Chapter 11

We rest for another couple days, doing nothing more than necessary but having loads of fun. We even headed into town one day to go and do our shopping, as well as have lunch. Over the next several days, we have nothing that we have to do, so we all play around in the shop, or do whatever we want, many of us making all sorts of really nice things. I have almost a hundred bowls now made, and we certainly do not need most of them, the others have all number of artwork and cabinetry also done that we simply do not need, and so we decide to go into town again and see if we can sell all our goods. All of it is bought, and at much lower price than what they should sell for, but really, we are not doing it for the money. It is nice, mind you, just not necessary.

We have just finished breakfast, and are sitting there about to plan our day as usual, all of us happy and in double soggy diapers, it seems we had all had plenty of fun the night before, and or this morning, which I know is certainly the case with Ezra and I. We had made love to each other the night before, and then kissed and petted our soggy diapers this morning, we each came three times the night before, and only two this morning. I am betting the others were much the same, though we rarely ever tell, but we always know.

“Well guys, summer time means that we need to prepare for winter time, we used a shit load of our firewood this winter, so now I think we need to collect more for next. We have even more houses to heat, and more people to do it, so I think that we should be able to get lots done. We'll probably need to dedicate a full week to doing so, so it's another tough week or so I'm afraid.”

“Okay. Why don't we split into four teams, we can each go different directions, and get lots. It'll also be safer and more efficient that way I think.” Frank suggests.

“That sounds like as good a plan as any, but let's do five groups.” I agree.

We have more than enough chainsaws, axes, and tractors to do it this way, and so we split up into our five teams, making sure that boyfriends are working together as always. We always make sure that we work together, yet still have our alone time as well, since everyone does need that too. We head to our bedrooms to all get changed and or dressed, but I note that most are already changed, or just doubled up as we seem to be in the mornings.

After getting all the supplies and equipment out, passed around, checked, sharpened, gassed up, and loaded up, we head out. We go five different directions, we are all on horses and ATV's or tractors, as well as a truck. My team actually head straight down our main road, I am driving the truck with one of the trailers on it. I had noticed many trees right on the edge of the road that either have already come down, or should come down for various reasons. The power lines leading from our generating station are next to the road, of course, but no one has deemed it necessary to come in and remove any dead and or dangerous trees that could cause the lines to snap should they come down.

We are going to take care of this, so we know that we will get a lot of trees, hence the rather large trailer. We have one of the tractors with us as well, so that we can load them more easily this way. With the heavy duty sides on the trailer, it will make a very good logging truck trailer. We may even have to come back a few times to get it all.

Everything that is also standing too close to the power lines are to come down, so that they cannot easily cause issues. We get started right away, falling anything as carefully as we can, so as not to drop them on the power lines ourselves of course, and then the boys come in and de-limb, and then they are loaded onto the trailer. Since we do not care, they are being left full length in most cases, so they stick off the back of the trailer a considerable amount.

We fill the trailer to probably more than capacity well before we are ready to call it a day, we have already dropped thirty trees. Most of them are fairly small, maybe thirty to sixty centimeters across, but there are several that are rather large as well. We take the truck and tractor back, leaving a few behind to continue falling the next few trees, and go offload our first load. When we come back, we load the next few trees onto the trailer, then take care of getting more. We are not even ten kilometers from home by the time we are finished for the day, and we are just a bit better than sixty kilometers from town, so only about a sixth of the way, so we will get a huge amount.

When we get home, we find that the others are just making it back as well, and I do have to say, we seem to have the largest amount, but we also have some of the smallest trees. The small trees are easy, but the big trees are better. We decide to take two teams tomorrow and the next day to get the road all cleaned up, and we do so, getting probably an entire winters worth of firewood ourselves, on top of the entire winters worth the rest of them got as well. So, we will have a huge amount, but that is good too.

It then takes us a further four days to get it all bucked down to burnable lengths, and then another three to get it all split and stacked. It takes less time to split this load, because of our shocking amount of smaller trees this time, which most do not need to be split.

Every house that had been renovated had been built with a large firewood holder on their porches, so every one of them are completely full, they were pulled from the leftover stock from last year first, and all the new stock is filled into the several other much larger holders that we can pull from when needed to restock each of the houses. Every storage bin is covered, of course, but the largest storage system we have is the entire underside of the massive covered wrap around porch of the main house. Nearly half the firewood is stored there, since it is the easiest and largest. The rest gets put into the others.

“Well guys, I gotta say, that was a shit tonne of work, but we got a fuck tonne of work done, and probably more firewood. We need a couple days rest, but now we all need bed. Even I'm so tired I don't wanna have sex.” I say as we finally finish, having come out after dinner to get the last bit done and stored.

“Oh yeah.” Everyone says.

We are all nearly dead on our feet though, even the youngest of the boys have been swinging the splitting mauls, every last one of us rotating from splitting to stacking, so as not to get too burned out.

When Ezra and I finally stumble into our bedroom, we change our over saturated diapers, because we had finally started to leak into our plastic pants, we had heavy duty diapered each other the night before, before we had crashed into bed, and now almost exactly twenty four hours later, they are over maximum capacity, which might, officially, be the most wet we have ever been. We normally end up with a bit of wetness inside our diapers when we do this, but I am talking almost a full diapers load is collected in them by the time we take them off. We can see this before we even change, so we think it prudent to strip each other in the shower, and since we are in there, and we are extra dirty tonight, we even take a quick cool shower.

We are barely dry when we diaper each other and crash into bed, and both Ezra and I pass out nearly instantly. I am so tired and sore, when I finally wake this morning, very late I might add, that I do not recall the last time I felt this way. Actually, now that I think about it, this is exactly how I used to feel every day before we moved out here, man, I do not miss that. Then that made me think, when did I finally stop being in pain all the bloody time. I know when I stopped taking my pain killers, but every day I was still in pain, and then I stopped thinking of it, and finally I stopped feeling it, unless, of course, I did lots of work.

I am now in a world of hurt, but a very good hurt, the kind of hurt that tells you that you have done a lot of good quality hard work, the sort that makes you deserve to feel pain and feel good about yourself. We worked very hard to feel this way, and that is not a bad thing. We will need to take another couple days of good quality rest, and I for one will almost certainly soak for an hour in the hot tub.

It is nearly fifteen minutes later when Ezra finally wakes up. I give him his good morning kisses and cuddles, so far neither of us have even said a word.

“Good morning my beautiful baby boy.” I whisper once we finally break apart.

“And good morning to you too, my beautiful baby boy.” He whispers back, and presses his lips to mine once more, and kisses me even more tenderly.

“I suppose that we really should get up and go see about breakfast. I'm just glad it isn't our turn to make breakfast today, but the others could very well already be finished, even though I know that they all had to have slept in as well.”

“Same here, and I'm starving, so I hope the guys made lots.”

“Me too.”

Leaving our diapers as they are for the time being, we head downstairs. We are both incredibly wet, our single thickness diapers barely holding all our pee, but at least we had put on our thicker diapers last night, knowing that this was likely to happen. When we finally make it to the kitchen, we are almost not surprised to see that we are not the last. Only about half the others are already in. Breakfast is done though, and is keeping warm in the trays, so we happily dig in, grabbing stupid amounts of food, as well we each grab a large mug of tea, then sit down and barely even talk at all as we eat. Couple by couple, everyone stumbles in. Without words, nearly everyone grabs breakfast and tea or coffee, and then sits down and eats. Once everyone is in and fed up, we all decide to hit the pool, though it was barely an option, the decision had been unanimous, but then, it had been the only thing that was suggested too.

We stumble through the showers, after stripping off our sodden diapers, five of us having sprung leaks by now, me included, and then headed straight for the hot tub. A collective sigh escapes us all as we slip into the hot soothing water. For nearly twenty minutes we all lay there and allow the water to ease our stiff muscles.

“So, did anyone even play last night or this morning?” I finally ask.

“No.” Came from everyone.

“Thought so. I was in almost as much pain last night and this morning as I used to be all the time, man, I don't miss that, but it's for a damn good reason we're this sore, and we deserve it, and even though I'm in pain, I do feel good. We did do an awful lot though, and probably too fast, but that's okay, none of us hurt ourselves any.”

Agreements rang out all around.

“I don't know about you guys, but I'm doing nothing today. I think just watching TV and movies and laying back and reading's about as energetic as I'm feeling.” Skyler says.

“I can agree to that, but we do haveta tend to the animals, the cleaning can hold a day or so I'm sure, since they're all outside anyway, but we do haveta get the milk and eggs taken care of, get them all fed, and make sure they're all good. We also still haveta do the cooking for lunch and dinner.” Brandon says.

“I know, but other than the things that we absolutely haveta do, I'm doing nothing more, besides, we were on breakfast, so we're cleared for the rest of the day anyway.”


We chat for a little while longer, and then we start breaking off in small groups and hitting the pool, sauna, steam room, massage table, and going back and forth between them all. We stay in the pool house just relaxing for nearly two hours total, by the time we are ready to leave. We all wash off, then get diapered.

We all decided to watch a movie after tending to the animals, and I am not ashamed to say, I fell fast asleep probably not even half way through the movie, but then, I am not the only one. Our reclining love seats are incredibly comfortable, and with Ezra cuddled right into me as he was, tickling my chest lovingly, I was so relaxed, I could not help it. Ezra did not fall asleep, he just kept tickling my chest the entire movie. Almost half of us passed out, it was mostly the kids, but another couple adults did as well. We make a large batch of popcorn, get lots of juice, and watch a second movie. This time Ezra is the one of us to fall asleep as I tickle him softly, while cuddled up to me. He is nearly curled up in a ball on my lap in fact.

It was a very relaxing afternoon, but Ezra and I are on lunch duty, so we had to go and get that taken care of, and do so. We made way more than we strictly need, once again, because we really do all need it. We have chili, split pea soup, and all sorts of sandwich makings set out, and everyone loads up lots, and eats nearly every crumb that we had made. Having had only an hour to make it, the chili was actually really good. Having canned beans probably helps it cook faster, mind you, and the peas we had already prepared the night before when we made a ham, knowing that we would have more than enough left over to make an amazing soup today. We are always trying to think ahead like that, so that it is easier on us all.

A few days later find Ezra and I wandering through our fields, checking out all the food that is growing. The fruit and nut trees will take a couple years to start fully producing, but they had already been fairly mature trees, and seem to be doing very well already. The berry bushes too are doing very well, and should provide a huge amount for us, assuming the animals do not all come and steal them all, which is a possibility. Some of the vegetables are almost ready to go, yet most of them are still well over a month before they will be ready to harvest. The irrigation systems seem to be doing their job very well, so we are pleased.

We go and check on the animals next, making sure that they are all doing well, and they seem to be doing just fine. We check all the new fences next, to ensure that nothing has loosened up since it was put in, either by things releasing tension, or animals testing their boundaries, both of which we knew going in were possibilities. We do have a few repairs to do, one for sure we can see where a cow tried pushing against the fence, the others we cannot be sure, but we have our tools and take care of them right away. The watering system is working just fine as well, it is topped up and nice and fresh, so that is good. The pig pens are also in good condition, they have not broken any of their slats yet, so that too is good.

We have just finished lunch, we were in the group to make it today, and Ezra and I head back out and continue our walk, holding hands as before.

“So, what else do we haveta do this summer?” Ezra asks as we finish our rounds, we are just walking around now, holding hands, soggy diapers swaying under us, we are in only our diapers and sandals, we had just dropped off the tools, so we are free now.

“I don't think that there's anything that we haveta do now. Everyone's got their own private space now, all the animals we could want and need we have and are tended to, all the fields that we want and need are done and filled, all the firewood we could possibly need, probably for two years, is done and ready, and the only thing I can think of will be harvesting when the time comes. When that time comes, though, it'll be a long couple to few weeks though, we're gonna need to can and preserve everything, so that it'll last us through the winter. 'Til then, though, not much.”

“That's good. We've done a huge amount already, so now we get to rest some and play lots. As for playing, we've been so tired still, the past couple days, that we've hardly played. A couple baby boygasms here and there to help relieve the pressure, but no real playing. I'd love to hop on the pontoon boat and go out to the middle of the lake and make love out there again, that was amazing the last time we did it.”

“Okay. Let's go grab diapers and supplies, a blanket this time for sure, and whatever else we need, because, yeah, that sounds absolutely amazing Baby.”

We quickly go and grab all that we will need, and then head to the dock. No one else is out on the water today, so that is good, not that we would care right now, mind you, but we do not have to be showing off either, none of us are interested in watching others. Granted, our lake is not large, if anyone happens near the water, they will see, and know, and that is fine, they will not stay and watch, but they probably will go find a quiet place to do so themselves.

We headed out to the centre of the lake, where it is the most peaceful, and then lay down and start our lovemaking by kissing and petting lovingly. This alone lasts probably half an hour or more, we have not even ventured to each others soggy diapers at all.

Ezra is the first to start petting and rubbing my diaper, just my soggy bum first, but just as I start petting his hot soggy baby bum, he reaches around and starts rubbing my diapered hardness, and I have been incredibly hard since Ezra asked me if I would like to come out and do just this.

Ezra reaches into the back of my diaper and starts fingering my hole as best he can in the position that he is in. He is still so small, though he has grown lots recently, that he is having a hard time reaching to do so without breaking our kiss. Finally he does, though, and goes back, pulls aside my diaper, and buries his face in my ass, and starts tongue and finger fucking me passionately. Fuck he has an amazingly talented tongue.

Not even a minute later, Ezra gasps and pulls away, begs me to roll over and get up on my knees, and then pulls my soggy diaper down in the back, pushes his down in the front, and then drives his entire erection deep inside me in one swift plunge. We both gasp now, it has been days since we last made love, and we both need it so much.

We had rubbed and petted each other to a pair of orgasms this morning, as well as sucked each other, while fingering the other, to a trio of orgasms last night, so we are not in desperate need to cum, yet I am at most a minute away from cumming huge from just this.

Ezra must have felt this as well, and from the way he is gasping and panting, I think he is feeling the same way, because he jammed his hand into the front of my diaper and only positioned his hand to collect my copious cum load that I will soon be spewing. He does nothing more to my dick though to make me cum any faster, not that it is strictly needed.

As I feared, I last not even a full minute, and then explode, but, in all fairness, you hear the love of your life explode in an amazing orgasm, and tell me that it would not make you cum as well, because he went off first. It is so strong I can feel his extra pulses in me as he dry fires what feels like twelve or so times. I, myself, fire off probably eight good strong pulses of cum into Ezra's hand. As soon as he comes down, he pulls his hand free, licks off the entire output, and then replaces it where it belongs. Just as he does this, he lets go and feeds me his entire load of pee, now I know why he wanted to do it now, he was full and wanted to share it with me. Well, I am more than full enough to share with him too, and I know he wants it every bit as much as I do.

Taking his time now, Ezra starts as long and slow a pace as he can muster. He is not exactly huge in the dick department, but every millimeter that he has he is working to my fullest, and he is making me feel better than mere words could possibly describe. We last maybe four or five minutes before exploding again, and this time, when Ezra pulls his hand free from my diaper, he offers me my own cum load, and I lick it off greedily.

Slipping out of my hole, and then pulling up my diaper, Ezra pushes me slightly, giving me the hint, and so I lay down and he comes and curls up to me and presses his lips to mine. I am sure we both taste me in our kisses, and it is amazing.

A few minutes later, I work my hand into the back of Ezra's diaper, and find his hot little hole already quite dilated and ready. I have found that a lot lately with Ezra, almost as soon as we start our foreplay, his little hole already starts preparing itself, and the one day, we managed to make love to each other without even fingering each other in the least. We are not doing that today, though, and I gently finger him to open him up even more as we kiss.

Once ready, I poke holes in both our diapers, since I can and we both like it like this so much more, pull myself out, and then slip as deep inside my baby boy as I can. Ezra sighs even deeper than I do as I fill him as full as I possibly can.

Taking as long and slow a motion as I am capable of doing, I very slowly and tenderly make love to my baby. We have ridden our passion, now we are really and truly making love to each other. Our lips are pressed together, we are kissing every bit as tenderly as we are making love.

Five or six minutes is all that we can last, and I pump as much cum inside Ezra as I am capable of firing, and as soon as I can, I let go and fill him with the other load that he wants, and furthermore, so do I. As soon as I am done peeing, I start making even slower love to my baby, and easily ten minutes later, and very loudly protesting muscles I might add, I finally cum.

We both collapse, I roll to the side so as not to crush my baby, and we lay there panting and gasping, looking up into the beautiful cloudless blue sky. I have to say, making love out on a boat in the middle of your own private lake, to the most amazing boy in the world, has to be right up there with everything good and pure. We lay like that for probably twenty minutes, just coming down from a very powerful lovemaking session, neither of us have said a word since before we started making love.

“Wow, my god, that was amazing, simply, absolutely, powerfully, amazing.” Ezra finally sighs out.

“I agree fully.”

“I think I'm more full than you are though.” Ezra giggles out, his cute giggle making my heart melt even more than he has already made it do so.

“Probably.” I have to laugh.

“We should probably change our ruined baby diapers, I can't hold you in me for too much longer here.”

“Yeah, and if it weren't for the fact that you can't go thorough my diaper, yet, I'd probably already be making a mess. Oh well though. You grabbed the doublers and our even bigger thicker diapers, as well our plastic pants, so am I to assume you wanna go extra thick now and go over these ones?”

“You bet.” He says happily.

“Oh, if I must.” I sigh animatedly.

“Goody.” He grins brightly, grabs the supplies, and gets me taken care of first.

We trade places and I make sure that Ezra is properly diapered. Then we lay back down and decide to go for a nap. Ezra curls right into me, I wrap him right up into me, cuddling nearly his entire small body into mine, and Ezra sighs deeply, then starts nearly purring, he is so content.

The amazing lovemaking, the beauty of the nature surrounding us, and the way we are cuddled up together combine to make us fall into a blissful sleep within mere moments. It is so peaceful and serene, who would not fall asleep.

I have no idea how long we actually slept for, no one actually wears watches on our ranch, why should we really, nothing has to be done at any given time, other than food, and even then, who cares if we are a little late or not.

I have no idea what made me wake up, I feel I could have slept easily an hour more, and then it happens again, the sound that had permeated my sleeping brain and told me to wake up. The dinner bell. It is ringing again. 'Holy shit, we have been out here for at least four hours', is what runs through my mind as I actually wake up.

“Come on Baby, wakey wakey.” I say, nibbling my baby boys ear tenderly.

“Mmm, stop that, you know what it does to me.” He grunts.

“I know, why do you think I like doing it to you. Come on, the dinner bell's ringing, we should probably go and get some food.”

“Oh, good, food, I could use a bit, you wore me out pretty good there earlier.”

“Yeah, that was all me.” I snort in disbelief.

“Of course it was, don't you know, I'm far too pure and innocent to actually do such nasty things.”

“Baby, you've been neither pure, nor innocent, since you were at least four years old, though I think your purity started slipping when you were three.”

“I know, it was pretty awesome.” He grins cheekily.

I start the motor and get us back to the dock within just a minute or so, and as soon as we are tied off, we gather our things and head to the house, where the others are surely awaiting us. Funnily enough, we are not even the last to arrive.

“Good, I was starting to think we were gonna haveta send someone out to get you guys.” Stephen says as he sees us, he and his group were clearly on cooking duty tonight.

“Yeah, managed to wake up in time, I musta heard the dinner bell in my sleep and it woke me up, saying I hadta come eat.”

“Yeah, there's a few others, in case you haven't noticed yet, that are still missing. I think we all did much the same things though, and Levi and I barely made it here in time to get dinner started, and we hadta call the rest of our team in to do so as well. We've had enough pressure relief lately, but no real loving, and I think everyone's been the same this week, so after a good long lovemaking session, we too passed out and had a good nap. I gotta say, though, we sure do feel tonnes better for it.”

“Mmmhmm.” Levi and Ezra both sighed at the same time.

“Yeah, me too.” I laugh.

Everyone else around us, because we are all sitting or standing around, also nodded their agreement. So we had all done the same thing. That is not a big surprise, why should we not, really, we all deserve it, and we all know what we are all doing, so it is not like we have to hide it any. This is not our old life, here we do not have to hide.

“Good, well, dinner's ready, the others are clearly still sleeping somewhere, so if they get here, they get here, if not, there'll be lotsa leftovers I'm sure, we probably made twice what we actually need, and that's already on top of the fact that we made twice as much as we'd normally need, because we knew if we're as hungry as we are after our afternoons fun and games, then everyone will be. I say just go ahead and dig in.”

Well, who are we to argue, we all grab plates and start dishing up, and Stephen was not lying, there probably is nearly four times more food than we normally cook for dinner, but it is all foods that will be perfect to refry tomorrow morning with breakfast. There is a very large ham, potatoes done four different ways (Stephen made his famous hash-brown casserole, and it is to die for, there probably will not be any leftovers of that. At least if I have my say), baked farmer sausage, and perogies. The cold side has all the fixings for any salad you could hope to make. I have one bowl filled with a good sized salad, and then a plate piled to indecent with everything else. I am going to have to be rolled from the table on a fucking dolly, but I am so hungry. At least I am not the only one to have two dishes, everyone does, and every one elses plates and bowls look very nearly identical to mine, so everyone got in some very well deserved R and R (rutting and relaxation, don't you know).

We are almost half way through dinner when another couple stumbles in, and only a few minutes later, the final couple comes stumbling in as well. They hardly make a sound, just a few grunts, and dish up their dinner and come and join us. Josh and Declan are the last couple to come in, and they still have twigs and grasses in their hair, and they are dirty enough to show that they had gone for a good tumble in the dirt.

“I'd almost ask why you two are so dirty, but considering what we all did this afternoon to unwind, I'm sure I don't really need to. You should've taken a blanket though.”

“We did, just forgot to spread it out before we started having some fun. Was all your fault though.” Josh grins to me.

“Well, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, that much is obvious, but how so this time in particular?” I laugh, most of the others snort as well.

“Declan and I were going for a walk, when we saw you and Ezra out on the lake, we'd already grabbed a blanket and a few things to sorta have a picnic, so we found a nice place to rest, and yeah, let's say the blanket just never got used. Was pretty amazing though, and we passed out so totally, it was awesome. At least we still had our diapers on.” Josh grins brightly, talking as he eats.

“That's good. We all needed the R and R, that's for sure.”

“Yeah, that we did.” Almost everyone says at the same time.

We all stay at the table, chatting as everyone finishes eating. Many got up and got seconds, I did not, I was stuffed well with my first serving, and I honestly have no idea how anyone could have gone back for seconds, especially when my plate and bowl had not been the fullest, but, all the ones to go for seconds are teens, or very nearly teens, and they already eat a lot.

Once dinner is cleaned up, we decide to head to the games house and play for the evening. We all had a good nap, so we rested more than enough, now we need to be somewhat active. We all have a blast, groups of four would stay downstairs and play mini golf, we would rotate whenever we wanted and go and do so, and then play upstairs and have fun, and we do so until bedtime. By then, we are all in desperate need of diaper changes, because we had all drank a lot, and a lot has exited.

After saying goodnight to everyone, we all head to our beds, I am sure that everyone is going to have a little fun before bed again, why would we not, really. Ezra and I decide on a suck and finger session, since we made such passionate love earlier, we feel this is more in line with just playing. We only manage two orgasms each, though, before we call it a night. After changing our diapers, we only put one of our super thick diapers on this time, we kiss and cuddle for a bit, talking softly, before we fall asleep, wrapped up in each other as we usually are.