My Neighbor's Husband



This is an adult story intended for adults. If you are underage, if sexually explicit material offends you, or if it is illegal to view adult material where you live, please leave now. This is a fantasy, so I remind you that I have done away with the requirements of safe sex, and have included no gestures toward common sense either. Please email me if you have any suggestions or comments. I love to hear readers' reactions to my writing.

My Neighbor's Husband

part 1

My new neighbors moved in last fall, and while I've gotten to know Mrs. D pretty well, I hardly ever see her husband. But I like what I've seen. He's tall, broad shouldered and handsome. I've only seen him leaving in the mornings and getting home late at night, but he looks like he's well built underneath his suits. Big V-shaped torso, trim waist. On weekends he's not around either, he's working or they both go off somewhere. But every time I see him I stop and have to catch my breath, he's so sexy! His handsome chiseled face, heavy 5 o'clock shadow and full lips. I started looking out for his car in the evenings, just to catch a glimpse of him. I became fascinated with him, watching for him in the mornings, too. I'd watch him and Mrs. D get in the car on Saturdays. I'd even hang out in the kitchen with my mom when Mrs. D came by, just to hear about them and find out anything I could about him. She came by often, telling Mom about where they used to live, their families, all kinds of stuff that I didn't care about. I did find out a few things, like he's Italian, his first name is Tony and they moved here from Brooklyn. Their last name is some long, hard to pronounce Italian name, so everyone just calls them Mr. and Mrs. D.

Everything changed in the spring. Mr. D started coming home at a normal time, and as the weather got better he started working on his yard. Mrs. D came by one day and told Mom how excited she was that Mr. D had gotten a nice promotion, which meant he wouldn't have to work so much any more. So that's why he was around so much more now! Soon he had a nice lawn going, flower beds around the yard, and the beginnings of a vegetable garden in the backyard. The best thing was, once it started to get warm, he'd work outside wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. I was right about his build, his chest was broad and muscular, and his shoulders and arms bulged with muscle, too. What I didn't know turned out to be the sexiest part about him. He was hairy. Not just hairy, but his chest was carpeted with swirls of thick, luxurious black hair, tapering to a trail down his abs into his shorts. His legs and forearms were covered with it, too. I'd never seen such a hairy man so masculine, such a turn on!

I should tell you about myself. I'm Bobby. I just turned 16. I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm about 5' 9", blond, slim, fair skinned, and smooth. Completely smooth all over, except my head, pits and the small bush at my dick. I'd always been fascinated by hairy, older men, ever since I figured out I was gay. Oh, I've known I'm gay for some time. All my friends talk about hot girls and how they want to fuck them or get them to suck their dicks, but not me. I like hearing my friends talk, seeing them get turned on telling each other their stories, even seeing their crotches bulge if I can sneak a glance without them looking. Some of my friends are hot, but I really get turned on by older men, not boys like me. Grown up, confident, secure men.

I started watching Mr. D out my bedroom window. I could see him working around his backyard. I loved seeing his muscles bulge when he wrestled with a heavy wheelbarrow, or carried a big pot. I loved watching the bulge in his shorts, too. From my window, it looked like he was packing a hell of a piece in those pants. I could just imagine his cock, big thick Italian cock, coiled up in his shorts in a nest of curly pubic hair. The thought of it always gave me a hardon. I would imagine myself taking it out of his sweaty gym shorts, feeling its heat as it throbs and grows in my hands. In my fantasies he'd let me suck it, and I pictured it growing to enormous size in my hands and mouth.

See, I'd just recently sucked my first cock, and couldn't wait to do more. The other day after school, my buddy Ron came over to study, but we couldn't concentrate on history. We were both horny. He kept talking about this girl that he had the hots for, and fiddling with his crotch. He obviously had a hardon and wasn't trying too hard to hide it from me. And I couldn't keep from checking it out. At one point, I realized that he hadn't said anything for a while and I'd been staring at him palming his hard dick through his cutoffs. I looked up at him, and saw him grinning. "See something interesting?" he asked. Busted! I thought. I blushed, and didn't know what to say. "It's cool," he said, "I've noticed you don't talk about girls much."

"Yeah, I'm not really into girls much, I guess."

"I'm so horny, man. And I'm tired of just beating off."

"Lemme see it," I croaked, my throat suddenly dry. He shucked his shorts down before I even finished saying it. His dick popped up, hard and throbbing, and we both looked down at it. It was straight as an arrow, about 5 or 5 inches, and pointing right up at me. "Nice one," I said.

"Thanks." There was an awkward moment, then he said hoarsely, "You wanna touch it?" It was bobbing up at me, and I really did want to touch it. I reached out and wrapped my fist around it and gave it a little tug. "Ohhhh, yeah," he moaned, "that feels so good."

"Yeah," I said. "It's so hard." I pumped it up and down a few times. His eyes rolled back in his head.

"Man, that feels so much better than doing it myself." I was loving it the first time I ever felt another guy's cock in my hand. I loved the soft skin sliding up and down the hard shaft. I could feel it pulsating in my fist. A drop of juice appeared at the tip, teasing me. I was dying to suck my first cock.

"If that feels good, how's this?" And I dropped my head down and sucked his cockhead into my lips.

"Awwwww, fuck! You're . . . It's . . . Ohhhhhh, yeah man." I wrapped my lips around his cock and started to bob my head up and down on it, like I'd heard the guys talking about in the lockerroom. The taste of his dick was incredible musky, rubbery, salty all at once. I ran my tongue around his cockhead it twitched on my tongue. Soon I was sucking him deep, and he was loving it. So was I! His dick was rock hard, and I felt like I'd been waiting all my life to suck a cock. He was moaning and babbling above me, but all my attention was on his hard, throbbing cock in my mouth. It felt so natural to suck on it, make him moan and squirm as I played with it with my lips and tongue. My hands caressed his balls and the base of his cock, while my busy mouth explored the head and shaft. I was in heaven! I knew right then and there that I was a cocksucker, and glad to be one. I did my best to drive him crazy, and I must have done a good job, because his cock was drooling a steady stream of juice that tasted so good and musky, I couldn't get enough. I wanted more. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," he groaned.

"Fuck, yeah," I mumbled around his hard dick, and kept sucking. And before I knew it, he blasted the back of my throat with thick, sticky juice. It caught me by surprise. There was so much of it! I eagerly sucked down his load. He shot blast after blast that I could hardly keep up with! I gulped it down as fast as I could, but some of it dribbled out of my mouth. I nursed on him until he finally stopped cumming and started to go soft, then I licked up the cum that escaped from me. He was panting hard as I licked his cock clean. It took him awhile to catch his breath.

"Damn," he said, "that was fucking awesome."

"Yeah," I said, my mind reeling with so many new sensations. I didn't know what else to say.

"Fuck, I never came like that before."

"That was great, man," I said. My dick was rock hard in my pants. "I never did anything like that before." There was an awkward silence. "You think we can keep this between us?" I asked hesitantly. I wasn't sure if I was ready for everyone to know.

"Hell yeah, the guys would fry me if they knew I let a guy blow me."

"I'm sorry," I started, "I didn't mean to . . ."

"No, it's cool," he cut me off. "I liked it, man. You think we can do this again sometime?"

Boy, was I relieved. "Hell yeah, we can do this again, any time. That was awesome." I said, "Just don't go around telling anyone, ok? You know how the guys can be."

"It's cool, dude. We'll just keep this our secret. I gotta go. Um, thanks, I guess."

"Um, you're welcome, I guess." We laughed. He got dressed and split. As soon as he left my room, I whipped out my dick and stroked it, shooting off almost right away I was so turned on. It was the biggest load I'd ever shot. It was unbelievable!

I've been sucking Ron's dick a lot since then, whenever we get the chance, and each time I love it more. I learned how to tease him, make it last. I lick around the ridge under his cockhead, nibble down the underside of the shaft until I'm kissing his balls. I love licking and sucking on his balls. It drives him crazy, too. Then I go back up to the head and bob up and down on him, taking more and more of him down into my throat until he blows lots of tasty, creamy cum for me to swallow. I pull on my dick while I suck him, and always shoot my load when he fills my mouth with his tasty cum. Now he hangs around all the time, and I don't mind at all! We spend whole afternoons after school with him stretched out on my bed getting his hard cock sucked. I love that, he feeds me three or four loads before he can't get it up any more.

It was about then that I started watching Mr. D out my window, staring at his hairy muscles, handsome face and packed crotch, stroking my cock to massive explosions thinking about sucking off him off. I knew he had to have a big dick, and a hairy one, too. It had to be a lot bigger than Ron's, and my mouth watered at the thought of trying to get it down my throat. I wanted to bury my face in his hairy crotch. I stared at the lump in his shorts and imagined the hefty log he must have in there until I shot loads and loads of cum all over myself. He came home from work around six o'clock now, so I started hanging out around the front of our house so I could see him close up. He was so handsome! And a nice guy, I think, too. At first he would wave hello when he saw me, and soon he started to chat with me some. He was just being polite, asking my name, what year I was in school, stuff like that. I was so nervous each time I talked with him, and escaped upstairs to my room so I could beat off looking out my window at him half naked in his backyard.

I began to get bolder around him during our short chats in the driveway wearing nothing but shorts myself, for one thing. I brought a lounge chair from the back yard and stretched out in it on our grass, right by where he parked his car. He always stopped to talk, asking what I was reading, or how the school baseball team was doing. He would still be in his suit, looking so striking, so powerful. He stood so tall over me, making me tremble. I'd have to lay on my stomach, or cover my hard dick with my book, so he wouldn't see the effect he was having on me. Looking up at him, it was all I could do not to stare at his bulging crotch. I'd sneak quick glances at it, trying to imagine the shape of his dick trapped inside, then look back up to his gorgeous face hoping he hadn't noticed. I could hardly focus on what he was saying - how I held any kind of conversation with him I don't know. When he was this close I just wanted to rip his clothes off and attack him! After he'd go in I'd run inside and rip my shorts off, practically cumming as soon as my hand grabbed my throbbing dick.

Then I started hanging out in our backyard in the evenings, while he worked in his yard, trying to see more of him. And to see him up close without that suit and tie on! I'd pretend to be reading a book at the picnic table. Watching him in just those old gym shorts, bare chested and everything, just made me nuts. He would wave to me over the fence, and I'd ask him what he was working on and stuff, just to get him to talk to me. Really I was gazing at his body whenever I could. I didn't hear half of what he said to me, but I memorized ever bulge and curve of his pecs, how the hair swirling over them clung to his skin with his sweat. He was very friendly and showed me with pride the things he was making in his yard. As he talked I'd study the ridges of his abs, the way his trail of hair leads down into his shorts. . .

He had a big garage at the back of the yard, with double doors facing his house. Once in a while he would disappear in there. One Sunday, he went in there for a long time. Most of the afternoon, actually. Mrs. D came out and kissed him goodbye before she went off shopping. A few minutes after she drove off, he went in there and didn't come out for the longest time. I was starting to think he'd gone back into the house and I'd missed him, but that was impossible, since my eyes were glued to his yard. The garage doors were open, but I couldn't see anything inside. Eventually he emerged, "Hey, kid!" he said with a smile, absolutely unaware that I'd been searching that doorway hoping for a glimpse of him.

"Hey Mr. D." I said as I pretended to look up from my book. He was so fucking gorgeous. I wished I could sit out there all afternoon and gawk at him, but it was getting late and I had homework to get done before dinner. I would have brought it out to the picnic table, but I'm sure none of it would have been worth handing in, with a distraction like Mr. D in front of me. So I got up, adjusted myself in my shorts before he could see my hardon, and said, "See ya later, Mr. D."

"See ya, kid."

I went upstairs, took a chair to the window, and sat there stroking my hard sixteen year old cock while I watched him in his yard. He was amazing. He moved with an easy, natural grace, but was built like a longshoreman! He was digging out a big rock, and as I watched, he hoisted it up on his shoulders, his arms and chest flexed to the max, like a Greek statue. His shorts bulged with his manhood! My balls twitched and I came! Thick gobs of cum blasting all over my chest. My smooth chest was covered in teenage cum. I was panting and gasping for air. He was a fucking sex god! And I was hooked.

During the week we kept up our regular evening ritual, me pretending to read while I watched him, stared at him as much as I could. I never saw what was in that garage. Then I'd go upstairs to my favorite seat and jerk off watching him work. At night in bed I'd lie there, stroking my rockhard cock again, imagining Mr. D flexing his muscles for me, letting me slide his shorts down and reveal his gigantic erection. I was obsessed.

Then on Sunday, as soon as Mrs. D drove off to her shopping, he headed back into the garage again. I waited for a little while and he didn't come out. I was dying to find out what he was doing in there. I waited a while longer, probably just a few minutes but it seemed like forever. I finally decided I had to do something. In the back of our yards there are some tall shrubs covering the fence, so I went behind them and snuck over the fence where I wouldn't be seen. I went around behind his garage. There were windows along the back, high up. When I crept up to one and peeked in I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I couldn't believe what I saw.

He was stretched out on a blanket, stark naked, jerking off!!! Finally, I saw what I'd been dreaming about. It was everything I'd imagined and more. His cock was looked enormous, long and so thick his big hand barely wrapped around it. He was pumping and stroking it with his fist. I only had myself and Ron to compare him to, but he sure put us boys to shame. Here was the man-sized dick I had been dreaming about; long, thick and such a bush of hair around it I couldn't believe it! He was even hotter than I'd imagined! With his left hand, he rubbed his pecs, running his fingers through all that sexy hair. I wished it was my hand running through that sexy mat on his chest, feeling his pumped muscles and silky hair, my fist pumping his throbbing cock. As I watched him beat himself off, my mouth gaped open. My breath fogged the window, blocking my view. I quickly rubbed it clear and watched, amazed, as he jerked his big cock. His chest and arms were flexing, pumped to their fullest. His skin shone with his sweat. I could hear him moaning and groaning. His deep sexy voice vibrated right down to my balls and made them quiver. I rubbed my hard cock through my gym shorts as I watched him, breathlessly listening to his sexy moans. He started getting louder and beating his dick faster. I stared at him, fascinated.

"Ohhhh, yeah ughhh, aughhhh!" he roared, and he came. A fountain of thick creamy cum shot out of his cock and rained down on his hairy chest, spurt after spurt striping his furry pecs with white ropes of cum. "Ughhh, ughhh, ughhhhhh!" he grunted, pumping out an unbelievable amount of jism. I swear I could smell it! As he slowed down his fist, milking out the last of his load, I lost it and blew right in my gym shorts. I grabbed the windowsill as my knees went weak and I tried to keep silent. My vision blurred while waves of pleasure wracked my body.

As I regained control of myself, he was juggling his balls, coaxing out the last of his load. His black chest hair was covered in white cum. He lay there for a while, panting. When he got up I ducked down so he wouldn't see me. I peeked up through a corner of the window, hoping to stay out of sight. He went over to the far side of the garage. He rinsed himself off with a hose, soaking himself all over. I watched fascinated, really seeing his muscles for the first time as the water flattened the hair on his body and showed off his amazing physique. As he cleaned up I tip-toed away, and was sitting at the picnic table non-chalantly when he finally emerged from the garage. He smiled at me and waved, having no idea I'd just seen him stroke off his huge cock and shoot his enormous cumload.

"Hey, kid."

"Hey, Mr. D," I waved back, hiding the cumstain in my crotch. As he busied himself with his chores, I slipped into the house before he saw my wet crotch and ran upstairs to change my shorts.

End of part 1.

My Neighbor's Husband


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