Date: December 7, 2011


Subject: My New Best Friend Part IV

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The following story is true and the events are accurate because they didn't happen all that long ago (10 years). I certainly don't condone this type of behavior and would not practice it myself but at the time it was happening, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was glad it happened.

My new best friend Part lV

Gary and I continued to get together every other weekend. He introduced me to a few more of his friends, although I thought it was strange that only a few of them came back again after we played around with them. Some only wanted to watch Gary and I, a few only wanted a blowjob from me, but there were quite a few that couldn't keep their hands off me and couldn't wait to fuck me. Usually Gary would fuck me while I sucked their cocks, then after a while they would trade places.

One older guy, maybe around 45 or so just begged Gary to let him take a shower with me after we were all naked. He was kind of a gross, chubby, really hairy guy so I thought it might me a good idea for him as least to get into the shower. He kept telling me how beautiful I was as we were getting in and when the water started he grabbed me and started kissing me and licking me all over my body. He had me get on my knees in the shower in front of him and suck his cock then he turned around, bent over and pulled my face into his ass and ordered me to eat his ass. Then he turned around and put his semi hard cock in my mouth and held my head with both hands. I started to suck him but he stopped me and let a thick stream of hot piss shoot down my throat before I could get away from him. He held me down on my knees in front of him as he emptied his bladder all over my face and body, then pulled me up and with my back to him, whispered in my ear as he twisted my nipple hard, not to tell Gary.

When I walked out into the living room Gary was drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. He pulled me down on his lap and started kissing me while the fat guy was telling Gary about what a cute little ass I had and how he wanted to fuck me. Gary told me to crawl over on my knees and get his friend hard by showing him what a good cocksucker I was. I was on my hands and knees when I got to him. He was wagging his cock at my face with a smirk. My ass was facing Gary at the time and I looked up at the fat guy as I put his semi hard cock in my mouth. I felt a small shot of piss go into my mouth as I started to suck but swallowed it and soon he was a full 6 ½” long and hard. Gary came up behind me and was fingering my ass and lubing me up. I felt him put the head of his cock in my ass and gently push it in. I moaned softly as I looked up into the eyes of the fat guy who was forcing my head down on his cock by that time.

They both traded off fucking me while I sucked and cleaned their cocks after they pulled them out of my ass. It didn't take long before the fat guy blew his load all over my face as he held my head back, then Gary pulled out of my ass and came around and did the same thing. My face was covered in cum and they had me turn around and lean against the chair while I sat on the floor with my head tilted back so the cum wouldn't roll off. They said they just wanted to look at the little fag for a while. Then the fat guy came over and started rubbing his cock all over my face then Gary joined him. I had cum in my ears, eyes, hair and it was running down my neck and unto my chest and stomach. They made me sit like that for 20 minutes or so until the cum dried then they had me put my pants on and slip a coat over my bare top and go outside and walk up and down the street with dried cum all over my face. Kinda weird but it was kind of sexy at the same time.

I mentioned that I had seen Steve, the first guy other than Gary who roughly fucked me the first time? I need to bump the story ahead 3 more months to the day I saw him and his fat dumpy looking wife and their 3 kids at a Walmart. I was with a friend that day and I made eye contact with Steve but we went our separate ways. About 15 minutes later I was alone in the boys dept looking at coats when Steve approached me and said he really wanted to get together with me again. I told him I didn't think it was a good idea because Gary was mad at him because of how he treated me. He apologized and said he got a bit carried away because of the joints and tequila and said that he had a place we could go to and that he would give me $100 if I would meet him. He said I was so cute and was such a good fuck that he just couldn't get me out of his mind. I told him to meet me at the 7/11 the next day at noon and I would let him know.

Now, I had thought about Steve quite a bit myself over the past few months. Not that I was missing anything with Gary, it was just the way he walked me down the hall to the bedroom after Gary had fallen asleep, telling me how he was going to breed me like his wife and make me his really excited me for some reason. Besides, I handled Georges 7+ inch fat cock alright, and I remembered how big around Steve's cut 6 ½” cock was and how huge that mushroom head was and I felt like I had to have it again. Plus it wasn't my weekend to see Gary so I had that next Sunday open. I just had to make up an excuse to give my mother why I'd be gone for the afternoon. Plus, $100 was a lot of money to a 14 year old kid 10 years ago.

I showed up at the 7/11 a few minutes early and Steve pulled up in his pickup soon after. He rolled down his window and asked me what I decided and I told him I would go with him but I had to be back in a few hours. He agreed and gave me a rolled up $100 bill right after I got in. He said we were going to a hunting cabin about 25 miles north of the city that a friend of his owned, very private he said. This made me kind of nervous but there wasn't much I could do about it now. He had me take off my pants and underwear for the ride up. He said I wouldn’t be needing them until we got back to town. He had me sit right next to him and he put his arm around me and played with my nipples, then he tweaked one real hard and said “You like this rough don't you, you little fagot”. I told him I didn't but he said that I wouldn't have agreed to come with him if I didn't. I guess I got his point.

He had his cock out and was playing with mine and squeezing my balls hard while I stroked his. He told me that I was going to be his little cunt for the day and he could do what ever he wanted to with me because I took money from him and I was nothing but a whore for him to use. I hadn't thought of it that was but I guess he was right. He opened a bottle of wasn't the tequila he had before but he drank some of it and he had me take some swigs out of the bottle too. I got real warm and it burned like crazy as it went down.

Finally we pulled off the road and onto a one land dirt path that disappeared into a woods. It was about ¼ mile long then there was a clearing where I saw a run down shack with an outhouse behind it. We both got out and he told me to leave all my cloths in the truck so I undressed the rest of the way and threw everything on the seat of his pickup while Steve unlocked the paddle lock on the door. . I went inside and saw messy booze and beer bottles littered the mone room hut with a wood burning stove in the middle, a couple old chairs and a double bed with a ratty old mattress on it with some smelly blankets scattered on top.

Steve wasted no time in grabbing me and pushing me down on my knees in front of him. He ordered me to undo his pants and take out his cock and get to work. My cock was already hard as I undid his belt buckle and pulled his crusty old underwear down to expose his semi hard, leaking cock. I put it in my mouth as he moaned about how long he had been thinking about having my mouth on his fuck stick as he liked to call it. He plopped down on a chair so I could take his work boots off and his god how his feet stunk. He had me lick and suck on his feet to clean them, the whole time telling me what a dirty little cunt I was and how I was going to be begging for his cock before to long.

Then he had me straddle his lap with our cocks sticking straight up between us. He grabbed my hair in the back of my head and pulled my head backward as he reached down and picked up that bottle of booze he brought. He dumped some in my mouth then kissed me while I swallowed it. He did that 3 more times and I was really getting fuzzy by then. Then he threw me off his lap and had me crawl back up as he slouch on the chair with his legs spread apart and motioned for me to start sucking on his cock.

I had forgotten how that fat mushroom head made my jaws ache after only a short while. He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I was gagging and half puking all at the same time as he continued to fuck my face. Once and a while he would let me up for air but not for long. He was starting to hold my face down on his cock for longer periods of time too. I was screaming for air with a muffled scream and the more I fought the longer he held me on it.

Finally he let me go and I fell back on the floor gasping for air. He got off the chair and sat on my chest and had me lick his big ball sack, then he turned around and sat on my face with his asshole directly over my mouth, telling me to eat his dirty ass, he wanted my tongue all the way up his ass. He would rock back so my nose was pinched off in the crack of his ass so I could get no air that way either.

The whole time he was doing that he was twisting my nipples harder than they have ever been twisted before. I was crying and begging him to stop but he just said that this is what I got for being a whore and taking money.

Finally he let me up. He was sitting in an old wooden chair while he was fucking my face and all the spit, precum and stomach slime had pooled in the seat of that chair. He had me crawl over and lick all of it up and swallow it down, all the while telling me what a dirty little fagot I was and how he wished I was his son so I could take care of his cock everyday. He'd have me clean his wife’s cunt juice off of it every time he fucked her then have me suck her cunt clean when he was done with her as well. Steve was very vocal this time I noticed.

He had me go over to the bed next and get on all fours at the edge of the bed. I saved some of the spit and slime I had licked up off the chair so I could at least put some of it in my ass because I know he had no lubricate for me, nor did he care.

I felt him get on the bed behind me, then I felt his hands on my hips and the head of his cock rub against my ass. He was telling me that this is what I came here for and I was about to get it. That it was going to hurt but I could scream as loud as I wanted because no one would hear us there. He did spit in my ass once then teased my asshole by rubbing the head of his cock all over my ass then poked it in and out just a little bit. Then I felt him press his cockhead against my hole as he placed both hands on my shoulders and shoved his cock half way in with one motion. I screamed and cried for him to stop and let me get used to it.

He was just getting his footing and in another few seconds he shoved it all the way in. He pushed me to my stomach and started pumping my ass hard. I felt his weight on my back and could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and in my ear. The whole time he was fucking me he was telling me how I wished he was my daddy so he could fuck me everyday before I went to school. He even asked me it he could come over and sneak into my room and fuck me nice and quiet while my mother was home and my sister was in the next room.

I was starting to get hard again with my cock rubbing on the rough mattress underneath. I started moaning and meeting his thrust with my ass and milking his cock with my butt muscles. I was really getting into it by that time. My ass had gotten used to his cock and all the dirty talking was having an effect on me. Maybe I really did want him to be my Dad so I could take care of him everyday. Who knows.

Finally his strokes became shorter and shorter and his breathing quickened. I know he was getting close and so was I. I told him I was going to cum and when I started to shoot he just stopped and held his cock all the way in and felt my ass muscles ripple up and down his cock and groaned the

whole time. Without saying a word, he pulled his cock out and rammed it all the way in and held it there. I could feel his cock head swell and soon felt the familiar twitching began as he flooded my ass with his load. He grunted in my ear like an old bear with each burst of cum.

He laid on top of me for what seemed like hours as we both caught our breath. Finally he rolled off me onto his back and without saying a word, grabbed my head and told me to clean of his cock like a good little whore. I sucked his cock clean as I felt his cum dribble out of my ass onto the mattress. He reached around and fingered my ass and bought a couple fingers of ass cum to my mouth so I could clean his fingers as well.

I started to get up and told him that we'd better start back but he pulled me back down and said that he wasn't done with me yet. He forced his cock in my mouth and had me suck him hard again. He stayed on his back and had me sit on his cock. I had never fucked like this before and I found it to be very sexy feeling. My own cock started to get hard again as I rocked back and forth. It helped a lot that my ass was well stretched by our first fuck and all his cum was still inside me too.

Then he flipped me over on my back and I put my legs on his shoulders as he really started to slam my asss/pussy. He was really starting to call me names again as his pace increased. He'd take his cock out and come around and rub it all over my face then climb back on and fuck me some more. Soon he started spitting on my face as he called me a dirty whore fagot cunt...all those name that seemed to turn me on even more. Telling me how much I liked it and how I craved a real man's cock in my ass and how I'd do anything for him now just to get his cock. I was agreeing to everything he said just to get it over with, but deep down I guess I really was enjoying it.

Finally he pulled out for the last time and came around on his knees and jacked his load off all over my face then stuck his spent cock in my mouth for me to clean for him. He wanted me to leave the cum on my face until we got to the out skirts of town then he would let me wipe it off.

He let me put on my shirt and socks only as he got dressed then we headed out the door to his truck. On the way back he said that he would like to have me come up with him again but I said I didn't know, that I'd have to think about it. He said that he would give me $200 next time if I would consider it. I told him that Gary was expecting me over to his place next weekend and he was going to have another guy there from out of town but maybe the next weekend we could get together. I told hm I would meet him at the same place and same time in 2 weeks and let him know.

Well, I thought about it long and hard. I wondered what he would have me do for $200 that I hadn't already done for him but the idea of $200 more dollars along with the $100 I had in my pocket made it pretty tempting.

When we were almost back to town he let me put my pants on (he had been playing with my cock and ass and rubbing my thigh all the way back, but before he would let me wash off my face he wanted me to go into a convenience store out in the middle of nowhere and get him a soda. The old guy behind the counter gave me a double take as I paid for our drinks while Steve was parked around the back. I had dried cum all over my face and I must have really stunk of his cum and ass all over me.

When we got back, Steve reached over and pulled me to him and gave me a big kiss and told me I was really special to him and he hoped he would see me in 2 weeks.

To be continued...

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