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My Little Runaway
by: Kewl Dad

It was 1985 and I was 25 when this story took place. I was single and gay and had always had a thing for young guys and even boys. Those were different times back then and people weren't as paranoid and you didn't hear the phrase "stranger danger" dropped a hundred times a day. Kids weren't afraid of adults and generally respected them, and you didn't hear any more stories of abduction and abuse than you do today, heck maybe even less.

I was tired that day having just got off work at three pm. I had gone in at 4 and had partied a bit too late the night before so I was doubly tired and needed a nap bad. My intention was to drive the short distance to my apartment drink a beer or two, jerk off and take a nap. Both beer and jerking off make me

I was swinging up 15th street in my  Ford Mustang when I saw him. He was maybe 11 or 12 and dressed all in black. Black soccer shorts, a black tee with lime green trim that matched the trim on his shorts and a pair of black Chuck Taylors. He was an average kid, nothing out of the ordinary and looked as if he had just fallen out of a soccer mom's

Now today a man would be crazy to stop and offer a ride to boy like that, even if he did look hot and tired and lost, but back then...well as soon as I saw him I began to check traffic to make sure it was clear and began to slow down. 

There was no traffic behind me and only one car headed my way in the other lane and so I pulled up beside the boy and called through the open window, "Hey  buddy, need a lift?"

Now here's where things were really different than today, a kid today would probably take off running if a stranger offered them a ride, but this kid not only approached my car but leaned in the window and gave me a sunny smile.

"If its not too much trouble," he said looking tired and weary.

"No trouble at all," I assured him smiling brightly, " hop in."

He opened the door and slid in and when he didn't buckle up right away I reached over to help him and he blushed, "Oh sorry...I forgot."

"It's okay, I just insist my passengers buckle up because I want them to be safe. By the way, I'm Ron," I said offering my hand.  This was before fist bumping became the 

He offered his small hand and I shook it gently holding on maybe a minute or two longer than necessary just to gage his reaction. Aside from blushing again he didn't seem put off by my over familiarity.

"I'm Billy," he said in that cute pre-adolescent voice that boys that age have. They are on the cusp of something big and life changing, and soon all hell will break loose, but for the time being they are stuck in between little boy and big boy mode.

"So Billy, where you headed?"

He frowned, "How far are you going?"

"As far as you need," I laughed, "unless you're going to California in which case I'll need to gas up first."

He laughed and it was music to my ears. What is it about a boy's laughter that can make someone who loves boys heart soar? "Just across town is fine...if it's not too far."

"North, or South?"

"Uh, north if that's okay."

"Then north it is, any hint as to where exactly?" I teased, "or is it just that you like that part of town best?"

He giggled this time and I was in love. If he wanted to go to California or Canada I was ready willing and able to be his chauffeur. 

"I don't know, maybe the mall. I can hang out there I guess...." he said his words trailing off as if he had said too much.

"I haven't been to the mall in ages, mind if I hang out with you for a while when we get there?" I knew something was fishy and I wanted to find out what. My first thought was he was running away. He showed all the classic signs (except for a knapsack on his and I was damned if he was going to go it alone if I could help it. Most runaways wind up going back home and I figured if I hung with him long enough I could just take him right back where he started from.

"Sure, that would be cool," he said smiling that sunny smile again. 

I took that moment to look him over and I really liked what I saw. His hair was blondish brown and he had soft brown eyes. He had a few freckles on his nose and dimples at the corners of his mouth when he smiled and when he opened his mouth I noticed he was missing a molar on the right side. He was cute, but not in an obnoxious way. It was more like that boy next door look and it worked well with me. His body was trim without being skinny, like a lot of boys his age his body was a text book example of what a body that age should look like. I would have liked to have seen it without the clothes, but even through them I could see he was a sexy little stud. The bulge in his shorts said he was above average or at least chubbed up and as I watched he reached down and adjusted himself almost shamelessly. I smiled and returned my eyes to the road.

"So Billy, what do you do for fun?"

"Well....I like baseball....and soccer, but I like reading too...oh, and music. I can sort of sing," he said blushing.

"Oh, what kind of music and what do you like to sing?"

"I really like Michael Jackson and I can sing some of his songs."

"Cool, I like MJ too, if a song comes on you like will you sing along so I can hear you sing?"

He blushed again but nodded and we didn't have to wait long, moments later a Michael Jackson song, Off the Wall, came on and Billy began to sing. I was immediately captivated by his voice and amazed at just how well he could sing and that he knew all the lyrics and all the little extras that MJ puts in. I looked back and forth between him and the road for the next few minutes while he sang, but he didn't seem to notice me. It was if he was in a trance and unaware of anything but the joy of singing. 

When the song ended he snapped out of his trance and looked at me and blinked as he waited for my reaction.

"You were amazing," I said sincerely, "I have never heard anyone belt out a tune quite like you. Are you in choral club or anything at school?"

He nodded, "But my dad says its a waste of time," he said looking sad. Maybe his father disapproval of something he loved so much was the cause of his running away.

"No way," I said, "you should definitely keep singing and maybe someday you'll be as famous as MJ."

He smiled and the look in his eyes said that he was starting to like me as much as I already liked him.

"Are you hungry?" I said suddenly, knowing full well that boys were always hungry and this one probably hadn't stopped to eat before heading out to wherever that day.

He nodded, "A little, but I don't have any money."

"Who said anything about money?" I said smiling, "It's my treat. How does DQ sound?"

I could almost hear his tummy rumbling and see his mouth watering and I chuckled, "I'll take that as a yes."

"Yeah, I love DQ," he said rubbing his tummy and looking so cute I just wanted to stop the car and hug the stuffing out of him.

So our next stop was the DQ on 45th and it was busy for that time of day. I found out why though, they were having a half price banana split sale. I ordered us cheeseburgers, fries, large drinks and told Billy that after we ate we'd have a banana split too, but I didn't want them to get all melted while we ate our burgers. He ate like a typical boy, dragging his fries through ketchup and cramming a whole fry in his mouth getting ketchup on his cute lips and then licking it off almost erotically. 

I tried not to think of him in sexual terms, but it was so damn hard considering how cute he was and how perfect his body was. Not to mention those perfect cock sucking lips he kept running his cute pink tongue over. Was it any wonder I had a massive boner straining at my shorts?

"I love fries," he said cramming a few more in his mouth. I pushed my half eaten fry box his way and he looked at me as if he had won the lottery.

"Yummy," he said and I couldn't help but laugh. He was just so damn cute.

He ordered his banana split with strawberries, pineapples and marshmallow cream explaining that he didn't like chocolate all that much. I had never known a boy who didn't love chocolate, but it was just one more thing that made this boy unique and for some reason I loved him even more.

I had chocolate, strawberries and pineapple on mine and ate it slowly as he dived into his and ate it as if he were starved. He had ice cream all over his face and I almost came in my shorts when I thought how much it looked like he had a face full of cum. I looked away and composed myself and when I looked back he had thankfully wiped it away with the handful of napkins he constantly held.

Finally we were done, the trash thrown away and on our way to the car. He seemed to be in a great mood now and that boosted my own mood by ten percent making me 110% happy to be with this boy. 

"So, still want to go to the mall?" I asked as we drove away.

He thought a moment then shook his head, "Naw...not really. Can we just drive around a while?"

Hell, I would have driven around for the rest of the night just to be with this sweetie, but I decided to take a chance and see if I couldn't do things one better. 

"Well, we could...or we could go to my place and play some video games or watch a movie."

"Really, you have an Atari?"

"Nope Nintendo and I just got some cool new games." I said proudly. I was a bit of a gaming nut back then.

"Wow, cool. Okay, let's go then."

As easy as that I was bringing this cute boy home. Of course I really didn't have any ulterior motives, I just wanted to help the kid out and I think he sensed my benevolence. Of course it could have been that he was just innocent and if he had been with the wrong guy and not an honorable one like me, he could have been in real trouble for being so trusting. But like I said those were simpler and more enlightened times. 

I lived in a nice one bedroom near a creek that sometimes flooded the downstairs apartment in my building, but I lived upstairs and was glad for that when the spring rains came. I didn't feel especially guilty or think anything out of the ordinary in bringing home a young boy, but that was how things were back then. And I'm sure anyone who noticed us would have thought anything odd about it either. Today someone might very well call the cops if a single young man brought home a boy.

I offered him a soda and he accepted but only took a sip before piling down in the floor in front of my TV with the game controller in his hand. "Super Mario Brothers! No way!" he said looking at me with a wide-eyed grin.

"Yes and I'm pretty good at it, wanna play me?"

"Yeah, lets do it." he said excitedly and the double meaning of the words caused me to chub up again.

I was good, after all I'd been playing the game every day since I got it a month before, but the kid was a natural and soon he was beating me at some of the levels. We played for an hour non stop before I finally suggested we stop for a bathroom break and a snack. I think it was the snack that finally pulled him away and despite the fact that he had stuffed himself with a cheeseburger, fries and a banana split, he wolfed down a plate of nachos and drank two sodas before belching loudly causing him to giggle and me to smile. Nothing quite as nice as having a boy comfortable enough around you to belch or fart and the fart probably wasn't far

"So, why don't we talk a while," I suggested after the snack and the burp.

He frowned, "What about?"

"Oh, I don't know,  maybe about why you are running away from home."

He looked at me in shock, " did you know?"

"Because almost every boy does it at some point and you just looked like this was your day to do it."

He laughed, "You're pretty smart. Yeah, you got me figured out alright. So now what? You gonna make me go back or call the cops?"

"Good God no," I said sounding as agitated as I felt, "I would never call the cops on a kid and I wouldn't make you go back. For all I know you might have a good reason for running away. Maybe they beat you or starve you or something." 

He giggled, "They  don't do none of that stuff. I'm just mad at em, that's all."

"So you figure this will teach them a lesson?"

He nodded, "Only problem is they don't exactly know I run away yet."

"Oh, why's that?"

"Cause they aren't home. They went to my grandma's and left me home alone."

"How old are you?" I asked. Even in 1985 it was unusual to leave a young boy home alone.

"13. Why, you think I'm too young to stay by myself?"

"No, 13 is about right. I....just thought you were younger, that's all."

Of course the dirty part of my mind was processing this new piece of information. If he was 13 he was probably into puberty and could come. I loved the taste of a newly pubescent boy's cum. But I doubted I'd get to sample this particular boy's cum any time soon.

"So, now you know. Now what?"

"Well, since no one's home and no one is going to miss you till they get home, why don't you crash here tonight?" I said my mouth forming the words without benefit of the  reasoning part of my brain. Or maybe it was my little head doing the talking.

"Really? You mean it? Can I? That would be so cool. We could play Nintendo all night if we wanted to and eat nachos."

I laughed, "Well, I have work tomorrow but since school is out I guess you can sleep in or I can drop you off somewhere on my way to work."

"Ron?" he asked looking at me with soft grateful eyes, "Will you be my friend?"

My heart broke as this kid put his heart on the line and practically begged me for my friendship. Maybe he didn't have many friends at school or maybe he was an outcast, but whatever the reason, he had just found a friend for life.

"I would consider it a pleasure and an honor to be your friend," I said feeling a little teary eyed.

"Then we're friends," he said simply as if it was just the way thing should be, and maybe it was.

"So friend, wanna crash her tonight?"

"Yessssss.....and tomorrow night and the next night and for....ever," he giggled.

"Well, don't know about forever but two nights might be okay." 

So we played Nintendo and watched a movie and ate junk food, then around nine Billy started yawning. He wasn't really what you'd call dirty, but he had that sweaty boy odor about him and if he hadn't suggested a shower I would have. His only concern was what to wear once he showered. I found a pair of boxers that were too small for me and a tee shirt that came down to his knees and took his shorts and tee down to the laundry room and washed them while he showered.

I didn't dare hang around the apartment knowing he was naked in my shower, the temptation to find a reason to go in and sneak a peek would have been too overpowering, so instead I stayed with the laundry until it was time to throw it in the dryer then walked back up to the apartment.

Billy was just coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his slender waist and when he saw me he grinned and shook his hips a little and strutted to the bedroom. I watched with confusion, was it innocent boy stuff or was he flirting with me? I had some experience with boys, but the few I'd been with had been aggressive and I knew exactly where I stood with them. Billy was a mystery to me though.

He returned carrying his towel and dressed in the baggy boxers and long tee and I had to admit even dressed so he was still a sexy monkey. I smiled at him and he made a goofy face and strutted over to where I sat on the couch.

"Well, how do I look?" he said turning to show me both sides.

"Like you shrunk and your clothes are too large for you," I teased.

"Seriously," he said sounding annoyed, "do I look okay?"

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me and he stood between my legs leaning against me and watching me with curious eyes.

"You would look good in a flower sack," I said putting myself out there a bit with this confession that I thought he was attractive.

He smiled, "Would I look good naked?" he asked blushing.

"Like a work of art," I said sincerely, "The human body is a beautiful thing, especially a boy's." I said. It was my time to blush now.

He smiled, "Want to?"

"Want to what?" I asked not understanding exactly what he meant.

"See me naked?" he said blushing.

I was completely thrown off guard, but I recovered quickly, "That would be totally up to you." I said trying to impress that he was in charge as far as his own body was concerned.

He fingered an ear and shifted from one foot to the other then smiled, "Maybe I'll let you, we'll see." and then he let it drop. He plopped down on the couch beside me and sighed.

"You can sleep here on the couch," I said when it was obvious the naked talk was over, "It's pretty comfortable and long enough that you can stretch out."

He frowned, "I thought maybe....well, that I'd just sleep in your bed with you." there was nothing sexual in the way he said it but the implications made me winch.

"Do you snore? Have cold feet, or hog the covers?" I teased.

"No, none of that. Why?"

"How about farting in you sleep, do you do that?" 

He giggled, God I loved his laugh. "No, I don't think so anyway," he said looking unsure of himself, then he grinned devilishly, "Guess you could try me and find out for sure."

I laughed, "I suppose it's okay, my bed is pretty big, but I have to warn you," I joked, "I sleep totally naked."

He shrugged, "That's okay. Hey, I could sleep naked too. I always wanted to, but I was afraid my mom would come in to check on me and go bonkers." he laughed.

"I'm teasing," I said as my head wrapped around what he had just suggested and my cock jumped a bit.

"Awww...quit it, I thought you was for real," he whined.

I laughed, "If I wake up and you're naked......" 

He giggled, "I won't rub my wiener on ya."

God I went totally hard when he said that and no matter how innocent or teasing it was, it sounded so sexy coming from this hot young boy.

"Or at least if you do, clean up the mess," I teased back. 

I could tell that took him totally off guard and it took him a minute to formulate his comeback, "Uh...I don't make to big a mess, just a little." He said almost proudly.

"So, I'm assuming you have reached puberty," I said toning it down a bit. What I really wanted to say was, "So you shoot when you rub one out, huh?"

He blushed, "Just barely, it was about two months ago. First time it scared me a little," he said blushing even redder.

I laughed, "Thought you broke it, huh? Did you check to make sure it wasn't blood?"

He nodded, "It was sticky and white so I finally figured it out. We learned about it in Health Class but reading about it and doing it is two different things."

"Lots of other changes in store for you too, like....your voice may change. It's beautiful and high now but it might get deeper as you go through puberty."

"I...I hope not. I like it just like it is."

"It is nice, but I'm sure whatever you wind up with it will be just as nice."

He looked down at his feet and I noticed them for the first time. They were small and cute and so soft looking that I wanted to just grab them and  lick them all over. He looked up at me then and I could see confusion and longing in his eyes.

"Can...can I tell you a secret?"

"That's what friends are for," I said simply, "and they keep that secret forever."

He smiled, "I....did some stuff with my friend Joey, some sexy stuff and he has a bigger wiener and he makes lots of sperms when he jacks it."

I almost fainted. Never had I thought his secret would be so intimate and arousing.

"Oh, and is he your age?"

He shook his head, "Promise you won't tell?"

"I already told you, friends don't tell secrets." I said stubbornly.

He nodded, "He's 16. He's my next door neighbor."

God that was so hot. My sexy little boy was playing jerk me off with the 16 year old kid next door. Man how I would have loved to watch that.

"Oh, that's cool," I said smiling, "I did stuff like that too and I started younger than that. I was maybe 10 or so who when me and an older cousin fooled around. I even let him....well, you know, go all the way," I chuckled.

"No way, he put his wiener in your butt?" he said making a face. I was a little surprised that he caught on so quickly to what I had implied, but anal sex wasn't unheard of, even among young boys.

"Yeah, and it hurt like heck too. He was big...maybe 6 inches then and fat. But eventually I started to like it and I begged him to do it every time we were together."

He seemed to be digesting that for a moment then he turned his eyes to me and smiled nervously, "What...uh, what does it feel like?"

I thought about how best to answer then decided to break it down in a way he could best understand it. "Ever stuck your finger up your butt?"

He blushed, but didn't back down, "Yeah, feels weird but kind of good. Is having a wiener in there sort of like that?"

"Now you're getting it. It's like that only more so. It's deeper and bigger and touches things inside you that...well, feel good."

"Is that why gay guys do that stuff?"

"Yeah, some do. Not all. Some just like the oral part and the kissing and that sort of thing."

He seemed to be digesting all that and when he spoke again he seemed to be more at ease, "Yeah, I get that. It's fun. I can sort of see why guys do that stuff. I mean girls are cool too, but not so easy to get to do stuff."

I laughed, "Yeah, boys are definitely easier to convince when it comes to sex. We're all just horny monkeys most of the time," I chuckled.

He laughed too then got a serious look on his face. "Ron...ummmm....are you gay? I mean you don't have to answer if you don't want to and please, please...don't get mad at me cause I asked." he said growing panicky.

I laughed, "Yeah, I am. And I'm not mad, but does it matter to you that I am?"

He thought about that a minute then said, "No, in's cool."

"Oh, why is that?"

He shrugged, "It just is...hey, I'm pretty tired, can we go to bed now?"

I was curious as to what had suddenly prompted his need to go to bed, but tried not to read more into it than there was. I excused myself to take a shower and told him to go ahead and crawl into bed, but that my side was the one by the night stand and the alarm clock.

I took a long hot shower and was tempted to jerk off, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to relieve the tension my young guest had caused. Maybe somewhere in my mind I was counting on another form of relief, but I tried no to get my hopes up.

I put on boxers and a tee even though I usually slept without a shirt and went in to bed. I chuckled when I saw that Billy was stretched out on my side of the bed and he giggled when he saw the look on my face.

"Just kidding, I was just getting it warm for you," he said rolling over on his stomach on his side of the bed. 

His boxers were bunched up in the crack and the slightest bit of his right butt cheek was visible and I couldn't help but stare at it as if it were the most amazing thing I had ever seen. And well, maybe it was. 

He reached back and pulled the leg down and said, "Stop staring at my butt," but then he giggled and I knew he wasn't bothered by it, just teasing again.

"Don't worry....I won't molest you," I teased, "You're too young."

" I'm not. Please molest me," he giggled.

I shook my head and climbed into bed and turned out the bedside lamp and pulled the covers up over us both. Billy squirmed around and turned over on his back and sighed theatrically.

"Can we talk a while before we go to sleep?"

"Sure, I don't usually go to bed this early, so I have time. What's on your mind."

"I was wondering, how old were you when you figured out you know...different?"


"Yeah, I mean were you like a kid or older?"

"Well, I always liked messing around with other boys, but I didn't really think about being gay or straight.  We all talked about girls and got boners when we looked at naked pictures of them, but when it was time to start dating and stuff it wasn't as exciting as the porn. I figured out pretty quick then that I liked boys better and though I dated a few girls in high school it was always boys that I came back to for sex. I think I was maybe your age or a little older when I really figured things out."

He scooted a little closer and his voice caused goose bumps on my flesh when he spoke softly almost in my ear this time, "Did you ever tell anyone else?"

"Well, I think a few of my friends might have guessed, but I never really came out to anyone until high school."

"Did your folks know?"

"It was just my mom and she might have suspected but we never talked about it. I think she knows now, but I don't flaunt it. I have one or two close straight friends who know, but no one at work knows. I guess I'm still in the closet," I laughed nervously. I had never really analyzed my lifestyle before this kid came along and it was making me think about things in a different way.

"But, you have like lots of gay friends, right?"

"No, not really. You see most gay guys must want to get together and have sex then move on. Sometimes I really get tired of that, but it is what it is."

"So, you wish you were straight then?" he asked innocently.

I laughed, "Hell no, I love guys and I'd rather put up with the bullshit than do without."

"Am I really too young for you?" he asked seriously sounding as if his pride was hurt a little.

I sighed, should I be honest or truthful? I wanted him badly, but I had already began to care for him as a person and didn't want to use him or do anything that would hurt him. In the end I decided to be honest and then let him know that he was in control from here on out.

"No, truth is I have been with younger boys than you."

"Really, how old?" he asked sounding excited.

"Ten was the youngest, I do have my limits," I chuckled.

" would do stuff with me if...if you liked me that way?" he asked sounding unsure of himself again.

"I already like you that way, but it's not up to me."

He screwed up his pretty face and even in the semi-darkness I could see the confusion on his face, "What do you mean it's not up to you?"

"Remember when you asked me if I wanted to see you naked and I said that was your choice, not mine?" He nodded, "Well, see when it comes to a boy and a man, the boy always has to be in control because the man has the most power and this turns it around and gives the boy the power. Do you understand?" I wasn't sure he could, because even a lot of so called boy lovers didn't understand the concept.

"I see, I guess, it's like because you're like older and it's your apartment and your car and I am just a kid with nothing it gets to be my choice so I don't have to do stuff I don't want to."

"Perfect, you got it right the first time." I said praising him for his quick thinking.

He smiled, "So whatever I tell you, you have to do it?" he said smiling wickedly now.

"No," I chuckled, "I'm not your slave. It just means nothing happens unless you want it to."

He sighed, "So if I want to get naked and let you see, then I just do it?"

My heart was beating so fast I could hear the blood rushing through my ears. My cock was so hard it hurt and my whole body was trembling with anticipation, "If that's what you want, then yes, just do it."

"Can I turn on the light first?"

I reached over and switched the lamp back on and when my eyes had adjusted to the light I was delighted to see Billy had scooted off the bed and was standing at the end facing me. He took a deep breath and pulled that oversize tee over his head and threw it on the bed. I looked at his upper chest and took in a sharp breath of my own. He was absofuckinglutley gorgeous. Amazing, perfect, a little Adonis with a baby six pack before anyone ever heard of such a term. His belly button was a semi-outie, meaning it was shallow yet not a full blown innie. Silly thing to notice, but I had a thing for belly buttons. His tummy was flat and smooth and tanned telling me he was not a stranger to going without a shirt. He spun around to give me a look at his back as if he had planned this all along and it was as perfect as the front. I could see the popple of his spine and his shoulder blades and not one freckle or mole marred that perfect expanse of smooth tan flesh.

He spun back around then and my eyes traveled down to his waist in anticipation of what came next, but he wasn't going to make it easy for me. Dancing around with his fingers in his waist band he pulled it away and down a little teasing me with glimpses of his forbidden flesh and a peek at the downy fur above his cock. I was leaking like a faucet and my cock was so hard it hurt and I had to have some relief and soon or I was going to pass out. And still he was dancing around and teasing me unmercifully.

He turned and lowered his boxers just enough to expose his little crack and the very top of those rounded mounds that pushed out against those boxers almost obscenely. I wasn't expecting what came next and my eyes must've popped out of my head like those wolves in the comics when they see a shapely woman as Billy pushed those boxers down and mooned me.

Not only did I get to see all of his cute little bubble butt, but he was nice enough to bend over and show that little brown eye. It seemed to wink at me and I was in love all over again. I had never actually fucked a boy this young, but there were other things I liked doing with a boy's butt and rimming  was one of those things I enjoyed most. I could imagine myself face first between those cheeks and my tongue buried in his ass about two inches as he made his little mewling noises and pushed back against me and my cock jumped as if I had been electrocuted.

Then it was time to end the show and turning back around and without further fanfare he pushed those boxers down and they fell to his feet. I'm sure I made some sort of noise as I finally came face to face with the prettiest little cock I had ever seen in my life. I know you're probably thinking I say that about every boy cock I see, but I don't. His was perfect. It was cut but not tightly and I was willing to bet that when he beat off he pulled that extra skin up over his sensitive ridge and reaped the benefits of  natural masturbation. It was perfectly shaped and straight as an arrow and hard it was at least 4.5 to 5 inches long. His balls were pulled up tight against his body and still hairless, but just above that perfect little cock was a silky looking patch of light brown hair that looked as soft as a kitten's fur. 

I sighed, and looked him up and down taking in the full view and memorizing each line and each feature for further thought. His nipples were little pink erasers surrounded by dime size aerioles and cute as a puppies tummy. I wondered how he would react if I licked and sucked those little nipples and I smiled. He was as perfect a specimen of healthy boy as I had ever seen and I wanted him so bad it hurt. But true to my word, if anything happened, it would be his choice, not mine.

He spun around one more time then jumped into bed and pulled the covers up over him as if he were suddenly shy. "Well, how did you like me?"

"Billy, I can honestly say that you have the cutest, most perfect body I have ever seen on any boy and.....the prettiest little penis I have ever seen."

He giggled, "You said my penis was pretty."

"It is, just like the rest of you."

"I thought only girls were pretty, not boys."

"Naw, kids, boys and girls can be pretty. But I think boys are prettier than girls."

"Cause you're gay, right?"

I nodded, "Yep, I guess." I was about to turn off the lamp when suddenly Billy threw back the covers and my eyes once again feasted on his beauty. 

"So, is looking all you wanna do?"

"I told you, anything that happens is up to you."

"Oh, yeah," he said laughing softly," I forgot, "So, do I just tell you what I want to do?"

"Or just do it."

"Oh, okay...well, first turn out the light, okay?"

I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see his body anymore, but the promise of what might happen next more than made up for it. As darkness descended over us once more I felt his soft little hand on mine and instinctively I brought it to my lips and kissed it. He giggled but didn't pull away.

When I was through kissing his hand he took control and pulled my hand to his chest. I let him position it where he wanted it and then began to rub those little nipples I had dreamt of touching only a few minutes before. I was suddenly aware of his other hand rubbing my stomach and chest and it caused cold chills to run up my spine. This kid was doing more to me just touching me than some had done mauling my privates.

"Uhhh," I moaned, "That feels sooooo good."

He didn't giggle this time, this was serious stuff and he knew it now. It was okay to have fun, but he knew some things didn't need a laugh track and this was one of them.

"Can...can I touch your wiener?" he asked with a tremble in his voice.

"Anything you want to touch is fine with me," I said dreamily. I removed my boxers and tee quickly to make it easier for him and laid back down. My cock was fiercely hard and sticking straight up. And when he touched it I almost came.

He was shy at first, just lifting it and feeling the weight and then placing his finger and thumb around it to see how big around it was. He placed his little hand along side it, I guess to gauge its length, and then grabbed it quickly and squeezed it tightly causing me to moan again.

"What's that wet stuff on the end, did you come?" he asked raising up a bit to stare at my penis in his hand.

"It's called pre-cum. When you get older your penis will make lots of it. Its a sort of natural lube for having sex."

"Oh, so it's like slick?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, feel it if you want to, you can always wipe it on the sheet if you don't like it."

He dabbed a finger in it and rubbed it between his index  finger and thumb, "Cool, it's like snot only not sticky and it's smooth and slick. Wish I had pre-cum."

"You will and probably soon. Your body is getting you ready for sex and that's part of the process."

He thought about that for a moment, "So having sex isn't bad, it's natural, right?"

"Despite what you parents or society may say, sex is natural, and it should always be fun...if not why bother?" I said sharing my personal belief.

He giggled, but I didn' t take offense, his laughter was simply a relief valve for all the pressure that was building up in him. He was shaking with nervousness and excitement and I wanted to make sure that this was still something he wanted before we went any further.

"Billy, like I told you, this is your show. If you want to do stuff that's cool, but if you just want to talk or just go to sleep that's okay too."

He didn't hesitate a second, "No, I wanna do....ummm...some stuff. We talked enough already," he said grinning.

"Okay, buddy. I'm all yours. You just tell me what to do and I'm there."

"I guess I want you to touch my wiener and....stuff," he said shyly.

"Buddy, I will touch every part of your beautiful body if that's what you want and make you feel better than you ever have in your life. But if I do something you don't like, remember just tell me and I'll stop. Okay?"

He nodded, "Okay, but I want you to and as long as it don't hurt...."

"Oh, isn't going to hurt, I promise. It's going to feel so good you may feel a little overwhelmed at first. Do you know what that word means?"

"I..I think so. It's like too much at once, right?"

He was not only beautiful and sexy, he was also very smart. "Exactly, you are a smart guy, you know that?"

He laughed softly, "Thanks, I read a lot."

He was still holding my hard leaking cock and I didn't want to break his hold but I really needed to get to his body and make love to him. I wanted to worship him from head to toe and show him just how good it could feel to be loved by a man.

He let go of my cock reluctantly when I sat up but he was excited about what was to come next and soon got over it. I surprised him by sliding to the end of the bed and standing up. He watched with interest and when I picked up one of his feet he cocked his head at me like a curious puppy.

I didn't ask his permission for this, he knew all he had to do was tell me to stop and I would, but when I started licking and sucking his foot and he began to moan softly I knew he wasn't going to protest any time soon. When I stuck his big toe in my mouth he kicked a little then relaxed and moaned louder.

"'re sucking my toes," he said in a raspy voice, "I never knew that could feel soooo good."

I took his toe out of my mouth long enough to reply, "Kiddo there are lots of things I'm going to show you that you never knew felt good, but remember..."

"I know, I know...if I don't like it just tell you," he laughed, "Fat chance, I'm loving it all so far."

I went on to include each of his little toes and finally stuck as much of his foot as possible in my mouth and let my tongue wash over it as he giggled and squirmed. I guessed this tickled a little, but his little foot sure tasted good and I kept it up for awhile before moving on to the other foot. 

This time he was ready for it and I think he enjoyed it even more if that was possible and when I stuck that foot in my mouth he didn't squirm at all. He just laid there making little mewling sounds and rubbing his pretty boy cock. I pulled his foot out of my mouth and said, "Don't touch that pretty little penis, it's all mine and I'm the only one who can touch it tonight, okay?"

He laughed, "Okay, it's all yours tonight, but same goes for you. You can't touch yours either, it's mine tonight."

His words and the lusty tone of his voice caused my putter to jump and I went back to his foot feasting with new found lust and excitement. I finished off by licking the soles of both feet then kissing the tops of his feet before gently laying them back on the bed. 

He raised up to look at me and maybe to see what was next and I winked at him, "Still liking what I'm doing?"

He said the most amazing thing, "I like everything you're doing and I like you...maybe you," he said sounding embarrassed.

Nothing gets me emotional like a boy telling me he loves me and I already knew I loved him. The pain comes later when you realized that they are just boys without control over their lives and you can't always remain a part of their life. But for tonight at least we were together and we loved one another and I was determined to love this boy in ways he would remember for the rest of his life.

"I love you too," I said softly, "and I love every part of you and I am going to show you how much I love you."

He shook his head quickly and sighed and I moved up to his sleek slender legs. They were almost hairless and what little was there was so lightly colored it was almost invisible. I bent down and ran my tongue up his thigh and he shivered. I munched on the tiny little bit of flesh there with my lips and he giggled.


I moved up a bit and pushed his legs apart and he was like putty in my hands. I nuzzled the fatty part of his inside thighs and he drew in a deep breath and sighed. I could see his hard boy cock bobbling around and once or twice he moved to grab it then remembering my warning he pulled his hand back. He was such a sweetheart and I couldn't wait to bring him to a thunderous orgasm but first I wanted to explore and taste every square inch of his perfect boy body. 

I pushed his legs apart a bit more and ran my tongue along the crack of his thigh where it joined his torso. If you don't think this is an erotic spot especially for a virginal boy, just try it sometime. He tasted so delicious. Despite having bathed earlier I could smell that musky aroma of a boy going through puberty and it drove me wild with desire. I could smell his little ass now and it was like catnip to a cat for me. It wasn't a dirty odor, just the smell of a healthy boy and I wanted to taste that little ass so bad, but that would have to wait. I was hopeful that he would be open for that later, but I felt it was too soon to try it now.

I lapped at his balls then and he moaned softly and he was shaking so hard I was afraid I was hurting his sensitive little balls. But when I asked him if he was okay, he just moaned and said in a shaky voice, " it some more."

So I spent like ten minutes licking and sucking those little balls and taking them into my hungry mouth as he moaned and shivered and clawed at the sheets. If he was this animated just from a good nut licking, I couldn't even imagine what it was going to be like when I started sucking on that pretty little boy cock.

I moved up and licked all around his cock wetting down those downy pubes before giving his cock head a good licking. He moaned loudly and his hands instinctively came to my head no doubt ready to push me down on it, but at the last minute he lost his nerve and just let his hands fall to his side. I didn't linger too long there, I had miles to go before I brought him to orgasm and there was a flat tummy and some cute tits waiting just above.

I licked his little semi-innie belly button and he tensed up his stomach and shivered. I couldn't get enough of the taste of his skin. It was slightly salty and a little sweet. What is it about boys that make them taste so yummy? I moved on up and licked that flat boy tummy of his and he sighed. I couldn't believe how well developed this boy was for a 13 year old. His baby six pack was positively gorgeous and so sexy that it was driving me mad with lust. 

I latched onto his left nipple with my lips and began licking and sucking on it as he drew in a sharp breath and made a little ...ahhhhh aaaa aaahh..sound. I smiled around it. I envied him all these new feelings and experiences and I was doubly committed to making this something he would never forget and hopefully bring him back to me. 

His little nipples were hard, looking like little pencil erasers as they stuck out above his aerioles. I licked the other one and he sighed again. When I had finished with his nipples I nuzzled his neck and steeled myself for what I was about to do next. 

I had thought about since the moment this boy had stepped into my car and I had seen those kissable lips of his, but until now I had no hope of ever touching them with my own lips. I knew that some boys would let you suck and lick every inch of their body but when it came to kissing they thought it was weird or gross or too gay. Funny how that works. You can suck my dick and lick my asshole, but my lips are off Hell, even some grown men are like that. 

But I was hoping this one would be different. He was a little sweetheart and had already confessed his love for me so maybe, just maybe this was the one who enjoyed kissing. I nuzzled is neck for a few minutes working up my courage and when I finally pulled up and brought my face to within inches of his he was waiting.

His eyes were open and the smile on his face told me I was his and he was mine, even if it was only for that moment. I moved my face closer and his eyes closed and he tilted his head as if he had done this a million times. When our lips met it was pure magic. I have kissed men, and I have kissed women, and yes I have kissed a few boys, but nothing, I mean nothing has ever compared to that kiss with my little runaway that night.

His small soft tongue pushed at my mine and I let him in. I sighed as he swirled his little tongue around in my mouth and I returned the favor with my own as he sucked on it almost greedily. Either his boy had been practicing or he was a natural born kisser. This was one of those kisses who hear about that makes your toes curl and mine were almost bent in half.

The kiss must've gone on for a good ten or fifteen minutes as I ran my hands through his hair down his back and across his chest. I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine and I was so slick with pre-cum that it was covering his as well. We were pushing against each other and kissing the whole time and I had to really control myself to keep from blowing my load right then and there.

Finally I broke the kiss and began just placing little kisses all over his face and forehead and neck while he sighed contentedly.

"Is this what being gay is like?" he asked softly.

"Uh huh, it's part of it. There's more."

"Then I want to be gay and I want more....." he moaned.

"Do you trust me Billy?" I said raising up to look in his eyes. I saw love and trust in his eyes and knew the answer before he spoke.

He nodded, "More than anyone in the whole world, more than my parents and even more than my best friend." he said softly.

I kissed him softly on the lips and raised up and rolled off of him, "Roll over on your stomach."

He didn't hesitate a second and suddenly I was confronted with the most beautiful boy butt I had even seen. Even in the near darkness I could see the little dimples at the top and as my eyes traced down the crack to that area just above his boy balls I drew in a sharp breath. 

Fucking him never entered my mind. I was not an aggressive top when it came to boys, or men for that matter, but I wanted my tongue in there in the worst way. I was sure at this point that Billy would be open to just about anything but I still wanted him to know he was in charge.

"Do you know what rimming is?" I asked softly.

He thought about that a moment before replying. This was 1985 and there was no internet and TV was PG at best and most boys didn't have access to that kind of info. "I...I'm not sure. Is it know putting your wiener in my butt?"

"No, not exactly. Rimming is when someone licks up and down your crack and across your butt hole and sticks their tongue in your hole."

I could feel his body ripple with excitement as he thought about what I had said, "Are you going to do that to me?" he asked with lust in his voice.

"Yes, is that okay?"

"Yesss..." he said softly.

I began my kissing down his back making him shiver with anticipation and when I kissed each check he was trembling with excitement. I reached under him and pulled him up a bit then finally shoved a pillow under him to give me better access to that perfect ass. I knelt behind him and reaching down I spread his butt cheeks slightly revealing that jewel between them. I moved closer and inhaled his heady boy butt odor and my cock jumped with anticipation. Maybe I had no thoughts of fucking this perfect ass, but my dick might have had some thoughts of it's

He trembled as I began running my tongue down his crack and when it came into contact with his pucker he drew in a deep breath and moaned loudly, "Oh...ohhhh...ummmm"

I knew what he was feeling but I was too busy experiencing my own nirvana to react. I continued my trip down that smooth crevice until I reached his taint and then lapped my tongue out beneath him to touch his balls causing him to shiver once more.

I repeated this several more times before finally deciding he was ready for more. On the next trip down his crack when I reached his pucker I let my tongue remain there and began lapping at his hole greedily. The reaction was immediate as Bill rose up off the bed and pushed his little ass against me trying to force my tongue inside him. 

He opened up easily to my tongue and after a few minutes I had a good inch of my wicked tongue up his little poop chute. He was squirming and pushing back against me trying to force more of my tongue into him as he made little animal noises and pawed at the sheets.

"Oh...oh....oh, so good....I love it," he finally managed to say.

I knew that at this point I could very easily replaced my tongue with my cock and though it might hurt him for an instant, he would probably enjoy a good fuck, but that wasn't my way. I continued to eat his fine young ass until he was almost exhausted from the new feelings wracking his little body. 

Finally I pulled away and he collapsed onto the bed breathing heavily. "Is that what it feels like to have a wiener in your butt?" he asked turning his head to stare at me. His eyes were filled with lust and anticipation and I wanted to take him so bad. But again, I am not that kind of boy lover.

"Maybe even better, but I'll be honest. It can hurt the first time. Once you get used to it though, it's pretty wonderful."

"I don't care, I'm tough. I can take it," he said stubbornly.

"Do you know what you're asking?" I said putting my excitement aside and looking out for his best interests.

He nodded, "I want you me in the butt. I can stand it and if it feels like that other stuff then I want it...I want it bad. Please Ron?"

I was trembling with desire and fear. I loved this boy already and I wanted to be inside him and a part of him more than anything on earth, but my desire to make sure he was happy and that he didnt' get hurt out weighed my desire.

"I don't know. You're so young, I've never...uh, done that with a boy your age. The youngest I've ever been with was 15."

"So, that's not so much older. I'm strong and horny and I really want you to do this. Please....." he pleaded.

I covered my face with my hands and sighed, "How about if I finish what I was doing and then if you still want to try it....."

"Okay, oh boy...I can't wait. Uh, what else are you gonna do?"

"Roll over and I'll show ya," I said gently grabbing his hips and helping him roll onto his back. 

His dick sprang up and stood proudly at a full 5" now and I could wait no longer. Diving onto his dick I swallowed it to the hilt and began working my throat muscles. I could tell he wasn't expecting this and the feeling was overwhelming, just as the rim job had been. I worked that little love muscle as if my life depended on it. Years before anyone knew what edging was, I was an expert at it and despite the fact that I was dealing with a young teen, I was able to hold him back until I was ready for him to come.

When I finally decided he could stand no more I swallowed him to the hilt one last time then began to move up and down on his dick grabbing a breath on each up stroke and literally fucking my throat with his cock. He was gasping and clawing at the covers and finally he grabbed my head and shoved his hard boy cock down my throat one last time and crying out he began to unload.

The first shot went down my throat into my stomach and I didn't get to taste it but I pulled up and caught the next squirt on my tongue. I had expected it to be good, but it was even better than I had anticipated. His cum was a little thin but no less delicious than an older teen's might have been, a combination of salty and sweet and boy flavor. I sighed contentedly and wasn't satisfied until I had all of it safely in my tummy. When I had licked the last of it off his now sensitive dick head I kissed it and his balls and fell down beside him on the bed. 

He was breathing heavily, still making little mewling sounds and shivering a little. I rolled onto my side and threw an arm across him and held him as he came down from his orgasmic high. I kissed his face and snuggled against him and before I knew what was happening I was asleep.

I awoke to that feeling I call "the married feeling", you know when you share a bed with someone and even in your sleep you gravitate toward one another and cuddle and yet neither awake. Billy was spooned up to my front and as I became fully awake I realized my hard cock was nestled between his butt cheeks. I could feel the slickness of my pre-cum as my cock rested there and I thought to myself how wonderful it felt just being between those golden globes of beauty. I could only imagine what it would feel like to bury my cock deep within him and fuck this perfect boy, shooting my load deep within his guts. 

As if he were reading my thoughts suddenly Billy spoke causing goose bumps on every part of my body.

"Will you try it now? Please."

"Are you sure?" I whispered, my lips trembling so much I was barely able to speak.

"Uh huh, I want you to. Is this okay, can we do it this way?" he asked pushing back against me causing me to grunt.

"Yessss. This is perfect. That way if you don't like it you can scoot away."

"I won't. I just know I will like it." He said sounding very calm.

I hugged him and kissed the back of his neck before reaching down and positioning my cock against his slick tight hole. I have fucked a few virgins and not one has ever been harmed in the process, but this was new territory for me since he was the youngest. But his desire to make it happen might make up for his age and lack of experience, I decided.

I rubbed against his hole until he was comfortable with that before pushing against him a little. I was surprised when he grunted and pushed back a little bearing down as if he were having a bowel movement. I wondered where he learned that. Had this boy been fucked before?

The rest was text book fucking one oh Slowly inch by inch I slid into my boy and he never once complained or tried to pull away. He was sighing softly during the whole process and when I finally bottomed out he grabbed my arm and pulled it tight around his waist and wiggled his ass against me causing waves of pleasure to ripple through my cock.

I sighed and kissed his neck again, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, you can fuck me now," he said lustily.

Reaching between his legs I found his cock and was not surprised to find it was rock hard but I was surprised to find it was wet on the tip. He had apparently produced his first pre-cum as I slid my cock into him. I touched my finger to it and brought it to his lips. He was confused at first then tasted it and smiled.

"Your first pre-cum," I said and he laughed softly.

"Cool, gonna fuck me or not?" he said impatiently.

I chuckled and began. I started slow pulling out almost all the way and then sliding back in slowly as he sighed. As my heat built up I began to move faster and he didn't protest. In fact he was moaning softly now and pushing back against me with each thrust and I knew his prostate was getting a good working over. 

His cock continued to seep pre-cum and he would occasionally reach down and wipe it off and then clean his fingers tasting his yummy new flavor. Once he offered it to me and I sucked his finger greedily as I continued to move in and out of him.

"I want to try a different position," I said stopping. Now that I knew he was comfortable with my fuck I wanted to get the max out of it.

I pulled out causing him to whine a little but when I rolled him onto his back and raised his legs his eyes got wide with excitement. I lined up and pushed back in easily because his little hole still remained open after having my cock in it. I lifted his legs higher and leaned down and kissed him hungrily as I began to fuck him again. 

He was grunting on each downward stroke and his cock was bobbing about between us and leaking like crazy now. I wondered if he could come from getting fucked. I had had a few guys do that but never a boy and I was about due. 

I decided since Billy was taking my fucking pretty well it was time to ramp it up a bit. I usually don't power fuck but damn if Billy's willingness and eagerness didn't make me super horny and I decided to go for it.

Picking up the pace and grabbing his legs and pushing them almost to Billy's shoulders I began to fuck him hard and fast. I constantly searched is face to see if he was okay, and the look there told me he was not only okay, but in Heaven. He was jerking his hard boy cock now but not seriously and I don't think he was even aware of touching it. It was just there and he needed something to do. He finally abandoned it all together and just grabbed the sheets and held on for dear life.

I was getting close then, seeing the look on his face was enough to get me there, but when suddenly his little dick started spurting without his touching it that was all it took. I began to fill his hot tight guts with my cum and I felt as if my very life force was flowing out of me and  into this beautiful boy beneath me.

"Uhhh...uhhh...uhhhh...Oh...Gawdddd...." he panted, "What was that? What was that thing you touched inside me? I came and I wasn't even touching it."

I was too busy unloading to answer right then but when I was finished I slowly pulled out, leaned down and licked Billy clean then fell down beside him panting as if I had ran a marathon.

I answered all his questions and asked him a few of my own.

"How did you know what to do when I was putting it in you? You bore down like you were pooping and I slid right in."

He shrugged, "Well...see that kid...the 16 year old, well...he did that to me and that's what he told me to do. Did  I do it right?"

"Oh, yes....perfect. You were perfect," I said hugging him and kising him gently.

He sighed, "Ron? Do you think I could stay here another night. My folks won't be back till Sunday anyway and well, I think I'll just go back and they won't ever know I run away. That way I won't be in trouble and I can come and visit you again. I mean if you want me to," the last part he said sounding shy and insecure.

I hugged him closer, "Oh, buddy I want you to come back anytime you want. In fact I'll give you my phone number and when you can safely get away I'll pick you up someplace close to where you live."

He sighed, "Cool! Ron? Do you love me now?...I mean we had sex. Isn't that when you find out you love someone?"

I chuckled, "Buddy, I loved you the minute I met you and the sex was only the icing on the cake."

He laughed softly, "Yeah, I guess I understand." he yawned then and I tucked him in and snuggled against him and soon we were both asleep.

I awoke around seven, called in sick and crawled back into bed with my little runaway and kissed him softly. He smiled in his sleep and my heart melted. I was in love and looking forward to spending the day with my boy.

There's not a lot left to tell, Billy and I spent the next day getting to know each other and that night getting to know each other's bodies. There wasn't much Billy didn't want to try and that image of him I had at the DQ of his face covered in cum became reality eventually. I let him fuck me that second night, but he enjoyed getting fucked a whole lot more than fucking and that was fine with me. I loved sucking him off and then fucking him, causing him to spurt every time and then snuggling with him till it was time for him to go home.

We were together for about five years, and he even managed to spend the night about once a week. He finally found a boyfriend his own age at school when he was 16 and when he told me he cried and begged me not to be mad. What could I say? I knew boys loved and moved on, it was just the way it was, and I hugged him and told him it was fine. He spent the night that night and we had wonderful sex not mentioning how things were going to change.

A week later he called me to come pick him up and my heart was soaring as I drove to the 7-11 we always met  but when I pulled up he was not alone. I knew from his description of Kyle, the new boyfriend, that this was him and I didn't know whether to be happy or sad seeing them there together.

As it turned out, I had nothing to be worried about. The three of us went back to my house and had the most incredible 3-way I have ever had on my life. Before the night was over I loved Kyle almost as much as Billy and I think he loved me too. This went on until Billy and Kyle broke up a few months later then it was just Billy and me again. 

As good as it had been with the three of us, I loved having Billy to myself again and if he ever messed with another boy he never let on. We were lovers until he graduated from High School and moved a hundred miles away to attend college. As expected time and distance cooled our romance, but he did manage to visit a few times during his college years but things were never quite the same. 

It wasn't sad, it was just how things are and I accepted it gracefully and moved on. I found a new boy pretty quick and although I was older, we were soon lovers just as Billy and I had been. But that's a different story for a different day. This story was about My Little Runaway.

The End

Okay, another story based on a chance sighting. I was coming home from work and saw this gorgeous boy walking along the side of the road and used him as the boy in this story. Of course everything else is fiction and fantasy. But those were simpler times, I know because I lived then and sometime I really miss them.

I know some readers will write and say they want to hear more, but this is a short story and this it the end, for real. However, we might find out about the new boy if I get enough requests.

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