Chapter 12

“Guys.” Carl says a few days later as we are eating breakfast. “I have a question to ask.”

“What.” We all ask.

“An old friend of mine, he moved away back east several years ago, but we've kept in touch, wants to come and live with us. I'd like for him and his boyfriend, and their sons to come here as well.”

“What can you tell us about them?” I ask.

“Well, he's the same age as me, his boyfriend's almost ten years younger, and I happen to know that they started seeing each other well before he was legal. I'd always assumed this, in fact, as well that he was a diaper lover. I never got the courage to ask him when we lived near to each other. I did ask him the other day when I emailed him, and he said yes, so I told him about me, and then about us, not everything, but enough so that he'd know we were understanding.”

“And you said sons?”

“That's right. He has two son's from a previous relationship, which, considering how long he and his boyfriend have been together, he cheated on her the entire time, and I honestly think he only used her to get kids. They never got married, and for all I know, she may've been there only for him to have kids, I never asked. Anyway, I asked about them, they're ten and twelve now, the last I saw them, the eldest was only four, but he was super cute in his Pampers then, because he'd still not been potty trained. Apparently neither boy ever was, I asked, and they're both diaper lovers as well. They also have boyfriends of their own, and they live with them, due to being kicked out by their families. The ten year olds boyfriend's thirteen years old, the twelve year olds boyfriend's eleven years old. He says they're all so damned hot in just their soggy diapers.

“He also says he has another friend who'd likely love to come here, he too has a boyfriend, and a son who also has a boyfriend, but I know nothing more of them.”

“Okay, all against having what sounds like ten more gay baby boy diaper lovers come and live with us, raise your hand.” I asked.

Not one muscle even twitched.

“Wow, guys, brutal, not even willing to give them a chance.” I mock sigh. “Okay, then all in favour of having ten more gay baby boy diaper lovers come and live with us, raise your hands.”

Every hand went up, including mine.

“Looks like a unanimous decision to me. So, Carl, you getta real them in. Phone and talk to him and explain enough to ensure that they're all good with what we are here, and absolutely ensure that they're okay with some of us having little baby boy lovers. Tell them to ship only what they truly wanna keep, and then fly to their new home as soon as they're able. We'll arrange to pick them up at the airport, so tell them to give us their flight info.”

“Wicked.” He says and hops up.

He had not even completely finished his breakfast, but that is okay, he is mostly done, and I am certain it will save until he gets back. When he makes it back, he says that he emailed his friend and told him to call when he has time to do so, that we would love for them to all come and live here, as well as some of the information that he needs to know. He says that he told him that he will explain more later. Now all we have to do is wait for the call.

It is only an hour later when the phone rings, and Carl grabs it, because that is the only call we are expecting. We had been just sitting back and reading, so we will all get to hear most of the conversation.

“Hi Jim, how's it goin'?” Carl asks when he knew who it was.

Of course we cannot hear the other side of the conversation. All we can hear is Carl.

“That's really good, we're all excited to have you come out here.....That's good. Now, before we get too far, I wanna ask you something. You and Brody have been boyfriends since long before it was socially acceptable to be so, weren't you?........Yeah, to tell you the truth, I suspected even before you moved that you and he were gay baby boyfriends, and no, that was never a problem for me. No one here will have a problem with that either........No, no one would cause you problems out here, all of you'll be welcome with arms wide open. There's lots of us here that understand everything about what you and the boys are going through. Some of the boys here have gone through similar situations, but every last one of us are gay baby boy diaper lovers, which to live here's a requirement. I know you know the boys are all okay with that, but just make sure first..........Oh, I don't see any reason why not. Let me ask the guys here, just a sec.” He said, and then pulled the phone away and turned to us.

“His eldest son has a really good friend who'd love to escape as well. He too is a gay boy diaper lover, and he has a boyfriend as well. Both are having hard times with their families for their choices, the boys boyfriend was almost shipped away, but apparently he told his parents flat out that he'd kill himself, right in front of them, if they tried anything. He told them that he'd make sure that they never got out of prison for what they did to him if they made him leave and didn't allow him to have a boyfriend or his diapers. So, yeah, can they come too?”

“Sure.” We all say as one.

“Okay Jim, absolutely, the more the merrier as they say........Okay, we look forward to having you all come and live here with us, just call ahead of time and let us know when you'll be arriving, so that we can be sure that we meet you at the airport. Just ship everything you wanna keep ahead of time, bring only what you haveta, and we'll take care of the rest......Okay, have a good day.” He says, hangs up, and then turns to us.

“So, as you probably already figured out from hearing my side of the conversation, they'd all love to come here and live with us, for sure. Jim's only concern was with how we felt about his being a boylover as well. Technically his boyfriend Brody's now fully legal, but he certainly wasn't when they got together, and for several years as well. The rest I'm sure you got. He says that they're gonna try and get out here within the next week, except he has no idea how he's gonna get his sons' friends as well. He says he knows someone who'll be able to help, he's sure, but it might take time.”

“That's great, and I'm sure it'll hardly take any time at all, especially if the boys' parents don't like them.” I say happily.

I never dreamed that we would have this many people living here, especially so soon, we have not even been here a full year yet, and we are about to hit more than forty people, that is great.

We got on with our life, doing what we have to do when we have to do it, but otherwise all of us just doing pretty much whatever we want to whenever we want to do it. It is so amazingly great to not have to do someone elses work for them, to not have to work to make someone else rich, just so that you can eat. Now we are working for ourselves, and while we do work hard, when we have to, the vast majority of the time, we get to do only what we want.

It is almost exactly two weeks to the day that Carl gets the call that we have been hoping for and expecting. We are about to add twelve more people to our home, Jim just called, saying that they will be here tomorrow afternoon, saying what time they are scheduled to land. We are going to schedule a trip for supplies at the same time, we may as well. We will head out more than early enough to do so and get everything we need, before picking up our new family members.

We finish writing our lists, we had started a few days ago already, determining all that we need to get and who all needs to go to get it done. Every last one of our trucks are capable of holding five people, so four, really, and every driver wants his boyfriend with them, so we need to take six trucks, which is not a problem anyway. We want to get plenty of supplies anyway, we are going to get everything that we need to can and or preserve all our fruits and vegetables, as well as probably very close to a tonne more items, so the extra space will not go to waste. We are even thinking of getting another section to our greenhouse to add on, so if they have it in stock, we are going to do so. We are going to have a lot of people to feed, and anything we cannot eat, the animals surely will.

While in town, we also need to stop at the shipping store to pick up all our things. We had ordered nearly a tonne more diapers, as well as diaper doublers, diaper shirts, baby lotion, baby powder, diaper rash cream, butt plugs, dildos, lube, and several other things that we can only order in. A few of the guys also wanted to get some catheters to try out, so that they truly wet all day every day, I do not know if I will try that or not, but we certainly bought enough of them.

Food, hardware, clothes, and all the other things that are always needed around a large ranch are also on the list of things to get. No, I am reasonably certain that six trucks will not be a waste at all.

When we make it to town, our first stop is the ranch store. They do have the stuff to add on to our greenhouse, so we take enough to just bloody well double the space. Planters and whatnot included, as well as hundreds more seeds and or seedlings, since they have lots. We also grab a huge amount of supplies for us and our animals, and I put in yet another order for feed, hay, and straw. We really have no desire to run hay, nor do we really have the space to do so without clearing a bunch more land, and it is cheap enough for us, so why bother. We also cannot truly grow enough feed for the animals, so we have to do it this way, but we are growing far more than we can use as well, and more than half the corn is earmarked just for them, as well we do have planned excess of others for the animals.

The building centre is next, we need lots here, but, thankfully, not near as much as we have needed in the past from here. For now, at least, the amount of houses that we have completed will suffice, everyone will have a nice spacious and private bedroom and bathroom of their own, even if there are two couples per house, it really is not a big deal. All the bedrooms in the main house are still full, we all like being right there, so everyone will have to split up a bit at least. We do have a few empty houses, almost enough, jut not quite.

Some of the boys wanted to try their hand at making some of the clothes that we need, so we make a stop at a fabric store, and those interested in doing so pick out all that they want and need, including an incredibly expensive serger sewing machine, and a nearly as expensive normal sewing machine. Be damned if I knew there was a difference, but apparently there is. Truly, we do not want or need a lot of clothes, but we do need them, we all know that, and from the way it sounds, these will be more play clothes, the sort that might scare the supposedly normal people, and the chosen fabrics do tend to make me believe this even more. They do have a lot of more normal fabrics as well, so that is good.

A couple more boys also want to try their hands at pottery and clay firing, so we get all that we need for that as well. The kiln they chose was shockingly expensive, and far heavier than I ever imagined something that size could be. They got all that they want and need for that as well.

Still more want to try other things as well, and we get all that we need for all that as well. We are trying to encourage the boys to find what they love to do and to do it. Many love to work in the shop with those of us who enjoy it, many love to work in the kitchen baking with the men who love that, which is why we always have lots of great breads and treats to eat. I am not the only one paying for everything, but I am getting most of it, since I do not give a damn about the money.

We want everyone to have an excellent hobby or two to keep them busy, because, let's face it, during the winter months especially, we have a huge amount of downtime, and not a hell of a lot to do to kill time. This past winter we had renovations to keep us busy, we will not have that from here on out, at least for the most part.

There is also only so much time that we can spend outside doing winter sports and whatnot. We already bought a shit load of cross country skis, downhill skis, snow shoes, lots of different sleds, and even more skates. We picked them all up as soon as we made our first trip into town after winter, they were all on sale anyway, so we figured why not. Still, with the snowmobiles and all that, there does come a point where it is very uncomfortable to be outside. This past winter it had only gotten down to negative thirty two degrees Celsius, and that lasted only a couple days, I am assured that if it stays that temperature, or lower still, for a week or two, you will go crazy if you do not have something to do.

Hence the reason to ensure we all have plenty to do.

What will we do with everything we make, well, sell it of course. No, we do not need the money, but we also do not need as much as we can all make either. At least, this way, we can offset some of our living expenses. Granted, the amount of money we are getting by selling our power is offsetting things quite nicely. Last year I received just over ten thousand dollars, which is not a lot, but hey, we do not need it, and it is free money to us, so why not, right.

It has cost us a staggering amount of money this past year, though, with all the building and repairing of everything, as well as everything that we had had to buy to make everything else work, us included, I think I am down at least half a million myself, not including all that the others are down. I know Stephen and Dean have both spent at least a hundred thousand each, Mike, Marty, Shawn, and Ant have probably spent fifty to sixty thousand each, on top of what they paid before we arrived to do the main repairs that had been required, which if I remember correctly was nearly twenty five thousand each, and then what the others have spent as well is a lot. To us all, though, the money that we had means nothing to us, especially if we do not do something good with it, and this is good. All told, after buying the ranch to start with, we are probably down a full million in the last year.

The next year or so could be expensive, just not so expensive as the first year has been. I feel that as we get everything up and running, and once we get up to speed, we will probably start to find that we have to spend no real money, and that any money we do spend we will be able to pay for with what we are earning. Even if we had nothing to sell, mind you, we all have more than enough money to make a go of this for fifty or more years, so we are not terribly concerned with making a profit. This entire venture was never about the money, it was and is all about our freedom, to be who and what we are without criticism or problems.

After all our stops are made, and everything is picked up and ready to go, we head to the airport to meet our newest family members. We are almost twenty minutes early still, but as we are pulling in, we see a small jet that is just taxiing up to the gates, so since we doubt that there are two planes that are scheduled to arrive at much the same time, we assume that they are in a little early. We all head inside to collect them and help them where needed, as well as meet them all, since only a couple of us know any of them, and some, none of us know at all.

The gate opens just as we walk in, and out come fourteen men and boys, so only two other people had been on the flight that do not belong to our family. But, they stay together as one of the men sees Carl and waves at him, and then starts heading our way.

“Um, does it look to anyone else as if there are fourteen people in their group, not twelve?” I ask as they continue our way.

“It would seem that way, because I'm getting fourteen as well.” Carl laughs.

“Good, thought I forgot how to count there for a second.” I laugh as well.

I have to admit, all of them are good looking, and I can so clearly see that not only are they gay, but wearing and wet. The three men are right around the same age as us men are, while the rest appear to be as young as about seven, and the oldest I would say is damn near an adult, maybe seventeen or eighteen. We meet up only a couple seconds later.

“Jim, so good to see you, it's been far too long.”

“Carl, it's really good to see you as well. It has been, but you had a good opportunity, so you had to go. Now you have a better opportunity, so here you are.”

“Yes, thanks to you.”

“All of us, actually. We all made the decision. However, we were expecting twelve of you, but we count fourteen, what's up?”

“Ah, yes, the two tag-a-longs, friends of my youngest, he begged me to let them come as well, and I couldn't come up with any reason why they couldn't. I would've called or emailed and asked permission, except it all happened at the last possible moment, and we barely got everything straightened out before we left. We'll introduce everyone later though, no point in doing it twice. Not that anyone will remember to start with, but there's still no point.”

“And that's fine, as long as they too know and understand who and what we are.”

“They do, and they're alike, though you may've already noticed, and we're all quite wet too, it was a long flight, and some of the wetness I'm afraid was fear induced, coming over the mountain's into B.C. wasn't at all pleasant, I assure you. Even scared the piss outta me, and I don't mind flying.” He grinned.

“Been there, done that, hated it. The bathrooms are right over there, feel free to go get freshened up.”

“Thanks. I trust you brought a truck for all our things?”

“Yes, truck and trailer, you said your stuff was already waiting at the shipping office here, and we had no idea how much you'd have, so we just brought a trailer as well. Granted, every one of the six trucks is hauling a trailer, we had lots to grab again, and they're almost all full. Then again, when we come to town, we tend to fill up.”

“Good grief, what'd you buy?”

“Later, go get changed, then we should head out.”

“Right, let's go guys.” Jim says, and they all head to the bathrooms to take care of their needs.

I admit, I am not the only one that looked after them, wondering if it would be rude to follow them in and offer to help. I think we all did, a couple of them are smokin' hot, if you know what I mean.

Almost ten minutes later, they all emerge from the washrooms, all appearing far less bulky now, though we can still see that they are nice and thickly diapered, only now they are nice and dry, though I have no doubts that as many of them as could do so warmed up their diapers almost as soon as they were put on, but, who could blame them, we all do the same thing.

Given that we have two extras, we rejigged things so that the four smallest boys were in the back seat of my truck, Ezra and I, of course are in the front seat, and then we headed back to the shipping store. Carl, Jim, and one of the other men, as well as the elder boy all went in to get all their things, and they used the stores dolly to help in this, and brought out more than thirty good sized boxes. They are all stored on the last remaining empty trailer, strapped down, and then we all head out again. As we drove, we talked to the boys in the back seat, all of them are new to us.

“So, I'm Ezra, and this is my boyfriend Jake.”

“Hi, really, he's your boyfriend?”

“Yep.” Ezra says proudly.

“Does he, you know, have sex with you and everything?” The same boy asks.

“Hell yeah, feels so amazing. Who are you and how old are you?”

“I'm Van, I'm seven, and this is my boyfriend Nolan, he's nine. This is our best friend Johnnie, he's ten, and his boyfriend Trent, he's the oldest, he's thirteen. We've only been baby boyfriends for a little while, but we always dreamed lots, Johnnie got us together, told us we'd make super cute baby boyfriends.”

“Nice.” Ezra said.

“Yeah, at first, when he told us while we were all sleeping together in the forest behind our houses, we were scared, we thought that they were gonna make fun of us, tease us for being gay and babies, then they both stripped down to their diapers, they diapered us as well, and we talked lots and lots. We even played around some, and they taught us everything we needed to know. We can even take Trent in our bums, though he says they're gay baby boy pussies now. We don't play together very often though, Johnnie says he and Trent are baby boyfriends, and that so are Nolan and I, so we shouldn't do that too much, but it's amazing when we getta play together.”

“I think I agree, Jake and I are baby boyfriends as well, and you know, I've never had the desire to play with anyone since we got together, even my best friend, and we used to play a bit before I got my man.”

“Yeah, Trent says it's hard for us still, 'cause we're not exactly huge, but our baby bums can take lots more than we have, so we desire someone else to help fill us up, but that once we grow more, that we won't want and need it as much.”

“Very smart Trent.” I say.

“Thanks.” He says.

“I think that with the toys that we have for you all, that you two will find that not so much of an issue any more.”

“Why, what?” Nolan asks.

“Dildos and butt plugs, anal beads, cock rings, all sorts of fun stuff.” Ezra grins brightly.

“Really, we looked at them online and we thought they sounded so fucking hot. Oops.” Johnnie said, then slapped himself.

“Don't worry, we all talk like that, we're all the same.” Ezra giggles.

“Really.” The three youngest say as one.

“Uh huh.”

“Neat. Do you have your own toys too?” Van asks again.

“Sure do. I'm only twelve now, but you guys are almost the same size as I am, I'm not exactly huge in the diaper department either, though I'm getting bigger, and sometimes Jake just wants to be filled up, so, when my baby bone doesn't quite fill him up, we use our toys. Our favorite, though, has to be our vibrating double ended dildo, and each couple has one of their own as well, and we truly love to bum fuck each other.”

“Wow, but what do you mean?” Nolan asks, though they all moaned.

I have no doubts that all four boys in the backseat are every bit as hard as I know both Ezra and I are.

“Well, we poke holes in each others diapers, usually we put each others vibrating cock rings on first, and then we work the dildo into one of us, and then the other also gets on his hands and knees, so that our bums are pointing toward each other, then we slip the other end into the other. Then we push until our soggy baby bums are pressed together, and then we bum fuck. We both move back and forth, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but it always feels amazing. Usually we don't last more than thirty seconds for our first baby boygasms, and our personal best was five cums each. Fuck, we both nearly passed out that night, it would've been a huge mess, but it was certainly worth it.”

From the way one of the boys squeaked in the backseat, at least one of them came at the end of the tale.

“Looks like that was a pretty powerful baby boygasm there Nolan, sounded a wee bit hot to you, did it?” Ezra giggles a few seconds later, so clearly he had finally come down.

“Oh yeah.” He says in such a low husky voice that he sounds a lot older than he is.

“Good, and glad you're not ashamed, most would be, but around our place, that's just good clean fun, making others cum from a good story.”

“And it was a good story. I'm still super hard.”

“Yeah, well, if anyone in this truck isn't hard, then you're either not gay, or not alive.”

“Nope, hard.” We all say as one, and in almost the exact same way too. We all burst out laughing.

“Good. So, how'd you two get together then Trent and Johnnie?”

“I'd had a crush on Trent since I was seven for sure. He was our next door neighbor, and he'd come and watch us some nights after he turned eleven and was allowed to do so. He'd also watch us out in the yard during the day before that, when our parents were home, and yeah, I think I fell in love with him back then.

“I remember seeing him go pee in the back yard one day, seeing his dick, I think he was ten, because I think I was seven, I knew I wasn't suppose to watch, I definitely knew I wasn't supposed to enjoy, but I did. He noticed, but didn't say anything to me.

“When he started babysitting us, he never teased either me or Jared, he's my twelve year old brother, that we had to wear diapers to bed. Then, a little over a year ago, he had to come spend the night, and I saw that he was wearing a diaper as well, and that was it, I knew I hadta have him.

“I already knew I was gay, I was already really certain about him too, and when he came to tuck me in, I reached out and started petting his diapered dick, and asked him to join me in my bed. He tried to say no, he tried to be the responsible one, I could see it, but I kept petting his diapered dick, and he never even got a word out before he was in bed with me. And yes, he was already wet, but then, so was I. We did make love that night too, to each other, it didn't even hurt me at all, and we admitted that we were both full on gay baby boy diaper lovers. The funny thing, after that night, our dad made up every excuse that he could to have Trent come babysit, and now we know why, he knew well before we did that we loved each other, and he wanted us to be together. So, yeah, this past year's been great.”

“That's awesome.” Ezra says, and then gives them the abridged version of our tale.

“That's awesome as well.” Nolan says, and the others agree.

We continue talking all the way home, all of us getting to know each other. We tell lots about each other, and I really like all four boys, and I think the feelings are mutual. We are all so much alike, yet we all have our differences as well. When we arrive, the boys all look around in awe.

“Wow, would you look at this place, it's amazing. It all looks brand new, yet really old and rustic too.” Trent says.

“In a way, you're right.” I say. “Most of the buildings are over a hundred years old, but we've fixed almost all of them up, so they're sorta brand new as well, but we left the old rustic charm to them. The newest building's the main house, and even it's around twenty years old now. There's so much to do here, you're gonna be shocked.”


“And, in case no one told you, you never haveta wear clothes, if you don't wanna, and if you can do so, wear just your soggy baby diapers, then feel free to do so. Most of the time, that's how we're dressed around here, nothing more than a diaper.”

“Really?” All four ask as one.

“Absolutely, and you're welcome to strip down as soon as we hop out of the truck with us, because we will be, and in fact, here comes the welcoming party, and as you may've already noticed, they're in only their diapers to greet you all.” I grin and point, because no, they had not noticed, and now all four of them cum I think.

When we do hop out of the truck, the others are all hopping out of theirs, and we all start stripping immediately. Those who are new take a few seconds longer to start doing so, but not long after we are stripped down to just our diapers, so are they, and they all look really good, standing there, diapered and soggy, same as the rest of us.

“Now that everyone's comfortable, I think we have a shit tonne of stuff to offload. We have six trucks, and six trailers, and forty two people. We don't wanna split up boyfriends, so we'll have a couple different sized teams, but everyone split up into teams of either six or eight, and then work on one truck and trailer to get it offloaded. When you finish, split up and hit another team, so on and so forth.” I call out.

In this manner, we get everything offloaded and put away in only a little over an hour, and this includes getting everyone into bedrooms of their own, and getting their things unpacked. We also make sure, at the same time, that every bedroom is fully stocked with the appropriate diapers and toys, and lots of them.

“Okay, now we really should be getting lunch, there are certainly too many people to make it all, so we'll have whichever team was already scheduled to make lunch, go ahead and do so, but I think we're gonna haveta figure out a different way to do this, there's too many people for only three teams now, but we can figure that out later. So, for the next hour, what say the rest of us give our newest family members the grand tour.”

“Okay.” Everyone says as one.

The team who had already been scheduled to make lunch today split off and headed to the house, while the rest of us start a tour. We hit the barn first and show everyone all the animals and all that we have to make our lives easier, and they are amazed.

We then hit the dock, and they love all our boats, but take our warnings to heart to not try swimming in the lake, since it is simply too bloody cold.

The games house is next, and they all universally love this. The theatre they also love a lot as well.

We even take them for a walk up to the mine and lead them into it, and they all think it is super cool as well. As we walked, we told them everything that we have learned of the area, gave them all the warnings about wild animals and so on, and taught them much of what they need to know.

When we made it back to the house, we find that lunch is still a little ways off, so we give them a quick tour of it as well. Once you see one bedroom, you really have seen them all, and we made all the houses pretty much the same in that regard as well, but still, the sheer size of the log house is a wonder, and it is a beautiful one as well.

After lunch, we go about getting a lot of stuff set up. We have all the new things that we bought for craft work that need to be set up, as well we have the greenhouse, but we know that that is a couple to a few day project, but we do want to get started soon too.

For the rest of the day, we just play around. We play in the games house, watch movies, and just relax. And we also take a good couple hours to go through all the introductions.

First is Carl's friend, Jim, same age, tall, lean, and quite muscular. He has dark hair and eyes, and strong features. It is no wonder he produced a pair of equally hot boys. He says that he is a veterinarian, so that is absolutely perfect, but he also claims that he is more than capable of helping everyone here as well. His boyfriend, Brody, is just over ten years younger than he, and he too is ruggedly handsome. A slightly lighter shade of brown hair, but kept longer, and deep brown eyes set his features off nicely. Brody tells us that he is a nurse, specializing in emergency rooms, so he will be able to help out a lot as well. Jim's sons, Jared, at twelve, and Johnnie at ten, are near identical to their father, though not quite as strong looking yet, but they do look like they are well on their way.

Then there is Jared's boyfriend Casey, he is eleven years old, and is almost elfish in appearance. He too is very tall for his age, he is very slim, yet you cannot see all his ribs, he already has very nice definition. He has long wavy blond hair, deep ocean blue eyes, nice full lips that have a permanent grin, and even a blind person can see that he is all gay, yet all boy too. Next is Johnnie's boyfriend Trent, at thirteen years old. He is right about average for height and weight for his age group, and though he is a hot hunk of teen baby boy, he is more plain looking as well. He has a nice body though, and an amazing ass, that his diapers make look even better. He has a roundish face, light brown hair and eyes, round button nose, and what looks like a right little mischievous streak in him.

Jared's best friends, and boyfriends as well, are Richie and Dylan, they are both twelve years old, have been boyfriends since they were seven and a half, and diaper lovers since they were forced out of their diapers at three. Richie has the most orange coloured red hair I have ever seen in my life, and so many freckles on pale milky skin than I knew were possible, yet, he is an incredibly good looking boy as well. Dylan, on the other hand, has jet black hair, nearly black eyes, and that ghostly pale skinned look that goth people try to achieve, but he looks to rock it all naturally.

Henry is one of Jim's best friends, he is a couple years older, right about two meters tall and a good solid build. He is not skinny, but nor is he fat either, a good quarterback build, if you are into football at all, which I most certainly am not. He has short cut, light brown hair, blue eyes, and is really quite good looking as well. He is a welder and metal fabricator, and says that he would love to make a metal working shop here, if we would allow it, and of course we all say yes instantly. His boyfriend, Kent, is only seventeen, and he too is a hell of a looker. Bright blond hair, though I am not certain it is natural, and he has purple streaks died into it, it actually looks really hot on him. He has what I would call a cobalt blue for eyes, luxuriously thick eyebrows and lashes, really nice kissable lips, a cute little cleft in his chin, and a good strong looking nose.

Henry's Son, Liam, at ten years old, looks shockingly like his dad, so incredibly good looking as well, but is rather small still. Mitchel is Liam's baby boyfriend, he too is ten years old, and he has black hair and really dark brown eyes. He is taller than his baby boyfriend, yet he too is not quite as tall as I would expect a ten year old to be.

Last are Van, at seven, and Nolan, at nine, baby boyfriends, and cute as can be as well. They almost look as if they could be brothers, sandy blond hair, both cut much the same in a shaggy haphazard way, small and lean, and both with blue eyes. Nolan's eyes are a frosty blue, though, whereas Van's are a bright blue. Their noses are slightly different shapes, yet both are small and cute.

After all the introductions are done, we tell our stories, and most of them are pretty much the same as most of ours had been. Scared shitless that anyone would find out how big a freak they were, found their boyfriend, or got put together in a couple cases, and life was great, except the constant fear of anyone finding that out as well. We continued our talking, now playing as we do so, and all having fun.

Ezra had asked about showing the others how we like to get diapered up at times, but I told him that tomorrow would be a good time for that, because I am certain all our new arrivals will want to christen there new bedrooms properly. Ezra agreed, and says that ours deserves to be redone as well. Well, with that grin, I am certain neither of us are going to get to sleep too terribly early tonight, and you know what, I am definitely okay with that.

When bedtime comes, so does everyone else, and that is not just a guess either, because when bedtime was called, everyone yelled yippee, grabbed the hand of their boyfriend, and dragged each other to their bedrooms for the night. So yeah, trust me, I am reasonably certain everyone is cumming tonight, repeatedly.

“Telling the others about truly bum fucking each other earlier got me really hot and horny to do that tonight, it's been too long since we last did that, so let's bum fuck each other Baby.” Ezra says as soon as we enter our bedroom.

“Okay.” I say more than happily enough, because it does sound like a truly great idea to me as well.

We both grab all the things that we need, and then as we slip our cock rings onto each other, we start kissing passionately. Tonight is not about making love, though, no, tonight is definitely about raw, unbridled sex, we so rarely do that, but when we do, we are always very well worn and satisfied when we are done. Granted, we are every bit as satisfied, just in a different way, when we make sweet tender love to each other as well.

Ezra breaks our kiss first and positions himself on his hands and knees, facing the head of the bed, and wiggles his hot soggy diapered bum at me. Well, who am I to argue with that invitation, and trust me, no words are needed, yet I can hear him yelling loud and clear, fuck me silly.

I poke the hole in the back of his diaper, slip a lube coated finger inside, and start playing with his bum hole tenderly to open him up. As per usual, though, this is almost totally not necessary, Ezra is already gaping and oozing, but I still finger him anyway. Not only does it feel good, but our dildo is not exactly small, so I always feel better making sure that he is well opened up. As soon as he is, I turn it on and slip the dildo into him and work him slowly until he has almost half of it inside him.

I then get on my hands and knees, and Ezra turns around to get me prepared. He pokes a hole in my diaper, then spends only a few moments preparing my bum as well. He then tuns back around, so that our bums are facing each other, and grabs the other end of the dildo, positions it to the hole in my diaper, and then starts backing himself up, so that he is pressing the dildo into me as well now.

Once it starts slipping in, it goes in easily, and within only a few seconds, we each have half of a rather large double ended vibrating dildo buried deep inside us. The wave of pleasure that washes over us as our soggy bums press together, with a vibrating double ended dildo connecting us, nearly causes us to cum right then and there, and we both know that no matter what, it is going to happen soon. So, without moving any at all, we let the sensations sweep us away, and without even moving any at all, ten seconds later, we explode.

We pant and gasp for several seconds as we come down, and then start truly bum fucking each other well and truly. A vibrating cock ring sending amazing feelings coursing through our dicks and balls, and a vibrating double ended dildo giving even more glorious sensations right to our prostates, as well our mad passionate sex, cause us to explode again only a minute later, only this time we do not even pause to let ourselves come down, we just keep on going.

Two cums down, and I feel like I could go for another ten, but four more is all we actually do manage before we just collapse. I did not pass out, but I think Ezra may have, but I am in no shape to get up and check just yet. I take nearly ten minutes to come down, forcing myself the entire time to not fall asleep, even though I really and truly want to. I know that if I do, we will be a right mess in the morning. It would almost be worth it though, considering how I feel now.

Finally I force myself to get up, I am shaking like a tree on a windy day, my legs feel like I am walking on a storm tossed ship as I stand up, and I am still gasping and panting as if I just ran a marathon. I check on Ezra first, and sure enough, he is passed out.

Even moving Ezra is a hell of a chore for me, but I do, I get him into position, then change his diaper, slipping in his butt plug, but taking off his cock ring, adding a diaper doubler to our extra thick diapers, for no reason at all, other than it is incredible. I then change my diaper, taking off my cock ring, but slipping in my butt plug as well, adding a diaper doubler too, and then I curl up to my baby. I do not remember even shutting off the light, but I must have, because it is not on when I wake up.