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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing sexual activity between an adult and a child. Any resemblance to real people or events is unintentional and entirely coincidental.

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My New Neighbour Jack




As I turned into my driveway, I immediately noticed unusual activity next door.  That house had been empty since the elderly couple who had lived there had retired to Spain.  They had put the house up for rent, but due to the depressed economic climate, the house had remained empty despite the rent being reduced several times over the past nine months.

"You will do as you're fucking told!"  The shrill tones of a woman's voice greeted me as I got out of my car.

"Bloody charming," I thought to myself, "The house has been rented to some slut.  Now I'll be getting no peace."

"I didn't want to come to this shit-hole, so you do it," the angry voice of a child fired back in reply to whatever had been demanded.

My name is Dirk Bradshaw.  At the time of these events I was 35 years old.  I had struck it lucky in the dotcom boom, and netted a tidy sum that allowed me to buy my house and not have to worry about money.  So long as I lived modestly, I was able to survive on the income from the money I had made in my late twenties.  I supplemented that income by working at home as a freelance reporter, photographing and doing write-ups for hobbyist and specialist railway magazines.  That kept me occupied whilst also providing the perk of getting free invites to railway related events - something that is an interest of mine.

I am also gay.  A fact that I did not advertise in the English village I had decided to settle, as the rather backward attitude of the majority of residents would not have welcomed such a revelation.  Instead, I'd put it about that I had lost my wife in an undisclosed tragic accident that I did not like talking about.  I don't usually like deception, but in that case it prevented damaging speculation about the quiet man who lived alone and mostly kept himself to himself.  Not that I had a particularly active sexual life, and had been careful to do nothing that would fuel the local rumour mill, but a 35 year old man who lived alone and didn't have a girlfriend would otherwise have been thought of as "not natural."  As it was, I had formed some good friends in the village, and socialised regularly.  Having had more free time than most men of that age, I also did chores and minor DIY tasks for a few of the elderly residents and assisted with local events, and was, I believe, regarded favourably by the locals.

My house is a modest bungalow on the end of a short street of semi-detached two story houses.  It was dilapidated when I bought it for a knock-down price, but it has a remarkably large garden for an English house, and I have spent enough to transform it into a very comfortable modern home.  After some thought, I also decided to indulge myself and took a chunk out of my capital to have a swimming pool installed - the only house in the neighbourhood to have such a thing.  The weather in the UK is not conducive to open-air pools apart from a few months a year, so the pool is heated and usually enclosed by a large canvas structure that allows it to be used in all except the very coldest months.  During our brief Summer I remove the canvas so that the pool is completely open.

"You know we had no fucking choice," the woman's voice followed me to my front door.  "I don't like it any more than you do."

More out of curiosity that anything, I didn't go to my door, but instead walked over to the low hedge that separated my front garden from my new neighbour.  Parked on the street outside the house was a brown Ford Mondeo estate car with the rear door open.  The front door to the house was open, and a woman about my age appeared from it and began walking toward the car.  After a few steps she spotted me over the hedge, and stopped dead in her tracks.  Her face turned bright red.  "I'm ... I've ... We're just moving in," she stammered.  "Oh God, you must have heard everything."  She stood in awkward silence, looking as if she was about to burst into tears at any second.

I revised my first thoughts.  She may have given a bad first impression, but a slut would not be so obviously embarrassed.  "I don't think anyone else nearby is at home," I said jovially, "So I think it can safely be forgotten.  I'm your neighbour, Dirk, by the way" I continued.  "I can see that it's true what they say about moving house being the second most stressful thing that happens in your life!"

Suddenly she was sobbing.  "I'm so sorry," she said.

"Mum!  Mum!  Where the hell have you put my ..."  A young boy appeared at the door, saw me and stopped dead just as his mother had done.  He appeared to be about ten or eleven years old.  A tousled mop of brown hair sat on top of a cute round face with a button nose.  He was wearing a white T-shirt and flannel shorts in the July heat.  His face, which had at first been screwed into an angry scowl, rapidly transformed as his mouth fell open and his eyes stared at me in surprise, and then took in his distraught mother.

"Hey," I said to the woman, "It's not that bad - I'll get you a cup of tea - and your son looks as if he could do with a Coke."

"Um - I need to get this stuff in before the removal lorry gets here," the woman was pulling herself together in front of her son.

"Nope," I insisted, "A cuppa first, then we'll get your stuff inside.  Ten minutes won't make any difference at all.  There's a gap in the hedge just there," I said, not waiting for an answer, "Come on, you definitely need a break."

"Well, yes, thank you," replied the woman, "It would be nice.  Come on, Jack."

We were soon chatting in my living room.  I discovered that her name was Sally, and as I had surmised the boy's name was Jack and he would be twelve in eight weeks' time.  The company Sally worked for had closed down its offices in the town they had been living, and she had had the choice to either be laid off or relocate to a new position in a branch here.  Work was not easy to come by, and she had been left with little choice.  Jack had not made the decision easy, because he had not wanted to leave his familiar neighbourhood and friends to move a hundred miles away to a place he didn't know and where the people "spoke funny".  I gathered that the boy's father was not around and it would be just the two of them living in the house, but I did not press for details.  The angry exchange of earlier had been the combined result of a three-hour drive in hot weather, and Jack's petulant refusal to cooperate and help with getting the boxes from the car.  The furniture and most of their goods would be arriving by lorry, but Sally had packed all the fragile items and brought them herself.

"Wow, is that a swimming pool?"  Jack had only just spotted the water through the window.

"Yup," I replied, "It's not very big, but I enjoy a swim, and I can't stand gardening."  Jack had moved to the window and was looking longingly at the cool water through the window.  "I'll tell you what,” I said to him, “if you help your mum unload the car, and if it's OK with her, you can have a dip to cool off when we've finished unloading."

"Can I mum?"  I knew I had put Sally in a position where she could hardly refuse, but felt that they would be better off with me for the rest of the afternoon than staying in an empty house arguing with each other.

"Only if you help," Sally replied to Jack.  She smiled and winked at me, and I knew that she was pleased I had provided a needed bribe.

"Come on," Jack enthused, "Let's unpack the car!"

The three of us made short work of the unloading.  Jack started for the door as soon as the last box was inside, "Can I go in your pool now, Mr. Bradshaw?"

"I need to get the plates and crockery put away in the kitchen cupboards first," Sally insisted.

"OK," Jack said, "I'll help."

"Oh no you won't!" said his mother, "I've got them this far in one piece and that's how I want to keep it!  It won't take more than fifteen minutes."

"Just be patient, Jack," I admonished the boy, "I'll get a few snacks and things together, and your mum will bring you around as soon as she's done - and don't give her any grief!  Oh - and neighbours call me 'Dirk', not 'Mr. Bradshaw' - even my eleven year old neighbours!"

"I won't Dirk," said Jack, "and I'm nearly twelve!"

I laughed and left them to it while I went home and prepared a few snacks and put them on the garden table next to the pool.  Sooner than I expected the doorbell rang.  I was surprised to see Jack looking a bit dejected next to his mother.

"Problem," Sally stated.  "Most of our clothes are in the removal lorry, so Jack doesn't have a costume."

"Problem solved," I replied, "He can swim in his underpants - that's if you don't mind."

"That's what he said," Sally confided, "But I didn't like to ask ..."

Sally and I were soon sat in the loungers by the pool with some drinks, chatting and watching Jack splashing about in the pool.  I warmed to her and she to me, and we ended up chatting about all sorts of things.  The unfortunate shouting match that had occurred earlier was completely forgotten as I discovered that such foul language was extremely uncharacteristic of Sally.  I had also discovered something quite unexpected.  My eyes kept getting drawn to the almost naked Jack, and I realised that the thoughts that I was having were not those that any respectable adult should be having toward an eleven year old boy, (even if he was nearly twelve).  It was obvious that if Jack had entered puberty at all, it was not long ago.  His body showed no traces of adolescent development, and whenever he was out of the pool I could see only a small bulge in his tight jockey underpants.  Although the bulge was small, the wet briefs left little to the imagination, and I could even see that he was uncircumcised.  I felt myself wanting to stroke his smooth skin and touch his cute round bum.  Such emotions surprised me, I had never before thought sexually about a child, and I had to be careful not to give away my thoughts to Sally by looking too often or too intently.  Strangely I did not feel at all worried about it, knowing that it would go no further.  Or so I believed at the time.  Events would however prove otherwise - but I'm getting ahead of the story.

"Come on Dirk, get in!" Jack shouted to me from the pool.

"I'll have a splash with him for a few minutes," I said to Sally.  Sally smiled and nodded her agreement.  I went inside and quickly changed into a swimming costume, and also fetched a ball.  Running outside, I threw the ball at Jack and then "bombed" in beside him.  Jack spluttered with laughter, and threw the ball back at me.  We were soon larking around together.  Jack was a good swimmer, and I had no concerns about him in the pool even though one end was quite a bit out of his depth.  My earlier sexual thoughts had vanished, and I was simply enjoying the unselfconscious play of a child which permitted me to indulge in similar silliness.

Sally suddenly shouted to us, "I think the removal van's here."

"OK," I replied.  "Come on Jack, we'd better get out."

"Don't worry," Sally said, "You two look like you are having fun.  The removal guys are paid to bring all the stuff in the house, so all I will need to do is supervise.  Why don't you two stay in the pool, and as soon as the van is gone I'd like to find my costume and join in!  Uh - if that's OK, Dirk?" she added, suddenly realising that she was being a bit presumptuous.

"Of course it's OK, silly!" I replied.  "What about you, Jack - do you want to stay in the pool or go help your mum supervise?"

"Are you crazy or something?" Jack replied jokingly as he threw the ball at my head.

"Looks like that's settled then," I said to Sally.  "See you in a while - don't be too long!"

Jack and I continued messing about for a while, then I said, "You've exhausted me!  I'm going to get out and have a drink.  Fancy a Coke?"  Jack was obviously thirsty, because he got out straight away.  I plonked myself down in a lounger.  "Go grab us a Coke each from the 'fridge," I instructed Jack.

"Where's that?" he asked.

"It's only a small house - see if you can find it!" I replied.

After a good ten minutes, Jack appeared with two cans and sat down on the lounger next to mine.  "What took you so long?" I inquired.

"I was looking at your stuff," answered Jack unashamedly.  "You got a huge TV, and a computer.  Do you have Internet?"

"Yup," I answered, "And satellite TV.  And an X-box somewhere or other"

"Neat," said Jack, "And I found this - what is it?"

Jack held up a Rubik’s cube.  I suppose I should have been a bit cross that he had picked up my property without asking, but in fact I found myself pleased that he was comfortable enough with me to take such a liberty, and I had implied that he was free to search the house, after all.

"Come here, I'll show you."  I demonstrated the cube to Jack, who apparently had never seen one before.  I then gave it a few twists and told him to see if he could get the colours back again.

Jack settled back in the lounger and I watched him tackle the puzzle.  After a few tries he discovered that it was not as easy as it looked, and I expected it would not be long before he became bored and give up.  Surprisingly however, instead of giving up he began pausing between twists and examining the results before reversing the move and trying a different one.  He then began trying a combination of moves and looking at the result.  I would not have expected a child of that age to either get so involved with a logic puzzle, or go about solving it so systematically.

While he was concentrating on the cube, I found myself examining Jack's body again.  This time he was close by and so engrossed that he did not notice me staring at him.  His handsome round face held a frown of concentration, and I noticed a few light freckles on either side of his nose.  His lips, which were pursed as he tried to figure out the puzzle, were full and sensual.  He had the barest hint of light peach-fuzz that showed in the light of the afternoon sun on his upper lip and jawline.  His ears were nicely formed with medium sized lobes, and his left ear, which was the only one I could see from my position, had been pierced but contained no ear-ring.  His torso was lean with the outline of ribs just visible.  His nipples were small brown points surrounded by a flat, light brown circle barely darker than the tanned skin of his chest.  His tummy was reasonably flat, but I could see a hint of puppy-fat causing it to form a small fold as he sat half-reclined.  His belly-button was a deep and neat "innie," mostly closed up in the position he was sitting.  He was sitting with his legs slightly apart, and I could see their coating of short, almost transparent hair, and some well-developed calf muscles that made me decide that he probably did a lot of cycling.

I found myself beginning to get an erection as my thoughts toward Jack once again turned to the forbidden.  What the heck, my thoughts were private and nobody else's business, so I allowed my eyes to follow the V-shaped crease leading from the sides of Jack's pelvis to the centre of attraction hidden beneath his skimpy jockies.  They were white pants, and still damp.  The shape of a penis about one inch in length was clearly visible, together with a pucker at the top that could only be the end of an uncut foreskin, just as I had noticed earlier.  As I watched, the drying material must have caused some irritation, because Jack's right hand left the cube momentarily to pull at the bulge.  By now I was fully hard.  Fortunately I had decided against wearing my Speedos and gone for a loose-fitting costume that could safely hide what had happened.    Over the next minute or so, Jack paused at least five times to adjust and pull at his boyhood.  I saw that the outline of his penis had become more clearly defined and I could not be certain, but it seemed bigger - or perhaps that was just wishful thinking.  I glanced up at Jack's face every now and again to make sure he had not seen me ogling him, but he was staring intently at the cube, oblivious to the direction of my gaze.

Jack's hand went down to his crotch again, and this time he pulled and scratched for about ten seconds.  Then his hand briefly dived down the front of his jockeys and made a quick adjustment.  When he again went back to the cube, he had a very obvious boner tenting up the front of the material.  It stuck straight out rather than being angled upwards, and that frustratingly made the outline less visible.  His hand went down again soon after, and gave two quick tugs outside his underwear, and then Jack leant forward and put the cube on the table.  I turned my head away as he did that, hoping he had not seen me staring at his boner.

"I'm going to get back in," stated Jack, "Are you coming?"

"No but I'm bloody close," I thought, then said out loud, "Given up on the cube then?"

"No," said Jack, "Just leaving it for a bit.  Don't give me any clues."

Thinking I'd better get rid of the tell-tale sign of the direction of my thoughts, I suddenly stood up and ran at the pool, diving in cleanly.  Jack was soon in beside me grabbing my head in a vain attempt to duck me.  We were soon back playing rough-and-tumble in the shallow end of the pool, and Jack was just a boy again, not an erotic object.

I have no idea how long we were mucking around when there was a splash and suddenly Sally was beside us.  "Hiya," I said, "That took me by surprise!"

Jack laughed.  Apparently he had seen his mother coming and conspired to keep my attention diverted while she jumped in.  With the three of us in the pool I suggested a game of "piggy in the middle" with the ball, and we all enjoyed ourselves in play until a slight chill and a reddening sky portrayed that the day was coming to an end.  Soon I was bidding Sally and Jack farewell as they walked off to the gap in the hedge, but not before Jack had shown his mother the Rubick cube and asked me if he could borrow it, which of course I had agreed to.

"You know I had completely forgotten about these," Sally remarked, "I never had the patience, but Jack loves puzzles, and it's right up his street!"



Dirk, Dirk!"

I was lying in bed the following morning (Saturday), thinking about getting up, when Jack's eager shouts reached me from outside.  I quickly jumped out of bed, and while I was pulling on my trousers, I shouted, "Come in, Jack, the door's open."  (It's a quiet village and few people find the need to lock their door of a night).

I reached the living room at the same time as Jack, who was waving the obviously completed Rubik cube.  "Look, I did it!" he exclaimed.

"Jack, come here immediately!" Sally's cross voice called out from outside, so I looked out the front door to where she was standing in her garden, a somewhat crestfallen Jack beside me.

"I'm really sorry," Sally said to me from across the hedge, "Jack stayed up with that cube till at least one o'clock, and darted out to show you as soon as he got up before I could stop him.  I hope he didn't disturb you?"

"No, of course not," I replied, "And he is quite right to be pleased with himself, it took me at least two days to figure out the moves.  Did he have any help?"

"No," protested Jack, "I worked it out all by myself - mess it up again and I'll show you."

"Jack, you are pestering Dirk," Sally said, "I think you should come home right now!"

"It's OK Sally, really," I assured her, "Jack's OK with me, and I really am impressed, honestly.  I'll send him back shortly."

Jack demonstrated to me several times how he could manipulate the cube to get all the colours back to their correct sides no matter how messed up the cube was, and proceeded to explain how he had gone about solving the puzzle.  It was obvious that he has a keen analytical mind way beyond his years.  Jack then asked if he could look at my computer.  He told me that he had had a laptop a year or so ago, but it had stopped working and he had not got another.  I told him that he had better go home and have some breakfast first, and then he could come back if his mother permitted it and use the computer.

So it was that I ended up entertaining Jack for most of that day.  Which I found myself enjoying immensely.  None of the erotic thoughts of the previous day were present, but I just enjoyed his easy company, and we chatted about all sorts of things between his computer play and watching TV.  While obviously very intelligent, Jack was nevertheless an 11 year old, ignorant of very basic things but with a bright and enthusiastic outlook that made subjects that had become old hat and mundane once again an exciting adventure into the unknown.  I was able to go into monologues about my pet subject of railways that usually had people looking to the heavens and telling me to  stop prattling on, but Jack asked questions and made comments that showed me he found it genuinely interesting.  We looked up some web sites together and I taught Jack how a steam engine worked with the help of some animated web diagrams.

Sally rang the doorbell at around seven o'clock in the evening, extremely apologetic for leaving Jack with me all day.  She had been shopping and working in the new house and lost track of time.  I assured her that I was perfectly happy to have Jack around, and that we had also lost track of time and even missed out on the swim we were going to have.  Sally then insisted that I join them for their first cooked meal in their new house, and of course I agreed.  "So we have time for a swim while mum's cooking," Jack exclaimed, and Sally and I burst out laughing.  "Be over in about an hour," Sally instructed.  Jack ran out the door to get his costume from home while I changed into mine, and soon Jack and I were splashing about again.  This time Jack was wearing a baggy swimming costume that came to just above his knees.  "Not at all sexy," I thought to myself, slightly disappointed, but on the other hand not sure whether I wanted a repeat of the thoughts I had had about Jack.

Dinner at Sally's house went very well, once again Sally and I seemed to have an easy rapport, and we discussed just about every subject except our own relationship situations.  I was grateful that I did not have to tell the lie about my fictitious dead wife, and sensed that Sally would not have welcomed questions about her situation, such as the whereabouts of Jack's father.  We obviously discussed Jack, as he was uppermost in Sally's mind.  It is not easy raising a child when you are working.  Sally's mother lived near their previous home, and during school term Jack would go home from school to Sally's mother's house, and stay there for the three hours or so until Sally arrived home.  During the school holidays Jack would either be sent off to Sally's sister (who Jack did not like), or he would stay with Sally's mother while she was at work - which Jack liked better, but it was a strain on her elderly mother to have him all day.  Sally had convinced herself that Jack was now old enough to stay in the house by himself while she was at work, but was now having serious doubts about that.  As he would not be starting school for several weeks, and had no friends, Sally feared that Jack would not cope.  She then said, "Dirk, it's really terrible of me, but I've been thinking how lucky it is that you live next door and Jack gets on so well with you.  I know it's a terrible imposition, but ..."

"Sally," I interrupted her, "Of course I will look after Jack while you are at work, both during these holidays and as long afterwards that he needs it.  I expect that he will get some friends soon enough, and he'll soon be of the age when you will hardly see him in the house when you are at home!"



Jack called to me over the hedge that separated our front gardens, and implored me to come look at his BMX bicycle.  Sally came out as I was making the obligatory appreciative noises about the bike and Jack's copious application of stickers.

"Is it OK if I go for a ride to explore?" Jack asked his mother.  Sally looked toward me for advice.

"It's a safe area to ride provided he keeps off the main road," I advised.  "There's a pretty good cycle track that starts just up the road that runs through a wood for about a mile and ends up at a camping and picnic spot that has a playground."

"Neat!" exclaimed Jack, "Can I go, please Mum?"

Sally gave him the all-clear, but not before she had given him her mobile phone (Jack did not have one of his own), with instructions to take care of it and call if he needed to.  Jack cycled off into the distance in the direction I had indicated, and after a brief chat I returned to my house, where I resumed work on an article I was writing for "Steam" magazine.

I had just completed the article and emailed it off to the editor of the magazine when Sally rang my doorbell.  She was looking slightly worried, because Jack had been gone for over three hours.  "I'm so stupid," Sally berated herself, "I gave him my mobile phone like I usually do, but of course the house phone is not going to be connected for another two weeks, and so the phone is useless to him with nobody to call!"

"Damn," I agreed, "I knew about your phone situation and so should have realised that myself.  Still, no problem, come in and call your mobile from my phone."

A short while later, Sally's smile indicated that Jack had answered and was OK.  I gathered from the one side of the conversation I could hear, together with occasional explanations made in aside to myself that Jack had met up with some boys who had been weekend camping.  Three brothers, the youngest about Jack's age.  I asked Sally to ask Jack what their names were.  Sally passed the information to me, and I recognised the names instantly.

"No problem, Sally," I assured her.  I know their parents well and they are great lads.  The eldest is about nineteen and once helped me install a washing machine for a local woman - he's very responsible so Jack's in good company - and apparently making friends already."

Sally told Jack to save my number on her phone in case he needed her, and get back before dark as he had no lights on his bike.  She thanked me for the use of the phone and left.

I sat down and switched on the TV, but did not really pay it much attention.  I was concerned about a feeling that had taken me completely by surprise.  The fact was that I felt something close to disappointment that Jack was out having fun with those lads and I was not a part of it.  I should be feeling delighted that he had made some friends so quickly - and the fact was that I was delighted - but I was also disappointed.  Except it was not really disappointment, more like ... envy?  Or could it be ... ?  Surely not jealousy?  Oh God, I had become far more smitten with that eleven (nearly twelve) year old boy than I would have imagined possible in my wildest dreams just two days ago.

The telephone ringing interrupted my confused thoughts.  "Hello?" I answered.

Dirk!" came the reply.  Jack's voice on the phone caused my heart to make an unexpected jump.

"Oh, hello Jack," I said with a casualness I was not feeling, "Do you want me to fetch your mum?"

"No, I wanted to ask you if you could come and see the camp before we pack up.  Please!"

"Erm ... yes I suppose so," I made it sound as if I was indifferent, but in reality I was delighted that Jack wanted to see me.  "Shall I see if your mum wants to come and look as well?"

"No!" came the definite reply, "It's a boy's camp!"

I left to drive round to the camping site.  I debated whether to tell Sally, and decided that I probably should do so, and so popped next door to tell her of the development.  She chuckled when I told her why she was not welcome to join me.

Jack ran to the car as soon as I pulled up and insisted that I admire the single large tent on the site.  I immediately spotted the Mitchel boys that Jack had told his mother he was with.  Jason and Eric, who were 19 and 17 years old respectively were busy packing away a small folding barbeque, while Donny, the youngest (11 year old) brother (whether an afterthought or a mistake I don't know) came toward Jack and myself.

"Hi Mr. Bradshaw," said Donny as he reached us.  I noticed Jack frowning as Donny greeted me.  I patted Donny on his shoulder and went over to the older brothers, Jack in tow.

"Hi," Jason said, looking up briefly before turning his attention to the site.  "Donny and Jack, could you start picking up all the rubbish and putting it in the bag, please."

The two boys happily scampered around clearing the site of cans, plastic bottles and wrappers.

"Jack's been talking about a 'Dirk' all afternoon," Jason informed me, "I didn't realise it was you!"

I briefly told Jason about the arrival of my new neighbours, and the fact that I would be looking after Jack for a time while his mother was at work.

"He looks like a great kid," Jason stated, "Donny gets on with him like a house on fire - which is great because Donny always gets left out when it's just the three of us, so he really enjoyed having someone his own age to play with."

Eric then piped up, "Donny will be starting high school next term, and it looks as if Jack will be going to the same school.  Donny is really jealous that Jack's got the rest of the term off!"

I then chatted with Jason and Eric for a while, with Jason directing his willing "slaves" (Donny and Jack) on the decamping process from time to time.  Before long there was no sign that anyone had been at the site apart from a few backpacks and the large tent bag.  I noted with approval how Jason had ensured that everything was left tidy, which reinforced my opinion that he was a sensible and responsible young man.  With everyone ready to leave, we began saying our farewells.  They were all on bicycles, with Donny and Eric wearing the large backpacks, while Jason tethered the tent inside a small trailer fitted to his bike.

The Mitchels followed a different track than Jack would take to get back to their house, and so Jack and Donny said their goodbyes, with Donny suggesting that they meet up at the village park after school the next day, to which Jack agreed.  The Mitchels then rode off.

"I didn't know you knew Donny," Jack said in an accusatory tone as soon as we were alone.

"Oh, I've been here long enough to know everyone in these parts," I replied flippantly, "The good, the bad and the ugly!"

"Donny called you 'Mr. Bradshaw', " Jack stated in a slightly derisory tone.

"Well yes, that's what polite young boys call me unless they know me well," I replied.

"So do you know me better than Donny?" asked Jack.

"Of course," I replied, "You are my neighbour, but I hardly ever see Donny."

"But you've known Donny for years," protested Jack.

"Knowing someone well is different to knowing someone for a long time," I pointed out.

"Has Donny swum in your pool," pressed Jack, not wanting to let the subject go.

"No he hasn't," I replied truthfully.  "The Mitchels came to my house once for a barbeque, but that was years ago before I had the pool, and besides, Donny was a little baby then."

"Oh," said Jack, sounding strangely relieved.  "Can Donny come to your house to swim sometime?  But only when I'm there!"

"I'll decide on that later," I replied, "Perhaps during the school holidays.  I have to be sure that his mum and dad will be OK with it."

"OK," said Jack brightly, "Race you back home!"  With that he picked up his bike and was off down the cycle track, pedalling furiously.

I drove slowly back in the car, having to take a much longer route along the roads rather than the shortcut through the woods.  I realised that Jack had become as possessive of me as I had of him.  Surely not a very healthy situation!

Jack greeted me triumphantly as I turned into my driveway.  Sally was at her door and waved, then told Jack to get upstairs and bath before dinner.  Sally came across and we chatted over the hedge for a while, finalising the arrangements for the next day when Sally started work.  I said nothing about Jack's growing attachment to me.  I was sure that if she didn't know already, it would become apparent to her eventually, but it was not something I wished to discuss or even ackowlege, because the only responsible thing to do would be to stop such a relationship developing, and that was something I just did not want to happen.  I was also very carefully considering everything I said when Jack came up in the discussion, because I was very aware of how easy it would be to say something that would reveal my growing feelings toward him.  I could not wait until the morning, when I would have Jack to myself for the whole day!

First Week

I was out of bed and dressed when Sally rang the doorbell at eight o'clock on Monday morning.  The English weather had returned to its usual state, with strong gusts driving the light drizzle of rain that was falling from a leaden sky.  Jack bounded into the house while Sally thanked me again on the doorstep. "Look, Dirk," she said, "If it gets too much, please say so and I will make other arrangements for Jack."  I assured her that I had no reservations whatsoever, and Sally left for her first day at the new office.

Swimming was out of the question in such weather, but Jack found plenty to keep him amused and did not require much looking after at all.  I however wanted to find something we could do together, and came up with the idea of kite-flying, which Jack enthusiastically endorsed.  I decided to do it the "hard way", and directed Jack to look up some kite designs on the Internet so that we could construct our own.  Having chosen a couple of likely looking designs, Jack and I went to the local shops to buy the few bits and pieces necessary for their construction.  The following hour was spent making up two fairly basic designs.  While the glue we had used was drying, I made us some lunch after which we set off to the park to test out our efforts.  The designs proved to be sound, and both kites flew very well.  Jack had not done much kite-flying, and was enjoying the experience tremendously.  After we had been flying the kites for half an hour or so, Donny arrived at the park as he had promised to do after school, and immediately ran over to join in the fun.  I gave Donny my kite to fly, and left the two boys playing with the kites together, telling Jack I'd be back in a small while.  Having seen the success of the kite idea, I popped into a local shop and bought two "stunt" kites, of the type that had two strings that enabled them to be controlled.  Back at the park, those kites met with instant approval, and soon two bright aerial shapes were flying high over the park doing loops and dives.  It was with a shock that I realised that it was nearly five o'clock and time to get Jack back ready for the return of his mother.

The rest of the week passed more quickly than any other week I could remember.  Jack and I found different things to do each day, sometimes meeting up with Donny in the afternoon, and I was always left disappointed when it came time to hand him back to Sally.  Jack and I also had many long and serious discussions.  I learned that Jack had always lived alone with his mother and there had never been a man in the house.  His teachers had also all been women and his grandfather was dead, and so the only interaction he had ever had with a man had been with his Aunt's boyfriend on the occasions he had spent school holidays with her - but the boyfriend did not like children and saw Jack as a nuisance.  Jack never mentioned his father, and when I tentatively hinted at the subject was met with a blank look.  Jack had obviously never met his father and had no idea who he was.  It perhaps explained why Jack had become so taken with me - I guess he had been denied a father-figure and male role model and latched onto the first man who had taken an interest in him.  Friday afternoon arrived, and I could not believe that a boy I had seen for the first time only a week ago had become such a part of my life that I could no longer imagine it without him.

Sally pitched up as usual at quarter past five, but was looking a bit down.  "Cheer up," I commanded, "It's Friday!"

"I got some unwelcome news today," Sally announced, "I'll tell you about it tomorrow - I have to have a word with Jack first."

With that enigmatic announcement she took Jack home, and I was left pondering what she could possibly have been referring to.  My imagination came up with the worst - she had sensed what I felt and decided that I was no longer to be trusted with Jack.  But that did not accord with her statement about getting some news.  Had someone warned her off me? I became convinced that I had not been as discrete as I had thought, and someone knew, and had told Sally that I was gay.  It didn't help when I heard raised voices from next door - Jack and Sally were having an argument!  I spent a restless and worried night, and resolved to visit Sally as soon as would be polite in the morning and find out what was going on.

Second Saturday

I had been pacing the house since getting out of bed ridiculously early at six o'clock.  At nine thirty I could not stand it any longer, and went around to Sally's house and knocked on the door.  Sally answered in her dressing gown.  She had dark circles under her eyes and looked as if she had been crying.

"Sorry to impose so early, Sally," I came straight to the point, "But after you left me hanging yesterday, I knew there was something wrong and I think it has something to do with me.  Are you going to tell me what it is?"

Sally asked me to sit down in a kitchen chair while she made some coffee.  With the steaming mugs in front of us, Sally gave a big sigh and told me what was troubling her.

"Yesterday my boss asked me to go on a training course in Sweden," she began.  That threw me!  Of all the things that might have been the cause of her upset, that was nothing like anything I had imagined.

"And?" I enquired, "Don't tell me - you hate Swedes!" I joked.

"It's Jack of course," said Sally seriously.  "I called my sister as soon as I knew and asked her to take Jack while I'm away.  My sister hates having Jack as you know, but she is my sister and so agreed to do it - family you know?"  Sally smiled ruefully.  "Last night I told Jack and he created merry Hell!  He refused point-blank to stay with my sister, telling me that if I made him he would run away - together with a few very uncomplimentary remarks about her."

"Dirk," Sally continued, "I have always wanted to be independent.  I do not use people - or at least that is not anything I want to do.  Jack made me promise to ask you if he could stay with you at your house while I'm away - so I'm asking you because I promised, but I don't expect you to agree and feel horrible because it would be taking terrible advantage of your generous personality."

I laughed out loud in sheer relief.  "Is that all that it was about?  Good grief Sally, we haven't known each other long, but I can assure you that having Jack does not make me feel used in any way whatsoever.  I'll dig out my camp bed and Jack can have the spare room.  Now that's settled, just tell me when this is happening and you can make me some breakfast for worrying me so much!"

Sally still looked concerned, "Are you just saying that because I've put you in a spot?  I can tell my boss that I'm not able to go on the course and ..."

"Stop it!" I interrupted.  "There is no way I would agree unless I wanted to.  Unless of course you don't trust me with Jack?"

"Good Lord," said Sally aghast, "It's more Jack who I don't trust with you!  Dirk, you really have no idea how much you are helping, and I don't know how I can ever repay you."

The kitchen door suddenly slammed open, and Jack burst in and jumped up onto me, throwing his arms around my neck and almost causing the chair to go crashing to the floor.  "I knew you would say yes!  Mum said that it was far too much to ask, but I told her you wouldn't mind."

"Polite boys do not listen at doors to private conversations," I admonished.

"But I had to know," protested Jake, "I love you, Dirk."

My heart skipped at those words, but I winked at Sally and said, "Yeah sure - cupboard love!"

Her boss had given Sally very scant notice.  The training course was due to begin on Monday, which meant Sally had to fly out the next day (Sunday).  She would be returning the following Saturday morning - I'd have Jack with me for a whole week!

I could not wait for Sunday afternoon to arrive.  I spent my time clearing a space in the spare room and setting up a camp bed and bedding, and went shopping for food that I knew Jack liked, plus snacks and a couple of Disney DVDs I thought he would enjoy.


Second Sunday

Eventually Sunday afternoon arrived, and Sally arrived with Jack at five o'clock.  Jack and I waved goodbye as she left on her drive to the airport.  Although Sally had left Jack with the key to his house so he had access to all his stuff, Jack had insisted on packing a huge suitcase that he had humped into the spare room.  He spent the next half hour unpacking, which was not speeded up by the fact that he insisted on showing me his books and toys as he unpacked them.  Jack was really excited, and acted as if it was the first time he had been in the house.  I taught him how to test the pool water and add the necessary chemicals, which is an evening chore.  Jack insisted on "cooking" our supper, which comprised of putting a frozen pizza into the oven.  After the meal, with Jack washing up without being asked, I told him that I usually got ready for bed early and then stayed up in the living room until I was ready for sleep.  That way I was able to get straight into bed when I started dozing off instead of having to wake up to wash and change.  Jack thought that a sensible idea and said he would do the same.  Jack had already bathed earlier, and I had had a shower that afternoon, so we brushed our teeth together in the bathroom sink, and Jack went to the spare room and I to my bedroom to get changed.  Usually I just take off all my clothes and stay naked in the evening, but as Jack was there I dug out some pyjama shorts and put those on.  Jack emerged wearing flannel pyjamas, but as soon as he saw I had no top on, he took off the pyjama jacket and wore just his long pyjama trousers.

I put out some snacks (I know - not so good after having brushed our teeth already, but hey!).  I then popped a DVD in the player and we sat together on the couch to watch it.  As the story started to unfold on the TV, Jack moved up next to me and snuggled his head against the side of my chest.  Seeing that he wanted a cuddle, I stretched out on the couch so I was half lying on my back, and pulled Jack so that he lay on his side on top of me, his back to my chest, and I placed a cushion on top of my shoulder for Jack's head to rest on.  My arm was draped around Jack's chest with my hand cuddling his tummy, which I gently rubbed.  Jack curled his arm up around my upper arm, and cuddled it.  I felt so warm and utterly content, and gently kissed the back of Jack's head as we enjoyed the Disney film - which as I thought was pitched to be entertaining for adults as well as children.

As the credits came up to signal the end of the film, Jack rolled over sleepily and flung both arms around my neck.  I shifted him to a more comfortable position so he lay on top of me chest to chest, and wrapped both arms around his shoulders.  As wonderful as that was, Jack was drifting off to sleep and I was tired myself, so after 5 minutes of that luxury I decided that it was time for bed.  Placing my hand under Jack's bum, I swung my legs off the couch and lifted him up as I stood.  Jack wrapped his legs around my waist and kept his arms around my neck as he allowed me to carry him to his bed in the spare room.  I laid him down and tucked the bedding around him as I reluctantly let go and whispered "Goodnight".  Jack grabbed my neck again and pulled my face towards his, and then gave me a kiss full on my lips!  "Goodnight, Dirk.  I love you."

I had been having very fleeting sexual thoughts all through the evening, but my feelings had remained of the loving and cuddly variety for the most part.  That parting kiss and whispered, sleepy words caused my nether regions to have different ideas however, and I walked to my bedroom with a raging hardon!  I sleep naked, and so with Jack safely tucked up in the other room, I slipped off my pyjama shorts and climbed into my bed.  Guiltily thinking of the feeling of Jack's bum in my hand as I carried him to bed, I drifted off to sleep.

Second Monday

I was rudely awakened by someone shaking my shoulder at about four o'clock in the morning.  I opened my eyes, and in the light of the dim early morning dawn saw Jack standing beside my bed with tears rolling down his cheeks.  "Jack, what's the matter?" I asked, concerned.

"I was riding my bike and the brakes wouldn't work and I was heading for all the cars and lorries," Jack said in a frightened voice.

"You've had a nightmare, Jack.  Shhhh - it's all over and you're safe."

"But I'm scared, Dirk," said Jack, and before I knew it he had crawled under the covers beside me, put his arms around me and was snuggling his head into my armpit!

As I gently rubbed his back, Jack curled up with his leg drawn up over my hip, and was almost instantly sound asleep.  "Well, why not?" I asked myself, and feeling privileged to be enjoying such affection I was soon back in the land of nod myself.

I opened my eyes at about nine-thirty, blinking in the sunlight streaming in through the window.  I had obviously forgotten to close the blinds.  Jack and I were still cuddled together in the same position, we had had a remarkably undisturbed sleep.  Jack was still breathing heavily, but as I moved slightly his breathing altered and he started to wake up.  "Morning sleepyhead," I said quietly as I stroked his back.  Jack gurgled and gripped me more tightly.  I brought my free hand up and stroked his hair.  I then realised with a start that I was not wearing anything.  I decided that if I slowly extracted myself from under him, I would be able to slip out of bed and put something on before Jack noticed.  So I started moving to disentangle myself from Jack's arms and legs, which caused Jack to change his position and open his eyes.  His knee brushed down the side of my hips, and then Jack ran his hand down from my shoulder where it had been gripping and onto the side of my buttock.

"You're naked!" Jack exclaimed.

"Mmmm - yes, that's how I usually sleep, Jack, and I was not expecting a bed guest last night!  Sorry about that, I'll put something on."

"Cool, I'm gonna sleep naked tonight" announced Jack, "No, please don't get up yet, you're nice and warm."

I was relieved that Jack did not seem to be concerned about my state of undress.  "OK, just ten minutes then," I replied.  Jack was obviously pretty much wide awake by then.  I was lying on my back with Jack laying on his side toward me.  Jack then grabbed my hand that was on the side furthest away from him and pulled it up toward his chest.  It was a silent command to be cuddled.  I obliged by wrapping that arm around him and pulling him close against my side.  "Can you rub my back like you did last night," Jack asked.  I said nothing but obligingly began gently rubbing his back.  Jack sighed contentedly and nestled agaist my armpit.

"Don't get too comfortable," I warned after about 3 minutes, "We gotta get up!"

"OK, you get up first," Jack commanded with a mischievous tone.

"Why," I asked.

"'Cos your naked and I wanna see!" Jack stated with remarkable candour.

"You're terrible" I observed as I pushed Jack to one side, swung myself out of bed on the side furthest away from him and stood up, walking with my back to Jack to the cupboard to get something to put on.

"Turn around a second, Dirk," said Jack.

"Why?" I asked, but turned around to face Jack anyway, deciding it would do no harm to fulfil his obvious curiosity.

Jack stared unashamedly at my dick, which thankfully was completely flaccid.

"Wow, you got a huge willy," exclaimed Jack, "And it's got hair round it."

"It's about average size for a man," I said.

"I never knew they got that big," said Jack.

"Well," I lectured, "At a certain age, which you'll get to in one or two years, your body will begin to change.  Your willy will start to grow much faster than the rest of you, and you'll start growing hair around it, and under your arms as well."

"Neat.  I didn't know that," said Jack.  Then he blurted out, "Dirk, can we jump in the pool naked?  I had a friend at school who swam naked once, and he said it was awesome."

The question took me aback.  The pool cannot be seen from the neighbouring property, and I often skinny-dipped myself, but doing it with a child was, I knew, not anything that would be considered favourably should it become known.  On the other hand I realised that I had been longing for an excuse to see Jack naked.  I had a brief battle with my conscience.  After 3 seconds my conscience lost.

"Your mother would kill me if she found out I'd let you do that," I cautioned.

"Well, then we better not tell her!" Jack responded with such a cheeky look on his face that I had to chuckle.

Jack didn't give me any time to protest, but sprang out of bed suddenly and pulled off his pyjama bottoms.  I suppressed a gasp of delight as what I had been trying so hard to suppress in my imagination over the past week was suddenly standing before me.

"Last one in's a rotten egg," taunted Jack as he rushed out the room.

I was grateful for his rapid exit, because any longer and Jack would have seen how he affected me.  I kept my mind firmly on other things to avoid such a reaction as I followed him to the patio door.  Opening the door had hampered Jack's dash, and we both hit the water together.

"Hey, this is much better than wearing a silly costume," said Jack, swimming around excitedly.

I had to agree with him.  Fortunately the water temperature had caused my hardening dick to soften before Jack got a glimpse of an even bigger willy!  Jack and I splashed around much the same as we had done on the first day we met, but of course the situation was completely different now that we were skinny-dipping.

"Go grab the ball, Jack," I suggested.  Jack complied and pulled himself out of the pool.  His bum was perfectly round and smooth, and moved delightfully as he walked toward the house.  I was instantly hard, and grateful that the ripples of the water would provide cover.  In no time Jack was back at the door and threw the ball into the pool.  I took in the sight of his naked full-frontal beauty as he quickly followed the ball into the water.

We played with the ball for a while, and then Jack decided to start water-wrestling me.  I did as I had done the week before, and allowed him to get the better of me for a while before thowing him into the air or ducking him playfully.  The exertion was just about keeping my dick under control, but the feeling of being naked and physical in the water together was incredibly erotic even though the ripples caused by our splashing hid most of our bodies from view.  It was then I realised that the occasional touches on my penis were more than accidental, and Jack was using our rough-and-tumble as a ploy to deliberately feel my cock.  The realisation caused my dick to enlarge, and for a while I had to make sure I kept him away from it.  Then I thought, "Two can play at that game," and the next time Jack came at me I put my hand down so that it "accidentally" came into firm underwater contact with his prick.  Jack's eyes opened in surprise, but I was even more surprised to discover that Jack was absolutely rock-hard!  I really had to get away from him for a while now.

"OK, time out!" I announced, "I'm bushed - I'm going to relax for a bit."  With that I swam to the edge of the pool and pulled myself out, visualising everything anti-erotic that I could think of to get my erection under control.  The effort paid off, and after pretending to adjust one of the loungers with my back to the pool for a short time, my dick was again a suitable size to allow me to expose it to an eleven-year old gaze as I lay down on the lounger.  But then Jack swam to the side of the pool and pulled himself out, and it was obvious that he was still hard!  I forced myself not to think about it or look at him.

 "My willy's gone all funny again, look," said Jack as he walked up and stood right next to my face, oblivious of how he was torturing me by inviting me to look at the one thing I was trying not to look at.

I took a quick glance and quickly stared up at the sky.  "Yup, that's another sign of growing up," I informed him, "You'll find that will happen more and more often as you get older."

"Why?" asked Jack reasonably.

"I'll explain it to you later," I decided to say, "It's a bit complicated."  I was desperately trying to imagine my grandmother in her rocking chair.

"Does yours do it?"  Jack asked.

"Oh yes, sometimes," I replied, thinking desperately how to change the subject but feeling a small twitch that Jack must have seen.

"Let me see," implored Jack, and he placed a hand on my arm.

That touch did it!  I could not control my cock any more, and it sprang rapidly to attention.

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed, "That's really neat - how do you get it to do it when you want?  Mine just seems to do it whenever it likes."

With no need any more to hide my arousal, I gazed longingly at Jack's crotch.  His three and a half inch boner was thrust straight out rather than being angled upwards as is more normal, just as I had imagined from my view of his tented pants that now seemed an age ago.  At its upper base was a dimple in the compact and completely hairless pubic mound.  Below it nestled his scrotum, which was pulled up tight and rounded with a barely visible dark line separating it into two halves and only lightly wrinkled.  The shaft of his penis was ruler straight and smooth with just the hint of veins showing, but it was surmounted from about the halfway point by an uncommonly large head covered by a foreskin that was just a bit too short to contain it all, and from my position I could see a small opening with a tantalizing glimpse of purple head behind it.

Just as I was staring at Jack's boner, so he was staring at mine.

Throwing caution to the wind, I reached across and stroked Jack's chest, running my fingers across his tiny nipples.  Jack moved as I did that, and I thought I had frightened him.  But instead of moving away, he came sat on the edge of my lounger, placing an arm across my chest and tried to lay down beside me.

"These things are too small for two," I advised, "We'll have to go indoors if you want a cuddle."  I found it difficult to speak, because my throat had suddenly become dry and my voice came out husky.

Jack grabbed my arm and pulled, and I obediently got up and was led to the door.  Inside, I lay on my back on the thick living room carpet, oblivious to reason or good sense, and pulled Jack down on top of me, his legs straddling the top of my hips and his dick pressed against my belly.  My raging hardon was not quite touching the boy, but was poised inches from his bum.  Our skins were wet and slippery from the pool.  Jack lay his cheek on my left shoulder, and I turned my head towards his, with his nose close to my lips.  My left hand caressed the back of his head, and Jack raised both his arms and slipped them under my neck as I cupped my right hand on his back between his shoulder blades, and then ran my fingers lightly and slowly up and down his spine as I knew he liked me doing.  Jack sighed contentedly. After a minute or so of that light caressing up and down his back, my hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, did not stop at the bottom of his spine, but instead my open palm continued down and ran softly across the mound of one buttock.  As soon as my fingers touched his beautiful naked bum, I felt Jack's small cock twitch against my belly.

Up until that point I could have got away with passing everything off as imprudent but innocent fun.  But Jack's reaction coupled with my overwhelming desire caused me to make a decision that I would, if Jack allowed it, take things to a level that could never be innocently explained by any stretch of the imagination.

On my next stroke over his wonderfully smooth buttock, I deliberately cupped my hand around it and gave a gentle upward squeeze before leaving on my upward caress.  I felt Jack's cock pulse again, more strongly.  The next time I reached the bottom of my stroke, Jack clenched his bum cheek in anticipation of the squeeze, and his cock dug into my tummy.  After that I kept my hand on his bum, stroking and squeezing his buttock, and began to slip my fingers between his legs on each stroke, brushing his scrotum.  Jack was clenching and unclenching his bum cheeks in time with my rubbing, his breathing had become faster and each intake of his breath had become a soft gasp.  My heart was pumping like a trip hammer but I could also feel Jack's heartbeat, which was even faster than mine.  My hand was now at the base of Jack's bum, straddling both cheeks, and rather than stroking it, I had grasped his bottom and was slowly pumping his bum rhythmically with my hand, pulling his cock into my stomach. Jack began humping his hips in time with my hand, rubbing his dick against my tummy.  His breathing had become more urgent, and I could see that his back, which until then had been drying off, was now glistening with sweat and the smell of sweet boy-musk assailed my nostrils. I kissed Jack's nose and his arms tightened around my neck.

Keeping a tight hold on Jack's bum with my right hand, I rolled my body smoothly onto my left side, Jack rolling with me until we were both on our sides, still pressed tightly together.  I gently moved my hand up Jack's body and rolled him further, until he was on his back and I was on my side facing him.  I propped myself up on my left elbow so that I was looking down at Jack's supine form, staring at his rock solid penis, so enlarged now that his foreskin barely covered half of its out-sized head, with its small slit that appeared as a speck of angry red against the deep purple of his helmet.  Bringing my right hand up onto his chest I began stroking slowly up and down as I had first done on his back, stopping at his belly button.  At the top of the stroke I opened my hand so that my thumb and forefinger ran across each nipple, which had both become hard and incredibly pointed like two tiny needles.

Jack's eyes were closed, and his arse had relaxed but was still clenching slightly in time with my strokes.  Then, as my hand went down toward his belly button once again, Jack placed his hand on top of mine, and pushed it down toward his dick.  Knowing there was now no going back, I continued running my hand down, across the glorious softness of his pubic mound until it stroked right across Jack's penis, pushing it down between his legs from where it leapt up like a hard spring as my hand ran off the bulbous end.  Jack gave a gasp, and his hips involuntarily thrust upwards.  I stroked upwards back along his penis. This time I stopped before my hand ran off the tip, and stroked down again, still with an open palm, pressing Jack's dick into his pubis, and continued to run my fingertips downwards over his tight immature scrotum.  As I did so, Jack moved his legs apart to grant me better access. Sensing that Jack was ready, I ran my hand back up and held the base of his penis lightly between the tip of my thumb and first two fingers and began stroking very slowly up and down on his vertical shaft, gripping it more tightly on the down-stroke, pulling Jack's tight foreskin back so that it completely uncovered his engorged purple head.

Changing my position slightly so that I was half-sitting freed up my left hand so that I could run it between Jack's legs, cupping and caressing his tiny tight ballsack, feeling the two gems inside.  Jack had not opened his eyes, but must have sensed that my change in position had brought my own dick within his shorter reach.  Jack's right hand moved and touched my chest at first, and then he ran it down eagerly toward my groin where he felt around until he found what he was looking for, and his small hand clamped firmly around my rock hard staff. As I continued to stroke his cock, Jack's eyes screwed more tightly shut and a frown furrowed his forehead. His buttocks clenched with each stroke, causing his hips to thrust slightly in time with my hand.

"Faster, Dirk - go faster," Jack gasped in a whisper, lost in the sensation I was giving him.  He pushed his hips up urgently to emphasise his request. I had until then been stroking him very slowly, but now I began wanking him in earnest, pressing his cockhead, varying the pressure and squeezing his balls using techniques I knew only too well.  That caused Jack to gasp. His hips began really bucking now, and his breathing had become fast and noisy as he emitted small whimpers with every exhalation. The sides of his bum had pulled in permanently to form a hollow on each side of his now very tightly clenched arse, and his dick was like a small steel bar and had grown to about 4 inches long - more solid than I would have believed possible. The head, now only partly visible on each down-stroke because I did not want to risk hurting Jack by pulling his foreskin back further than it would go, was well over half an inch in diameter and had grown to twice the thickness of the shaft.  I was leaking precum like a fountain, but fortunately Jack was too occupied to think of moving his hand on my dick, because it would not have taken more than two strokes to have me unloading and I did not want my own pleasure to spoil Jack's.  I knew intuitively that this was Jack's very first sexual experience, and I wanted the pleasure to be all his.

All too soon I started to feel the telltale spasms in his cock and below his scrotum.  Jack's toes curled tightly and his tummy pulled in to make a cave under his ribcage.  His hips lifted so that his bum was high off the carpet, the buttocks clenched hard and tight, his breathing urgent and rapid through his open mouth.  Sweat was beading on the fine hairs of his upper lip and his nostrils were flared.  Knowing that he was approaching the culmination, I gave Jack some short and fast finishing strokes and gently rubbed the spasming flesh just beneath his ballsack.  Jack's eyes suddenly opened wide in shocked disbelief as he began to experience his very first orgasm.

"Uh! ... uh! ... Arrrgh! ... Ohhhh!"  I could tell from the number and intensity of the spasms in his cock that if Jack had been producing semen, he would have shot at least five spurts high into the air.  As it was, I was rewarded with the sight of a single clear pearl of juice on the slit of his cockhead.   I slowed my strokes as Jack's body relaxed and he lay, spent and limp on the thick carpet, and then Jack grabbed my hand to stop its movement on his suddenly sensitive helmet.  I removed my hand from his dick and bent down to kiss him on his lips as his heart rate and breathing gradually slowed to normal.  Jack opened his mouth and accepted my tongue until I broke contact and asked, "Did you like that, Jack?"

Jack stared up at me in compete amazement.  "What happened, Dirk?" he enquired, "That was the absolute best feeling I have ever had in my whole life!"

"Like I said, Jack," I replied, "The answer is a little complicated, so we'll have some breakfast, and then I'll explain everything."

"Great," said Jack leaping up, suddenly animated, "Then can we do it again please?"




That' the end of the story I wanted to tell, but there may be some readers who would like to know what happened after that.

Well, needless to say there was a lot more sex that week.  I educated Jack as to both the physiology and the sociology of sex, and Jack understood perfectly.  Much as I hate to use the hackneyed phrase, Jack knew that it had to remain "our little secret".  Apart from that first time, where Jack had not known what was going on, Jack always insisted that I had an orgasm as well as himself as we tried all sorts of positions and methods to get each other off.  The pool saw its fair share of my semen that week!

There was still plenty of time for other, more conventional things, and Jack saw Donny almost every day, and said that it was hard not to tell him about his wonderful new discovery.  I suggested a way that he might be able to do so safely.

Not that weekend but the following weekend, after Sally had returned, Jack managed to get himself invited to the Mitchel boys' weekend camping trip.  On the Friday night he and Donny had slept in their own 2-man tent, which I had provided to Jack for the purpose of the plan.  Jack then proceeded to teach Donny about the delights of sex just as I had taught him - by demonstration.  Donny loved it but was unfortunately not too discrete, because his brothers had sussed what had gone on.  Jack and Donny had planned a repeat performance on Saturday night, but Jason and Eric had burst in to their tent and caught them in the act.  To their surprise however, instead of getting angry at the two boys, the teenagers had joined in!  I had Jack describe the whole thing in detail, and believe me it must have been hot!

The biggest surprises were however yet to come.  Sally and I had become very close friends, and by dropping various hints and comments Sally had caused me to realise that she had guessed that my relationship with Jack had a sexual element - but that she was not worried about it.  Eventually Sally came to trust me enough to tell me her big secret.  Sally was gay!  Jack's father had been the boyfriend of a bisexual lover Sally had known, who had donated his sperm and Sally had impregnated herself with the aid of a turkey baster.  After that revelation we were both much more open with each other, and after much discussion, and to Jack's delight, Sally and I decided to get married!  There was no question of Sally and I being more than very good friends (though we did once have a failed experiment after getting drunk!), but it provided both of us with a perfect cover, and I could be a real father to Jack.  I built an extension onto my bungalow, and next door was once again up for rent.  Sally slept in one room, together with a work colleague who had become her lover, and I slept in another room with Jack, occasionally joined by Jason, Eric and Donny.  Jack did extremely well at high school as I was certain he would, and eventually discovered that he fancied girls and sex with myself tapered off though we remain extremely close and loving toward each other to this day.  Jack is presently in his final year at university, studying physics, and Sally and I are very proud of him.