Date: November 22, 2011


Subject: My new best friend Part lll

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The following story is true and the events are accurate because it didn't happen all that long ago (10 years). I certainly don't condone this type of behavior and would not practice it myself but at the time it was happening, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was glad it did.

My new best friend Part lll

It took my ass 3 days to feel better after the pounding Gary and Steve put on me the previous Sunday. I kept telling myself that I wouldn't be doing that anymore with anyone for the first two days but when it started feeling better on the third day I found myself fingering my ass when I was in the shower and getting an instant hard on while I was doing it. By Friday I was craving a cock in my ass again.

I guess the prophecy Steve whispered in my ear as he was shoving his big cock in my ass was coming true. “Once you are bred by a real man, you will be craving a cock in your ass for the rest of your life'”

This wasn't my weekend to see Gary because my mom wasn't working so I was especially excited to see his old beat up pickup parked close to the school on Friday afternoon when I came out. I almost ran over to him before I thought I'd better look around to make sure none of my friends would see me.

The coast was clear so I left my bike at school and jumped in with him. I asked him what he was doing there and he told me that he felt bad about Sunday, that he didn't get to fuck me for very long and asked if I'd like to do it again, just the two of us.

Before we left he pulled his pants down to his knees and told me to lay my head down so no one would see me with him. I laid on his lap and took his semi hard cock in my mouth and slowly started to suck him. He said that he had been thinking about me doing this to him all day and he barely made it through work. He was rubbing my head and back while his cock was getting stiffer and stiffer.

My cock was rock hard and I really needed to get it out of my pants but he wouldn't let me. He told me to just keep my pants on that we would be to his place in no time. Finally we arrived and I noticed a shiny new Cadillac parked near his trailer. Gary seemed a bit surprised and mad and said, “What the fuck is he doing here.”

It was his uncle who was from another nearby state. I asked him if he wanted me to go but he said that I didn't have to, that I might as well come in and meet him. When we walked in his trailer a large man dressed in very nice cloths got up from the table. He had to be over 6' tall, not fat but just an ex football player. When he saw me he stuck out a huge hand and said, “Hi, I'm George, Garys uncle.” I told him my name and told him that I was doing some work for Gary part time. He just looked at me and smiled.

Gary told me a few years later that he told his uncle about me but he didn't ever think he would make the trip up to Minnesota to see me. I guess he was the one that had introduced Gary to the joys of adult/youth sex when he was a boy. Anyway, he said that he had one of those new digital cameras and he was wondering if he could take a few pictures of us together. He said “Judging by the hardons you both had when you came in, I doubt you are here to clean his bathroom.” I looked up at Gary and he said that it would be alright and they both reassured me that no one would look at them except us.

I felt really awkward at first. Gary got us a beer and I felt a little better after that. His uncle asked me to take off my shirt and pose for him....just stand there and look pretty he said. He clicked a bunch of pictures then had me take off my pants. He took pictures the whole time I was getting undress which really made me uncomfortable.

Finally I was naked, the only one in the room and he had me go sit next to Gary on the couch. My 4” cock was hard by then...I felt there was something sexy about doing this, and he had me sit on Garys lap and unbutton his shirt. He took some pictures of that, then Gary took his shirt off he had me get back on his lap and lick his bare hairy chest and armpits and work my way up his neck and give him a big kiss. Gary was rubbing my bare ass all the while I was doing this to him. We were both getting extremely turned on by all this. Then he had me get on my knees and had Gary face me. I could see his 7” cock was very hard in his pants and when I pulled his underwear down his cock almost knocked me over when it popped out.

I started to suck his cock and took as much in my throat as I could. His uncle told Gary to push me down on it hard so I would get some gag juice on it. Gary took my head with both hands and rammed his cock in hard twice. I gagged hard and a long string of drool came out of my mouth. Then he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face.

He had Gary sit on the edge of the couch so he could get some close ups of his cock all the way down my throat. It only took 2-3 try’s and I had it down and was able to hold it for a minute of so. His uncle was very impress and told me so. I was beginning to make a mess of Garys cock and myself with all the spit and drool. After a couple shots of me licking Gary's balls and a few with my tongue in his ass, some when Gary was on his back holding his legs up with me looking up into the camera and a few more with Gary leaning forward and me behind him licking and cleaning his ass, his uncle seemed to be satisfied.

I noticed his uncle was sporting a huge bulge in his pants by then. He had me go to the bedroom and lay on my stomach on the bed with both of my hands holding my ass cheeks apart. I told them I was close to cumming when my cock was rubbing on the sheets so they had me roll over with my legs behind my head and Gary came into the pics and started spitting and licking my ass, getting it ready to fuck. I yelled to them that I couldn't hold back, that I was going to cum and he took some pictures of me jacking my cock off on my chest with Gary's tongue in my ass.

Then they put me on all fours at the edge of the bed and put the head of Garys super hard cock right at the entrance of my asshole. He pushed it in slowly and let me get used to it. It was a nice gentle fuck compared to last weekend with him and Steve. I could feel my cock start to get hard again as I was rocking back and forth on his cock. Then he had Gary pull his cock out and had me turn around and suck on it right out of my ass. Then turn back around and Gary put it back in my ass and we fucked some more.

When he had me on my back and Gary was really pounding me Gary said he couldn't take it much longer and he was going to cum. He had Gary pull out and he rolled me on my back so Gary could sit on my chest and jerk his load off all over my face. He put his still hard cock back in my mouth, I had cum in my eyes, running down my cheek, in my hair, everywhere while I was softly sucking on the head of his cock, trying to get the last few drops out. Then he had him rub his cock all over my face and try to get as much cum in my mouth as he could with his cock.

I wanted to cum again but Uncle George said that was enough for today. I guess he was the one who was now giving the orders. I noticed Gary didn't say much when he was around and kind of acted like a little kid while he was there.

I was getting pretty comfortable with Uncle George and he asked me if there was any way I could get away tomorrow for a few hours. He said he had a motel on the other side of town and he wanted to get some pictures in a little nicer setting. This was the weekend my mom would be home but I told him I could make up a story and get away for a while. He asked if he could give me a ride somewhere and I told him my bike was still at school where Gary picked me up. He looked at Gary and said that was a dumb place to meet and that he would take me back and drop me off a few blocks from school then we could find a place to meet tomorrow morning. I showed him the 7/11 and we decided to meet there at 10 AM.

I didn't have any trouble finding an excuse to get out Saturday morning and I got to the 7/11 about 10 minutes early. George was already there. I jumped in his car and was amazed by how soft his seats felt. He said, “You should see how nice they feel on your bare little ass.” I couldn't wait to get my pants off and he was felt wonderful. He leaned over and rubbed my leg with his hand and ran it up close to my little ball sac then down again. I was starting to get hard...he just smiled.

We pulled up to a small motel and parked in front of our room...way on the end of the building. There weren’t many cars there and none within 8 rooms from ours. George came in with a bag and said that he had a few presents for me. I opened the bag and saw some panties, stockings, tops and some other things that looked like rubber cocks. I asked him what those were for and he said that I would find out. He had me dress up is different outfits and he took pictures of me on the bed, in the bathroom, watching TV with my legs open in the chair...things like that.

When we were done taking pictures, he asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I assumed we were going to have sex since his cock was hard while he was taking pictures so I said that I liked to have a beer to help me relax. He asked if I liked beer and I told him that I didn't really but I liked how it made me feel. He told me that he had something I could try that worked a lot better and it tasted much better too. He asked me what kind of pop I liked and he opened a big bottle of something and poured it into a glass of coke. He was right. Soon after 1/3 of it was gone I felt warm all over and felt really good.

Then he asked me if I would do him a favor. I told him sure. He said the the guy who ran this place was a friend of his and he wondered if I would mind giving him a blow job. I agreed. He said to leave on my g-string and lacy top and he would go get him. He came back a few minutes later with a very large very fat man. I was kind of disgusted by him but George just told me to come over by him so he could get a good look at me. He had his hands all over me telling George how beautiful I was and how soft my skin was. He was hugging me and licking my neck until George said that was enough and had me get on my knees in front of him.

He dropped his pants and a cock just a little bigger than mine popped out. It tasted rancid in my mouth but I did as George asked and suck him until he grabbed my head and shot his load down my throat.

George walked him to the door and the two of them were talking in low voices. Then George told me to take off my panties and top and go into the bathroom. He came in a minute later with a bottle of something with a pointed tip and asked me if I had ever had an enema. I said that I hadn't and he assured me that it didn't hurt that it would feel good.

When we were done with that he had me get on the bed on all fours and he opened the bag with the rubber cock. He inserted a lubed finger in my ass first then two then put the smallest one in. It hurt a little but not much. He was gently rubbing my ass cheeks as he inserted it so that distracted me a bit. The next one was much bigger and longer. We had a hard time getting that one in but eventually we got it in all the way. That one had a strap on it and he snapped that one around my waist and had me carefully get up.

He started to take off his cloths for the first time then as I was kneeling on the bed. When he pulled his boxers off I was surprised by the size of his cock and the way it looked. It didn't have a head. He could tell by the look on my face that I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before. He laid down on the bed next to me and told me to bend over and suck on the head of his cock. I asked him where it was and he told me to stick my tongue in the skin at the end of his cock and it would eventually pop out.

It was wet and slimy in there and tasted awful but as I pulled back on the skin it did pop out and I was able to take a lot of his cock in my mouth. It was narrow at the head but it kept getting longer and fatter the further I went down on it. He had me straddle his body with my legs as he unstrapped the big rubber cock from around my waist. He pushed it in and out while I tried tot take as much of his cock in my mouth and throat as I could. My jaws were really starting to ache but he reach down and pushed my head on his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. My eyes were bulging out as he forced his cock almost all the way in. I was gagging and chocking and fighting him until he finally let go.

He pulled the big rubber cock out of my ass and had me get on all four at the edge of the bed. He walked around behind me, put a pair of the panties I had been wearing in my mouth and put 2 pillows under each knee. He put one hand on my shoulder and guided his cock to my stretched asshole with the other. When he put his cock in, I barely felt it at all until he pushed it about ½ way in. It was so big around that I thought he was going to split me in two. He kept pulling it out and pushing it in a little further each time. It was starting to hurt more and more and I started to tell him “No, no take it out oh no it hurts too much” He told me to shut the fuck up and he just pushed my head down into the mattress as he shoved it in further and further each time. I screamed a muffled scream into a pillow as he finally bottomed out in my ass.

. It must have been at least 8 ½” but very big around. He just left it in and asked me if that felt better...I just whimpered and sobbed...I didn't think it mattered what I said...he was going to fuck me with that thing no matter. He slowly started fucking me, picking up speed with each thrust. He was pulling it all the way out and ramming it all the way back in with one motion. It was only really hurting when he got to the last 2 inches in I thought. I heard his balls slapping against my ass cheeks as he fuck me after a bit so I knew it was all the way in then.

I'm not sure how long he fuck me like that, but he finally pulled it out and walked over to a big cushioned chair in the corner and sat down. His cock was standing straight up and I could see how big it really was. He motioned me over to him, took my wrist and had me straddle him as I faced him. There was room on both sides on him in the chair for my knees and he had me lower my ass on his throbbing cock. I felt I had a little more control in this position but I had never fucked like this before. He told me to start fucking myself on his cock, rocking up and down. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down a little further each time.

I have to admit, it felt pretty good doing it that way and I started to really get into it. He started tweaking my nipples and my cock started to get hard again. Then he reach around and grabbed me by the back on my neck and pulled me forward and kissed me, forcing his tongue 1/2 way down my throat as I bounced up and down on his cock.

We fucked like that for a long time and I was starting to cramp up when he grabbed me by the ass and lifted me up to a standing position and carried me over to the bed with his cock embedded deep in my ass/pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pounded my as on the bed hard. Finally he said he was going to fill my pussy with sperm and I felt his cock swell up even bigger and start to throb and shoot loads of cum in my pussy.

He just laid there on top of me and I kept my legs wrapped around his waist. He said he had barely slept last night thinking about fucking me and he wished he lived closer because he would take me away from Gary and make me his boi toy and buy me what ever I wanted.

He had me stay on my back with my legs pulled over my head as he grabbed his camera for a few last shots of his spent cock next to my stretched out asshole with quarts of cum running out of it. When I put my legs down it really felt squishy and wet down there but kind of sexy at the same time.

He told me as we were getting dressed that he had a few friends in Chicago that would love to meet me and if I would mind if he bought some of them back sometime to meet me. I told him I would have to check with Gary about that. He just chuckled.

I had a hard time when I got home that afternoon. My ass was aching pretty bad and I really needed a shower but That would seem to unlike me on a Saturday afternoon. I just kept going to the bathroom and letting more cum leak out.

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