Trying to explain my behavior with young Keith would be difficult. Trying to justify it would be impossible. Maybe if I just lay it out the way it went down and let you be the judge would be best. It turned out pretty well anyway, but it’s not my way to go after boys so young and I’m not sure it was my idea to do it that time either.

It began when Keith and his family moved into my neighborhood. I just happened to be the scout leader. Keith just happened to have two young boys. He was active in the military. I had been in the military. When he brought the oldest boy, Keith Jr. To a meeting, we hit it off. Little Keith was a ten year old doll with light brown hair and a tall thin build and green eyes. He was an outgoing boy who loved attention and responded well to affection, which I had plenty of. Not only did I become an instant friend to him, but I had soon became a close family friend. I was often at their home to visit.

The family was very close and casual at home. Not long after I had become accepted as a friend, I was treated to seeing the two boys running about with little clothing on. After dinner, the boys settled down for the night and would be sent off to bathe. They came back in their undies and watched TV or played games until it was time for bed. Little Keith loved to wrestle with me or his dad. Neither of us would hesitate to hug him, carry him, or gently massage his back. Kevin was a couple years younger and more of a loner who whined a lot.

Little Keith and I that hit it off. When I came to visit Keith ,was all smiles. He loved it when I held him and twirled him around in the air causing him to giggle and laugh. Sometimes we would do that until both of us would get dizzy. Then I would have an excuse for wrapping my hands around his waist to hold him up or to steady myself. No one seemed to notice if my hands were a little low. If Keith was wearing only his undies, one or both of my hands might be over his little privates long enough to feel or maybe even cuddle them.

When no one was watching, I slid a hand a little lower than proper over his undies, feeling his little nuggets and his semi-stiff little toy. Keith looked up at me with an innocent curiosity, but knew not to say anything. He liked the feeling of playing this naughty little game. I knew I had him when he smiled and snuggled in closer. One night, I took the next step, and slid my hand under the undies touching his privates. Just for a second. That was long enough to tell me he was not only all right with it, he loved it. Again, he smiled up at me without a word. He made no move to get away or stop what I was doing. Instead, he wrapped his arms around my neck to give me a quick hug and to allow me to handle his little toys. I always tried to avoid attracting attention, but usually managed to include a quick thank you hug. It was our little secret.

Not long after that, there were times when I would get glimpses of Keith Jr. And his little brother Kevin in the nude. Neither seemed to mind. Neither had that much to show or hide. And neither of us made any sudden moves on each other. Although I am a boy lover, I did not go after pre-ad boys. Both were younger than I preferred, but Keith was beginning to turn me on. There were feelings going on that definitely bothered me.

Several months after we met, Daddy Keith announced he had to go overseas on military duty. He talked to me about watching over his sons and his wife. I was more than happy to do so. We announced the news to the family. On the day he left, we gave him a send-off party. The whole thing seemed like it was happening to fast. Still, I had a Cub Scout group to run. I told myself that there were some forty boys to be concerned about. I would not let a ten year old become a lover.

Things got even more interesting after dad left. For one thing, I visited more often telling Bonney it would make it easier for the boys to handle the absence of dad. She agreed. The boys were completely at ease running around the house in their undies. I was amazed at how they would play and cuddle with me as if we were family. I kept the play to nothing more than “fun play” so Kevin would not have anything naughty to tell his mother and Keith and I kept up our innocent fun.

Things went well until the weather turned warm. It was camping time for the scouts and the boys fit in well. Bonnie went along as a new Den Leader and loved it. After a family campout, she decided we should do this on our own. Bonnie had bought a new nylon family style tent for her family and couldn’t wait to try it out. She insisted we needed to go camping on our own. This had me a little concerned. Dad had said nothing about me going camping with his wife. And she was going to take just the one family tent? I was to sleep in the tent with her and the boys? I explained it was not a question of nudity between me and the boys. It was bound to upset dad if I was sleeping in a tent with his wife.

A short time later, Bonnie showed me a letter from her husband. He thought a campout with the scout leader was great. He knew about the new tent and all he was jealous about was that he could not help break in the tent. Bonnie beamed that she knew he would say that. We were going camping just for fun. The weather was fine. Needless to say, the boys were all for it. It would be great.

Still feeling guilty about a private camping trip with just the family, I reluctantly agreed. Like a kid, I secretly relished the idea, but I knew that in addition to the temptations involved, there was also the risk of talk from other moms in the group. And there was still the feeling that I should not be playing games with young Keith. Still, a weekend was picked and a private campground was agreed on. No details were discussed with any other family.

When we arrived at camp, we get a site with a view and plenty of privacy where we set up the spacious tent with several rooms. We even had a large canopy area in front where mosquito netting protected you from bugs while you stretched out on chaise chairs and ate. Behind that were two bedrooms. Bonnie would take one with Kevin, an eight year old. Little Keith and I would share the other. It wasn’t long before all of us were set up, eating hamburgers, french fries, and slurping on iced tea. We had also set up a campfire so we could enjoy sitting around the fire while chatting.

Time went by quickly, and it soon time to shower and get ready for bed. Since I had not undressed or showered with the boys before, I offered to wait for them to return from from the camp showers, then take mine. That was a problem. The boys did not want to go to the showers alone. They also reminded me that I had seen them nude at home, and that they had showered with me and other boys on scout camp outs. Bonnie kept quiet as if this was something the men needed to settle, but did agree with her sons That nudity should not be a problem. I nodded in agreement that I had showered and dressed with boys before. The matter was settled. It goes without saying that I still got some curious stares from the boys When we were undressing at the showers, or that I returned the stares. I even admired their “thingies”, telling them they would be hung one day (despite the fact that neither had much to show). Both were circumcised; both showed tiny little shafts; no pubes; tight little ball sacs. They were comfortable with each other having bathed together at home daily. Keith was a little bigger than Kevin and more curious. After looking me over and entering the shower with me, he asked me to soap him down, which I did, also offering to soap down Kevin. This broke the ice and I wound up soaping and goofing off with them. I also helped dry both of them, pretending to pay little attention to their privates as I fondled and rubbed each of them. How they missed the semi hard erection standing out in front of me, I don’t know. Maybe they thought it was normal for a man. Nothing out of the way happened.

It was not until we returned to the tent that I found out Kevin had a bed wetting problem. He cried when mom set up a special bed for him separate from us. Kevin whined that he was picked on. His mom explained that he had a kidney problem, but said there was no physical reason for the problem. She thought it was psychological. Kevin just cried in humiliation.

To my surprise, Keith had set up a double bed for us. He looked up at me to see if that was all right. I wasn’t about to complain. Mom did not even seem to notice. The lights went out as I once again stripped down to my undies as had the boys. Mom had gone to her side and zipped up the flap. Good thing. I had once again obtained that stiff swelling shaft that was so obvious. I slipped under the covers quickly, but this time Keith had gotten a good look at the bulge. His smile told me he was aware of it. I don’t think he understood it, but he knew that it happened to guys, and wondered why. How much he knew about sex from mom and dad, I didn’t know.

Keith’s first move under the covers was to slide skin to skin back against me until his ample smooth covered butt was snuggled up against that already long stiff hard seven inch shaft that had already penetrated many young ample smooth butts, but none so young. The only thing separating us was our briefs, but they didn’t hide my instant erection when Keith cuddled up against me. All I could do was moan my approval, knowing this boy was far from ready to take on anal sex yet. I preferred boys going into puberty, but wasn’t going to turn down a willing student. And when I held him close and hugged him to me, Keith wanted to cuddle. He was perfectly at ease knowing my bulge was tucked up between his warm tight buns.

 He was definitely ready and willing. He remained relaxed as I moved my hands around in front of him and began feeling and gently massaging his thin little three inch dicklet and the little marble sized balls under it. The new thrills spreading through his crotch caused him to let out a low satisfied sigh. It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes later that I had his toy in my hand working it over briskly as Keith held his breath and tried not to speak as his hips went into a rapid spasm. His legs went stiff and his toes curled. His butt was doing a number on my dick which had slipped out of it’s undies and was sliding back and forth between his thighs. I had pulled his undies down far enough to handle his little stiffie. It was throbbing rapidly as Keith moaned and shook. He was having his first ever orgasm. I was soon shooting a generous load of cum all over his thighs. When the orgasm was over, I turned Keith around and slid down to lick up the slimy mess all over his thighs. I think he was too surprised by what happened to object, or maybe my tongue licking his balls and dick were just to much to handle. My hands were busy massaging his tight little buns. I’m pretty sure he felt to exhausted and confused to try and figure out this new thrill that had just raced through his entire body. A few minutes after I had slid back up to hold him, he had drifted off to sleep. I was not far behind him.

Early the next morning, I awoke to see Kevin changing his linen and his undies. I really did feel sorry for him. I felt even more sorry when we got up. Kevin’s mom was not happy that Kevin had wet again during the night. She made him hang the wet linens out to dry. Keith wasn’t much help. He didn’t understand why Kevin wet himself and told him it was embarrassing. That made Kevin feel humiliated. He began to cry and whine, which only made things worse.

The next night after Kevin had fell asleep, I went down on a happy Keith and quickly sucked him to orgasm. He was hooked on this new game. When I asked him to try it on me, he admitted it was fair, but did not want the sperm stuff to shoot off in his mouth. I agreed to that. And I let him do it his way after explaining about covering his teeth with his lips. He did a pretty decent job for his first ever blow job. Then I dry humped him again.

We did it again during the day at an isolated spot on a trail. Keith was hooked. I knew that one day soon I would go further with him. There was no need to push him. I knew he would become better as he grew older and I loved knowing I would see him shoot his first ever load and would train him to make love. I suspected his mother knew we were playing games, but if she did she never let on. I still had trouble believing I had a crush on a ten year old that took the naughty games in stride loving them.

The second camping trip came just a few weeks later at a park on a lake. Keith seemed a little more shy in front of his mom and I suspected he was beginning to discover puberty. His little dicklet was starting to grow longer, and was also inflating more often. His interest in playing sex games was stronger. He had even starting seeing me more often at home and would show up when I was available to see him at home. He loved when I sucked him, and I could tell his orgasms were getting longer and stronger. Keith was nearing his eleventh birthday.

I also tried something new to help Kevin overcome his bed-wetting problem. I talked Bonnie into letting him sleep in the room with me and Keith. The first change was to take him out to pee before he went to bed. During that time, I introduced Kevin to rubbing and massaging his cute little “thingie’. I also let him stroke mine explaining that he needed to know how to make them feel good. After he went to sleep, I woke up early in the morning and slipped into his sleeping bag. Kevin was a deep sleeper and did not wake up. I slid down to his little thingie where I easily covered his dicklet and balls with my mouth. Licking and sucking gently on it, Kevin began to moan and let loose his bladder. I had no trouble handling his small pee load and he did not usually wake up when he peed. Once he was done, I moved back to my place with Keith. When Kevin woke up the next morning, he had not wet. Same thing the next night. He was convinced that our mutual pee time before going to bed was working (and I think he was liking this special game with him). I decided this new trick would work. It would become my new secret.

After several camping trips, the boys and I were doing great. I introduced Keith to the new sport of finger fucking. That happened one night after we had sucked each other. I got out some vaseline jelly and greased up my finger, then his crack. Although Keith was nervous, he allowed me to push my finger inside him. He thought it felt strange at first, but after I got it all the way in, he agreed it felt better. When I found his prostate, he began to feel good. By the time I was finished, he had orgasmed and was amazed that it felt good. I cleaned him up and we went to sleep.

Not long after that on a scout camping trip, I had worked him up using two fingers. Then I slid my dick along his crack and he told me he was ready. He knew what I wanted from him and agreed to relax as I pushed against his hole until I slipped inside. He winced in pain from the stretching and the invasion, but he knew to try to relax and did so as I slowly slid all the way in. He didn’t really like having my dick inside him, but he liked being one with me and knew I was liking this. Still, we only did anal sex on rare occasions when Kevin wasn’t around.

For months, I continued playing around with Kevin who continued sleeping when I sucked him or played with his tiny toy.

Then one night Kevin moved his sleeping bag alongside me and Keith. He announced he was not peeing in bed any more and did not have to use the water proof sheets or diapers. Keith seemed to agree, which surprised me. And I agreed we did not want to argue about this in front of his mom. Kevin was about ten at this time. I was sure he knew more about me than he was admitting. Either he knew I was playing with him at night or he knew I was doing more than just sleeping with Keith. To make his point, Kevin stripped down to just his briefs. And instead of sliding under the cover, he laid on top watching as Keith and I lay next to him. Kevin had laid his bed covers next to Keith.

The sight of these two fine looking boys laying so close to me with only their briefs on did not go unnoticed. I was well aware that I was showing an obvious bulge. I was also aware that both boys knew I was stiff, and were getting a good look. Especially Kevin. I’m sure he had seen it before, but not from so close. He made no pretense to hide the fact that he was curious. Keith just smiled that mischievous looking sexy grin that said something was going to happen soon. That didn’t help me much. I wanted to go to work on both of them, but did not want to show Kevin what Keith and I had been doing on campouts for months. I finally faked sleepiness and turned out the lamp.

That was all it took. A few moments later, I heard sounds net to me. Kevin was in bed with Keith. He was under the cover, but there was enough light in the tent to see Keith was laying on his back and Kevin was bobbing up and down on his stiff. Keith by now was about five inches long and was jerking off several times a day. He had a small patch of fuzz at the base of his rod and would soon be shooting off. He and Kevin had started to see things differently. Kevin had discovered how to please his brother. He was demonstrating his new skills, and was not trying to hide it. Keith moaned in delight and smiled at me in the dark. His hand moved to my tool to play with it while Kevin finished the job. When Keith’s hips arched up to meet Kevin’s mouth, and Keith let out a moan of ecstacy, I knew he had just orgasmed. After a few moments, Keith relaxed and sighed in satisfaction.

Kevin made his move. He moved across his brother and replaced the hand on my stiff with his own. He was in no rush. Kevin wanted to explore first, and took the time to cuddle my stiff and my balls. He had not taken on an adult before. He wanted to, but was not sure he could. Tonight, he was going to try. It was at that point I knew he had suspected Keith and I had been playing naughty games. He had found out willingly what those games were. How he convinced Keith to share me I don’t know, but Keith made no move to stop him. Kevin moved between my legs and made himself at home. After sizing me up, he began kissing and licking my balls and my seven inch thich shaft. Once he had lowered his lips over my dick head, Keith eased the cover back so he could watch.

Kevin was too busy too care. He had taken a few inches into his mouth and was pretty good at covering his teeth and using his tongue. Kevin was a natural. He was liking what he was doing. He had already started a rhythm. He gagged once when he tried to take to much, but backed off. Keith smiled at me in the dark. He knew Kevin was about to learn how to deep throat and swallow. He was right. I gently began to push the shaft further into Kevin’s throat, backing off when he choked on it, but trying again until he got the hint, and started breathing through his nose and working his reflexes so the throat didn’t choke. Kevin was trying hard to please. He wanted in on the games. He wasn’t ready yet for my load, so I backed off as I felt the pressure building. Then I let Kevin finish me off by hand. He had not seen any one pop a load, so he was really excited when I let go. He also went along with me when I licked up the goo. He wasn’t crazy about the taste, but I knew he would get used to it. We slept next to each other that night. Kevin had just been accepted to the boy games, and was pleased.

The next morning, it was my turn to return the favor. Kevin was still asleep when I slid down between his legs and took his tiny little knob easily into my mouth. He awoke making a soft moan of pleasure as he felt the warm wet feeling cover his crotch. I felt his hands softly holding on to my head as he pushed against me and after a moment began emptying his pee load into my throat. He had recognized the feeling, and now knew why he had been able to relieve himself without getting soaked. After he was finished peeing, I held on until he orgasmed, which he loved. As his dicklet softened and shrunk, I backed off and hugged him. He whispered “Thanks” and returned the tight hug.

 When Keith woke, he found his little brother once again sucking away on my shaft and much to busy to stop at the time. I made it up to him by fondling and playing with him. Once again, I backed off to let Kevin jerk me off, but this time it was Kevin who did the clean-up. He seemed to have no trouble licking the goo off my stomach and crotch. We were interupted by their mom letting us know she was up and had breakfast started. I hustled to get covered. She often stopped by to stick her head in and say something. I thought this was strange because if the boys were up, she couldn’t help but notice the little stiffs in their undies. Yet, she seldom seemed to notice even though she would look. She would also watch when me and the boys came out of the tent in our undies with pee stiffs heading toward the nearest tree to relieve ourselves. She would just smile at us as we returned to get dressed. I was just another one of her boys.

This weekend the three of us boys understood each other much better. About mid-morning we found time to sneak off to a private camp-site where we got naked and allowed Kevin to suck us off. Both Keith and I played with him as well. Keith admitted he had taught Kevin the things I had taught him. It was the first time we were alone nude in the day. It was also the first time I had watched Keith stretch Kevin over a camp table and work him up by humping him vigorously. When Keith was done, dry humping him, Kevin waited as I greased up and took Keith’s place. As my dick popped into his hole, Kevin let out a loud whimper. I knew it had to hurt. Kevin had never let an adult enter him. He settled down after I had slid all the way in and paused to hug him and praise his courage. I took my time getting him used to accepting me, then I humped him in earnest. Kevin was pleased that he had made me happy. By the time I had shot off my load, he was amazed that guys liked to do that. He was ready to do it again. Keith and I both assured him he would get the chance.

By the time that camp out was over, I think Kevin pretty much stayed full of my cum. We went back to the same site mid-afternoon alone where I showed him other ways to get humped. Each time, I pumped another load into his willing hole. That night, I sucked off Keith, who then let Kevin take over. He and I spent much of the night busy. Kevin finally just passed out from exhaustion in order to get some sleep. He woke up long enough the next morning to eat breakfast, then went back to bed, telling his mother he was tired. We returned home that afternoon. Mom did not know why Kevin seemed ill. Keith explained to her that Kevin had tried to do too much stuff that weekend.

A short time after that, Keith’s mom took her sister and their son, Jesse camping with her. Kevin and I had met several times and were very friendly at my apartment. I was also meeting with Keith separately. I had met Jesse a few times, but had not done anything with him. He was a little older than Keith, maybe twelve, and reasonably attractive, but his mother seemed over protective, so I had not tried anything. I was aware that Jesse liked Keith a lot, but Keith had never mentioned doing anything with him. I decided not to try anything with Jesse.

Boy, was I in for an education. Jesse was a little surprised to find out he and his mother were going to stay in the same tent with me and the boys. He was even more surprised that me and the boys showered together at the camp showers. Although surprised, he seemed amused, he had no objection. He wasn’t shy. He simply told us he didn’t remember taking a shower with a grownup before. But the idea kinda sounded like fun.

Even though there were also other people using the showers, me and the boys stripped down in the dressing room and waited to use a shower together. It was either that or shower alone. He didn’t seem to want to do that. I readily understood that when he was nude. Jessy had just a spray of fuzz at the base of a five inch dick that had become stiff despite efforts to prevent and hide his problem. We didn’t help his problem much. All three of us knew we were going to play and had plumped up as we undressed, and although not fully erect, we were at least half way there. We did not try to hide our jewels. Keith sort of teased Jesse that guys had no reason to be shy. It was normal for guys to see if other guys looked like them.

We had to wait for several guys to vacate a shower, so we had a few minutes to look each other over. Jesse was mostly interested in looking me over. I also looked him over. He thought I was big. I reminded him that he had just started growing into a man. He would change a lot. His dick would grow much bigger, his balls would also grow, and he would get lots of hair around his dick. Jesse had already heard most of that, but now he was seeing men already there. Seeing it was different. He was excited that we were talking openly about our male equipment. It did seem to relax him a little although his four inch stiffy didn’t go down any. He and Keith admitted that they had compared dicks before. Both were aware that the other had jerked off, but had not seen them do it. Kevin joked that he did it too, and had seen Keith do it. We laughed that off, and even had a few strangers there laughing that all guys jerk off.

When a shower stall was empty, all four of us entered it together. The showers were small and the four of us were pretty close. We had to move around to get under the water. That meant a lot of touching. And touching meant erections. Keith, Kevin, and I took it in stride bumping into each other giggling, smiling, and knowing that if Jesse weren’t there, we would be doing a little groping as well as showering. We were trying to not let on that we had been playing sex games even though all of us were stiff and felt awkward trying to avoid any sexual contact.

As it turned out, I don’t think we had given Jesse much credit. Not only was he as stiff as we were, his slender stiff like Keith and Kevin’s stuck straight and hard upward toward his tummy. When he moved, it swayed and wavered back and forth. Jesse could not resist holding and fondling it. Neither could the others. Mine stuck straight out. Whenever I moved, I was constantly nudging it into someone’s buns causing them to jump. That usually caused them to giggle and back away.

Jesse was a little heavier and chunkier than the other boys although he was as tall as Keith. He was uncut. He also had a bubble butt that I was attracted to. I’m sure that had a lot to do with what was just waiting to happen. I had soaped up and was behind him, so I offered to do his back for him. He paused and waited while I rubbed a bar of soap over the upper back and then slowly edged lower over his buns slowly getting braver until I had ran the soap in between the bubble butt along the crack until I had quickly felt my way across his hole. He grunted in pleasure as I touched his most personal private spot, but made no move to move away. After soaping him down good, I suddenly felt him take a step back toward me. I knew he was liking the attention. I remained still as Jesse took a short step back. It was just enough to cause my stiff to push between his slick buns. I’m pretty sure I pushed a little forward causing my shaft to push downward enough to slide along his crack and across his hole. Jesse did what any boy would do. He quickly stepped forward, but chose not to say anything for fear he would draw attention to his problem. He wasn’t sure how to handle the attention, so he remained quiet although he cast a quick look back to see if I had done that on purpose.

My smile answered him. His response was an equal surprise. He stepped back again and wiggled his butt against the hard shaft snuggled between his buns. As Keith and Kevin soaped up and washed off, I gently reached around Jesse’s waist and allowed my dick to slide back and forth under Jesse’s tight fitting buns. It only lasted for a few seconds, but I’m sure Keith noticed. And I was sure Jesse wanted to play. Still, there were other people in other showers, so I had to settle for later.

Although all four of us played with and fondled our dicks silently but boldly as we showered, we rinsed off and headed back to the tent. Jesse did as we did to let us know he was anxious to play. When Keith and Kevin began to stroke and rub their little dicks and smiled at him, he realized we had done this before. He did manage to reach back and grasp my dick and balls for a quick feel to stop me from sliding it under his balls like I wanted it in him.

The four of us returned to the tent wearing only briefs covered with a towel. We were still horny and still had stiffs, so we said our “Goodnights” then went to our bedroom. I couldn’t believe how fast the boys set up the beds so that they were right next to each other. I guess it really didn’t take that much fixing since we were pretty tight for space. We would have to be really quiet though since the ladies were not that far away and there was no walls to keep down the noise.

Of course, I set up next to Keith as usual, and Jesse watched as we crawled under our covers in just a pair of tight undies smiling at each other. He had nothing to worry about though. Kevin had now had a good look at what his cuz had to play with and I’m sure he was anxious to get a hand or a mouth on that. After a short time getting comfortable, I wasted no time sliding under the covers to pull Keith’s undies off and start worshiping his perfect sized toy. He responded by letting me do my thing. By this time Keith had a nice five inch play toy that was just the right size for sucking and licking. He moaned softly as he felt my warm mouth engulf it.

Jesse couldn’t see what was going on under the covers, but then he didn’t have much time to watch anyway. Kevin wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to show his cuz what he had learned. Jesse couldn’t help but purr as he felt Kevin’s hands pull down his undies to get to his own five inch toy. Kevin did a good job. Jesse felt a tongue licking at his dick head, then engulf much of his shaft as Kevin began to pump it by mouth. Deciding to go along with this new naughty game was no big decision. Kevin was causing new feelings Jesse didn’t even know he had. He quickly wanted more of this, and was holding Kevin’s head in place and humping his mouth. This sure beat jerking off.

Meanwhile next to him, Keith was loving his usual naughty treat. His balls were soon pulling up tight. He knew he was going to love this feeling. He always did. When the feeling came, it was really intense. Keith held my mouth tight and raised completely off the bed as his dick shot it’s first watery load into my mouth. Then it did it again. Keith was shooting his first load. He moaned and lunged forward trying to push more dick than he had down my throat. Finally, gasping rapidly, he finished it and reluctantly sank back onto his bed. I made sure I had it all before I slid up to share with him in a kiss. We lay still a few minutes relaxing while Keith recovered from a new first for him.

Jesse had been shooting a while, but had never done it in another boy’s mouth - until now. He had tried to let Kevin know he was about to shoot. Kevin held on. Jesse delivered like he had never shot off before. And Kevin gladly took it all. A tired and amazed Jesse rolled over to rest and wonder how long we had been doing these fantastic games. He most likely wondered why he had never been invited to play these games before. I doubt he stopped to realize his mom was in the tent room right next to us while he was purring and loving his first ever blow job. Nor could he have known he was just beginning.

I had moved Keith over to my right with Jesse on my left. As Keith rested, I made my move to get back to Jesse. He lay on his side facing Kevin, who wanted to get a dick inside him. When I scooted in close behind Jesse, Kevin turned to Keith by joining him. Keith was more than happy to screw Kevin rather than getting me on him. While they got together, Keith used my KY to grease up. Jesse had no idea what that was about. He had heard of cornholing, but wasn’t sure he knew what that was. He was about to find out.

I knew Jesse was a virgin. I also knew he would need stretching before he would be ready for me, but he had allowed me to play with his most intimate hole by sliding back and forth over it. I would chance it. If he refused, I could always back off. When Keith was done with the KY, I coated my shaft and began using it to coat the crack along Jesse’s buns. Meanwhile, Keith had turned Kevin on his tummy and greased him up. Jesse could feel Keith sliding on Kevin’s back. He now realized Keith was going to stick his dick into Kevin’s hole. That was the new game. That was why I was greasing him up. I was going to stick that monster inside him - up his poop hole. REALLY!!! When I slid my dick along the crack, Jesse strained to look back to watch. Of course, he couldn’t see much in the dark. All he could do was clamp his hole tight when I paused at the entrance. He could feel me behind him waiting and hoping he would let me in. He paused a long time. I was trying to use him like a girl? No way! He wasn’t a girl!

Realizing Jesse had a lot of reasons for refusing me, I chose to explain this was just for fun. He would like it if he was willing to try it. It would hurt, but only till I was in. Then it would feel good.

Jesse listened to my coaxing, but wasn’t really convinced. Butt holes were not made for sex. They were made to crap from. He watched Kevin, who by now was allowing Keith total access to his hole. Keith had slid inside and was slowly humping him. Both seemed to be all right with it. Kevin had grunted a little as Keith went in, but was now not hurting. In fact, he seemed to be liking it. How was that possible?

Deciding on his own to find out was a tough decision, but Jesse listened again as I told him to push his butt back against my dick and relax if he wanted to find out how it felt. I told him I loved his bubble butt and wanted to take his cherry. He had heard that girls who had never had sex were cherries, but not having screwed a girl didn’t really understand that. He didn’t know boys could be a cherry. Still, he wanted to learn what we did. That meant he had to try it if he wanted to find out if it was fun. So far, he had learned that blow jobs were great. He definitely wanted to do that again. He would trust me. Although he still couldn’t believe that having a dick in his butt could feel good, he pushed back against the one that wanted inside, and he relaxed to open up. I had slid on top of him and my weight did the rest. Jesse let go a muffled grunt as the wet greasy round point opened him up and slowly edged past the muscle holding him back. The seven inch thick shaft had now entered virgin territory. No dick had ever been there. It hurt. A lot. He clamped down again, but it was too late. The enemy had slid in. He didn’t say anything. He just remained stiff a moment then once again allowed the monster to slide in further. It didn’t hurt as much this time and it had gone in further before he held it back. It now felt like it was in deep. It was touching something that felt weird. It caused him to feel excited and good. Another new feeling! He relaxed. I slid in deeper. I was almost all the way in. Jesse couldn’t believe it. His tiny little butt had taken in that big monster? And it was feeling better? He could do this. It felt like a log and must be really deep, but he had to try to take all of it. And he did.

He felt my balls resting on his buns. I was in. I waited a moment to let him get the feel of it. Then I moved slowly around inside him to let him feel it move. He liked the feeling of me causing funny electric volts shooting through his butt. Any feeling of pain had turned to pleasure. He could feel my weight moving my dick around inside him. He was aware I had started slowly humping him. So this is what it feels like to get screwed? He was now aware of what sex feels like. He would just relax and let me do my thing. He swayed back and forth as I sped up and pulled all the way back, then plunged the entire shaft inside again and again. His own dick was now hard again and he knew it was about to explode again.

Next to us, Keith and Kevin were about finished. Keith whispered to Kevin that he was close. Kevin wiggled his butt. Keith giggled and was breathing rapid as he let his small load go. I let Jesse know he was about to receive his first ever load of cum, then a few moments later, I let go. He knew when I came. He was relaxed as I slammed hard pressing my dick as far in him as I could before it shot each load inside him. After several loads, I was done for. Exhausted and happy, I eased up to him and kissed him praising his gorgeous buns and his butt as my dick began retreating from it’s warm resting place. Jesse had just finished his first bottom duty, and was pleased with it. I knew he would want to try that again. I gave him a towel to keep my cum from leaking out.

A short time later, Keith wanted to trade partners. He asked Jesse if he wanted to bottom for him. To my complete surprise, Jesse was willing if Keith would bottom for him. And Keith agreed. Not to be outdone, I agreed to take on Kevin. And all four of us got back to sex games for one more round. I think all of us must have passed out after that. As usual, I took my time and enjoyed Kevin. I’m sure he was pleased having been passed from Jesse to Keith to me.

A short time later, Keith and his family moved away to a new home. We still saw each other and when we went camping, we went as scouts. Kevin and Jesse competed as bottoms, and Kevin especially loved it. Both became really good at it. Maybe too good. One day at their home, Keith was showing off in front of me by sitting spreadeagled on a table top. He was going commando in a pair of shorts. His balls and dick were showing. There was no way I was not ogling the beautiful scene before me. Jesse’s mom caught him and growled that he needed to get something on. I think she also caught me and Jesse looking. There was a stern talk with Keith’s mom who wasn’t all that concerned. Mom thought her sister was overreacting. Jesse’s mom insisted that her son was acting strange around us. She left shortly after with Jesse in tow. No more camp outs for Jesse.

A short time after Keith moved, he met and recruited his own patrol in the scout troop. Among the new boys were Derek and Bobby. Derek was a gorgeous young feminine type boy whose parents were overprotective. The boy was a piano player who would later have an affair with his teacher, but would drop out of the troop when a gay scout made an attempt to rape him. The scout claimed he thought Derek wanted to have sex, but was surprised when Derek told his parents about the affair.

Bobby was a different story. He really liked Keith and we spent time together. Both Keith and Bobby did well in scouting. They also became best friends. It became apparent to me that Bobby liked Keith a lot, but felt jealous that I was also interested in Keith and had a thing going on with him. This did not seem to keep Bobby from playing games with us, but it did bother him when Keith would put him between us. He did that on purpose because he knew I would wind up going after Bobby. So did he. Bobby would wind up getting courted by two lovers who wanted his butt. And usually, he would whine, but give in because he liked Keith. I didn’t mind all that much because I also had Kevin who loved playing games, but didn’t get along with Bobby. This put a strain on my friendship with both Bobby and Keith.

Eventually, I gave in to a friend who befriended Bobby and who I knew would do him right. He and Bobby remained good friends for years. And still are.

Keith and his family moved out of the area not long after and I moved on with new friends. All three of the boys later married and had children. None have kept in touch regularly, but I do hear from them from time to time.

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