My Neighbor's Husband

part 2



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My Neighbor's Husband

part 2


As I regained control of myself, he was juggling his balls, coaxing out the last of his load. His black chest hair was covered in white cum. He slowly milked out the last few drops of his seed then lay there for a while, panting. When he got up I ducked down so he wouldn't see me. I peeked up through a corner of the window, hoping to stay out of sight. He went over to the far side of the garage. He rinsed himself off with a hose, soaking himself all over. I watched fascinated, really seeing his muscles for the first time as the water flattened the hair on his body and showed off his amazing physique. As he cleaned up, I tip-toed away and was sitting at the picnic table non-chalantly when he finally emerged from the garage. He smiled at me and waved, having no idea I'd just seen him stroke off his huge cock and shoot his enormous cumload.

"Hey, kid."

"Hey, Mr. D," I waved back, hiding the cumstain in my crotch. As he busied himself with his chores, I slipped into the house before he saw my wet crotch and ran upstairs to change my shorts.

So now I had to make a plan. I knew what he was doing in there on Sunday afternoons. I decided I had to do something! I had to get my hands on his big dick and not just dream about it. And get my mouth on it! Sucking Ron is fun, don't get me wrong. But I have so much fun sucking Ron, I can't imagine having a dick like Mr. D's to suck on!! It's so huge! And all that hair! I don't know what it is, but all that hair makes me crazy. He makes me crazy. I'd learned a lot about sucking dick with Ron, and now I'm ready for the big leagues, so to speak. And Mr. D's big dick is definitely big league!

During the next week, I think my cock was always rock hard, from the time I got up in the morning, to the evening when I sat in my window watching him and blowing loads of cum all over myself. I was constantly thinking about Mr. D's big dick and how I could get him. Mr. D and I kept up our routine, chatting in the backyards each night. I was so tempted to come on to him, or somehow let him know I was hot for him. I just didn't know what to do!

Then Thursday night he called me over to the fence to show me the new patio he was building. As usual, I could barely pay attention to what he was saying, with his handsome face and hairy chest right in front of me, so close. I just nodded and said, "Oh yeah" or "sounds great." I was paying much more attention to imagining his cock getting hard and coming out of his shorts. Whenever he looked over at his patio, or looked away for even a sec, I stole a glance at his packed crotch. Now that I knew what was in there, I could picture it in my mind coiled up in his shorts in a nest of black hair. I could just see it start to harden, getting longer and fatter and - -

Suddenly, I realized he wasn't talking anymore. I looked up, right into his face. A grin crept across his lips, the corners of his mouth curling up knowingly. He stared at me for a moment, grinning like that. But he didn't say anything, he just returned to his description of the new patio, acting no differently. That sly smirk was gone, but it was imprinted on my mind. I turned beet red and struggled to pay attention, but I still couldn't follow his words. I was terrified that now he knew everything! He knew! How much I lusted after him, spied on him, plotted to jump him. Watched him jerk off in his garage! Oh my God, he knew it all!

I forced myself to calm down and try to play it cool. As he continued to describe his project, he acted as if nothing happened. I decided I was being paranoid and there was no way he could know all that. Not that I'd watched him jerk off, at least. So he caught me looking at his crotch, so what? Guys check each other out all the time, they just don't like to be caught doing it. Straight guys, anyway. And so what if he thinks I'm not straight? Maybe putting the idea in his head before next Sunday isn't such a bad idea.

I was more turned on than ever the next few days, dying for the weekend to come. Finally it was Sunday afternoon, and Mrs. D came out to say good bye. We watched her drive off, Mr. D and me. Both of us were looking forward to what was about to happen in the garage, but he had no idea what he was in for. I only hoped I could pull it off.

Sure enough, as soon as she drove out of sight he headed into the garage. I gave him a little time to get things started, then I went behind the hedges and over the fence, trying to be as quiet as possible. My hard cock was throbbing in front of me like it was leading the way. My heart was pounding! I looked through the window and there he was. Stretched out on the floor, on that blanket, stroking his enormous cock. It seemed even bigger than I'd remembered! I watched for a few minutes, fascinated again at its strength and power. It seemed to grow bigger with each throb, and he was clearly in another world of pleasure. His left hand was playing with his balls, rolling them in his big fist, groaning as he tugged on his hairy eggs. His muscles were flexing and pumping as he stroked himself. I had to go in there! I quietly crept around to the double doors. I couldn't believe he left them wide open in broad daylight while he jerked off inside. Maybe he was some kind of exhibitionist that would be cool, just might make my plan go easier. If you could call it a plan.

I peeked around the corner into the garage. I was looking right up between his wide spread legs at his huge throbbing dick and big balls. His head was thrown back in ecstasy and his eyes were closed. He couldn't see me. I wanted to get as close to him as I could before he did, so I crouched down and silently made my way over to him. He was so lost in his pleasure that he never looked my way, and before I knew it I was at his feet.

I fell to my knees between his hairy legs. Reaching for his balls, I cupped those big furry globes, gently pushing his hand aside. "Ohhhh, fuck," he moaned. Then his eyes flew open. "What the - - !" Before he could do anything, I wrapped my other hand around his shaft - or tried to, it was so thick!! I stroked the heavy pipe and lifted it to my lips. I licked at the drooling slit, tasting his salty juice. "So that's you're game, huh kid?" he panted as I licked and nibbled at his fat cockhead.

"I wanna suck your cock." I said, and slurped his cockhead into my lips, teasing it with my tongue. I bobbed up and down on the first few inches of his big cock. He moaned.

"Fuck, yeah, kid, go for it. Lemme feel that hot mouth." He said. "Suck my dick." I couldn't believe he went for it so easily! His cock throbbed in my fist and mouth, and I gasped at the thought of what I was about to do. I started to wonder what I'd gotten myself into! Can I handle this? I knew I wanted to. I was amazed at the size of his cock. Now that I was right up close to it, I could see how thick it really was as thick as my wrist! Veins crisscrossed up and down the shaft. It was beautiful. It was a hell of a lot longer and fatter than Ron's, so I knew I better go slow and get used to it. I pumped his shaft with one hand and tugged on his balls with the other and was rewarded with another gush of juice on my tongue. Slippery juice that lubed my tongue and helped me slip more of his big cock into my stretched mouth. God, it tasted good!

Wrapping my tongue around his cockhead, I slid it in and out of my mouth some more, teasing the ridge under it each time. Then I dove down onto his throbbing hard cock. I could barely get half of him in my mouth. And that was already stretching my lips to the max! He moaned and gave me more juice. The taste of him in my mouth was so different from Ron thicker, muskier like it was drenched with testosterone! It was like a drug to me! I coaxed more and more of his tasty nectar out of him as I tried to work his leaking cockhead deeper into my throat.

I don't know how I did it, but my throat was opening up for his monster cock. And I was loving every fat inch!! I sucked him with long, slow strokes up and down as much of his rock hard pole as I could take, my hands stroking the rest of his shaft and tugging on his balls. I could feel his balls try to draw up and get ready to shoot, but I pulled them down to postpone that explosion. It drove him crazy!

He was squirming underneath me; babbling and moaning a constant stream of "Oh yeah, kid. Suck it, suck my dick. Fuck that's a hot mouth you got." And so on. Hearing how much I was turning him on turned me on like crazy. I was sucking this hot hairy man's enormous cock and he was loving it I couldn't believe this was really happening! Now I was more determined than ever to get all of him down my throat. I wanted it needed it! His thick meat was throbbing and twitching in my mouth and hands. I tried to work more of him into my throat, but I just couldn't take it all. It was too huge! I bobbed my head up and down on his stiff dick and no matter how I tried to go deeper onto him, I couldn't swallow him all! I was gagging and choking, but didn't care! I wanted it all! Every hard inch! And he was really rock hard! But there were still a few inches at the base of his cock my lips hadn't wrapped around yet. I tried to, but couldn't push my nose into those curly black pubes. I came all the way up off him, gasped for some air, then plunged back down, impaling myself on his throbbing cock. "Oh, fuck yeahhhhh," he growled. I pulled up and off again, took a deep breath and plunged down. My lips worked almost every inch of his fat shaft, one hand gripping his base. The other palmed his fat balls, feeling them squirm in their hairy sack. I milked his prick up and down like that, again and again. His balls were drawn up so tight I couldn't pull them down any more. I felt his hands on my head, "Oh fuck, kid, you ready for it?" He started to grind his hips up into my face.

"Uh huh", I mumbled around his stalk, and I braced myself for it. His hips humped at me hard. His big hands forced my head deeper with each thrust. "Oh, fuck!" He rammed my head down hard onto him, shoved his cock into my throat and exploded. "Aughhhhh, ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhh." he bellowed as he blew, stabbing his hips into my face and flooding my throat with his cum. Thick, salty, creamy delicious cum! And so much more that I could keep up with. Oh my God!! It was like a firehose! It overflowed my mouth. As I gulped down as much as I could, more and more still pulsed out of his cock. I gagged and gasped as I swallowed. Without even touching my cock, it exploded too, still trapped in my gym shorts. For a few minutes I knew nothing but shooting cocks; his huge dick in my face and my own young boy cock shooting another load in my pants caused by this sexy man. I was finally getting my fantasy stud, and it was better that I'd ever dreamed! As I floated back down to reality, I nursed on his cockhead and squeezed his balls, getting another couple of good squirts out of him. And a deep moan. After a while I let his drooling cockhead slip from my lips and I buried my face in his hairy crotch, inhaling his smell and licking up the cum that had escaped me and dripped all over his balls. I licked him clean all over, while he practically purred. He rubbed my head like a little puppy dog, but I didn't mind fuck, I loved it!! When I couldn't find any more cum to lick up, I nibbled my way up his belly, licking up the sweat in his hair. I crawled up next to him and felt him wrap his arm around behind me. I nuzzled my face into his big pec, and licked it clean of sweat, my tongue caressing the thick hair covering it. He moaned again as I nibbled on his big round nipple. Then I pressed my nose in between the two mounds of his chest, inhaling his sexy scent. I gave the other pec the same tongue worship as the first, then rested my head on his big hairy chest and snuggled up next to him, heaving a sigh of satisfaction. His burly arm felt hot against my back, and his rough fingers grazed my butt. We lay there for a while, just breathing deeply.

After a while, "So where'd you learn that, kid?" he grumbled, his voice still gravelly and deep.

"A friend of mine . . . it kind of just happened one day, and . . . "

"And he kept coming back for more, right?" He grinned.

"Yeah, all the time! How'd you guess?"

"He'd be a fool if he didn't," he tousled my head. "That's an awesome mouth you got, boy! You really love to suck dick, huh?"

"I sure do. We've been having a lot of fun. But he's nothing like you. He's just a kid like me. He has no hair on his chest, like yours." I rubbed his chest, finally running my fingers through his hair like I'd dreamed of doing. "Your chest is so sexy, all hairy and muscular." I could feel his chest expanding with pride as my hand explored it.

"Mmmmm, that feels good." He murmured.

"It sure does." I said. I continued to play with his hair, twirling in between my fingers, then flattening it across one pec. I stroked his chest, caressing his big hairy pecs and feeling them rise and fall with his breathing. I traced my fingertips down the trail of hair between his rippling abs. His cock lay thick across his belly, but I skipped over it and caressed his balls, running my fingers lightly around them. I cupped one in my hand then the other, feeling those big eggs. Then I slid my fist back up to his thick cock, grasping it tightly and circling my fingers around the base. He moaned again. His cock twitched. "And his cock isn't anything like yours, you're so huge and thick." As I caressed it, it twitched again and began to lengthen.

"Keep that up and you'll wake the beast again."

"And the problem with that is . . . ?" I grinned. I ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. It felt hot and sticky. I put my finger into my mouth, slicking it with spit, and traced my fingertip around his ridge, down the fat cumtube to the root. It twitched again, thickening. I grasped it in both fists and stroked it gently, feeling it grow in my grasp.

"Mmmmm," he said again. I could still feel his fingertips brushing my buttcheeks, tickling them. He circled around one cheek, then the other, sending tremors up my spine. He rubbed one finger through my crease, lightly at first, then deeper. His thick finger brushed against my butthole, and it twitched. "Ohhhhh," we both moaned. It felt so good! His cock was fully rock hard in my fists now, and I was hypnotized by the sight of it. Throbbing and dripping in front of me as his finger teased my tight twitching hole. I leaned my head down to lick up his juices, lapping around his plum before slurping it into my lips. My tongue danced around it as I nursed on him.

"Ohhh, yeah. Suck it boy." He groaned. "Get it nice and wet for your pretty little butt."

I froze. My butthole clenched tight against his probing finger. "I don't know, Mr. D. I've never done that."

"Never?" he said, "Damn, a virgin!"

"No, never. Kinda thought about it, but never done it. Besides your cock is huge! I could never take such a monster!" It throbbed in my fist as I spoke. I wrapped my lips around it again.

"Sure you could, kid. I can show you how to take it and love it. Pretty little virgin butt of yours is made for fucking, just perfect."

I stroked it. "It looks like you'd split me in half that's gotta hurt."

"I'll split you in half all right, boy, but you'll love it. Every fat inch of it."

"How big is this thing?" I asked, now holding a rock hard, straining, leaking tower of flesh. I nibbled down the side of it. "I can't believe I got so much of it down my throat. Ron's only half as long, not even."

"You did great, kid. You took almost all 10 right down like a pro."

"10! Wow." I was pretty impressed with myself, I must say. "But I could never take it in my butt. You'd rip me apart! I'll suck you some more, OK?"

"Sure, kid. You suck on that big cock all you want. Your soft lips and tongue are driving me crazy."

I put those soft lips and tongue back to work on his massive pole, hoping to take his mind off fucking my ass. There's no way he was going to put that giant dick in my little butt! But his fingers sure felt good back there. And his dick felt amazing, throbbing in my mouth and hands again. I slid back down between his legs, and soon I had him moaning and rubbing my head, thrusting up to meet my mouth as I worked his leaking dick with my lips and tongue. His balls were rolling in my fist, making another oversize load of cum for me to feed on. I could still taste his first load deep in my throat. My finger grazed across his asshole, feeling it twitch. He spread his legs and groaned. I probed at his hole like he'd done to me. Some spit dripped down from my sucking mouth and slicked him up, so I slipped my fingertip into him, almost to the first knuckle.

"Oh, yeah," he growled, squirming his butt down onto my finger and clasping my head with both his big hands. As he pumped deeper into my horny throat, I worked that finger deeper into his tight ass. Soon it was all the way in! He was squirming and wiggling on my hand. My finger was driving him wild. I poked it in and out of his hole, feeling him twitch around my finger. I felt a little lump inside him, and each time I brushed it he moaned with pleasure, his cock throbbed harder. His hips thrust up and down at me, ramming my face with that tree trunk cock! I tapped it some more and he loved it. Soon I was poking away at his little knob, jabbing his ass with my finger as I milked his cock with my throat and fist.

"Fuck yeah, boy. That's it." He started groaning like an animal. He was pumping my head on his cock harder and deeper. He rammed in deep, crying out. His cock swelled up fatter and filled my throat as he bellowed. "Aughhhhhhhh, fuck yeahhh,!" I couldn't breathe! I could feel his shaft pulsing, pumping his cum deep down my throat. His ass grabbed my finger like a vise, trapping it inside him, mashed up against his knob. He whimpered and trembled all over. Finally loosening his grip on my head, I pulled off him, gasped for air, and plunged right back down onto his spurting cock, bobbing on the massive club, sucking out the rest of his cream. His body shuddered for some time, feeding me spurt after delicious spurt of thick throat-clogging mancum. I gulped it down greedily, trying to keep up with the flood of it! At last he fell slack against the ground, spent. His hands rubbed my head and shoulders, big rough manly hands on my soft smooth skin. I slipped my finger out of his ass and cupped his balls, now loose in their sack, rolling them in my fist. His cock began to soften and I let it fall from my lips. I buried my face in his bush again, inhaling deeply. My mind was reeling with lust for this sexy man.

As his panting slowed, he began to chuckle. "Like I said, you can suck my dick all you want, kid. All you want. That mouth of yours is fucking awesome."

"Mmmmm, thanks," I moaned. "I'll suck off you whenever you want, you stud." My face still in his lap, I snuggled up against him, hugging his hairy muscular leg. Only then did I realize my cock was throbbing against him. He must have felt it to. He rubbed his hairy leg up and down against my hard little dick. I clutched his leg tight, breathing in his musky scent. I humped my hips against him. The silky hairs of his leg tickled my shaft, bringing me over the edge. I ground my rock hard dick into him and came. And came and came and came! It felt like it went on forever, but finally my convulsing body relaxed against him. We lay there, his big hand still rubbing my head, basking in the awesome feelings. After a while, he reached down and pulled me up to him, chest to chest. His biceps flexed into enormous rocks as he lifted me effortlessly, pressing me against his immense chest. My smooth skin against his hairy muscles felt so good! He wrapped his arms around me, crushing me into a big bear hug. Then he let go, slapping playfully at my ass, and said "OK, kid. Time to get up. That was great. Better than great. Amazing. I haven't had such great head since - - well in a hell of a long time. Any time you want more, you just let me know."

"Oh, I'll want more." I said, so glad I was able to please this handsome stud! "Lots more."

"Good. Me too. You're one awesome cocksucker." He said. "But Janie'll be home soon, and we don't want her finding us like this, huh? This is our secret, OK?"

"Oh, yeah! Just between us, Mr. D. I won't tell a soul."

"Not even your little buddy," he said, pointing a finger at me. "Who knows who he might blab to. Wouldn't want your folks finding out either, would we?"

"Oh, god, no. Whatever you say Mr. D."

"Good boy. Now let's go rinse off. Can't have you going home reeking of cum, can we?" We went over to his hose and he rinsed me off, turning me around and hosing me down from head to toe, shorts and all. I slipped them down off my feet and wrung them out as he drenched me. Then he handed me the hose. "Here, do me." I had to reach up high. I soaked him from the top of his head, down to his hairy, sexy, muscular chest. I rubbed his big pecs as I rinsed them, then brought the hose lower, my hand caressing his rippling abs under the water. Then his cock, hanging full and thick. It stuck almost straight in front of him, pushed out over his big balls. I washed his cock and balls gently, lovingly. He started to get hard again. I began to hope he'd let me suck him some more. I still couldn't believe the size of him! I was just about to drop the hose and slurp his cockhead into my lips, when he turned around. "Sorry, kid. No more dick for you today, but don't you worry. You'll be back, I promise."

`OK, Mr. D," I sighed. "If you say so. But I will be back for sure. You better believe it!"

He chuckled. "I know, kid. I know it." I reached up again and washed his big broad back from his wide shoulders down his V-shaped torso to his waist, all of it dusted in a lighter coating of the silky black hair that was on his chest. His butt, twin bowling balls of muscle, were covered in it, too. As I washed his ass, he spread his legs and squatted down a little. I reached up between his globes and washed his crack, tickling his hole and the hairs around it. He grunted, and let my fingertips play with his hole. It twitched at my touch, and he let out a low growl. After a minute, he stood up, pulling away. "Get my legs, kid. Your load is all over my leg." I crouched down and washed his legs, feeling his rock hard tree trunks and bulging calves. I washed the last of my cum off him and he turned back around, his prick rock hard in my face again. I reached up for it. It throbbed in my grasp and he grunted again, "Oh, fuck. I wish I had time, kid, you really make my dick feel good." He pushed my hand away. "But you gotta get going, before we get caught. Janie goes shopping every Sunday afternoon, so come over again next Sunday."

"Next week!" I said "Not until then?"

He laughed again. "Well, we gotta be careful no one sees. Maybe one night during the week we can slip behind the garage for a quick one. We'll see. You keep cool and I'll let you know when's good."

"OK, Mr. D." I said. "Any night! You know I'll be around."

"Good boy. I know you will." He smirked. "You sure love sucking dick, don't you, kid?"

"I thought I did, sucking off my buddy Ron. But sucking your cock is awesome so fucking intense!" I felt myself starting to blush. I was gushing, but couldn't stop myself. "It's not just that your cock is unbelievably huge - which it is - but you, look at you, you're a fucking stud! A wet dream stud!" Oh, God. I was embarrassing myself!

He grinned at me, "Thanks, kid. You're a pretty cute boy, yourself." He tousled my head again. "And a damn good cocksucker." His dick was sticking out hard again. He wagged it in my face. "You keep this between us, and you'll get plenty of this big dick to suck on. Don't you worry." Then he turned me around and gave me a push towards the door. "Now beat it." He scooped up my shorts and tossed them to me. "I'll see you later, kid."

"See ya later, Mr. D." I ran around behind the garage, the way I'd come in. I stopped back there for a minute to pull on my shorts. Leaning against the wall, I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. Damn! I thought. That was fucking unbelievable!

End of part 2. 

My Neighbor's Husband


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