My Little Teddy Bear -3 Ovdoc

Chapter 3

As time went on, the boys got more competative, often trying to be more friendly and agreeable than the other; sometimes attempting to get me to secretly pick them up. Bobby, especially was likely to call, asking me to pick him up, but not Mike. Mike, on the other hand, knew Bobby was more aggressive and more developed (although less than a year older), and would ask if I was seeing Bobby alone. If you’ve ever had a lover, you know better than to admit to secret meetings.

To make things more complicated, Bobby and I had met one evening at my place. As always, we were making love. I had bobby in bed laying on his back with my shaft buried to the hilt. We were playing with his dick, which had shown some growth lately. Bobby had became very sensitive and active during orgasms. He really loved it when I took the time to play with his now four inch shaft that got as hard as a nail and spasmed vigorously during orgasm. We both knew it was just a matter of time before Bobby started making sperm. I was anxiously waiting for the day when he shot off. Of course, he was too. So when a few watery drops shot out the end of his dick as he was getting humped, both of us paused to admire and play with his cum. Bobby even wanted me to hump him again, but couldn’t do it twice. I assured him it was my dick massaging his prostate that had produced his first load, and that we could expect that from now on.

A day later, Mike called me to tell me that Bobby had shot off, and was making sperm. He just couldn’t keep the secret. He and Bobby had been jerking off, and Bobby had shot off. Acting jealous, I roared: “How long have you two been secretly jerking off and stuff?” The phone was silent for a long pause. Then Mike whispered “It don’t mean anything. We were just playing around.” I laughed it off. “Your turn will come soon.”, I told him. “We are all friends. I hope to be there when your first time happens. We will celebrate.” Mike was all right with that. We would practice often.

And there were problems with other adult friends who made it clear they would be more than pleased to take my place. One friend, another Doug, talked the boys into going with him to a lake. Once there, he talked them into going skinny-dipping. Then he broke out a camera and took pictures. Bobby got hold of several of the pictures. He showed them to me.

I was furious. I not only confronted Big Doug. I confronted Mike. Mike was crushed. He swore that nothing happened. I believed him, but insisted that he had broken my trust in him. I knew when I did that I had screwed up. Mike left me in tears. When he caught up with Bobby, they got into a fight. Big Doug confirmed that nothing happened. He tried, but got no where with the boys. I was angry with Big Doug. Mike was angry with Bobby. He was also angry that I had told him I would not compete with other guys. Either he was mine or he wasn’t. Being me, I said a lot more than I should have. My temper is often my worst enemy. When Mike left in tears, I realized that if his parents saw him this way, he would say enough to put me in prison with some huge ape calling me his “lover boy”.    Worse yet, I wasn’t so sure I didn’t deserve it. After all, even apes have a right to be happy.

Even though I owed Mike, it took a day for me to cool down enough to call him and apologize. I explained that I had feelings for him. I was sincere when I said I didn’t want to share him. We seemed so right together.

Mike and I made an agreement. We would be more than just sex buddies. We would only see each other.

Needless to say, that agreement did not go over well with Bobby. He was angry especially with me. He and Mike had been good friends until I came along. Never mind that all of us were involved in a gay sex thing. Bobby had lost Mike. Me, he didn’t need. He had every reason to want to get even.

I knew Bobby well enough to know he would not go to his parents. He and I had fooled around with to many of his friends. Bobby’s dad was the macho type. He worked as a supervisor for a construction company. He would have probably have shown Bobby what “real men” do to sissy boys. He would definitely treat his little boy a lot differently. There were also pictures of Bobby having sex with other boys. Bobby was afraid those pictures (taken for my private pleasure) would get around in school. His reputation as a tough guy would be ruined. Sex was a fun game to Bobby. It was just a phase he was going through. Now it was a serious problem. He didn’t want to give it up. He just wanted to control it.

As for Mike, he had decided to totally give in to me. He wasn’t all that happy about being a bottom, but then he wasn’t shooting yet. He loved the feelings I gave him. He didn’t mind so much that it meant taking my shaft up his butt a lot. That felt good to. Mostly, it was just being the center of attention. He loved being called my little teddy bear. He laughed that little teddy bears could be lovable or they could be little devils that bite.

I think we both knew our devotion to each other was just infatuation. Mike was just turning thirteen. He wasn’t really ready for a steady. And I was used to playing the field. I knew that boys changed as they grew up. Mike wouldn’t be all that anxious to stick with one guy. After a few months of secretly seeing each other, both of us started cheating. Neither of us was willing to admit it though. That led to some comical situations.

One such comedy took place one night at a movie theater. I had taken Mike to a premiere show at a well known theater. There was a long line waiting to get into the theater. When we finally got into the lobby, it was packed with people. Mike was standing in front of me in a long line. Behind me was about four boys Mike’s age. They didn’t know him. Because the line was packed so close, I took a chance to play with a cutie behind me. As he was pushed into me, I reached back pretending to keep the boy from bumping me. With both hands behind me, I slid one hand into the boys crotch, getting a really good feel of his dick and balls. I let the hand stay there long enough to get a good feel. The boy jumped a little at first, then moved forward again to see if I would do it again. And I did. The boy moaned loud enough that his buddies strained to see what had happened. So did Mike. There were giggles coming from the boys who thought their friend had accidentally found a guy who liked playing games.

Without even so much as a warning, Mike stepped out of line, let loose with a hard shoe toe to my ankle, stating loudly: “Cut that out!” I let out a yelp. That really hurt. I raised my ankle to rub it. The other boys in line started giggling. A dozen people in the lobby thought I had injured myself or maybe got caught up in a boy fight. They asked if I was all right. I nodded yes. No way was I about to try to explain what had happened. The manager thought I had brought the whole gang of boys to the movie. He escorted all of us to a row of seats up front telling us to enjoy the movie.

Mike was putting on an act of being really angry with me. The boy I had grabbed asked if I was Mike’s dad. Mike told him “NO!” The boy put two and two together, and was practically rolling in the aisle realizing he had got me in trouble with his buddies and Mike, too. He did tell me he was sorry. He tried to tell Mike it was just an accident. Mike wasn’t buying that. And he was embarrassed that he had just admitted he was there with his adult fun guy. Once we were seated and the lights started dimming, the boy took my right hand and placed it on his hard little shaft. He moved it around giving me a good feel of his goodies. A couple of his buddies saw what he was doing, but kept quiet knowing Mike hadn’t seen it yet. I pulled back after getting another good feel, knowing that Mike was excited about embarrassing me. I could easily envision the local police escorting me out in handcuffs. Mike made up for the pain in my ankle by placing my other hand in his lap so I could play with him. He covered up by covering us with a raincoat. But I’m sure the boys noticed.

During the movie, I asked Mike if I could buy candy for the other boys. To my surprise, he agreed. The boys were introduced, and weren’t the least intimidated that I had done anything wrong. They thought it was the bravest thing any guy had ever done at a theater. The boy I had teased was willing to meet me at the theater again later. Mike took a liking to the boy, but would not agree to another meeting unless he was there.

 With Mike’s consent, we met with him a few days later. He was a really cute brown headed boy about thirteen, average build, green eyes. It was decided we would go to my place instead of the movie. Although sex was not mentioned, Nathaniel (Nat) knew what was expected. Mike understood from the start what my intentions were. Not only did he go along with it, but wanted to do it. He explained that he liked Nat and it was not cheating if both of us wanted to do it. Nat wasn’t sure what we were talking about. He had been propositioned by men at the movie, and even got a blow job by a man who kneeled in front of him. The man blew Nat while he continued to watch the movie. In fact, Nat had only agreed to go with us because he knew Mike trusted me enough to go places with me. He figured if Mike trusted me that much and I liked Mike so much, he was probably pretty safe. He also added that he had to be back in a couple of hours since his family thought he was in the movie.

For that reason, I started the foreplay by fooling around with both boys during the short ride to my place. I already knew that Nat was well built for his age. I had been impressed in the movie when he placed my hand on his hard on. No doubt he knew he was big. But he made me wait until we were at my place before he let us see it.

Knowing we would have to get down to business quickly to get Nat back to the movie house, I had Mike serve drinks while I showed Nat around and striped down to my shorts, we paused for pizza and drinks. Mike hesitated to see how Nat was going to react, then started undressing as Nat peeled off his pull over shirt, showing off his bare chest. Nat was a couple inches taller than Mike, but not much fuller. It was clear all of us were anxious to get through the shyness thing and get down to the fun.

I thought it was going to be up to me to keep things moving. No way. Mike was both surprised and impressed when Nat finally slid out of his jeans. His briefs didn’t do that great a job of hiding his long slim slightly curved six inch shaft. The head of it (and a couple inches) were clearly visible peeking out a leg opening. I had already finished undressing to set the pace. Both Mike and I made no pretense not to stare. And Nat simply smiled at our silent admiration as he promptly slid the briefs down and off. He giggled as I grabbed it and led him to my bedroom and motioned for him to lay on the bed.

He was no sooner stretched out on his back than Mike was on one side of him and I was on the other. We not only took turns playing with it. We took turns licking and sucking on his dick and balls. Nat just tucked his hands under his head and let us get acquainted with his crotch. And we sure did. Mike would lick at his balls while I buried that shaft half way down my throat. Nat moaned and arched his hips in the air as Mike and I traded off with each other. The whole thing had happened so quickly that I don’t think any of us were aware that we had practically jumped Nat’s bone. And it seemed like no time at all that Nat warned us he couldn’t hold out much longer. I instantly took over. Holding the upper half firmly in my mouth, I pumped it and Nat rapidly humped his hips trying to get as much of his shaft into my mouth as possible when he made funny noises and the first shot flew into the back of my throat. By the time I could taste and swallow it, he shot off again. And again.

Finally, Nat took a deep breath and stopped humping. His body just sagged back onto the bed, and lay there. I knew Nat was off in space at the time. I held on to his shaft trying to get the last of his load until he pulled back unable to ignore the sensitive feelings in his dick head. By the time we had to go, Mike and I had done each other. Nat had sucked both of us off. He had done this for other men that had picked him up. He even lay relaxed as I gave him a long hard kiss on the lips. That told me he liked the gay sex game. Most boys don’t take to well to guys who want to kiss them like a girl. Nat returned the kiss like a lover. Then he dozed off for a moment.

I knew what I had to do. Mike was laying next to me on his back watching and waiting. His knees drew up as I reached for the lube. Nat had got what he wanted. When he rested, he would watch as I greased up Mike’s hole and my shaft. Mike looked on as I moved into position lifting his legs up over my shoulders and easing my shaft into its favorite place to be. Both of them watched silently as I eased it inside Mike. Mike grunted a little, but he was used to me by now, and allowed me to ease into place. As usual, I paused, moving around inside him to let him get used to the feel of me. Then I started a slow lazy hump. Mike smiled up at me then at Nat to let us know he was relaxed and feeling good. Nat looked at us curiously as I pulled back to the head of my dick, then plunged back in, pushing Mike back into the mattress. Then I pulled back once again. It wasn’t long before I had speeded up, grunting and moaning. Mike and I soon forgot Nat was there. We were doing our usual thing, lost to the rest of the world as we enjoyed each other.

All too soon, I reared up holding Mike’s butt in the air as I shot my load. Tired and happy, I slowly eased out. Mike relaxed and watched as I backed away.

It wasn’t until then I noticed Nat had started slowly stroking his long hard shaft. He was hard again. Mike smiled at him, opened his legs, and drew his knees up again. At first Nat just stared. Then he nodded at Mike as if he had just received a special invitation by special delivery. Mike didn’t even move. He watched as Nat took my place. We both watched as Nat’s much slimmer curved shaft paused only a second before slid quickly inside him. Mike didn’t even grunt. He looked still relaxed as Nat’s weapon disappeared into the hole. Nat leaned forward lowering his slender body on top of Mike’s. Almost instantly, he began pumping wildly. I couldn’t tell if he had a rhythm or not. It didn’t seem to matter to either of them. Within a few minutes, Nat was making weird sounds and pounding his new load inside Mike. I was both shocked and amazed. Mike had just given his butt to Nat.

A short time later, I was dropping Nat off near his home. He confided that he had just had his first anal contact. His fear of anal sex was history. He couldn’t wait to do it again. He couldn’t wait to go out with us again. Jerking off and blow jobs would never be the same. He would still jerk off several times a day. He would still let guys blow him at the movies. But he knew now that sex was much more than fun when you had your dick inside a tight warm hole. We assured him we were willing to see him again. Mike gave him his phone number since they were both students. The parents wouldn’t suspect anything.

It wasn’t long after that when Mike and I were having sex that he gave me another surprise - his first ever cum load. It wasn’t much. Just a few drops. But to him, it was special. His balls had dropped, and his dick was now about four inches hard. He shot off as I was jerking him off. The drops shot up and landed on his tummy. The look on Mike’s face was precious. I was pretty excited too. How often do you get to see your lover shoot their first ever load?

Then there was the surprise call from a former trick named Fred who lived not far from me. Fred was both angry and scared. He told me that he had been seeing Bobby. Bobby didn’t want me to know. They had been seeing each other for months. Fred had talked Bobby into doing some sex photos for money. When Bobby found out the photos were being sold, he no longer wanted any part of it. In fact, he wanted the pictures back. When Fred refused, Bobby broke into Fred’s place. He stole some money and valuables, but couldn’t find the photos. Fred had come home to find out he had been burglerized. He called the police.

Bobby called a day later. He admitted he had been seeing Fred, and had broke into his house to get the photos. I agreed to meet with Fred to cool things off. I explained to Fred that he had been seeing one of my tricks secretly. I would get his stuff back, but he had brought this trouble on himself. He agreed to turn the photos of Bobby over to me. We also agreed that he would not arrest Bobby. He might want to tell the police what he and Fred had been doing. I also told Bobby that I would keep the photos so he wouldn’t be tempted to blackmail Fred. The photos would ruin him if his school friends saw them.

A few days later Bobby asked me if he could visit. He had a new friend he wanted me to meet. His friend was about a year older than him, a more athletic build, not as good looking. Bobby introduced him as Russell. Russell had also posed for pictures for Fred. He wanted me to get the pictures because they had found out that Fred had been taking pictures for a porno mag.

I confronted Fred with the accusations. He denied the porno charge, but produced the pictures. I also warned Fred that if his boss found out he was gay and into child porno, he would be blacklisted, and probably do a long prison sentence. Fred recruited paperboys for a large newspaper. He took the warning pretty well and understood the boys would not hesitate to hit his home again if there were other pictures. He had a lot to lose. He also had a huge album full of boy pictures. Fred openly admitted he was a “size queen”. He loved boys with a big dick, so he went for older teens. He liked to be the first to introduce boys to a blow job, and to take their shaft up his butt.

The first time I met Fred, he was about fourteen years old, and a scout. His scout leader had already had a brief affair with him, but Fred had fell in love with another boy in the troop called Butch. Butch was known to have the biggest dick in the troop. He had no problem letting the other boys see it. Fred had decided he had to have that dick. One night while Butch was sleeping, Fred crawled into bed with him, and wound up trying his best to get Butch’s big seven inch dick in his mouth. When Butch woke up and realized he was getting his dick sucked, he decided to help out. Fred claimed he tried to ram that thing all the way down his throat. When he blew his load, Butch waited until Fred had cleaned him up by licking his dick clean. Once Fred came up for air, Butch rolled him over on his stomach. As soon as he got his dick stiff again, He showed Fred how to take it up his butt. And he kept Fred busy until morning. Even then, he had Fred blow him again as his tent mate watched amused. Butch claimed he had found Fred in his bed, so Fred was his. “Finders keepers.” Butch boasted.

The scout leader told me about Fred. He added that Butch was boasting that Fred was his personal boy. Butch had a reputation as a bully in the troop. Fred was no match for him. When I asked if Fred was any good giving BJs, Butch wasted no time allowing me to spend the night with him. Fred wasn’t too happy about being loaned out until he saw what he was getting. He then went the extra mile to please me. Butch, Fred, and I remained good friends after that. Butch eventually started dating, got married, and came back to Fred whenever he was horny. Butch and I never had sex, but I did get a look at what Fred was getting when Butch showed off his proud gift to the other boys. Long after Butch was gone, I teased Fred about his first true love - Butch’s dick. Fred never denied he was gay. He did have secret affairs with other boys, and he did have a tendency to get pictures of big dicks he had done.

Having seen Russell’s dick in the album, I didn’t have to ask why Fred had pictures of Russell. Like I said, Russell was not my type. He was not the cute kid. He was more the stud type. I didn’t ask Bobby why he had led Russell to Fred. I didn’t know Bobby to be the bottom type. He had given in to me, but as he grew older, he became more of a top. Somehow, Russell didn’t strike me as a bottom either. Maybe Fred was what Russell and Bobby wanted.

At any rate, Fred and I were friends again. Mike was pleased that Bobby was speaking to me again. I went back to Mike. I was satisfied with what I had.