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My Name Is Danny


© Michael J Hudston 2007


Chapter One – Why?

I am walking along the side of the road, with my arm out and thumb in the air.  I do not care where I am going, just as long as it was away from that place I used to call home.  Today is my sixteenth birthday, and my name is Danny.

"Why is he leaving?" I here you ask, why indeed.  Why would a sixteen year old boy, whose parents were wealthy, and gave him anything he wanted, leave his home?  Why would a sixteen year old boy, who was doing well in his final year at school, leave home.  Why.

Why, is a question I have been asking myself a lot in the last few days?  Why me, why now, why this.  Are any wiser yet?   I'm not sure I understand it myself really.  Why has it got to be this way?

I bet you are all wondering what the hell I am going on about.  Well let me tell you. Well I guess it's been a long time in coming.  I have had these feelings for a number of years, you know, the ones where you prefer boys to girls, yep I knew I was gay, guess I had since my early teens.  You know the old story, girls just don't do it for me, and guys turn me on, especially older guys.

Well a week ago I decided I was going to do something about it.  I decided I was going to go down the local park, which doubled as a cruising ground and let myself get "picked up". Little did I know that it would end up the way it did.


It was the previous Friday evening about 9pm.  Being close to the longest day, it was still light, and the sun was approaching the horizon.  As I sat, off to one side of the cruising area, with my pushbike and a book, I looked around.  I did like a "Type" if you prefer.  I like older, but they still have to be fit and good looking, you know, I do have standards.

There he was, sitting on the bench, mid to late twenties I guess, and good looking.  I got up, grabbed my bike and went over.  I still can't believe how brazen I was at the time.  I just went up to him.

"Hi there, anyone sitting here?" I asked, smiling my sweetest smile at him.  He looked up at me, and smiled back and gestured to the seat.

"Sure Kid, make yourself comfortable." 

He made it obvious that he was looking me up and down.  I kept myself fit, and I was good looking.

"Um, you're a little young to be hanging around here?  You do know what this place it right?" 

I smiled at him, and replied

"Oh yea, I'm definitely in the right place, are you interested in me?  Do you want to go somewhere?"

"My place is only five minutes' walk from here, shall we go back there?"

"Cool, let's go".

And with that we went back to his place.  I was going to have sex, for the first time.  I thought I had better tell him that.

"Oh, I think you need to know.  This is my first time doing this sort of thing, all of it that is"

"Ahh I see.  Don't worry there kiddo, I will be gentle.  I like it gentle with boys like you."

"My name is Danny, what's yours?"

"It James"

We arrived at his place, and went inside.  Leaving my bike and book in the hallway, we went into his lounge.   He turned around and started to kiss me passionately.  I returned the kiss and let my hands wander all over his back and bottom.  Mean while I could feel his hands exploring my body.

We slowly undressed each other and then he lay me down on his carpeted floor, and made me lay face down.

I could feel his hand massaging my bottom, and then felt his tongue working at my hole.  I was in heaven.

"If you keep doing that I'm gonna cum right here on your carpet" I said to him.

"If you need to cum, then do Danny, I can clean the carpet.  This is for both of us, you should get as much enjoyment as I do.  Oh and Danny, I'm going to fuck you, is that OK?"

"Of course James, why else did you think I was at the park."

He continued to rim me, and then he started to work on my hole with his fingers which he had lubed.

I was moaning with pleasure at what he was doing to me, and I was also leaking pre-cum.  I then felt the head of his cock against my opening, and he started to push it in, I gasped, and he paused.

"Relax, and I will gently push until I'm inside you.  After a few minutes, His cock was fully in me, and he started to fuck me gently but firmly, taking it almost all the way out before thrusting back in. 

It sent me over the edge and I started to cum, and I guess my ring clamped down on James as I did so.

"Oh god Danny, you're so hot, Oh yea, I'm Cumming in you boy", and with that he exploded in-side me, filling my virgin teen arse with his juices. 

We were both sweating and breathless. 

He rested on top of me, careful not to put too much of his weight on me.  He started to kiss me gently, and passionately.

"Danny, I've got a confession to make"

"What's that? " I asked

"Well I don't usually do the Park either, I was just so horny and needed to fuck someone and you happened to come along.  I don't usually do one night stands, I've only had sex in a relationship before."

"It's ok, we filled each other's needs tonight, although if you're looking for a re-match, I could be willing"  I smiled at him.

We got up off the floor, and shared a shower, Kissing and touching.

"I better get off home" I said, and I left, but not before giving him my mobile number and another Kiss.

I was feeling pleased with myself.  I had got laid, and it had been a brilliant experience.


So why am I here walking down this road hitching, trying to get away?  Well the story didn't end there.

But then why are you really interested in my story?  Should I go on and tell you?, after all I'm just a 16 year old kid, who wanted a cock up his arse.  Who would care if I lived or died

Ok Ok, I'll tell you what happened next, maybe then some good karma will come my way, and I'll get a life somewhere.


Well to get home from James's place meant I had to go back through the park, and it was dark by this point.  Well I had my bike so started to ride home.

About halfway across the park, something hit me, and I was off the bike and crashing to the floor.

"Aghhr Fuck"  I actually said it out load as I lay on the floor.   Suddenly someone was on top of me. 

"Ahh the fresh meat is back.  I thought you were gone for the night Kid.  Me and a couple of my friends wanted you this evening, but I say you go off with that other guy earlier.  Looks like our luck is in, you're going to be our bitches.  If you play along, you get to go home.  If not, I'll cut your throat, and let you bleed to death here in the park, so your friends can find you tomorrow."

I was scared stiff, I didn't move a muscle.

They took it in turns to fuck me, I was so scared, and I didn't scream or say anything, although I was physically shaking the whole time.

"OK it's my turn" – it was a third voice.  A voice I thought I knew, it sounded remarkably like my dad, but it couldn't be.  .

After they had all finished they all walked away, when one of them tripped over my bike in the dark.

"Ow Fuck, What the..." – I was now convinced that the voice I was hearing was my Dad.  How could he Rape anyone, let alone his own son.

One of them turned on a torch and shone it in my face.

There was a gasp as he realised that the tear stained teenage face of the boy he had just raped, was that of his son.

Then the torch was switched off and they were gone.

I stayed on the ground, sobbing.  I did manage to pull up my tracky bottoms, to give me some sort of dignity, and then I passed out.

It was still dark when I came around, so I picked up my bike, and made my way home.  I did notice that my dad's car was not there when I got in, so I went up to my room, and climbed into bed, and fell fast asleep.

The next few days were a blur, my dad had gone missing, which only re-inforced my feelings that he was one of those who had raped me.  Then yesterday happened. 

The police came around the house first thing in the morning and asked to speak to both my mother and me.  My Dad had been found in his car, parked in a wooded area.  A hose pipe had been rigged, and he had gassed himself.  A suicide note had been found naming himself and two others as those who had raped a teenage boy in the park, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"I was that boy"  I heard myself saying.  What was I doing Why was I saying this now?

I broke down in tears, and ran to my room.  The police woman who followed me, sat next to me on my bed, and held me, while I cried. 

"He does name you Danny,  as the boy he raped. He also confessed to several other rapes of boys and girls in the area, also naming the same two other men as being involved"

"He's a coward.  He's killed himself, and now it's all over for him.  What about me and all his other victims, how are we supposed to get justice from him now"

"Danny we need to go to the hospital for an examination.  There are still two other rapists out there."

"I have some problems with that.  It was Saturday Morning, and now its Thursday.  Also I had already had sex with another guy before the attack.  Although I was a willing participant in that."

"Don't worry about that.  We are not interested in him, only those who raped you"

Well I went to the hospital, had the tests, and as I thought.  It was far too late.  Nothing left for them.  You see I had had about 3 showers a day since then, and made sure I had douched myself.  I wanted all trace of them gone.

My mum seemed to be blaming me for all this, she wouldn't even look at me so come Thursday evening I had made the decision  I'm outa here.


So that was then and this is now.  Happy sixteenth birthday Danny, your spending it on the road, trying to hitch a lift, well let's see where this takes you. 

As I continue along the road a Car pulls over and stops.

"Hey it is you Danny, remember me from last Friday?  Get in I'm going north towards Newcastle, I could really do with the company"

Oh my god, It's James.  Well at least there were some happy memories from the last week.  Opening the door, I get in and off we go, driving north.

So some good karma after all.