This story is fiction and do's not depict any real event or persons. The writer do's not approve of the abuse of any kind to a child or animal .


by Woodcutter

I'm a 50yr old single gay man that likes boys the younger the better, put I never force them to do any thing they don't want to do. I work at night and after stopping for something to eat I was driving home when I saw this little boy walking his bike limping and crying along the side of the road, this area had no houses just woods on both sides of the road. I pulled up slowly and looked around there was not a soul around so I stopped and asked if he was alright he looked up at me, tears was running down his face, he was the cutest boy I ever saw then he spoke and said "no I wrecked on me bike and now I have a flat tire" this was a excelled opportunity so I went for it and ask he if he needed a ride he just looked for a few seconds and then he smiled my heart just melted I have to have this boy, He said "sure mister I sure do" I stopped the truck and got out , went around the truck and stood there next to him he is small most be 8 or 9 yrs old. I told him to let me put your bike in the back, he tried to get in the truck put was having trouble getting in, I came up behind him and lifted him up with my hand on his butt, I sat him on the seat I slid my hand down that great looking leg, oh my god it was so smooth I said "lets take a look at that scrap on your knee" I held his leg and looked "oh that looks bad'. He started to whimper a little "its going to be aright you'll see" I got in and started down the road I looked at him and asked him "so there do you live" he told me were and I said "that's clear on the other side of town what are you doing clear over the" he said he always rides all over town. Does your parents know you're the " no there at work, they leave before I get up and don't come home until dinner time" I thought to myself it just gets better and better. What's your name, "Jesse" I'm Jake and how old are you "eleven" that shocked my I looked at him and said "no way you don't look eleven you look eight or nine put not eleven" he looked down at his feet and said "yea I know I'm always being teased at school I'm a little small I guess" yea you are put that's all right I don't mind. He smiled and slid over a little closer to me he was now close enough for me to put my hand on he thigh it's so smooth I moved it up and down a little he didn't move so I decided to go further and moved it up a little farther, I moved the leg of his shorts up with my fingers he looked at me and smiled. Lets go a little farther and see if he moves away so I moved my hand so I can touch his nut sack he spread his legs some more then I know I had him What if we go to my house and take care of that knee shall we? He shook his head and said "OK" I told him I had a big dog there and ask if he will be ok with that he said "oh yes I love to play with dogs, is it a boy or a girl what kind of dog is it" I told him it's a boy dog and he's a German shepherd and he loves little boys to, just like him. He smiled at me and said "cool I can't wait" we drove for about five minuets and pulled in the driveway I hit the button for the garage door and pulled in, I shut the door so no one see's me bring a visitor home with me especially one so young. We went in the house since I work midnights all my drapes are closed, He was holding my hand coming in the house and looking around I lifted him up and sat him on the table now lets take care of that knee I got the first aid kit and sat down in a chair I put his foot up on my knee that gives me a perfect angle to see right down in his shorts I can see his tidy whiteys I got hard instantly, I want him in my bed so bad put I can't rush him it might scare him off I got out a bandage and the antiseptic cream I also had to get a soapy wash cloth and towel I washed his scrap put some cream on it and a big knee bandage. He was done put I had to slide my hand up his leg again I went under his shorts he spread his legs again and gave me better access I touched his nuts and rolled them between my finger and thumb then he moaned and laid back on the table moved in a little farther and laid my hand on his very hard penis I rubbed it and he moaned some more I asked him if he likes that he said " oh yea it fills so good OH MY GOD DON'T STOP PLEASE DON'T STOP" I took hold of his dick and started to jack him off he was starting to breath harder a few minuets latter he stiffened up and arched his back his dick was pulsing in my hand put I was glad he had a dry orgasm He was shacking and moaning "OOOHHHH GOD OOOOOHHHHH" When he did come down from his high he sat up and smiled at me and said "that felt better then when I do it, I never went that far before I thought I was going to pee in my shorts" So you like that did you maybe next time we cane take your cloths off and I can show you some other stuff we can do that fills even better. He looked at me and said "I don't know that's being bad isn't it "yes it is put I'm not going to tell are you" he laugh and said "NO where's your dog at can I see him " he jumped down off the table. Sure let me go get him stay here, I opened the back door and Rusty come rushing in past me like he know there was a boy here. He run up to Jesse and started to lick him all over his face Jesse started to laugh and scream with delight Rusty was licking him in his mouth and he pushed him away and yield "yuck he lick me in my mouth how gross" I laughed and told him, I told you he loves little boys he wont hurt you he loves you someday you`ll see. He looked at me funny and said "what do you mean" you'll see" with that I pulled Rusty off him and put him back in the back yard. I come back and ask if he wanted a drink He grinned and said "yea can I" sure you can what would you like water, soda, coffee, or me, he started laughing soda please do you want Pepsi , orange, grape, lemon lime, or Coke. Wow you have a lot don't you I told him I'm always ready for someone like you and I winked at him. He paused and looked at me studying my face then said "orange please" oh god did I go to far and scared him I went to the fridge and got a orange soda out and poured it in a glass for him.

Lets go in the living room and set he followed me I sat his drink on the coffee table and sat on the sofa he looked around and asked if he can set next to me he sipped on his soda didn't say a word the silence was killing me so I started the conversation. "so Jesse what do you do all day by your self" he said "I ride my bike all over and go to the park and stuff." Don't you have any friends to play with, "no not really every one likes to tease me more then any thing so I just stay away from them" I thought yes his a loner that makes it easier. He drank his soda down then looked at me then said "you want to play with my penis don't you?" I looked down at him and said "oh yes is that all right with you" He thought for what seemed like an hour, he finally said " yea, I gauss so" You ever had a man play with your penis before. "No not really put one man tried, he started to touch me with my shorts on at the park one time and this lady that was there with her little girl started to yell at him so he ran away, I thought she was going to yell at me so I ran to" Well why don't we go in my bedroom ok "sure" we walked down the wall holding hands, I can fill him start to shake a little we got in the bedroom I sat on the bed and stood him in front of me he was shacking I asked him if he was scared he shook his head and said "yes a little I never did this before is it going to hurt" Oh god no baby don't be afraid I'll go slow ok. "yea ok" I pulled him into me and gave him a big bear hug my hands slid down his back and stopped on his nice little butt I kneaded them, they felt so good and farm. He let out a small moan I leaned down and started to kiss his neck and nibble on his ear a little he moaned again I then know I was going to get him naked then.

I stood him up and lifted his t-shirt off over his head, he's so beautiful, his little pink nipples, and angel soft skin I leaned over again and kissed him on the lips ever so soft I held the kiss and started to press my tongue on his lips until he opened his mouth and my tongue went in, his tongue started to dance with mine we french kissed for a good three minuets we separated and he looked at my and smiled at me and said "that was real nice whats that called" I told him french kissing, did you like it that much "oh yea I did" I said "you haven't seen any thing yet," he wasn't shacking any more I slid my hands down his back until I reached his waist band of his shorts I moved them around to the front and unsnapped his shorts and then unzipped them and they fell around his ankles I can see the bulge in front of his underwear. I cupped his penis and balls in my hand and rubbed them, he laid his head on my shoulder and moaned. I asked him "you like this do you" he said "oh yea more please" who about we take these undies off ok? He shock his head yes not saying a word I hocked my thumps in the elastic and slowly pulled them down they got hocked on his very hard penis pulled them over it and lowered them to join his shorts around his ankles. There standing in front of my was the most beautiful naked boy I ever saw he had a three inch penis his grape size balls they were pulled up tight in his sack not a hair on his body just the way I like them I picked him up and sat him on the bed I pulled off his shorts and underwear the rest of the way pulled off his shoes and socks. I laid him down, I couldn't hold back any more I sucked his penis in my mouth, I heard him hiss and moan I bobbed on his penis He bent his lags and spread them I sucked in his balls and he arched his back moaned louder "oh my god" he said I let go and started licking down his sack I spread his checks and went lower I found his little rose bud, as soon as I touched it he tensed up I told him it's ok just relax he did and I continued to rim his butt hole my tongue was pressing at his entrance until it finally went in I fucked him with my tongue for about five minutes or so. I went back to his dick and sucked him hard until he had his secant orgasm, in an hour he laid there breathing hard trying to recover. When he did recover he looked at me with a huge grin on his face I asked him how'd did he like that, he said "WOW that was amazing it tingled all over" I looked and saw that he was still hard as a rock, most be nice. I sat on the bed next to him rubbing his leg after a few minutes he asked me "can I see your penis?" I turned and asked him "are you sure that's what you want" He shook his head yes so I stood up and undid my paints and let them fall. then I took off my shirt and lowered my boxers now standing there naked in front of a eleven year old boy. He sat there watching me the hole time then looked at me and asked "wow it's so big can I touch it please" you sure can all you want he slid forward and slowly reached out and put his hand on my dick he moved it up and down a few times then his other hand cupped my nuts and to my surprise he lend forward and put the head of my dick in his mouth and started to suck me he did scrap me with his teeth a few times put I didn't say anything then I just let him continue he was really trying hard to do the same thing I did for him. He\was going at it for some time I was getting close to Cumming in his mouth put thought better of it and told him to stop or I'm going to cum. He look at me confused and asked if he was doing it wrong I said "oh no way baby you was doing great I didn't want too cum in your mouth your not ready for that yet" He look at me again and said "what's cum I sat down and told him you know that tingly feeling you got when I sucked your penis? He said "oh yea that was great" well that was what you call a dry orgasm when you get older you well reach puberty and then when you get that feeling you well cum, its a white milky stuff that shoots out of your penis "wow can I see you cum. Oh I think so why don't you start sucking again and I'll stop you when I'm ready to cum I stood in front of him again he didn't even hesitate he grabbed my dick and balls and was bobbing away a few minuets I was there I told him "ok here it comes" he stopped and leaned back a little I took over and started to jack off with his saliva as lube nothing better than that a few more strokes and I started shooting, the first shoot hit him right in the face he screamed a little and tried to move put he was not fast enough the next one hit he right in his mouth the third and fourth on his chest and stomach the fifth and last one on his still hard dick and balls he was covered from head to balls. He was licking his lips he started to scoop some more up when I said stop for a secant and asked him if I can take some pictures of him covered in my cum. He smiled and said ok I got my digital camera I took several picture of him then when I said I was done he started to scooping some cum up and put it in his mouth I kept taking pictures this kid is a gold mine. I laid down on the bed next to him and we both fell asleep, I thought I was dreaming then someone was shacking me I opened my eyes and there was Jesse looking at me he said

"Jake it's 3:00 I have to leave soon so I can get home before my mom and dad gets home" oh yes you do don't you I got up and got dressed then looked at Jesse and seen a lot of dried cum on him I told him that he can't go home like that we need to get you cleaned up first lets go and shower I got him to the bath room and started the shower ok in you go he climbed in and ask me if I can wash him I jumped at the chance grabbed a wash cloth a the bar of soap I lathered the wash cloth up and then him I paid special attention to his dick and balls and his crack to. He was clean in no time at all even washed his hair got him all dried and went back in the bedroom to get his clothes on it was sure nice to see a boy run around the naked and I told him so, he just smiled at me. How about we fix that flat tire on your bike he said " you can do that wow sure" we got it fixed I drove him most of the way home on the way he asked me if he can come back to my house I said sure you can I'm now your best friend I handed him a card with my phone number on it you call me and I'll pick you up right here at the park now you can't show or tell any one about what we did do you under stand. He said sure I do I love you and I'll never tell any one I promise" As he rode away I looked up and said "THANK YOU GOD"

I went and got something to eat then went home feed Rusty I told him your going to love fucking this kid but we got to take it slow with him. I went to bed for a few hours before I have to go to work set the alarm for 9:00pm and fell asleep dreaming of our new boy toy. At 9:00 I got up and my friend from work called me for a ride we had sex in the past before, when I couldn't get a boy I'd settled for him and he know that I'd rather have a young boy. I told him about what happen yesterday and about Jesse there was a long silence then he said "that's risky isn't it" Yea but I couldn't help my self he is the cutest thing I ever saw and so innocent, you won't believe it, another long silence then he said "so are you going to share him" yea I think in time when me and Rusty gets him broke in and trained "your going to let Rusty fuck him!! "Of course I always do he loves little boys as much as I do, on the way to work I showed him the pictures I took of him and he went nuts and said "he is so cute, looks like he's going to be tight" yea but I'll get him stretched out.

Jesse and I got together every day for two weeks we were just giving each other blow jobs I did show him the proper way to give a blow job so his teeth doesn't scrap he's a real pro now he can even take it down his throat without gagging, and I played with his butt hole a little to see how fare he would go I think he'll go all the way, very soon to. Then one day he was setting on my lap we were look at man-boy porn on my computer I made sure to high light the ones with men fucking the young boys in the ass. He look at me and said "can you do that to me" sure but I have to tell you it well hurt until I get you stretched out and you get use to it are you sure that's what you want to do. "But those boys are smiling it doesn't look like it hurts" well there use to it so it doesn't hurt them any more, the let me show you I brought up some films instead of pics ones with virgin boys being fucked. In the films the boys was crying and screaming, he looked at me not so sure now then said "I don't know that looks really bad" I told him "well those men didn't stretch him out he wasn't use to it at all I well never do that to you. He said "well ok I guess I'll try" don't worry we'll take it as slow as you want ok. "yea ok so can we do it right now" well we can start stretching you out now, I took his hand and went in the bedroom I got his clothes off and laid him down, got the lube from the night stand and explained to him what's it for then told him to hold his knees to his chest "ok here we go" I squirted lube in and on his butt hole he jumped a little I told him to just relax I lubed my finger and started to push it in slowly he tensed up "relax baby" he did I got my finger all the way in, I let him get use to the invasion then I started to fuck him with it after ten minutes of this I tried a secant finger I pushed in and he whimpered I looked at him and seen he was biting his lip and tears was coming from his eyes I asked him "are you alright baby" "yes please don't stop" so I pushed more and got the secant one half way in he yelled "oh it hurts" do you want to stop "NO" I pushed in all the way He was crying by now I stopped so he can get use to it after a few minutes he was better and breathing hard. He said "its better now" so I started to fuck him slowly with two fingers then faster and faster I was pounding him in a few minutes every time I shoved in he was grunting then he was mooning I grabbed his dick with my other hand and started jacking him off at the same time he screamed as he came harder then ever he was shacking all over and panting so hard I thought he was going to pass out. I pulled out he moaned and laid there with a smile on his face he was so wore out he fell asleep. I laid down with him until he had to go, when he woke I got him dressed, He looked at me and said "that was so amazing, it did hurt at first put felt better later" how's it feel now "it's hurting a little" do you want to keep doing that or do you want to stop "keep going I want you to fuck me with your penis" ok sport he was walking a little gingerly.

After a few weeks I was able to get three fingers in Jesse's ass he is so proud of his self now he's ready to get his brains fucked out and I can't wait I'm going to fuck him raw. He came in all excited he know today was going to be the day I fuck him, we got in bed naked, we snuggled and kissed, sucked each other then he smiled and ask if I can fuck him now I told him sure babe lets do it I got him on his hands and knees, all lubed up and stretched, I got my dick lined up with his open ass hole and started to push in he hissed a little and groaned I continued in slow two inches in back out then in three back out in four almost all the way out then I asked him if he was ready for all of it he said "OH GOD YES PLEASE DO IT" I pushed in all nine inches I can feel it go in his intestines he screamed I couldn't take it any more I started to fuck him, almost all the way out then ramming it in faster and faster harder and harder I was pounding so hard by now.

He was grunting every time I rammed in, my balls was slapping his I was getting real close now and told him here I come baby he said "yes yes cum in me now please OH GOD" I shot the biggest load of my life, he came at the same time as I did with out even touching his dick he screamed and passed out I kept going, I didn't think I was going to stop shooting put I did and collapsed on top of him I laid there for some time recovering when I got my strength back I stood up and let my dick slide out of Jesse's butt the cum run out and down his balls and dick onto the sheets, I cleaned my self up because I didn't want him to see the blood it might scare him I went back in the bedroom he was still out cold so I cleaned his ass up and laid him down on the pillow then laid next to him and fell asleep. I was awoken by soft kisses on my face and lips Jesse was awake he looked in my eyes and smiled then said "thank you that was fantastic it hurt but was fantastic" we laid there cuddling for a short time I told his about my friend and how he really wants to join us in our sex playing he looked at me for a long time thinking about it he then said "you mean like in the pictures I saw with one man fucking in the boys butt and the other fucking him in his mouth at the same time" Yea what do you think, "I don't know do you think I can do it" oh yes I think you can after today I think you can do any thing you want too. I have to tell you, my friends penis is bigger then mine its bigger around and its longer too. He thought about it some more then finally he said" Well, ok if you think I can do it .When do you want to do that" I have a plan ,do you think your mom and dad would let you go sleep over a friend from schools house all week end?" He looked at my confused then asked me "yea but what good well that do, you can't go there with me?" I just started laughing so hard I was almost crying, he still looked confused, I composed myself and said "no silly your not going over there you'll come here without them knowing and stay with us all weekend how does that sound to you" he thought then said "wow that sounds great we can have a sex party all weekend can't we" Sure can so its on then? "yea, but one thing they really don't care that much but when I stayed with a friend before they had to have a phone number so they can call and make sure its alright with my friends mom and dad" I thought you didn't have any friends " I don't he only wanted me there so him and his other friend had someone to pick on" I told him to give them the number I gave him to call me with I asked him what is his friends name he told me Jeff Pike and his dads Mr. Pike. You don't know his first name he said "no" do your parents know his first name "oh no they don't know any of my friends there always working" Ok then tomorrow Friday so you come to the park with your pack and be ready for lots of fun. "my mom well probably call today when I ask her if I can is that ok" Sure it is I'll wait for her call he stood up and more cum leaked out "oh no look" I took a look and told him to bend over so I can check his butt hole it was still wide open I told him to hang on a minute I went in the other room and came back with a size 6 pull up diaper for him to wear home he looked at it then looked at me and said "I'm not wearing a diaper no way" I told him if he just wears his unties and shorts they well be all wet by the time he gets home and what well his mom say about that. "but but I can't wear those" why not no one will see it I promise you "well, ok I guess" I helped him to put them on they fit him ok but a little tight, oh god he looked good in them, I helped him put his unties and shorts, t-shirt, shoes and socks on he was all set. He was looking to see if any one would be able to tell he was wearing a diaper then said "ok I guess you can't see them after all" see I told you that you can't see them. I took him to the park were we have a secluded spot there we can meet and no one can see us. I watched him walk his bike down the road between the diaper and his ass being very sore he was waddling a little I guess that's why his not riding his bike. I went home and called my friend to let him know of the arrangement for the weekend he was shocked that Jesse went for it he asked if he was ok with us recording him with the video camera I told him I didn't ask him but that it didn't matter because I'm going to hide it where he can't see it he'll never know I told him he can ride home from work with me Friday morning and we'll shower before I pick Jesse up at the park, he said that sounds great I'll se you at work bye.

I started to get ready for our weekend, I heed the video camera making sure our heads and faces can't be seen but all the action can. I brought in the special padded bench I made for Jesse it well hold his knees down on his chest and his ass well hang off the end so he well get fuck real good and deep it well also have his head hanging off the other end so when he's fuck in his mouth it can go down his throat easier and deeper and its made so if we have to we can tie him down to it I'm not sure how his going to take sucking and getting fucked by Rusty's going to go over so just incase we need it there. I got hand cuffs, leather shackles, ropes, vibraters, and butt plugs its going to be some weekend. 5:30 came around and the phone rang I answered ,it was Jesse's mom I said hello She ask is these Mr. Pike I said yes, this is Jesse's mom, Oh yes his a great kid so polite, "well thank you I'm glade to hear that," I didn't think it would hurt to butter her up a little, she said " I was just calling because Jesse just asked if he could sleep over your house this weekend" oh yes Jeff asked me earlier I told him sure, it was fine with me if its ok with his parents "ok I was just checking are you sure its ok" oh yea Jesses a great kid I don't mind at all, more butter. "well thank you very much we can use a weekend away its been so long since we had one." Yea I know what you mean I really don't mind Jesses one of the few friends of Jeff's that I like. "Well thanks again bye now" the weekend was set.

I couldn't think straight all night long, quieting time came slow put it did come I meet Tom at my truck we stopped to get something too eat before going home I know we had plenty of time to take a shower and to get ready before I picked Jesse up at the park.

We pulled in and I heard Rusty barking and caring on like crazy Tom went in the house I went around back and there was Jesse playing with the dog I was shocked "what the hell are you doing here" I think I surprised him really bad because he screamed and jumped back and fell I can see a dark spot spread all over the front and back of his short he just peed in his paints, he started crying. " Oh god I'm so sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that" he stopped and saw what he did in his paints and started laughing then he said " looks like I really do need those diapers that's the secant time I had a accident in my paints" before I got home yesterday I got a cramp and my butt just exploded I couldn't stop it I pooped in those diapers you put on me, boy was I glad I had them on I would have had a real mess in my shorts." Ok but I was going to pick you up at the park like always why did you ride your bike all this way do you know how dangers that is? But I do it all the time and nothing ever happens, Yea I know but someone might have seen you coming here we have to be very careful we can get in to a lot of trouble you under stand me. He stood up and was looking at his feet then said "yea I know I'm sorry" Its ok I guess lets go inside and get you cleaned up ok , "ok" I took his hand and lead his thought the back door we went in the kitchen I went down on one knee and untied his shoes and took then off and his socks they were wet too, I undid his shorts and let them fall to the floor then his wet unties I lifted his t-shirt up over his head now he's the way I like him and he's going to stay like that all weekend buck ass naked.

He herd the shower going and looked at me and asked me "how's the?" That's my friend Tom I told you about "he's already here?" Yea we were going to take a shower before I pick you up, "oh sorry I thought I'd surprise you by being here when you got home" well you sure did that didn't you. A few minutes later Tom comes walking out with a towel over his head drying his hair and he was also naked Jesse saw him and his mouth dropped open I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head then he said "oh my god his dick is huge" Tom froze and look out from under the towel He looked at me and said "well thanks, I thought you were going to take a shower before you pick him up" Yea well he surprised me and rode his bike over and was here before we got home that's why Rusty was going nuts"

Your kidding from the other side of town shit I don't believe it, well I guess it well save time. I told Tom that Jesse and I are going to take a shower together he had a accident in his shorts when I scared him out back can you take his wet clothes down and put then in the washer for me. Sure no problem, Jesse and I headed for the bathroom I started the water Jesse was already naked so he got in whale I got undressed then I joined him I washed his hair then I lathered him with a wash cloth whall he was all soapy I played with his dick and ass hole for a few minutes then I washed, but he washed my dick and balls himself after we rinsed off we sucked each other before joining Tom in the living room naked of course, we sat on the couch Jesse sat between us. Why don't we look at some pictures and you can point out what you may like to try "ok that sounds good I started with the three ways two men and a boy "lets defiantly try that" ok we moved on I then brought up the bondage pictures there were boys being tied up ages 5 to 16, he wanted to look for some time than asked "why did they tie those boys up like that" I told him that's what they call bondage a lot of people like doing that, "do you think we can try that" are you sure you want to ? He looked again then said "yea I think so it looks interesting" ok babe I have all that stuff in the bedroom "really cool" I then brought up the vibraters and butt plugs "do you have those to" yes I do "ok" then I brought up the beastly pics just the ones with dogs and boys doing it, he looked with his mouth wide open "WOW can I do that with Rusty" that's why I told you he loves little boys his been wanting to fuck you every since he meet you when he was licking your mouth remember "that's what you meant why didn't you tell me I love Rusty, I've played with his penis before when you wasn't watching but I never thought I could suck him or let him fuck me that's so cool, I defiantly want to do that" That's great baby I know he wants to do it with you I looked at Tom and smiled. Ok lets get you cleaned out first I took Jesse in the bathroom and brought out a big enema bag he asked "what's that for?" Its going to put soapy water in you and it well make you go poop until your all cleaned out, "why do you have to do that for" because how much were going to fuck you it well be less messy and it well be better for you. If we don't do it you well get all pack up and wont be able to go poop for a long time, when you do go it well hurt a lot. "Oh I didn't know that ok its alright with me" Good now lay down on the floor on your left side, He did, I knelt down and spread his checks apart and put a little lube on his little rose bud of course it is a little larger now than it was before, I filled the bag full put the soap in and shock it up, I'm not using the normal tube I'm using a inflatable enema butt plug that goes all the way in his intestines , I showed it to him and he shock his head that he is ready "ok the we go" I pushed it in and he yelped a little "ok baby" I pushed until it was all the way in I pumped it up made sure it was in nice and tight The water was nice and warm so he can feel it going in I opened the valve not to fast thou he moaned and said "I can feel it going in, wow it warm" After a few minutes he was moaning a lot now "ooooohhhh" what is it baby "I got a cramp it hurts a little" your going to get a lot more of those its ok, About of the bag was in I can see his flat little tummy starting to swell up "ooooohhhh god it hurts" ok your almost there "no take it out oooohhhhh god" ok ok another few minutes "ooohhh" I held his hand to help him thought it. It worked all the water was in I closed the valve and told him we have to keep it in for a little while "ooohhh ok I'm ok" I can hear gargling as it worked its way up his intestines, He was trying to push ,then he said "I don't feel so good" ok you had plenty I grabbed a towel and let the air out, You need to hold it in Jesse ok, "ok" I lied the towel down under his butt and pulled the plug out some water did gush out before he could clamp his checks together "ooohhh god I don't think I can hold it much longer, ok ok I picked him up and sat him on the toilet, he exploded and said "aaaawwww" that feels better" I told him it's not over yet baby then another cramp more gushed out this went on for fifteen minutes he was sweating by the time he was done. Ok baby I think you are done so lets get you cleaned up I gave him another shower, ok sport done, I went to the hardware store and got you this I handed him a rubber o ring, he looked at it funny and said what is this and what`s it fore?" it's a cock and ball ring you don't normally go to a hardware store for them put no one else sells them in your size, I showed him mine and the size difference in the size between his and mine it was half the size, He asked me how come they have them at a hardware store? Well yours is actually a o-ring they use them for a gasket in pipe fittings and stuff like that, I help him put it on it was a little tight , with a little pain we got it on He walked in a circle a few times then said "it feels weird" I told him it stays on all weekend ok "ok lets go" we went out with Tom and he look at Jesse and asked him "so how do you feel now Jess "much better now" that ring looks really cool on you were did you get it I didn't even know they had them that small. "Jake got it for me you like it hah" Oh yes it looks great, Tom look at me and ask so were did you get it. I smiled and said "hardware store" Tom started laughing then I started to laugh poor Jesse had no clue what was so funny he just stared at us, we sat back on the couch next to Tom and Jesse cuddled up to me I slid my hand down his chest and rubbed his little nipples, Tom leaned over and was rubbing his legs he kept going higher and higher until he was now rubbing his nuts and his rock hard dick, Jesse moaned "ooohhh that feels good" then Tom put his head down and engulfed his 3" penis and grape size balls in his mouth and sucked him hard Jesse was going crazy its not going to take him long Tom is the best cocksucker I ever met, in a few minutes Jesse was screaming and stiffened up, arching his back, he came hard when he came down he sight and said "that was awesome" you haven't felt any thing yet son Tom told him I picked he up and carried him in the bedroom and sat him on the bench he looked at it and said "cool is this for me" yes baby it is "is it to tie my up on" yes it is "cool" I walk over to were I hide the camera looked to make sure he wasn't looking at me he wasn't he was checking out the shackles I turned on the camera and went back to Jesse. Tom came in and we started to put them on him first his wrist then his ankles then just above his knees I laid him down, one end was just at his waist and the other end his head hang off it, I then pulled the head rest out from underneath it, I told him to let his arms rest too his side I hooked them down to the bench, we then got the long rods out from under the bed, I spread his legs as far as they can go, And had Tom hold him there so I can measure and mark the rod, I went too the garage and cut it and drilled the holes in the ends for the hooks. I came back in, I lifted and spread his legs again and hooked the rod in place at his knees, then I did the something to his ankles I said "almost there baby" I got the ropes and we tied one end to the loop on the shackles on his knees, put the other end thought the eye hooks at the bottom of the head legs of the bench and pulled them tight that brought his knees down level with his chest then tied the ropes to the shackles on his ankles and went down to the eyes on the other legs and tied them off what a sight all tied down with his butt in the air all spread out. Tom started to lube Jesse's ass hole and inserting his finger in Jesse didn't even react to the invasion of his bowls with just one finger, he started to push another one in Jesse jumped a little with that one. As Tom was finger fucking him I was playing with one of his nipples between my finger and thump with my other hand I was jacking him off. Tom got his third finger in and Jesse yelped then moaned " ooohhh god yes " I told Tom that he was close, so Tom pushed the fourth one in Jesse's ass, he screamed "OOOUUUCCHH IT HURTS" Tom stopped to let him get used to being stretched so much he never had four fingers in his ass before. Tears was running down his face I asked if he wanted Tom to stop he said "NO OH GOD NO DON"T STOP" Jesse screamed again then his dick started to jerk in my hand he was Cumming again "oh oh oh ooohhhh!!!" he was shacking. Tom had half his hand in Jesse's ass I can't believe my eyes I never pushed him that far before I didn't want to hurt him but Tom doesn't have that love connection that I have with him, maybe this was a mistake, I shouldn't have brought Tom in on this I told Tom "hay you need to take it easy on him" all of sudden Jesse yield "NO I LIKE IT" I looked at Tom and he smiled at me and said "what a amazing kid you have the" Yea tell my about it he just surprises me time and time again, Tom pulled his hand out Jesse moaned as it came out Tom's hand was covered with lube and blood he grabbed the towel cleaned his hand off then Jesse's ass.

Ok You ready to be fucked in both ends babe "oh yea I'm ready" ok I pushed the head rest back under the bench his head was now hanging over the edge of the bench lined up just right for my dick at the same time Tom was untying the ropes on his ankles he had him raise his feet up and Tom tied them to the other eyes he went around and stood at Jesse's ass and lined his dick up with it and pushed his dick in all the way to his balls, Jesse screams so loud I think god him self can hear him. You ok baby "yes yes yes" so I put my dick at he's mouth he opened it and I pushed it in, I went slower then Tom did inch by inch I went in until my dick was in his throat and my balls are up against his nose.

I pulled out all the way out then pushed in all the way, he moaned that told me to start fucking his mouth, Tom was starting to hammer his ass I was hammering his mouth we was pushing in then out at the same time, Jesse was grunting every time we pushed in. We were fucking him for fifteen minutes Tom yield "I'm going to cum" I said "I am too" Jesse was cumming too his little dick was twitching like crazy he was moaning, we both shoved in, I shoot straight in his stomach Tom shoved in to his balls and filled his intestines up, Jesse just passed out. I woke him up and he was panting trying to catch his breath he said "oh god, oh god please do it again" I laugh and said "maybe tomorrow babe, right now I have another surprise for you, ok Tom" he left the room and I took off the bar that was on the knee shackles then Rusty can running in and came over to his face and started licking him all over his face, we did have socks on his legs so he wont scratch him when he fucks him, Jesse started to laugh then Rusty's tongue was licking in his mouth, Jesse stuck his tongue out and just let him lick. Rusty started to hump his hips and his red dick can out of its sheath he jump up on Jesse humping, his dick was squirting all over his face Jesse opened his mouth to say something, right then Rusty found his target and shoved it in his mouth, the dog had his paws hooked under Jesse's arm pits and was tying to ram his dick in as far as he can get it, put his knot is so big it won't fit in Jesse's mouth but he sure is trying to get it in, all the pre cum was liking out the corners of his mouth and running down his face. I didn't want Rusty to cum in his mouth so I grabbed his caller and his tail Tom pried his paws out of Jesse's arm pits and I pulled him off we dragged him around to Jesse's ass it was to high for him to jump up and fuck him but he did start to lick his gaping, leaking ass hole he was trying to shove his nose in to get deeper, as the dog was busy with Jesse's ass we lowered the legs on the ass end of the beach as soon as it went down Rusty jumped up and hooked his paws around Jesse's legs and hips he was humping like crazy trying to find the mark. He found it and rammed it in stopping at the knot Jesse lifted his head moaning I slid the head rest out so he would be more confinable Rusty was pounding his ass trying to get his knot in he was doing it, in it went Jesse said "oohh I can feel it getting bigger how can it get bigger Jake" I told him "that's how dogs lock into what ever they are fucking don't worry he'll be lock to you for maybe fifteen minutes He'll cum a lot when he do's" he just looked at my with this worried look I told him "don't worry baby I wont let him hurt you I promise" he says "ok it just feels really different then when you and Tom fucks me" Jesse started grunting each time Rusty pushed in he was deftly locked nice and tight Jesse said "oohh god I can feel him cuming in me it's warm" the dog lifted his back leg over and turned around "owe he's stuck" He's locked babe its ok Tom went around to Jesse's head and slid the head rest in Jesse's head fell down and Tom said "ok boy suck on this, it still needs cleaned off wail were waiting for him. He pushed in and went down his throat, he was fucking his mouth hard I could see on Jesse's neck the shape of Tom's dick going in and out ,its amazing, Tom moaned and pulled back and started cuming he filled his mouth and Jesse swallowed every drop when Tom pulled out Jesse was licking he lips then said " that tasted good I like eating cum" a few minutes later Rusty's knot started to shrink he began to tug Jesse wined it hurts then his dick came out with a pop the doggy cum came pouring out of his ass, Jesse just said "aaawww that feels good" We untied him and lowered his legs slowly he was a little stiff and very sore as we lowered them he was saying "ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch" we got them down, I took the shackles off his knees but left the ones on his wrests and his ankles, Tom was getting the vedio camera and turned it off, I then looked at Jesse and he was already asleep I looked at Tom and said "I guess we ware him out" Tom washed the boys face with a wet cloth he didn't even wake up I went in the other room and came back with a teen size diaper with a booster insert and a pair of rubber pants I bought for Jesse to were tonight I had Tom lift his butt and I slid them under him and taped them up slid up the rubber pants. he still didn't wake up I picked him up and laid him on the bed he looked so adorable just like a big baby, I covered him up. We cleaned every thing up then we cleaned our self's up to. Then we went to bed with Jesse and went to sleep.

In the morning I woke up first Jesse was cuddled up with me I put my hand on his butt his diaper was wet back there, that could have been from linkage from his ass so I checked the front and found that he wet him self during the night. I just led him sleep, I got up showered and started to make breakfast for everyone. I heard movement then the shower must be Tom then Jesse came out his diaper was very wet and sagging, He said "I'm sorry I had a accident again" he started crying I went to him and hugged him tight then said "its ok you were wiped out, you couldn't help yourself" he looked at me still crying and said "but now you think I'm just a baby that pees myself all the time" No I don't think that but you are my special baby and I love the way you look in diapers. "He stopped and snaffled then said "really you don't mind if I pee myself" NO of course I don't, I think it sexy myself, "really good because it really feels good to me" that's when Tom came out and looked at Jesse then said "wow you peed in your diaper a lot that's so sexy" I smiled at him, he most have heard us talking I looked at Jesse and said "SEE I TOLD YOU" he grinned from ear to ear and hugged us both and said "I love you both so much" We love you to baby, after we ate Jesse and I showered then we started all over again.

All day long the four of us fucked, sucked, tied him up, shoved butt plugs of all different sizes in his ass, Jesse told us the position that he liked the best of all the ones we did was the one with him on his hands and knees with Tom or Rusty pounding in his ass and me pounding down his throat because when Toms pushing in he pushes my disk farther down his throat. That was on Saturday on Sunday we stayed naked the hole time with the exception of Jesse's diapers at night, we only had a few hours before I had to take him to the park I made sure he had enough diapers and pads to last him for awhile told him to hide them real good so his mom can't find them he said don't worry she's to busy to pay attention to what I'm doing I look at him and said "I'm sure that's not true" he said "yes it is" I tell you what babe you can come the any time you want and can get away. He hugged me and said "I do love you I wish you were my dad" I do too, some people just don't need to have kids there so into them self's they can't see what they have right in front of them. We had sex for the next five years when he started to get hair I made sure I shaved it off I kept him hairless and smooth and in diapers that's the way I like my boys. He was sixteen when him and his parents moved away to the other side of the country I never saw him again.