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My Perfect Fucker
by Salman

It all started when I was 9 years old. My servant who was around 17 years old and was a dark skinned lean man with a large dick opened my eyes to the pleasures of gay sex. One day when I had just come from school he took me to the store of the house where no one ever went, and asked me to bend while he pulled my revealing shorts off. My virgin and hairless white ass aroused him. He was inexperienced and in a hurry. He must have been afraid that no one hears him so he did his act quickly. He just took his large black penis out and rubbed it between the cheeks of my perfect white boy ass. He was so big that he could not enter so he just spurted his cum all over my silky smooth ass cheeks and the crack. Although I didn't know what had happened but it gave me pleasure. After that my world had changed for me.

As I grew older I used to think of men with big black dicks fucking me like a whore. My father, who was a drunkard, used to get his regular quota of alcohol delivered by a boot legger who was around 24 yrs old. I had grown up to be 14 by then; I used to fancy that boot legger. His thick lips and dark skin really attracted me towards him. He was sexy and I always dreamt of him fucking me wildly. Although I knew that he would not refuse me but still there was a fear in my heart. What if he tells my father? One day my father had gone to some other city and I was all-alone at home. I decided to call the sexy boot legger. I called him and ordered a bottle whiskey. Telling him that my father was not home but he had asked me to call you and tell you get one. He replied that he would be at my place in half an hour or so. Now the time had come to make dreams come true. I quickly rushed to the wash room, got hold of a lubricant and pulled my pajamas down, worked two fingers up my virgin hole. I knew that he would be big in size and might hurt so I had to have a loose hole before he came. Then I got hold of a porno movie from my father's cabinet. When all this was ready I waited patiently for my love god. He was dot on time. His bulge was evident from his jeans and I could not resist the sight of his crotch. He handed me the bottle and I asked him to sit for a while as I have a movie if he would like to watch with me. He agreed promptly. When I put on the movie he panicked and said what if your father comes. At this point I told him that there was no chance of my father coming back coz he was out of town. I told him how I wanted to have a drink and taste how alcohol tasted and what effect it had on mind and body. I quickly rushed to the kitchen and got two glasses. One for my would be fucker and one for my self. I carefully poured a small drink for my self and intentionally a large one for my fucker. Soon he was tipsy. I was also feeling a bit high. I offered him to come to my bed rather than sit on a chair far from me.

He came and sat right next to me. I had started to loose control over my self., the thoughts of having his cock up my ass was making me wild. I caught hold of his cock and h e quickly pulled me towards him and started to kiss me wildly. He almost chewed on my lower lips. He was so wild that he almost tore my shirt open. He was kissing and caressing my nipples and my neck. I was feeling like I had not felt ever before. I had thought that having sex with a man would be fun but it was much more than that. He kissed me for a good 10 mins and a time came when I didn't even get a chance to breathe his tongue was pushing in my mouth and he was sucking on my lips as if they were nipples. Then he opened his trousers and took out the most magnificent cock that I had ever seen. It was uncut and a good 8 inches Ramrod straight and black in color. It stood there with pride. He literally pushed my head to wards his dick and shoved that hot rod in my virgin boy mouth. I was wild and had seen many movies in which sluttish girls sucked hungrily on dick. I was sucking on that love rod which is commonly known as a cock. While I was sucking on his tool, he caressed my back with his hands stretched and reached for my hole. He shoved one finger slowly in my hole. He was surpassed to find that it went in easily, then he asked me to lie on the bed up side down. The master lover climbed over me and took control. He bent and started to lick my silky hole and his tongue was pushing in and out of my hole. I was wild and in heaven. I begged him to fuck me with his black cock. But he was either fingering I or rimming my ass with his long tongue. Then he reached out for the baby lotion bottle, which I had intenally place at my bedside. He literally poured that into my crack to make it as loose as possible so that there was no resistance. He asked me to bend over like a dog and asked me to part my bum cheeks with both of my hand so that he could clearly see my hot hole. The sight of me bent like a slave ready to get fucked by my master was making him wild his dick was throbbing and veins on it were visible.

I could see my self-bent in front of this dream man of mine like a dog in a mirror right opposite to my bed. It made me really hot. I begged him to fuck me and to fuck me hard. These words made him go wild. He positioned his mightily meat loaf right at the entrance of my pink hot hole and pushed with all his might. I was a weak teen age now in control of an adult with an 8 incher. He pushed in the first inch and his dick head was so big that I almost screamed with pain. But he took hold of my mouth and locked my arms. I wanted to run away from this monster now. All the dreams of pleasure had turned into a nightmare of pain. He would not let me go now. He was determined to fuck me raw. Nothing could stop him now. Then went in his 2nd and third and fourth inch and with every inch the pain became lessor and pleasure increased. As soon as 8 inches were deep in my virgin ass I was in heaven, and wished that this would go on forever, he was pumping my ass like a perfect fucker. He now asked me change the position he wanted to fuck me with my legs on his shoulders and I just had to be an obedient slave of my master. Now he came from the front and his cock again slopped inside while he fucked me and kissed me wildly on my lips. He even tried to pull my breasts which a little bit flabby and thought of me to be a young girl being fucked by him he was pushing me hard and soon he filled my white ass with his hot cream which must have been saved for more than three months coz he later told me that he never masturbated. His cum was so thick that it was in pieces rather than like a liquid. I enjoyed this fuck more than any other did.