My Little Teddy Bear - 4

Chapter 4

As Mike grew older, our views and activities changed. We still liked each other and were devoted to each other, but in a different way. Both of us realized that things were changing. Especially Mike. My little teddy bear wasn’t so little anymore. By the time mike turned fourteen, he was almost as tall as me. He was also no longer one hundred pounds - more like one fifty. When we went to bed, Mike was sporting a five inch shaft, two nice sized balls, a hefty bush, and was spurting a pretty good load. And we were going to bed several times a week.

Mike and I both sometimes included other boys in our fun. It made for more fun and kept our open relationship alive to be able to include boys who knew and accepted our games. Despite our threesomes, both of us remained very much faithful to each other. We teased each other about being attracted to other boys. Mike even took pride in poking me to point out some boy he knew I was ogling. If it was someone Mike didn’t know, he would tell the boy I was “eying him like a lollipop”. Of course, I would deny it, and tell Mike to “cut that out’. Some times an innocent boy would laugh and look embarrassed. Some times the boy would ask Mike if he wanted to find out if I was “funny”. On more than one camp out, Mike and I showed some innocent boy some new games to play.

On one such occasion, Mike asked if a friend of his could visit with him when he came to my place. Reluctantly, I agreed. I was very surprised when he showed up with a gorgeous blond that appeared to be about the same age. He introduced the boy as Billy, a school friend that lived about two blocks away. I was surprised that I had not met the boy before. Billy seemed a little shy and nervous. That was normal. Billy had the most beautiful blue eyes and a slender petit body. He was to pretty to be a boy, and seemed a little feminine. Without saying so, I assumed Billy and Mike had already fooled around.

Mike’s face lit up when I turned on the TV and switched on the ceiling cam. No way was I going to pass up the chance to film this visit.

Mike made the first move quickly by peeling off his tee shirt before getting us some soft drinks as we relaxed in front of the TV. Kicking off his shoes, we were soon goofing off and wrestling on the carpeted floor. This was normal for us. I got rid of my shirt and shoes and soon had Mike pinned beneath me. Mike called on Billy to help him get loose. Billy got rid of the shirt and shoes, then carefully climbed on top of me trying to push me off Mike. After playfully pretending to grab Mike by the tummy, chest, and waist, I allowed my hands to grasp around his crotch bringing giggles from both of them as I held on to his balls and dick. I would intentionally hold on a little longer than usual before letting go. Before long, Mike had the usual five inch stiff pushing against his shorts. I flipped him over on his back so Billy could get a close up look at the shaft against Mike’s fly.

Trying once again to help Mike by pushing me away from him, Billy found himself trapped between us, his khaki shorts against my face, and his elastic waistband slipping down as he tried to get loose. At first, I used my nose to nudge and feel his long thin shaft. Billy turned red and giggled as he wiggled to get free. No way. Using my teeth, I managed to unsnap the shorts making them looser. Then I managed to loosen the zipper fly. His shorts were slipping down over the shaft. I buried my face in his crotch, licking along the underside of the shaft.

Mike helped me out a lot by sliding his fingers inside Billy’s shorts to slide them down his thighs. Billy had his hands behind him trying to support his body which was laying on top of Mike. Trapped between the two of us, he realized he was feeling something wet and warm licking his balls and dick. It felt good, but weird. What was I doing? He stared curiously at the man tonguing his privates.

As for me, I was suddenly aware that Billy’s underwear was not cotton. It was nylon. Billy was wearing panties? Fantastic! The only thing between my tongue and Billy’s dick was a very thin layer of nylon. Not a problem. It took less than a second to slide the thin panties down below his balls so I could enjoy sliding his entire shaft inside my mouth. I made sure his dick and balls got a good layer of warm saliva all over.

The look on Billy’s face was pure ecstacy. His resistance disappeared instantly. This feeling was something he had never experienced before. He wasn’t sure he was even supposed to, but for now he wanted more.

As I held on, Mike slid out from under him, then removed the shorts and the panties. He held up the panties as if not quiet believing what Billy was wearing.

Billy had simply relaxed, laying face up on the carpet, looking down at the head pumping and licking away at his goodies. He looked up at Mike, then down at me. I was way to busy too worry about them. I was slurping away at a tasty dick.

          Mike slid out of his clothes. It was a different game now. Whatever Mike’s plans were before, Billy was now totally nude with a man lavishing him with a blow job he was not able to ignore.

Mike joined the party by helping me get undressed to be like them. Once he had managed to get me on my side, he swallowed about half of my dick. He was at home with my shaft pumping in and out of his face.

Before long, Billy was humping my face with a passion. His balls were drawing tight against his shaft. His dick was thrashing about inside my mouth. His sperm shot out stream after stream. He held on to me while he emptied his load. After several shots, he fell back happy, amazed, and exhausted. If Billy had any doubts that this trip would maybe involve sex, the doubts were gone. The wrestling game had turned into a game he had been waiting for. As Billy came back down from his orgasm, he did not want to stop now.

Nor did I. I moved from his sensitive dick to his balls and then his hole. Soaking it with saliva, I slid a finger inside. Working it in further, I began fingering him. He had no idea that this was done, much less that it would feel good. At first, it had felt strange. He had tried to squeeze it out. Then it touched something that caused him to jump. It felt great. He had started pushing back against the finger to get that thrill again. The second finger stretched him, but didn’t hurt. He gave in to the feelings he had never felt before.

Suddenly, there was a cold, empty feeling there. Something was wrong. The fingers were gone. But not for long. I had removed my dick from Mike’s warm wet mouth. It was now pushing against Billy’s unsuspecting hole. The fingers and the saliva had done their job. The head had popped inside his hole to see what it could find. I had Billy on his tummy. By the time he realized this was not a finger up his butt, I was lowering my body on top of his. He struggled to look up to see what had happened. The strange finger had pushed deeper. There was little chance he was going to get out of this. He began to realize he was being cornholed. He had heard about it, but didn’t think such a thing was really done. Why would any one want to stick their dick into a butt hole? He was about to find out.

Mike had laid back again and was content to play with his toy watching in surprise as Billy’s hole slowly took in the big shaft now out of sight.

Billy felt my pubes and my balls pushing against his cute little buns. He thought he could feel my dick sliding a lot deeper inside him than it really was. And it felt much thicker. But it also was weirdly fun that he had all of it inside him. He could feel me moving it around in him. It had hurt going in, but it didn’t hurt now. It just felt strange. He couldn’t explain the pleasant feelings, but he liked them. There was something that made him like having me in him. He had tried to escape me thinking this was going to damage his hole. Now he laid there trying to relax and enjoy being used as a girl.

He looked over at Mike and watched Mike stroking his dick. Billy was very familiar with jerking off. He had been doing that several times a day. It was even more fun since he had started shooting sperm.

It didn’t take long before I had picked up my rhythm. I knew what was coming. Billy’s hole was really tight. And I had started pulling back to the hilt before plunging in hard and fast. Billy could tell by the grunts and the vigor that I was loving what he was doing to me. He strained to look up at me as I plunged in hard and held on as my dick jerked and exploded inside him. He knew that meant I was getting that feeling he got when his dick shot off. He was taking my load. And he liked knowing that. He didn’t know why. He just did.

After I was done, I laid there a few moments to recover. I gave Billy a kiss on the cheek, and told him I just had to do that. I don’t think he understood why, but he knew I liked doing it. He stared at the soft shaft that slid out of him. He looked over at Mike again. Mike was still hard, and was staring at Billy’s hole. As Mike moved to take my place, Billy smiled and agreed to do it again. Mike was not as long or as big, so it would be easier to handle.

Once again, Billy was spread wide open. And once again he accepted another sperm deposit. This time, Mike pulled out, turned Billy over on his back, laid on top of him, and planted a long wet French kiss on him. Billy offered no resistance. He was beginning to like this treatment, gay or not. And there were no complaints from Mike. He was coming of age. Mike was the top this time. That was a rare thing. Usually, it would be me or Bobby on top of him. Mike was obviously proud that he was now the top. Billy had no way of knowing that his willingness to be initiated as a bottom had allowed Mike to come of age. Even as I smiled at the idea that Mike had just deposited his first cum load in another boy, I knew also that he would want to do that again. I would soon have to deal with that.

We met with Billy very often after that night. Sometimes, it would be overnight. Billy would tell his parents he was staying overnight with Mike, or that he was going camping with friends.

On those occasions, we taught him how to deep throat, kiss, suck, you name it. He never asked us if we would keep it a secret. I think that was understood. He never asked if it was right or wrong. It was something he had wanted to do. He didn’t know why. He just knew this was something he now dreamed about. He jerked off in the bed or in the shower dreaming of being with another boy or man. He knew this meant he was probably gay. Like so many of us, he wasn’t sure how he should or would deal with that. But at fourteen, he was doing sex stuff he had never dreamed would feel so good. Growing up had just turned really fun. Being nude with his secret friends meant doing sex stuff he loved to do. Being a bottom was just something he did to please us.

Mike and I took advantage of our good fortune, and innocent friend. The three of us would watch as Billy took a dick in his mouth and licked and sucked on it until his jawls ached. Then he would hold on as we plunged in and out until the shaft exploded emptying another load of cum for him to swallow. The cum didn’t taste all that great, but still he liked the orgasm that made his friends happy. He learned to like taking the load and learned to like the taste.

He also learned to like being called a “pretty boy” or “beautiful blond” when we were pumping our load up his butt. No matter which position he was in, it no longer bothered Billy that we loosened him up and slid inside him to hump him. He learned to tease us by sitting on our dick as we played with his. That often made it possible for us to shoot off twice before stopping to rest. He loved the face to face position. That allowed him to make out with us and to watch the expression on our face as he teased us until we couldn’t hold back any more. We loved it because when we did shoot, it was a terrific blast that Billy loved as much as we did.

Billy also liked watching Mike and I making out. We had as much fun as he did. Mike and I seemed to have more fun knowing Billy was watching. Sometimes all of us blew each other at once. Sometimes I screwed Mike as he screwed Billy. Sometimes, we just jerked off to watch each other blow their load, and then we would lick each other clean.

But all good things must come to an end. I don’t think Billy knew he had done any thing wrong when he wound up becoming friends with Mike’s neighbor, Bobby. He had seen Bobby at Mike’s home and had probably assumed that they had played around. Bobby read Billy like a book. He knew that Billy, Mike, and me were playing games. For some reason, Billy wound up slipping over to Bobby’s house. He also wound up on his back on Bobby’s bed. Bobby had a beautiful dick that needed to be loved. Billy knew how to love it. Mike found out that Billy was now seeing Bobby. Mike no longer wanted to call Billy. I had no choice but to go along with that. Billy had soon been introduced to other boys that liked him. As suddenly as it had started, this hot romance had ended.

A little angry that our hot threesome was over, I was even more angry that Mike had backed off. I resented the idea that his attitude with Bobby had cost me a gorgeous blond. We were becoming more distant.

That’s when I renewed my interest in a bottom named Kenny. He was the same age as Mike, and had kept in touch while Mike and I were a twosome. One night when Kenny called, I asked if he wanted to join me at a gay party at a friends place. Kenny jumped at the chance. He wasn’t surprised when I suggested we could spend some time at my place before I took him home. Kenny knew that meant sex. He assumed we were a pair again.

The party went great. Pairs were slipping off to bedrooms at the house to have sex. Kenny was coming on strong, telling me he had missed me. That did it. Mike would never know. We went to bed and made up for lost time with some hot sex.

A short time later, some one opened the door. Mike walked in. He had also been invited, but had decided not to go without me. The host, knowing this was his chance to steal Mike had called him. Mike couldn’t believe him. He had to see this for himself. And he did. It was a huge surprise. There I stood with my arm around Kenny, who didn’t know Mike. I introduced the two. Mike glared at Kenny who glared right back. If there was going to be a fight, and it became obvious there was, I decided it should be at my place. I have to admit I was more than a little amazed that two teens were about to duke it out over me. I’m not ugly, but I’m not all that great either.

After I got the two boys into my minivan, I was surprised that neither of them was sitting up front next to me. Both got in the back seat out of my view. They knew I was worried. I knew I had been caught. I wasn’t sure I could explain my way out of this one.

For a long time, it was quiet in the back. Then there was some whispering going on, but I couldn’t make out what was being said. My attempts to get involved in the conversation were ignored. I assumed they were not willing to discuss my deceit, so I guess I didn’t push too hard. I would wait until we were at my place. Then I would try to explain to Kenny that I really liked Mike, and had done him wrong. I did notice some movement in the back through my rear view mirror, but couldn’t make out what was happening. There wasn’t that much chatter, but a couple of times there were giggles. That totally confused me.

Finally, Mike informed me that we would have a great time when we got to my place. We had been driving maybe about twenty minutes in the dark. I was still confused. They were now chatting openly, and seemed more friendly.

Mike suddenly told me: “Kenny s pretty well built. And he tastes good too.”

“Say what?” I said still very confused.

Kenny giggled “Mike’s not bad either. You taught him well.”

Both boys were sitting next to each other. Both had their pants and undies down to their knees. Mike turned the light on. Their stiffs were clearly stiff. Both had an evil smile on their face. Both watched me. I was having trouble deciding whether I should watch them play with each other or keep my eyes on the road. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

And they weren’t done yet. The minivan Had one of those back seats that was facing the back. Mike had sometimes pouted by sitting there facing away from me. I think he just liked seeing the scenery from the back. He would say he liked seeing where we have been. Any way, the two of them had removed their clothes and were facing away from me. I couldn’t tell what they were doing. Then a light on the dashboard indicated that a door was open. I checked the four side doors to see if one was ajar, then realized in shock that Mike had opened the back. The door had lifted up. And two naked fourteen year olds were having the time of their young life showing cars behind me how beautiful their bodies were. Thank goodness it was dark. Still, I sped up enough to stay well ahead of the car behind me. Even so, more than one car got close enough to see more than they should. Car horns were either warning me, or saying thanks. I’ll probably never know which.

It seemed like forever before I got home. I kept praying no cops would pull me over to question me about two naked kids totally exposed in my car. There was no doubt that both were getting even, but neither was thinking about the prison term facing me following a police investigation.

I should mention here that I had had a lengthy relationship with Kenny prior to meeting Mike. And that Kenny had been the younger brother of another boy I had trained as a lover. Kenny and I weren’t lovers as such, just play mates who had loved the games we played. But that’s a whole different story. No way had I ever dreamed that these two would ever meet, much less compete with each other or compare notes about my past.

The story doesn’t end there. When we pulled up in my driveway, I pressed the button to open the garage door. The driveway light came on. The door opened. Even though it was dark out, I was praying that no neighbors were outside or watching me pull up with two naked boys on display in the back of my car. I felt a lot more relieved than usual as the garage door closed again.

Then the two nude boys I thought I knew undid their seat belts and giggled excitedly as they waited for me to open the door to the kitchen. I have to admit I felt pretty excited that they looked so seductive as they danced around teasing and playing with each other. I wondered how they could have became so friendly with each other so fast. They hardly knew each other.

We picked up some drinks and munchies from the kitchen before flipping on the TV. Mike and Kenny settled down next to each other laying in front of the TV chatting about which shows they liked. Mike did pause to mention that I would have more fun if I took off my clothes. To be honest, I was still waiting for the cops to break down the front door and arrest me.

I loved seeing the boys nude, but wasn’t sure if I should join them or be furious with them. I was still not amused at the stunt or their attitude, but felt guilty enough that I wasn’t ready to face Mike. I had after all tried to get away with having sex with Kenny without Mike. Would having sex with both of them turn into a war or maybe a fight? There was only one way to find out. I watched them goof off as I slowly removed the clothes. All they could do was brutally kill me when I laid down between them.

Slowly I eased myself between them. If either of them had any intention of removing my sagging pride, they had a strange way of showing it. Mike knew what I wanted and was used to providing it. The two of them made room for me. Mike eased himself down far enough to take about half of my shaft into his mouth. Instantly I felt it respond to his gentle sucking and licking. I let out a gasp. Kenny stopped Mike long enough to get us in a three way triangle suck. It was the first time Mike had ever done this. Kenny, me, and his brother had done it many times. I wonder now why I had not done it with Mike and Bobby. I think it was because Kenny had pretty much insisted on doing it when we were together. Anyway, we took to it like we were happy to do it, and we were soon competing to give the best blow job we knew how. One by one, we blew our load. One by one, we moaned and arched up to blast away. One by one we accepted that we had just pleased each other equally enjoying a game we loved to play.

From there, we went on to anal sex without a lot of foreplay. Both the boys were bottoms. Both the boys were more than happy to show their skills as I satisfied each one. Both loved laying on their back to watch and to play as they opened up for me. It turned out to be a happy ending to what had started out as a disaster.

I drove Kenny home first at Mike’s request. I knew from Mike’s tone that I had some explaining to do. He didn’t sound angry. He was curious. He wanted to know about Kenny. To explain how I knew Kenny, how long, and how well, was going to take some doing. I would tell the story as I took Mike home.