My fake id part 1

This is the story about an underage boy with an older man if you are offended by this or if u are under 18 than please do not read, otherwise enjoy!

My name is Daniel I have always considered my self straight even now I have a girl friend who I love with all my heart, although, when I was 16 I had an experience that would make anyone have doubts. It was 2006 and I had just gotten my fake id it had cost me 120 dollars which was a big chunk of mine very limited wealth since I worked part time at abercrombie. I was an average boy about 5”8 150lb not fat but not very muscular ether, I had brown hair and brown eyes and olive skin. Anyways, back to the story, I was extremely excited about this Id which I had been saving up for and wanted to use it as soon as possible but it was 12 am on a Thursday night (school night) so all my friends where already asleep. Me being the “leader and rebel with out a cause” I decided I wanted to sneak out and walk to the local bar. I put on my jeans and a white polo and walked to this Irish bar which doubled as a restaurant about 2 miles away from my house I knew about it because there place where I was getting tutored for my SAT's was right next door.

After about 30 minutes I finally made it and I was very excited! The bar was not full but not empty there were a few people mostly people that seemed to be getting off work. The music was not loud and there were very few girls there. I was annoyed at the fact that there wasn’t many girls but I didn’t care I just wanted to use my new id!!! So, I sat down at the bar and I asked the waiter to give me a martini, the bar tender asked me “gin or vodka” I looked at him nervously and said vodka? At this point I was so scared I was wondering “did he catch that, should I know which one” but the bar tender didn’t seem to care he just asked me for my id proudly, he seemed to smirk and said “ you look young” I said “yeah everyone says that. Just letting some steam out after work I am a waiter”. We had a normal bartender costumer conversation until he made my drink. I took a sip of it and realized it was soo strong but I didn’t want them to realize I wasn’t under 21 so I drank it real fast not to raise suspicion. After than I asked for a shot of tequila the bar tender asked me “who are you trying to forget” I smiled and said “long day” but really I was just ordering the drinks people always drink on television, when I drank with my friends it was only beer usually. I took the tequila shot and bit the lime just like they do it in the movies and then asked for a bud light.

There was a very big man sitting across from me at the bar he was about 6”5 black hair blue eyes and very over weight, he was bald but was dressed in a business suit so I figured he was cool, I did not really know why he was staring at me but finally he pointed at me and signaled for me to go over. So I did, as soon as I stood up I realized that I was already drunk. I could not believe it in the movies they always drank so many drinks and nothing happened. But, I kept my composer and worked hard not to trip. I sat next to him and he quickly introduced him self “Hey I am Marc how you doing” I said “fine just drinking you know” he laughed and said “yeah I saw a man doesn’t chug a martini unless he has problems, let me buy u a drink”. Me quickly realizing that I only have 20 dollars and I had jut spent 15 on drinks plus tip agreed to his offer immediately. He quickly said john I need a double shot of patron for the man here. I gulped in fear but smiled because I was more afraid to being caught with my fake id. He curiously only bought one for me but not for him self I asked him why he said because he had to drive, so I didn’t really think twice. So I took the shot and it was soo much smoother than the one I took before so I smiled and downed it in one gulp. Me and marc kept talking after this about what I do I fabricated a story about being a waiter and being in the public university and he told me how he was a lawyer life was hard for him to. We kept talking and he bought me 3 more shots and 2 beers, after that but not doubles just regular shots. At this point I was plastered and the bar was closing so I stood up stumbled and almost fell. Marc grabbed me by the waist and said let me help you out. I smiled and mumbles thaankss. I was very drunk.

So me and marc where walking out and I told him how I had to walk home he offered to drive me home and obviously I said OK!!!” he was helping me to his car and he points me to a silver SL 65 AMG the most beautiful car I had ever seen I sat down on his driver seat and I was so excited to be in it. I said outloud “this car is soooo awesomeeeee, marc you are soo awesome man I need to tell you somethingg” marc laughed and said whats that dan” I said “You are my best friend I want us to be palsss, dudeee can I like see your house man I mean if ur car is this bad ass ur house must be awesomeee!!” marc smiled at me and grabbed me knee and said “yeah lets go”. I didnt think twice about the hand on knee I was just excited to see his house.. After about a 15 minute drive of techno music and me dancing like an idiot we were finally at his place and it was HUGGGEE!. I ran out and yelled “OMG you have a pool and a hot tub” and he said “yup can go in it if you want” I said “i dont have a bathing suit” “he said thats fine il give you one” I walked over to the pool and laid down on a lawn chair while marc hurried back to his room to grab his bathing suits. I was really excited to go in the pool, ever since I was little I had wished my parents had a pool and I loved to swim. After, about 2 minutes I noticed the hot tub was turned on and then I saw marc walked down in his bathing suit and gave me one he was wearing a blue speedo which did not leave much to the imagination. Marc was a very harry man he was also fat I didnt care it did not bother me at all I just wanted to swim. I realized the bathing suit he gave me was exactly the same as his but smaller and I asked him “where is the bathroom” he said “just change there where both men” I did not care I was so drunk and the built anticipation to go in the pool really did not help, so I turned around dropped my jeans and under wear marc said to me “you have such a hot ass” I laughed and said “hahaha thanks man, yeah I work out, not thinking twice about it” eventually I turned around took my shirt off and ran screamed cannon ball and jumped in the pool.

Marc walked over to the hot tub and just watched me swim around the pool, I swam for about 5 minutes and finally joined marc in the hot tub, he then got very close to me put his arm around me and kissed me. I had no idea how to react to this I just froze I did not kiss him back or move away I just sat there. He began to explore my body and eventually made his way to my barely covered cock and started to rub the outside of the bathing suit. He stopped kissing me and said whats wrong dan, isnt this what you want? I said “i am not gay” he smiled and said “your body seems to like it, as he could clearly feel my raging hard cock in his palm” The fact that I was plastered drunk did not help so he kissed me again this time I gave in to his kiss but I still did not move my hands, our tongues touched and twirled around together. He pulled my dick out and started to jerk me off I enjoyed it so much that I felt bad so I decided to move my hand and place it on his dick. I did not really rub his leg just pulled it out and started to jerk it. After about 3 minutes of mutual masturbation and making out Marc stood up and sat at the edge of the pool, I kept jerking him off, he grabbed my head and guided it to his cock so I opened my mouth and began to suck it. This was the first time I had ever sucked a dick but knew what I liked to be done to me so I did that to him also I gotta say I did enjoy it. I sucked as hard as I could while swirled my tongue around the head and played with his balls he pumped his cock deep inside my mouth until it reached the back of my throat I gagged but he pushed me head so I could not move. He said “mmm dan ur such a dirty whore you love my cock” I said “mhmmmm” after about 5 minutes of this he pulled me off and said “now its your turn Dan” and he stood up and told me to follow him”

We walked together butt naked in his backyard he guided me in-front of him and close so I could feel his semi hard cock pressed against my back. He took me inside a red room and told me to lay on the sofa. As I sat there drunk on the sofa almost passed out he told me “turn around the funs about to start” the alcahol had just hit me hard and I was about to pass out but I turned around anyways. I felt a cold gooey cream being spread on my ass and his fingers rubbing it eventually finger fucking me. I moaned as it really felt very good and he said “thats not all” he started use more fingers until he had 3 fingers inside of me. Then hee pulled my legs and left my pelivis on the hand rest while I legs dangled down and he stuck his already lubbed up dick inside of my ass. He did not give me a warning, he did not go slow, he just stuck his dick inside of me. He fucked me ferociously and at first I screamed in pain and breathed extremely loud but then I realized it began to felt good. I began to moan and he fucked me harder as I moaned harder. He slapped my ass and screamed “your my whore now danny, your my fucking whore, moan loader” I just kept moaning louder and louder “call me daddy” I said “yes daddy fuck me, im your whore daddy” this went on for about 5 minutes until he came inside of me. I could feel his cum filling my ass even more. He pulled his dick out and cum oozed out of my ass, I felt empty both my ass and my soul. I passed out ass naked on that couch few minutes later but my thoughts before I passed out where “what the hell have I done”

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