My Life in Stages, Part 6


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"Dad," Nolan said, rolling over so he was no longer laying on his stomach in front of the television. His soft and smooth bottom disappeared from view, exposing his equally soft and smooth boyhood. "Can we watch a movie? I'm bored with the game."

"Yeah!" Levi chimed in, jumping to his feet. "Let's watch a movie!"

"We can do that, only if it's okay with Eli," Isaac began, first to the twins and then to me. "Is that alright, Eli? It's Friday night, and that is our usual family movie night. I just figured that tonight, with you being here..."

"Hey, don't let me stand in the way of tradition!" I said jovially. Who was I to argue? A movie was a great idea, as far as I was concerned. It would give me a chance to muddle through all the thoughts and feelings I was having at being in Isaac's home with his beautifully nude family.

"It's my week though, so I get to pick!" Jack said, jumping up from his chair. His semi-erect cock gave a bounce as he leapt to his feet and made his way over to the enormous movie collection Isaac had.

Dear God, does this man have stock in a movie studio? I've seen video rental stores with a smaller selection!

Jack perused the movies while Isaac muttered unnecessary apologies to me. I could tell that he thought he and his sons were imposing on me or making me uncomfortable. In fact, the total opposite was true. I was back in the presence of my first love, having been reunited after so many years apart. I was surrounded by sweet boys who loved to be naked as much as I did, and who were so beautifully unashamed of their bodies. This was, to be honest, my idea of a perfect Friday night.

I watched as the twins shouted out suggestions to Jack, who promptly vetoed every single one of them. Apparently, Disney movies, Ben Stiller, and Will Farrell were all strictly off the viewing menu.

Then, Jack got on his knees and bent over to look on the bottom shelf. From my seat, I had a straight view at, what I consider, the best possible angle from which to view another male. His ass spread slightly as he bent over, exposing a rose-pink hole puckered between the hairless mounds of pale-white flesh. Jack's teenage balls and half-hard cock hung freely between his legs. I swear the boy wiggled his ass a bit for me.

This view is for you; I could almost hear him saying through his actions.

"This one!" Jack said, pulling a DVD case off the bottom shelf. He propped himself up on his elbows, wiggling his butt happily. "Yep, definitely this one!"

Isaac turned to see what movie his eldest son had selected, and I swear I heard him moan slightly at the sight in front of him.

"Okay, what movie is on the agenda tonight?" Isaac asked nonchalantly, his eyes locked on the exposed entrance to Jack's most intimate of spaces.

"Wolverine!" he declared, standing and turning to face us. In his hand, he held the case to the Hugh Jackman movie about the famous superhero. Levi cheered the choice, but Nolan just started giggling.

"What are you giggling about over there?" Isaac asked, smiling.

"Jack!" Nolan said between small bursts of boyish laughter. "Jack's got a boner!"

Somewhere deep in the recesses of the human mind, even long before puberty hits, an instinct awakens in all of us. Male or female, young or old, we have a kernel of knowledge deep within us about sex. We may not know what it is, how it happens, or what causes sexual arousal. But, when faced with a male in a state of arousal, every single one of us will look. Oh, sure, some deny it. Some women pretend to look shocked and offended. Some straight men pretend not to be interested. But, that is all a lie. Trust me when I say that when an erect penis is in viewing range, we all look.

And thus it was with the four of us. Without thought, all of us directed our attention toward Jack's obviously rock hard equipment.

"So?" Jack replied, nonplussed. He was obviously taken off guard by his brother's comment, but did his best to react coolly. "You'll have one too as soon as we start the movie. You always spend the entire movie playing with yourself!"

"I don't!" Nolan declared, obviously getting a little angry at Jack's accusation.

"Uh huh! Do too!" Levi piped in, defending his older brother and calling his twin out.

"Shut up!" Nolan said, his face turning red. "I don't play with myself when we watch movies!"

"Boys!" Isaac said commandingly, shocking the trio to attention. "Stop that. Yes, Jack has a boner. That's fine. We've all had boners around each other before. And yes," he turned to Nolan, "you do play with yourself a lot when we watch movies. And that's okay too. Remember the rules around here?"

"No clothes after dark. No teasing about bodies. No teasing about exploring our bodies," Levi said, with no small amount of pride in his memory.

"That's right, Levi," Isaac said sternly to the two bickering boys. "Now, Nolan, which rule did you break when you teased Jack about having a boner?"

"No teasing about bodies," the young boy said, quite chastised.

"That's right. And Jack, which rule did you break when you teased Nolan about playing with his penis during movie nights?"

"No teasing about exploring our bodies," Jack said, turning red and looking at me. He had the look of the quarterback who just got shamed in front of the head cheerleader.

Does this boy have a crush on me? I wondered, remembering how I acted at his age when called out in front of a boy I liked.

"Right. Those rules are not negotiable. Nolan, give your brother a hug, and I want you both to apologize."

The boys dutifully follow their father's command, embracing each other and saying the requisite apologies. Jack's erection pressed in to the shorter boy's stomach, and he closed his eyes in pleasure as it did so.

"Okay, that's enough of that," Isaac said brightly. "It's time for the movie."

Isaac stood from the couch, raising his hands above his head and arching his back in a long stretch. In doing so, his large package was pushed out in front of him, on full display. It seemed his son wasn't the only one getting a bit turned on by the goings on in the room. Isaac's cock was plumper and fatter than it was a moment or two prior, and as he stretched it twitched once, twice, three times in beat with his heart.

God, I thought to myself, my eyes bouncing from Jack's rock-hard erection to Isaac's massive and growing cock, this family won the genetic lottery.

"Alright boys, I'll get the movie started. Anyone who needs a pee break, go do it now so we don't have to interrupt the movie."

The twins looked at each other silently and then headed off as a pair to go drain their bladders. Jack just shrugged, and moved over to the couch.

"Mind if I sit next to you, Eli?" he asked, plopping his nude body down on the couch next to me before I could respond. He left barely enough room between our bodies for so much as a pillow, let alone another person. I could feel his cool skin pressed against mine as he leaned back and snuggled up under my arm, the back of his head resting on my chest.

"Jack," Isaac said in admonition, "I'm sure Eli doesn't want you pressed up against him all through the movie. If you want to cuddle with someone, you can cuddle with me."

"Eli doesn't mind, do you Eli?" Jack asked.

"No, I really don't mind, Isaac. It's kinda nice to have someone to cuddle with," I said, giving Jack's arm a gentle and affectionate squeeze.

"Besides, Dad," Jack continued, "you know the twins pout if they don't get to cuddle with you during movies."

"Yeah, I guess they do," Isaac chuckled. He turned to me and added "are you sure it's alright, Eli? I can have Jack move if you'd rather not have a teenager pressed up against you all night."

A wry smile crossed his lips. He knew, I could tell in that moment, exactly how much I liked having Jack pressing against me. He was just too polite to say it out loud. I'll say this for Isaac, he still remembered what I liked.

"Nah, I don't mind at all. I promise," I said, pulling Jack in closer and tighter to me. It was my turn to flirt back with the boy. "I'm sure Jack and I will enjoy ourselves, won't we Jack?"

I looked down at him. His head was pressed against my chest, his shoulder underneath my arm, my hand laying across his chest. I saw his cock jump at those words and a light crimson blush cover his body.

"Umm...yeah, I guess," Jack said, trying, and failing miserably, to sound blasť about the whole thing. His color and his cock were a dead giveaway though, and both his father and I could see quite clearly how much Jack wanted to be right where he was.

Isaac smiled at me, raising one eyebrow in a knowing look that harkened back to our earliest times together as children.

Just then, the twins returned from the bathroom and took up their places on the sofa while Isaac turned off the lights. Levi sat next to Jack, followed by Isaac, and then Nolan. This gave Isaac one nude twin under each arm. In one seemingly-choreographed maneuver, Nolan and Levi mimicked the pose of their older brother. Each leaned back in to their father, heads resting on his chest, his arm draped over their shoulders and hands resting on their chest. The younger boys seemed to like this posture, as both moaned softly in appreciation.

As Isaac navigated the menu and started up our film, I looked over the assembled and displayed collection of male bodies. Each of us was spread out, arms and legs intertwined in one way or another, all of us with fully nude bodies on display. It must have been equally pleasing to everyone in the room, because from one end of the sofa to the other, every single one of us was sporting a very hard erection.


Dad, Ryan, and Isaac were still asleep the next morning when I woke up. The cool morning air, coupled with a very full bladder, gave me one of the hardest morning woods I had ever had. It stuck through the fly of my boxers and acted as a bouncing divining rod as I quietly unzipped the tent and stepped outside.

Slipping on the pair of sandals I had brought with me, I went in search of a quiet place to relieve myself. In the morning light, I could see other tents set up and even smell the beginnings of some morning campfires being started. With the birds chirping in the trees and the wind blowing the leaves, I felt so immensely at peace.

I looked around and couldn't see a bathroom or shower building nearby, so I decided to take the risk and just piss against a tree. Dad had told me before we left that Eagle Canyon was a men's camping retreat, and that only men and boys were allowed on property. So, knowing there were no women around, I didn't bother to stuff my teenage hard-on back in to my boxers as I walked; not that it would have stayed in place anyway. Each step would have caused it to bounce out, given how hard as it was.

I found a tree about 20 yards away from our campsite and pointed my dick directly at the trunk. Stretching my hands above my head to get the blood flowing, I let loose with a long, solid, and relieving stream of piss. I could feel the pressure on my bladder lessening with each moment and I let out a sigh of contentment and relief.

As I let the stream of piss flow my cock, I heard a rustling coming from nearby. I turned my head and saw a tent flap about ten yards away being unzipped. As I watched from a short distance away, a boy of about 11 or 12 stepped out of the tent. He, too, must have had to piss in the early morning. What surprised me, however, was that he was completely naked!

He saw me shaking off my cock nearby and, apparently completely oblivious to both his nudity and the fact that I had my stiff dick in my hand, waved at me in a friendly manner. He then started walking over to me, apparently deciding that if I had just pissed on this tree, he could too.

"Hi!" he said as he sidled up next to me. "I gotta pee, too!"

Wow, I thought to myself, a look of confusion apparent on my face, if only he had bothered to look at it, this boy has no shame at all!

"Umm...hi..." I said, my voice echoing the look.

He didn't say anything further after that. He just smiled, looked openly at my dick, then down at his own, and started to let the piss fly out of his own uncut cock. He pulled the foreskin back a bit to expose the tip of his head and seemed as though doing this in front of a stranger was the most normal thing in the world.

It was an odd situation to find myself in. I had chosen this tree hoping that, in the early morning hours, I wouldn't bother anyone. Yet, no more had I started to relieve myself than here came a strange boy to join me.

I admit it. I froze. The oddness of the situation caught me so off guard that I couldn't do more than stand there with my hard-on in my hand and stare at the boy in all his unashamed glory.

"Tanner!" I heard a voice call out softly, so as to not wake the other campers, "leave the boy alone."

I turned to see a man, who I assumed must have been this boy's father, gathering wood off the pile to start a morning campfire. He was a bit younger than my dad, very heavily muscled, and every bit as naked as his son. His uncut cock hung loose between his legs as he piled the wood in to the fire pit.

"See ya later!" Tanner said, shaking off his dick and trotting over to his father nonchalantly.

"Umm...yeah...see ya," I said, my confusion only growing in spades. I finished shaking off the last dribbles of piss that were still clinging to the tip of my cock, and started walking back to our campsite. The view of Tanner's naked body, coupled with that of his father, did nothing to lessen my morning wood. Still, like a divining rod, I followed my cock as it led the way.

Back at the campsite, I tried my best to forget about Tanner and his dad. Maybe they slept nude and didn't really think much about putting on clothes first thing in the morning, especially since there were no women around. Maybe they didn't think anyone would be up to see them and my presence just came as a surprise they tried to cover with nonchalance. There had to be a normal explanation.

I had put them out of my mind and, to my relief, had even returned to a non-aroused state. I grabbed a can of Pepsi from the cooler, popped the top, and took a giant swig. Some people had their coffee, I had my Pepsi. I could hear some stirring inside the tent, but didn't know who it was who would appear.

Just as I sat down in one of the camping chairs Dad had brought with him, I saw Ryan emerge from the tent clad only in his black boxers and high school track t-shirt. He, too, sported morning wood that was poking through the fly.

"Good morning," I said, eying my brother's exposed 16-year-old manhood. In a lot of ways, Ryan and I were a lot alike. We had the same hair color, which we got from Dad, the same eye color (Mom's), and similar builds and heights, despite a three-year difference between us.

But, in the only way teenage boys care about, we were very different. Sure, our cocks were about the same length at the moment, which only meant mine would be longer than his as I aged. However, in terms of thickness, Ryan had me beat hands down. His dick was very, very thick. Even at only 16, I doubt he could get his hand all the way around it when it was fully hard. It was a sight to behold, for sure...and may have been the source of his track nickname of "cannon." I wasn't sure on that part.

I stared a bit at his erection, given that this was the first time in a long time I had seen him exposed, and started to feel my own boyhood stir in response.

"Morning," he said, scratching his balls through the fabric of his boxers. "Where's the bathroom, buddy?"

"I don't know. I just pissed on that tree over there," I said, pointing out the spot down the path from our tent.

"Works for me," he said. He walked off, futilely trying to stuff his beer-can cock back in to his shorts.

While he was gone, I began to build a morning fire. I knew how my dad worked when we were camping. We had been having a "boys' week" camping trip together since I was six. When he woke up, he'd start his coffee and our breakfast over the fire. It was the rule that the first one of us up started the fire. At first, that only applied to him. But, when Ryan was ten, he got entrusted to do it as well. When I hit ten, I joined the list of privileged fire-minders.

I had no more than put the wood in the fire pit when Ryan came walking back, his eyes gaping.

"Holy shit, Eli!" he said in a loud whisper as he walked up. "I just saw some guys sitting around their fire butt-ass naked!"

"That's Tanner and his dad," I said smiling and nodding. "Tanner came up and pissed with me when I woke up. It's weird, right?"

"No!" He said forcefully.

"It's not weird?" I asked.

"No...I mean, yes, it's weird...but, I mean it wasn't just Tanner...whoever the hell that is...and his dad. I mean it was a whole bunch of guys. There's this campsite a bit down the path that has like four or five tents set up, and there must have been like eight different guys sitting around naked. Two were like...I don't know...Dad's age. Three were about my age, and three were your age or a bit younger. Every one of them was totally fucking naked!"

My eyes widened in surprise. Okay, Tanner and his dad were odd enough. But, eight different guys of all ages sitting around in the nude? That was more than a coincidence. Something told me that this campsite wasn't quite what Dad said it was.

No more than had that thought entered my brain when I heard the tent unzip again and saw Dad step out. He was wearing a pair of boxer briefs, tight and form-fitting around his package, and a short-sleeve button down shirt that was, as of now, unbuttoned.

"Morning, boys," he said, giving his balls the same type of scratching and waking up that Ryan had a few minutes ago. "I thought I heard you two out here. Oh, and you're building the fire! Thanks, Eli!"

"Umm...Dad..." Ryan began, looking at me first and then at our father, "Why did you pick this campground?"

"Oh, I don't know," he said. "I wanted to go somewhere new, somewhere we hadn't seen and done it all yet, and one of my clients said that he and his brother take their sons here every year since it's for men only. I figured that a campground without women around would be a good place for us to have our boys' week. Why, don't you like it?"

"It's not that, Dad," Ryan said a bit uneasily, again looking at me as if to ask how to handle this.

"Then what is it, son?"

"It's...well..." Ryan began, scratching his belly as he talked, a nervous gesture of his that always ruined whatever carefully-contrived poker face he had managed to put on.

"Good morning, neighbors!" a voice said brightly, causing the three us to look toward the path that ran between all of the campsites. Dad's jaw hit the ground and his eyes bulged out of his head a bit. Before us stood a man, about fifty years old, holding hands with two boys about eight to nine years old. They must have been his grandkids. All three were as naked as the day they were born.

"Good morning," Dad said as calmly as he could.

"I'm Larry," the man said, letting go of the kids' hands and extending one toward my father. "These are my grandsons, Logan and Alex."

"Hi, nice to meet you, Larry," Dad said, his best real-estate agent voice coming on in full force. I'd swear he was about to try to sell Larry a three-bedroom bungalow the way he acted. I guess working in Dad's line of work has its perks. "I'm Joe, and these are my sons Ryan and Eli. I got one more, a friend of my son's, still asleep in the tent."

"Well, nice to meet boys," Larry said brightly, shaking Dad's hand warmly and then doing the same to me and Ryan in turn. "Logan, Alex, and I are just out for our morning hike. Gonna go canoeing later! You guys been here before?"

"Uh, well, no...I can't say we have," Dad said, his eyes moving up and down all three of our nude visitors.

"Ah, that explains that. Not many people keep their clothes on once the tent is set up. In fact, you may find you guys are the only ones!" He laughed heartily at that one, slapping Dad on the shoulder in the typical older-straight-man fashion.

"Yeah...I guess it does, Larry."

"Oh, and good morning to you too, young man!" Larry said over Dad's shoulder, causing the three of us to turn toward the tent. There, his eyes wider than I had ever seen, stood Isaac. His basketballs shorts were tented with his morning wood, and he was frozen at the sight in front of him.

"Uh...hi..." was all he said before he tucked back in to the tent and zipped it closed behind him.

"Shit," was all Dad could say. "Sorry, Larry. Excuse my language. I just have a shy one in there I need to go help. Excuse me."

"Oh, no problem!" he said, smiling ear-to-ear. "It's time me and the boys get going." With that, he and his grandsons resumed their morning walk.

"Boys, get the fire going and the coffee started. I'll be back," Dad said patiently. He then unzipped the tent and stepped inside.

There is an interesting phenomenon when people camp, I've noticed. Tents are made of canvas or nylon, usually. Those materials form great weather barriers when properly treated. This, in turn, keeps the inhabitants of the tent dry, safe, and secure. It also afforded privacy from prying eyes so you could relax, sleep, and change clothes without worry.

Yet, for reasons I couldn't figure out, it also gave people the mistaken idea that "unable to be seen" somehow translated in to "unable to be heard." People never fully lowered their voices in a tent, which allowed their conversations to be heard by anyone who was close by. Even if a person, themselves, had just overheard the conversation of a couple in a nearby tent, that person would inevitably forget that tents are not soundproof as soon as he or she stepped inside.

I'm serious. Try it sometime. Walk through any campground in America, probably the entire world, and you'll hear full-volume conversations coming from inside tents all over the grounds.

And thus it was at our own campsite that morning. Dad disappeared inside the tent, zipping it closed behind him. He was out of sight, but he and Isaac could be heard as clear as day from where Ryan and I stood near the fire pit.

"What's wrong, buddy?" Dad asked, his voice gentle and soft.

"Why were that man and those boys naked, Joe?" Isaac asked, his voice a bit fearful.

"Well...that's what I wanted to talk to you about, Isaac," Dad said, the air mattress rustling under his weight as he, apparently, sat down next to Isaac. "It seems that there is something about this campsite that I didn't know."

"Okay..." Isaac said, unsure of what was happening.

"Well, it seems that this campsite isn't just a place for only men, like I thought."

"There are girls here too?"

"No, no. It is only for men. But, that's not the only thing that makes this place special. One of my clients, a guy I sell houses for a lot, told me about this place. He said he and his brother bring their sons here every year. He didn't tell, however, that men and boys come here so they can camp naked."

Though I couldn't see him, I could imagine just how pale that statement made Isaac.

"We don't have to stay, though. If you want to go home, or want me to find a different campsite, we can do that. I didn't know about the nudity, buddy. I hope you believe me."

"I believe you, Joe," Isaac said in a small voice. The fact that he had reverted to "Joe" instead of "Daddy," like usually, told me that he was a bit upset at the moment, though.

"Do you want to leave?"

"I...I don't know. I mean, no, I don't wanna make you guys leave. That would be mean to Eli and Ryan and you. I just didn't know I had to be naked."

"You don't have to be, buddy. If you want to stay in your clothes, you can. I don't care what other people say. But, I want you to be aware that you may be the only person in the campgrounds that isn't naked. It's your choice though."

"Hey, come here," Ryan whispered in my ear, roughly pulling on my arm and taking me out of earshot of the tent.

"What?!" I said, a bit angry that he took me away from my eavesdropping.

"Look, Isaac obviously is nervous about taking his clothes off here, right?"


"And you and him have been naked together a lot before, right? I mean, he's not nervous about being naked around you?"

"Yeah, we have...and he's been naked around Dad a couple times...and, well, you yesterday."

"Yesterday doesn't count. That wasn't his choice."

"Okay, I get that," I said, nodding in agreement.

"Why don't you and I strip first? That way, when Dad and Isaac come out, they can see that we are already naked and it's no big deal. That okay with you?"

I thought for a moment. It would make a lot of sense to do it that way, and would probably even make Isaac feel better about the situation if Ryan and I went first. I did worry about my ability to stay soft, however, around this sea of male flesh I was gonna be around all week. Isaac seeing my boner was one thing...Dad and Ryan, though? And complete strangers? I didn't know about that.

"Yeah...I guess," I said, realizing that my fear was nothing compared to Isaac's. I owed it to him to do my best to help him feel better.

"Good, let's do it," Ryan said, pulling his boxers down and tossing them on one of the camp chairs. He then shucked his t-shirt in the chair as well and stood in front of me in the buff. His body was nice and always liked looking at it. However, seeing that thick "cannon" between his legs now fully exposed, sitting on top of enormous balls, well that was just icing on the cake. Even fully flaccid, his package was enviable. He had started sprouting some dark hair around his package, which I noted that he kept trimmed nice and short.

"Come on, Eli, your turn," he said impatiently.

"I'm going to!" I snapped, and pulled my boxers down to my ankles, stepping out of them as I did. I tossed them on to Ryan's clothes and then quickly pulled my shirt off. I stood in front of my brother, naked and semi-erect, and stared at him.

"That's better," he said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and giving me a sideways hug. He then reached behind me and playfully slapped my ass.

For the next ten minutes, we worked on building up a good fire and getting Dad's coffee going. I couldn't hear what Dad and Isaac were talking about anymore. Every time I got close enough to listen, Ryan pulled me back and whispered something about privacy. He may have been short for his age, but he was strong and still my big brother.

Once the fire was going, we sat in our chairs and waited. I had to admit, feeling the cool morning air blow over my naked body was relaxing. It made my balls pull up tight to my body and even made my cock stiffen from time to time. Ryan noticed, I'm sure; just as I noticed him stiffening up a bit as well. But, in that moment, neither of us cared. We were just brothers, unashamed and free.

Then, we heard the tent open and saw Dad step out. He didn't say anything about our nudity. Instead, he just smiled and winked at us. He then stepped out of his own clothes, and tossed them on the chair.

"Isaac," he said in to the open flap, "why don't you come join us?"

Tentatively, Isaac stepped out of the tent. When he saw the three of us had all shucked our clothes and embraced the nudity, he smiled for the first time since yesterday after school. It was all he needed, to be shown that he was among a second family who loved him, cared for him, and would never judge him. He kept smiling as he stepped out of his clothes.