My Neighbor's Husband



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I know it's been a long time since I've posted a new chapter, so I hope it was worth the wait.  I just wanted it to be the best it could be for my horny loyal readers.



My Neighbor's Husband

part 4

I could hardly wait until Sunday! 

As soon as I got in my room I grabbed my hard boycock, already dreaming of Sunday.  I couldn't wait to suck his cock again and explore all those sexy hairy muscles more.  Tonight was Awesome, but I'd hardly touched him - except for his cock.  But what a magnificent fucking cock!!!  And the way he fucked my throat with it - fucked it!  I didn't suck him off tonight, he Fucked My Throat!  What a Fucking Stud!  He's an animal!

I spent the next four days dreaming about Sunday I think I jerked off a hundred times a day thinking about him and his sexy muscles and his enormous powerful cock!  Well, maybe not really a hundred, but almost!

Except when Ron came over Friday after school.  I was so hungry for Mr D's cock I devoured Ron's like never before.  The minute he got into my room and we locked the door, I pushed him down on the bed and practically ripped his jeans off.  In no time I had him balls deep down my throat and I could hear him gasping and moaning.  He must have been really horny, too, 'cause he came in almost no time the first time.  Then we both calmed down a little and I sucked and worshipped his hard cock the rest of the afternoon and got two more loads of teen cum out of him.  He was exhausted when he left, giving me a weak grin and a "Thanks, dude!"  Even though I'd cum twice while sucking him, as soon as he was gone I grabbed my cock and stroked out another load, remembering how great his hard cock felt in my mouth and how much more it made me want Mr D's big dick.

Saturday morning, I woke up to another throbbing hardon and jerked out a load thinking `only one more day until Sunday!'  I blasted a big load of cream all over my abs and lay there panting.  `OK,' I thought, `I'm getting just a little obsessed (again!) with cock and Mr D.'  At least today I had a soccer game to distract myself.  I got dressed, had some breakfast, did my chores and soon it was time to leave for the game. 

Everyone was really psyched up for the game and we played really well.  We beat them 3 2 with Ron making the last goal just a few seconds before the final buzzer.  Everyone burst into the locker room hooting and hollering.  Guys were high-fiving and slapping each other on the butt.  We all piled into the shower and soaped up, retelling the highlights of the game and really feeling like a team.  Guys were even scrubbing each other's backs there was nothing sexual about it, we all just felt this bond.  I'd always kept kind of aloof in the locker room and showers, but today I joined in the revelry.  Another towel snapping fight started up and I got in a few good zingers myself even got Ron with a hard smack on his ass when he bent over to tie his shoes.

Ron came home with me to work on a history report, and we actually got it done and done well before he started fiddling with his crotch.  So of course I locked the door while he stripped off his jeans.

"You really were horny yesterday, huh dude?" he said, "You about sucked my dick right off me!" 

We both laughed.  "Yeah, I was and still am, so I hope you're ready for more!"


"Always!"  He laughed.  We got down to it and had time for one quick load and a second long slow suck.  After he came again, we cleaned up and went downstairs. 

"See you later, dude." 

"Later, dude."  I said, and closed the door behind him.  `Damn," I thought, `That was fun like a practice for tomorrow.'  Already I was thinking about tomorrow and getting another chance at Mr D's big Dick! 

I thought I'd never get to sleep that night, every time I closed my eyes I saw his hard dick, throbbing in front of my face, teasing me.  But I finally drifted off and next thing I knew it was morning.  Finally, it was Sunday!  I resisted the urge to beat off, for once, and got up and threw on a pair of sweats over my hard dick.  I didn't bother with a shirt.  I went down to have a light breakfast, mumbled hi to Mom and took my bowl of cereal into the living room.  I sat in front of the TV but didn't see a thing on it.  I was consumed with the thought of finally getting Mr D's cock again.  I wanted to suck and lick and nibble every beautiful inch of it.  The last time, behind the garage, he took control and really fucked my face.  That was hot fucking hot! but this time I hope I get to really play with it.  Explore it.  And his body!  That fucking incredible body of his.  I couldn't wait to feel all those big hard hairy pumped up muscles!

I told Mom I was going to the mall with some of the guys.  She asked if I wanted a ride, but I said no thanks, I was going out back to finish my reading, then go.  She left for the grocery store, and I went outside and sat at the picnic table, putting my feet up on it.  After a while he came out, his big burly hairy chest bare as usual.  This time for sure I saw a lump in those shorts.  He gave me a nod and a "Hi ya, kid," and went about his chores. 

"Hey, Mr D."  I turned to my book as he headed for his tools, but I kept one eye on him while I read my book.  I knew nothing would happen until Mrs D left. 

He worked for a while, I read.  I saw him cautiously glancing over at me once in a while.  Because I kept cautiously glancing over at him.  We were both ready for her to leave.  Finally she came out, all dressed up for shopping with the girls.  `She really is pretty.'  I thought.  She came over to him and leaned in to give him a peck on the cheek.

"Oh!  Don't touch me, you're all sweaty!"  she giggled, when he tried to grab her.  She kissed him again, cupping his face in one hand.  "You sure you'll be all right on your own tonight?"

"Yes, don't you worry," he said.  "I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself for one night.  You go along and have fun with the girls."

"The movie should be over around 10 or so.  I'll call you when I'm on my way home," she said.

Then she pointed to the plants he was putting in, and they talked about that while he slowly walked her towards her car.  I thought she'd never get in that car and go!  He opened the door for her and she climbed in at last.  He leaned in for another kiss goodbye, then closed her door. 

She rolled the window down as she started the engine.  They chatted a bit more, but I couldn't hear anything.  `Just leave, already!' I thought to myself.  I was about to explode! At last he stepped back and she put the car in gear, gave him a little wave, and began to drive off. 

As we watched Mrs D's car pull away, my heart began racing with anticipation!  Finally!  After she drove around the corner he turned to me, his face broke into that big sexy grin. 

"C'mon over, kid," he muttered under his breath, "I'm horny as a fucking sailor.  Just be cool in case anyone's around." 

"Sure, Mr D, I'll be right there."  I put my book down and sauntered over to the hedges.  After a quick look around, I slipped behind them.  At that second I completely lost my cool, and bolted for the fence, scrambling over it like my life depended on it.  I tore around the corner and crashed right into him!

"Whoa!" he hollered, catching me in his big arms, "Where's the fire, kid?"  He chuckled and tousled my head.  "I know, it's not the fire you're after, it's the hose."  And he groped his big dick in his tattered gym shorts.  It was definitely getting hard now and really obvious.  "Let's go, I got a little surprise for ya."

He made an about-face and headed for the garage.  I was right behind him, salivating.  The muscles of his back rippled as he walked, and I wanted to reach out and touch him devour him!  I was trembling with excitement, more than ever before.  I followed him around the corner into the open garage door, and crashed right into him again when he stopped short! 

"Oh, fuck sorry," I stammered, blushing.  Still, he felt so good, solid and warm and furry. 

He reached behind himself and pulled me in next to him, his big arm around me.  I breathed in his scent so rich and musky.  Manly.  I felt dizzy.

"There," he said, "that should be a lot more comfortable." 

There was a mattress on the floor, an old futon style mattress.  Old but thick and in good shape.  He threw himself down on it, landing with a soft thud.  He spread his legs, inviting me down with a gesture.  He didn't have to.  I had already thrown off my sweats and was falling to my knees. 

I pawed at his crotch, the soft cloth of the gym shorts straining with his growing prick.  I couldn't wait to set it free.  I grabbed the waist of his shorts and pulled.  He lifted his butt and I slipped them off.  Tossing them aside, I reached for my prize.

His prick was hot in my hand and growing, and I lifted the heavy shaft up to my lips.  It was already drooling and so was I!  I licked across his slit and got a good taste of him.  Rich and musky and delicious!  I sucked the head into my lips, stretching them wide over his big mushroom.  He moaned, softly.  My hand started stroking his shaft, and I could feel it getting harder.  It was so thick!  I scooted down into a comfortable position, ready to worship his big cock.  Looking up, I see he's put both hands behind his head, spread out before me ready to be worshipped like a king.  Fine with me!  King Stud, the fucking Gorgeous! 

I reached one hand up to rub his big hairy chest.    His pecs flexed at my touch.  Got he felt good, so strong and manly.  Rock hard muscle!  I looked up from his cock and watched my hand comb through that forest of black hair.  It was silky and thick and felt as wonderful as everything else about him.  And his muscles flexed under my touch into rock hard slabs. 

"Mmmmmmmm," he murmured.  "Feels good, kid."  By now his cock was rock hard in my mouth, too.  More and more of his fat ten inches slid into my drooling mouth as I worshipped him. 

"Feels good down here, too," I mumbled around his dick as I sucked him.  I dove down deeper, getting more moans from Mr D. 

"Oh, fuck yeah, suck it," he grumbled.  "Feels so fucking good."  I slurped and sucked him with delight, elated that he was enjoying it so much.  Finally, I had his cock again!  It was even more magnificent than I'd remembered.  And he was letting me play with it, explore it.  I nibbled down the side of it, feeling it tower over me like a telephone pole.  It was fucking huge!  My lips reached his bush and fought through the forest of hair to find his big balls and suck one into my mouth.  He was moaning louder now, deep sexy growls. 

I wanted to do everything I could to please this hot man - I almost didn't know where to begin!  I nibbled along his cum tube back up to the head.  I sucked on the dripping head and massaged his shaft with one hand.  I loved the feeling of his fat shaft.  It felt like a baseball bat that pulsed in my grip.  My other hand was busy feeling all over his flexing chest and abs.  The spicy taste of his juice was making me dizzy.  Or maybe it was the lack of air as I stuffed my face with his fucking huge meat!  So many sensations were overwhelming me at once!

His body felt amazing hairy and warm, soft skin covering rock hard muscles that shuddered and flexed as I caressed them.  I laid his prick against his abs and lapped at the underside.  I licked all the way up to his drooling head.  It was almost to his chest!  I slurped up the juice pooled at his tip and sucked that big mushroom back into my mouth.  My tongue diddled around his ridge while he moaned and fed me more tasty juice. 

I brought my other hand up to his chest and cupped his pecs, one big hairy muscle in each hand as I sucked his cock.  He flexed them both, hard.  They grew into huge solid mounds of man muscle.  I looked up, his cockhead still in my mouth.  His eyes were blazing with lust, and when he caught my gaze, he grinned. 

"Like those, boy?" he growled in his deep sexy voice, flexing his hard pecs again in my hands.

"Mmmmm mmm!" I moaned, my lips and tongue full of his dripping cockhead

He laughed.  "So how about these?"   He lifted both his arms up and flexed his biceps.  Huge round bowling balls of muscle sat on his arms, and my hands flew right to them.  His cock slipped from my mouth, but those big hard muscles were too much to resist!  He flexed them harder as I gripped them, barely able to fit a hand around each huge orb.  He growled like an animal and I moaned.  I crawled up his body to get my face closer to one of those big guns, and halfway there found my face right up in his hairy pit.  It smelled so strong!  I took a deep sniff.  It made my head swim!  I dove my face into that stinking bush.  Ohhhh, fuck he tasted so good!  My tongue went crazy as I ate out his hairy pit and he loved it. 

Once I'd cleaned out his armpit, I licked and slobbered up to that swelling bicep.  I licked it clean and tried to suck the whole sphere into my mouth, but it was just too big!  He laughed, and pumped it in my face while I worshipped his strength.  I went nuts!

I was sitting on him by now, and his fat log pulsed under me like a hot snake.  Oh, God, I couldn't help myself, I rubbed my butt up and down his thick pole.  I felt his hips thrust up, driving his cock against my ass and oh I can't believe I did this I pushed back down, rubbing against his straining meat like a two dollar whore.  And it felt so good!  I fucking loved it - and was scared to death of it, too.  It was huge!  I was trembling all over with desire.  And fear.  It felt as big as a fencepost and just as hard.  I couldn't . . .   oh God!  No, I can't!

I slid back down until his massive pec was back in my mouth, his flagpole quivering between us.  His chest hair was matted with sweat and I sucked his pec into my hungry lips.  He shuddered, bringing his arms down and I felt them wrap around me, warm and comfortable.  His pecs were so huge and thick!  I licked one hairy mountain and my mouth captured the nipple.  My lips and tongue worshipped the hard nub and he groaned underneath me.  I took more and more in my mouth as I ate him, getting my lips around as much of the hairy pec muscle as I could. 

Then I buried my face between his pecs, deep in the sweaty forest of his chest hair.  I took a deep, sweaty breath.  He smelled so sexy!  So rich and strong and he just reeked of sex!  I couldn't get enough of him!  I could feel his cockhead bumping my chin.  I slid my hands down between us, fondling his cock and big balls while my mouth traveled over to the other massive pec and devoured it too.  I took my time and enjoyed every inch of his chest, my mind storing away every minute of it for later.  I was in a dream!

I snuggled against him, squirming down him a little more, his cock trapped between our bodies, until my lips reached his cockhead.  I slurped up the sweet flowing syrup at its tip before devouring his huge mushroom.  He moaned above me, and my tongue answered, tickling under his ridge.  He shuddered with pleasure.  I slowly sucked him deeper, my lips tight on his meat as they headed for his bush.  The fat head pushed against my throat and it opened right up!  I slipped it in and out of my throat, until I felt his hand on my head.  He pushed gently but firmly, and I dove down to his bush and stayed.  He held me down.  My throat twitched around him and he moaned some more. 

His cock pulsed in my throat.  I fought not to gag, and held him in for as long as I could.  God it felt so incredible, impaled on his huge hard cock!  When I had to come up, he let me, but only half way.  His hand held me firmly, I still had several hard inches of his cock in my mouth but I could breathe and relax a bit, so I was OK.  I was panting hard around his stalk.  Soon my lips started to reach for more, and I bobbed gently on his rock hard meat, without even realizing I was doing it. 


I felt the pressure from his hand again, and I let my throat relax as he pushed me down deep.  When my lips pressed into his hairy hipbone, I gulped my throat muscles around him, pulling him into me deeper.  He groaned, deeply, "Awwww, fuck kid," I felt his prick pulse and throb inside my distended throat.  "Fucking deep wet throat you got, boy."


I gulped again around his wand, nearly gagging and spewing him out, but I calmed myself and held him in.  He must have felt it because he got steely hard.  He moaned, and held me firmly on him.  I gulped again, massaging his shaft some more.  Strangely, I felt relaxed and calm enough to do that a few more times before I had to slide him out to breathe.  He was in such a state of bliss that he didn't even stop me this time. 

His club fell into my hand, thick and slimey and heavy as a rock.  As I stroked it, I literally drooled all over him.  His pole was covered in it and dripping onto his balls.  I sucked on his dripping cockhead and palmed those big hairy balls and heard more growls above me.  Gathering some spit on my fingers, I reached between his round buttcheeks, searching for his asshole.  He squirmed when he felt me down there, and spread his legs for me.  I found his little puckered hole right away, and poked at it gently with my fingertip. 

I stiffened my finger and slipped it in, hearing him catch his breath a bit, then moan again.  I wiggled my finger around, pushing it from side to side.  He seemed to really like that.  His cock was pulsing and leaking like crazy on my tongue.  I pulled my finger out, then stuck it back in again.  He was whimpering now, so I did that a few more times.  In, out, in out.  I put two fingers together and pushed them both in. 

"Oh, fuck, kid," he growled, and pushed his butt down toward me.  "Awwww, yeah." 

His cock throbbed harder in my mouth.  I twisted my fingers around looking for that little nub.  He was humping my face.  Then my finger hit it, right up inside him, and he went nuts, shoving his cock right down my throat.  I pushed him back down onto the mattress and drove my fingers in deep.  I drummed on his nub with my fingertips and doubled my efforts on his cock.  My jaws extended far beyond their limits as I bobbed deeper on his spike.  It was ready to burst, the skin stretched taut around it. I felt his body go into convulsions, and his hips bucked into me, totally out of control.  His moaning got louder and louder, then he cried out, jamming himself into me deep.  I don't know when his hands took hold of my head, but now they held me firmly against him, his pulsing cock spurting load after thick load deep into my throat. 

I pushed against him and finally broke free.  I gasped some air, and dove right back on his spurting cock.  I sucked and sucked him while he blasted, dragging his cockhead across my tongue as it poured out more thick cum for me to gulp down.  He cried out with each burst of his juice.  My tongue felt each shot pulse through his pole before the taste hit it.  Fuck yeah, I could hardly gulp it down fast enough!  It tasted musky and manly and so sweet, too.  I sucked on his head and he gushed out more for me.  Eventually the fountain of spooge slowed down and I nursed out the last trickles.  He was moaning and panting hard. 

I was so happy, nestled between the legs of my handsome stud, nursing out the end of his thick load huge thick load of mancum from his enormous cock.  My throat was clogged with it.  It was the best taste in the world!  His breathing started to slow down.  His softening cock was still in my mouth.  I was holding it there, keeping it warm.  I lay my head down on his hip.  Then I realized my fingers were still in his ass, and slowly wormed them around a bit. 

"Oh fuck, kid!"  his whole body shuddered.  "You're killing me!"  but I could tell he loved it.  I looked up at him across his heaving chest.  His face was beaming with a big broad grin.  I was loving it too.  I slipped his cock out of my lips, holding it against my face as I caressed it. 

"Mr D?" I said.

"Yeah, kid?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," he was still panting a bit.  So was I. 

"What's that little knob in your butt."  I poked at it.  "The one that drives you so crazy."  I poked at it again.  "That one."

He squirmed on my hand, and chuckled.  "Yeah, you figured that out right quick, huh kid?  That's my prostate, you know what that is?"

"Like prostate cancer?  I've seen that on TV."

"Yeah, that prostate.  When men get older, we need to watch out for that.  But for young men, that's not a problem.  Your prostate is at the base of your cock, but on the inside.  It's kind of a part of your cock, and it makes a lot of the juices in your cum."

"I thought your balls make the cum."  I said.  I pulled my fingers out of him, cupping his big orbs.  We both sat up, sitting close.  I kept fondling his cock and balls while he went on.

"They make your sperm, but there are other juices in cum and the prostate makes them.  It's got a lot of nerves like your cock does.  That's why it feels so good to touch it."

"You sure enjoy it."  I said.

"I bet you would, too." He said.  I was still fondling his cock.  I felt it stiffen up when he said that.  I gulped, my mouth suddenly dry. 

"I don't know . . ." I said.

"I do."  And in one smooth move he grabbed me and flipped me over!  "I'll show you, you'll love it."

"Oh!" burst out of me when I landed on my belly, my butt in the air.  "Mr D, I don't . . ."

But he was already poking at my butt, gently touching me in my crack.  I couldn't help squirming.  He was so gentle, it really did feel kind of good!  His other hand landed on my butt, covering one whole round cheek with his big mitt.  He squeezed it, then spread it to one side.  His fingers found my hole, and zeroed in on it.  It made my ring clench up and twitch when he jabbed at it, but it was sending tremors right through me. 

"You are tight, boy." His voice was gruff.  "You need to relax."  And before I knew it, he cupped both cheeks with his big strong hands, spread them apart and stuck his tongue at my hole! 

"Oh, Fuck!" I gasped, my mind reeling.  It turned those tremors of pleasure into tidal waves!  He prodded at me with his tongue; it felt so wet and thick against my twitching hole.  I never thought anything could feel so good!  He was licking and nibbling at my asshole! Oh my God!  And I couldn't help myself I rubbed my butt in his face and moaned!  Fuck it felt so awesome! 

I pushed my butt up in the air to him, and his hard wet tongue went at me, digging at my ring and sending me to the moon.  Suddenly it pushed through!  He slid his tongue into my ass - and I pushed against him for more!  What the fuck was I doing?  All I cared about was how amazing his wet tongue felt stretching open my tight ring.  I wanted more all right, and he gave it to me!  His big hands spread me wide open and he tongued me, slid it in and out and fucked my ass with his tongue.  I was moaning and pushing my ass into his face like I couldn't believe! 

Suddenly he pulled his face off me.  I gasped. 

"No don't stop.  Oh my god that's . . . I mean . . . oh God!"

"Oh, I'm not done, kid." He puffed, catching his breath.  He poked his finger into my dripping wet asshole, and it slid right in!

"Oh!"  I squealed.  "I oh Mr D! I don't . . . oh!"

I was speechless I couldn't put two words together.  His finger felt so different than his tongue and so much fucking better!  It was harder and firmer, stretching me open in a whole different way.  He worked it side to side, causing ripples of pleasure through my whole body. 

He chuckled as he watched me lose it, his finger roughly torturing my spasming hole.  It was twitching like crazy, I'd never been so turned on!  Suddenly he pulled his finger out and stuck his middle finger in instead.  Jabbed at me for a while with that thick digit, driving me insane.  Then he pulled it out and stuck me with the index finger again.  Back and forth he went, one fat finger then the other.  Just when I though I couldn't take it any more and was going to blow my load, he stuck them both in!  Rammed them both in and stayed there, deep inside my shuddering asshole. 

I cried out, but found myself wiggling back into his hand!  He worked those big fingers in deep and I loved it!  I pushed up into him until I was on my hands and knees, wiggling my butt at him like a dog.  

Then my world exploded!  All of a sudden I felt like I was going to cum!  The wave hit me again and again and I thought I was going crazy.  What the hell was this man doing to me?  Then I realized it he'd found my prostate and it was the most un-fucking-believable feeling in the whole world.  My head was spinning!

And suddenly I blasted!  Oh my Fucking God!  Screaming out in ecstasy I blew my load!  The first shot splashed up against my belly as my cock exploded.  Thick creamy boy juice splashed all over me and the mattress beneath me as my teenage balls tightened over and over again.  I didn't even touch my dick, it just went fucking crazy all on its own. 

"Fuck yeah, boy," he growled, "shoot that fucking load."  He was still poking at my hole, but less roughly now.  He leaned in next to me, his face close to mine.  Handsome dark sexy man, face thick with stubble.  I could feel his hairy chest on my back.  "Imagine my fat dick mashing at that nub, kid," he growled.   My hole clenched on his big fingers.  "You think that felt good, wait 'til I fuck your tight hole." 

I clenched again, the thought of his huge cock inside me terrified me.  I felt it against my leg now, hot and hard.  I was trembling all over.  He took his prick in his hand and smacked it against my butt.  Smacked it again and again, sending jolts of pleasure through my ass.

Before I could even react, he pulled his fingers out.  Quick and rough.  My hole gaped open it felt so empty!  I cried out.  He smacked his fat cock right on my hole, two, three times, then rubbed it against me.  Oh my fucking God!  It felt so fucking good.  I was going crazy!

My ass was waving in the air at him, wagging back and forth like a happy, horny puppy!  I couldn't help myself.  He rubbed his cock up and down my crack, letting me feel the fucking size of it.  It was a freaking tree!  I looked back at him. 

His eyes were glued to the sight of my little pale round buns and his huge dark cock sawing up and down between them.  It burned hot against my skin.  He had one hand on my hip, the other grasped his fat weapon.  It was drooling against me. 

"I don't kno - " I started to say, but he was already pushing the head at my hole.  If felt like he was trying to shove a football up there!  "Please, wait . . . but . . ." He ignored me.

"Too fucking tight," he growled, more to himself than me.  He dropped down behind me, and stuck his tongue up my ass again.  My eyes crossed and my head swam as he licked and spit in my hole, his tongue like a snake wiggling up into me.  

I swooned with pleasure and he dug in with relish.  Soon my hole was wet and dripping with his spit.  I was panting so hard I could hardly breathe.  His tongue was strong and thick and had a mind of its own.  A filthy dirty mind that ravaged my tender hole and drilled me wide open.  It was unbelievable!  He ate at my hole like he was a starving man and I fucking loved it! 

The next thing I knew he pulled up and was cramming his fat cockhead at my hole again.  This time it opened up and his bulbous head slipped in.  Oh Fuck!  It stretched my hole so wide open!  The pain was unbearable!

"Oh my God, it hurts - take it out, take it out!" Suddenly I was practically crying.  Oh my God it hurt!  All that pleasure had turned into intense, searing pain!

"Relax, kid, it'll only hurt for a minute.  Take it like a man."  He held it still, the huge head of his prick just inside my hole.  Stretched so wide I thought he was ripping me.  I could feel his cockhead pulsating inside me. 

"No, please I'll suck you off again, anything!  Just take it out!" 

"Trust me, kid, try to relax and breathe.  You're gonna fucking love it.  Trust me."  His big hands on my hips wouldn't let me go anywhere anyway.

I wanted to trust him but the pain was unbelievable.  I was whimpering, panting, trying to think of how to get out of this.  But I couldn't move.  Or wouldn't, I'm not sure which.  After a minute the pain did ease up kind of, or maybe I got used to it somehow.  As it subsided a bit more, I felt another feeling, a kind of warm humming feeling in my ass.  That felt kind of good.  Really good!  Suddenly my ring twitched, grabbing his prickhead and sending surges of pain and pleasure though me. 

"Oh, fuck!" we both moaned in unison.  I heard his deep chuckle behind me.  He rubbed my asscheeks with his big rough hands.  "Feel better now, kid?" he grumbled.  I felt him flex it inside me.  It was huge.  My ass throbbed.  It did feel better, kind of good even, but I still wanted him to take it out. 

"It still hurts," I moaned.  "Take it out, please.  I'll suck it again." 

"Don't worry, kid," he muttered.  "Just push back at me, like you're pushing it out."

Finally!  Thank God, he was going to take it out.  I leaned forward and pushed out at him - - and he shoved into me!  Rammed his meat in me to the root!  He impaled me in one swift thrust.  I'd never felt so stuffed!    

"Oh!" I cried, my voice caught in my throat.  I was breathless.  Oh my God!  It was like I could feel his cockhead pulsating in my chest.  His wiry pubes were grinding against my soft buttcheeks.  I was stuffed full, but strangely it didn't hurt not really.  Then he steered it side to side.

Explosions of pleasure racked my body.  When he saw my reaction, I'm sure his face broke out in that sexy fucking grin of his.   He held my hips with his big hands and slowly churned his rock hard telephone pole around inside me. 

My cock jerked, flexed, and exploded!  Again!  Suddenly I was cumming without even touching my cock - again.  White spots popped in front of my eyes, even though they were closed in ecstasy.  He moaned as my hole spasmed around his hard meat.  He stayed plugged in deep inside me while I came and came and came.  Oh my God!

When I floated back down to earth I heard him chuckling again behind me.  "Still want me to take it out, boy?" his voice was so deep and sexy it made me shudder right down to my balls. 

"No!  God no, please!"  I blurted out before I even knew it.  I blushed bright red.  My cock was still rock hard, even though I'd just shot off a second time.  His was hard as a rock inside me, too.  Huge and pulsating and rock hard inside my tight boybutt. 

He sniggered again.  "I thought so."  He flexed it.  It felt so huge.  And SO good!

Slowly he stirred his cock around inside me, gradually moving it more and more.  It just kept getting better and better as he opened me up.  Then he pulled back, slowly drawing it out of me.  I felt empty inside!  Then the ridge of his head caught my ring.  My ring clenched down on him like it had a mind of its own.

"No!" I cried.

He laughed again.  "Don't worry, kid.  I'm not taking this dick out 'til your cherry's been busted all to hell."

And with that he thrust back in slowly, so slowly!  Filling me with his rock solid meat until his hips mashed up against my ass again.  My whole body was shaking.  He ground it deep into me, rotating it around for a while sending waves of joy through me, then he slowly began to pull out again.  My clenching ring grabbed at him trying to hold him inside me.  He started to moan deeply as he leisurely worked every fat inch of cock in and out of me. 

I felt like I was already going to cum again!  And the feeling kept growing as he fucked me.  Oh my God he fucked me!  He took his time with those long slow delirious strokes until I thought I'd go mad.  My ass was twitching and clenching at him.  I was absolutely out of control!  Panting and moaning.   After a long time of that delicious torture he started to pick up some speed, and soon he was ramming me deep and hard.  His big rough hands pulled my hips into him and he fucked me hard!  It was awesome!  He Fucked Me!  I shoved my ass up to meet each thrust.  Every inch of his huge shaft ramming in and out of me.  His big dick felt amazing!

I could hear him grunting and groaning behind me, but I couldn't see him.  I strained my head around to try to see his cock in my ass.  And I wanted to watch his gorgeous body while he fucked me.  Like he read my mind, he raised himself up on his knees, picked me up and flipped me over.  He spun me on his pole and gently laid me down on my back.  

He pushed my knees up next to my shoulders, spreading my ass wide open.  Holding himself over me, his arms and chest flexed with power and strength.  I reached up and felt his muscles, and saw that sexy grin spread across his handsome face again.  His silky chest hair caressed my fingers and I caressed his rock hard pec muscles.  He began to fuck me, slowly again, working himself inch by inch in and out of me, Oh, fuck, he went even deeper than before!  Each time he pulled it out I wanted to cry out.  But he always slid it right back in again.  Deep.  I was gonna lose it!

His biceps were huge and rock hard as he held himself over me, slowly pumping his hips.  I ran my hands over his arms feeling their strength.  What a man!  I felt all over his sexy hairy muscles.  He was sweating again, damping the hair on his chest.  I smelled his sweat and our sex, it was like a drug to me.  My head was spinning.  I was really gonna lose it soon.  His prick was driving me crazy, the thick weapon torturing my ass.  Torturing me so good!

His hips soon began pumping faster and harder.  My ass was on fire and I wanted it to go on forever!  He was growling and panting.   He spread my legs wider and he fucked me even deeper!  I was trembling.  Oh my God I was in Heaven!  He felt so good!  His cock was enormous and was splitting me wide open!

Suddenly he dropped his head in close next to mine, pushing my knees up past my ears.  His sweaty chest pressed against my smooth skin.  I wrapped my arms around his broad back and held on for dear life!  His lips nibbled my neck, licking up my sweat.  I quivered from head to toe at his touch, and my whole body went into spasms.  He was pounding me hard and fast, groaning loudly. 

Suddenly I lost control!  My balls went off again, heaving and bursting cum all over both of us.  He jammed into me one more time and bellowed.  I felt his hose fire off inside me, his hot juice drenching my insides.  I pelted our bodies with mine.  We rocked and shook against each other, the world spinning around us like it would never stop.  We came and came!  He shuddered with each release of cum.  My ass milked his bursting cock.  His thick rich mancum shot deep into my ass.  My creamy boycum was all over his hairy chest.  Oh, Fuck!   I'd never cum like that before!  Amazing!  Slowly our orgasms dwindled.  He collapsed on me, folding me in half, crushing me but I loved it.  He was panting and heaving.  I was drenched in his sweat.  My cock was trapped between us, sticky with my load.  His cock was still impaled deep inside me.  I was in heaven!

It felt like we lay there for hours - days, weeks, maybe?  I didn't ever want to move!  I was floating on air and dizzy with pleasure but soon I felt his cock begin to soften inside my tortured asshole.  My hole was still vibrating.  Oh, it felt so amazing.  He slowly rolled us onto our sides, easing my legs down as his wet snake slipped out of me.  He laid out flat on his back and pulled me in next to him.  I cuddled against him, his chest heaving up and down under me. 

His arm wrapped around my back, his big hand gently cupping one buttcheek.  I laid my head on his big chest and caressed his cock and balls lazily as we lay there in a daze.  We lay there just breathing for the longest time.  I enjoyed that almost as much as the fucking!  He was so warm and fuzzy and comforting.  I think we both dozed off a bit, here and there.

Eventually, he spoke.  "So congratulations, kid.  You're not a virgin any more." 

I laughed.  "No way, not after that pounding!"  We both laughed. 

"Yeah, you really got me going, your ass is amazing so fucking tight.  Hope I wasn't too rough on you."  He was so cute, all concerned now but a few minutes ago he would have split me in two without a second thought. 

"No, I loved it.  Everything.  I mean, I came three times!  Fucking loved it!"  I was proud of myself.  "And I want more, much more."

"Well you keep stroking that big meat of mine and you'll get more.  You haven't let it rest for a second since I pulled it out of your ass, and I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson for that."  His prick was throbbing hard again in my fists.  "I just don't know if I'm gonna teach your face or your ass this next lesson."

"Lie back and let me suck on it," I said, "I'm not sure my ass can take any more right now.  It feels really good, but it's kinda sore."  I began a nice slow bob up and down on the end of his cock.  He dropped his head back down on the mattress.  His big hand cupped my ass and his thick middle finger wormed its way to my sore hole.  He was gentle and it felt really good.  

"Fuck yeah, kid.  You can suck it all you want.  Your mouth is fucking amazing.  So is your ass.  That was one hot fuck, boy."

"Mmmm, mmmmm."  I didn't want to take his fat cockhead out of my lips long enough to answer.  I nursed on it for a nice long time, cupping his balls too, but mostly worshipping the thick hard shaft and the meaty head of his cock.  It was rock hard and leaking the whole time.  He let out a small moan now and then, almost plaintive, as I kept him on the edge between cumming and not cumming for a while.  Enjoying his big hard dick.  The dick that just took my cherry.  The huge fucking cock that smashed my cherry all to pieces.  My ass twitched, sore and throbbing, around his finger.  It felt so good!

On each upstroke I'd lick and nibble his cockhead, between deep plunges down onto his hard spike.  Finally I took him over the edge.  My deep sucking, tight-lipped against his straining log, pushed him over.  When he cried out, I dove in deep, right to the root, and felt his prick buck and kick inside my throat as shot after shot of cum blasted right into my belly without letting me taste a drop!  But I held him in deep as long as I could, letting him enjoy blowing his load deep into my clutching throat. 

I pulled back, gasped some air, and slurped him back in, tasting his cream splash on my tongue.  I sucked out a few more blasts while he shuddered and twitched from head to toe.  Even his third load was a big one, rich and creamy and plenty of it.  Finally it slowed to a trickle and his dick started to lose its rock-hardness.  I suckled him gently.  He was panting hard, but it eventually slowed until he was quiet.  His cock was softening.  I felt his hand on my head, gentle, caressing me almost. 

"Fuck, kid, you sure can get me going.  Head or tail, any time you want more of this big ol' dick, you got it.  Fucking awesome."

"Any time you can get away," I said.  "I'm having a great time.  I'm so glad you took my cherry, that was amazing.  I didn't think I'd be able to take it, but I loved it!  I can't believe how much I loved it!" 

He chuckled, that deep sexy chuckle of his, "Well, that was pretty fucking hot.  You got a great ass, kid.  I loved it too.  You're gonna make a lot of men happy with that tight little butt.  Definitely plan on fucking your sweet ass some more, boy, don't you worry.  Hey, it's only about 5:00, you wanna stick around and get a pizza?  What did you tell your mom?  "

"I said I was going to the mall with some of the guys, so I don't have to be back for a while.  And I'm starving."

"Me too."  He said, his in his sexy deep voice.   He went over to his workbench and grabbed his cell phone.  Punching a few buttons, he put the phone to his ear.  He looked up at me with that sexy stupid grin, and winked.  I just about melted.  He stood there, stark naked, his huge half-hard cock swinging in front of him.  I was mesmerized.  His beauty was beyond description.  I couldn't believe I just had my virginity taken by this extraordinary man!  I just stared at his incredible body in awe, but snapped out of it when he spoke.

"Yeah, it's Tony, on 19th Street.  Hey yeah, yeah, how's it goin', man?   Good, good, fuggeddaboudit.  Yeah, let me get a large extra pepperoni, extra sausage yeah the usual.  Tell him to come around back to the garage, like always.  Thanks, man.  Be well, give my best to the guys." 

He clicked off.  "So we got about a half an hour before that gets here.  Don't want him catching us like this, so let's clean up." 

We went over to the hose in the corner.  He turned me around, and I thought he was going to hose me off, but he didn't do anything.  Finally I looked over my shoulder.  He was staring down at my ass. 

"Put your hands on the wall," he growled in a gruff voice.  He gave my shoulder a light shove, holding my hip so I had to bend over and catch myself on the wall.  I looked down and saw it.  A river of thick white cream was running down the inside of my leg.  My ass was stuck out at him and he dropped to his knees behind me. 

He spread my cheeks apart and dug his tongue in again.  My knees buckled and I though I'd pass out from the pleasure.  My hole was tender from his hard fucking but his tongue made it feel so good!  Oh my God!  His lips ran down my leg, slurping up the flow of cum, and back up to my hole.  He licked and sucked on my hole, lapping up all his rich cum.  My dick shot up rock hard again and I was trembling all over.  He ate me out until my head was swimming.

Then he stood up abruptly, stopped as suddenly as he started, and said, "No use letting that go to waste, huh kid?"  He tousled my head with his big paw.  I was speechless.  Still dizzy, I couldn't think.  I didn't want him to stop, I didn't care who caught us, but before I could open my mouth, he splashed us both with his makeshift shower.  I shivered in the cold spray, but it felt good.  He hosed us both off.  We were both silent through it.  Both our cocks were still hard despite the cold water.

He picked up his shorts and tossed me my sweats.  I hated the thought of covering up his beautiful cock, but he was already pulling his up to his waist.  God, he's so gorgeous, big handsome muscular stud covered in all that sexy hair.  I still couldn't believe this was happening.  I'm a lucky boy.  

End of part 4

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