Date: Oct 21, 2011

From: tcannon

Subject: My new best friend Part ll

The following story is true and the events are accurate because it didn't happen all that long ago (10 years). I certainly don't condone this type of behavior and would not practice it myself but at the time it was happening I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad it did.

Gary and I had been getting together for about 2 months off and on, usually every other weekend on Saturdays when my mom was working. Usually I would bike to his trailer (weather permitting) and we would hang out around there, me in panties or a sexy top that Gary had bought me. I noticed that he really enjoyed sniffing my sisters dirty panties while I sucked his cock.

He showed me new ways to suck cock too. One of his favorites was to have me suck him hard then get on my back with my head laid back over the arm of the couch. He would have me lick his balls while he slowly stroked his cock, then lean forward on his tiptoes so I had access to that little spot behind his balls then eventually to his asshole. Some days it was pretty ripe down there...especially during the hot summer months.

Eventually he would slide his cock into my mouth and slowly fuck my mouth until he was able to get it all the way down my throat and his balls were pressed up tight against my face. He said it was so cool that he could see the outline of his cut cock head in my throat from that angle and he would squeeze his head while it was in my throat. I had a real hard time breathing when he pushed it in and held it because his ball sac completely covered my nose. Sometimes I had to give him a muffled scream and be thrashing my legs to get him to pull it out.

He'd keep reassuring me that everything was going to be alright and that I was doing a real good job. All the spit and stomach slime would run down my upside down face, into my hair and down to the floor. I learned quickly not to eat a very big breakfast when I was meeting Gary.

Eventually he would pump his load down my throat, directly into my stomach which was a bit of a disappointment because I had really grown to like the taste of his cum. When he was done he would usually rub his spent cock all over my face and help me clean everything up with his cock and fingers and feed it to me.

Sometimes I would cum while he was fucking my throat, If I didn't he would roll me over and finger my ass while I rubbed my cock on a pillow or just jacked off. He was getting 2 sometimes 3 fingers in my ass by then and I told him it felt really good.

He gave me a special present one Saturday and asked if I could come back on Sunday around 11:00 AM. I told him I could and he gave me my first g-string to wear. He said that he wanted me to wear it home and to have it on the next morning when I came over because he had something really special planned for me.

I could barely sleep that night wondering what he had in store for me. I got up early and jumped in the shower and paid special attention to cleaning my ass. I had a pretty good idea that this would be the day I would be fucked for the first time. Luckily it was a nice September day so I could ride my bike over. I got there about 15 minutes early and as I was walking my bike around the back of his trailer, I notices another pickup parked next to his. I walked in the door and saw Gary standing in the kitchen drinking a beer and another guy named Steve sitting on the couch. Gary introduced me to Steve, a guy who worked with him and said that Steve had really wanted to meet me for a long time.

I was a bit taken aback and didn't know if or what Gary had told him about what we were doing but it didn't take long to find out the answer to that question. Steve got up off the couch, came towards me and gave me a big hug. He was about as tall as Gary was, around 6” but he had an extra 30-35 pounds on him easy with about a 4 day beard stubble. He started kissing and nibbling at my neck, I glanced over at Gary and he was just standing there smiling and rubbing his crotch. He told Steve to slow down and give me a chance to get comfortable as he cracked open a beer for me.

There was also the unmistakable order of pot in the air and Steve was rolling another joint as I started my first beer. Gary put his arm around me and led me to the couch and had me sit between him and Steve while Steve fired up the joint. He took the first hit and grabbed my head and turned it to him and blew smoke directly into my mouth as I inhaled. Then he gave it to Gary who did the same thing. Back and forth we went until the joint was finished. Between the ½ beer and the pot I was flying pretty high.

Gary told me to show Steve the present he bought for me so I stood up, pulled my t-shirt off and undid my pants. I was a little unsteady and had to have both of them help me with my balance as I took off my pants. My cock was already hard from all the sexual tension in the room and was poking out of the side of the g-string front which made the string pull up tighter into my ass. Gary told me to go over to the kitchen table and pour them both a shot of tequila. I swayed over to get it and noticed that they were both talking about me as if I wasn't even in the room. Steve was saying things like “Fuck man, you didn't tell me what a cute little ass he had, I can't wait to break him in”. And Steve said that I had been wanting it for a long time.

I bought the shots back and both guys were standing up. Steve fondled my ass as I watch Gary take his shot, then I turned to Steve and he took the shot glass then took my head and said “No, you take it kid, your gona need it.” I didn't care anymore, I got about ½ of it down and thought I was going to die. The burning subsided and a gentle warmth came over me.

Gary had me help both of them get their cloths off, which I've done with him many times before. Then it was Steve’s turn. He just stood there as I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. Then I sank to my knees and undid his belt buckle and pulled down his dirty jeans. His underwear were pretty gross with old piss stains in the front but I didn't seem to mind. I pulled them down and his cock popped out. It wasn't quite as long as Garys, maybe 6 1/2” but it was a lot thicker with a much larger mushroom head and his balls were huge, in my eyes anyway.

I couldn't help myself, I took it in my mouth and started to suck on it and it got hard instantly. Gary was rubbing his cock on the side of my face so I turned and took his as far down my throat as I could. Steve said “This kids mouth was made for sucking cock.” I looked up at both of them as I went back and forth between them. Steve put his hand on the back of my head and tried to force his cock down my throat but it was just too fat. Steve said “Fuck Gary, if my wife could suck cock this good I wouldn't need to find a faggott like this.” and they both laughed.

Steve went over to an old cushioned rocking chair and sat down and motioned me over. I walked over on my knees in kind of a haze from the pot, beer and ½ shot of tequila I had earlier. He leaned forward and started kissing me and pulling my g-string over to he could get his fingers in my ass. Then he pinched both of my nipples really hard with this evil look in his eye until I let out a shriek. In the mean time Gary positioned himself along side of me with a bottle of lubricant. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my leg as he took my head and pushed it down on Steves cock.

Then I felt Garys finger enter my ass as Steve forced my head down on his cock. Gary pulled his finger out of my ass and lifted my head off Steves cock and slid his finger in my mouth to taste my ass. In the meantime, Steve raised both legs on the arms of the chair, exposing his balls and ass to me. I knew what I had to do next as Gary reinserted 2 lubed up fingers into my ass. I started licking Steves balls until he told me quite sternly to get down further and eat his ass. He said “I want your tongue all the was up my ass you little faggott.” He and Gary talked back and forth about what a good little cunt I was, and Steve congratulated Gary on the fine job he had done teaching me how to please a man.

As Steve repositioned himself on the chair, Steve put some pillows under my knees so my ass wound be the right height for him. Steve bent by head backwards and hocked up a huge hunk of snot and spit it directly into my open mouth. Most went in but some dribbled down my chin. I was really grossed out by that but I didn't have time to worry about it as he forced my mouth on his engorged cock and pushed it all the way in.

I felt the tip of Garys cock at the entrance of my ass and I knew he was about to fuck me. I was glad he was going to be the first because his cock was not quite as thick as Steve’s. I felt intense pain as he forced the head of his cock into my ass. I let out a muffled scream as Steve took that opportunity to force his cock all the way down my throat. Gary told me to relax and push back so it wouldn't hurt so much. He gave me a minute to get used to his size but when he started pushing it in the pain increased. Steve was working my head up and down on his cock and before long Gary had his cock all the way in

I was moaning, gagging, crying, choking trying to do what they wanted. Both guys were saying things like “Fuck man he's tight, I wish my wife’s pussy felt as good as his throat, this little cunt is really enjoying this isn't he.” Gary started fucking me slowly but steady, picking up the pace. In the meantime Steve gave me a break from his cock and lifted his head so he could spit on my face and smear it around while he told me that he could hardly wait to put his fat cock in my ass for his turn.

After about 10 minutes of this Gary said “You gotta try this buddy,” as he pulled out and walked around to take Steve’s place in the chair. I just looked up at him with helpless eyes. Steve couldn't get out of the chair fast enough. His cock was sticking straight out. Gary sat down and told me to clean all my ass juice off his cock first while Steve got into position. Garys cock was feeling pretty good in my ass by the time he pulled it out, except when he rammed it all the way in. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it slowly but he grabbed my head and forced it all the way down my throat about the same time Steve had the head of his cock poking into my ass. Then with one forceful push Steve rammed his cock all the way in hard. I noticed the size difference immediately as that sharp pain returned. Gary lifted my head off his cock and tried to comfort me telling me it would be alright and that it wouldn't hurt for very long. I was just moaning and groaning by that time...I was like a rag doll in his arms as Steve pounded my ass hard.

Steve was saying that my ass felt so much better than his wife’s cunt and that he didn't knows how he would ever go back to fucking cunt again....he even said that he might have to tap his 14 year old daughter cunt to try to repeat anything like this. Gary had his cock back in my mouth and was pumping it in and out the full length. I had slobber and stomach slime every where, once and a while he would take it out and rub it all over my face. Then he said that he couldn't hold back much longer but he wanted to cum in my ass. They changed places and Garys cock slid easily into my ass. He made about 5-6 full thrusts and held it in me as I felt his cock start to throb and shoot his cum deep into my bowels.

Gary held his cock in my ass for a minute or so, kind of laying on top of me. I slowly sucked on Steve's cock as we all came down. Gary pulled out and flopped down on the couch with his legs sprawled out and Steve pushed me off his cock. I crawled over to Gary and took his semi hard, sticky, slimy cock in my mouth and gently massaged it with my tongue in my mouth as I heard Steve walk to the kitchen and open another beer. Gary was pissed that he came so fast and blamed it on the tequila and pot. Steve just laughed an evil laugh. I could feel Garys cum dribbling down my leg and my ass felt empty and very wet and sloppy.

Steve helped me up and gave me a big drink of his beer and told Gary that we would be back in a bit and started to lead me down the hall to Garys bedroom. I started to resist but he had a firm grip on my arm and pulled me along with him. He whispered in my ear when we were down the hall out of Garys sight “Oh no baby, I'm not done with you yet.” That scared me and excited me both at the same time.

He gave me a push through the bedroom door and had me get on the bed on my back. Then he straddled my face on his knees facing the opposite direction like we were going to get into the 69 position but that didn't happen. Instead he just lowered his ass on my face and ordered me to eat his ass while he stroked his cock. He said he wanted to feel my tongue all the way up his ass. I had no choice. I couldn't breath, my face and nose were covered by his big ass so I did as I was told. The smell and taste was awful. He even rocked back and forth like he was wiping his ass on my face.

Then he turned around, hocked up two huge mouthfuls of spit, one in my mouth and the other on my face and lowered his big balls down for me to lick. Once and a while he would rub his cock across my face and tell me that he wished he had a picture of that. I have to admit, I was hard as a rock with him doing this to me, treating me like his toy.

Then he simply said, “Alright boy, time to give you what you really want.” He grabbed my legs pulled me to the edge of the bed and raised them to his shoulders. Luckily for me he brought the lube in even though I still felt wet and slippery in my hole. He positioned the head of his cock against my asshole and as kind of an afterthought he reached over and grabbed a pair of someones underwear (I'm assuming they were Garys) and stuffed them in my mouth.

When he pushed the head of his cock into my ass I let out a muffled scream, that horrible pain was back but he did leave it there for a few seconds so I could adjust to his size. He slowly started fucking me talking to me about what a good fuck I was, how tight my cunt was, how he needed a boi like me to fuck on a regular basis....he seemed to be mellowing out very nice. Then all of a sudden he changed the pace and really started to pound my ass hard.

The pain was gone except when he bottomed out but that was getting better by the minute and I felt myself starting to really get into it again. He pulled that rancid pair of underwear pout of my mouth and leaned down with his cock fully in me and kissed me hard, then he hocked up another wad of spit and spit on my face as he started fucking me hard again.

I have to say that the contrast in our body size was quite remarkable when we were in this position. Finally he pulled out and dragged me to the middle of the bed and rolled me over on my stomach and in one motion rammed his cock all the way in and started fucking me really hard. The whole trailer must have been shaking. I knew I was getting close to cumming and I hoped he was too. I moaned that I was going to cum and he said “Yea fucker, cum with my cock in your ass baby, do it yea”. He slowed down his pace and I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I screamed out “Auuugh I'm cumming , I'm cumming” I could feel my ass muscles clamp down on his cock as my cock started squirt cum onto the sheets undert us and he did too, he just said “ Ahhhh, fuck, fuck , fuck, I'm gona breed you like my fucken wife”.

Then with 4 quick thrust into my ass he tensed up and I felt his cock explode in my ass. I laid there totally spent with him on top of me. He was panting like an old dog with spit drooling out of his mouth onto the side of my face, trying to catch his breath. I closed my legs together and used my pussy muscles to gently massaged his shrinking cock while it was still in.

Finally he got up and pulled his cock out of my ass with a plop. He knelt up and massaged my ass telling me what a good fuck I was. My ass was covered in cum and lube then for some reason he wound up and slapped my ass cheek really hard and got up and walked out.

I followed him out and he grabbed my arm and pulled me down as he sat in the chair and guided my mouth to his cock for the after fuck cleanup. Gary had fallen asleep while we were in the bedroom so he didn't even know what was going on but he saw how stretched out my asshole was and all the cum and lube were running out as I sucked Steve’s cock. I could tell he was pissed. He scooped up all the cum that was running out of my ass and both of them fed it to me and I ate it all up.

Steve got dressed shortly after that, took his pot and tequila and left. He tried to get me to come outside with him as he was going but Gary made sure we didn't have contact. After he left, Steve told me that he wasn't going to have him over any more because he didn't like the way he treated me. I said I was scared at first but that he wasn't so bad.

Gary said he was going to bed for a while because he had a headache but I could stay if I wanted. I decided I'd better head home. My ass had really started to hurt my then and all I had to wear was the g-string under my jeans and my ass was still leaking stuff out. My pants had a big wet spot that smelled of cum and lube when I finally got home. I hid them in my bedroom and washed them out by hand a few days later.

I saw Steve at a K-Mart about 6 months later. He was with his chubby dumpy looking wife and three daughters. We made eye contact but went our separate ways. I was with one of my friends as well. About 15 minutes later I was by myself in the boys section looking at coats and he came up behind me and said that the girls section was on the other side of the store. He said he really wanted to get together with me again but Gary got mad at him that day and I told him Gary didn't want me to see him either. He said he had a place we could go to and he would give me $100 if I would meet with him someday.

I told him I would think about it and that I would meet him at the 7/11 on such a street and let me know. Gary got over it and we met more interesting people (one of them a close relative of his) and we had a lot of fun together.