My Life in Stages, Part 8


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I had no idea that what had just happened was going to happen. I was attracted to Jack. Hell, I was attracted to all of the Matthews men in the room. But, the idea of Jack sucking my cock just didn't occur to me. Here I was, though. I was laying back on the couch, watching a movie with my long-lost friend and lover, as well as his three sons, all of us completely nude. Isaac's oldest, Jack, was now openly servicing my cock while his father and brothers looked on.

I turned my head to look at Isaac, wanting to gauge his reaction before I told the boy to stop or encouraged him to keep sucking. Isaac had the look on his face that my mother constantly referred to as looking like "the cat that ate the canary."

That little shit, I thought to myself, slightly bemused as to how I didn't notice that Isaac was pulling one over on me. Isaac knew that this would happen, and he pretended to protest the entire time.

"When in Rome, Isaac?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"When in Rome," he responded, his hands drifting down the twins' bodies and coming to rest on their hard boyhoods. He began to lightly stroke them while staring at me. The boys, in response, just closed their eyes in a state of absolute pleasure.

I knew that if the sucking kept going without pause, especially given the visual I was now enjoying, I would blow my load far too soon. If I was going to cum tonight, and it seemed the Matthews clan was making it their goal to ensure that, I was going to take my sweet time and savor every moment of this rare opportunity.

"Jack," I said gently, placing my hand under his chin and slowly pulling his warm mouth from my throbbing member, "let's take a break, buddy. Okay?"

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked, a bit confused and bewildered at my request.

"Oh, no, baby," I said, adopting Isaac's pet name for the boys, "you did everything right. I just want to talk to your father for little bit. Is that okay? I promise I'll be back."

"Oh, okay," he said, still disappointed but at least not questioning his actions or his skills, which were much more advanced at his age than my own had been.

"Isaac, want to go have a cigar with me?" I asked, walking over and pulling two out of the small case I kept in the pocket of my pants.

"Sure," he said, pulling his hands off his sons' packages, much to their disappointment. "Boys, I'll be back in a bit. I'm going to go step outside with Eli. You three can amuse yourselves while we are gone, I'm sure. Just don't make a mess." He smiled and winked at the boys, who giggled and nodded their understanding.

Outside on his enclosed back patio, I cut the tips off the cigars and handed one to Isaac. After lighting it and taking a few puffs, he broke the silence and answered the unspoken question between us.

"No, I didn't plan this, Eli," he said earnestly. "Please, don't think that I did."

"It's kind of hard not to think that, Isaac. I saw the look you gave me when Jack decided to go down on me." I puffed on my own cigar and looked my naked friend up and down. The years had been more than kind to him, that is for sure. His body was well built, well-equipped, and nearly underwear-model in appearance. Though, given what he's packing, the advertisers would have to airbrush his package so as to not offend Midwestern housewives.

"I know, I know," Isaac said, his voice both defensive and a bit remorseful. "But, really, I didn't plan this."

"Is this how you and the boys usually spend Friday nights?" I asked, feeling him out to determine exactly what goes on in this house and where the lines in the sand were drawn.

"Well, yes and no." He moved over to stand next to me, our bare backsides leaning against the wooden railing of the covered patio.

"That's not really much of an answer." I gently elbowed him in the side, the way I used to as a kid when I wanted him to open up more.

"Well, yes. Yes, we do spend Friday nights...hell, every night...naked. It's the rule, you heard that. After the sun goes down, clothes have to come off. I wanted to raise my boys with a level of body acceptance and pride that I never had as a kid."

"Okay, I get that. I think it's admirable, actually. You know how much body acceptance my dad instilled in me and Ryan...well, in you as well, I would guess...and even he wouldn't have been comfortable enough to make nudity a rule in the house. I think it's great how far you've come."

"Well, even if Joe wanted to make it a rule," he said smiling, "you know that your mom never would have allowed it. I loved your mom, but damn Sarah had her issues with body positivity, didn't she?"

I laughed as I thought back to my childhood. Isaac was right, on all counts. My mother was a sweet, kind, giving, and loving woman. She would have laid down her life without a moment's hesitation to protect her sons or husband. But, when it came to nudity, Mom was a "all clothes, all the time" kind of lady.

"Okay, you've got a point. So, you and the boys spend every night naked together. That's great. Now, where does the `no' part of your answer come in?"

"Well, the `no' is `no, we don't have sex every night.'"

"But, you do have sex with each other?"

"Yeah...sometimes," Isaac sighed, blushing a deep crimson red, and staring at his burning cigar.

"How did that all start?" I asked, thinking back on the first trip to Eagle Canyon and what had come about that week.

"It started about two months ago, actually. It was back in June. So, really, it's not been going on that long."

"What caused the shift from `family naked time' to `family sex time?''

"Jack, actually. God, that boy has the strongest, most unquenchable libido I have ever encountered. Remember how horny you and I were at his age? Take how you felt, add how I felt, and double it. Hell, perhaps double it again. The boy is, I swear, simply a walking personification of male sexuality. If it sits still long enough, I swear he'll stick his dick in it."

I laughed, hard, at that one. I felt that way as a kid. Hormones do strange things to a teenage boy, and the erections that happen as a result of puberty will make you do some insane things in the effort to get off.

"I once found him," he continued as I laughed, "laying on his bed, on his stomach, fucking a hole he had made in his pillow. I've caught him with his dick shoved in to the space between couch cushions, in every pillow I've given him, between his mattress and box springs, and even in a rolled up pair of tube socks that he had coated in Vaseline! That instance was when he was eleven, by the way. He has been a sex fiend since the day puberty started."

"Damn, he started early," I said, feeling both a bid dismayed at how much a slave to his desires Jack had become, and a bit impressed at how early he discovered what it means to be a man.

"Yeah, I know. So, anyway," he said with a sigh, taking a couple more puffs off his cigar, "a couple months back, we were watching a movie like we always did on Friday night. I was snuggled up on the couch with the twins, like tonight, and Jack was laying down on the other end.

At one point in the movie...I don't even remember what movie it is...but, there was this scene where three guys were sitting in a steam room, talking. One of the characters starts making these sexual jokes, teasing the others. He looks at one of the other guys and says something about sucking his dick."

I nodded, already knowing where this is heading.

"So, Levi looks up at me and says `Daddy, why would a guy suck on another guy's dick? That sound gross!' Before I could answer, Jack just says `trust me, it's not.'"

"Wait. So Jack had already sucked someone's dick? Whose?"

"Yeah, that's what I wanted to know. I asked him how he knew, and he just admitted flat out that he had sucked his math teacher off a few times. At first, I was pissed..."

"Oh, come on! You couldn't have been that upset," I interrupted. "We had Coach Anderson after all, and we were younger then than Jack is. So, really, what's the difference?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Like I said, at first I was pissed. But, then I realized what you just said. You and I had Coach Anderson...and, what was the big deal? If Jack and Mr. Hall both wanted it, who was I to say anything? It's not like it was a crime or anything, just unusual."

I nodded along with that. It would have been rather hypocritical of Isaac to hold that against his son, knowing what he did at that age and younger.

"That, of course, made the twins start up with the questions. `Why did you do it? What's it taste like? Does it feel good?' Then Nolan...always Nolan...brought up the question that I had been hoping he wouldn't. He looked at Jack and said `will you do it to us?'"

"So, Nolan takes after Jack in that regards, doesn't he?"

Isaac nodded and puffed away on his cigar for a moment, a mixture of amusement and concern crossing his face.

"Yeah, he does," he nodded. "Seriously, I worry about those two. Levi, not so much. He takes more after me in the shyness department. Oh, don't get me wrong; he's just as horny and sex-loving as his brothers. But, he's not as open about it and has better judgement on the where and when. Not Jack and Nolan, though. Once those boys get hard, it's like all blood shuts off to their brains."

"What did Jack do when Nolan asked that?"

"At first, nothing. He seemed to be considering the request, and I was so surprised by it that I didn't know whether or not to intervene. Then, Jack asked if it would be alright to show the twins. Since I had already made the rule about no teasing each other about exploring their bodies, and I'd rather have the twins discover things with their family than with strangers, I gave begrudging permission.

Jack repositioned himself so he was kneeling on the floor. I could see he already had a massive hard-on, so it was obvious he really wanted to do this. He then had Nolan and Levi sit side-by-side in front of him. One by one, and back and forth, he started to suck each of their hard pricks. The twins were in heaven!"

"How did you feel about it?"

"At first I was kind of shocked that it was happening. Then, kind of turned on. Then...well...immensely turned on. So, I let it happen. Part of it was to teach the boys to be okay with their bodies and their sexuality. The other part was purely selfish. I loved watching the show, and I didn't want it to end. He sucked them for almost half an hour, bouncing back and forth. It only stopped because the twins said their penises were starting to hurt. They hadn't yet started to cum, so it was probably the sensitivity that followed a dry orgasm."

"Yeah, that makes sense." I reached down and stroked myself a few times. I had gone soft while he spoke, but the last few minutes, hearing about Jack sucking the twins...well, that made me perk back up.

"It kind of progressed from there. I made it a rule that if any of the three of them had questions about their bodies or sexuality or just different sexual activities, they had to ask me and ask in front of each other. No sense answering a question three times."

"So what kind of questions have you fielded? And does every question end in a hands-on demonstration?" I winked at him and smiled, causing him to laugh in response.

"Well, a lot of them have, yeah. I've answered questions about everything from when boys get pubic hair and how big their testicles will get to what `rimming' means and what a prostate is. I've demonstrated, or had them explore it with each other while I supervise, only a handful of different things. I've sucked all three of them, let them suck each other and me, we've all jacked off together several times, and Jack and I showered together once. That one, I think, was more than he wanted the closeness of being together more than anything sexual. None of the three have broached anal activities yet, but I'm sure it's coming soon. They've been kinda hinting at it lately. The twins aren't quite up for anal sex yet, but I think Jack is curious to try it. Actually..." here he paused and seemed to be unsure of whether or not to continue.

"Okay," he continued after nearly a minute's silence. "Okay...I am actually worried about anal activities with Jack. He's young, anally he's a virgin, and I know the boys aren't old enough to really explore that with him. That leaves me. Normally, I have no problems demonstrating and teaching things for my boys. But..."

He glanced down at his own cock, which was well above average in both length and girth. I saw the problem.

"You're worried you'll hurt him," I say, finishing his thought.

"Yeah, exactly. I'm just too big to be the first cock that my boys take. I was kinda hoping that, when the boys get to the point of asking about and exploring anal activities, you'd be the one to do it. I'm not saying you have a small dick, though. I'm just...I mean...Christ, this is coming out wrong."

I put my arm over his shoulder and pulled him close to me. He was shaking, scared that he would hurt his boys while trying so hard to protect and teach them. He was also scared he had just offended me; someone he hadn't seen in over a decade. This was the Isaac I remembered from so long ago, a bundle of nerves and fear in need of support.

"Don't worry, Isaac," I said softly. "I know you're not saying that about me. Look, I may be proud of cock, but let's be honest here. Chances are, I'm not that much bigger than any random guy you could pull off the street. I like what I have, I know how to use it, but I'm not deluded. I'm just an average guy with a slightly above average dick. You, on the other hand, were blessed with one of the most impressive pieces of equipment I've ever seen. Of course that would be too big for them! You're just looking out for your boys, and that's admirable."

"So, if the subject of anal sex gets broached, you'll handle it?"

"Yeah, I got that one covered," I said, feeling my manhood throb a bit more at the thought of introducing Jack to anal fun.

"Thank you, Eli," Isaac said warmly as he kissed me on the cheek. "I just want to make sure that, if they are determined to experience something, they experience it safely at home with people who love and care about them."

All of this made perfect sense. And, to be honest, it even made me feel a small sense of pride in Isaac. This was not the boy who I had first met, who was so ashamed of his body that he didn't even want to change clothes in gym class. Yet, here he was, openly accepting and encouraging nudity and sexual freedom with his sons. It was amazing to see him that way.

I took one more puff on my cigar before putting it out.

"Come on," I said, reaching down and groping his package, "let's go back inside. From the looks of it, we'll miss all the fun if we stay out here much longer."

Isaac looked inside through the sliding patio door, seeing exactly what I was referring to. Inside, Nolan had Levi's hard dick in one hand and Jack's in the other while Jack returned the favor to Nolan.


Isaac and I walked back to the campsite hand-in-hand. Last night we had confessed that we loved each other, and today we were starting to really explore what that meant. It was the first time we had ever held hands, and it felt so good. His hand was soft and warm in my own. It felt like it belonged there and that he belonged by my side.

"Hey boys, did you find the showers?" Dad asked, seemingly unconcerned by Isaac's and my show of affection.

"Yeah, we did. And we met a guy who showed us around," I answered brightly, the warm feeling of holding Isaac's hand permeating my body and my soul.

"GREAT!" Ryan said, jumping up out of his chair. "I need a shower so bad!"

"Yeah, I think we all could. What do you say boys, lead the way to the showers for us?" Dad asked, grabbing the bag from the tent which he had dedicated to our towels and toiletries.

As we led the way back to the shower building, we told Dad and Ryan all about the pool, hot tub, gym, and even the sauna and steam room. We did leave out, however, what Devin had told us about what happens back there. That's not something you bring up to your dad or older brother; or, at least, it's not something I brought up.

Once inside the building, I guided Dad and Ryan back to the showers, pausing on the way to wave through the class at Devin and Terry. Devin was now on the treadmill, his cock bouncing and slapping like his brothers had. Terry had moved on to free weights, his arms pumping up and down as he benched a not-insubstantial amount of weight.

"Who are they?" Ryan asked as we walked past the glass-enclosed gym.

"That's Devin, on the treadmill. He's the one who showed us around. That's his brother, Terry, on the weights."

"Damn, Devin can really run!" Ryan said, the track team side of him coming to the surface. Though, I noticed that his eyes weren't focused on Devin's legs as he said that.

Isaac pushed open the door to the shower room to find that there were three guys already showering. There was plenty of room for all of us, so Ryan, Dad, Isaac, and I took up a spot at one of the empty towers.

As I soaped up my body, something I realized I was going to do at least twice a day this week since we were going to be fully nude the whole time, I looked around at the assembled group of men and boys. With them showering, concentrating on getting soaped up and clean, I had the perfect opportunity to check them out as fully as I wanted.

Dad was rinsing himself down and rubbing a generous amount of body wash over his body. He stayed in pretty good shape, working out two or three times a week with one of the other real estate agents from his firm. His hard was a deep coffee-color, though a bit of grey had started to come through lately. A sparse, but dark, coating of dark brown hair covered his chest and made a nice trail down his stomach.

What hung below, however, was what I loved to look at most. His cock was nice and thick, obviously where Ryan got his "cannon." It was circumcised, like everyone in our little family (including Isaac, who Dad already considered an extra son), and hung down about three to four inches over heavy, hairy, balls. It looked nice, but not too long in his flaccid state. I hoped that, before this week was over, I'd get to see what Dad was like fully hard.

Then, there was my kind older brother. He stood next to Dad, sharing the bottles of body wash and shampoo. While he closed his eyes and scrubbed at his hair, I looked him up and down. He was more muscular than I was, with a more compact build. He was short, for his age, stout, and strong. His thighs were heavy muscle and I could see the beginnings of definition in his chest and arms. I guess that came from doing shot put in track. Throwing that heavy ball as far as you can requires some power from deep inside.

His hair was as dark as Dad's was, and his eyes were the same pale blue as our mother's. He had some hair sprouting on his chest, though not very much. Likewise, he had a small patch of hair growing above the base of his dick. It was as dark as the hair on his head and, quite obviously, trimmed down very short. His cock, itself, was easily as thick as Dad's. Whether his nickname of "cannon" came from his ability to hurl a heavy ball with tremendous power or from the weapon he was carrying around between his legs was something I was curious to find out. I had seen him hard this morning and knew, given that he was a horny teenager, that I'd see him hard many times this week. Part of me hoped, even though he was my brother, that he'd let me touch him, too.

Then came Isaac. Was he still just my best friend? Was he my boyfriend? My "adopted" brother? I didn't know where I stood with him. I just knew that he was, in whatever way it happened to be, mine. I loved him, this much I knew. I also loved looking at him. His body was smooth, slender, and beautiful. But, what was most beautiful of all wasn't his package, which I could go on and on about all day, but his smile. When he smiled at me, when he looked at me the way he does when he doesn't think I'm watching, I felt like nothing in the world could come between us. At only 13 years old, I knew I would go to the ends of the Earth to protect him.

Standing under one of the other shower poles were three other guys; two adults and one teenager somewhere between my age and Ryan's, who looked like they were together. All three had deep, caramel-colored skin, raven black hair, and chocolate colored eyes. They weren't talking much, but when they did I heard a bit of a Mexican accent in their words.

The oldest was probably a few years older than Dad. He had salt and pepper hair, cut close on the sides of his head and a bit longer on top. Coupled with the salt and pepper goatee, he looked like the leading man out of one of the telenovelas I would see advertised on the Spanish language channel on cable. His body was muscular, but it was the kind of muscle that came about from hard, physical, work and not from conscious body-building. He exuded an effortless masculinity that made me feel more manly just by seeing him.

He was currently washing his cock, which was a bit longer and a bit thinner than my dad's, but still nice. Uncircumcised, something I didn't see often, it hung loose and free over his hairy balls. I could watch him for hours if I wasn't careful.

Next to him was a younger guy, probably in his mid-to-late 20's. He looked a lot like the older man, just with no gray in his hair and a smooth-shaven face. Bodywise, the two could have been twins. Their muscles, the hair on their crotches, even the size and shape of their dicks were nearly identical.

Younger brother? I thought to myself, before turning my attention to the teenager of the group.

This boy was short, even compared to my brother, and had a bit of extra weight on him. Couple that with his hairless chest, stomach, and nearly-hairless crotch, and he looked like a smooth teddy bear who you just wanted to curl up and hold close at night. Like the two older men, he was uncircumcised. However, unlike his two fellow-bathers, he wasn't at all limp. A smaller-sized, but still nice-looking, five-inch dick stuck straight out from his body. Neither he, nor the men he was with, seemed to care.

"Hey, Earth to Eli!" Dad said, breaking me out of my hormone-fueled gaze at the showering men. "You in there, son?"

"Huh? What?" I said, rather idiotically. My eyes snapped back to my father, who was trying to hand me a towel.

His eyes followed from my face to what I had been looking at, and he smiled.

"It's time to dry off, buddy. You can check out the...scenery...later," he said with a light chuckle.

I'll say one thing for Dad. He never assumed Ryan and I were straight, nor did he bat an eye at any male-on-male gazing, drooling, or boner-popping that happened around him. His sons were his sons, no matter who or what they were in to.

I turned off the water and took the towel from Dad, wrapping it tightly around my waist in an attempt to hide the erection I didn't even notice I had grown during my eye-fucking of the three other guys.

"What do you say we hit the steam room and the showers next? How's that sound, boys?" Dad asked as he dried off his hard body.

Isaac and I eyed each other quickly, unsure if that was a good or bad idea. Then again, no matter what was going on back there, sitting in the sauna and steam room did sound nice. If Dad wanted to, I wasn't going to object.

As a group, the four of us headed through the sauna/steam room door and hung our towels on the hooks in the hallway.

"Well, I think I'm going to try the steam room first," Dad said, opening the door and heading inside. Ryan shrugged and joined him. Together, as we could see through the glass, the two of them each laid face up on a bench and enjoyed the fact that they were the only ones in there. Isaac and I, on the other hand, headed in to the steam room.

The hot and heavy fog hit us hard as we opened the door, nearly taking our breath away. The room was tiled in a deep gray tile with wooden tiled benches lining three out of the four walls. Like the sauna, it was empty other than the two of us.

We took up a position on the bench opposite the door and relaxed in to the steam. I had never been in a steam room before, and it felt wonderful.

"Eli," Isaac said after a few moments of silence, "what did you mean earlier when you said I was special?"

"I don't know," I said, trying to put my thoughts in to words. "I guess I mean that you are special to me...important."

"Did you mean it last night? You know, when you said you loved me?" he asked, a shy and worried tone entering his voice.

"Yeah. Did you mean it?"

"Of course I did. I do love you, Eli."

"I love you too."

"Are we..." he began, then paused as he gained his nerve, "...boyfriends now?"

"I don't know. Do you want to be?" I asked while my heart did somersaults in my chest and the butterflies in my stomach took flight in a great swarm of excitement and nerves.

"I don't know. Do you want to be?" he retorted, obviously wanting me to make a pronouncement before he did. This was the survival instinct of the boy code coming out in full force, something that I would grow to understand about him as we grew.

"Kinda...yeah..." I said, both excited and vaguely noncommittal.

"I'd like that. Can I be your boyfriend, Eli?"

"Yeah, and I'll be your boyfriend, too."

Isaac leaned over and, ever-so-gently, kissed me on the cheek.

"That's what boyfriends do, right? They kiss each other?" he asked, his voice cracking a bit in both excitement and nerves.

In response, I turned to face him and pressed my lips in to his. His lips were soft and they parted slightly to meet mine. We were new to kissing, so it didn't last long. But, in those few seconds, I knew that I wanted no one else's lips but his. In those few seconds, as well, my cock sprang to life like a jack-in-the-box.

"Do boyfriends also do what Devin said? Do they suck each other's dicks?" Isaac asked quietly.

"I guess so. If they want to, I think they would."

With that, Isaac got all the permission he needed. He scooted away from me slightly, bent down, and his lips and tongue met my throbbing boyhood for the first, but not last, time. His mouth was warm, wet, and inviting. He wrapped his right hand around the base of my cock and began to slowly give me the first blowjob I would ever receive.