Chapter 13

“Good morning everyone.” I say happily as I come downstairs with Ezra, holding his hand.

Everyone is already there and patiently awaiting breakfast, talking happily, everyone still getting to know each other. It is hard not to like each other, though, when you are standing around in only super soggy diapers. No one is extra thickly diapered this morning, which is odd, at least a few of us usually are, but maybe they all have the same idea as Ezra and I do, to truly welcome our newest family.

“Good morning.” They all call out.

“Everyone had a good sleep I trust, and hopefully an even better time making yourself tired enough to go to sleep?”

“Yes.” Everyone calls out again.

“Good. I think today we're gonna welcome our newest family members in our very special way. I think we all deserve to be, what do you call it Ezra?”

“Super mega ultra thickly diapered.”

“Yes, that's the one. So, whomever's able to do so now, may feel free to go and do so, the rest will get to after breakfast. What you do, guys, is put a nice big diaper doubler inside your current diaper, poke a bunch of holes in your current diaper, put the next biggest diaper over that, poke a bunch of holes in that first though, and then put the biggest diaper you can over top of all that. Tape it on, I assure you, you'll need to. Then top it all off with your favorite pair of ultra thick and soft plastic pants, and you have yourself a super mega ultra thick baby diaper. We've gone as much as twenty four hours like that before. It's a helluva mess when it comes time to change, but it's so totally worth it.”

All the newest boys and men had to readjust themselves in their soggy diapers. Clearly they like the sounds of this.

“Wow.” Trent sums it up best.

“Yes, so what's everyone waiting for, a written invitation?” I laugh, and everyone splits off.

I had been able to tell that breakfast was still a little ways off, so we are clear to go. Ezra and I head back to our bedroom and get each other taken care of right away. As soon as we make it back downstairs, we grab ourselves a nice big steaming mug of tea, and start sipping it.

“So, how is it guys?” I ask when the last of them make it back inside.

“This is amazing, so fucking thick, I feel like I could peepee my baby diaper for an entire day and not haveta worry.” Dylan says happily.

“Good, enjoy, all of you, because we sure do. We try not to do this too often, I'm reasonably certain it's too much heat, and too much pee against our skin, for too long, but every once in a while, it's pretty awesome.”

“Yeah, I can see that. It sure is warm.” Brody says.

“Yeah, and you haveta be careful not to overheat when wearing this. Wearing no clothes certainly helps in that, but we try not to do too much work either. I wanna start getting the greenhouse expansion done today, but it's shockingly easy to do, just takes time to put all the pieces together.”

“Okay, and we'll all help too.” Jim says, and all the boys nod in agreement.

“Good. Whenever possible, we all help around here, we work and play together, we play to our strengths and help each other out. We plan to be here a long time, so we haveta.”

“Good.” Everyone says as one.

Breakfast is done only a few minutes later, so we all sit down to eat and have a great meal. As the breakfast team takes care of the last of the cleaning, the rest of us head to the barn to take care of all our animals, food collection, and cleaning. As soon as we are all gathered, we get started on building on to the greenhouse.

“So, why are you adding on, and how much bigger are you going, anyway?” Henry asks.

“It's gonna be almost exactly doubled in size, and the reason, we've added a lot more people, and we don't wanna run outta fresh stuff again this winter. It helped us last winter, but we didn't always have fresh produce, so we need to tweak it a bit more. We also found that the potatoes did incredibly well in here, so we're gonna plant more, so that we always have them. And it simply doesn't matter if we don't use it all, we also have a lot of animals to feed, so what we don't eat, they will. We only use the feed from the farm store that's all natural, there's no fillers or by products in it, but still, the more food we feed them that we know where it comes from, the healthier they are as well. Same with us, mind you, we just wanna be as self sustaining as we possibly can be, and trust me, during the winter, you're gonna be happy to have all this. Having canned and frozen vegetables all the time would get really old, really quick. We like having nice fresh salads and stuff all the time.”

“Okay, that all makes sense. It seems to me, though, that we should be able to fit all that and more into what we already have though?”

“Yes, we could, but we're building in lots of extra specifically for the animals. An entire quarter of the new section's being dedicated to animal feed corn. It's being planted right in the ground, since, as I'm sure you've noticed, we're not using concrete in here, so it's nice and easy. Also, we're planting more grass and clover in here, so that we can harvest it for the animals year round, so that they're not always eating hay. The entire floor area is getting that, because not only will it make it cleaner in here, but it smells great, and it's good for our animals as well. We're hoping that nearly every cubic centimeter of the entire greenhouse will help support us. Actually, we also bought a shit load of things for doing hanging plants, as well as vertical planting, so to increase the amount of space that we have, so that we can produce far more than on just the benches. We may be doubling the footprint, but we're trying to quadruple our yield, at minimum.”

We had done a huge amount of research on this over the past few months, hence the reason that we are doing all this. Some of the items we had had to order online and have shipped in specially, but the ranch store had some of it as well. I want every cubic centimeter of the greenhouse to produce, so as much as we can possibly fit into it. We are still going to stagger all our planting, and harvesting, to ensure maximum yield, and continuous usage of course.

“Wow, very nice. You'll haveta forgive me, but I know nothing of gardening at all, so you'll haveta put up with stupid questions.” Henry says.

“It's not a stupid question. My personal philosophy is; the only question that's stupid is an unasked question. How else do we learn, right.”

“That's actually a damned good point.”

“Thanks. Trust me, before coming here, almost none of us knew anything more than the basics of growing. We've learned a lot by reading and doing it in here and now in our fields. I'm sure there's still way more that we need to know, and we'll keep on learning, but we're doing okay. We're not gonna starve any time soon, that's for sure, but we do wanna try and limit the amount that we haveta rely on the grocery stores. Sure, there are certainly things that we simply can't grow here, or make here, like almost all our grains, but what we can do, we're gonna do. Even fruits and vegetables that simply can't grow here, we limit those to only when we go into town. Most of them don't freeze well, so we don't keep a lot of it.”

“That's great though.”

“Thanks, we think so.”

It takes us a total of two solid days to complete the greenhouse add-on, and then a further two days to get all the planters and benches all done. We wore our super mega ultra thick diapers all the way through to the next morning, everyone absolutely amazed, and they love it as much as we do. Of course, the next few days we do not do so, we only wear our regular thickness.

We did make sure that the boys are still getting some of their school work done daily, though they do take a day or two off here and there, but that is okay too. The first time we went swimming the other morning, though, was funny, because none of the new boys knew what to think about seeing everyone naked, they knew that it was not bad, trust me, they were very happy with it in fact, but they got used to it.

We did not work too hard, building the greenhouse really was not hard work, especially with so many people doing it, and even the setting up of all the benches and various planters was not a big deal. We got about a quarter of the vegetables that we wanted to plant done, we will plant more in a few weeks, and then continue on from there, doing what we have been doing. We did make many upgrades to the existing section as well though, that is where a lot of the hanging planters have been done, and because tomatoes and cucumbers, as well all the beans and peas, do not mind hanging down, this is how we are doing them, and we are replanting as many of them as we can. All the hanging planters are on pulley's, so that we can raise and lower them with ease, since we want to keep them rather high, so that they do not interfere with other plants. Doing this alone more than doubles the space we had in the original section, so we have added a shit load of space. We intend to use it all, but we are still staggering everything.

Over the course of the next couple days, we all help to set up the new hobby supplies in a few different places. The new sewing station is going in the basement of the main house, since there is a lot of good quality work space down there for doing just that sort of thing. All the other art and hobby stations mostly went in the basement as well. The kiln and all the pottery equipment, however, is being put into the small store that I had assumed was once the post office or some such place. We had just decided to fix it up, since it is cute and quaint, and was not in so bad condition that it was not worth salvaging. It will work perfectly for this though, so it was worth saving. Almost as soon as we all finished this up, we all played on some of the equipment or did art work and whatnot.

Some of us already know how to sew, so we have to teach those that do not, and only Frank knew how to use a serger, so he had to teach those who wanted to know how to use it. You would think that it looks like a sewing machine, so it would work the same, but that is not entirely true. Some of the functions are the same, but they are vastly different machines. Using many of the rabbit hides, as well the some of the deerskin that we had tanned from animals that we had killed, we made some really nice moccasins. We did not have enough for everyone to get a pair, yet, but everyone who had had any desire to learn how to sew did get to make themselves a pair, so that is good.

Next we tried our hands at pottery. Yeah, first time into the kiln we kinda blew up our first experiments. Considering how most of them turned out in the first place, this was not exactly a huge loss. We did learn from it though, and did find out why it happened, so it was not a total loss. Our second try did work, and some of the stuff even looks pretty cool. It is not my thing though, so I will not try any more, more than likely, but many of the others did enjoy it.

We also tried out everything else to see what we like, and even took all the newest men and boys out to the shop and taught them all some stuff out there. They like this of course.

Henry asked us if we minded if he made himself a metal working shop now, and we all said we would be happy to help him. We did not feel that it was wise to use any of the old buildings for his purpose, since they are all wood, including their floors, and all very old, so it was decided to make an all new building for him for his purpose. It took a bit of time to figure out how we were going to do this though, but we found that the cement plant in the city does prefabricated steel meshed concrete slabs for doing walls. They have entire buildings pretty much ready to go at almost any time, so we placed an order for a huge shop, they are going to bring it out and set it up for us, we just have to have the base done for it. We get the exact specifications for that for the building we are ordering, and get to work on doing that. It is tough work, but we only have a week to have it completed before they arrive, so that means that we want it done in three days time, so that the foundation has some time to cure, so we bust a good sweat getting it all done. The hardest part, of course, is mixing all the concrete that we need. Sure, we have a couple really good concrete mixers, but still, it is a lot of work.

We do manage to get it done in time though, and it is curing up nicely, so the morning that the crew calls to say they are on their way, we get to tell them that we are ready for them. As soon as they arrive, we are happy to hear from them that we did it perfectly, the anchors are in the right places, the concrete is thick enough and cured enough, and so on. We had chosen a shop with a peaked roof, so that it matches pretty much everything else that is already here, and they have all the materials needed to put the roof on, it is a full steel structure that just has to be sheathed and then shingled, or they suggest steel roofing as well. We are going to shingle it though, using the cedar shakes like the rest of the property, so that it looks like the rest. Even the exterior we are going to strap and put cedar siding on, so that it looks like it belongs, because otherwise a huge ugly concrete building will look out of place, and we do not want that.

They manage to get it all done in just the one day, since it is a very easy set, with their crane doing most of the hard work, of course, everything is put together with the anchors we put in, epoxy, steel strapping and bolts, and the roof structure as well. It is actually a pretty impressive building, and is almost as large as the rest of the larger barns, our wood shop included.

About half way through the day, one of the workers came over and pulled me aside, I guess he felt I was the boss, since I oversaw everything and did most of the talking. He asked if we could talk in private for a minute.

“So, what'd you wanna ask?”

“I don't really wanna embarrass you any, and I don't think it will, since it seems you're all the same here. I can't help but notice, but you all seem to be wearing diapers.”

“Yes, we do. I created this place for those of us who need and or love diapers. Why do you ask.”

“It's my son, I'm pretty sure he's a diaper lover. He still claims that he wets the bed, but I'm not so sure he's actually trying not to. Then there's the fact that he never allowed me to get him pull on diapers, he always asks for the tape on ones. I also know that he goes through more than he strictly needs to.”

“So, you're already nearly a hundred percent certain he's a diaper lover then?”


“And you support him?”

“I do, I have no problems with it, if that's the worst thing he's into, then he's gonna be okay. My wife, though, she's starting to see it as well. As he gets older, it's showing a lot more, and I think she suspects it as well. I've always bought him his diapers, she point blank refused, says it's wrong that he's still in diapers, especially at twelve, so she has no idea just how many I buy him. If she knew that, then he'd already be kicked out. Granted, it'd be her gone, not him. I love her, but I hate how she makes him feel.”

“She'd already be gone, if it were me.”

“Yes, well, I think you and he may also share another trait as well. I can't help but notice the rather noticeable lack of females here, so I think every last one of you are gay as well. I sense the same thing with my son.”

“How do you know we don't just keep them chained up in the basement?” I grin.

“Some days that sounds like a good idea to me too, but I don't think that's the case here, I think you're all gay.”

“You're right. So, does your son have a boyfriend then?”

“Pretty sure, yes.”

“And does he wear diapers as well?”

“Pretty sure, yes.”

“Excellent. If you're asking me if your son could come live here, then by all means, but he has to be a gay diaper lover, and he has to bring his own boyfriend, we all have our own already.”

“I don't know how I feel letting my son go so soon, but, on the other hand, I think he knows how his mother feels about him, and it's poisonous to him. Here he could feel normal. Of course, he's not normal, no one's normal, but his mother makes him feel like a freak, and that's just not good. You're all just as freaky as he is, and that'd be good for him and his boyfriend.”

“Yes, we're all freaky, but then, so is everyone in their own special way.”

“That we are.”

“Glad to hear it. So, how old is his boyfriend then?”

“Only a few months older, but he's already thirteen. He lives with a drunken mother who's almost never home. I don't know if she's abusive or not, I've never seen any signs, but I know her and my wife are cut from the same hillbilly cloth.”

“Then, getting them both away from their mothers sounds like a good thing. I'll give you my email address and phone number, get it arranged, sit them down, just the three of you, and tell them what you suspect, get the truth, and then ask them if they'd like to come live somewhere where they'll be free to be who and what they truly are. We'd be happy to take them in.”

“Good, and I'd be happy to pay you to care for my son.”

“No money will be needed, don't worry.”

“I'd feel better for it though, I'll tell my wife we're sending him away to be cured, she'll appreciate that. Granted, we'll only be curing him of her.”

“For sure, and if you insist, I'll only put it into an account for him. I'd rather you just did that though.”

“Then that's what I'll do.”


“No, thank you, I've been hoping for a couple years that I could figure something out for him, so that he doesn't go and get depressed and or suicidal, that'd be no good for him at all.”


“Thanks. If this works out, he'll be so happy, and as a proud father, that's all I could possibly hope for.”

“You and me both. My son's one of the many reasons I started this ranch. I wanted this as well, but, more importantly so, I wanted a place where he could be who and what he is, surrounded by as many others who are the same as he, so that he never feels as I did when I was growing up. Being a diaper lover's not exactly normal, even amongst fetishes, yet it's far more common than most people can even imagine, but they never see that when confronted with it, they just think it's gross, vile, disgusting, perverted, and any other thing they can call it. It's funny, because even when you do drag out their fetish and try and make fun of them for it, they still don't see it. I grew up feeling like I was a freak, I never got the point of truly suicidal, yet there were times where I wondered. I never wanted that for my son, nor any other that I could possibly save.”

“I'm the same. I was brought up believing that anything outta the ordinary was a huge taboo and that I was gonna go straight to hell. I almost got suicidal, but I found the internet and found out I wasn't the only one. I joined groups and talked to hundreds of others from all over the world, and started to heal. Sadly, my wife knows nothing of my other side, I keep it firmly underground, because she's the most prudish person I've ever met. And since I know about you, and I know you'd never tell, I'll tell you, I'm a furry lover. I'm also bi, so either or, as many as can be, all dressed up, and as kinky as possible. Sadly, I've never experienced, only dreamed.”

“Yes, that one's right down there on the radar as us diaper lovers are, yet most don't consider it so depraved at least. I think it's great though, it's not what I'm into, but I've known a couple other furries in the past, and they really got into it.”

“I've never actually met another one in person, been too afraid to try and arrange something like that.”

“Afraid of what might happen if you did?”

“Oh yeah. I may not always love my wife, but I made a promise, and I'm a man of my word, I won't break that promise, no matter what.”

“Good for you. Far too many people, men and women alike, cheat and then wonder why things fail.”

“Yeah, my wife's best friend just got caught, she was banging her assistant every chance she got. The sickest thing is, she's trying to sue her husband for everything he's got. My wife agrees with her, that she should get it all, that she deserves it, because her husband was never there for her. Yeah, except I happen to know for a fact that it's the other way around, and this isn't her first affair either.”

“It's sick, but what's even more sad, she'll probably win too, no matter what proof he has. Us men always get the shaft when it comes to divorces, and that's wrong.”

“Too true, hence the reason I'll never file. If it's what she wants, then so be it, but I won't.”

“I wouldn't either, that's for sure.”

“Well, I better get back to work, I'll figure everything out and talk to you later then.”

“Okay, have fun.”

He headed back and got to work with the rest of the crew, and by the time dinner was rolling around, they have our new shop assembled. Now all we have to do is the roof and the siding, and that will take a few days at least, probably each.

Once the crew left, and we all sat down to eat dinner, I told them of my conversation, and how we may soon be adding another pair of young teen boys to our ranch, and everyone is very much okay with that.

We spend an entire day just milling all the siding and shakes that we are about to need for the new shop, all of us helping as much as we can, and then the next three days installing it all. We split up into two teams, one up on the roof, all those who do not hate heights, and the rest of us on siding.

I am on the siding crew, since I am not exactly a fan of heights, I do not too bad, but if I can avoid it, I do. We first strap all the walls, so that we have something to nail the siding to. We just use glue and a few concrete nails to attach the strapping to the wall, and then start nailing the siding onto that. It is not hard work, but it is long and boring work.

It does look really good once it is done though, and if one did not know any better, it could easily be mistaken for the other barns that are nearby, they are nearly indistinguishable, and only once you go inside can you see the difference. Henry is ecstatic to have such an amazing shop to work in, and has already ordered thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment to fill it all up, since he sold all his stuff when he moved here, knowing that he would just buy new stuff anyway, and it saved shipping it all.

“Well, that was a lot of work, but thankfully not all that hard for us, huh.” I say as we are standing back and admiring it. We have just finished it.

“It looks amazing, it even looks old and rustic, only it won't burn down from stray sparks flying around, or molten metal spilling.” Henry says, he has a few tears leaking out, he is so happy.

“Glad you like it. It wasn't even really all that expensive to build either, now all you haveta do is finish off the interior how you like it, and you're golden.”

“Thanks. I always wanted a proper metal working shop of my own, now I get one. I could never afford to do so before.”

“Well, now you can. When do all the tools and supplies that you ordered come in?”

“Some time this week, hard to say. It'll likely come in at different times too, depending upon how many suppliers they had to pull it all from. They have some of the stuff in stock, but I told him I'd just pick everything up once it's all in, since there's no point making several trips, not to mention we weren't anywhere near ready for it yet anyway.”

“True, well, hopefully it arrives soon, so that you can get everything all set up and made. You still just gonna visit the scrap metal yard and get everything you want from there?”

“Absolutely. For what I wanna do anyway, it makes more sense to recycle all that I can. I know how to properly smelt all sorts of metals, as well as make my own blends, I can cast and form, I can do it all. I've almost never had the chance to do so, I was almost always just welding at my last job, I rarely even got the chance to make anything at all, and I hated it. It was a job though, but what I wanted was to work somewhere where I got to create things, which meant I really had to work for myself.”

“Well, now you do. I know there's a few others who can't wait for you to teach them, so that they can work in here with you, so I'm sure you'll be busy teaching as well.”

“Good, I'd really like that too.” He smiles brightly.

Over the course of the last couple days, I have been keeping in contact with the dad of the new boy who will be coming out here soon. He has been emailing me nearly daily since. The next day, he had had his son and his son's boyfriend alone, and he sat them down and point blank told them that he knows that they are gay baby boy diaper lovers. He said that that revelation had caused both boys to panic and start crying, but that he calmed them down, told them that he was okay with it, but that neither of their mothers are.

He told them all about us, and how he feels that it's time for them to leave the nest. They talked it over and decided on a plan of action. The boyfriend claims that his mother will never allow him to go freely, so his only option is to run away. The boy and his dad also agree that his mom would probably never go for anything of the sort either, short of telling her that he is being sent away to a facility that will help cure him. So, he is being sent away, while his boyfriend is running away. It has been arranged for them to be brought out here tomorrow, the dad is bringing them both.

We all deem it prudent to be dressed today, since we are expecting guests, two of whom would likely enjoy the sights, one that we are uncertain of. When they arrive, they hop out and we greet them.

“It's good to see you again, and this has to be your son, you look a lot alike.” I say in greeting.

“Thanks, and yes, this is my son Jeffrey, he's twelve years old, but turns thirteen in only a few short weeks.”

We all greet him. He is cute, a little tall and gangly looking, clearly already well into puberty, and still trying to grow and catch up to everything. He has shaggy sandy blonde hair that covers his eyes somewhat. He wears glasses over light blue eyes, has a long skinny face that suits his long skinny body. He has next to no definition at all, and honestly looks like a walking talking pile of sticks, and yes, I am well aware of the pun, a small pile of sticks is called a faggot, which I hate as a term when directed at gays. Neither here nor there. Hopefully he will soon finish growing into his nose and ears, and even his eyes look too large, but that could be his glasses. He is cute in a nerdy sort of way, which I actually like.

“And this here is Jeffrey's baby boyfriend Conner, he's already thirteen, just turned a few weeks ago in fact.”

We all greet him as well. The funny thing is, Conner is considerably smaller than his younger boyfriend. He is pretty close to twenty centimeters shorter, and is probably every bit as skinny as Jeffrey is, but with him being shorter, he does not look like a bean pole. He has darker brown hair, close cropped, which does not look good on him, he needs to let his hair grow out, it would suit him far more. He has intense hazle eyes, bright red lips, and a small birthmark just at his hairline, which is another reason he should let his hair grow.

I can honestly say that I cannot wait until both boys are down to just a nice soggy diaper each, because they certainly deserve to be in only their diapers. Then again, so do we, so I cannot wait until Jeffrey's dad leaves.

“Well, I really should be heading out, I told the wife that I was taking Jeffrey to the airport and seeing him off. It'll be another hour before I'm home, so she'll probably be wondering what's taking me so long.” He said to us, and then pulls his son aside, gives him a big hug, kisses him, whispers some words that we cannot hear, and when he pulls away, we can see that he is crying. Without any further words, he hops into his truck and takes off.

“Well Jeffrey and Conner, what say we head into the main house, kick back and tell all our stories. First, though, are you both diapered, and if so, are you nice and soggy?”

“Yes.” They say as one.

“Excellent. As soon as we get in the house, we're gonna strip down to just our soggy baby diapers, and you're welcome to join us in doing so as well. Most of the time we wear nothing but our diapers, we wear nothing at all when swimming, and only wear clothes when we have no other choice.”

“Really.” They both squeak out at the same time.

“Absolutely.” Most of us say as one.

As soon as we make it to the main house, we start stripping, and both Jeffrey and Conner watch in awe as we all expose ourselves and our nice soggy diapers. As soon as we are all stripped, they too start stripping, and we all watch. I was right, Jeffrey is so skinny that all his ribs show, he looks like a xylophone, even his tummy is sunken in a bit. Yet he does not look malnourished any at all, he is just really skinny. We will certainly put some muscle on him soon. Conner is barely any better, though I think he is a little malnourished, which is not uncommon of children from raging alcoholics and or druggies.

We sit down and start by giving them all our names and our basic stories. We do not want to fry their brains quite yet, so we are only giving them the basics. As soon as we are done, I encourage our newest family members to tell us their tale.

“Well, as you know, I'm Jeffrey, I turn thirteen soon, and I'm a gay baby boy diaper lover. I don't know when I realized either, I honestly think it's just always been there. My dad told me the other day when he told me he knew, that I was impossible to potty train, and that I wet the bed so bad every night that I would flood the bed if he didn't diaper me, and that he could never train me at night. He just gave me my diapers, and never complained, not like my mom. She was always on me about how I'm a big boy, how I shouldn't be wearing diapers, how I should be ashamed of myself, so on and so forth, but I never was, I was only ashamed of her.

“Conner and I've been best friends since we met in kindergarten, and our first sleepover we both found out that we wet the bed, and we just never stopped. His mom always got him the cheapest Pullups the store had, but when we spent the night together, we diapered each other in my proper diapers. That's how we got started, I guess.

“One night, I was rubbing the lotion and cream into his diaper area, and he was hard, even harder than normal, I think we were seven at the time, he was making the most amazing sounds. It made me even harder than I already was, I was still naked, because we always stripped before changing each other, and we were usually hard when it was time for diaper changes. Anyway, he had his first orgasm, neither of us had any idea what'd happened, but we agreed that it was amazing. I diapered him up, and then we traded places, and I too got to experience the same amazing feelings.

“Every time after that, we actively made each other cum. We also did lots of research to find out what was happening, and we found out everything. We finally put a name to what we are, gay, and we were scared. Mostly of our moms. I knew my dad'd be okay, he'd always told me he'd love me no matter what, but I knew my mom didn't. Not sure she ever really did, to tell you the truth.”

“It wasn't even six months later that we took each others virginity, we'd been doing so much research, and we both agreed that that looked amazing, so we prepared each other like we were warned to do well, and then made love to each other, and it was simply amazing.

“Shortly after that, we learned all about diaper love, I admitted to Conner that sometimes I wished that I could just wear my diapers all the time, and he did as well. We did more research on that, determined that we are full on gay baby boy diaper lovers, and all that we could do from there. That night was the first time we piss fucked each other, and it was so amazing. We weren't even eight yet.

“We started wearing my diapers more and more, and we'd wear Conner's Pullups during the day as well, we were playing with them more and more, and no one ever said anything, so we thought that we were being smart. Turns out that my dad was just making sure that I always had the diapers we needed to be who and what we are. He told us that he's known for years, or at least assumed rather strongly. He told us that he has no idea how far we've gone, or if we've done so at all, and that it doesn't matter to him.

“I gotta say though, the day he confronted us and told us that he knows who and what we are, was one of the scariest moments of our life. Then he told us about here, and as much as it hurt to haveta leave my dad, we were so excited to get to come somewhere where we weren't treated like freaks.”

“Thanks.” I say.

“Well, Jeffrey pretty much told you everything about me already, but there's a couple things that he never said. My mom hated me, I was nothing to her. She barely got me the things that I needed, she rarely remembered to buy me my diapers, and hated doing so, but the doctor told her that it'd be a lifelong affliction, that I did have a problem, and that surgery once I'm old enough would be the only option, but that that wouldn't be a viable option 'til I was finished puberty. Well, I was never gonna go for that surgery anyway, but she didn't need to know that. Hell, half the time she forgot to feed me, and I had to learn to fend for myself from the time I was four or five. She'd sometimes disappear for days at a time, she was always drunk, and even when she was home, she was usually passed out.

“I honestly have no idea what she did for money, she couldn't possibly have held any sort of job, and there's no way she was getting welfare, because she was always griping about those useless assholes depending upon her hard earned money. Except, I don't think she earned a penny of it.

“I can honestly say, I bet when she found the letter I left, saying that I was running away, she was happy. I bet she never even contacted the police or anything. I should've called social services on her years ago, but by the time I realized that not every kid lived like me, I was too used to being on my own. I raised myself, there's simply no other way to put it. Granted, if it wasn't for Jeffrey and his dad, I don't know what I would've done. I'd always wished that James was my dad, but I didn't want Jeffrey's mom any more than I wanted mine. Every time I was at their place, she looked at me like I was just a nuisance, which I happened to know that she thought I was.

“Jeffrey and I even heard her and his dad fight about the fact that I was spending the night again, she said, 'The boy has his own god damned home, why does he always haveta be here. Why should we haveta feed him. And god knows what kinda bugs the dirty thing's bringing in here, he's never clean.' Well, that was true, I wasn't allowed to use hot water at home, so I never showered or bathed at home, so I always did with Jeffrey, and bath time was always good, if you know what I mean.

“I think that was the only time I ever truly heard James mad, when he told her that I was a good boy in a bad home, that she should be happy to help a poor boy out. She said then call social services and have him taken away, and he told her that that's not what I want. I remember him asking me something along the lines of that when I was eight or nine, we were ten when they had this fight, I'm sure it wasn't the only one either. She hated me almost as much as my own mother did.

“I could deal with that though, she's rarely ever home anyway, she's always away on business and whatnot, in fact, she was gone more than my own mother was, so that was good. The only time I ever ate well, or felt love, was when I stayed at Jeffrey's house, and it wasn't just from Jeffrey either, it was from James. He always made me feel wanted and loved. Even the nights when he came and diapered us, he never made fun of us or anything, and I always felt so good when he did, yet never hard, I was only ever hard when Jeffrey changed me, I loved James in a different way.

“Anyway, that's really about it for me.” He finishes off.

“And now, here you both are, surrounded by several other gay diaper lovers. Many of our stories are the same, yet they're all different as well. How we got here really has no more bearing on anything, it's the fact that we're here now, and this is where we get to stay. Nothing will change that.

“We'll get you baby boyfriends a room of your own, we'll stock it fully with so many diapers you'll be in heaven, as well you'll get the primo selection of toys; dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, anal beads, and of course lubes galore. You'll also get baby lotion, diaper rash cream, baby powder, soothers and or bottles if you want them, assorted baby clothes for when or if you want them, plastic pants, and almost anything else you could care to have.”

“Wow, really?” Jeffrey gasps, and from the way he has to adjust himself, I know he is happy, but then, so does Conner.

“Oh yeah, and feel free to enjoy as often as you like. We'll also show you tomorrow morning how we sometimes like to enjoy our baby diapers around here, so don't change when you come for breakfast, that's all you'll get for now. So, now, let's go get babies a room of their own. There's one left in the main house, and then all the other houses have at least one bedroom free as well.”

“I've always wanted to live in a log house, so could we take the one in here please?” Conner asks.

“Absolutely. Grab your bags and come on up.”

I am the only one to take the boys upstairs. The crew on lunch duty gets started, since that is coming up soon. We have changed the scheduling so that we only have to cook once every two days now, since we have so many people, and Jeffrey and Conner will be worked into that somehow. They love their room and all its amenities and say so repeatedly. They love the stacks of diapers that I bring in for them, as well all their toys and goodies. I help them to make their bed and store all their things, I also show them where everything is stored, so that they can get it for themselves as well, and, before too long, we are headed back downstairs.

Just as we are finishing lunch, the phone rings, so I answer it and pass it to Henry as soon as I know who it is. He talks for only a minute, and is smiling brightly. I had known it was the tool store, but by the looks of it, all of his supplies and tools are in.

Henry and Kent ask Jim and Brody if they want to come and help, as well ask to borrow the use of two trucks and trailers to get it all. Stephen and I loan them our trucks without question, and they are off as soon as they are dressed appropriately. More than three hours later they are back, so it took them an hour just to load it all up, and we all go and help. I can see that they did stop at the scrap yard as well though, and one trailer seems to be fully loaded in just metal, so that was a good portion of their trip as well it seems. We had already been thoughtful enough to have the tractors nearby for ease of moving heavy equipment, and since the big doors on the front are large enough to do so, we can just drive the tractors right in, which is why they were made that large in the first place.

While the guys are gone to get the metal working tools and supplies, the rest of us show Jeffrey and Conner all our home, telling them everything that they can do here, all the risks involved with living here, how to manage those risks, so on and so forth, and they love everything.

It takes us almost three hours more to get everything in and unpacked and set up, and with everyone helping, that says a huge amount. Henry still needs to get all the electrical hooked up, with the help of Mike and Marty of course, but the main power line is already run to the building, the breaker panel is already installed, and the lights are already in, so the rest has to be where Henry needs it all, which is why it is not already done, because he had no idea how he wanted to do it all.

As soon as we are all done, we head in for dinner, because we know that it will be done very soon. Aidan was just coming out to ring the dinner bell as we are walking up to the house, so he grins and tells us that we have impeccable timing and bangs the bell anyway, then scampers back inside. We all have to laugh at that, but head on in, wash up, and then get our dinner. We all talk and laugh and have a good time, enjoying our great meal.

After dinner, we let Conner and Jeffrey decide what to do, and they thought that the games house sounds great, so we all agreed, and headed there to play for the night. We play until it is bedtime, and then head to our rooms.

As we get upstairs, I stop Jeffrey and Conner and tell them that not only are they to go ahead and enjoy themselves, but that in the morning, they are to come down in just their soggy diapers, and to make sure not to change, even if they are nearly to the point of leaking. They grin, agree, and head off to their bedroom to make love to each other for at least a good couple hours without fear of being caught.

That too sounds good to Ezra and I, so we head to our bedroom and make love to each other. We cum inside each other twice, and pee inside each other once. Of course Ezra is still not filling me with any real cum yet, but I think he might be getting close. He is twelve and a half now, and though he is still smaller than most twelve year olds are, his boy bits seem to have started growing recently. His little sack has already started to droop, and he even has a tiny bit of hair starting finally.

I have not seen any sign of precum yet, but I think it is going to be soon. His dick has also started growing, and I think in another six months I will finally be able to be diaper fucked, and I can honestly say that I cannot wait for that, but to also feel him spew his baby boy load into me will be amazing as well.

Josh had proudly told me almost a month ago that he had finally started cumming. I had known that it was going to be happening soon for him as well. When we go swimming, I had seen that he had finally started to grow some, but he is well into his thirteenth year now too, so it is about time. Declan claims that he tastes heavenly, and that he loves being properly diaper fucked now. Josh too is still not huge, but I did see him mostly hard the other day, and I would have to say that he is getting pretty damn close to the ten centimeter range now, if not maybe a hair over. He is still slim, but that is okay, he still has a few growing years left in him, and I think that he and his baby boyfriend will be very satisfied with what they end up with.

Same with Ezra, he is only just about nine centimeters now, and still pretty slim, I would say about the same size as my ring finger now, which would be a few centimeters or so around. Now that he has started growing, I think that he will start getting pretty big pretty fast, since he has already added a good centimeter in length in just a few months, and his balls have already started to grow and descend nicely as well.

Neither Ezra nor Josh have started to truly grow up yet, but they have started their growth spurts a bit here and there, and both have added another centimeter or two to their height, as well they have each put on a few kilos in weight, which they both needed. They are both starting to look closer to their proper ages now as well, yet they do still look far younger than they are. I am not big, and nor was Ezra's dad by the sounds of it, and neither boys' moms were either, so both boys know and understand that they are not likely to be very tall, but, even still, they are classified as short for their respective ages.

They are both starting to fill out now, though, but the last year has been kind to us all in that regard, lots of good food, but not too much, lots of great exercise, and just being exceptionally happy, has made us all far more than we were before we came here. Even myself, I have dropped some of the beer belly I was starting to get after the accident, funny considering I hate beer, and have added more muscle tone than even I have ever had. Most of the others are the same there too, we are all far healthier now than we ever have been, but it is showing on the boys most of all. We all glow in utter happiness nearly every day, how could we not, here we are free to be who and what we are, without fear or shame, how could one not be exceptionally happy right.

All this goes through my mind as I lay in my bed, my baby cuddled right into me, his sexually satisfied snores emanating from his sleeping body. I too am so very sexually satisfied, I know I must be smiling, I can feel it, and just before I fall asleep, I think that life could not be more perfect.