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My Name Is Danny


© Michael J Hudston 2007


Chapter Three -- A New Beginning

Here I am at the parade, With James at my side.  We stand and watch the parade, holding hands.  Able to show our love in public.  This is probably one of the few times that we can do this.  I kissed him.

"James, I need to ask you something. "

"What's that babes?"

"What if I'm positive?  What if those guys have infected me?  What happens then?  Will you still want me?"

"Danny, whatever happens we will face it together, I promise you, I will not abandon you."

James is holding me tight when he says this. I look at him and smile

All too quickly the parade is over, and we are on our way back to Robins place. 

"I had a great day today James.  Thanks."

"The days not over yet Danny, Robin has got a pick nick together and we are going to the park.  There will be loads of people there for the rest of the day eating and drinking.  There will be music, and stands and other stuff going on."

So we are walking over to the park, and James and I are holding hands as we walk, as are loads of other guys and girls. 

We get to the park and meet Robin at the entrance.  He has a cool box and a backpack with him.  We enter the park and find a clear spot of ground, sit down and have our pick nick, I look around and realise that there are loads of others doing the same.  There seems to be a lot of people eating, drinking, chatting and laughing. 

"Here Danny do you want one of these?"  It's James, and he is offering me a can of Diet Coke. 

"I don't suppose you have anything stronger in there do you?" I ask.  "I think I could do with a beer if you have one."

"I do Danny, but not many.  I'm not sure getting drunk would do you any good at this stage."  James opens a bottle of beer and hands it to me while he says this.  It's a bottle of Peroni, my favourite.

"I only normally drink a couple at a time when I do drink, which is very rare" I answer.  "I don't do headaches very well."  I chuckle at my own feeble attempt at humour.

"Well I've only got a couple of beers each anyway, so there is no risk of that happening."

James smiles at me as I drink the beer.  It's nice and cool, having come from the cool box.  As I drink James mobile phone goes off.  It's a tune I recognise.  He has a familiar dance tune as his ring tone.  I know it from somewhere, but for the life of me I cant remember what its called. 

"Hi Shona, how are you?"  James is obviously speaking to someone he knows well.  "Yes, he is still with me, and coping well considering."  James listens some more and frowns. "Missing?  Who reported that?  I told you yesterday he was with me."  There was another pause as James listens some more.  "OK Shona, we are coming back tomorrow afternoon, so you should be able to speak to him in the evening or Monday morning.  I will let Danny know what happened.  See you tomorrow, or Monday maybe.  Bye Shona"

I'm very interested, having heard one side of the conversation, and then hearing my name mentioned.  I want to know what's going on.

"That was my sister.  You met here, she was the police woman you saw on Thursday.  She says your school reported you missing yesterday, when you failed to turn up for lessons.  They rang your mother, who reportedly said, and I am quoting what my sister told me `That boy was never my son, and I couldn't care less where he is'.  After that they obviously are concerned for your safety, so they rang the police.  I'm afraid that due to some sort of misunderstanding, and after your father having committed suicide, the police reacted hastily.  Your picture was on the local news last night, and appeared in the local paper web site this morning."

"But I thought you told your sister that I was with you yesterday." I replied.  I was still trying to digest all that James said.  "So its all out in the open now.  Every one knows what happened to me."

"My sister has apologised.  She did know where you were, but she was busy when it all kicked off yesterday, and didn't find out until it was to late.  Its all calmed down now, they have released a statement stating that you are away staying with friends after the death of your father.  No one has said anything at this time, about what happened to you, but it will come out eventually.  There are two other people out there who will go to trial for what they did to you."

I sit there contemplating what I still have to go through before this is truly over.  If it will ever be over that is.


We have been sat here all after noon now, having finished all the food and drink and had a chat, along with a few friends of both James and Robin.  Even a couple of guys that James knows who live locally to us. 

We had been sitting here quietly for a few minutes, and then Robin pipes up.

"Shall we head back to my place, I could start dinner, and I have a lovely bottle of wine that would go nicely with it.   I think that would make a fitting end to the day."

"Sounds like a good idea to me"  I find myself replying.  "What's for dinner?"

"I do a mean sweet and sour chicken, and I've got roast lamb planned for tomorrow".

"Two of my favourite meals" I reply.  I smile as I do so. 

As we are standing up to leave, I lean close to James and whisper in his ear.  "I want you to make love to me tonight"

James looks at me slightly worried and replies "Are you sure?  I mean it's only just a week after you were raped.  I'm not sure it's a good idea."

"I know you concerned James, but I want this.  I need this!" 

"I'm not making any promises Danny, but I will think about it."

As we are walking back to Robins place, I am throwing glances in the direction on James.  I can see he is deep in thought.  We are holding hands.  We eventually get to Robins place and settle in for the evening. 


I'm eating dinner and, as promised, its Sweet and Sour Chicken.  I do love my Chinese food.  We are also watching some poor excuse for a film on Sky.  Its called Duel, its about a car and truck driver who are battling it out on the road.  It looks like an old film, and I don't recognise the actor.


Its now time for bed, and James comes with me.  As we are entering the bedroom, he whispers in my ear.

"If your sure you want me to make love to you I will, but you will be on your back.  I want to see your face while I make love to you."

"That's ok by me." I reply. 

We are undressing and James starts to rub his hands all over my body.  I close my eyes to enhance the feeling without being distracted.  I feel his hands exploring me, playing with my bum cheeks, my crack and then moving around to the front to fondle my balls and start stroking my penis. 

I know I am leaking loads of pre-cum by this point, so I lie back onto the bed, and stay on my back.  James is above me, kissing me, then nibbling my neck.  He moved down and starts kissing my chest and then over to my nipples.

I gasp when he does this.  Its not a sensation I have felt before and I like it.  After he spends some time on my nipples he then kisses the rest of my torso, moving down and giving my belly button, which is an inny one by the way, some special attention.

Its not long before he is licking my balls and up and down my shaft, with his tongue.  He takes each ball in turn into his mouth and sucks. 

He eventually starts giving me a blow job which just increases the flow of pre-cum, now poring out of my cock.

Finally he arrives once again at my hole, and starts to kick it out.  Using his tongue he probes inside me.  By this stage my legs are being held up, with my feet almost touching the head rest behind my head.  I'm quite flexible still, but then I am only sixteen.

He starts to probe my hole with one lubed finger, then two. Eventually he has all four fingers inside me, and I am heaven.  I'm moaning with all the pleasure that I am feeling.  At last I feel the head of his cock, pushing against my opening.  I breath out and relax, which allows his cock to enter me.   He pushes gently, and instead of waiting every few centimetres or so, He just slowly but steadily pushes in.  He is watching my face for my reaction.  I am in a wonder land.  I thought I would freak when we next made love, or at least have a flash back or something, but this is going ok.

James is now fully inside me, and with a lubed hand grabs my cock and starts wanking me off.  As he does so, he starts to thrust in and out, in long full gentle strokes.  We keep this up for several minutes, the only changes are that occasionally he would pause from wanking me, to leaning fully forward and kissing me.

I knew that I was getting close to climaxing, and said so.

"James, I'm gonna cum soon, I really feel the urge."

"Try and hold it, I would like us to climax together" He replied

I try and hold myself from cumming, and at first I succeed, but James then increases the speed of his thrust, whilst still trying to maintain the full thrust.

I feel my cum rising again, and I know this time I wouldn't be able to stop.

"This is it James, I cant hold back any longer...Aggghhhh"  I said, as I blew my load all over my own chest, and James Hand.

As I was reaching my Climax, as it turns out so was James.  As I blew a load of cum, my ring clamped down on James cock, sending him over the edge, as he blew his load deep inside me.  He was coming loads, as I could feel the repeated thrusts that he was filling me with.

Both spent, we fall asleep.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I go back to that town, to face my demons.

My Name is Danny and was my story.



Whilst this is the end of the story My Name Is Danny -- Its not the last you will hear or see of Danny and James. Both will be making an appearance in "The Winner Takes It All", and I have plans for them to become full time characters in that Story.

Thanks for reading