My Little Blond Boi

By Angyl


    Dustin was the sweetest kid I knew. He had blond hair and blue eyes. At 15 he was only 52” tall, and weighed a scant 110 lbs. His skin was the palest white. Not that he did not try to tan he would always end up getting burnt in the process. Mind you he would get darker for a while before fading back to his original coloring.

    I was 30 when I met him. Looking back it was the one thing I was glad I had done in my life. I had met him through another friend, Eden, before our falling out. I swear I fell instantly in love with the boi. He was quite the charmer too. I cannot explain it but when he put on the charm, I almost melted. I had to control myself when he was around.

     We hung out quite a bit, and then one evening we tried to figure out a place to stay so we could hang out. Eden suggested an empty condo. Not thinking we all agreed. Eden led the way and even knew where the key was. He let us in and we looked around. There were a couple chairs and a few odd things here and there. There was power, so we turned on lights and went to check upstairs. There was a mattress in a couple of the room, so at least we would not have to sleep on the floor.

     Outside the snow was picking up. Eden decided he was not going to stay but go home instead. Kind of pissed me off considering it was his idea. He was gone before I could say anything. Dustin decided to make the best of it. I had my binder in which I had stories I had written. Dustin asked about them and I told him.

     "Dude let me read them?" He asked.

     "Are you sure? They are gay stories."

     "A Story is a story." He shrugged.

     I handed a couple to him and he lay down and started reading. He was reading and I went to see what was around. Something to do I guess. Eventually I made my way back down to where Dustin was read. I stood quietly and watch him. A few times he reached under himself and adjusted things. He was getting turned on.

     "Enjoying those stories?"

     "Yeah man they are good." He said jumping.

     I came and sat down next to him. He returned to reading. He completely forgot I was there and reached down to adjust his cock. I beat him to it and reached my hand underneath him and took hold of his cock. He turned and looked at me. I smiled at him. He rolled over giving me better access. I pulled his pants and boxers down, releasing his now leaking cock. I was impressed he was 7 inches hard. I slowly began stroking him. Then leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. He moaned as I took the tip and gently sucked on it, then ran my tongue down the shaft and sucked gently on each of his nuts, before returning and taking his cock to the hilt. I would suck his whole cock using my mouth as a suction cup, and then I would slowly pull off. Dustin moaned as I worked him.

     "Fuck that feels so good!!"

     I continued bobbing up and down on his cock. I began playing with his pucker as I did. I slowly got my finger in him.

     "Mmm…yeah…fells good!!"

     I got my finger in deep and probed his prostrate. I continued sucking him. He was moaning and squirming. I think he was close to shooting. So I began bobbing quicker.

     "OH man...shit yeah!!"

     Without warning Dustin blasted his juices deep in my throat. I eagerly swallowed every drop. I kept working his cock until he went limp, before I let his cock fall from my mouth.

     "Wow that was fucking awesome!" He exclaimed.

     "Anything for you little man."

     I needed to get off so I just pulled my cock out and started to jerk off. Next thing I know is Dustin is under me sucking on my balls as I did. I kept stroking as he suck. It took a bit but I shoot my load all over his, even getting some in his mouth.

     So we had both got off. Once we were done we looked around and found a roll of paper towel to clean up. We had just got dressed when Eden came back. He said he felt bad for leaving us alone. Dustin and I looked at each other and smile. I personally think it was jealousy that brought Eden back.

     We headed upstairs and crawled on to the mattresses, Eden and Dustin on one and me on the other. I did not sleep and eventually when the bois were asleep I head off and went home.

     Sad to say I never got another chance with Dustin as his family moved across town. I did see him once but I was in a situation of not having anywhere for us. I still think of him from time to time and wonder where and what he is doing.

The End

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