A quick note to thank everyone for their holiday wishes and greetings and to apologize for not answering all of them. Also for the delay in continuing My Flock.

Besides the holiday rush-about turmoil (fun!?! I love my relatives, but glad I only have to see some of them once a year! :-)) slowing the story, a nephew very, very close to me took ill requiring two surgeries in as many weeks, still with an uncertain outcome. Thus I have been distracted somewhat to say the least. I don't think life threatening, but an infectious condition that could cause problems him in the future. (Doctors can be so, so informative sometimes!) 'Time will tell' they answer to SO many urgent questions!

I will finish MF, thanks in advance for understanding its delay. If you have a minute, a quick prayer or two would help, or I hope it will.

BTW, Ginger sent a belated holiday snort, as did the rest of the My Flock gang, two and four legged!