My Little Teddy Bear Ovdoc June,2012

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This story starts shortly after I became an assistant scout leader about 1970. A friend of mine named Harry had asked me to help him out. He was the Scoutmaster, but had a business to run not to mention his other social obligations. He also had a son in the troop who had made eagle Scout, and would become my biggest competitor, and eventually my biggest backer and closest friend.

Another younger Eagle Scout in the troop was also the son of a scout leader in the troop, and would become a lover and a close friend who helped set me up as an adult looking to have fun with boys. Mike and I made a lot of friends. We made that troop a great club to join just to have fun in the outdoors. We also developed a program that attracted boys who loved learning new skills as well as new experiences. If you haven’t read “Danger High Voltage” on nifty, you’ll want to read that one as well.

As best I can remember, this story starts on a Spring camp out. Almost the whole troop turned out for this one. The weather was great. The patrols were to compete with each other for awards in camping skills. Mike was the junior leader in charge, and was very anxious to prove himself in more ways than one. We had arrived in camp early on a Friday afternoon. Camp went up quickly and efficiently. Rows of two man tents were divided into patrol sites. Each had a flag flying showing the name of the patrol. Spirits were high. It took a while to get the boys calmed down. Friday nights were noisy at first. Finally, the chatter became lower as the boys retreated to their tents to talk.

There were two new boys in camp; Bobby and Mike. They shared a tent, and were anxious to get acquainted with their new troop. Both had been camping before, but with the cubs. This was their first time with the “big” boys. Both were very excited and anxious to please. Both were way too cute to ignore. They didn’t have to worry about that. They would not be ignored.

Why Roy and I both wound up in their little two man tent escapes me. It was pretty crowded with the four of us seated in a circle. I was surprised to find out that Mike was the younger brother of Gary. Gary was one of the older boys who had spent a week with me on a fifty mile hike. He and two of his friends had made it a fantastic week. We were still seeing each other on occasion. I had no idea how much little Mike knew about me. I was sure Roy knew why I was there. My gaydar told me Roy and I both wanted the same thing. We were both trying to get a good look at Bobby and Little Mike. If there was any doubt of that, it disappeared when both Roy and I competed for their attention. I only won that contest when Roy had to leave to join his father in their tent.

A short time after Roy had gone, Bobby asked if I could spend the night with them. It was obvious both boys knew I wanted to play. Neither was worried. No sooner had I agreed to sleep with them than Bobby started removing his clothes. Mike followed his lead. I was soon looking at two boys wearing only their briefs. The boys decided to spread their sleeping bags out so we could lay on top of them. In the process of doing so, both scooted around on their hands and knees showing me some pretty good shots of their cute little jewels. Of course, I could only get a glimpse as the boys spread out the bags, but they were having a great time pausing to let me get a peek. There was no doubt they had discovered a new game of peek-a-boo. And we made no secret that we knew what we were doing.

Once the sleeping bags were spread, Bobby and Mike plopped on their backs showing their bulges to me. They giggled as Bobby demanded that I get out of my clothes to join them on the make shift bed. That was no problem. I took it as an invite to play. In just a few seconds, I was laying in between the two boys, my shaft making a teepee in the front of my briefs.

Once I was comfortable, I reached out with both hands, placing one hand on each crotch. Both boys watched amused as I gently massaged their little toys. Bobby made his move by sliding his briefs off so I could see what he had. He admitted he and Mike had played games at home, but had only played with each other. They lived two houses apart, so they spent a lot of time together. They had seen each other naked much of their life, but had only recently discovered it was fun to do stuff to each other. Mike did as Bobby did. He pushed his briefs slowly down his legs and off his feet.

I paused to take a good look at the boys. Bobby was a little taller and older than Mike. Both were only eleven, but Bobby was already starting to show signs of developing. He was also slightly darker inskin complexion and proudly announced that he was part American Indian. He had black hair and dark eyes, but a really cute body. It was obvious he was going to have an athletic build in a few years. He was also more outgoing and adventurous than Mike. His thin little dicklet was about three inches long stiff and his balls had started dropping. I knew he would soon be spurting and showing hair.

Mike was shorter and rounder. He still showed signs of some baby fat, but looked so lovable. His hair and eyes were brown. He had a cute little bubble butt that I couldn’t help staring at. He didn’t know that - yet. His dicklet and balls were still bare and small. No chance that he could shoot. Still, he didn’t attempt to hide. He knew from his brother that he would change although they had not done anything together. He had seen Gary naked and stiff, but hadn’t done anything because Gary said they were brothers and brothers didn’t do stuff to each other.

I knew the boys were waiting to see if I was going to get naked too. Nothing more would happen if I didn’t. As they chatted about what they had done, I slid out of my briefs showing them my seven inch shaft and healthy balls. Both of them watched quietly as I stroked it slowly for them. I was in my early thirties and was fairly well built. Not great. Lots of hair on the chest. Both seemed to approve, but were content for a few minutes to look as I returned to stroking their toys.

Sensing it was time for me to move to the next level, I turned to Bobby and slid down so that my mouth was in front of his stiff. Turning him onto his side, I leaned forward and easily engulfed all of his dick. Without pausing, I licked and bathed his shaft as I sucked on it. All Bobby could do was to make sounds of pleasure as his body responded to a new feeling he had never felt before. Taking my time, I paused to also lick and suck on his small ball sac. When I went back to his dick, Bobby began to rock back and forth, humping my mouth rapidly. A few minutes later, he was holding the back of my head as his dick jerked and sent thrills throughout his entire system. He had had the good feeling before, but nothing like this. He had just had a blow job. It felt great. He smiled at Mike, then at me. Wow! He was ready to do this game all night, but for now he needed time to rest. He pulled the sensitive shaft away from me. It was Mike’s turn.

And boy, was Mike ever ready! He looked at me with a smile from ear to ear as I easily took in his little two inch bald dick and his balls. He was so ready that two minutes later, he was gasping for breath as his little toy jumped and caused his balls to feel funny as his entire body shuddered. Like Bobby, mike was ready to do this again.

Knowing the boys would not be ready to return the favor, I took Bobby’s hand and wrapped it around my shaft. Holding it there by placing my hand over his, I quickly jerked off. Both boys watched wide-eyed as I shot a huge load all over my chest. Bobby was amazed to feel the big dick throb and jerk as streams of cum shot into the air. When it was done, I let his hand go. He stared at the puddles of white stuff. Both boys watched as I wiped it off with my tee shirt. For now, I was satisfied. We slid back into our briefs. The boys were soon sound asleep. I slipped out of the tent so as to not get caught in bed with them.

My big chance with them came two weeks later. I had been asked to put on a survival demo at a school festival. I asked Bobby and Mike if they wanted to go. They jumped at the chance.

We sat up a tent with another scout troop in the school’s athletic field on a Friday afternoon. Our tent was pretty close to another tent with two good looking boys in it. They appeared to be about twelve or thirteen. One was a light brown haired boy that quickly let us know he liked the idea of having a leader camping right next to him. His tent mate was a little smaller. He was really cute with blond hair and an angelic face. No sooner had we set up than our new friends joined us in our tent to swap jokes and stories about boys having sex in their troop. We were soon wrestling around becoming familiar with each other, sometimes “accidentally” groping each other’s privates causing the boys to giggle that this was a fun game.

After dark, the boys returned to their own tent. A sudden thunder storm brought lots of rain, lightening and loud thunder. The boys were back. This time wearing only their underwear and looking more than a little frightened. They wanted to stay with us until the storm passed. Although it was pretty crowded, we made room for them to crawl in the bed with us.

Since we had once again spread out the sleeping bags as one bed, the boys were in for a surprise, or maybe several surprises. The first one came when they saw that all three of us were totally nude. That brought about a few giggles. They knew they had caught us playing naughty games. They paused just long enough to get rid of their underwear, then slid in next to us.

The next surprise was that there wasn’t much room under the cover. We were laying on our side skin to skin with the boys next to us. All of us were sporting erections. The erections were sliding up and down the buns of the boy next to you. Bobby and Mike turned face to face and began rubbing their stiff little rods together.

 When the blond laying in front of me turned to face me rather than to allow me to poke my big pole so close to his tight little hole, I gently pushed him down so that he was looking at that big pole. That big pole was now touching and rubbing his lips. To my total surprise, the boy opened his mouth to stick out his tongue and taste the lollipop. At first, he pulled back. I thought it was over. Then he tasted it again. This time a little longer. Pausing only briefly, he opened up enough to allow the head in. Holding it there, he began to lick and suck on it. He must have decided he liked it. He allowed a few inches into his mouth and began humping it. Despite my surprise, I told him to cover his teeth. They were sharp. He did so. And he was doing a pretty good job of making me moan in pleasure.

I must have gotten a little carried away, probably knowing I wasn’t going to last long, that I pulled him off my dick and rolled him over on his stomach so I could open up his back side and get my finger in it. I had my KY tube under my pillow so I oiled it up and after a few attempts got it all the way inside him. He didn’t resist all that much, but he had never played this game before. I’m sure it hurt, especially when the second finger joined in. The boy gradually opened up for me. As his friend watched curiously, I removed the two fingers, oiled up his butt and my dick, then slowly eased the head inside him. All three boys stopped playing long enough to watch as my shaft disappeared inside this guest to our tent. He buried his head in a pillow grunting as his tiny hole stretched to the limit to allow a log to slide inside it.

Once in, I laid flatly on top of the boy. After a couple of minutes, I moved around inside him looking for his pleasure spot. When he moaned and lifted his head, I knew I had it. He looked around at me in surprise, but did not appear angry. I asked if he was hurt. He answered that someone had just shoved a tree up his butt. It felt like it was all the way up to his chest. Still, he was now O K with it. It hurt but felt strangely good. He liked knowing that I could move it around in him. Sometimes it touched something that felt really good. We actually played around until he could feel the shaft pushing out in his groin. Finally, I started my rhythm. Only a few minutes later, I threw the covers back so the boys could watch as the shaft pulled back to the head, then slammed back in. I was moaning loudly as my load shot deep inside the young teen. When I was empty, I laid on him to rest, and finally eased out making a loud sucking noise as I came out.

The exhausted boy rolled over on his stomach looking up at me as if he had just achieved the impossible. He squeezed his buns together a couple of times to be sure they were still working. I gave him his tee shirt to clean up back there a little, but instead he gave me a big hug as if we were now somehow related. He remained next to me all night, hugging and accepting my kisses. Early the next morning, I slid back in him again and repeated our relationship, delivering another load of cum.

The rain did not let up much as night turned to day. We were pretty much forced to stay in our tents. Blondie left the tent to visit the portable potty, but returned to our tent. To my surprise, he decided to strip to his briefs and crawl back into bed.

His friend, Buddy, had chosen to remain in bed with me, and was cuddled up in front of me taking Blondie’s place. When Blondie left, Buddy had assumed it was his turn to discover new things. Not believing my good fortune, I had simply drawn Buddy back against me, easing my hard stick up and down his crack until he was relaxed with that. As I wrapped my arms around him, I found his three inch stiff and played with his dick and his balls. Buddy loved it. When he felt a dry orgasm sweeping over him, he couldn’t resist pushing back against me relaxed and open. Not missing a stroke, I pushed forward. My mushroom dick head was still slick. It slipped inside his tight little hole as if it was now open for fun.

 Buddy let out a sharp gasp and grabbed a pillow to hold onto. He hadn’t planned to go that far. He had just given up his hole to a guy he hardly knew, but he knew he was about to find out what his friend, Blondie, had already discovered. He grunted quietly as the monster slowly invaded and bonded to him. He wanted to pull away, but he wanted to know how it felt. Blondie had been screwed all night and had seemed to like it. Buddy knew he could not tell his friends about this, but curiosity got the best of him. The pain lessened as the monster slid in further. In fact, although it still hurt, it began to feel strangely good. At any rate, he had now been screwed. He had taken the biggest dick he had seen thus far up his butt. Might as well finish this new thrill. He made no attempt to stop now.

By the time Blondie had crawled back in bed with us, my seven inch shaft was fully buried in Buddy’s butt. Blondie felt around under the covers and realized his friend was taking his place. He looked at Buddy smiling. He knew Buddy was about to discover how much he would like this forbidden game. Blondie disappeared under the cover. He found Buddy’s stiff dick and his lips engulfed it. Buddy was surprised, but loved the feeling. As I held my dick inside him, Buddy found himself wiggling in pleasure from the mouth working over his dick. As he did so, he became more comfortable with the toy inside him. Before long, he felt at ease. The dick inside him was causing strange but nice feelings up and down his spine. So was the mouth licking and sucking on his dick. He could stand a lot more of this.

I doubt that Buddy even noticed that my dick was speeding up as it also lengthened the strokes in and out of his butt. Both Blondie and I remained on our side as we worked Buddy over. But good things never last forever. Buddy could feel his little balls feeling strangely tight. They caused him to start pumping wildly into Blondie’s mouth. That caused him to push back against the pole that was trying to set a steady rhythm in his butt. Both Blondie and I were enjoying the results. Buddy was making us excited. All three of us knew the climax was only seconds away.

The first to finish was Blondie. Buddy’s orgasm rocked his whole body. He held Blondie’s head tightly as his dry orgasm tried desperately to pump a load into the warm mouth that was ready for it. While the load wasn’t there, the climax was. Buddy moaned sounds of utter pleasure as he pushed hard into Blondie’s mouth. His dick jerked wildly until the feeling began to fade.

The spasms from his dick caused his butt muscles to draw tight, then relax. And my balls were drawing tight as well. I knew I was going to blast my load into the boy hole I had chosen. It was the third or fourth load in a day. I was amazed that it felt so huge. I shoved hard against Buddy’s butt, held it deep inside him, and felt the shaft expand as the first shot exploded. Pulling back, I held him tightly to me as I plunged in again. And again. And again. Each time, I deposited another load. Buddy gasped each time I plunged inside him, knowing I was leaving my load there. He wasn’t sure this was a good thing. After all, he was a boy, not a girl. He couldn’t get pregnant or have a baby - nor did he want to. Still, he wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t do this again. He had never had these feelings before. Jerking off had been fun. Getting a blow job was even better. And getting screwed was something he could get used to.

Confused and exhausted, Buddy lay on his back smiling as Blondie and I hugged and kissed him. We had loved what we did. He could only enjoy the feelings we had given him. Buddy closed his eyes to rest wondering how he was going to explain to himself that being loved had just taken on a whole new meaning. He and Blondie would definitely find time to do this again.

For me, the day would cause problems. Bobby and Mike had competed for my attention. Both were hurt that I had gone a lot further with two new boys than I had with them. Sure, I found time to blow both of them again. But they had expected things to go differently. I was showing a lot more attention to these new boys than to them. Jealousy was something I had not figured on.

The weather made it possible for me to make up for my rudeness to Bobby and Mike. We got to know each other a lot better. By mid-afternoon, it was clear the rain was not going to let up and the inside of the tent was soaking wet. Every one was ready to admit we would postpone the activities and we packed up and went home.