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My Neighbor's Husband


Please email me if you have any comments. I love to hear readers' reactions to my writing.
I especially like to hear if you got off while reading it.


My Neighbor's Husband

part 3

He grinned at me, "Thanks, kid. You're a pretty cute boy, yourself." He tousled my head again. "And a damn good cocksucker." His dick was sticking out hard again. He wagged it in my face. "You keep this between us, and you'll get plenty of this big dick to suck on. Don't you worry." Then he turned me around and gave me a push towards the door. "Now beat it." He scooped up my shorts and tossed them to me. "I'll see you later, kid."

"See ya later, Mr. D." I ran around behind the garage, the way I'd come in. I stopped back there for a minute to pull on my shorts. Leaning against the wall, I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. Damn! I thought. That was fucking unbelievable!

I jumped the fence and ran to the house. Thank God no one was around. As I opened the door, I looked over my shoulder and gave Mr. D a wave. He looked up at me and winked, grinning. I slipped inside and ran upstairs before someone saw my wet shorts. I locked myself in my room, threw off the soggy shorts, and landed on my bed, already reaching for my hardening cock. I closed my eyes and remembered the smell and feel of him. His big muscles rubbing against me, that huge cock stretching my throat, and that hair. All that sexy hair on him, everywhere! It was just too much. Soon I was cumming again, shooting another huge load, my balls pumping out my teenage cream from the thought of what had just happened and will happen again, I hope! I lay there panting, cum running down my sides, still not able to believe it wasn't a fantasy. The taste of his cum in the back of my throat proved it really happened. I had to get him again, and before next Sunday! It was like now that I'd had him, I wanted him even more! I blew off my homework and lay there the rest of the afternoon, stroking my dick and tasting his thick studcum in my throat. I shot two more loads lying there, dreaming about this amazing stud and his enormous cock!

After a while I heard Mom calling me down for dinner. I didn't know it was that late! Shit! "I'm coming!" I yelled down to her. Then I cracked up. How corny. I cleaned up quickly - I couldn't go down there stinking like this - and threw some clothes on. I ran down the stairs, still I savoring the taste of Mr D's cum in my throat and realized - when I eat dinner I'll drown out the taste of his cum! I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could! It might be a week before I can see him again. Oh my God!

I hardly ate anything at dinner, not wanting to give up the spicy taste of his cum clogging my throat. Mom fussed and worried, but I said I just wasn't hungry and I'd eat some later. She wrapped up my plate and scolded me, giving me the speech about being so skinny and made me promise to eat it later. The truth is I was starving, but not for her pot roast, for another slab of beef Mr D's long thick prime stud dick!

I finally escaped the kitchen, and dashed up to my room. At last! I ran to the window to see if he was out.

He was there, out at the far end of the yard, trimming some hedges. His biceps flexed as he worked, making my cock and balls tingle. And my tongue twitched at the thought of pulling down those shorts, letting out his hardening cock for me to lick and suck. I pulled off my jeans and grabbed a clean pair of gym shorts. I grabbed a book, and shirtless and barefooted I ran downstairs, avoiding the kitchen completely, and ran out the front door. As I came around to the back yard, I slowed down to a casual walk, hoping I looked casual, anyway.

He was still working on the hedges on the other side. His back was to me, his beautiful, broad, V shaped back. He was glistening with sweat, and I swear I could smell him from here. I took a deep breath, and settled down at the patio table. As he worked his way along the hedge, he finally turned and saw me. I think he did a quick double-take, but then that familiar grin began to creep across his handsome face and he shot me a sly wink. I smiled, "Hey, Mr D," I called over, opening my book.

"Hey, kid." He grinned then went back to his task. He worked all the way down the row of hedges, ending in the back of the yard by his garage. I sat up, my eyes darting sideways to see if he was looking my way, maybe going into the garage. He only glanced over for a second, then turned to the beds of flowers around the patio. He had some bags of mulch, and was spreading it down around all the flowers. I watched him, unable to tear my eyes away, trying to pretend to read my book. He looked up at his kitchen window once or twice, and I could see Mrs D in the window. He kept at his work, going slowly and making it all very neat. Going so slowly I thought I would explode! Was he even going to look at me? I guess not as long as she was around. I was going crazy inside raging with a desire that felt out of control. But on the outside I kept it cool. I had to. So I sat there, reading my history book. If you can call reading the same line over and over again reading! All I could think of was if he looked over for me and I wasn't looking, I might miss the chance. Then I'd really be miserable!

But he never did that night. I guess twice in one day was too much to hope for. Soon it started to get dark, and he finished up his work, put his tools away, and headed for the house. He glanced over at me, gave me a little wave and his usual "See ya, kid." I looked up squarely at him for the first time.

"See ya - - " and his eyes caught mine. Big, deep brown eyes locked into mine and made sure I knew it. I trembled and caught my breath. As quickly as it happened, it was over, and he turned to the door and reached for the knob. I couldn't move transfixed on the spot by his look. I watched him lumber into the house, the screen door banging shut behind him.

I don't know how long I sat there, unable to move, hardly even breathing. Finally I blinked a few times and took in a deep breath. Wow, does this man have some kind of hold over me! My mind was reeling, so I gave up the pretense of studying and started to get up to go back into the house. My raging hard dick smacked up against me when I tried to stand, trapped in my gym shorts but trying like hell to get out! I sat back down, and adjusted myself as best as I could. Waiting for it to go down was just not an option, it was so rock hard. When I was finally somewhat presentable, I got up and headed in.

I slipped in the front door and ran upstairs, closing my door quietly so no one would know I'd been out. I threw off my shorts and lay down on the bed, reaching for my dick again. Geez! Am I ever going to do anything but jerk off and fantasize about this man?

I had to get my mind off him or I'd go crazy and run over there and ring his doorbell! I felt so out of control! So I decided to take another stab at that homework. I got out some books and sat at my desk. I forced myself to concentrate on it, and after a while I got into it. It wasn't my best, but it was done. I was glad to get through it, and wouldn't have to try to finish up in the morning. And I finally made myself put him out of my head, at least for a while. I felt a lot better, still wanting more Mr D, but less crazy about it and more in control. Damn, he sure has my number, though!

I didn't sleep well that night, dozing on and off, waking up to a raging erection that wouldn't go away, no matter how many times I stroked off. When I could sleep, I was tortured with vivid dreams of him. Hot, sweaty sex. Hammering my throat and ass with that huge cock yes, my ass too! My hole twitched at the thought of his fat meat. I still couldn't imagine taking a cock the size of his in there, but he made me curious about the feelings I felt in my butt. He sure loved it when I fingered his hole! I know my fingers are small, but I couldn't believe how easily he let me slide them into him. And that little knob in there that I kept hitting, making him crazy. What was that? God, I have so many questions I want to ask him!

Morning finally came, and I got up, still in a daze. I managed to get myself ready for school and went downstairs. I caught hell from Mom for never coming down to eat my dinner, it was still in the fridge. She sat me down and forced me to eat a big breakfast, which was no problem, cuz I was starving for real this time. I couldn't taste Mr D's cum any more anyway, so I gladly chowed down. I was feeling a lot better, and started to think I'd get through my day all right after all.

School was actually OK that day. I daydreamed about Mr D a lot, but did pretty well in all my classes. Even in gym, where a towel-snapping fight broke out in the locker room and several naked boys were flinging around their towels and their dicks! And more than a few were hard, too! I managed to keep mine under wraps, but I definitely enjoyed the show. By the end of the day, I was feeling pretty good. I was looking forward to seeing if Mr D was around, but not obsessing and counting on it. My balls tingled as I thought of him on the bus ride home, but he wouldn't be home for a few hours anyway. I would have to wait.

When I got home I got busy with my homework right away, wanting to get it out of the way before Mr D got home. Besides, I really needed to catch up some, since I rushed through my homework last night and it had been obvious in classes today. Ron had to go somewhere with his mom after school, so I couldn't even get his dick to suck. He said he'll come over after practice tomorrow or Wednesday. So I buckled down and did all my work, no cutting corners, so I could relax and have some fun if anything happens with Mr D tonight. OK, so I wasn't really counting on it, just hoping for it. Hoping like hell it would happen again tonight! But nothing happened. He hardly even came out at all, just once to take out the garbage. Didn't even give me a glance. After a while, I gave up and went in. Disappointed, but not crushed. Well, kind of crushed. But I'll get over it. I figured we'd try again tomorrow night. Well, I would. I hoped we were both trying. I knew I would jump at any opening he gives me.

I managed to stumble my way through Tuesday, feeling more and more like it was only a fantasy of mine that got out of control. Maybe it never really happened at all. I was confused, but still hoping that it would happen that night. Hoping to find out something.

Practice ended late, so Ron had to go right home, it was already dinner time. Bummer again. No cock for me to suck. I was really getting obsessed with sucking cock, but I didn't care. I wanted to suck Ron if I couldn't get Mr D nothing against Ron, but he's a boy, not a Man like Mr D. But neither was around, Ron went home and Mr D wouldn't be home for another hour or so.

So I went home and sat down with Mom and acted as normal as I could. I managed to fill her in on what's going on at school and with the team and stuff. She always loves to hear about stuff like that, so she knows what I'm up to. After dinner, I went upstairs and got my books out. Homework was kind of light tonight, so it went quickly and soon I was sitting at the window, looking at his dark house, wondering. It was a quiet night, still, no birds, something creaking softly in the distance.

After a while I realized the creaking sound was getting louder, and held my breath to listen for it. It wasn't off in the distance, it was coming from Mr D's house! The window facing mine was open, the tip of a curtain fluttering in the breeze. But the lights were out. I listened, and heard the creaking, and - moaning! That perked me right up! Maybe it was just the wind, and I'm just too fucking horny! I tuned in closer to find out.

"Ohhhhhhh, Tony . . . Yessssss . . . "

Tony! Oh My God!! I sat bolt upright, then froze. Was I imagining it? My mind must be playing tricks on me, I thought. I sat very still. Listening.

"Ohhhh, yesssss, Tony . . . "

The creaking sound was definitely getting louder, and the obvious finally dawned on me. It was their bed! That was their bedroom across from mine, and he left the window open while he's fucking her! I crouched down at my window, practically sticking my head out, to hear them better. I could hear him growling once in a while too, low throaty grunts of pleasure. But her moaning was unrelenting! I guess with that huge cock on such a gorgeous stud drilling me, I'd be moaning unrelentlessly, too! Oh my God, what am I saying! I'm thinking about him fucking me again! Do I really think I could handle it? How could one thing scare me and turn me on so much at the same time?!?

My asshole was twitching now, and I heard Mr D kick it into high gear. The bed was complaining loudly, and both Mr and Mrs D were making lots of noise of their own. From the sound of it, he was pounding her hard, and they were both loving it. His rough and gravelly voice growled out "Fuck, yeah!" and "Oh, take it, baby!" as she just moaned out his name and howled with pleasure. I stroked my hard cock along with them, but stayed as silent as I could so I could hear everything. They must have been at it for some time now, and he was starting to fuck her faster and harder. Her wailing turned into a real scream as he fucked her right into an orgasm! She came for all to hear! Just after she hit her peak, he hit his bellowing out a groan that grew and grew until he exploded, pumping out I knew a huge load of cream. I picture him on top of her, plowing deep into her as he blew, both of them screaming out with ecstasy. He collapses on top of her, panting and sweating. She reaches around and caresses his broad, strong back.

Just then my balls twitched and I came! Blasted up into my face and chest over and over, six or seven big thick shots of teenage boycum, my balls contracting, my head swimming. I was gasping for air. Feeling my load drip off my face, down my pecs. Oh my God! That was the first time I'd come all day, and it was a huge one! As I floated down to earth, I heard voices across the way. I didn't catch what they said, but next thing I knew he appeared at the window - from the waist down! He strutted over to the window, to close it I guess, and stood there with his big dick swinging, practically hanging out the window! But he didn't care. It was hanging long and thick, and I swear I could see it dripping. He just stood there for all to see. Or maybe for me to see - that perv! Now I hoped it was for my benefit! I hoped he knew I'd be listening who couldn't hear that rackett! All too soon, he shut the window and disappeared from view. Oh well, I sighed to myself, at least I got my fix of him, even this way.

I stumbled into bed, so exhausted that I fell into a deep sleep. I slept like a log for the first time since that first day I saw him jerk off. When I finally woke up, just before my alarm, I took a deep relaxed breath and sighed. Of course the first thing I thought of was Mr D, and I reached down for my morning woody. I closed my eyes and imagined myself nibbling across his hairy chest, down his stomach to that throbbing cock, and I suck and suck and suck on it, hearing him moan and groan above me. In no time my own young boycock exploded again, shooting rope after rope of creamy juice all over my chest and belly. My hands were wrapped tight around my shooting dick, milking out my load, and I trembled and shuddered with pleasure as I came. At last I sank back into the sheets, dozing off again.

I woke again a few minutes later to my obnoxious alarm. I smacked it quiet, then grabbed a dirty t-shirt off the floor to wipe myself off with. I stumbled through Wednesday, school, practice, dinner with Mom, kind of in a fog all day. Ron didn't show up either, didn't get a chance to talk to him during practice. Hmmph, I'm probably not going to see Mr D tonight, either. I started to think that it wasn't ever going to happen again. I went out back after dinner, more from habit than any expectation, and there he was, shirtless as always, raking the yard.

"Hey, kid," he greeted me, as usual.

"Hey, Mr D" I replied. I looked over at him, suddenly hoping again that something might happen at least some conversation. But he busied himself with his chores, not giving me another glance. I settled in with my book, actually reading this time, and soon I was lost in the history text, Medeval Europe pushing all thoughts of him out of my head, finally. I peeked over a couple of times, but got no response from him.

"Hey, kid," I suddenly heard after a while. I looked up and he was clipping the hedges right near me, but not looking over at me or anything. Had I imagined it? "Be cool," he continued, not even looking up, "and meet me behind the garage, OK? And be cool!" He emphasized that last part.


My heart was suddenly pounding in my chest! I tried to stay non chalant, but I wanted to scream "Yes! Anything you say!" but I restrained myself, murmuring "Sure, Mr D." without even looking at him. I put the book down. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, as he clipped the last few branches, then sauntered over to the garage. I put my book down and got up slowly. Pretending to be interested in our own hedges, I ambled down towards the back of the yard. When I finally reached the end of the row, I slipped quickly behind the bushes like I used to when I was a kid. In the cool shade I stopped for a second, my heart racing. My cock was throbbing! Fuck yeah, I thought, now all that waiting will finally be worth it! I climbed the fence, and as I dropped down on the other side he came around the corner.

He threw his big army blanket down on the ground. "She's on the phone with her mother, so we got a half hour at least. Still, we should make it quick." I was so excited I couldn't speak. I ran the last few steps to him and fell to my knees on the blanket. He was already opening his shorts, and I grabbed them and pulled them down. He chuckled, and his big dick swung up and hit me in the chin, already getting hard and growing. I grabbed it in both fists, feeling the heat of it, feeling it pulse in my hands as I admired it. It really was a magnificent cock! I wasted no time slurping his dripping head into my lips, making both of us moan. "Oh, fuck yeah, boy. Suck my big cock." He growled, his voice choked with lust.

"Mmmmmm," I replied, not willing to let him slip out of my mouth for a second to answer him. I nursed on the head, feeling the pulse of his heartbeat on my tongue. He tasted so fucking good! Musky and salty and dripping his tasty precum all over my tongue. He leaned back against the garage as I began to worship his cock, savoring the feeling of his silky smooth cockskin against my hungry lips. He put one big hand on my head, but let me suck at my own pace. Soon my head was bobbing up and down on his rock hard cock.

"Yeahhhhh, eat it, boy," he groaned. `You're hungry for it, aren't you?"

In answer I dove deep down on it, banging his dripping cockhead against my throat while my lips tried to reach for his wiry bush. I pressed on until my throat began to relax. It opened up and his cockhead slipped in. I pushed my face into him more and started making gulping movements, massaging him with my throat muscles. I could feel his thick meat working its way down my throat causing him to tremble and moan above me. I wanted to shove all 10 inches down my throat, but before I could get halfway down the need for air overcame me. I pulled back, feeling it twitch on my tongue. More tasty juice dripped out his slit and I lapped it up. I pushed forward on it again, his cockhead slipped into my throat right away this time, making him moan.

"Fuck, yeah, boy. Open up that tight throat." He had both hands on my head now, and was working me up and down on his straining prick. He'd push his cockhead in and out of my throat, slowly slipping more and more of his throbbing shaft in, making my eyes bug out. Just when I thought I couldn't go any longer without air he'd pull me off. I gasped around his dripping prick, and he shoved my head right back down on it. Again and again, deeper and deeper, until he finally shoved my head down hard every inch of his fat tube down my twitching throat! I struggled against him, thinking I'd pass out. "Swallow, boy. Use that throat." I gulped around his meat, feeling my throat muscles wrap around it and grip it. My nose buried into his hairy bush and he groaned, grinding his hips into my face and stretching open my throat with every straining inch of his amazing meat. "Ohhhh, fuck yeahh!!!" he growled.

I pushed back, wheezing, my eyes watering, his cock feeling even harder, thicker as it slid out. "Fuck yeahh," he snarled, I bobbed on the end of it, panting for air. It was so rock hard ! He let me take my time for a minute, then I felt his big paws wrap around my head again. As he pumped my skull up and down, I gulped around him and soon my throat opened up and let him get in deep again. He was moaning and cursing, but his hands held a firm grip on my head as he pushed my face deep into his hairy crotch again. He started pumping my head again, harder now, his fat cockhead pistoning in and out of my hungry throat. His big balls smashed against my chin as his hips fucked my face. I was helpless as he held my head in a vice grip and fucked my throat deep. Helpless and loving every minute of it and every inch! I finally had every inch of his big dick down my throat and by the sounds he was making above me, he was loving it too.

I gasped for air when I could around his throbbing piston, but as he picked up speed I struggled more and more. I was hanging on to his hips, no match for his strength and power and he fucked my twitching throat. I was like a rag doll in his grip, trapped between his strong hold on my head and his thick column of flesh driving into my throat. I looked up to see him, sweating, chest and arms flexing with power as he fucked me. He fucked my throat. I tried to work my tongue around his shaft when he pulled back, making him grunt and shove harder into me. His balls pulled up against him as he thrust, and I reached up to palm them. That just kicked him into gear and he pumped my skull on his spike even more roughly. I could feel his cock getting even harder, bigger, his grunting turning into a steady groan. Suddenly he drove in to the hilt and stayed there, holding my head tight against his crotch. He cried out as he impaled me. I felt his meat pulsing and spewing deep into my clutching gullet. I thought I would pass out from lack of oxygen, but as his orgasm consumed him I was able to push him back, gasping, tasting his creamy, gooey cum flood my mouth. I guzzled it down and sucked him in, taking control as he fell back against the wall. I sucked like a vacuum, slurping out his cum and making him twitch and shudder from head to toe. I swallowed and swallowed, but still more volleys of cream gushed from him. It was running down my chin in thick drops, and as I gulped it down, more and more burst out of him. I milked his hot thick shaft with my lips until his torrent of juice finally began to slow down. I nursed out the rest of it, pursing my lips around his swollen cockhead. He was still hard and huge, and I worked my lips all over his tube as it began to soften some. He whimpered with pleasure as I tended his meat, digging my tongue into his slit for more juice, stroking his hose and balls as he puffed and panted, trying to catch his breath. I worshipped his softening meat well, soft isn't the right word - he was still hard as I cleaned him off and began a nice slow bob up and down on the end of his dick.

"Fuck, kid," his voice was deep and gravelly, "that was awesome. Hope I wasn't too rough on you."

"You are such a fucking stud!" was all I could say. I suckled on it some more, licking underneath the head and making him tremble. "I loved it."

He chuckled. "Well, you sure know how to take a cock, I'll give you that."

"You have such an incredible cock God that was awesome!"

"That was great," he reached down for his shorts, "but I gotta go got just enough time for a quick shower before she notices I'm gone."

"But . . . " I whimpered, as he pulled up his shorts. "You're . . . ?"

"Leave the blanket, I'll come get it later. See ya, kid. And thanks." He took off and was gone in no time. I was still kneeling there on the blanket, panting, cum dripping all over myself. But then he stuck his head back around the corner. "She's going out shopping Sunday, and then dinner and a movie with her girlfriends. Make some excuse to your mom and we won't have to rush." And he was gone again.

I heard the hose running in the garage and knew he was cleaning up. I listened for a minute, catching my breath. Finally I looked down at my dick I'd cum all over myself and didn't even realize it. I guess at some point during his assault on my throat he pushed me over the edge and made me cum.

I got up slowly, my shorts full of cum. I pulled them up and headed back to my yard. After climbing the fence, I peered out from between the bushes in case anyone was in our yard. The coast was clear, and I headed across the lawn.

`What kind of excuse can I give Mom?' I thought, coming around the house into the front yard. `I'll figure something out.' I went in the front door and upstairs right to my room, closing the door quietly and jumping into my bed.

I could hardly wait until Sunday!

My Neighbor's Husband


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