I am a 32 year old with a very respectable job. Coming from a very (and I mean very) conservative family, sex was never an option. It was a sin. Sex was a taboo and the discussion forbidden. In this scenario, it was a question mark for any thinking boy like me. No sooner did we move that I embarked on a journey to understand what the taboo was all about.

It was in the summer of '85 when I was in the seventh grade that we moved in to Karachi. Right from the childhood both academics and sports had appealed to me and I'd heck of a time doing both. Because of the intense summer heat, I used to hit a local library in the afternoon and cool off reading. After a couple of hours, I used to pedal off to my club to play a set or two of tennis followed by a dip in the pool. The afternoons were so hot that during the library time, it was more or less me and a yawning librarian some three four halls down. That was the time when I noticed some real cool erotic classics like The Fanny Hill, The Pearl etc. These turned me on like crazy and I discovered a new world. Breathless I would read and read. My penis during those days it seemed remained constantly erect and extremely responsive to touch. Masturbation was a great relief as I waited for a chic to walk in my life and do nothing but fuck.

One of these days in the library, while I was engrossed in my theoretical sexual lessons, in walked an elderly looking guy. He was about 6, fair and healthy. He sported a moustache and wore specs. I had spotted him a few times in the club pool and remembered him due to his very thick and equally hairy thighs. The thighs justified the presence of a very meaty ass barely covered in the swimming trunks. That day he was attired casually in his jeans and a loose T-Shirt. The man took a deep look at me while I was reading the erotic literature and walked off to another hall. I hardly noticed him as I was glued to the story. After about a few minutes, he walked back straight at me and politely asked for the paper. I was like startled, hid my book's title in record speed and gave him the paper. He took the opposite seat and leafed through the paper. By this time, I was a little irritated. Why can't the man go to another hall? I got up to leave and forgot that my swollen cock would present an audacious show through my thin cotton shorts. Noticing that I was exiting, the man put down the paper and cleared his throat as if wanting to say something. I hesitated a little and the he started interviewing me.

I found him a polite man but something about him made me feel uneasy. What was it? My penis by that time had lost the thrust as I tried to appear sober. During the conversation, I felt dying to take a leak so I excused myself and went to the toilet. I relieved myself while I admirably looked at my penis. It was growing everyday and still no cunt to lay. I knew I soon needed to lay a chick and feel her inner intimacy. The thoughts got me erect again. My penis then was about 5 inches, respectably thick and brownish in appearance. I decided to masturbate and started jerking off fantasizing what all I had read. It was then that I heard someone open the door and there I was holding my fury in my right hand and the elderly guy looking at it. He laughed and asked me not to worry. He then walked up to me held my tool and examined it. He fondled with it and caressed my balls. The effect was magical. I groaned. His touch was sending shivers in my body and despite the cooling systems, I found myself sweating. A guy doing this to me. The thought had never crossed my mind. Worst was that I was thoroughly aroused and secretly wanted him to continue. The man seemed very experienced. He next bent down and in one gulp swallowed my penis and sucked. I felt warmth seeping through my pores. He tickled my sac and moved his lips up and down. Without realizing, I pushed deeper in his mouth burying it to the hilt. I could feel my penis touching his bell. I felt the retro rocket fire building in my balls. Suddenly the elderly man stopped and pulled away. My penis was like glistening with his saliva flowing towards my balls. I felt as if I could fall down on my knees and beg him to resume. As if reading my thoughts he told me to follow him as he had a better and safer place close by. Without waiting to see my reaction he turned around and walked. I reluctantly followed. He was there in his car so we loaded my sporty in the trunk and drove off.

Soon we reached a big house with a great lawn. The man pressed the doorbell and a servant with medium height opened the door. Inside it was a little dark and cool. He led me to a very neatly furnished room and switched on the lights. He then opened a cabinet and I saw a huge collection of VCR tapes. He asked me to play one and excused himself out of the room. I played one and occupied the sofa. The screen flicked and showed three guys sucking and fucking madly. The volume was loud enough to excite me. I had not seen or read about this kind of fun. My member began to swell. In the mean time, the man returned closely followed by the servant with a drink for us. The elderly man discreetly looked at my crotch. There was no way in the world I could've hid it. The drink smelt funny and tasted a little bitter. I gulped it down while he kept looking at my thighs. Then he lit a cigarette with something in it other than tobacco. Now he grew bolder and tickled at my thighs. As if by magic I opened my legs and his fleshy hand slipped under my shorts. This time the target was different. It was my brown hole that he rubbed. I sighed and he smiled. He took a few tokes and passed me the jay but I refused. He insisted and I took it. I inhaled the smoke twice and immediately felt a bit dizzy and leaned back. My throat had a burning sensation. He sat down by my feet and removed my joggers and socks. Sensually he massaged the feet and my toes. He pulled at me ankles and brought me down from the sofa to the carpet. My face was towards the TV and a delicious looking penis was in the round ass of the other. Sex was in the air, as the man stripped me naked. For the first time in my life I saw drops of pre-cum rolling towards base of the shaft. There was still no urgency shown by the elderly man. He didn't strip rather held my ankles and raised my legs. My knees almost touched my temples and my virgin ass was exposed in mid air. This kind of handling was turning me on like hell and I was panting like a dog. Suddenly he bent down and kissed and tongued my ass cheeks. I don't remember when he'd greased his fingers. He was kissing my exposed buttocks, pinching them and one of his thick fingers knocked at my asshole. I grunted and he pushed. Simultaneously he slapped my left buttock. I yelped. He moved his finger just inside the ass crack in a circular fashion. He probed further and I held my breath experiencing his thick index finger doing the undoable. He now took my balls in his mouth and sucked hard. The pleasure was intense and my eyes rolled up. I moaned like a fucking faggot and pushed my burning asshole hard back on his finger shamelessly wanting a little more fulfillment.

"Relax, relax kid. Not too quick. Just push out when I enter my finger in your asshole." He got vulgar as he pulled my legs. I was almost resting on my neck now, a position I'd never thought to be possible. It was pure pleasure as more and more pre-cum oozed out of my penis and found its way right on my lips. My head was swimming with the intoxicants that my would be fucker had induced in me. Expertly he greased my asshole all the while whispering to me to relax and push out. Obligingly I pushed out and he introduced his 2nd finger in my brown butt hole. I was a natural, he said, with potential to satiate any man's hunger. The video was still on and the groans and grunts coupled with his audacious vulgarity were adding to my heat. Gently he worked inside my asshole and moved them around touching the inner walls making me even crazier. Gently he poked a 3rd finger inside and gathered a rhythm greasing and softening my asshole. I felt my asshole stretched to the max and felt it lose its virgin elasticity. His fingers now were entering and exiting at will without any resistance. I kept moaning and with the introduction of his fourth finger, I could not take it anymore and exploded. My asshole loosened and tightened on his hand and my cum fell all over my face in quick, speedy spurts and ran down the cheeks to my neck. The elderly man squeezed out some more lube and applied it on my asshole. I was struggling to regain my breath when he pulled out his fingers. Noticeably he was aroused in his pants and breathing harder now. He stood up and laughed, opening his pant buttons and dropped them to the floor. Underneath he was wearing a white boxer shorts with prominent pre-cum stains.

"Come here" he demanded and I as if mesmerized crawled to him on all fours still reviving from the sheer intense pleasure my erstwhile virgin ass had undergone. His penis looked big inside the underwear.

"Pull it down" he ordered, removing his top. I obeyed and put my fingers inside the band. I pulled it down and out sprang the monster. This was the first time I'd seen a man's cock. I was overawed. His was about 8 inches, brownish black in hue, pulsating and throbbing. The shaft was as thick as my wrist and he was very hairy. But the thing that caught my attention was the cap. And the cap looked angry. The cap was a nightmare. I looked at it and it looked back. It was round, very big and very, very thick. Suddenly the head jumped brushing against my lips. Impulsively I opened my mouth and attempted to take the cap in. I never had that big a morsel before. The rubbery head touched and filled my mouth as I tried to suck it. In this attempt I started making slurpy sounds. He asked me to hold his magnificent penis and masturbate it. I immediately obeyed. There was a sexy scent near his groin area and shit! I felt myself growing again. There were all kinds of funny feelings in my asshole. I was feeling sticky in there and my asshole felt on fire. The man held the back of my head and started thrusting his beauty in my mouth. I sucked and tongued the big monster like crazy. My saliva ran from the corner of my lips. It was a great decision to accompany him. The man was grunting now and was highly aroused. Probably he didn't wanna shoot now. So he pulled his rock hard penis out of my mouth, got me on all fours and stepped behind me. The object of focus once again was my innocent brown butt hole. This time however, instead of lube he spat on my hole and worked it inside. Next he spat on his palm and applied it on the big cap of his brown monster. My penis was also up as I anticipated the elderly man's erotic attempt to fuck my tight ass. He now brought the monster cap and rubbed my asshole with it. I thought it was as hot as a flame. The man pressed the cap now and asked me to push out. I pushed but the monster slipped out. He repeated the procedure and I pushed out. This time, a bit of the monster cap entered. My sphincter stretched and hurt. I yelped like a bitch. He asked me to relax and push out. I tried and he pressed the big fat cap in. The pain in my asshole shot up and I moved forward a little trying to escape his iron rod. The monster head slipped out again. Suddenly he slapped my ass and I whimpered. Before I could recoil, he slapped my ass again and commanded that I assume the same posture. My ass cheeks were tingling where he had slapped and he spat more of his spit on my hole.

Once again he positioned himself behind me and touched the cap to my hole. He rubbed the big brown cap to my hole. My penis, which had bowed to the pain and lost the edge found itself re-growing. Noticing that he has had pronounced effect by rubbing, he once again pushed in. I immediately pushed out. I felt my asshole stretched beyond belief and a surge of pain started. I braced myself for its peak but suddenly I felt pleasure hijacking the pain. The beautiful cap was nestled in my asshole, touching my inners. The elderly man was breathing heavy now. He held it there for a while. I by then wanted it in me so bad that I pushed back at the desirous hard rod. It went in and the man also pressed in me. I was panting now. Millions of my cells were tingling and I could feel the man's penis in my stomach. When half was in he started moving the penis in and out and in and out. As the pace built up, so did my wanton cries. Suddenly I noticed the servant who was naked and having a very respectable erection walk to me. I was fucked either way. So when he brought his delicious looking brown pride to my mouth, I gladly opened it and took it inside. The servant started fucking my mouth. The elderly man behind me by now had his buried to the hilt and was fucking faster than a grand prix driver. The big monster would touch my back wall, exit almost the entire length and bury inside my asshole again. I was breathless and noticed the servant was about to come. I then felt the servant's cock swell and his seed hit my throat. I tried to swallow the slimy liquid but he was shooting too fast. I moved my hand to my penis and masturbated. Both the fuckers were panting. Me, the fucked one was panting the most. Suddenly the elderly man pulled his cock out and came all over my ass. I also could not take it anymore and felt the sperm travel to the head. I shot as if an elephant was coming. The servant had now pulled his curved penis away and walked off as if nothing had happened. The elderly man slapped my ass again and laughed. I was still breathless as he led to the washroom to freshen up.

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