“You are not smiling so it must not be a pleasant thought.”

“Oh, it’s pleasant alright, but I am not sure how to talk about it.”

“Maybe just blurt it out will work. I love you Drew, I will always love you, so just tell what is on your mind bud.”

“I know you love me and I love you and that we can talk about anything, but I am not sure what I think, so I don’t know if I want to talk about it or not.”

“I think we better find a way to talk about it or it will have you distracted and that doesn’t make for good news for your coach.” I was trying to get him to open up, but also put him at ease. I could tell he was really concerned about something. “Come on bud, talk to me.”

“Well, it’s not like I don’t like doing it both ways, but I really like it a lot better when you fuck me than when I fuck you. I didn’t want to say anything because I like doing both of them, but you seem to want to switch back and forth. I guess I am a natural bottom, because I love having you in me so much. It’s not a big deal really, but I wanted to tell you how I felt.” I couldn’t help but sigh in relief. I was worried that something was really bothering him.

“You have been reading nifty too much.” I ruffled his hair. “Is that where you heard the terms top and bottom?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“It’s okay bud. To be honest with you, I am a top, but I will take my beautiful man in me any time he wants.”

“So why did you want us keep switching back and forth? I wanted to tell you all week that I really liked getting my butt stuffed more than me stuffing you, but I was afraid that you would think I was being selfish.”

I squeezed his leg to let him know I loved him. “I have been around enough to know what I like best, but wanted you to have the opportunity to decide what you liked best. If it is with you, I love doing it. I guess that makes me flexible to some degree, but I have always preferred to be a top, so you enjoying being a bottom is a bonus.”

“I may be a pitcher on the baseball field, but I am definitely a catcher in bed. I really do love it when you are inside me.”

“You catch on the baseball field sometimes.”

“Well, not as much as I used to. I guess I love my coach, anything he wants me to do, I want to do to the best of my ability.” He leaned over and hugged my arm.

We won our tournament. I don’t want to brag but it was fairly easily. I think that most of the teams fear us and that doesn’t help their confidence when they play us. I am not complaining, but I hate to see teams beat themselves even if it does benefit us.

When we got home Sunday night, Stacy and Drew got into an argument about where Drew would be sleeping. He wanted to sleep with me, but Stacy wanted her son at home too. Of course that put me in the middle and I had to be careful or they would both be mad at me.

Stacy soon realized that once someone had something, it was hard to give it up. But she loves her son and was not about to give him up just yet. The three of us were trying to talk this out, but Drew was being hard headed and Stacy was starting to loose her cool too. “Look guys, I tried to keep my mouth shut because I am not able be unbiased. But you guys are not talking, you are both arguing. I don’t want either of you to say something that you will regret and make this harder than it has to be. Drew, my sweet turkey, I don’t want to spend time away from you either, but your mom needs you too. Maybe a little differently than the way I need you, but I know she misses you when you are not around.” I shut up hoping the two of them would try to think about the other once again instead of thinking about how to counter the next shot fired in the argument.

“I know you love me mom and I love you too. I really miss you when you are not around, but probably not as much as you miss me because I have Jim and I don’t have time to really think about it much. I’m sorry I was so hard headed, but I don’t see how sleeping in my old bed is going to make you any happier. I can’t pretend to be your little boy after being given a taste of being a man and a husband.”

I could see by her expression that the reality was starting to sink in on Stacy. I saw the tears roll down her cheeks. I went over and hugged her. Drew joined us. “I know in my heart that what I did was right, but right now I wish I had not let you grow up so quickly. I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t know what to do either, but I have an idea that we might try.”

They both looked at me with questioning eyes and Stacy was the first to speak. “Well? Tell us your idea.”

“I was just thinking that the three of us get along pretty well and Stacy, you seem to want Drew and me to be happy. I know you don’t want to loose your son completely, so I thought that maybe the three of us could all live here.”

“No, I couldn’t do that. I would feel like a fifth wheel. Besides I have to worry about what Dylan might use against me in the divorce.”

“Why not mom, you don’t have to sleep here if you don’t want, but you could spend time with us and eat with us. I would like that a lot.”

“I do need to travel a lot more, so I guess we could give it a try. Jim, are you sure you want your mother-in-law around that much?

“I have a pretty good mother-in-law and I truly like her, so unless we start having problems, I don’t mind having her around. How about you turkey? You think this might work?”

“I guess this means we can’t run all the hot water out of the shower anymore.” He said giggling.

“Somehow I don’t see you worrying about me having hot water when you two are in the shower. Besides, I don’t think I will be having many showers over here. I do like the fact that you both think we could live together, but it won’t be happening.” She was smiling so I knew she was feeling better about this talk. “I need to tell you something that I was going to talk with you about, but now seems like a good enough time to do it. Dylan and I have not been on best of terms for awhile and I am pretty sure he was having an affair. I wasn’t but I did meet someone that I have grown very fond of. His name is Steve and now that Dylan is gone and I am sure we will be getting a divorce, I want you two to meet him. How about tomorrow night I will fix dinner and I want you both to be there. He has a gay brother and loves him very much, so I didn’t have any fears when I told him Drew was gay. He doesn’t know anything about your relationship though. With both of you there, he will probably figure it out.”

“Mom, I want Jim there when we meet this guy, but we can’t risk it. If he loves you enough, then we will tell him soon, but not yet.” I told you he was wise beyond his years. “So we will think of some excuse for Jim to join us. I can’t do this without out him, but we can’t risk our secret.”

“He already knows you are my neighbor and he is a big fan of yours. He knows Drew stayed with you last week and that I trust you with my son, so this should be easy to get you over for dinner without suspicion.” So our plan was put into motion.

After I saw Steve’s car over at their house, I waited about ten minutes and I called them. Stacy answered the phone and if Steve had known Drew, he would know that was a very uncommon occurrence. Drew was always rushing to the phone to pick it up. “Hi Stacy, I notice Drew left his glove in my truck.”

I heard her speak to Drew. “Jim said you left your glove in his truck.”

I heard Drew. “Well, I won’t need it before practice tomorrow. I know where it is.”

“Jim he said he won’t need it before practice. Is it okay to leave it or do you want me to send him over to get it?”

“No problem, I just wanted him to know where it is.”

“Okay good. Oh Jim have you had dinner?”

“No, I was waiting on an invitation from my mother-in-law.” I couldn’t help but tease.

“Well, then come over and eat with us. I have someone here that would like to meet you.” She didn’t give me a chance to tease her anymore. “It is only my lasagna you love so much and we have more than enough.”

I heard Drew in the background. “Yes come over Jim. We can play on my computer if Mom and Steve get all kissy-face.” I heard his giggles over the phone.

“I expect you in two minutes.” I heard as she hung up.

I went over and we had a very nice dinner. Steve was very likeable and I enjoyed the guy after he got over talking about my college days.

At about nine o’clock the phone rang. Drew made a mad dash for the phone. His eyes got as big as saucers as he gave the phone to his mom. “For you it’s the police.”

“Hello.” Stacy looked concerned. “Yes this is Stacy Jamison.” She looked weak and sat in the chair. “I will be right down. Thank you officer.” She held out her arms for Drew and he went to her. “Drew there is not easy way to tell you this, so I am just going to say it. Your father and grand parents were killed in a car accident tonight.” He hugged her but didn’t cry. “Since they have no other relatives, I have to go down and identify the bodies. Jim, will you take Drew home with you?”

“ Sure Stace I will take care of Drew. Are you sure you don’t want me to go down with you?”

Drew came and hugged me. “I will go with you Stace.” Steve said.

“You don’t have to do that. I will be fine.”

“I insist. You don’t need to be driving at a time like this and I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Let him drive you Stacy, I will take care of Drew.”

“Here, if he has trouble sleeping give him half a pill.” She took a bottle out of the cabinet and gave me one of the pills.

“Okay I will. If you need anything, anything at all, don’t hesitate to call. I will come check on you in the morning.” They left and Drew and I locked up.

I knew it was just a matter of time before Drew’s emotions would get to him. When we got to my house I just took him straight to bed. As we were getting ready for bed, I saw the tears start down his cheek. I held him tight and let him cry. “He hated me, so why am I sad that he is dead?”

“Because you loved him and he loved you too. He was consumed with his hatred of homosexuals because he was raised that way, but I am sure he loved you. Remember all the good times you had together. The bad things are not important anymore.”

“I’ll try. Just hold me.” He soon cried himself to sleep.

About midnight the phone rang. I grabbed it and headed into the bathroom so that I wouldn’t wake Drew. “Hello.” I said softly.

“How is Drew taking it? Has he let it sink in yet?”

“Yes, it didn’t take long after you left that he let his emotions go. He cried himself to sleep so I think he will be alright.”

“Good, when he didn’t cry at all, I was afraid he was going to hold on to the bad memories of the last two weeks.”

“I think he will be fine now. How about you? How are you holding up?”

“I am glad Steve went with me to identify the bodies. It was a gruesome site. It will have to be a closed casket for Dylan and his mother. His father was not mangled as much, but it was still pretty bad.”

“If there is anything at all I can do let me know Stacy.”

“Now that you mention it there is something. Dylan didn’t have any family other than his parents and so if you don’t mind will you help me with all the arrangements.”

“Sure Stacey, I will help you.”

“I have another favor to ask too.”

“Anything, you know I will be happy to do anything I can.”

“Well, I am starting to care for Steve and I think he has feelings for me too, but I think it would be disrespectful to Dylan’s friends if Steve was with me at the funeral. I don’t want to tell him I don’t think he should be there, so will you tell him for me. You know most of Dylan’s friends and they won’t be surprised if Drew and I use you for support, but I think if Steve were there it would look bad.”

“Okay Stacy, I will talk with him. He seems like a really nice guy so I am sure he will understand.”

“Thanks, Jim. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“Anything you need just holler. I will be over in the morning. I am sure the funeral home will want to talk with you fairly soon.”

“Yes, I already found the key to the Jamison’s house. Although it is a closed casket, I think they need clothes.”

“I just don’t know. We will have to let the funeral home help us with that.”

“Yes, that makes sense. Thanks for everything Jim. I am going to take a sleeping pill so I will sleep until ten or eleven.”

“You just sleep. I have a key and I will let myself in. Your phone will be ringing off the hook, so turn it down in your bedroom. I will take care of answering it when I get there in the morning. I will be there early.”

“Don’t leave Drew, he might be afraid if he wakes up and you are not there.”

“I won’t. I will put him in his bed so he can sleep too.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks again Jim.”

“Get some sleep. I will see you tomorrow.”

I knew I wouldn’t sleep much but didn’t want to fall asleep and not wake up to take some of the burden off Stacy so I set the alarm for six o’clock. Drew climbed into his sweats and we went to his house. I put him to bed and started a pot of coffee.

The phone started ringing at about seven. When the funeral home called I told them we would be down at two this afternoon. At around eleven I got a phone call that really shook me up. “Hello, Jamison residence. Jim Carter speaking.”

“Hi is Stacy there?”

Something told me this was not just one of their friends wanting to give their condolences. “Yes but she is sleeping. I am a family friend; may I give her a message?”

“She doesn’t know me, but I know her. I am Dylan’s brother. She doesn’t know me because my family disowned me when I was a teenager. My father’s attorneys called this morning to give me the news of my parents and Dylan’s death. Although my family hated me, I have always loved them and hoped that one day things would be different between us. If Stacy and Andrew don’t mind, I would like to come back for the funeral.”

“I am sure she would love for you to be here. You can stay here or if you would prefer, you can stay with me. I live next door.”

“If you don’t mind a gay couple staying with you, I will take you up on your offer, but I need to ask Stacy first. I really don’t want to cause problems.”

“Just a second, let me go wake her.”

“No don’t do that, just have her call me when she wakes up.”

“Well, I need to get her up anyway before we go down to the funeral home. Just a second. I just remembered, I didn’t ask your name.”

He laughed. “I am Bob. Robert Walter Jamison III to be exact, but please call me Bob.”

I knocked on Stacy’s bedroom door. “Come in.”

“Good morning. How did you sleep?”

“Better than I expected actually. Thanks for taking all the phone calls. I have been awake for awhile and the phone has been ringing a lot.”

“There is someone on the phone that I think you need to talk to. Did you know that Dylan had a brother?”

“No. Are you sure he is Dylan’s brother.”

“Well, no, I can’t be sure, but he sounds legit to me.”

“Will you listen on the extension?”

“Sure.” I left to go pick up the phone I had left on the couch. I had a little turkey grab me as I was going back to the couch.

“Morning Drew, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Okay I guess. What’s going on?”

“Seems you have an uncle. Your mom is talking to him now and wants me to listen in.”

“Really, can I talk to him?”

“Well, let’s see what he has to say first. I think he is coming to the funeral, so you will meet him then.”

As we listened in Stacy was telling him she didn’t have a problem with a gay couple under her roof.

Drew could not hold off any longer. “Hi, I am Drew. Are you really my uncle? What’s your name? When are you coming? You said couple so what is your husband’s name?”

“Hold on sport. My name is Bob, and my partner’s name is Chuck. We have booked a flight that should be there at seven tonight. Did I get them all answered?”

“Yes you did. Jim and I will pick you up at the airport at 7 o’clock. Just look for the two good looking guys with Indian caps.”

We met Bob and Chuck at the airport. Although the circumstances were somewhat somber, Bob and Chuck were made to feel at home and Drew loved having his uncle around. The funeral went without a hitch.

Although the settlement from the trucking company would take months or years for the lawyers to work out, the personal estates of Dylan and his parents was handled quickly and without any problems. Bob may have been disowned but his parents must have known what they did was wrong, because their will made provisions for Robert and Dylan and their heirs to share equally in their assets. Although they would not admit it to him in person, their will was written such that their son had to have known they loved him.

Dylan’s will gave half of his assets to his wife and half to his son in trust until his eighteenth birthday. Even before the settlement from the trucking company which would be huge, Drew was a multi-millionaire. When the legal papers were being drawn up for Drew’s trust, Stacy asked Bob and me to be trustees on Drew’s trust. We both agreed.

It wasn’t until the night before they were to leave that Bob and Chuck figured out that Drew and I were lovers. When they figured it out they didn’t know what to think or how to confront us. If they had not gotten to know us, I am sure they would have assumed the worst and not even bothered to ask for an explanation. As it turned out Chuck cornered me and gave me the third degree and Bob was doing the same to Drew. I told Chuck that I agreed with everything he said, and I was afraid that I had taken advantage of Drew. I told him that I agreed with him that it would have been better to wait until Drew was of age, but I also told him that I was powerless when it came to Drew. I told him that I loved Drew with all my heart, body and soul. I told him that sex was part of our relationship, but that I had loved Drew long before we ever had sex the first time. He was surprised when he learned that we only started having sex a couple of weeks ago.

Drew can be very persuasive and Bob was no match for the boy. Drew let him know in no uncertain terms that he knew exactly what he wanted and how hard he had worked to get it. He also told him that he loved having an uncle, but if his uncle was going to judge him, he had lived this long without even knowing he had one and he was not about to let him tell him what, who or how he should love. He drug Bob into the room that Chuck was preaching to me in. “Mom, come in here please. I need you to hear this too.”

Stacy came in the room with a surprised look on her face. “What’s wrong baby?”

“Uncle Bobby and Aunt Chuck think they can come in here and preach to Jim and I about what is love and who has a right to love whom. According to Uncle Bobby I am too young to know who I love and he is going to see that I am protected from abuse. He has known me for four days now, so he must know what is best for me. Can you believe that? He is just like his father and brother. He must the superior to everyone else and can sit in judgment of the rest of us mere mortals.” Drew was worked up and mad.

“Wait Drew I was not making judgment nor do I think I am better than anyone.”

“Bull shit. You said that you would not allow your nephew to be abused by some pedophile. How can you call that anything but judgmental? You have your mind made up and YOU are going to put a stop to the abuse.”

“Okay maybe I did overreact, but I can’t sit back and ignore the fact that my nephew is being abused.”

Drew was about to lay into him again when Stacy put up her hand to stop Drew. “If anyone has been seduced and taken advantage of in this relationship it is Jim. He did everything he possibly could to get Drew to wait until he was older. Your nephew is very bright. Drew is also very much a free thinker and wise beyond his years. He learned at an early age that when he thought something out thoroughly and considered the consequences he could pick his battles and only fight those he really wanted to win. He earned respect and responsibility by thinking and reasoning like an adult, but that is something that you can’t see or understand in the short time you have known him. I have known that he loved Jim for a few months, but Jim made him promise to not pressure him to give in to sex. Jim knew he couldn’t resist Drew’s charms and powers of persuasion for long. Jim and Drew have had a special bond from the first time they met, but their relationship only became sexual when I called from Denver and ask Jim to let their relationship grow into a sexual one. I did that because I finally saw how desperately my son needed to be loved by this man. How dare you in the four days you have been here to sit in judgment. Don’t try to talk about breaking the law. I assume that you have fucked Chucky here up the ass or he has plowed you since you have been here, that is against the law in this state, so don’t start in like the law abiding citizen out to protect the world from the law breakers. I think you need to go to a hotel or somewhere, but get your sanctimonious ass out of my fucking house.” Stacy had worked herself into a state of exhaustion.

“I think you are correct that we should leave. I want to apologize for making snap judgments that don’t appear to be founded, but have also alienated me from the only family I have left. I am truly sorry that I accused instead of asking and yes, I see now that I did judge you when I had no right to do so. Between the two of you, I feel my ass has been thoroughly chewed. I don’t want to loose my nephew now that I have him in my life. I can only hope that all of you are not as quick to judge and condemn as we have been. We will get our things now and go. I just hope to have another chance to stay in contact.”

“Don’t go Uncle Bobby. I do love you and want you to stay. As long as you are not being judgmental you are a pretty cool uncle. I just wish that you had not brought up all those guilt feelings in Jim. It will take me days to get him back to loving me without feeling guilt. I know he loves me very much and I love him just as much, but I really do like sex and now you have him thinking he is the adult in this relationship again.” Drew came over and sat in my lap and hugged me tight. “As you might have guessed, I won’t stand for anyone fucking up what I have worked so hard for. Now, let’s go out to dinner, I’m hungry. Oh and by the way, dinner is on you Uncle Bobby.”

Bob and Chuck went back to San Francisco and our lives returned to normal. Well at least normal for us. We started seeing more and more of Steve and he and Stacy were married two months after Drew turned thirteen.

When Drew turned fourteen I gave him the car of his dreams, a seventy-six Malibu super sport. Well it was not quite his dream car yet. All it was, was a rusted shell. We were going to rebuild it into his dream car. That is half the fun of restoring classic cars is turning something useless into something of beauty. We had two years before he could legally drive it so we would take our time and make it into exactly what he wanted. He was also taller than I am now and still an awesome baseball player. Stacy soon had little Stevie and that kept them pretty busy. One thing Drew made clear when his mom told us she was pregnant was that he would not be a babysitter. Although we did watch Stevie some so they could go out every once in awhile, they didn’t ask often and he was a good baby and so we didn’t mind taking care of the little squirt (Drew’s nickname for him).

If anything our love had grown stronger. Drew and Corey both made the varsity team their high school freshman year which had the local paper and several sports magazines wanting stories about the young stars.

With the boys in four different high schools, we had to adjust our playing schedule considerably, but all the high school coaches wanted the boy to continue playing in these tournaments. We had to pick up a few extra players to make up for when some of the boys couldn’t make the tournaments because of their high school commitments. Even those that didn’t make their varsity teams as freshmen were on the freshman team.

Drew was easy to teach to drive. He had been driving my four wheeler since he was eight or nine, and we let him drive the truck on the property before he got his learner’s permit. After his permit, I let him drive my truck most places we went. His car was ready three months before he turned sixteen and he got to take his driving test for his driver’s license in his car. The guy that gave him the test was so impressed with the car that he would have given him the license no matter what.

Drew had lots of friends, but he very seldom went out. We were not playing ball one Friday night when I heard Drew raise his voice on the phone. “I just don’t want to go Corey. Yes, you are my friend, but not my best friend. You know good and well that Jim is my best friend. No, he is not making me stay at home. You know, as well as I do, that he tries to get me to go out more.” A long pause so it must have been more than a few words from Corey. “Corey, you better never let me hear that you took some stupid drug and if you drink, call me and I will come get you. I better never hear that you drove after even one beer.” Another fairly long pause in the conversation. “You just don’t understand. I can’t stand to be away from Jim. It’s not that I can’t. I just don’t want to. One of these days, you will find that someone and you will be miserable when you are apart too. Until you find that person, I am sure you don’t understand. Okay, have fun bro; I will probably see you tomorrow.”

I went up to Drew and hugged him from behind. “You know, you should probably spend a little more time with your friends.”

“I like spending time with them, but to tell you the truth, a little goes a long way. It just seems like we have so little in common. Most of the time they are talking about who they want to date or have sex with. The guys that are talking about pussy really bore me and the gay guys are such sluts. Before you ask, yes they all say they are being careful and using protection.”

“I guess I have preached about protection too much, but I just want you guys to be safe.”

“I don’t think it is too much and they know you care about them.”

“You should go have fun with your friends for awhile tonight. You hardly ever go out and just have fun.”

“That’s just it. I don’t have fun usually. I like all those guys, but I get really bored quickly and can’t wait to get home to you. When we are apart, I just can’t think about much except my Jim. What about you? You never go out with your friends anymore.”

“Well, I’m not sixteen.”

“So, does that mean you can’t have fun?”

“No, I guess not, but when I am away from you all I can think about is getting home to you. I guess we are just a couple of old home bodies.”

“Actually we are very seldom home, but we just like doing stuff together. I guess we are pretty lucky that we both feel the same.” He turned and kissed me deeply. “Speaking of feeling the same, I think I feel your hard cock against my hard cock. Let’s go have some fun.” He led me to the bedroom.

On a Monday night in the first week of June, Stacey had asked Drew to come home that she needed to talk to him. Drew didn’t say, but I got the feeling that she wanted to see him alone. This gave me a weird feeling and I could tell Drew was not his usual self, but he went to talk to his mother.

I was washing my truck when Drew came running over screaming. “She did it, I can’t believe the bitch is making me move.” Drew grabbed me around the neck and was bawling like a baby. “Why would she do this to us?”

“Slow down bud. What are you talking about?” I moved him away from my body and looked into his red swollen eyes. I couldn’t tell if I saw fear or something else in his eyes, but it was not the beautiful soul I was used to seeing in those eyes. I led him into the pool area and set us on one of the lounges.

“Now calm down and let’s see if we can’t work this problem out.”

“My mom and Steve are moving to Dallas!” Drew screamed.

“I knew they were considering it, but I didn’t know the decision had been made yet.” My mood was suddenly just as dark as Drew’s. I had not allowed the thought of loosing Drew enter my head.

“I’m sixteen, don’t I have a say in this at all?”

“Drew, bud, I don’t know. I have not let the thought of you moving away enter my mind.”

“They have Stevie, I don’t really fit in their family anymore. I can’t leave you Jim, I just can’t”

“I can’t imagine my life without you either, Turkey, but I have not talked to your mom about this at all. We need to talk to Stacy before we get too worked up. Besides, if I have to, I can always move to Dallas too.”

“I’m here.” Stacy said coming into the pool area. Stacy sat on the other side of Drew and tried to put her arm around him, but he pulled away. “Drew, you know I would never hurt you son.”

“Then why are you trying to make me move? I won’t move away from Jim. I’ll run away and come back, you know I will.”

“I guess I knew this would happen, but in my heart I thought you belonged with your mother. I was afraid you wouldn’t move with us, but I just had to try.” Stacy started tearing too.

“Mom, I love you and you have been a great mom, but I could never leave Jim.”

“I guess I knew that but it is hard to let your children go once they are grown, and you are not even grown yet.”

“Mom, you have not treated me like a kid for a long time. I may not be considered an adult by the law, but I am too old to fit in with your new family; you know that, as well as, I do. You know it would never work even if we tried.”

“Jim you are awful quiet. What do you think about this?”

“Actually Stace, you caught me off guard. I was in total shock when Drew came running over. You know how much I love Drew. I always try to do what is best for him, but right now, I can only think my world is collapsing around me. I am so scared right now, I can’t think.”

“I am slowly seeing Drew’s point about not really being part of our family anymore. I guess when you stop and think about it he has not lived with us for two years. And not lived with us much for four years. Being right next door didn’t make seem like a separation, but can I move so far from my son?”

“I know this is a knee jerk reaction, but if you take Drew to Dallas, I guess I will have to buy a house in Dallas.”

“Your businesses are here; your cars are here, how could you just move away from all that?”

“Those are just things; this young man is my life.”

“I don’t want us to move. We don’t belong in Dallas. Even if you moved too and I was still with you all the time, I would want to move back as soon as I turned eighteen and had rights as an adult. Mom, you know I’m right your place is with Stevie and Steve. I screw up your family too much for it to make sense.”

“Oh Drew, you have to know that you will always be my son and my family even when you are old and grey.”

“I didn’t mean it like not your son, but let’s face it, you belong in the kiddy pool with Stevie and I have been in the deep end for a long time without you holding my hand.”

Stacy couldn’t help but chuckle a little through her tears. “Okay, I see your point. I will have to talk it over with Steve, but I see I may have to let you grow up before your time. I assume that you want to be responsible for your turkey, as you call him?”

“Sure I will be responsible for him, gobbler and all.”

“You love my gobbler.”

“Andrew David Jamison, I told you a long time ago not to talk like that in front of me.”

“That reminds me, I hate being a Jamison when can I change my name to Carter? Jamison is nothing but a dirty word to me.”

“I can’t argue that. When Steve asked you if you would let him adopt you and you told him that if anyone adopted you it would be Jim, I knew this would happen. If our lawyers can change this guardian stuff to a real adoption, do you want to adopt Drew?”

“You know I do.”

“I know, but I had to ask. I can’t help but feel guilty about giving up my boy. I know in my heart it is the right thing to do, but it hurts too.”

“Oh mom, I will always love you. You are a wonderful mother and I like Steve a lot too. Stevie is a great kid. I love all three of you, and I know Jim does too. I will miss you guys like crazy, but this is my home and where I belong. Don’t be mad at me mom, but I need to stay with Jim.”

“I knew this day would come and that my little boy would become a man. I guess no mother is ready to let her son go, but I guess in a way I am lucky. I know that my boy is happy and we are friends too. I expect you two to come visit us often and we will come back to visit too.”

“We will mom.”

Two weeks before they left for Dallas Drew officially became my son. Because he was sixteen, the courts gave a lot of credence to his wishes. The children’s services people were not even contacted in the matter. Not that we needed the document make us a family in our hearts, now we are a family as far as the legal profession is concerned. Andrew David Carter has a real nice ring to it.

The End
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