Chapter 10

Ezra and I wake up within just a few seconds of each other this morning, as we do many mornings, we are still curled up together in almost the exact same way I remember us falling asleep the night before. As soon as I see that he is awake as well, I reach in the last few centimeters and press our lips together tenderly.

“Mmm, good morning Baby, how do you feel this morning?” I whisper to my baby.

“So loved, so good.” He sighs deeply.

“Good, you are loved, and never forget that. How does your cute little baby bum feel this morning?”

“So good. In fact, I wouldn't complain about a repeat performance. How 'bout you, how does your cute baby bum feel?”

“So good, and I wouldn't say no to that either, come to think of it.”

“Good.” He grins, and then spins around to give us both all the access that we want and need.

We push the fronts of each others soggy double diapers down, latch on to each others hot hardness, and then poke holes in the backs of each others diapers. Only the outer one, of course, since the inner one is already ready for us, and, as usual, most of its diaper gel is spilling into the outer diaper, and is sticking to our bums, but we do not care about that in the least.

We slip each others plugs out, and are getting dangerously close to cumming already, and by the time we get three and four fingers inside each other, we are already boiling hot, and crash into our orgasms, yet we slip our final fingers into each other just as we do so, and explode almost as hard as we had the night before.

Now that we have exploded the main force, we can slow down and truly enjoy. I also have to go pee, and I know that Ezra will as well, so we both pause at almost the exact same time, so that we can do so, and then feed each other our loads. I have gotten into piss play dozens of times, yet Ezra is the only one that I have ever let pee in my mouth more than once. I just love his flavour. He says he loves mine as well.

As soon as that load is taken care of, we continue sucking and fingering, making oral digital love to each other another three times.

Once we are sated, we lay like we are, Ezra on top of me, face to soggy diaper, for several minutes as we come down. Ezra finally manages to first, and turns himself around, so that he can press his soft luscious red lips to mine, and kisses me good morning. I can taste both my cum and piss, and his unique flavour, and though this sounds as if it should be nasty, since neither have brushed our teeth yet, neither of us care, we love this, and we love each other even more.

We kiss for several minutes before I finally break the kiss.

“My god Baby, you're amazing.” I whisper.

“And here I thought you were the amazing one. Fuck I love you so much.”

“And I love you more than words can possibly say.”

“Same. Well, we should probably get up and get cleaned up, but then would you like to go super ultra mega thickly diapered again today? I bet once the new guys see that, they're gonna wanna go and do that for each other as well.”

“I wouldn't bet against you, that's for sure, and if one couple does, I'm willing to bet they all will, and you know I'm okay with it, so let's do it Baby.”

“I wish I could do it again, but even I have my limitations.” He giggles so cutely.

“Brat. Come on, let's go get cleaned up.”

We hop out of bed and hit the shower, after removing our ruined diapers, and clean each other fully, using only our hands and the soap. We wash each others hair, we both love that so much, and finally we hop out and dry each other, brush our teeth and hair, put on our deodorant, and then head back to the bedroom to get ourselves as thickly diapered as we want.

We were right, because as soon as the others saw us, all those who are there anyway, grinned and said that that looks like a good idea, and then pair by pair, they headed off to diaper each other just as thickly as we are. When Kyle and Kayden entered the house, with Aidan and Grayson, they took one look at us, sighed, and came again.

“Uh oh, looks like a pair of baby boys didn't quite drain each other enough this morning. Was it as good for you as it was for us?” Ezra giggled to them when they came down.

“Yeah, but we came three times this morning, and four last night. It's so amazing getting to do that so freely, not having to hide and stay as quiet as we possibly could.” Kayden said without shame.

“Good, and considering none of you boys are as thickly diapered, why don't you head on up and do so, there's plenty of supplies in our room, feel free to use whatever you wish.” I offer.

“Okay.” They all say at the same time.

By the time breakfast is ready and waiting for us, every one of us are in the same thickness of diaper, and our newest family members just love it, and are shocked at how long we say that it will last them.

After our morning chores are done, which takes only half an hour to do, we go horseback riding, as well as motorbike and quad, since we do not have enough of any of them to have us all on any one at any given time. We do all have a good time though, and show everyone all our land, since there are not just two who have yet to see it all. As we are doing this, I realize that maybe we should have some more horses, so that everyone can have their own horse, and maybe a few more ATV's and or motorbikes would be a good idea as well. I also know that we need to get some more cows and pigs, since our breeding pair of cows do not seem to be breeding. I know they have tried, but so far nothing. The pigs though, we had not had any males, so maybe having a breeding pair of them would not be such a bad idea either.

Our rabbits, though, are breeding, well, like rabbits, and we have added several more chicks too, we are keeping all chicks and rabbits separated by sex though, so that we don't end up with any inbreeding. We do have several chickens and rabbits, though, that are ready for the freezer, so they will be taken care of whenever Carl has time and the care to do so.

Over all, our animals are doing just fine, as are our gardens and greenhouse, so we do not have to worry about starving, so that is good.

As we come up to the mine shaft, we all dismount. Greg had wanted to check it out, so here we are.

“Nice shaft.”

“Thanks, Ezra really likes it.” I say innocently.

“You're horrible, no wonder I like you.” He laughs out loud, and the others all snort and or laugh as well.

“Thanks, the feeling's mutual.”

“Yeah. How deep is it, do you know?”

“No, not a clue. As far in as we can see, the stabilizing structure's in pretty rough condition, so we've never actually gone in any. The boys have gone in, but only a few meters. We also have no idea what may be living in here.”

“Actually, the structure's really not in that bad a shape, considering how old it is, but it seems reasonably dry in there, so that'll be why. Shocking, considering just how many natural springs there are around here, you'd almost expect a small creek to be flowing outta here.”

“Yeah. That's what we thought as well.”

“It's certainly the right type of rock and terrain to find gold, I can see why they would've come here in the first place. Usually they were looking for antique stream beds, where the gold would've come up, and then settled in the rocks there, it's where you get the highest natural concentrations, without actually having to mine the actual ore. This entire area was a hot bed for just that sort of thing, there's so much geological activity and water, both of which you need for gold production, and moving it up to the surface of course. My guess is, from seeing the rock formations in the area, the shaft goes down anywhere from ten to thirty meters, and then it'll likely move toward the lake. If it does go down that far, you can bet there's gonna be water down there though.”

“Wow, and would it be safe to go down you figure?”

“Hard to say. From what I can see, the main shaft is sound, but who's to say what's happened over the last almost hundred years or more.”

“The boys desperately wanna explore it, would it be safe to do so?”

“If I go with them, then sure. I can back us out at the first sign of trouble, and I know what to look for. Of course, should you have supremely bad luck, and an earthquake goes and happens while you're in there, then all bets are off, that's the sorta thing every miner fears, and has killed more than a few over the years as well.”

“I bet, and I wouldn't wanna be in a mine shaft during an earthquake any. It's probably just as safe as anything though, so when you wanna do so, feel free to do so. I'm sure more than a few adults would go with you as well, me included. I've always wanted to do that.”

“Sure. Why not head back and get flashlights and lanterns now, I wouldn't mind checking it out myself.”

“Okay.” Everyone says as one.

Not everyone is interested, so those who do not care to go, because a few of the adults cannot stand the thought of going in a cave like that, head to do whatever they want to do, while the rest of us grab what we need. We do deem it important to get dressed, so as to prevent bites from easily happening from any animals that we may encounter along the way. We pack extra water, extra batteries, and even a few extra flashlights. We have five battery operated lanterns, as well as really good high powered LED flashlights, so we will all be good to go. We all have something to shine light though, plus the extras.

When we make it back, because this time we walk, we head right in. Greg keeps putting his hands on the rocks, feeling them, determining the composition he says, trying to figure out where the gold would be, if it is here at all. We walk for several minutes, all of us making plenty of noise, so that we do not startle any animals that may be in here, but so far we have seen nothing. We are moving steadily downhill though, and I figure that we have already dropped a good solid ten meters, and then we run into water.

“Wow, that's a lot of water.” I say, because it is a cavern, though it looks natural, not man made, and it is filled with water.

“I half expected that. We're now at about the same level as the lake, about ten or so meters down from the entrance, which should put us at exactly the same level as the lake, and I'd say we're a good couple hundred meters in. This, believe it or not, is probably part of the lake, and what I expected to find. They were on the right track, but I think they missed their mark, and then probably simply ran out of money when they realized their error. They probably tried pumping the water out, but there'd simply be no way to do so, it'd fill back up just as fast as they could pump it out. If there's gold here, which I think there is, somewhere, it's likely to be higher up, or further down, depending on what this mountain did the last time it moved. Higher up, we could possibly do, lower down, not a chance with this much water.”

“Interesting.” I say. I admit I am a tad let down. Let's face it, it's every boys dream to find gold in them thar hills.

“What's interesting though, are the creeks in the area. There's so much water movement, natural springs pushing water right outta the ground, that I'd bet almost anything, that there's gold flakes all over the area. If you find an old creek bed, that's your best bet, but the running creeks probably hold a couple kilos of gold, and all you'd need is a gold pan and lots of time. Granted, the amount we could get with proper equipment in the proper area, could be as much as ten times or more of that. Is it worth it, though, no, not really. The proper equipment is probably tens of thousands of dollars. Nah, I'd say try our hand at gold panning, maybe we'll get a bit lucky, but otherwise, this is just a cool place.”

“It is, and it seems in really good condition too. I wonder why there's no animals in here though?”

“I wouldn't come in here in the winter time, I'd bet any money there are bears in here then. You can see the evidence. The rest of the animals would never come near a bears den, they know better than that.”

“Ah, good point. Now we also know how and why the lake stays fluid, even in the winter time, this would never be able to freeze.” Brandon says.

“Very true. This is a huge amount of water, and it's moving quite a bit, there's turbulence in there, you can see the tiny ripples, and considering there's no wind, that says a lot. Whatever you, do not go in that water. It might just be the last thing you do.” Greg warns us all.

“You got it.” We all say, pretty much exactly the same thing at the same time.

“How long would this have taken to be dug?”

“Back when this was done, it probably took them a year or two. This is pretty solid rock, so, even with blasting, there was still a shit load of hand work that they had to do first. I'm betting the creeks first led them here, they found lots of gold in the creeks, and then decided that this was the best area to dig to find the main vein. Personally I would've tried higher up, though it's hard to say. I think this mountain's moved a couple or a few times, just from the way the rocks are, so, without blasting the entire area and just going for the ore, there's probably no way to do it.”

“Cool. Would you teach us how to gold pan?” Griffen asks excitedly.

“Sure, next time we go to town, we can get all the proper stuff. They'll have it all here, I guarantee it.”

“They do, we've seen the pans at the ranch store.”

“Thought so.”

We stay and explore the cavern a little more, before heading back up the shaft, checking everything out even more as we go, and I am pleased with it all. We do warn the boys to never come in without an adult, or, at the very least, letting us know first, and they are all good with that, they are taking Greg's warnings to heart.

As soon as we get back to the house, we strip off our clothes, so that we are more comfortable, and then go and do whatever it is that we want to do. Ezra wants to go back to the shop and play more, and I think that that sounds like a good idea, so we head there. We don our safety gear, and start playing. I had taught Ezra how to do what I do on the lathe, and he enjoys it, so we are both currently on the lathes, turning bowls. The others are doing whatever they enjoy doing.

The next few days go by for us, as they usually do, we do a lot, but we play a lot. The boys are still doing their school work for a couple hours nearly every morning, and they are progressing there as they should be. I had worked with Kyle and Kayden a few mornings, trying to figure out where and why they do not read correctly. To them, B's and D's all look the same, and a few others just randomly morph into other things for no reason. I can understand how that might be frustrating. I had been a little dyslexic as a child, but as I got older, it seemed to fade away.

Jax says he knows all about it, but then, he is probably worse than the twins are. He did teach them a trick though, one that he and Ant had found out for him, but after he had finally quit school, and passed them each a pair of blue tinted glasses for reading. Come to think of it, I had never questioned why Jax wore a pair of blue glasses when he reads, I had just been shocked to see him reading, considering just how much I had known he hated doing so. The results were nearly instantaneous though, they are now able to read and focus far more clearly on what they are supposed to be reading. They could not thank Jax enough, and I promised to get them several more pairs the next time we head into town.

“So, who wants to go into town today?” I ask, because there are things that I know everyone wants to get.

It is just after breakfast, we have just finished eating and cleaning up, and we are still sitting here in our nice thick soggy diapers, it appears as if we are all double diapered once more, but then, we seem to do that almost every night after playing. Last night Ezra and I had only kissed and cuddled, we had been rather tired, so we had not even cum once, but we did make up for that this morning, and sucked each other three times before coming down to make breakfast.

Almost half say yes, so we figure out who will drive, and then we all go get our soggy bums changed and get dressed. None of us really want to get dressed, of course, but we must if we are heading into town.

Today will not be a massive shopping spree like they sometimes are, but there is still much that we must buy, and as soon as we get to town, we go about doing so. I am adding more animals, which means we need to add more fencing, so that they have more space to roam around. We hit the ranch store first, since they have the vast majority of what we need, and we spend a long time there gathering all that we are needing. We do make sure and grab enough gold pans for everyone, so that we can all do so if we desire, since they have them. I also grab several more gallons of mineral oil and a couple bricks of raw beeswax for my bowls, since they are both food safe and make the nicest finish, and they have it there for animal care, as well it is far cheaper than anywhere else. We order even more feed and hay, since we do not have the ability to do that yet, but eventually we might want to do even that, though it might not even be worth it.

We need more building supplies, so the building centre is next in line, and there we load up yet another trailer full of supplies.

Grocery store, mall, shipping store, and a few other short stops are all needed as well before we finally decide that we might just have enough for a few days. Our one stop is the rancher that I had talked to about buying more animals from, and it was a quick visit, check out the animals and pay him. I am getting two more breeding pairs of each cows and pigs, a few more milking cows and goats, fifteen more horses, and some sheep and llamas. I am getting the sheep just because of their wool, but they are good brush cleaners, as are the goats and the llamas. The llamas I am getting specifically because they are well known to protect herds from wolves and coyotes. We also stop and grab some lunch, changing our diapers while we are there, since we all desperately need to by then, and then head home.

We get everything offloaded where it needs to go only an hour after getting home, and then we all break to do what we want to do. Ezra, Josh, Declan, and I all hop on tractors and go start taking care of getting a new fenced in pasture done. We put the post hole diggers on two tractors, and we have the rest on the others, then grab all our fence posts and the large rolls of barbed wire fencing, and head out.

The area that we are going to use is in behind the barn, on the opposite side of the other pasture, and the whole area is lightly treed with a lot of grasses growing wild in it. It will be the perfect place for the animals. They will have lots to eat when they are in there, as well they will have lots of shade. We will remove any of the trees that are a danger, but they will come out later. We also want to thin it out some, so that there is more room for the animals, and so that we can more easily see them as well. That too can be done little by little, but with all the new animals we now have coming, this must be done first.

I had figured in doing roughly two acres, which is roughly eight thousand square meters, and at one post for every four meters, I figured we would need three thousand posts, even with the tractors doing the majority of the work, this is not a one day thing. Granted, we do not really have to do any hard work either, since we are doing as much of it with the tractors as we can, including putting the posts in the holes and pounding them the rest of the way into the ground with the buckets.

It takes us two more full days to get all the posts installed, and then we rig up five rolls of barb wire fencing, since we are doing five runs high, on the tractors front end, we had taken off the bucket, and we pinned the end of each of the five wires to the first post, and then moved the tractor and started stapling the lines all to every post. We would move the tractor more than enough so that we could all do three posts, then move it again, do another three posts, and we keep on going, being careful to keep it nice and taut. We had bought sixty more rolls of the barb wire, and running five at a time helps considerably with the amount of time it takes, yet still, this takes a further two days.

We are putting in a couple gates in strategic areas for various reasons, and we are making a full fenced run from the new pasture to the barn, so that all animals go only where we want them to go. We make all the gates next, and this takes almost an entire day alone, with mounting them.

Not bad, really, almost a week for four people to do a huge pasture. It could not have been done with any better timing either, because the animals are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

The others would have come and helped us, but there was no real point, we would not have been able to do it any faster, really, and while we are working on this, the others are taking care of the renovations of a few more of the houses. We only have five more houses to renovate after these three are done, as well there are a few more assorted buildings left, though there is one that I think we would be better off to just tear down, it looks pretty rough, and it really is pretty small. If I had to guess, it was the post office or a bank, or maybe barber shop, who knows, and is no larger than a small gas station hut nowadays, but would have been more than sufficient back then.

After those are done, if we feel that we need anything more, then we will build all new, or convert a couple of the other storefronts into houses as well. They would probably make pretty cool houses mind you, just far larger than we really need. We can put more bedrooms in them too, mind you, and they are already there, as well in decent enough shape, so we might just do that. They certainly do come with that rustic charm.

We receive the call this morning just after we finish breakfast, that the rancher is heading out with all our new animals, there are several more coming, he says he has four trucks and trailers nearly fully loaded, so we are happy. Not only will it help our freezer when the time is needed, but because we are getting more breeding animals, which will always be separated from the others, we will hopefully not have to worry about buying too many more in the future, and or having to worry about inbreeding between the animals.

As we are preparing everything for the arrival, I realize that we do not have a watering station for them. I remember seeing an old galvanized tank by the barn, so I go and grab that, then realize I have no way to fill it. We have hoses, but nowhere near enough to get to there. I then realize that we really need water in a few other areas as well. I know that once summer hits, it is going to get incredibly hot and dry, and we have no irrigation to our fields. Our first pasture is fine, we had plumbed it, but not this one or the fields.

I talk it over with the others, and we all decide to just get a nice big electric powered pump with a feed head that we can toss in the lake, that will take care of everything easily enough, and get more than enough piping to get to all the places that we need for it to go. Dean and Zender offer to head into town and go take care of that, and then head off right away. They do take a list of other things that we had all thought about over the past few days since we had gone last.

As soon as all the animals are delivered, we put them all into their new field, and the guys were all gone, we strip back down to just our diapers, clearly we had had to get dressed, and none of us care for that. Next we got down to sorting all the animals. Our breeding pairs are getting their own separate smaller pastures, eventually, we still need to make them, while the rest get to stay where they are. All the males that were not destined for breeding had already been taken care of, while all milking females are already producing, which is nice for us.

As soon as Dean and Zender get back, me and the boys get back to work on that, since we need to get water to the animals right away. Dean and Zender say that they will go about getting the pump all set up for us, and we agree and take the water line and get started on running a line to our new pasture first. It takes next to no time for us to do this, so we take care of running it even further so that we can branch off later to do the rest of the smaller pastures that we are going to need soon.

Our current breeding bull is being set free, the female too, they will both be kept for meat, the male is going to be castrated as soon as Carl has a chance, since he says he knows how to do so, and does not mind doing so. We hope that he is not too old for his hormones to affect the taste of the meat too much, but it should be fine. Cows are not as bad as pigs that way, once a breeder male pig, always a breeder, we will not be able to eat them at all, their meat will be nearly inedible Carl tells us. That will be fine, all males that are being raised for meat are castrated anyway.

Next to the barn, on the back side, closest to the forest, and nearest to where our new large field is, is where I plan to make the four new smaller pastures for our breeding pairs. We will cut doors into their pens in the barn, and create fenced in runs right from there, once more, so that every animal goes only where we want them. Dean had grabbed me even more fencing and posts to do all this, as well as more gate and fence hardware, as well as more door hinges and latches.

Once Dean and Zender have the water pump all set up, we fill up the tank and find that the damned thing leaks. It is a slow leak, and is at about the three quarter mark, so it still holds plenty of water, but if it is that old that it has a pinhole in one spot, there is bound to be more ready to blow, so I put that on the list of things to buy the next time. I also want to get the things to allow the water to automatically refill once it gets down to a certain spot, I will do this for all of them, and just get smaller tanks for all.

With this newest batch of animals, we also have no space left in our large barn, so any more animals will now need to be housed in one of the others. I think, for now anyway, that this will be more than enough. If need be, we will put the horses elsewhere, and really, most of the year, they can stay outside anyway. With the llamas keeping guard against most nuisance animals now, we do not have to worry quite so much. The breeders will have to go in each night, but that will not be as much trouble.

The next several days we take care of the next few pens that need to be made, making the pig pens from solid wood, instead of barb wire, since pigs are well known for not caring about a silly thing like barbed wire. This is the reason the pigs almost never leave their pens in the barn, but we do let them out for a few hours a day, we just have to make sure we are watching them, and why we are making a fifth pen for them at the same time, since I figured that we may as well do so at the same time. Their pen is on the other side, though, and it has several doors leading into their own private pens inside.

While we were making those pens, Dean, Zender, Shawn, and Carter take care of getting all the piping put into place to irrigate our fields as much as possible. They are putting in stations near to each one, and then we can hook up our sprinkler systems with hoses from them. They put all the main lines in the ground, so that we do not have to worry about them, there must be five kilometers worth of lines now running around the ranch for irrigation, it is great.

The pump system that Dean had bought is massive. I had not really looked at it all that much, but it is automatic, it has a two hundred litre pressure tank, with automatic switching, so the same as the house has, just larger. The pump is capable of pumping upwards of six thousand litres per minute, which should be more than ample to water our fields. The water lines that they had buried are fifteen centimeters across, so will be more than ample to deliver more than enough water. He had also bought all the hose and sprinklers that we would need, as well as automatic timers for everything, so that we do not have to do anything, and all our plants will be set to water first thing in the morning, before it even starts to get light out, when it will do the most good.

The rest of the guys just finished off the houses that they had been working on the day before, and then decided to tackle the last five. These last five houses are the ones that were deemed in the worst condition, so therefore are going to require the most amount of work. Almost all good siding had been stripped from these ones to use to fix up all the others, before the good stuff had run out, so they all need all new siding. This was done for one reason, and one reason only, because some of the structure needed repairs anyway, and the siding had to come off in order to do it in the first place, so it killed two birds with one stone.

As soon as my boys and I on fencing duty with me are done, we jump over to start helping them on these five houses now. The mill is put to good use cutting a couple nice firs that we had that are already nice and dry, cutting up all the two by fours and two by tens that we are going to need, and there are a lot. Let me put it this way, between the five houses, we have to mill enough lumber to make one brand new house. Of course, this is still preferable than making five brand new houses as well. With that being said, every one of these houses do require all new roofs, and a good portion of their foundations repaired as well. The one house is damn near a write off, but we decide to save it instead, since it is probably one of the nicest looking ones, it is also the largest of the old houses, and will look amazing when it is done. If I had to guess, I would say that it was the first house built, since it is closest to the lake, as well the largest, and was probably owned by the person who had started the mine in the first place.

The foundations are taken care of first, a lot of concrete and lots more rock are needed to shore everything up and get them repaired and leveled again. This is of course done first, so that everything else after is easier.

We then take care of all the rotten wood, tearing it all out where needed and replacing it with new, all the old being set aside for firewood, if usable even for that.

The roofs are next, and they are getting all new roofs all around, there is nothing worth saving on them, and in much of the case, the cedar shakes are not even good enough for firewood.

The exteriors are all done, and they are already starting to look amazing. All new siding, cedar of course, that we paint in many different colours, every house is a different colour after all. All the windows and doors are now in, and the utilities run to each of them as well. This was already mostly done when the guys first got here and did all the utilities work, so we just had to run it all inside.

Now we turn our attention to the interiors and get them all up to our standards, which are mighty high. All the new interior walls are framed up, or shored up if there are any that are still good and in the right places. The plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are all put in, and then the insulation (all interior walls as always are done too). Finally we get the walls and floors done, everything is painted and or clear coated, and we are done. These five houses had taken us more time to do as the previous two sets of three had together. There had been a lot to do, but now they look amazing. It was just over a month later.

Summer is just starting, we had taken lots of time to have fun over the past couple months, but we had worked our asses off as well. Between all the field work, and the rebuilding of houses, as well as our other chores that always have to be done, we had not taken nearly enough time off to do what we want.

We have just finished breakfast, we are all sitting around in just our soggy night diapers as we usually do after breakfast, almost ready to figure out what to do for the day. We start pretty much every day like that. I think we all came down later than normal this morning, after getting some much needed release, but I have no idea when the others arrived, since Ezra and I had been extra naughty gay baby boys this morning and sucked and fingered each other through four incredible orgasms, I with four fingers in Ezra, and he with all of his, and his fist too, inside me.

“Guys, other than the chores that haveta be done every day, we're taking the next few days off. We still have to cook and clean, and we still haveta gather our milk and eggs, as well as clean the barn when needed, but no more work. We've all been working like whores in a two bit brothel, without nearly the benefits of getting well fucked every day. I know we've all been keeping ourselves as drained as we need to, every day for my baby and I at least, but we're still all getting worn out. It's gonna be a beautiful day out, and I think it deserves to be spent outside. I say we get all our boats out on the water, and then relax.”

“Okay.” Everyone says.

“Gee, no need to bite a guys head off, if you really wanna stay working like slaves all day, then go for it, but I'm resting.” I sigh animatedly.

“Yeah, right.” Most of them say at much the same time, all of them laughing though.

“Well, my baby and I are already properly diapered, and I see many of you are too, the rest who aren't, may I suggest you do so now, and then meet us at the dock.”

Ezra and I had left our night diapers on after our well deserved play time, slipped a diaper doubler inside them, poked even more holes in our outer diapers, put another slightly larger and thicker, and holey diaper over that, and then finally one of our biggest and thickest diapers over top of that. We then topped it off with our extra thick rubber pants. Many of the others had had the same idea, we had seen that right away when we came down, whereas most had not, but many had gone and added as soon as they were able to.

“Okay.” All those who are not already extra thickly diapered say together right away and head off to do just that.

The rest of us head out to the dock and get all our assorted boats off their racks and into the water. We recently added another six of each canoes and kayaks, three more two man sail boats, and what essentially would be a floating dock. You could call it a pontoon boat if you wish, but it has no sides, and we have a small gas motor on it. It is great for heading out into the middle of the lake and laying down and making love to your baby for an hour or more, and no, I do not know from experience, I would never do such a horrible thing. Yeah, right, but it is amazing.

We then get into our life jackets, so that we are safe out there, and wait the few seconds for the rest to arrive. When they do, we all head out, and paddle around the lake, enjoying the day and the beautiful weather. Even with as warm as it is, actually getting almost hot already, when we all check the water, we cannot believe how incredibly cold it still is. It is still nearly as cold as it was when we drilled a hole in the ice in the winter and checked the temperature then, but then, Brandon had warned us of that, that the water temperature really hardly changes in this area year round, I just did not really believe him.

We paddled around the lake for a good couple hours, just enjoying the slow relaxing pace, before taking our boats back and getting them all cleaned and stored.

We then decide to go horseback and ATV riding, and kill another couple hours doing that, all of us enjoying that a great deal.

Lunch is next, and while normally we would change our diapers after lunch, today there is simply no need or desire to do so, we are all still more than good enough to last several more hours.

We decide on a hike next, and roam our property for a good couple hours, enjoying the nature all around us.

After dinner, we hit the games house and stay there until we are all very much ready for bed, not sleep, oh we all have much better ideas than sleep. When Ezra and I make it to our bedroom, we strip each other of all our diapers, put fresh ones on, and then make love to each other for well over an hour, only pulling our diapers down where necessary, so as not to ruin perfectly good diapers. We cum and piss in each others baby bums, cumming four times each, making each other feel as good as we possibly can the entire time. Ezra passes out on his last baby boygasm, and I damn near do too, so I fix both our diapers and curl up and go to sleep with my baby.