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My Name Is Danny


Michael J Hudston 2007

Chapter Two Now What

So here I am sat in the passenger seat of James Car. I'm looking around thinking, this car is cramped and low down, and it's very noisy. I suddenly realise, it's a Lamborghini. Why did I not realise this when I got in. I really must be fucked up in the head. I love cars, I love Lamborghini, and I've got pictures on the wall of my bedroom. My Bedroom not that it's that anymore. Anymore than anywhere in that house is my home.

That place belonged to my attacker, my father. I begin to cry, I'm struggling not to lose it in front of James. He will think I'm some kind of freak or wimp. I need him right now, he's all I have.

I'm trying so hard to keep control, I don't realise I am shaking. James however has noticed something is very wrong, and has pulled the car off the road, in a lay-by.

I suddenly realise we have stopped, when James puts his arm around me, and draws me too him, he holds me tight, and lets me cry. I break down. I'm sobbing and shaking, I can't stop, I faint.

I'm dreaming, I'm hearing racing cars. I'm slowly coming around and realise I'm still in the car with James. We are on the road, I look around and recognise the football stadium of Newcastle Utd. James notices I'm awake.

"Hey there Danny, glad your back with me. We are almost at my friends place. He wants to talk to you, he can help you."

"This is Newcastle." I state the obvious. "Well I guess I wanted to get away, so this is a good a place than any I guess." I replied.

"Yea, don't you remember me telling you when I picked you up, where I was headed?"

"Sorry James, but I'm not really in a clear thinking state of mind at the moment. I don't remember much of what's happened, since I left your place on Friday".

"Danny, I know what you have been through this week. I have a sister in the Police, it was her you spoke too on Thursday. I know what has happened to you, and I want to help you."

"You know about the park then." I found myself saying.

Putting a hand on my shoulder "Yes Danny I know you have been raped. I know your dad was one of them. It doesn't change the fact that I really like you and would like us to become more than what happened when we met"

"So is this friend a shrink?" I avoided his comment.

"Yes, but I get into trouble when I say that to him."

"How can you want me after this. I'm damaged goods now. I'm worthless, probably riddled with whatever vile diseases that excuse for a dad, and his two fuck buddies have pumped into me"

I started to cry again. I couldn't imagine life getting better after this. I'm so far down into that pit that is called hell, I will never get out.

The car stops and James gets out. We are in the drive way of a house, and someone greets James. I take no notice, even when James opens my door, and reaches in and takes my hand. Eventually I get out of the car and follow him, into the house. I'm not taking any real notice of what's going on around me. I'm in my own world called Hell.

I'm sat on a sofa, I began to look around and take in the world around me. James was sat next to me, arm around me, holding me, protecting me. I draw some strength from the fact that I do feel safe in his presence.

"Danny we want to help, will you let me and my friend here help you?" James has put the question to me gently

Looking up I see the friend, a much older man, similar in years to my, well I was about to say dad then, but that is a term I can no longer relate to that man.

I shrink back into James embrace, and sensing my fear, the man backs away, and sits on a chair opposite me.

"I'm sorry Danny, I know I can look imposing like that." Says the Man. I still don't even know his name.

"It's ok, it's just you look a similar age to..." I couldn't bring myself to say it, and I started to cry again.

James held me tight and rocked me back and forth.

Eventually I calmed down, I guess all the crying was having some effect. I felt a little more "NORMAL" for the want of a better word.

"Danny, I think it would do you good, if you spend the weekend here with James and myself, and then we can get out to the pride march tomorrow. Get yourself out in public, show the world that you will not let the bastards win."

"What about after Robin?" James question revealed at least part of the man's Identity to me.

"Well there is always Jane. She has a practice near your place, and I think Danny would respond more to a female, especially after how your sister got through to him. What do you think Danny? "

"I've got nowhere to live." It was all I could think about at the moment. It was obvious that my mother didn't want me.

"Danny, I want you, you can stay with me, I'm in love with you Danny" James whispered the last bit in my ear, and for the first time in a week, I smiled a week, but promising smile.


I awoke the next morning, feeling quite a different person. I no longer feel like the innocent teenager I was before I met James, but I was also not the fragile wreck that I had been yesterday evening.

I had talked to robin for a while in the evening before going to bed with James at around 10pm. Robin gave me some sleeping pills to help me sleep, and I had slept for a good solid ten hours, and what's more, I did not have any nasty dreams.

One other factor in how I was feeling, was that I had fallen asleep in the strong, but gentle arms of James. A man for sure, and almost ten years older than me, but a loving man, a gentle man. My man. Well that's how I am beginning to think of him.

I was now looking forward to getting out and getting some fresh air. I shook James awake He stirred and looked up to me, and smiled. A loving smile, from a loving man.

"Hey there my love, you look a lot better this morning"

"I feel a bit better James, Not a lot, but a bit. I know I have a long way to go, but I think, that now, everyday should be marked as a step, a step towards a new beginning. A new life, a better life, a life with you James."

I hug James tightly, and he returns the hug, and kisses me.

"Let us go and have a shower babes" I say, "I want to be out in plenty of time for the parade later on."

We both get into the shower together, and start washing each other down. James stands behind me, reaches around and starts to play with my cock. I get hard immediately, and he kisses my neck gently as he wank's me off. I'm standing here moaning with pleasure as he kisses me and wank me. I can feel myself building up to an orgasm

"I'm going to cum" I whisper

James continues to kiss and wank me, and I reach my limit, I explode all over the shower cubical wall, several streams of cum, all of which are stuck to the cubical.

"Agghhh", I almost scream it, so intense was the orgasm. I then sag a little, as my legs are about to give way. James holds me up, hugs me and kisses me directly on the lips.

"Wow. That was more intense, than when you made love to me James."

I turn around and face him, I kneel down, and take his cock into my mouth, and begin to work on him. I intend to swallow every last drop of cum he can give me.

I look up to see his pleasured face, with eyes closed, as I suck him off, and I am massaging his balls at the same time.

He is moaning with the pleasure I am giving him. I keep this up for a few minutes, and I feel his balls tighten, and I feel the cum rising up, just before it enters my mouth in strong spurts.

I swallow all he has to offer, and stand up. James is leaning against the wall of the cubical, out of breath in the afterglow, of the orgasm I have given him.

I kiss James fully on the lips and my tounge enters his mouth. We kiss like this until both of us need to come up for air.

Smiling at James, we finish getting showered, and then dress.

I find myself sitting at the table in Robin's place, I start to think, and the smile leaves my face. I know ive got a long way to go, but why now am I thinking of the bad things that have happened to me, after such a wonderfull time with James.

James see's me thinking, comes up to me and puts his arms around me.

"I promise Danny that it will get better. It will take some time, and you will need help, but it will get better. And I will be with you every step of the way."

James kisses me on the cheek and I smile at him.

"Thanks James, you don't know how much it means to me to here you say that.