My Life in Stages, Part 9


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Isaac pulled open the door to the living room and we stepped back inside. Before us, Jack and the twins were engaged in a little self-guided exploration. The three-way stroking session was, I had to admit, rather enjoyable to watch. There, on the couch, innocence grappled with sexuality, hormones fought with naivety. In the end, innocence and naivety lost out to the ever-present and forceful nature of sexuality and hormones.

They are a potent pair, that is for sure.

"You guys done, now?" Jack asked, keeping his rhythmic stroking of Nolan's cock going without pause.

"Yeah, we're done, baby," Isaac said with a smile. "Seems you three didn't want to wait for us to get back. Did your dicks get lonely?"

Nolan giggled at that and kept his own fleshy toys in his hands. Obviously, the boys were enjoying themselves and didn't want to stop the festivities. Isaac and I just smiled and enjoyed the view.

"I think that if we are going to play and explore tonight," Isaac said after a moment, "especially since Eli is going to be joining us, we should move down to the basement. There's more room down there for us to spread out."

With that, he turned off the TV and began to shoo the boys off the couch and off each other's cocks.

One-by-one, the boys extricated themselves from the sofa and filed out of the room. Isaac followed, and I brought up the rear. As I hadn't been in Isaac's house before tonight, I had no idea where the stairs to the basement were. Besides, being in the back gave me a great opportunity to check out the bevy of round, tight, bubble-butts that the Matthews men were displaying.

Levi flipped on the light as we got downstairs, and I had to admit to being duly impressed. Isaac had, obviously, spared no expense in making the basement in to a fully-functioning room of the house and not, as so many are, simply a forgotten space to which lifetimes of family junk are relegated.

The room was divided in to three distinct areas. The front section, which held the door to the stairs that we had just come down, was carpeted with a soft, plush, cream carpeting the gave you the feel of walking on marshmallows. A large, grey, sectional sofa and matching chair gave a nice seating are. All three were turned to face the large-screen HD television on the wall. The television wasn't as large as the one upstairs, which is probably why we had spent the evening in the living room as opposed to down here.

Behind the entertaining area of the basement, one passed through a set of columns which led you to a wood-floored section made out to look like an English pub. The deep red walls, dark cherry woods, and large pool table gave it a relaxing old-world feel. A well-stocked bar, complete with half a dozen leather bar stools, completed the look.

Next to the "pub" was the section that the twins were leading us too. Giving the finished basement an L-shape, the third section was outfitted with machine weights, free weights, treadmills, and, in the center of the room, a large and heavy wrestling mat. It was obvious that this family liked to work out. I began to suspect, when Levi laid his naked body down on the wrestling mat, that the machines and weights didn't get as much use as the floor did.

"So, is this the downstairs exploration zone?" I whispered to Isaac as the boys all either laid or sat down on the mat.

"We figured out pretty early on that cleaning up messes upstairs wasn't nearly as easy as spraying and wiping off this kind of surface," he explained, which seemed perfectly reasonable to me. "I bought it after I had to have the sofa steam-cleaned to get rid of the cum stains. Besides, it is really well padded and gives us a lot more room to maneuver as the boys try out new things and figure out their sexuality. And if they actually want to wrestle, which Jack will do with some of his friends from time to time, it can actually serve its designed purpose."

"Sounds like a great idea to me. Though, I doubt Jack's friends would be thrilled to know the amount of cum that's been spilled on this thing." I laughed softly.

"Spilled and cleaned up, thank you!" Isaac said, elbowing me in the side. He then turned his attention to the boys and continued. "Okay, boys, what's it going to be tonight? You know the rules. You three call the shots. You normally just have me to answer your questions or show you things, but Eli is here tonight and he can help."

He turned to me and smiled.

"Now, the rule about being asked questions, just so you know, is that you must answer honestly. No beating around the bush, and no pleading the fifth. That doable?"

"Yeah," I said easily. "That's no problem at all!"

"Great!" Isaac said brightly. "So, who wants to start?"

The boys all looked at each other for a moment, and then Nolan raised his hand. Isaac and I took a seat while the boy asked his question.

"Daddy, how old were you when you first made cum? You and Jack can make it, but Levi and I can't yet." He asked with a bit of concern in his voice, as if the ability to cum was the deciding factor between what separated men from boys, and he was concerned that he and his twin brother would stay in the "boy" category for too long.

"Well," Jack said with a smile, "I was about your age when I first was able to cum. It is a different age for everyone. Jack was 11 when he started."

"How did you know?" Jack asked, a bit taken aback by his father's knowledge.

"I've been doing your laundry for years, baby. Trust me, I saw the cum stains in your underwear...and your socks...and towels...and sheets."

Jack turned bright red and stared at the mat beneath us.

"Oh, don't worry, baby. It's okay! You never got in trouble for it, did you?" Isaac asked, his voice soft and calming.

"No, I guess not," Jack replied, his fingers gently pushing on the soft material on the floor.

"Okay, then. Then don't worry. Once I could cum, I started doing it as often as I could. I did it in bed, in the shower, on the couch, in Eli's bed, in the showers in gym class...when no other kids were around, though. Trust me, once you are able to cum, most boys want to do it everywhere, all the time. You're not in trouble, Jack."

I had to hand it to Isaac. That kind of question may make some fathers falter. It's a very personal question and, though normal for young boys to be curious about, not one that is normally broached between fathers and sons. The boy code, of course, is what keeps boys ignorant and scared to approach their fathers with the very questions that fathers are there to answer through personal experience.

"You masturbated in Eli's bed?" Levi asked, his eyes widening.

"You caught that, huh?" Isaac said, scratching the back of his neck in a nervous gesture. "Well, yes I did. When Eli and I were your age, we would sometimes masturbate together. That's normal. A lot of boys do that, even if they say they don't."

"What else did you and Eli do together?" Jack asked, taking over his brother's line of questioning.

"Well..." Isaac started, again with the neck scratching. He'd be honest with the boys, I knew. But, I also could tell that he was a bit uncomfortable telling stories to the boys about me, especially with me sitting right there.

"Your dad and I sometimes masturbated together," I added, jumping in a bit so that he didn't feel like he was the only one responsible for our childhood sexual antics. "And, sometimes, we would suck on each other's dicks. When we got a bit older, we would sometimes rim each other. You guys were taught about rimming, right?"

They all nodded, though Nolan was quick to point out that while they had been taught about it, they hadn't experienced it yet.

"Okay, so sometimes we rimmed each other. And, only on special occasions, your dad and I do I put this, Isaac?" I asked, turning my head to my friend.

"Just be blunt. We don't have to mince words with these boys, trust me."

"Alright, as you wish. Sometimes, on special occasions, I would fuck your dad."

The boys seemed a bit surprised by the notion that their father, who had obviously fucked their mother several times in order to have three sons, had so readily taken a cock up his ass.

"Did it hurt, Daddy?" Levi asked, his eyes scrunched up in childhood shock at the notion of something hard going inside of him.

"At first, yeah," he said calmly, even though the rosy hue of his face betrayed his true emotions. "But, after a bit, it started to feel good."

The boys seem to accept this, their younger minds mulling it over like a mouse running a maze. They could accept that their father was telling them the truth, that having my dick in his ass felt good after a bit. But, at the same time, they seemed to be working on figuring out how it could feel good.

"What are you boys thinking?" Isaac asked, seeing the strange looks of consternation and puzzlement on their faces.

"It sounds like it would hurt a lot," Levi said, obviously not really wanting to try that one out for himself.

"But, Daddy said it only hurts for a little bit, then it feels good," Nolan added, as though that put to rest any of his brother's objections. "I kinda wanna try it. If it feels good, I wanna feel it."

"What about you, Jack?" Isaac prodded. The boy had remained remarkably quiet through this brief exchange. This surprised me, since Isaac had said that Jack had been dropping hints about it.

"Well, I guess I could try it. It sounds kinda nice," he replied, every ounce of his "cool teenage boy" persona on full display.

"If you want to try it, Jack, you can. But, Nolan," Isaac turned back to his younger son, "you and Levi aren't quite old enough yet. Give it some time, then you can try it out."

"Are we old enough for rimming?" Levi asked, surprising me. I expected that question to come from Nolan, since he was the more sex-obsessed one of the twins.

"Yeah, I think that'd be okay," Isaac said after a moment's thought. "Since nothing would be going inside your bottom, I think rimming would be okay."

"Can I be rimmed?" Levi asked, a bit excited; to which his twin brother added in an enthusiastic "me too" while the eldest nodded in silent concurrence with the request. It appeared that, like Isaac had hinted at, "anal" was the topic of the evening.

"I think that'd be alright, boys. I think you've learned enough so far that it wouldn't hurt to learn something new."

The boys all smiled in excitement. They loved learning new sexual activities, experimenting and exploring with their father. It was like Christmas morning when he would agree to show them something new.

"First things first, though," he began in a teacher-voice that I recognized instantly from my own career, "since you've asked me to demonstrate something, you have to remember that you need to both give and receive. I'll teach you what it's like to be rimmed, but then you'll have to learn to rim others. Agreed?"

The boys all quickly nodded their agreement, which made me think they've heard the "you'll give what you get" speech before.

"Okay, good. Second, and probably most important when talking about anything that happens with your butt, you need to be clean. If you're going to ask someone to put their mouth, or their fingers, or their penis back there, then you need to make sure you're very clean first. So, all of us...and that includes me and Eli...are going to go take a shower, okay? I'll show you how to clean yourselves properly, so that anything we do for the rest of the night will be nice and clean."

"I already took a shower, Dad," Jack protested. It was true, but I could see where Isaac was going with this and the benefit of teaching this step.

"Yes, you did, baby. But, you didn't expect us to do this tonight, did you?"

"No. I thought, maybe, we'd all just jack off together or suck each other."

"And did you clean yourself really well back there when you showered earlier?"

"I...I don't know. I washed!"

"I'm sure you did. But, cleaning for this is different, and Eli and I are going to teach all three of you. So, come on."

Isaac stood up and walked across the mat, opening what, until that point, I had assumed was a closet door in the basement work-out room. It turns out that I was very wrong on that front.

Behind the door stood a decent-sized bathroom, complete with toilet, sink, and a shower surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass walls. What surprised me most was that the shower itself ran the entire length of the room and had four shower heads installed in it. This was a group shower, by design.

Well, Isaac certainly planned ahead when he built this. Or, I suppose, just didn't want a group of dirty and sweaty boys running upstairs to shower after a workout or wrestling match.

Isaac stepped in first, turning on each of the four shower heads to a nice, warm, temperature. Each boy followed, and again I brought up the rear. He handed me a soft shower sponge and a bottle of body wash, taking one of each for himself.

"Well, Eli," he said, smiling a devilish smile, "how about we start with the twins while Jack watches?"

To this, I had no objections.


Isaac's mouth bobbed up and down on my cock as the hot steam filled the room. I had heard a few boys at school talk about blowjobs before, and had seen a couple in some porn of my brother's that I found one day. I didn't know it could feel this good, though. His mouth was warm, inviting, and seemed to fit on my cock perfectly.

Now, I was a man.

Okay, maybe not a man, per se. But, in that moment, I felt like I had crossed some invisible threshold that separated my life in to a "before" and an "after." "Before" I was a boy who had no clue what sex, beyond masturbation and the one hand-job I got from Coach Anderson, could be. "After" I was someone who had a boyfriend; someone who wanted to explore sex with me, who wanted to suck my dick. I may not have suddenly grown chest hair and had my voice change, but I did feel more like an adult, a man, than I had prior.

My fingers rubbed through Isaac's hair as his young mouth explored my cock. His tongue traced a circle around the head and licked the slit at the tip. His lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, letting the full heat of his mouth envelop my throbbing boyhood erection. He moved, softly and slowly, up and down, letting his tongue massage the underside the of my shaft as he did so.

I was panting by the time he pulled his mouth off of my cock. For having never done that before, the boy had talent. Then again, what did I have to compare it to? He could have been horrible at it and I wouldn't have known.

" was that?" he asked, shyly.

"It felt really good!" I said, breathless a bit.

"Would you want to do that to me?" he asked, as if I was going to say no.

I didn't respond, at least not verbally. Instead, I pulled myself off the bench and got on my knees in front of him. He spread his legs for me, the scent of his freshly-washed body mixing with the sweat and hormonal smell every teenager always has hitting my nose. He smelled so good, and his cock looked amazing.

I wrapped my left hand around the base of his cock and cupped his balls with my right, the way I had seen the woman in my brother's porno do. I hoped it was right. I didn't really consider it too much though. Instead, I just lowered my mouth on to my new boyfriend's rock-hard cock.

His cock had some of his sweat on it, and it tasted salty as the head first hit my tongue. The thick, spongy texture of his dick felt different in my mouth. At first, I didn't know what to make of it. But, as his boyhood filled more and more of my mouth, I realized just how much I was going to like this.

I mimicked what Isaac had done to me, tracing my tongue around the ridge of his cock head and letting my tongue massage up and down his shaft as I bobbed my head. I could hear him moan as I tried, ultimately in vain, to take every inch of him in to my virgin mouth. At 13, sucking a six-inch cock is not an easy task.

For a few minutes, he moaned as I worked over his dick, relishing the taste and feel of it inside me. Then, I pulled my mouth of and did what the girl in Ryan's porn had done next; I started to lick his balls. This caused Isaac to squirm, moan, and giggle simultaneously. He apparently liked it, even if he was having a hard time sitting still.

His balls were smooth and heavy as I licked up and down his sack, sucking gently on the skin and taking each one of his balls in to my mouth at a time. It was a different sensation than sucking his dick, but I liked it just as much as I liked feeling his cock fill my mouth. I could definitely get used to doing this.

After a few minutes of exploring his package as much as I could, I pulled my mouth free and stood up. Isaac had thrown his head back and had his eyes closed, one hand on the bench and the other rubbing his flat and sweaty belly.

"That...was awesome..." he sighed, pleasing me immensely.

At that point, all I could think was how much I wanted to kiss him again. My cock was throbbing, my heart pounding in my chest, and he looked so beautiful sitting there in front of me. Again taking my cue from Ryan's porn (at 13, that's the best you can do, really), I approached my new boyfriend and straddled him on the bench. My knees found a position on either side of his hips, and I leaned in.

Our chests were pressed against each other and his cock was rubbing up and down the crack of my ass as my lips made contact with his once again. Perhaps it was the heat of the room, the teenage love between us, or the flood of hormones racing through my body. I don't know. All I knew was that, whatever the cause, I felt things for him that I had never felt for anyone before, or since if truth be told.

We stayed in that position, our bodies pressed against each other and our teenage cocks throbbing in a combination of love and lust, for what felt like both seconds and hours. Time stopped as we kissed, and the only person in the world who mattered to me in that moment was Isaac. Nothing existed beyond us, beyond the walls of the steam room.

We were so lost in our hormonal display and exploration that we didn't hear the door to the steam room open.

"Well, you boys seem to be having fun," a familiar voice intoned, a light chuckle hidden behind the words.

Quickly, I pulled myself off of Isaac's lap and sat next to him. Both of us instinctively moved our hands to our crotches, doing our best to hide the obvious erections.

"Coach!" Isaac cried, a bit shocked to see our P.E. teacher standing there. Even more surprising, at least to me, was that he wasn't alone. Next to him stood a boy who looked to be a year or so older than me, and both of them were sporting exposed cocks as hard as the ones Isaac and I had.